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ID:Title:Poster:Views:Description:Date Updated:
12MiSe competiton entryWhitetip3413A very violent non consensual sexual encounter ...12-05-2013 13:52 PM
13Whitetip and the stallionWhitetip5651Whitetip learns the hard way why fencehopping with other ...12-05-2013 13:51 PM
14Unpaid OvertimeWhitetip3412A horny panther decides to have a bit of fun with a stall...12-05-2013 13:51 PM
15A drastic turn for the worseWhitetip3164A hook up at a local bar has an unfortunate ending for Wh...12-05-2013 13:50 PM
79Kami's FaytKami3022A commissioned story (Hypno/MC, TF, M/M)...06-24-2014 15:17 PM
80Logan's New PetKami2695A commissioned story (Hypno/MC, Rubber TF, M/M)...07-31-2014 14:52 PM
114Meeting as OneDriana Lé Souris2540Written for Roanth...12-18-2014 16:12 PM
121The things we do for loveTylerKenneth Sprinter2855A short story of a gay fur couple.....06-01-2015 14:39 PM
123Mr Vixen Gives a ChoiceJak Denvor2596A young entertainer has a limbo ride...02-27-2015 02:13 AM
143Horse PlayHyBrithe Resurgam4044What happens when a human wants to get immersed into an A...05-03-2015 03:45 AM
159Lilly's storyLovie2594Memories that formed me...06-30-2015 16:57 PM
167My Demon.Driana BlackScale2853Description...07-27-2015 18:12 PM
183The ChairDriana BlackScale2308Description...09-05-2015 14:19 PM
184Last DanceDriana Blackscale2188Stipes & Gaelan Thorne...09-07-2015 23:09 PM
203Guardians: DownfallAkutenshi Ishimura2832For 56 years, Pelzigans and Humans have been stuck in a g...12-12-2015 13:08 PM
205Chewy: I Dream Of Destruction Chapter 1Musica Wolfsbane2738This is nothing muc, just something I've been working on ...01-06-2016 13:02 PM
227Cheat Codes and Sex. Driana Le Souris2686Karl Rayne and Leon Ni'Kate. ...05-15-2016 21:47 PM
247The Student Vol. ISilver4860This is the very erotic story of a young man who learns a...04-25-2017 00:00 AM
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