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🐇🐾Kini Bunny🐾's Fursona Avatar
Name:🐇🐾Kini Bunny🐾 in fort worth Offline
Species:white tailed jack rabbit
Member ID:6903
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:9144
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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XBOX Gamertag:punkxboxchick

Future Space for Blogs

Keirin: Gives pets have a good day 1263.8 days ago
Roronoa: Pets her on the head.- Hey there 2317.7 days ago
🐇🐾Kini Bunny🐾: HI! everyone! 2317.7 days ago
RinLinx: smiles at the rabbit 3163.5 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 3164.8 days ago
The Shadowfox: Heya gurl! It's nice to see ya. 3166.6 days ago
🐇🐾Kini Bunny🐾: thank you. 3173.3 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Aww! I like how pretty your profile pic is! owo 3173.3 days ago
💖Mint💖: (giggles) And a hello to you. Fellow rabbit. (giggles some more) 3175 days ago
Vasuki : hey there kini... been a while 3175.8 days ago
Arktic: Hi how're you? I thought I'd leave you your first post! :3 3197.7 days ago

About Me:

I also currently have very lovely pets:
Violet MagicCaster
Alysa Puppy

Im looking for others to join me in mabinogi if your interested please send me a message.

Okie where to start?
* waves you inside excitedly* Hello and welcome to my profile, I'm Kini Bunny or just Bunny in these parts. i do not like other nicknames especially bun bun. its not cute and i will not acknowledge you. otherwise, please have a seat on any of the couches, chairs, or bean bags. But i must warn you, the big purple beanbag * points across room to corner* over there in the corner likes to make you uber comfy and you are very likely to fall asleep.

(Random poem i wrote recently)
Faster her heart beats,
But does he see?
Away her breath goes,
But does he know?
Her world seems better,
when hes around.
Her world is an ocean,
He's her solid ground.
She's got nothing but time,
but hes on her mind.
Does he love her?
does he not?
Temporarily, hope
it's all she's got.
Should she fall,
should she stand?
should she trust,
one last man?
With things untold,
and words unspoken.
Their hearts are doomed
Forever broken.
All these things he does,
he doesnt even know.
She would come undone.
If he ever let her go.

The rabbit pictures on my profile are not my own and I do not own any rights to them. But they are as close as it gets until I can get around to dressing up my fursona on my own. But until then please enjoy the beautiful artworks.

Messaging and friends!:
I am a very social Jack, I love talking to fursons please feel free to kik me any time. i just ask you let me know who you are and that you are from furrtrax. i would also appreciate it if you would let me know your age. it's not super important I just like to know. if i like you I will talk to you. i just like to know who im speaking with. im not opposed to speaking to younger furrs i just like to know ahead of time. and just to get this straight right off the top. i am a hare not a rabbit.. my name is just bunny. was sort of a pun towards me when i was being raised. Truthfully bunnies dont even like me. ALSO i may flirt a lot but thats just what rabbits(hares) do. it does not necessarily mean i am interested in you.

I very much have an interest in listening to furrs.. well beings in general and any problems they may have or be dealing with. if you ever need somebunny to listen, yell at, cry to, or possibly get advise from i am always available. i have dealt with my fair share of crappy stuff in my short 24 years.
A couple of the important things i can relate to due to personal experiences:
* break ups ( fights, broken engagements, cheaters)
* loss of best friend( suicides, accidents, natural causes, cancers)
* loss of family member( cancer, murder, natural causes, suicides)
*Loss of pets(natural causes, cancer, accidents, poisoned)
* Dealing with ignorant people
* fears/ phobias
* night terrors/ insomnia
* PTSD( if you have to ask you dont need to know)
* rape
* depression
* music
* video games
* animal attacks
* pet grooming and maintenance
* veterinary logistics
And lots more.
So next time something is weighing on your mind please message me or kik me. I'll help in any way i can. i also have a punching bag in any case you just want to hit something while cooling down.
BUT!! Do not take me for a sucker, i do not like when people try to get pity or attention. i will find out and you will regret it.

If on any rare occasion i do not message back right away i may be busy and in that case i will message you as soon as i am again available. i am 100% comfortable talking about any subject whatsoever. so if you have an off the wall question or a personal question i will answer it. i would ask though that if you are going to ask be willing to answer the same question in return if i so choose to ask.

YIFFing and Role Playing:
I am not here for YIFF or rp with anyone. And very rarely do i rp. chances are i will not rp with you. that is reserved for very special furrs in my life.

Real life Kini:
Im 5' short, rural girl. i live in the country grew up in the city. Settling back into my country roots. im a natural red head ( auburn) my bangs are bleached blonde so i can dye them any which color i feel this week. my eyes are my most interesting feature i have i think.. well physical aspects at least. they are an ever changing anomaly. i do have a couple admirers who like seeing the many different shades. below is a list of some of the colors and what they mean. they have been taking on new shades recently so when i figure out what they mean i shall add them as well:
( Shiney) grey--- natural, complacent
(Matte) grey --- perturbed, sick
( Flat) blue--- mischievous
Blue with purple specks--- extremely happy
Green--- loopy, goofy, playful
Brown--- excitable
Hazel--- usually around sunset
* any or all of these colors can be combined if more than one mood is present*
The duel coloring happens rarely, but it does happen and it amazes everyone. i can not actually control the shifting if the colors. but i can bluff with them. so starting into my eyes you cant read me.i havent got a pure soul so you cant read that through my eyes either.

I may be compassionate towards some but I do not take pity on the human race. No creature should hold themselves as higher standards and above all others. creatures are our equals. not our subordinates.

I am ex military i do not put up with crap. if you think you can get away with talking crap behind someones back, remember there is always someone watching and reporting. especially on a website such as this. besides I absolutely love criticism so if you have something to say about me i would very much like to hear it. say it to me dont be a coward. i will always stay the bigger "man" i can walk away from any situation. im not very confrontational but if you lie and i catch you i WILL call you out on it.

On a much higher note im normally a shy at first and very friendly bunny. who doesnt shut up sometimes.i love doing new things and playing. i listen to all types of music, not just consisting of English music either. if it catches my ear i will listen to it, i am always looking for new music's to add to my collection so if you have any suggestions im all ears.
I play keyboard and sing( mostly to myself but i have been known to get caught singing to others.) Im very crafty with my hands a couple other things i like to do in my spare time:
* draw
* write short stories
* write poetry
* carpentry
* crocheting
* sewing
* weaving
* making name/ friendship bracelets and keychains
* video games,pc games, board games
I currently have 12 piercings and 2 tattoos thus far. more shall be awarded as i can afford them.
I am a very goofy person and i love giraffes, and twizzlers.. oh and donkeys. my passion in life is to become an archaeologist, with a bachelors in anthropology. i am literally considered a genius but i usually tend to dumb down my conversational skills. i know two personal friend whom carry pocket dictionaries because i use big words. i prefer the word inebriated to drunk. i am a rather perverse person however and anything that can be turned into a sexual pun probably was what i thought first. although i do not always act upon my perverse thoughts. if you have any other questions i havent covered just ask.

Still reading? * opens fridge* please feel free to take a drink and a snack, or if your of legal age i have an open bar over there* points across dance floor to opposite corner of the room where a large Oakwood bar stands as an island in the corner* please help yourself to whatever you wish. i also have over 600 boxes of girlscout cookies in that cupboard over there. enjoy your self.

My Fursona (Bunny):
Bunny is a white tailed Jack rabbit with lope ears. she is 2'3" short and she has very light fawn almost white furr. large fluffy lope ears that only stand when she is at full attention. she has a quarter sized black spot on her left side underbelly. she is very hyper all the time and loves to be loved on. she's lovesher belly rubs and neck scratched, and up behind the ears thats the most relaxing she thinks. Bunny very much enjoys playing pranks and sometimes just playing by herself, or reading in a corner quietly. She has a rather bitter past she would prefer to forget altogether. She is very proper when meeting new furrs preferring paw shakes to pounces. she likes to snuggle anyone who might need a snuggle. She doesnt take kindly to mated furrs coming on to her, she doesnt want nor like that kind of attention or drama. so please keep that to yourself.

Bunny is an apprentice archaeologist, spelunking late at night through caves and cities of the long past forgotten.
She is currently somewhere on the appellation trail, but off the beaten path looking into old caves and safe places for travelers of the past. some of them have cave paintings and long forgotten notebooks. she diligently reads and takes notes never removing anything from their resting places so others might enjoy what she has. she sometimes wonders into cave previously inhabited by feral creatures. very curious as to the claw marks and scents left behind. what they might mean, and whether or not they show signs of higher intelligences, warning systems, or even if they were left behind by other-worldly creatures.

Bunny is very cautious and always watching her own back. she is trained in paw to maw combat in hopes it will help her in a time where her life may be taken too early like her family's.
Bunny can not swim and is extremely cautious around water. having drown twice she's very iffy about water she can not stand in.
Bunny is a movie connoisseur and loves finding new things to watch so if you would like to suggest anything feel free. she loves anime as well as all other genres.
Intelligent conversations are always appreciated, but bunny has her own opinions and she is willing to hear yours but she will not argue over opinions.
Bunny ifs caring and loving. She doesnt care much what you wear or what you look like. she cares about your personality. absolutely not judgemental as long as you can put fourth the effort to have a normal conversation she'll chat you up all day. that being said it is not an invitation to send naked or otherwise pictures without the courtesy of asking whether she minds.

There are a couple of furrs on FT whom know me personally and they can pretty much back all of this up, If indeed you are iffy about some of my traits or personality aspects.

Fursona Maya:
Maya is a dark evil Jackalope she has fire in her eyes and she is not nice she will tell you how it is and she doesnt care what you have to say. She is the darker side of bunny that you would dread to see if she were ever present you will know someone has truly messed up. Being 3'6" she is dark red with a black stomach and white accent marks on her chest, ears, maw, and tail. Her horns are a shiny black onyx color with a slight red glow about them. Just her prescience gives off a feeling of terror. And despair.

Not much is known about her except she is the soul protector of the Bunny. You can not win against her wit or quips. She is the only reason Bunny is alive today. Without her the weaker Bunny would have lost the fight long ago.

Without Maya's consent no one gets to Bunny's heart, nor do they win a permanent place in her life. You may not speak to Maya directly but she is ever present.

Maya is a very dominate Jackalope no one has control over her and she will bow to no one.

She emerges when her sweet Bunny is stressed or distressed.

If you are still here, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my profile. and i hope you learned a couple things from it. below is just a semi-power bunny has.

Chameleon fur
Like Kini's eyes, bunny can change the color of her furr.any colors or designs she prefers, trained to be used in tactical missions in a special operations program she was in as a young bunny. in hopes to not have her life taken too early as so many in her past have.

All through days and all the nights, the terrors haunt her and the frights.
Try as she might she will never get away. Until the day her last breath fades away.
He broke her she knows,
But he doesn't show,
A care of remorse,
Or offer a hand. Again she will fall,
Never to stand.
On her knees she pleads,
But he doesn't see.
What it is he's done to me.

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