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Run... Posted by: ℳikki DeSanta at 12-01-2013 05:10 AM, Last Modified 12-12-2013 07:29 AM
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When you woke up finally, you were running through the woods.

You don't remember how you got here, all you know is that you must keep running. Your stamina is low, almost gone, struggling to breath corfectly...but you need to keep running.

Why is this happening? How did it came to this...what is wrong with you?

Your mind wanders…

And it all started one week ago. Monday night when you layed in your bed, turning and struggling to get a bit of sleep. But you just couldn't do it.
You didn't thought too much about it, one sleepless night is normal for someone in your age.


Keep Running, please dont stop running!

Come 6AM and you didn't slept at all.Though you got up, brushed your hair, washed your face, change clothes and headed out to work, thinking "Maybe I'll get some sleep in the coffee break...just a little nap"
But you didn't get that nap, did you? There was too much work to do.

Dont Stop! Oh please, dont Stop!

The other day you found yourself laying in bed again.Just laying in there, twisting and turning, turning and twisting.

No sleep for you in that night aswell.

No rest for you in the following night.

Dammnit Dammnit! Why am I running?!

Your friends noticed. They commented it, but your head was aching, you just wanted them to shut up shut up shut UP be quiet for just a little damn while! Silence was wonderful, only the constant buzzing in your head made it all worse.

Yesterday took you to your limits.You felt like shit, looked like shit as some co-workers told you. God, so terrible! All they did was ask the same question. The same DAMN QUESTION when you just wanted a bit of silence and relaxation.
Why couldn't they just all LEAVE you ALONE for some--

You blacked out.

And when your vision got back again, you were running through the woods.

Run! Runrunrunrunrunrun!

Your Hands are pretty warm.


As you got deeper into the forest you needed to be careful. The trees had gotten a lot less sparse. And if you'd trip, you'd probably wont get up again.

Run run run...come on Run run-

But it happened. You tripped and kissed the forests mossy ground.


Such silence here.


You turn yourself around to get some
air. Laying there in silence.


A few moments later you hear soft thumping coming your way.


But nothing is there.


And as they stop you suddenly feel a stinging pain in your stomach.
You wanna scream. It hurts so much. But you feel so sleepy. You cant even lean forward to see your flesh getting torn until your guts are exposed.

Before your vision fades you see a large piece of flesh and intestines getting ripped out of you, hovering abit infront of you until dissappearing into thin air with a disturbing sound...the sound of something swallowing.........

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victor071551: good story
RichardM3: Nice story
Báden: Nice! A truly entertaining story, onpar with the best, keep at it! 5 stars!
Aliana DeSanta: Felt very real good job Mikki

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