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Article: The world has ended for me, for the site, i just dont know.
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 01-05-2020 15:13 PM
Views: 5559
on friday i lost my wife. some of you know her as darkbunnygirl89, but she was my Lisa. im not sure what else to say....

Loki: My God. I'm so sorry. We all have a mountain to climb...Some bigger, Some smaller. Some with rocks, Some with boulders...We all have obstacles that we each overcome. And, No matter what, We will all somehow get through the obstacles that lie In wait for us. We deal and succeed with them, however we can. I know It may feel and sound like I'm just saying every carbon copy christian motivational poster to exist, But I want to get this off of my chest. There's an obstacle so great that...It feels better to just jump off of the mountain and end the pain that nobody else can know. When I was 8, I realized my mother was not the best...She came from a mexican household, and was beaten. I feel like...As she grew up and had me, She was a bit...Unstable. She was very verbally abusive and It made me question on whether or not my life was worth living. It made me highly paranoid, and sometimes...I thought they were true. I felt as If my friends weren't who they said they were...I felt like I was a stupid, Useless Idiot who no one liked...Or loved. I thought about ending It all, To end my suffering and to just jump. I thought then that...I would be doing everyone I knew a favor. But fortunately, My Father was there to help me through my pain and to comfort me. I still keep him close to my heart, and love him, Deeply. If It weren't for him, I wouldn't be typing this, Right now. I know that this'll probably just be overlooked as someone just saying every candy-coated disney channel garbage that's spoonfed to the children, but...I just had to vent. I am so, deeply sorry for your loss and please just know this...Sometimes, Life Isn't about reaching the top...Sometimes, It's about The Climb. Facing and overcoming our obstacles, Accepting our mistakes, Being Happy, and Being Sad... But reaching the top does feel amazing. Seeing the entire world and taking In the fresh air and saying to yourself that...You Did It. And the descent will feel unfortunate...Seeing all of everything being slowly engulfed and that the high has to end. But don't think that everything is over, Just say that You Did It, and that you defeated your hardships...and that you reached the top. Sorry...I feel like this whole thing's super cheesy.
Relva: I'm so sorry for your loss, big boss.Stay strong
rufus : Im deeply and utterly sorry for your loss.
articumbreon: im sorry for your loss my friend you ever want to talk im always gonna be around
Eva Rima: I am so sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family!
Cody The Werefox : I don't know you well but I'm very deeply sorry to hear that. Sorry for your loss...
Disneyprincess: I love you well get through it together brother
MrTwinky: Sorry to hear this new xander. And I know it's hard to deal with. I hope you the best for always and ever. Make sure to stay the strong dragon as you are, even tho I know we don't all talk like we used to I definitely still care and hope you the best.
Spots: It sucks. It really does, and I wish you strength. I know how you feel, and sincerely hope you find your peace, and know that no matter how hard it is, it gets better over time.
Siris: Sadly relationships are one of those things. There are only two ways they can end and both are horrible and gut wrenching. Key is cherish the memories and the time you did have and sometimes we owe it to those who have passed to live our lives well. Mourn the loss it is healthy but don't forget to celebrate the life that was too.
Korrado Xan: i'm sorry to hear that. yeah, i know how it feels. lost my long-term friend and would-have-been fiance/spouse in fall of 2018, and just had to ride through the first anniversary and i'm still alone and it's still very raw even after almost a year and a half. everyone always spouts crap about how it gets better over time, but that's mostly fucking bullshit, pardon my french. the hole in your life scabs over, but the wound is and will always be there no matter what you do. it just gets a little number over time... anyone who can just get over it obviously has never really been in that situation of losing someone they truly loved.
Knight Mage Asher: The loss of someone close is never an easy thing. I think everyone would understand if you took some time to figure stuff out. Condolences nonetheless.
fuzzpawsthewolf: Xander, I totally understand what you are feeling, have lost mom and brother, both suddenly. You need to take care of you right now. Hoping the mods can run things until you are able to decide how to go forward, but do what you need to do.IF you want to talk, I'm here.....Fuzzpaws
Shade : I'm sorry for your loss.
Mint: Loss is its own battle, and we all fight it eventually Some earlier, some later. I won't tell you to move on, but I'll tell you to grow: To have the life a love would want you to to have. I empathize with you.
Donovan: Welp...I am gonna get hated for this, but...the site is only a site. There are others. You got a lot to deal with, Xander. For that I am truly sorry. I have suffered the same loss and I feel for you. The best thing to do is mourn and cherish. Mourn her loss and cherish the memories. Get right with yourself first and everything else after. My condolences to you.
Akaiya: Dont give up. Please dont give up. Im sorry for your loss, Xander.
đź’”Pistol Peteđź’”: Im sorry to hear about your loss.
Sir Chan: sorry for your loss
Deored: Condolences, Xander. I can't imagine what you're going through.
Silver: You have my sincerest condolences.
Cynergi: I am deeply sorry for your loss.

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