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Name:Sir Trenton in Scotland Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say

British Furrs
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About Me:

(Disclaimer: The artwork, brilliant as it is, isn't made by me. It does, however, portray Sir Trenton brilliantly. All credit goes to Chibi-Marrow, the original artist.)

---(Last updated; 3rd Feb. 2015)

Sir Trenton; A gentleman and tinkerer. He is quite young, and isn't particularly talented except for his aptitude with tinkering, inventing and computing.

His outfit is a traditional red silk-lined tailcoat, over a brown waistcoat with a basic plain under-shirt. There's an obvious mix of smart and casual, as he often wears thin-legged, dark jeans and a large, leather belt. His outfit is adorned with various small gadgets, including his gauntlets that store small tools and aids his strength and willpower - His gauntlets also have an array of pressure gauges that he often checks.

Everything he makes, uses and wears is strikingly steam-punk styled. He often walks with a gold-tipped cane, that has a shaped handle and a small locking mechanism. He sometimes walks with a slight limp in his right leg.

Hanging off his belt is a brass-plated flintlock pistol, a compass and a compacting telescope. Atop his head is a slightly scuffed top hat with a pair of goggles strapped on. The hat is quite small, and tightly fitting - not easily blown off in some of the harshest weather. The goggles are rarely warn unless he needs to analyse something - as they have been slightly modified to have a heads up display and scan for various things. The internals of the goggles are an extremely complec array of tiny cogs and clockwork and only Sir Trenton knows how everything fits together and works. Though he can't scan for everything, he has them built to be easily modified should he ever acquire the right tools and kits to improve them.

When travelling, he often does so with a large, brass plated backpack which hides an array of cogs and gears, and with the turning of a small lever - an impressive pair of mechanical wings emerges. The wings are based on Sir Trenton's own design, made from parts of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Flying Machine" with a little touch of his own handiwork. The rest of the backpack houses a small but powerful steam jet, providing the lift he needs to get airborne.

A lot of Sir Trenton's wear makes him look like some form of pilot, or navigator - but he lives far inland in a small, untidy house. When someone asks about his past, he tends to shrug off his troubles - preferring to focus on the present. From the little details revealed, the story goes that he used to sail a large ship and was a renown captain who served time in the navy - as well as transportation of nobles and the upper class. All of this was ruined on a fateful night when his ship was attacked and left in ruins - Sir Trenton barely got away alive, but his crew and passengers were killed.

Nowadays he lives a mostly secluded life, claiming he was exiled for his failure. He takes this as a lesson, and brings it upon his self to be self-less and a protector of those around him.



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