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Stag Savior's Fursona Avatar
Name:Stag Savior in Grand Prairie Offline
Species:Fox/Wolf Mix
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
**Please i'm not looking to Meet'n'Yiff**
If you'd like to chat feel free to shoot me a message or kik me

Stagittos Savior (or just Stag for short), a 5'8 Fox and Wolf mix breed.

Past:(Based on a book i'm writing) - Was born during Troubled time's, a world wrought with demons of the like; Stag was found alone in a destroyed village by a Grand Paladin of the Veirzirian Order. This Order's original Cause was to rid the world of anthropomorphic and demon creature's alike, but having seen no evil in the found child, they have since changed their ambitions. Trained in The Order, Stag had become a Crusader in their rank's and fought along side many during the Mage War's.

Loyal, Chivalrous and a bit of a softy at time's, he hold's his friends close and means well for all those around him.

Present - A bachelor in his right, living alone but keeping his mind focus on the larger goal's ahead. He is a humorous, sarcastic and somewhat of a perv type of lad just trying to get by.
He work's as a Bartender During the Night and seek's adventure during the day.

Future: (based on a Book i'm writing) - Shirtless, Wearing a Sleeveless black with white designs Trench Coat with a high collar and Black jeans with a black belt. He was Genetically recreated based off DNA extracted from his past self. Trying to find his Purpose in the Galaxy, He took up Bounty Hunting and captains a Ship of his Own 'The Yamato' and his Fighter 'Sabre'. He live's aboard his vessel with 3 Other's and the Ship's A.I.

Tenacious, Daring and a slight goof, He aim's to be a force to reckon with among the Star's as he Pilot's Himself and his comrade's to Riches, Fame and The hard sought but never found yiff.
Irl: Sooo i'm like this really Energetic and just happy go lucky guy, I'm very friendly and easy to get along with. i don't wanna say too much about myself because then i'd be taking away perfectly good conversation starter's.

I'm a Gamer at Heart and Love to go to Anime Conventions. I'd really love to cos-play one day, but that day is just not today.
I Have a Steam, IMVU, and Origin accounts so if your ever down for something feel free to ask, Nothing like a good Game to be an ice breaker.

My IMVU Is: Stagittos
I've Recently Made a Room for FurrTrax member's so Feel free to pass by when your in the neighborhood :D
IMVU RoomName: Furrtrax MainRoom

I'll promise to update this further on another time. I hope to Meet and make new friends here on Furrtrax ^-^

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