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She Made Her Choice Sex Scenes Posted by: Deored at 04-15-2023 14:44 PM, Last Modified 08-19-2023 14:54 PM
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Chapter 4

She bowed slightly as he entered the bedroom. She was trembling. “Good evening, your majesty.”

He approached and as she stood straight he gently touched a fingertip to her muzzle looking her in the eyes with and expression that mirrored what she was feeling. “In here you call me Tomlin.” His paw trailed along her cheek as he stared down into her eyes.

She stood frozen almost hypnotized by those golden eyes. Her paw moved on it own reaching up to touch his chest through the silk fabric. He leaned down touching the end of his muzzle to hers and tilted his head to the side to nuzzle her cheek. His paws moved to her sides gently rubbing through the fur of her waist.

Her paw slid down his chest to be joined by the other to untie the sash securing the robe closed. As it fell open she could see he wore nothing underneath, just cream colored fur of his belly and a bit of pink flesh farther down. Her paws trailed through the fur under his robe and around him until her body was pressed to his. He nuzzled down the side of her neck his paws finding the clasps for the chain around her waist the held the fenner in place. She felt them release and the fabric slipped to the floor leaving her exposed.

He lightly nipped her shoulder and she gave a slight moan. Running her paws up to his shoulders she moved back to slip the robe from him. He stood for a moment as if surprised. Her eyes trailed up and down stopping for a long time on the pink flesh extended from the fur-covered sheath at his groin. It bounced in time with his heartbeat. She finally looked back up into his eyes, he had a slight smile as he looked down at her.

His paws moved up to undo the buttons of her gint, softly pulling it over her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. This time he looked her up and down, she now wore nothing but the chain that connected her nipples. His paw moved to a breast, softly sliding fingertips over the pierced nipple. She felt them harden from his touch sighing audibly with pleasure. She moved in to press her body to his again. His manhood pushed against her belly and she could feel a wetness soak into her fur from the tip of it.

She couldn't take this any longer. She stepped back from him, turning to the bed she crawled up on all fours. “Please, now,” was all she could think to say as she lifted her tail for him. She needed him inside her. She felt the bed shift as he crawled up behind her. She spread her knees when she felt a paw at her waist. She could feel the warmth of his body through the fur of her back and tail as he got closer.

Her heart to skipped a beat when she felt a soft point of flesh touch the outer folds of her womanhood. She worked to control her breathing as her soft flesh parted for him. Slowly he entered, spreading her wider. It did hurt. She had never imagined something causing her pain could feel so good, though. She moaned again panting into the pillow in front of her as he continued to slide into her.

When she felt she couldn't take anymore more he stopped pushing. She could feel the fur of his sheath pressed against her lower lips. He leaned forward pushing her tail to the side and panted against the back of her neck for a few moments. A paw found it way to her breast giving it a gentle squeeze. His breath slowed somewhat and he leaned up again. His paws moved to her hips and his hips began to pull back. She was irritated a little bit by this, her body ached to be filled and he was denying her. Not pulling out all the way he moved forward again faster this time but still slowly enough she thought she could feel every vein on its surface.

The move repeated over and over gaining speed with each stroke. Setting his pace she could do nothing but hold on to the pillows and move her body to in time with is. Waves of pleasure passed through her body as he continued to thrust into her, she knew what an orgasm felt like and she wasn't there yet but she'd never felt this before. She lowered her shoulders and moaned into a pillow as he kept moving.

After some time his pace slowly picked up again and he began grunting with each stroke. She knew feel something coming. With one last hard push deep into her he stopped. Wait, was that it? Then it felt like something exploded in her belly, rushing over her body. She felt the base of his manhood swell inside her locking them together and immediately hot fluid began to fill her insides. She gasped from the strongest orgasm she'd yet experienced crying out into the pillow at her face. He groaned and leaned forward over her back panting heavily into her shoulder.

She was stunned from the intensity of the sensations flowing over her. His breathing slowed and he leaned up again, lifting a leg he turned his body until he settled on all fours facing away from her securing the tie to ensure she received every drop of his seed. She reached behind herself a paw finding his long-furred tail and held onto it making sure he couldn't pull out too early, as if the knot buried in her wasn't enough to make sure of that.

They remained like this for a long time. She was finally coming down off the high when she felt his knot begin to shrink. He pulled against her testing the connection. She still held his tail not letting him pull out just yet, not until the knot was small enough she could feel his semen leaking out around him and down her legs. Releasing his tail he pulled again slipping free of her easily.

She let herself fall on her side and he turned around and crawled up the bed to lay at her back pressing his body to hers. She lay in the bed trembling, she'd never thought it was like this. Nothing had felt like this before, even when friends helped her when she was in heat.


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Chapter 5 Sex Scene 1


Finally alone Melna pulled Tomlin close and rubbed her muzzled to his. “When we were younger Jesha smuggled a dirty magazine into the villa. I saw something I've always wanted to try.”

Tomlin took off his circlet setting it on the dresser by the door and ran a paw along her cheek. “And what's that?”

Melna slipped off his overcoat letting it fall to the floor then her paws moved to untie the sash around his waist. It opened to reveal a pair of tight shorts with the conspicuous outline of his growing erection. She pressed to him her arms sliding around his back to undo the button that held the fabric over his tail. He ran his paws down her sides to find the cord that held her fenner. She was regretting tying it in the front as he couldn't reach it at the moment.

She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of the shorts and slowly lowered her whole body sliding them down to his feet. Tilting her head up she found she was eye level with his penis. She bumped it gently with her nose getting a long breath of the scent of his desire. He let out a quiet gasp at that. She stood again running blunt claws through the long fur of his legs and sides to stand nose to nose as he looked down at her longingly. “So what's your plan?” he asked.

Giving him a mischievous grin her paws clamping to his hips. “Have a seat.” She guided him to sit on the foot of the bed. She knelt in front of him looking up into his golden eyes then draw her gaze down. It was beautiful, dark red at the pointed tip, fading to a pink along the shaft to turn red again where it disappeared into the furred sheath. She could clearly see the tiny blood vessels scrawled across its surface.

With a deep breath the opened her mouth and slowly slid her tongue down the smooth underside, careful to not scratch it with her teeth. He gasped as his length disappeared into her muzzle. She made it to the base where she could feel the slight bugle that would expand when he climaxed. Moving a paw up to held the sheath back to make sure she could get to the whole thing.

Tomlin sat seemingly stunned by what she was doing. She moved her head back dragging her tongue across the sensitive skin only to move back down when she reached the tip. Like this she began to bob her head into his groin always making sure not to catch him on her teeth. His hips were trembling as if he was fighting not to thrust into her. She forced herself not to reach a paw down between her own legs. She would get hers soon.

She kept this going for a long time, her other paw move up to gently fondle the furred scrotum and delicate testes inside. She heard his breathing become more ragged before he gasped out, “Melna, I can't hold it anymore. I'm gonna...”

Pulling back just enough not to get his knot in her teeth she closed her lips around the shaft. He let out a load moan and his knot swelled just a moment before his seed splashed against the roof of her mouth. She was surprised at the taste, it was bitter, salty, and... not at all pleasant. So help her, she would learn to like it. Tomlin was enjoying this if the sounds he was making were anything to go by.

She kept her lips around him as he continued to release into her mouth. She worked her tongue along the underside keeping a paw with a tight grip behind his knot. She had to swallow several times over the few minutes of his climax. He had fallen back on the bed and was trembling much more than earlier, breathing still ragged but starting to even out. Swallowing the last of it she finally pulled her head back and opened her eyes. Melna stared, shocked. Granted she had small paws but his knot was bigger and both her fists together. That had been inside her?

Shaking her head she looked up the supine body of Tomlin as he caught his breath. She pulled herself up his body feeling her belly fur then her fenner drag lightly over his twitching erection. He opened his eyes when she softly bumped her nose to his. “How did I do?”

He stared blankly at her for a moment before a smile spread across his muzzle. An arm snaked around her back pulling her down onto him. He rubbed his cheek to hers. “That was great.”

She lay for a long time feeling his heart slowing both in his chest and at the engorged member pressing into her belly. When his knot began to recede she whispered in his ear, “can you sit up?”

She yipped quietly at a nip at her ear. “I think I can, but I'm not sure I want to,” he replied.

Melna wriggled free of his arm and took his paws to pull him into a seated position. She was suddenly glad she hadn't undressed when they first started. She took a few steps back and ran her paws down her body giving her hips and tail a shake. Lifting her arms to twist them above her head she turned in place once. His wide eyes and again hardening penis was enough to tell her she was going in the right direction.

Looking down at him she began to slowly unbutton her gint. When the last button was freed she turned away and let it fall from her shoulders. As it slid down her back she managed to catch it on her tail, with a flip the shirt went across the room. She turned back, bare breasted except for the gold rings in her nipples and the bejeweled chain that hung between them.

She leaned down putting her paws on Tomlin's knees. Touching her nose to his then turning her head to rub her cheek to his. She gasped when she felt a paw gently squeeze a breast. “Mmm, not yet.” She stood back up and twirled to face away from him. Bending at the waist while conspicuously lifting her tail she gripped the fenner level with her knees. When she turned back to him the tie in the cord around her waist was easily accessible. It took little encouragement for Tomlin to take the end of the cord and the knot came undone when she took a step back.

The fenner fell from from her tail but she still held it to her breast. She held her legs together when she allowed the fabric to fall to the floor. Tomlin's breathing was getting ragged again. She turned away one last time and bent forward to touch the floor with her paws. She lifted her tail fully exposing herself to him. Her tail fur bushed when she felt his paw trail up her hip and across her backside.

With a deep breath she turned back to him. He was still seated but looked hungry now. Leaning in to touch noses again she whispered, “care to lay back again?” She moaned as a paw trailed from her breasts and down her belly. He leaned back on the bed again, sliding up the bed so his legs weren't hanging off anymore. She crawled up over him again. He gasped when she gripped his hard shaft to point it where they both wanted it to go. Lowering herself slowly she felt her body stretching to accommodate him.

When he was fully inside she let out a breath and leaned forward eyes closed. Again she felt paws at her breasts but her eyes snapped open when she felt the chain being unclipped from her nipple rings. Tomlin looked up at her apologetic. “I didn't want to chance it getting broken.” He carefully set it aside and she laid over him nuzzling under his chin. She lifted her hips a short distance to give him room to move. His paws moved to her hips and he began to thrust up into her.

She panted into the fur of his neck as he groaned in effort and pleasure. She didn't last long, she'd put off her pleasure long enough that she had been on the edge almost as soon as she had sat in his lap. She was over the edge now, her body clenched and she moaned loudly into his shoulder. Trembling as waves of pleasure moved out from her belly over her whole being. Tomlin's arms moved to wrap around her back holding her against himself and his thrusts came faster and deeper. She rode out her orgasm his thrusts seeming to add to its duration until he finally groaned through gritted teeth as he pushed hard into her and climaxed for the second time that evening.

They both lay there a trembling mess as he filled her with what he had left. The shock abated as she lay on his chest listening to both of them panting. She didn't want to move, she wasn't sure she could move off him. Tomlin lifted a hand to slide blunt claws through the fur of her back. Connected as they were there was little she could do besides nuzzle into his shoulder and hold on to him.

They stayed like that for a long time even after his penis had retreated into its sheath. She must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing she heard was a knock at the door and a tense Dennara calling out, “I'm sorry to disturb you, but if you two are done the king will need to depart.”

Melna turned her head seeing the guard had not entered the room. Tomlin gave a groan of annoyance and she gave a last nuzzle against his cheek and rolled off him. She lay on her side watching him clumsily slide out of the bed and gather his clothing. He lazily threw on his robe and overcoat tucking his underpants into a pocket. He turned to look at her and gave her a tired smile. “Sometime again, soon, princess?”

She smiled back from the bed. “Of course, your majesty.”


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Chapter 5 Sex Scene 2


Neither moved for a long time though she could see something working behind his eyes, some animal fighting for control.

The animal won. He got up from the chair approaching from the side of the bed opposite the door. She could still escape, she didn't. She growled at him turning to face him as he neared, something in her wanting to force him to earn it. If he wanted a pup he was going to have to work for it. He growled back. She bared her teeth at him but still he moved toward her.

She turned to try to scramble off the opposite side of the bed but she felt a paw around her ankle and was forcefully pulled back. Her legs and tail came off the side of the bed. Struggling to get free she let out a yip in surprise as a hot body pressed against her tail and back. Paws came down on her forearms holding her in place.

She could feel his erect penis moving against the base of her thick tail trying to find a way under. She kept it tucked, she wouldn't be taken that easily. One of his paws moved to the middle of her back forcing her face into the bed. The other paw drew back finding its way under her tail pulling it up out of the way. She growled louder trying to struggle out from under the paw on back when she felt his penis begin to spread the folds of her vulva.

Something clicked on her animal mind. He won, he was going to give her what she wanted. She lifted her tail. He slid into her fully. Now that she had stopped struggling his paws moved to her hips pulling her against him as he began thrusting his length into her. This wasn't the gentle, passionate love-making she'd been treated to the last two tendays. This was pure animal fucking.

He didn't last long, with a grunt he pushed her hard into the bed and she felt his knot swell locking them together. His legs gave out and they both slid to the floor. As he filled her with his seed he maneuvered around till he was facing away from her. She pulled against his knot trying in vain to free herself and relishing the feeling of it stretching her as his hot fluids continued to shoot into her.

After some time his knot receded slipping free and she felt their warm fluids running down her thighs. Turning she found him seated on the floor staring blankly and panting. Her nose led her to his groin and she began licking him clean until she was satisfied she'd gotten everything off him.

She turned her head up to look into his eyes. The anger rose again, he was trying to get her pregnant. She jerked her head with a growl and bit down on a forearm. He yowled in animalistic rage and twisted free. She again turned to flee but he quickly moved to get an arm around her midsection and lifted her off the floor. Flailing in an attempt free herself from his grasp she suddenly found herself airborne. She landed in the middle of the bed stunned that he would throw her like that. Feeling the bed move she turned her head to see him climbing up and twisted to get off the bed. Again he caught her, again he fucked her.

Eight times she fought him, eight times she lost. Whether she lost on purpose or if she truly wanted to get away from him was a question that couldn't be answered. The last time he didn't even turn ass to ass with her. They both collapsed on the bed exhausted.


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Chapter 7


She pinned him to the tree paws running up his chest their muzzles rubbing together and occasionally licking inside each other's mouths. “I missed this so much,” she breathed into his ear fingers frantically untying the sash holding his robe shut.

“Nothing worse than being told you can't do something.” His paws slid down her back and began gathering the skirt up. She moaned at the touch of his paws to the bare fur of her backside as he slid the underwear down her hips.

Her paws went behind his back to undo the button that held his shorts over his tail and pulled them down in a smooth motion of her whole body. She removed her own as well putting both pairs over a wrist to keep them off the ground. His penis was already quite out of its sheath so she slid her smooth tongue along it as she stood back up eliciting a gasp from the king.

He pulled her tight to himself pressing his erection to her belly as he lightly nipped at her shoulder. His teeth then found the loose end of the knot for her breast covering causing it to fall and hang on her tail when he raised his head again.

The king moved around behind her trailing fingertips ever so lightly across her breasts. She felt nipples harden from the sensation. He held her right hip and gently pushed her shoulders encouraging her to bend forward to lean on the tree trunk. She put a paw on the tree and braced herself with her shoulder against it looking back to see him hiking up her skirt. She was glad she hadn't worn a fenner tonight, it would have had to be removed completely. Her free paw grabbed the hem of the front of her skirt which she pulled to her chest to keep it out of the way.

She lifted her tail giving him easy access to her. He wasted no time, she felt the pointed tip spread her lower lips and she clamped the paw holding her skirt to her mouth to stop herself from moaning aloud. He slipped in easily letting out a long breath he seemed to have been holding. Into her he sank until she could feel his furred sheath pressed to her. His paws traveled to her hips and he began to move his body.

Neither of them were going to last. It had been so long since they had been intimate that Melna was surprised she hadn't climaxed the moment she'd seen him tonight. His breathing was already ragged as he leaned forward over her back. She felt a paw on her breast pinching the ring between his fingers. She bit down on her skirt fighting a moan that was trying to escape her throat.

An involuntary twitch from him squeezing the breast in his palm was enough to put her over the edge. She felt her body clench around his shaft deep inside her before waves of pleasure spread over her. He grunted through clenched teeth pulling his hips back and she felt his hot seed begin to spray inside. His breathing came in gasps as he pushed forward again pressing his swollen knot against the outside of her.

The rational part of her mind, tucked away in an unused corner for the moment, understood it was a bad time to be attached to her mate for the next ten to twenty minutes but the brood mare part that was currently in control quite disappointed. He put a paw to the tree trunk above her head as he leaned over her panting still filling her with his hot seed.

It was but a few minutes before he was emptied, she could feel it leaking down her thighs. “You better spread your legs,” he whispered into her ear and she did so. He withdrew and a trickle of fluids leaked out spilling onto the ground between her feet. “Hold still for a moment.” She heard him pull up his robes and looked behind herself to see him squatting behind her. A moan finally escaped when she felt his tongue.

He cleaned the fur her vulva and thighs. She climaxed a second time from the sensations the contractions forcing more of his fluids out for him to clean. She panted into the corner of her skirt she still held to her face. He soon finished, standing again while slowly trailing a blunt claw through the fur of her thigh. He let her skirt fall, again covering her bare butt.

She turned to face him still panting. He reached forward to catch her breast cover before it fell from where it hung on her tail. She traded him for his underwear then bent down to slip her own back on. “We better get dressed and back to the party,” he said.


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Chapter 9 Sex Scene


Melna practically threw Tomlin into the room stopping to shut the doors behind them. Turning back to him she could clearly see that he was as ready for this as she was. Stepping in she took the erect member in a paw and pressed herself against him. “It’s been far too long.” His reply was a quiet moan as he dipped his head to nibble her ear. She could feel his heart racing as fast as her own.

His paw slid down her body stopping to rub her belly. “Will this be all right?”

“I know you won’t hurt either of us.” She nuzzled under his chin before lowering herself down his body until she was eye level with what she wanted. She took him in her mouth and began working her tongue. He let out a long moan and a corner of Melna’s lips turned up in a smile. She could make him feel good. She kept at it, curling her tongue around the shaft then flicking the tip when she pulled back. His breath was coming in gasps and he was trembling already. He wouldn’t last long. She could feel the evidence of her own desire leaking out and dripping onto the stone floor beneath her.

He groaned aloud. “I’m gonna…” She pulled her head back releasing him from her maw. She watched his knot swell in three very rapid and conspicuous heartbeats followed quickly by a gout of thick liquid shooting from the pointed tip. She watched they way it stiffened each time another stream was released. She gripped him tightly behind his knot and returned her mouth to his shaft and drank from him. She had grown used to the flavor some time ago and swallowed as her mouth filled with his seed.

He stood trembling for a moment after he finished. She remained on her knees before him and he lowered himself to her level. Leaning in he licked her muzzle pushing his tongue between her teeth. She knew he could taste himself in her mouth. “I can smell your desire.” She moaned her reply as his paw trialed through the fur of her belly to rub the wet vulva bellow. “Lay back, my love.” Curling her tail around she stretched out on her back on the cool stone floor.

His muzzle remained near hers as she laid down his knees in position to keep her from closing her legs, not that she wanted to. He nuzzled under her chin then began slowly working his way down her body. His soft tongue rasped over a nipple. “You took your piercings out.”

She looked down at him. “Yes, they were starting to hurt. And Dennara reminded me I’m going to need them for other reasons soon.”

He nuzzled into the swell of her belly. “Yes, that’s right, isn’t it.” His muzzle continued down her body until he finally stopped between her thighs. Fingers gently spread the thick outer lips and she let out a moan as his tongue began to work on her most sensitive places. Then she felt the tongue slipping its way inside. How was his tongue so long? She could feel it curling along her inner walls and sliding along the places that gave her the most pleasure.

Her hips began to tremble as she felt the tension rising in her body. She knew he could feel what he was doing to her when his lapping came rougher and faster. Each panted breath coming out in a loud moan, she squirmed her tail lashing side to side hitting against his knees. He had to wrap his arms under her thighs to keep her from moving away from him as he finished her off. The strength of her orgasm stunned her as it seemed to enter her from his mouth crashing over her body in waves. He didn’t let up, feeding the climax and it felt like it continued to pulse out from her belly radiating through to the tips of her ears and back again.

When she could take no more she had to bring her paws down and push his head from her. “Please, let me rest.” She panted to him eyes clamped shut as she tried to catch her breath. She felt him move next to her on the floor putting an arm around her to pull her to himself. She could feel his erection pressed into her thigh leaving a trail of warm liquid in her fur.

“I’m not done with you, yet, love,” he whispered in her ear.

Her panting had slowed and she replied, “I should hope not, I just need a moment to recover.”

“Take your time. We have all night.” He nuzzled against her cheek then stood up. He moved to the bed and Melna watched his erect penis bounce as he walked. Her belly clenched at the sight of it and she had to swallow some drool before it dripped onto the floor. In her life she never imagined a man could make her feel so good. He pulled back the covers and arranged the pillows closer to the center of the bed.

Seeming satisfied he returned to her. “Up you go.” With an arm around her shoulders and the other under her knees he lifted and carried her to the bed. She giggled and nuzzled into his neck before he gently set her down. Rolling her on her belly he moved the pillows so they supported her hips at a comfortable height. She lifted her tail as he knelt behind her and rubbed his pointed tip against the puffy slit.

“For having all night you’re certainly not wasting any time,” she said with a laugh.

His blunt claws trailed through the fur of her hips. “Do you want me to wait a bit longer?” She could hear the smirk in his voice.

She curled her tail behind his back. “If you don’t start humping me in the next ten seconds I’m going to be rather upset.” She said with a mock serious tone.

She felt her lower lips part for him as he entered her. “Yes, ma’am.”

He moved deliciously slow as he began to move. Long strokes where she could feel every vein and bump on the shaft. His penis was slightly wider in the middle and she could feel her body sucking him in or pulling as he backed out. He continued this for a painfully long time the tension rose in her body as the slow movements stimulated her to an ever increasing desire for release.

When she couldn’t handle it any more she moaned out, “faster,” and he obliged. Every subsequent thrust gained speed pushing her face into the mattress and she cried out with each thrust. She bit down on the corner of the blanket giving a long moan through her teeth when she felt her body clench around the shaft moving into her. He soon grunted pushing hard and deep into her one last time and she felt his knot swell inside her. His hot semen painted her insides as she writhed on the bed bellow him.

He let out a shuddering breath and collapsed over her barely holding his weight off her back on shaking arms. Recovering just enough he turned away from her and fell on his side taking her over with him. They lay panting for some time after he finished unleashing his second load into his mate. She could feel his heartbeat slowing through the fat knot that tied them together.

Melna wasn’t sure how long it took but finally he shrank enough to slip free of her. She felt the hot fluids leaking into the fur of her thighs as Tomlin sat up in the bed. He turned to look down at her. “You are a mess.”

She giggled weakly. “I had help.” She knew what was coming next. She’d once complained about having to wash the results of their intimacy every time. He’d begun to take it upon himself to make sure she wasn’t a sticky mess when he inevitably had to leave her. She loved his attentions in these times. He gently pushed her onto her back then his face lowered and she moaned again when his tongue began to slide up her thigh. He cleaned her carefully, getting all of their combined fluids. One last weak climax forced his remaining deposit from her which he lapped up dutifully.

He moved up to lay next to her trailing a claw ever so lightly through the fur of her breasts watching at the nipples hardened forcing the fur that covered them to stand up. When she caught her breath it was her turn to sit up. “Alright, you’re turn.” He obediently rolled on his back and she knelt over him to clean him as well. When she was done he was again fully out of his sheath and she had to force herself not to take his shaft into her mouth again. She looked down, they had managed not to make too much of a mess on the sheets, but they would still need to be washed tomorrow.

She curled on her side and rested her head on his shoulder. “Will you be staying with me tonight?”

An arm around her shoulders snugged her against him. “Yes, love. I will be with you in the morning.” He pulled a blanket over them and they rested before falling asleep.


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Chapter 11 Sex Scene

“You promised me some private time, I’m claiming it now.” She whispered.

He trailed claws down the fur of her back. “I think that can be arranged.” His paw slid down further then grabbed her butt. With an ‘eep’ Melna found herself pulled fully onto him making his lower body sink into the water. She straddled his waist and lay on his chest for a moment. She wiggled her hips feeling something growing and rubbing between her legs. He moved both paws to her butt pulling her up giving his penis room to find her entry. Slipping in he held her in place for a short time before he began moving his hips.

As much as Melna was enjoying this she found that her belly made this position a bit uncomfortable. With a frustrated grunt she caught the back of his knees with her legs restricting his movement. Pushing against his shoulders she sat up dunking him in the water before leaning back all the way and falling into the water. He slipped out of her and with a heavy flick of her tail she swam to the edge of the bath.

Tomlin had popped back up spluttering. “Hey, that wasn’t nice.”

Melna looked back as he turned to follow her. With a grin she called back to him, “Got to catch me.” With a playful growl he began his short pursuit. The two of them managed to time it right so he caught her just as she leaned on the edge of the bath and set her feet at the bottom. She felt paws on her hips as she lifted her tail to the side for him. His grip tightened as she felt her lower lips being spread once again.

“This is much better.” She rested her shoulders on the rounded corners of the tub’s edge and her chin on the smooth tiles of the deck. He leaned forward one of his paws finding a breast fingertips caressing a nipple. He braced himself on the side of the tub and began pumping his hips in earnest.

It felt like it had been an eternity since she’d been with her mate. She let out a loud moan when he hit something sensitive inside her. This spurred him to move faster as he leaned down to nibble her shoulder. She wouldn’t last long like this.

He didn’t either. Tomlin clenched his teeth and growled in her ear as he pushed deep into her. His knot swelled, tying them together. This set off her own orgasm and her body gripped his bulbous rod as his hot seed filled her.

Both of them panted as they leaned on the side of the tub taking a few moments to recover from their activities. Still tied to her, Tomlin put his paws under her shoulders and leaned back. Melna gave a squeak as the two of them fell back into the water. He moved to float on his back pulling her onto his chest. He whispered in her ear, “It’s been too long, love.”

“Yes it has.” She rested her back on his chest. This position was awkward her tail pressed out to one side but as least she wouldn’t have to stand until his knot shrank again. He put his arms around her middle and slowly paddled his tail to move them in circles in the water.

Melna was pretty sure she’d fallen asleep again laying on him. The next thing she knew she felt him slipping from her and he readjusted her tail to a more comfortable position. “I guess we should get out and clean up.”

He floated in silence for several seconds before he replied. “Yes, I suppose we should.” He nuzzled into her cheek before finally steering them close to the edge of the tub and helped her get out.


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Chapter 13 Sex Scene

“I haven’t seen you in a while, and I haven’t had any private time with you in even longer. Seems pretty special to me.”

He stepped in close and arm snaked around her back and the other paw moving under the gint to find a breast. It leaked when he squeezed. Their bodies pressed close she could feel his manhood straining against his undershorts. Her own arousal threatened to begin running down her thighs. “To me as well.”

He rubbed his cheek to hers and she deeply inhaled his scent, it was intoxicating, she was light-headed. She opened her mouth, he obliged and they kissed in their way, twining tongues. His paws traversed her body claws scraping through her fur but only lightly moving across the skin beneath. The fur down her back rose and the heat in her belly grew. She was already panting her lust as her paws slid down his chest to untie the sash that kept his robe shut. Pulling it open her paws ran through his fur and around his back. Finding the clasp for his shorts above his tail it was soon undone but he did not release her to remove them completely.

Instead his paws moved down under her butt and gripped. She gave a light moan into his mouth which turned into a squeal of surprise when he lifted her off the floor. Bracing her against himself, she could feel his erection pressing hard to her womanhood, he carried her to the bedroom. She moaned out into his shoulder afraid she might climax as she bounced against him in his determined stride to take her somewhere more comfortable.

A million years later he finally stopped and leaned forward. Down, down, down she went until her back hit the sheets and her mate soon followed. The waterbed dipped as the wave spread out bouncing off the walls and came back lifting them again.

He panted into the fur of her neck while she ran her paws over his back. His paws moved down to her waist easily unclipping the chain that held the fenner. He spoke softly into her ear, “I missed you so much. Being away the last month has been torture.”

She let her hot breath flow across his cheek as she panted her reply. “Let me ease your pain, then.” Her paw trailed down finding the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down his hips. He lifted his tail end to wriggle them the rest of the way down his legs and reached under her pulling the fener out and put it aside. Bracing under her arms he pushed her farther up the bed.

Neither of them were in the mood for much foreplay. She spread her legs for him and he got his knees up on the bed to either side of her tail bracing himself up with his arms to not rest his full weight on her. She reached down and heard him gasp when her soft paw pads met the hot flesh of his penis hanging under him. She guided him to her slick entrance, the sheets bellow her already wet with her anticipation.

He entered her frustratingly, deliciously, slow. The pointed tip slipped past her lower lips spreading the folds as inch by excruciating inch he made his way inside. Her heart was racing, she felt it would beat out of her chest any moment as he panted into her shoulder. A moan escaped her muzzle as the midsection spread her wider. She knew he was forcing himself to savor this. He continued his glacial conquest until she could feel the contracted sheath pressed against her.

He didn’t move, his breathing slowed as he settled in her. The robe he still wore hung like a tent but did little to hide them. Finally he began to move. Eyes clamped shut Melna raised her feet and caught them together behind his back, her arms gripped his shoulders. After so long and the build up to now she knew she wouldn’t last long. He slid in and out easily the tension in her belly grew with each thrust until her whole body clenched and she cried out her climax.

He showed her no mercy. Burying his muzzle into her shoulder he began to pant with each push, speed increasing. She could do nothing but hold on as waves of pleasure crashed over her body. With one last hard, deep thrust he raised his head and growled his response. Stars exploded in her vision as his knot filled her pushing her over the edge to her second orgasm. She moaned again as his hot seed spilled into her with force.

He collapsed on her sending another wave through the waterbed. She tightened the grip on his back as she started to come down from the lustful high. He caught his breath and leaned up off her. “It has been far too long, my mate.”

Her fingertips trailed the soft fur of his cheek as she stared up into the golden eyes. “Yes it has.”

He arched his back. “This isn’t going to work for long.” He leaned back down. Melna had an idea what he planned and pulled her legs up. He rolled the two of them over until Melna was on top. “Yes, much better.”

“Mmm, yes it is.” She leaned up putting her paws on his chest and wiggled her hips savoring the feeling of his knot pulling and pushing in her. He ran his paws up her arms to gently pull her shoulders. She obliged leaning down to rest on his chest and his arms circled around her back to hold her tight.

His knot finally shrank and he slipped free of her. She wiggled her hips again then pushed herself up looking down at him. She considered for a moment then gave a mischievous smirk, twisting her body she got off him and stood next to the bed facing away.

“What are you…” He stopped when she looked over her shoulder with a seductive smile. She bent forward at the waist shaking her tail at him then bolted to the washroom laughing.

He followed growling playfully and almost tripped on her gint she’d cast off in her mad dash. His robe suffered the same fate as he chased his mate across the sitting room.

Melna had time to turn on the shower before she found herself pressed to the tiled wall paws exploring her entire body his muzzle rubbing her cheek. He allowed her to turn around so she could return the favor. They stood under the flow of hot water pressed tight together running paws through wet fur. She managed to get him to move back several steps until she stopped and planted both paws on his chest and gave him hard shove.

Startled, he cried out before he hit the water in the tub sinking bellow the surface and bobbing back up eyes wide. He took a moment to recover his composure while she turned to shut off the shower. Turning back see could see one accusatory finger directed at her. “That was not nice,” he said, suppressing a smile.

She burst out in a fit of giggles as she joined him in the hip-deep water. “But it got you right where I wanted you. Care to try this again?” She hiked a leg and moved to straddle his hips making him sink farther into the water.

The momentary surprise had caused his erection to retreat into the safety of its sheath but her grinding against him re-awoke the desire she knew was there. As the pointed tip escaped its fleshy confines she moved her hips to let it begin its inexorable march into her.

She could feel it grow with each heartbeat, slowly filling her. She worked her hips ever so slightly back and forth easing its entry. She continued even when it had completed its growth. Catching her ankles on the back of his legs she sat up to ride him properly. Waves in the tub crested the sides to flow out the drain in the floor.

Tomlin let her work and ran his claws through the fur of her thighs and belly reaching up to softly tweak the rings in her nipples and the chain that hung between them. She moaned out when his stiff member hit someone sensitive inside and began to move faster. She took hold of his paws for leverage.

She was close. She picked up speed spilling more water out of the tub and heard him grunting over her moans. His whole body tensed beneath her and he cried out, she then felt his knot swell once more. Her body clenched around him as her own climax echoed his. She collapsed on his chest sinking both of them bellow the water for a few seconds. They surfaced and panted as he continued to fill her.

Melna realized she must have passed out, when she came to his penis had already retreated into its sheath. He lightly dragged a claw tip through the fur of her back. She nuzzled under his chin. “I missed you.”

His arms snaked around her back pulling her tight as they floated in the tub. “I missed you, too.”

They remained this way for some time before finally getting out of the water to clean up under the shower.


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Chapter 16


Her paw trailed from his chin down his belly claws dragging through the fur then back up over his chest. He turned his again nuzzling lower a paw reaching up to caress her her side. Her body reacted to get away from the soft tickling of her ribs. Tomlin sat up and grabbed his mate pulling her into his lap and nuzzled under her chin making her laugh as her tickled her more.

He let up enough for her to wriggle around until she sat with her back to his chest. Taking both his paws in her own she placed one on her breast and the other slid down between her legs. He got the idea at this point and she let him work. She could feel his heartbeat through the erection pressed against the base of her tail but he was focused on her right now.

He tilted his head to nip lightly at her shoulder and neck while giving her breast a squeeze. The paw down south started on a frustrating slow circling motion around the lower lips. She couldn’t do much for him in this position besides wiggle her hips a little but he didn’t seem to mind. Warm breath passed her ear and his middle finger finally slipped inside.

He could play her like a harp. Deft fingers traversed sensitive places at her breasts and lower body as his muzzle moved enticingly over her neck and shoulder. She was getting close. She let him work until she was almost at the edge of her release. She clamped her legs shut on his paw forcing him to stop. She took several breaths to calm herself a bit then stood.

When she turned back to him he was licking the fingers that had been inside her. She gave him a smirk and held out a paw. “Come on, let’s finish this in the bed.” He blinked those golden eyes that never failed to make her heart flutter. Taking her paw he stood and allowed himself to be lead to the bedroom.

She released his paw and crawled onto the bed on all fours. She turned her head to look back at him with a seductive grin and wiggled her hips. He gave her a playful look and she finally lifted her tail. He made waves in the waterbed as he got up himself she then felt the heat of his body over her back. His pointed tip found its way to her entrance and she forced herself to relax. He slipped in slowly, spreading her as her body accepted him within.

His paw moved to her hip and his muzzle pressed to her cheek. His full length was inside but he didn’t move, just remained still as the two of them savored the feeling of connection. She moaned when the paw on her hip moved up to a breast, giving it a squeeze gently tweaking the nipple ring between his fingertips.

She wiggled her hips again and he took that as a signal for him to begin. As always, he started slow. Melna relished in the feeling of her body stretching to accommodate him. In and out me moved the slight bulge in the middle of his shaft getting a soft moan each time it passed her entry.

He was panting now, with a grunt passing his lips every so often. She couldn’t take much more, she’d already had a running start in the sitting room and she would reach the finish soon. She bit down on a pillow to keep from crying out, he could make her feel so good.

His paw slid up her belly to grab her breast again and that was it for her. Her body clenched around him as her climax moved across her body in waves of pleasure. He reacted in a similar fashion. He buried his muzzle into the side of her neck and pushed deep one last time. He grunted and she felt his knot swell within her feeding her orgasm, extending it until she thought she would pass out.

Tomlin collapsed on her back his breathing finally beginning to slow as his body pumped his seed deep. When he’d regained his senses he tilted over, pulling her down with him to lay on their side. He held her tight against his chest as she slowly descended her own high. She could still feel the contractions of his member as he pushed every last drop into her.

He nuzzled her head. “I love you.”

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