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Guardians: Downfall Posted by: Akutenshi Ishimura at 12-12-2015 01:38 AM, Last Modified 12-12-2015 13:08 PM
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Please note that I know the grammar is off and I am going back over chapters and attempting to fix it, so you will see blocks of text off and on throughout the story, do not be scared of them, they won't bite. It is a work in progress (WIP) so I will add in the new chapters as I finish them. Currently dealing with some issues so new chapters will be slow to come, but I will not stop working on the story. Will periodically update this text above the prologue to keep you guys informed and will post parts here and there that are part of the backround to the story that I will not be adding into the story itself. I do plan on making sequels to the story itself after I finish this one. Any feed back on the story, characters, or backround are welcomed, and again, I know there are spelling errors and I will be going back through to fix them as I go along. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you guys enjoy Guardians: Downfall
Prologue: Insertion
Date: January 28, 2778
Time: 0500
Location: Epsilon Eridani System, Planet Leben, 2 kilometers outside Pelzigan capital Wächter
"Sergeant Ishimura, we're 2 Kilometers out, ETA is 10 minutes, get your men ready!" said the voice over the intercom. The Cabin shuttered a little as the dropship made a slight course adjustment. Ishimura, a wolf Pelzigan with red eyes and red ancient Pelzigan markings on his arms stood up and looked around, towards Kijani and nodded, the white Liger nodded back, his blue eyes shining in the dark cabin and his light blue markings on his arms glowing a little. Akutenshi looked towards Lupin, The human with his green eyes and pale skin nodded towards him, no markings showed on him, yet. He then looked at the lone female of the group, Miranda, a white and red tiger, with black eyes and black markings, she nodded towards him and reached underneath her seat and pulled out an MI-57, light pulse rifle and began checking it over. The cabin shuttered more and Akutenshi could hear the sounds of anti-air fire and the distant explosions.
"ETA 6 minutes! Anti-Air is getting thick Sergeant Ishimura, your mech squad is already end route to the rendezvous point."
"Understood" Akutenshi said as he reached up to the rack above the seating and pulled out two swords and sheathed them, reached back up and grabbed up two LR9M, two rapid fire pistols and holstered them as well. "Listen up, our job is simple. Go in, rendezvous with Cale and his team, escort any and all caravans to the evac point, then pull out!" he stopped for a minute and looked around, the Pelzigans around him looked around, their eyes betrayed how they felt. Leben was the Pelzigan home world, it was also home to the Guardians, a small handful of Humans and Pelzigans capable of wielding the life force of the beings and the planet around them and use it as a weapon.
It was where his whole group had lived and trained at. "Now, I want you guys to pay attention. Just because we're pulling out doesn't mean we're leaving the planet. Serenity is in orbit and awaiting our return, once we get back on board she will engage her cloaking and remain in orbit so as to monitor Lothian movement both in orbit and planet side. Once reinforcement from the Sol System Armada get here, they will begin a full orbital bombardment on Lothian encampments. But until then our main goal is to evac any and all civilians and return to Serenity until they get here."
The battle was grim, the Lothian forces had token them by surprise somehow. He continued with the debriefing. "So" he said finishing the debrief "any questions?" they all shook their head. "Good, lock and load!" everyone else began grabbing their equipment when he heard something, he didn't know what it was, but it slowly grew louder and louder, like a freight train. His eyes widened. "Everyone hold on!" the entire cabin shook violently as a blinding light came from the cabin and suddenly, a loud high pitched screaming noise came from it.
Akutenshi covered his ears as he reached the door leading to the cock pit and opened it, what he saw scared him, the pilots where dead, the cockpit was just about gone as well. He quickly shut the door and went to the other side of the cabin. The ship had entered Auto-Pilot if the pilots had gotten killed. the Neuro-System that synced the pilots up to the ship had a fail-safe that, when the pilots life signs went, the ship would enter an auto-pilot, the only bad thing is that, seeing as the ship was outdated, it would only go for another few minutes. "Let’s go people! Get those suits on! we need to jump before this bird goes down!" the whole group rushed to put on their Drop Suits, a suit that was meant to allow the user to drop from a high altitude and allow them to land in a location, somewhat of a quick drop in case drop ships weren't usable. The suits could also allow the users to jump from a low orbit position. All four of them prepared to jump off the bird. Akutenshi went up and pushed the switch and opened the hatch showing AA fire all round them. Off in the distance you could see multiple firefights and in the sky's, thousands upon thousands of ships fighting each other with a few distant nuclear explosions from ship reactors that had gone critical. Several LA95 Rapid Fire Jets, or LA95RFJ's, flew past the bird and dropped their payloads off in the distance on the Lothian's. "On my mark!" Akutenshi said as he got in the ready position. "Three, two, one, JUMP!" they all leaped off the dropship and began their decent towards the planet’s surface.
Chapter 1: The UGM Serenity
Date: November 8, 2777
Location: Wolf 345, Epsilon Eridani System, 5 light years from Leben
Time: 1350 (Military time)
He stared off into the stars from his cabin, it looked so peaceful. Compared to the frontier colonies, constantly being attacked by Lothian war ships and pirates, it was safe and quiet. The Human male, in his early 50's wearing his white naval uniform, turned around and stared at his desk. A picture of his wife and child to the left corner, a monitor in the middle, and several stacks of papers to the right. A very generic table in the captain’s waiting room. The room itself was a pale blue color with white lights in the ceiling lighting the room. A small couch laid in the right hand corner of the room with a table in front of it. He turned around again and saw several Shuttle's flying towards the ship in a V formation. He took a deep breath and then turned around and walked out the door to the bridge. It was bustling with life, crew members walking quickly from station to station. The Helm pit was directly below the captain’s chair, Coms was next to it. The room itself was somewhat of a circle and there was a landing above him filled with officers as they double checked the ships status. He made his way to the Captain’s chair and sat down.
"Captain!" yelled a young Ensign as he ran up to the captain with a note pad in his hands.
"What can I do for you Ensign....?" he motioned for the man’s name.
"Ensign Nielson sir." the Ensign replied as he gave a quick salute. "I'm your official Helms man sir. Reporting for duty!"
The Captain smiled. "Captain Scheck. Please, take your seat and prepare for launch. Once the remaining crew members and Guardians are on-board we'll begin launch sequence and take us to the Frontier for a test run."
"Aye Captain." The Ensign moved quickly into his pod and booted up the Helms System. the pod next to him was Coms, neat little concept, both of them would go into an air tight capsule so that way if the bridge were hit and a hole tore in the hull, they could continue to control the ship. The Captain’s chair had a single pod as well as several other positions namely Gunner positions and Coms Relays positions had the same function. The Captain smiled, Serenity was the newest of her class, a Goliath Warship. She was capable of holding five to six War Frigates in her hull with a crew compliment of a thousand each. The ship herself housed well over thirty thousand individuals, both Human and Pelzigan. Well over a thousand fighters, drop ships, and bombers docked in both the War Frigates and Serenity. She contained an abundance of weapons and ammunition. Several hundred nukes, approximately twenty thousand ARCHER Torpedoes, and an entire deck dedicated towards the Laser Turret Defense Grid.
A new system that allowed several hundred small turrets on her hull to fire beams of plasma at their targets. Her shielding system was the best that could be manufactured by the Unified Galactic Military. She was a war ship that was going to be hell bent on eliminating everything that got in her way. "Captain, this is Shuttle Group Gamma, we're on approach and are requesting permission to dock."
"Understood Gamma, dock and get your people into their positions, once you're ready, we will be under way and will make a Jump trajectory towards the Frontier for our little test run."
"Understood, we'll be in position in twenty minutes Captain
"Understood, Scheck out." The Captain brought up a holographic console in front of him and tapped in a few symbols in and an audible whistle went throughout the ship. "This is Captain Scheck, listen up everyone, as we all know, the UGM Serenity is the new Flag Ship of the EEDF. This will be her maiden voyage. Our primary goal for right now is take her on a test run through the Outer Rim of the Epsilon Eridani System. During which times we will be at red alert. That is all." The captain pushed several more holographic symbols and the console turned off. "Ok people, prepare to clear dry dock." He said. The engines started heating up, a loud Whirring noise could be heard throughout the ship as the necessary systems came online for the ship to leave dry dock. The display in front of the captain turned on and showed their approach vector and what was in front of them. Several HUD lights blinked on and showed a row of arrows moving along the path the ship would take. The hull shuddered as the engines began moving the massive ship out of dry dock. Slowly but surely, they cleared dry dock and the ship was on her way to the Outer Rim of the Epsilon Eridani System. "All hands, prepare for Jump." The captain said, the whole room turned a dark blue color and there was a loud screeching noise as the Faster than Light engines spun up and began forming the wormhole in front of the ship. A bright blue circle formed in front of the ship with a light gray on inside that slowly faded into the black of space. Streams of energy rippled across the hull of the ship as she slowly entered the wormhole. Within a few seconds the whole ship had entered the wormhole and it had closed, a blue mist filled the view port as the ship went into Jump.
Chapter 2: The UGM Valkyrie
Date: November 9, 2777
Location: Wolf 348, 11 light years from Leben, 2 light years from Foraoise
Time: 1204 (Military time)
The hanger was bustling with life. There were people, both Pelzigan and Humans, working on the Mecha's that where stored on board the ship. They worked fast and hard to finish the tune ups on the mech's. A small group of mechanics were working on the arrow shaped dropship off in the distance. Cale watched in wonder as the mechanics continued to pull several panels off the of the shiny new drop ship. The ship was said to have stealth capabilities, there were several prototypes onboard the Serenity, and they were all being checked over one last time before they were to be sent out on their first run. Their destination was the outer rim of the Epsilon Eridani System, primarily around the planet Foraoise, a lush jungle planet that had several reports of Lothian skirmishes. Cale looked around, the red and white husky wolf mix took a deep breath. He had no clue why the UGM was sending out their newest and most advanced warship out to investigate a few minor skirmishes when a War Frigate and a few support vessels could've done just the same job, but it wasn't up to him as to where they were sent. The Serenity was a beautiful ship, she contained cloaking capabilities, and she could become invisible to both scanners and to the naked eye. She was a death machine, built to annihilate any and all hostiles that stood in her way. He tugged at the collar of his brown jump suit and took a deep breath and turned towards his mech. It was an A2Z1 model, one of the newer ones that were approved for use. They had more maneuverability than any other mech on top of their small shielding system. The hydrolaucs on the suit were better than most, but that didn't mean that the mech was easy to handle, one wrong move and the whole system could crash on him and leave him immobile for a decent amount of time. He began climbing back up to the cockpit of the mech and jumped into the seat. "Begin routine diagnostic systems check alpha." he said.
"Please verify user." said a cool female voice. "Authorization Alpha-niner-one." he replied back. "Verifying, please wait." the voice said again and a few seconds later "Verification complete, Corporal Cale McCoy. Beginning routine diagnostic check." The hatch to the mech hissed shut and a dim blue light filled the cockpit. It came from a central monitor in front of him, it started feeding numbers and numerical data.
After a few minutes of sitting in the cockpit then it pulled up a schematic of the mech itself and began analyzing the various mechanics within the mech itself. There was a dull thud on the hull of the mech that made Cale's ears twitch and stop writing on his data pad. He looked to where the noise came from and jumped when there was a banging on the hull then sighed growling. "God damn it Mariah!" he shouted as he opened the cockpit and poked his head out staring at the female blue and white Husky that stood there looking up at him with her green eyes, looking comfy in her brown flight jacket. Grease stains covered the bottom portion of her suit. She smirked staring up at the well-built man. "How's my favorite Wusky doing?" she said swinging her tail back and forth. He blushed a deep red, she knew that got to him and that she knew he'd blush at that. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that sis." he said as he paused the diagnostic program and climbed out of the mech and leaped to the ground and tucked the data pad in his pocket. "Oh come on now Cale, you know I can't resist calling you that, you look too cute when you blush!" She pinched his cheek and smiled. He sighed and stared at her and smiled a little. "Having fun with the ships engines?" He asked. She gave a simple nod still smiling. He shook his head and smirked. They had both signed up and were luckily stationed on the same ship. It was glad to see one of his sisters here on the ship, the other, Lian, was back on Leben as a doctor.
"Look, I’ve got to finish the tune-ups on the mech sis, I’ll catch you back at the mess hall, alright?" He said, she nodded "you better not be working too late Cale!" she said as she walked off. He smiled and turned back towards the mech. "Attention all hands, prepare to exit Jump, we've picked up an SOS signal. We are to drop out of the wormhole and investigate. You have one minute, that is all" said a voice over the intercom, must've been the Captain. Cale ran back to his mech and began to lock it down so it wouldn't come crashing down and roll around the hanger. After a few minutes he made his way towards a box next to the mech and pulled out a clip and ran towards the railing against the wall and clipped himself on and looked down at his watch, he had Twenty seconds before the ship exited the Wormhole. The reason why everyone did this was primarily because of the gravitational shift that occurs. If they were exiting a wormhole like normal, the gravitational shifts wouldn't be enough to harm the crew due to how subtle the changes are in the gravity but an emergency drop out of the wormhole to investigate an SOS? Well, gravity changes drastically when they do that, this SOS is bound to be a high priority SOS for them to do this. He saw all the crew in the hanger hooked onto a railing and preparing for the exit. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and turned a dark red and an alarm sounded. Here we go, he thought as he gripped the railing and suddenly the ship’s hull shrieked with the stress from the gravitational changes. The crew in the hanger got swept off their feet as they flew to the left, those who were on the left side of the hanger were hard pressed against the wall as the ship lurched forward and dropped out. Several sparks flew from the control panels on the walls and some of the mech's fell over and started skidding towards the left wall when the gravity started returning to normal. They were finally able to put their feet and he looked at the left side of the wall, the mechs were only mere feet from the crew on the left side of the wall. They were lucky. The lights flickered a little and then turned to yellow indicating that all crew should be ready for any action they may receive. He rushed to check on his mech.
Location: Serenity Bridge
Time: 1220 (Military Time)
"Lian, I need the coordinates to the SOS." said Nielson as he punched in several numbers into the console in front of him. "Sending them now Ensign Nielson." Replied a cool female voice. It was the ships Artificial Intelligence. "Received the coordinates, setting course now." replied Ensign Nielson. "I want a damage report people." said the captain as he swiveled in his chair staring at the monitors in front of him. "We're getting them in now Captain." replied a woman to the far left of him. Damn it, he didn't mean to be so rough on her. But if this SOS was what the sensors had picked up, it had to be done. "Alright Ensign, bring us in close." "Aye Captain." The view port tilted as the ship turned onto its new course. "We should be at the source in 12 minutes Captain, we exited Jump rather close to it." The Captain nodded and looked out the viewport. He could make out the remnants of a starship off in the distance, her lights still flickering on and off. "Lian, have you identified the ship that the source is coming from?" "Negative Captain, but I am close to finding the serial nu-" she stopped. "Lian?" "Serial number A90583B25. Searching data base for the ship that matches the service number. One minute." It was silent on the bridge for a minute until she said "It's the UGM Valkyrie!" The Captains eyes went wide with terror. The Valkyrie was, in a sense regarding her class, a sister ship to the Serenity. The only difference between the two was that Valkyrie had no shielding and no barges that she could deploy to help combat enemy forces. And a lack of armament that the Serenity had. Even so, if she was taken out, there must be a massive enemy ship nearby, or one with the firepower needed to take out a ship like the Valkyrie, and could pose a serious threat to the Serenity. "All hands, Red Alert! We are to remain at it until we are certain we are the only ship out here. I want long range sensors going nonstop, anything that isn't Human or Pelzigan will be deemed hostile. Ensign Nielson, bring us in close. Prepare a boarding party to go and search the ship for its flight recorder and get any and all survivors on board the Serenity. Deploy two of the five Freighters we have stowed in the ship, set them up in a defensive position. Nothing gets in or out. Let’s go to it people!" The Captain said. All the lights dimmed and turned red, an alarm sounded. "I want several squadrons of fighters out on a patrol." "Yes sir!"
Location: Sgt Ishimuras and LCPL McCoy's quarters.
Time: 1225 (Military Time)
Akutenshi stared up at the ceiling and took a deep breath when the lights went dim and turned red, an alarm sounded. Not good. He sat up from his bed and looked around. His and Cale's quarters were small, a single bed, not bad seeing as the two where together, a simple desk with a lamp and computer. It was only about a hundred square feet wide. Big enough for two, that’s all they needed. He walked over to the closet and began stripping and putting on his uniform. The standard grey uniform with the patch of seven planets circling a star with the words UGM above the picture and the words Unified Galactic Military down below. His rank, Sergeant was displayed on the collar of the shirt. He began slipping on his grey pants and black boots when his coms started beeping. "Ishimura here." He said as he tapped a button to reply to whoever was trying to reach him. "Sergeant Ishimura, you're wanted in hanger A1 on level 31, Get there as soon as possible." Came one of the Master Sergeants voices over the coms. "Understood, Ishimura out." He replied back as he tapped the coms off. He finished strapping the boots on and checking to make sure everything was in order on his uniform and headed out the door.
He entered the hanger and saw Cale, Miranda, Kijani, and a human he hadn't met yet as well as Cale's sister, Mariah. In front of them all was a black Human Master Sergeant, tall, thin, yet muscular with pearcing blue eyes in the typical gray combat armor. "Reporting in sir!" Akutenshi said as he jogged over to the rest of the group, the Captain, a tall white Human in the typical light grey officers uniform stood next to the Master Sergeant with a concerned look on his eyes. "Good, now people, I want you all to listen closely and carefully. We are currently at combat ready status, red alert, and have picked up on an SOS signal. It is coming from the Citadel Class War Freighter the UGM Valkyrie." That sent a bit of a shock to Akutenshi. The Valkyrie was one of the more advanced Starships the UGM had, she had only been in service for approximately a year and a half. She wasn't nearly as advanced as the Serenity but she could probably knock Serenity down a few pegs and leave her more than just crippled if they were to fight each other. The Master Sergeant stared at Akutenshi. "The Captain wants your team to be deployed and investigate the Valkyrie, find her flight recorder, any survivors, and then prepare the Valkyrie to be towed by the Serenity. We have yet to locate any nearby ships that may have been capable of taking her out, but we have deployed two of the five freighters that where stored in the Serenity as well as a several squadrons of fighters to help scout the perimeter for any hostiles. So, with that being said, you shouldn't have to worry about being attacked by ship, but much rather if any hostiles are on board the Valkyrie. With that, we will be keeping close tabs on you guys, if we have to we can deploy a transporter circuit to your location and teleport you out of there. Is there anything you'd like to add in Captain?" The Master Sergeant looked at the Captain and the Captain nodded as he stepped forward. "Now listen up! I want this to go smoothly, no screwing around. At the first sign of trouble or any hostile ships I want you want you all to return to the ship immediately and prepare for an emergency jump. But that is needless to say as I’m sure you all know that by now. The Serenity will be on standby and we'll keep as close to the Valkyrie as possible. That is all."
The Captain stood back and nodded to the group and then walked towards the hanger door and out of it and back to the bridge. "Alright people, you have your orders! Get to the Valkyrie and find the flight recorder along with any and all survivors!" The man shouted as he turned and walked out of the hanger. A small dropship was soon brought in and they loaded up, Cale in the cockpit prepping the drop ship for take-off. The engines warmed up as the hatches closed. There was a low rumbling as the engines went online and started up. Akutenshi could feel the ship lift off the ground and begin moving forward. They flew off into space and headed towards the massive starship. "Cale, adjust your heading and proceed carefully, you'll be entering debris from the ship." "Understood Mariah, adjusting heading." Cale and Mariah were taking every precaution to avoid trouble or hull breaches. "We're approaching the Valkyrie, ETA is 5 minutes. The Serenity really did park close to her." Akutenshi stood up and made his way into the cockpit and stared out at the darkened figure of the Valkyrie. He got an eerie feeling just staring at the ship that made his fur stand on end. There were chunks of the hull missing and electricity flashing throughout the ship from damaged circuits, motherboards, you name it, were sparking. There were a few lights on the upper levels of the ship that flickered on and off every few minutes. The ship was just about as big as the Serenity, and it was scary knowing that a new warship could be taken out and was now just adrift in space. Cale looked over to Akutenshi and put his paw on his. Akutenshi stared down at him and saw the worried look on his face. "I don't like the look of this." He said to Cale. "I know Hun, but we’ve got a job. Besides, I highly doubt whoever attacked her stuck around long enough for us to see them." "That’s what worries me, we don't know who or what attacked her." He said as he walked back into the back of the dropship and took his seat. "Alright people, we're-holy shit!" Cale shouted as there was a dull thud against the ship hull. Akutenshi quickly got back up and ran to the cockpit and saw a long Human, his skin a light gray color, his eyes blood shot, and an arm and leg missing. The man’s blood was floating out in space. The look on his face was complete terror. Akutenshi wanted to throw up at the site of seeing the man. Poor bastard. They watched as the body slid off the windshield of the craft leaving a blood streak on it. "Cale, turn on all lights. Now." Akutenshi said. Cale punched in several commands and the lights came on. What they saw put them all in shock. There were both Pelzigans and Humans floating in space, all torn apart and the same exact look that the man they had just hit had. "What the fuck?" Cale said in a low voice. "Take us towards the umbilical." "Why?" "Because sensors show that the hangers energy shields don't have power being supplied to them, we land there and step out, we'll suffocate and die." "Got it Mariah, setting course for the nearest Umbilical." Cale slowly moved the ship into position next to the umbilical and began docking procedures and extending their ships umbilical out towards the Valkyrie. "Attaching the Umbilical now. Securing Umbilical and pressurizing interior. Ok we're good!" Cale yelled back and heard the group stand up and open their end of the umbilical and step onto the short tube. "We’ll report back as soon as we can Cale, try not to leave us!" Akutenshi said as he followed the group into the umbilical and Cale gave a small nod. The group reached the end of the umbilical and opened the other side and stepped in.
"Alright people, activate night vision." Akutenshi said activating his. The room around them became eliminated in a green tinted color but allowed them to see perfectly fine. "Alright guys, arm yourselves." He said. Everyone nodded and pulled out an M17A Assault Rifle they had brought with them from the dropship and clicked their safety's off. "Let’s get that flight recorder, find out what the hell happened." He motioned for them to proceed, Kijani took point and Miranda took the rear. They kept their guns ready to fire in case they ran into something they didn't want standing. They proceeded down the hallway which was littered with metal panels, wires, and several other components Ishimura couldn't make out. They soon came to a two other paths. Ishimura brought up the ships schematics on his wrist pad and pointed to the left route, they continued. Eventually they came across several Human bodies, all of their life signs read deceased. Akutenshi shook his head and motioned for the group to continue. The lights flickered off and on as they got closer to the bridge. They soon came across a heavy metal grey bulk head that had sealed shut. The panel to the left of it flickered on and off. "Kijani, take a look at it, see if you can open it." Kijani nodded and went up to the panel and took it off the wall and began toying with it. There was a creaking sound coming from the hull. "Sounds like she's not going to last much longer on this deck Sergeant." Miranda said. Akutenshi nodded in agreement. "Kijani, hurry it up." "I'm going as fast as I can Akutenshi, this is being a bigger pain in the ass than it should be." There was a sudden squeal and the whole ship shook violently knocking everyone to the ground. "Kijani, we need to get this thing open NOW!" Akutenshi yelled, Kijani got back on his feet and moved a few more wires around and the bulk head opened with a loud hiss. "Move in!" Akutenshi said and they all proceeded in. They were met with several dead bodies sitting in their chairs at their consoles, all of them had blown and it was apparent that the shards from their desks and consoles had fatally hit them. A Pelzigan male Tiger had a shard of metal petruding from his chest. Akutenshi looked around and took a deep breath and proceeded onto the bridge and towards the Captain’s chair. He kneeled down and put his paws on a panel that was on the floor. He punched in several codes and a part of the floor behind the Captain’s chair gave off a low hiss as it rose up revealing a metal red box. The flight recorder. He reached over and grabbed it. "Alright, we got what we need. Let’s proceed to the Umbilical." "What about the survivors?" Miranda asked. He sighed "At the rate of decay this ship is in, I don't think we'll have time to-" mid-sentence he stopped, they weren't alone on the bridge. Miranda and Kijani could hear it too. A soft scuddle of feet across the floor. It came from behind the Helms control. Akutenshi raised his gun and stood up carefully and proceeded to it. "Come out with your hands up, and we won't shoot." He said in a cool calm voice. He waited a few seconds then saw a pair of white hands pop up. A man, not even in his mid-twenties, stood up with hands up.
His brown hair a mess, his face had some blood caked on it and his uniform was torn. But that wasn't what made Akutenshi stare at the man in shock. On his right arm there was a small green color emanating from it, it was barely visible but Akutenshi could make out ancient Pelzigan markings on the man’s arm. It wasn't possible. Humans had no Guardians, not that they knew of.
"Who are you?!" He said in an angered tone. The man looked terrified but responded in a shaken voice "Lance Corporal Lupin, s-sir." Akutenshi nodded. "Any other survivors on board?" "Not that I know of sir, I’m sorry. I've been here for a few hours and I haven't heard a word or anything. I'm sorry." Akutenshi nodded. The hull creaked yet again. "Sir, we need to get out of here! The hull is beyond its limits. This section of the ship could go in any minute!" Kijani said in a worried tone. "Understood, let’s make our way-" Akutenshi was interrupted as the hull underneath him warped and buckled, he fell face first against the floor. Damn it! He quickly got back up and grabbed Lupins had and pulled him forward. "RUN!" He shouted. "Back to the Dropship damn it! Run!" He saw Kijani and Miranda turn and start running, Lupin followed close behind them. Akutenshi started sprinting when sparks started flying around the room. The ship’s hull was badly damaged, it was stressing itself trying to stay together. There were multiple cracks and a white mist started spraying in, the oxygen was beginning to vent into space. He ran as fast as he could, the floor beneath him began to buckle again and he almost lost his footing. There was a loud screeching noise and metal panels started falling from the ceiling, wires came down sparking and the lights began going off section by section in the ship. They made their way back towards the Umbilical and made their way back into the dropship. "What the fuck is happening Hun!" Cale shouted back. "Take off! Take off damn it! The ship’s hull is buckling! Get us out of here!" Cale turned towards the monitors on the dropship and it came to life. He retracted their Umbilical and shot off full throttle back to the ship. Behind them, the section that the Umbilical was in caved in and began crumpling like a paper then there was an explosion, no fire, no color, just a bright white mist came out as pieces of the hull came flying out. There was no noise. "Serenity, this is Corporal Cale McCoy, we are end route to the ship. Got one survivor and the flight recorder." He waited for a response.
Understood Corporal, get back to the Serenity ASAP, we're reading several Lothian Battle Cruiser jump signatures a few kilometers out. We're preparing everyone for an emergency jump." "Understood!" Cale punched it flying between pieces of the hull of the Valkyrie and small shards of metals. The Serenity came into view. The two Freighters that the Serenity had deployed where being docked into her belly. Several squadrons of fighters formed around the dropship. Off to the left in the far distance, they saw several bright lights shine then dissipate. "All hands, battle stations! Cale, get your ship back here!" "Yes sir!" He pushed the dropship as hard as he could, the escort fighters kept up. "We've got your six, just get back to the ship!" Came a male voice over the comms. "Understood!" Cale Responded. The fighters formed a defensive pattern around the dropship. The Serenity was just ahead of them when a bright blue light flashed in front of them. "Evasive Maneuvers! Evasive Maneuvers!" Cale shouted into the comms as he angled the drop ship to avoid the wormhole. On the other side he saw a massive black ship emergin from it. It was like no other Lothian ship he had seen. The front of the ship had multiple long spikes that had several lights flashing on and off. As the rest of the ship emerged, it was round and smooth with hundreds of cannons on her hull. "Holy shit..." Cale uttered as the massive ship exited the wormhole. It was the same size as the Serenity! "Captain, we have an unidentified ship that just dropped out of a wormhole in front of us, looks like it's heading your way!" "We see the fucking thing! Get back here now!" Immediately the Lothian ship fired at the large grey UGM Vessel, the ships shield flickered multi colors ranging from red, blue, green, and grey, then dissapated. The laser tore through her shields and hit her directly, there was a minor explosion. Serenity returned fire with her own laser turrets, they hit a darkened grey shield that didn't even faulter. They continued to fire the turrets at the enemy ship but no luck. The ships shields stood. Cale had docked into the Serenity when the ship fired a missile into the hanger they where in. There was a bright flash of light as the missile hit inside the ship and blew up. The Dropship was thrown against the wall and Cale's head went full force into the control panel knocking him out. Mariah shook violently as she cracked the back of skull and fell unconcious. Akutenshi was the only one in the back not strapped in, he was flung back and forth until he went head first into the wall and was knocked unconcious. Everything went dark.
Location: Serenity Bridge
Captain, our shields are recharging! FTL engines are ready!" "Set us a course to Leben!" "Already set sir, beginning jump sequence!" The Captain looked around, sparks flew all over the bridge as they took hit after hit from the enemy ship. "Sir, There was an explosion in hanger A1 on Level 31!" shouted a woman on the far left of the ship. Damn it, thats where Akutenshi's group was. "Send in medics and fire control!" "Yes sir!" The view screen angled towards the emptiness of space and suddenly a wormhole generated and the ship began to enter it. Come on! The view port filled with a blue mist and suddenly he felt the gravity shift and took a deep breath. They had made it. "I want a full damage report. Send a message to HQ, let them know we've engaged a new ship and we just got our ass' kicked by this thing!" "Yes sir!" "I'll be in med bay." The Captain stood up and walked towards the elevator and got in. "Level 12, Med Bay" The door shut on him and he was on his way to the med-bay.
Chapter 3
It Gets Even Better
Date: Niovember 9, 2777
Location: Traveling, 1 light year from
Time: 0100 (Military Time)
The Captain made his way through the hall, stepping over metal platings and debris. Wires dangled from the ceiling. The hall was filled with light smoke and sparks flew from damaged panels on the walls. Crew Personnell were scrambling to assess the damage done to the deck and help the crew members that needed it. God fucking damn it! The Captain thought. He was both angry and worried. Angry at the fact that the most advanced ship ever designed by both Humanity and the Pelzigens was outmaneuvered and outgunned by a Lothian ship. Worried for Akutenshi and his squad. All the possiblities of what could have happened to them rushed through his head. He picked up his pace. The ship shuttered from the stress to the already badly damaged hull. The jump wasn't doing the technicians any favors either. The minute that got one thing fixed, whether it was activating the shielding at the hull breaches that failed to activate to fixing one of five gravity generators onboard the ship, something new would prop up. A new hull breach, a part of the hull would tear off due to the stress that the worm hole would cause, and the FTL Drives where beginning to overheat meaning that they would have to exit the worm hole soon enough. It didn't fucking help that the planets in the Epsilon Eridani System where so far apart from each other. He came upon a single door that lead into the Med Lab. Sparks flew from it as the mechanisms worked on opening the door. It slid open and he walked in and attempted to shut and got stuck, sparking even more. One of the Med Lab Technicians typing on a pad looked up at the Captain and saw the door. He rushed over and grunted as he gave it a heavy kick and the door closed all the way. "Where are they?" The Captain said watching the Technician. "Down the hall to the left." He responded. The Captain gave him a nod and proceeded down the dimly light hall to a door on the left side of the hall, looked up at it and took a deep breath. Hold it together, they're fine! He thought. The door opened to a sober scene. Kijani was on a medical table with a bandaged leg, looking over at the Captain with a bit of a smile, Miranda stared up at him with a few scraped and bruises and gave him a gentle smile. Jack, a male human that had went with the group looked over at him from the corner of the room with a patch over his right eye and nodded. He smiled back at all them and scanned the room to find Cale and Akutenshi. Where were they? He looked over at Miranda and she nodded to the right of the room to a curtain. The Captains smile faded as he walked towards the curtain and opened it slightly and saw Cale sitting in a chair with a bandage around his left arm and chest. He was fine, thank god. He looked to the left of Cale and his eyes widened. Akutenshi laid in a bed with a bandage over his left eye, one around his right paw, around his chest and waist, and he saw several stitches showing from where the bandage didn't cover on his chest. His fur was caked in some blood still and a resperator was placed to help him breath. The machine monitoring his pulse gave off stable beeps showing his condition. So far, he was stable. Cale looked back at the Captain with lowered ears.
"What happened?" He said in a hushed tone staring at Ishimura. "Well..." Said Cale "Captain, after we landed in the Hangar....or more of well crashed into the hanger, Ishimura had regained consciousness and had apparently stood up went up to the cockpit and pulled me out and threw me into the cargo hold, then threw up a shield....He threw himself in harms way to protect us." The Captain gave a quiet sigh and looked at Ishimura. Damn kid, always had to throw himself in harms way. The Captain looked over at Cale and nodded. "Sir." Jack said. "We did find the Flight Recorder and were able to recover it, it's partially damaged so it'll take time to repair it and find out what happened, but we also found a survivor, he goes by the name Josh Lupin, Lance Corporal, assigned to the Valkyrie when she launched. We were able to pull up his background and details after we were checked out. He's currently unconscious still." The Captain gave a nod and looked over at Kijani. "Sir, There are people in worse condition than Akutenshi." He said looking at him. "I know. We've set course for Leben, our ETA is approximately 30 minutes, once there we're getting the wounded to a hospital where they'll undergo Nanite theorpy and start the recovery process. While there, HQ wants a debrief and we'll receive orders once that's done." They all nodded, Cale looked over at Ishimura with concern and took a deep breath. The Captain saluted the squad and walked towards the door. "I'll....be on the bridge if anyone needs me." And with that, he walked out the room and back to the bridge.
Location: Orbiting Leben. UGSM Serenity nearing Docking Station Omega
Time: 0130 Military Time onboard Serenity. 1430 Military Time on Leben.
"Serenity to docking station Omega, requesting permission to initiate docking procedure and undergo repairs and unloading of critical personnel." The Ensign looked at his console, the coordinates slowly changing as the Serenity aligned itself with the station. "This is docking station Omega, request is approved Serenity, begin docking procedure, heading zero-zero-nine point three-five-four. Copy?" "Affirmative, heading zero-zero-nine poin three-five-four. Thank you Omega. Lian, begin Docking Procedure Alpha please." "Already on it Ensign Nielsen." He rolled his eyes. Their AI had only been active for a few days, and already it was getting a personality, he kind of liked it. The ships viewport angled to reveal a massive cross shaped station with three large circles revolving around it attache to it by several long tubes. the bottom portion contained rib like cages with ships entering and exiting them, all of which were large ships from Carriers to Capital Ships. The middle ring contained smaller vessels, Frigates and Cruisers came and went. The top portion allowed smaller vessels such as yachts, transportation shuttles, convoy escorts, and small fighters to dock to the station. Each had several of the rib cages which were used to do repair on ships that needed them. The large station grew bigger and bigger the closer they got and the ship began angling itself into a trajectory that would allow it to dock into the biggest rib cage. "ETA to Repair Station Zero One, two minutes and thirty seconds. Slowing to Impulse speed!" Nielson said to the captain. A loud shuddering was heard throughout the bridge as the hull stressed. Hold it together baby. He thought punching in several other commands into the console. "Two minutes, slowing to quarter impulse." He relayed back to the captain. The console in front of him flashed several warnings at him regarding the hull integrity as well as several other issues that were beginning to occur due to the stress on the ships hull from the deceleration. "One minute and thirty seconds. Cutting engines and beginning docking procedure....activating forward thrusters to slow us down." He worked furiously as he continued to maintain control of their approach to the cage. "Beginning to drift, thirty seconds until we've reached the repair station." The Viewport was filled with the stars and parts of the repair station as it entered it. Several lights flickered within the station and smaller repair vessells began to ignite their thrusters and begin their trajectory to the Serenity. "Thirty seconds, almost dead in the water sir." The ship gave a loud protest to the stop as it floated into the station where several tracter beams locked onto her and stopped her all the way. "Docking procedure complete Captain, getting word from the repair station that they will start assessing the damage and begin repairs immediately." He looked up at the old man and saw him nod at him.
"Captain, High Command is wanting you planet side. They want a debriefing in two hours." "Understood Nicole, tell them i'll be on my way once the Umbillical cords are attached and i have a shuttle ready." "Yes sir." A young female began to relay the message through a console next to him, her golden hair was rather eye catching. "Beginning to shut down all Engine reactors and FTL drives, Umbellicle is attached to the docking port. Have fun Captain." Nielson said with which he got a reply from the Captain "Comical." As the Captain stood up and walked out the bridge. "Everyone that is not needed to help with repairs is granted shore leave. Get our injured to a medical station as soon as possible. That is all." "Yes sir." Nielson looked over at the console to double check everything was good to go before he stood up and stretched and made his way out the bridge.
Location: Leben Capital City, Wächter. Unified Systems Military HQ
Time: 1630
The Captain entered the dimly light war room with it's holographic table in the center along with several other holographic emitters aligned on the walls and ceiling. There where no windows and the low blue lights were the only source of light within the room. The emitters began to move and bright blue figures appeared before him. To the left of him was an elderly woman, there was no color but from the winkles on her face it told him that she was older than him. Leader of the Army, General Powell. The one next to her was a younger man, Leader of the Airforce, General McCullin. Asshole of the UGSM. The man in the middle was the Leader of the Navy, Admiral Harper. About the same age as the Captain, and a reasonable man. Then an old hound appeared to the right, The Highest ranking among the Guardians, and a well respected teacher at the Academy. Ardan. He gave the Captain a slow nod and a gentle smile. "Reporting as ordered." The Captain said. Powell looked over at him and took a deep breath, "Captain." McCullin stared at the Captain with a low scowl, They never got along, let alone see eye to eye. "Scheck." Said Harper and gave the captain a welcoming smile. "Tell us, What had happened and what did you do to our brand new ship?" "Not exactly a story we can laugh about..." Replied the Captain. Within a matter of a couple hours the Captain gave them the long winded version regarding how he had deployed Ishimura's team to the Valkyrie soon after receiving her distress beacon to how their sensors had gone off reading a fleet of Lothian vessels up to their encounter with the new hostile ship. It took a few minutes before anyone spoke after he was done. "We loss alot of good people aboard the Valkyrie, we lost a good ship." The Captain said.
"Agreed, but we haven't lost the Valkyrie yet." Harper said looking over at the Captain. "According to some of the scans you took of her before being engaged and forced to flee, she looks like she can be repaired and ready again in a year or so. Granted it'll cost us a fortune to rebuild the parts of the ship that are missing." "Agreed." Replied Powell. "The only good news is that the Serenity made it out in one piece." "Which is where you come in Scheck" Said McCullin. "We have your next orders, once the Serenity is repaired we will send her as well as a fleet to recover the Valkyrie. " The Captain glared at the man. He wasn't for recovering the Valkyrie, but he knew that there was something else going on in that mans mind. And they weren't the things he would more than likely not hear. "As well as hunt down the enemy ship and either scan it, give us a report on it. Or destroy it." "You can't be serious?!" Shouted the Captian. "That ship was something completely different General! If the Serenity is unable to handle it, then what makes you think that a fleet mixed with smaller, older ships along with tugs will be able to take it on?! You're sentencing them to die if they end up engaging that ship! The Scans that we were able to get from it reported weapons on it that we have never even thought where possible! The ships armor itself is made of an alloy that is stronger than the Serenity's!" "This is not up for debate Captain! You either accept the orders or we WILL find another Captain for the Serenity!" The Captain slammed his fists down on the table and shouted back "You are a god damn fool McCullin! To try and scan that ship would alert it to our presence and to engage it would mean certain death!" "Captain, you have your orders, accept them or hand the Serenity over to us and allow us to find another Captain for her. That is final." The Captain shuddered with anger as he glared up at the General. "Fine, we'll be ready to go in three weeks, hopefully she's still there." And with that, he turned his back to them and began to walk out. "This meeting is finished." Said McCullin with a low scowl as his hologram faded out of existance.
"Captain!" Shouted Powell. The Captain stopped and turned to face her. "We do have another task for you while you're out there." The Captain took several deep breaths and nodded. "Yes ma'am?" "Once the tugs enter Warp with the Valkyrie, you need to take the fleet with you to investigate the dissappearance of fleets Three and Five. We lost contact with them approximately thirty hours ago." The Captain gave a slow nod. "And Captain..." Said Harper. "If you do find the enemy ship, do as you where instructed, scan it. But if it comes after you, I don't care what McCullin says, you will order a full withdrawal from the area and jump to a random set of coordinance and once it is certain the enemy ship did not persue, make your way to the missing fleets location." The Captain gave a slow nod. "Understood." Harper nodded and faded out of existance as did Powell. Ardan looked at the Captain. "Please let Ishimura's team know that i will be stopping by to check up on them." He smiled and nodded at the old hound, he returned it as well and faded like the other three. The Captain walked out the War Room and proceeded down the hallway. It had elegant drapes tied to the end of the windowsills and a warm golden sunset poured into the hallway. He relaxed and felt happy as he proceeded down the marble hallway with it's large arches. It seemed almost majestic with the way the sun was setting. He proceed down in a brisk pace. The ships crew was not gonna like what their orders were. He knew that for certain.
Chapter 4: Immortal
Location: Outer Colonies of the Epsilon Eridani System
Date: November 9, 2777
Lothian Immortal Class Capital Ship Unjust
Time: 1230 (Military Time)
He paced the bridge looking down at the row of consoles in front of them, each with their operators hard at work. everything seemed to be going ok. The scalie humanoids worked at an average pace sending out communications, receiving both Lothian and UGSM communications and relaying the ones that needed to be relayed. Several smaller frigates drifted into view. Their blood red hulls shimmered as a ray of light hit their hull. The Frigates reminded him of a pencil sharpiner in a funny way. Their engines where fitted into the engineering at the back end of the ship which was shaped into an odd square shape and the rest of the hull went outwords in a spiral with a few pockets poking out and their command centers a small square at the center of their ship. Their ARC's were barely visible. Each frigate, like most other ships in all Lothian fleets had an Accelerated Rail Cannon attached to each ship. The cannons where meant to tear through a ships shielding and destroy it with one shot. The issue was that the ARC couldn't be continuously fired. Despite the advances in technology on the Lothian side their ARC's lacked the quick fire ability the UGSM's ships had. But what they lacked in quick fire, they made up for with damage. One round was able to split a UGSM War Frigate in two and the other to completely demolish the remaining parts of the ship. His grey fur bristled a little as he felt an uneasy presence approaching. Shit. He turned to face the door to the bridge and watched as a dark shrouded figure wearing a cloak came in. He made no audible sound and the vibrations he gave off made his fur stand on end in fear. He simply went by the name Immortal. No one on board truly knew the reason why, but rumors suggested, as what his name meant, he was truly immortal. Time had no affect on him and neither did conventional weapons. "Kie.....enjoying the view?" Immortal said as he drifted towards the grey wolf. "I suppose I am." He replied staring at the dark figure. a dark shroud of mist enveloped most of his body. Kie's black marking began to glow a little. "It seems you've been startled." No shit, seeing someone like him makes you want to just scream in terror and run away. "No, I'm fine." "Good." He drifted over to one of the Lothians and stared at the console and gave a low chuckle. "There hasn't been much to do Immortal. We're awaiting the transmission to intercept the Prowler." "Yes, i know. But sadly our friend hasn't been able to launch the tugs yet." Immortals voice sounded a little horse, demonic in a strange sense as he cackled a little and walked around the bridge. "We are currently positioning some of the fleets to get ready for our grand entrance." Kie stared at Immortal for a few more minutes and nodded. "Your fleet and this ship are to jump to the Valkyrie and wait for our guests to come back. During which you know what to do." "I do." He replied. "I'll be returning to the Judgement. Return to where the bulk of the fleet is and wait for your word when your mission is done." Kie nodded. "Anything else?" "Don't fail me.....the last one that failed me ended up being my next meal....His life was rather enjoyable to say the least." He made his way to the door. Kie's fur began to relax a little. He looked down and saw he was clenching his paws without even knowing it. "Once Immortal is off the ship, set coordinates for the Valkyrie, notify all ships within the fleet that we are moving out." He stared outside and saw as the ship began to tilt a little more and angled itself to be ready for a jump. "Prepare FTL drives." He looked off to the left and saw a small shuttle head towards the only ship heading in the opposite direction and took a deep breath. "Activate Wormhole generator. deploy the rings." There was a loud thud as a sed of small triangular objects floated on ahead of the ship and moved into position and a bright flash of light as a wormhole generated. Several seconds later another set of the objects flew in. They waited for a few minutes until the wormhole flashed again and one of the Lothians gave a thumbs up. "Enter." The ship began to move itself forward into the wormhole and soon the viewports where surrounded by a dark black color with glowing green and blue streaks of light surroudning them. Within a matter of minutes they exited out the other side and the stars returned. There was a flash of light as a pair of the objects came back through and went into the ship. Another flash and the other pair went back behind the first pair. "Warp two, get us a good distance from the Valkyrie and wait."
Time: 1530 (military time)
Cale stared at the tank watching his wolf float in it. He looked peaceful in this state. He had woken up a little before they had placed him in the tank and was in intense pain. They had used heavy medication to sedate him. Right now, Cale hoped, he was having good dreams. The door behind him opened and closed and he turned to see who had walked in. Kijani. "How's he doing?" He said. "The doctors say it'll take a few days for all the nerve damage, msucle damage, and tissue damage to heal. Not to meantion the damage done to his limbs. They where contemplating giving him robotics. But luckily his body was able to accept the Nanites and they where able to get him in the tank so the bugs could do their thing." Cale responded as he turned towards Kijani. Kijani gave Cale a worried look. "You need to get some sleep man. You've been up fifty hours watching him. He will be fine." "I know." He says as he places his paw on the tank and looks up at Ishimura worried. "Don't know why, but i just can't sleep....He's hurt and i can feel him." Kijani raised his eyes at Cale and gave a small smirk. Cale smiled a little. "Go to hell you oversized feline. Not in that way." He joked with Kijani. The white Liger gave a small chuckle. "I know. There's something about a deep love that allows the two partners to, in a sense, feel what each other feel. It's even stronger with a Guardian. When a Guardian choses a mate, their life force ends up being connected to their partners and the stronger their feelings for each other, the stronger the connection. Takes years of training just to understand how to block those signals from our mate's and not allow it to control us. Very sophisticated and harder to control than you think." Cale nodded understanding.
He Remembered the feeling he got when his eyes locked onto Akutenshi's red eyes that day at the bar. He had gone out with a few friends after graduating to celebrate. This strong muscular black and red fur colored wolf was staring at him with interest. And there was an instant click, an instant want to be near him. It was weird. The first time they had met. It was awkward having a guy ask you out when you're a guy yourself and you're not even sure what to say. After only ten months of going out with each other, Akutenshi had invited Cale over to his place and there he had popped the question. Of course he had said yes and with a loud giggle from Akutenshi had they finished up their dinner and went to the bedroom to have themselves some fun. After that day, Cale felt amazing, and then he started realizing that he was feeling emotions he knew weren't his, thoughts that weren't his. He had remembered Akutenshi telling him that the connection between both of them were getting stronger. It was their love that had made it stronger. And with them engaged and almost mated, the connection grew stronger. When one felt pain, the other did, when one felt lonely, they both did. It took time to get use to it, to be able to push the foreign thought from each other out and focus on keeping it together. Drove Cale nuts for a while but he grew use to it. The love for Akutenshi had made it bareable. He knew that Akutenshi would go through hell and back just for him and he'd do the same. Within time he was able to keep himself under control and not allow Akutenshi's feelings and thoughts intrude on his own and learned how to control his own as did Akutenshi. But at times when they where asleep, their thoughts and emotions intertwined.
He remembered a time when Akutenshi had been knocked out cold and remembered a flood of emotions; fear, anger, and the thoughts of pain came flooding in. Cale nearly lost it in the sea of emotions that mixed with his own but had remembered the things Akutenshi had taught him if things where to ever get out of control. Take deep breaths and focus on grabbing hold of his thoughts and safe guard them and put barriers around his mind. Within a few minutes he had control of what came into his thoughts. He allowed the connection to stay open despite the pain it caused. Of course, there was no real way to cut the connection. But there were ways to control it. At times when he was sick, or Akutenshi was sick, they allowed the connection to let their emotions flow through them and their thoughts so they knew they weren't alone even when they weren't. It always helped him get through anything that had happened to him, whether it was a broken bone or fever, feeling Akutenshi's reassuring thoughts always made the recovery easier. Now, it was Cale's turn. He did the best he could to keep his worried thoughts under control and only let the ones he knew would let Akutenshi know he was there and that he cared. Akutenshi gave a small smile and his thoughts seemed to relax a little. Kijani looked over at Cale and put a paw on his shoulder. "Come on Wusky, you need some sleep." Cale shook him off and smiled, a tear rolling down his cheek. "Thanks but no thanks. I'll stay here." "Come on now, don't think i won't go and find some aesthetics to knock you out with, maybe some nice Trazodone. Always knocked Ishimura out at the academy when he was stressed out." "I'm fine." He said giving a low growl. "Cale..." Kijani said. "Come on, you need some rest or you'll get sick or something, you think he wants to feel you getting sick or hurt?" Cale nodded in agreement. "I just worry about him." He responded. "Trust me, Ishimura is a tough son-of-a-bitch. Trust me, saw him take on two guys at once while we were out drinking. Got cut a few times but managed to take them out. Of course they were able to get a knife rammed right into his stomach. He didn't exactly pass out. Just stumbled up against a wall and kept the knife in telling me to help him to a hospital. Within a few days he was up and about some how. He'll be fine. Trust me. Stubborn bastard."
Cale nodded, he remembered a few times where he had been threatened and Akutenshi came in and saved him. Cale had almost always required Akutenshi's help. This time, it was his turn to help Akutenshi. But Kijani was right. He couldn't help Akutenshi if he got sick. He nodded "Alright, let's go....." Kijani's tail flickered a little and he nodded. "Alright, let's get something to drink, know a good little bar that is a few minutes away from here." Cale nodded happily and followed the Liger out the door. Kijani was right. The bar was fairly nice with it's fesive decor. It had several small tables and a circular one wih a hole in the middle where the bar tender made the drinks. They had spent a good amount of time drinking and talking about the things that had came to mind. Eventually the sun had set and Cale made his way back to the ship yard and got on board a standard military transport and was tooken to the Serenit where he returned to his cabin. He took a few minutes to look at the items on the desk. Standard issue computer laid at the center with a computer chair that was bolted to the ground. A little light above the desk lit it up. He took a moment and looked to the left and saw that the picture of him and Akutenshi was flat on the desk. He reached over and picked it up and staired at the picture. The frame was cracked and the some of the glass had fallen out. He lowered his ears and frowned touching the picture. It was taken some time prior to them departing for the Serenity. They where standing outside a bar, a few beers in their paws with Akutenshi wrapping one paw around Cale and smiling big and whide. Cale smiled and felt a tear roll down. He looked down at his other paw and stared at the ring and took a deep breath and released it in a deep sigh. He knew Akutenshi was going to be ok, but he still worried. Whatever had attacked them was still out there, it was still a threat. He shook his head and stood up stretching and walked towards the bed where he collapsed ontop of it and closed his eyes. Sleep immediately overtook him and he passed out.
The Captain made his way towards the bridge where he saw Nielson working with a repair team on the Nav station. He nodded towards the Ensign and made his way around the bridge. Wires were drapped from the ceiling and technicians where hard at work repairing the bridge. A few of them looked tired but continued to take panels off of the consoles and work on the wiring. He took a few minutes to watch everything before he finally went and sat down in the Captains Chair. He knew they wouldn't like what they where about to hear. Returning to where the Valkyrie was, it was not something he knew that some of the crew wanted to do, especially after what had happened. Nielson looked over his shoulder at the Captain and made his way to him. "Repairs on the bridge are almost done. Thanks to the engineers and technicians we'll have her ready to go in about a week or two tops. faster than we thought we'd get her going again." The Captain gave a slow nod. "Is something bothering you sir?" Nielson said to the Captian. "We have a mission to do after she's repaired, i'll be telling you guys the day before we're ready to head out." "Is that all?" The Captain took a few minutes to think on that and nodded. He was worried about Akutenshi and what would happen when they get there. If the ship was still there that had attacked them, he had no clue how they'd fight it. The scans they had gotten off of the ship before retreating were worrisome. The shielding on it was ancient yet superior, It's weapons systems where far superior than any he had seen on any Lothian ship. He tried to think of what else they where able to grab prior to the Jump. "Ensign." He said, Nielson turned towards him "I want a status report on the repairs on the rest of the ship, please bring them to me in my ready room." He said as he stood up and began walking to the left around the debris of parts on the floor towards a single door on the far side of the bridge. Nielsen nodded and responded but the Captain didn't hear it and just nodded in return. He entered the ready room and walked around his desk and sat down in the chair and took several deep breaths. He looked to the left and saw a picture of a young man with a small wolf cub and smiled a little as he picked it up. He saw himself twenty years younger and the cub looked especially happy sitting ontop of the Captains shoulders. It was a picture from when he had taken the cub to a fair. Made the little guys eyes sparkle as he saw the coasters fly by, a few clowns dancing around and a few tents with games and cubs and kids playing them with their parents. He put it back down and sighed. He sat there in silence and stared at the picture for a few minutes when there was a chime. He put the picture down and said "Enter." Nielson walked in with a PDA and made his way to the desk where he put it before the Captain. He picked it up and looked through the reports. Engines where doing better, The anti-matter chamber's leaks had been patched up. Weapons where currently in the yellow, half where unusable at the moment and the reports on the hull breaches looked promising.
In total the ship was about thirty-eight percent repaired. He nodded and said "Thank you Ensign." And handed it back. "I'll be at the hospital if you need me. Gonna go check on the wolf." He said standing up staring at the Ensign. Nielson nodded and went out the door to continue repairs and he followed him out and then went towards the hangar. There he boarded a small escort shuttle to the planets surface where he took a cab to the hospital. The building was one of the taller ones in the city. It was several hundred stories high with a part of the top looking like it had been cut off with a big balcony where the cut had been made. He sighed and continued into the hospital and made his way to Akutenshi's room where he saw Cale standing in front of the tank with a paw on it. He went forward and placed his hand on the kids shoulder. Cale's ears perked up and he turned his head to see The Captain. "S-Sir." He said. "Drop the formalities Cale, I'm here as a family member, not the Captain." Cale nodded and returned to staring at the tank. The Captain gave Cale's shoulder a strong squeeze and went to the other side of the room where there were a few chairs and grabbed one. He pulled it next to Cale and motioned for him to sit. He did so. The Captain returned to get a chair as well and sat next to Cale. "Damn kid.....always was reckless." Cale gave a small nod not taking his eyes off the tank. "James." Cale said. The Captain looked over at Cale. "Hm?" Cale turned his head to look at the Captain, his ears folded back. "I know he'll be ok, but, i can't help but worry." "I know, same here." He sat there and stared at the kid, his kid, and a tear rolled down his cheek. "He'll be ready to leave in a few more days." Cale said. "And we'll be leaving two weeks top." He responded to Cale. They continued to stair a the tank for a while until they had to return to the ship to help with repairs. The rest of the day was hard on both of them.
Date: November 22, 2777
Time: 1350 (Military Time)
Location: Docking Station Omega
Akutenshi whinced a little as he made his way through the halls of the station. The nanites had done their job at patching his body up, but he could still feel residual pain. Cale moved up next to him and put his arm over his shoulder and helped him walk. His legs where still weak. Floating inside a tank for a few days typically did that. Cale gave him a small nod as his ears perked up a little and flushed. Akutenshi loved seeing Cale's ears flush red and found it rather cute when his Wusky did that. They continued down the hall way to the Tube that connected the Serenity to the station and made their way down the cramped space. Once on board they turned left and went down to their room where Cale had put Akutenshi down on the bed. He sat there for a minute catching his breath then let himself fall back onto the bed. Cale sat next to him and put a paw on his thigh and smiled. "Doing ok hun?" Cale asked, Akutenshi nodded. "Can't believe they got the repairs done so fast." He responded. The time that they had together after he got out of the hospital where nice. A few nice dinners with Cale and the group and a few nights in bed with him where really all he needed to start feeling better. He frowned and stared up at the ceiling. "Hey hun." Cale turned to Akutenshi and tilted his head a little bit. "What?" He replied. Akutenshi took a deep breath and sighed. "Please keep the sexual feelings at bay for a little, our fun nights where nice, but we're back on board. We need to keep our minds in the game and prepare for the briefing by the Captain." Cale nodded and frowned. Akutenshi sat up and put his paw on Cale's face gently and carrassed it then kissed him. "Don't worry, we'll have time to have fun here hun." Cale's ears flushed again and smiled. "Alright hun." Almost as if on cue, the Speakers went off and a whistle could be heard. Their ears perked up as they listend in. The old mans voice came through the speakers.
"Attention all hands, prepare for mission briefing." Akutenshi looked at Cale and put a paw on his lap and gave a gentle squeeze. "Once we leave the station we will begin the Jump sequence. We will enter Warp in approximately two minutes and then enter the wormhole and head back to the Valkyrie's location with fleet's one and two along with the Prowler and several tugs. Our task is to watch over the tugs as they attach their tractor beams to the Valkyrie and begin tugging her towards the gate that we will set up for them to use. After we have secured the remains of the Valkyrie we will then depart with the first fleet towards Aegis where we will investigate a few whispers and see if it is a Lothian fleet's way of communication." Akutenshi felt a sudden anger take control and he clenched his paws accidently digging his claws into Cale's leg. He gave a yelp and grabbed his paw and held it. "Calm down hun...." He said staring at Akutenshi's red eyes and he took a deep breath and relaxed. "Sorry hun." He responded. He felt the ship lurch and knew they where on their way out of the station and towards their mission. "Listen, I know alot of you don't want to return to the Valkyrie's position, but someone needs to retrieve her. Keep your heads in the game and we'll make it back in one piece. Captain Scheck out." And the speaks turned off. There were a few murmurs outside their room from other crew members as the ship lurched again, harder than last time as they entered Warp. The speakers turned back on and his voice came through, "All hands, prepare for Jump." And with that, he felt the ship enter the wormhole. Fear soon took over the anger and enveloped him. He hoped things would go well.
Location: Wolf 348, Valkyrie's position
Time: 2041 (Military time)
The Captain stared out the view port as the stars returned. Off in the distance he could see the Valkyrie, debris drifting all around her and took a deep breath. "Scheck to the tugs, do your thing. Prowler, take your detachment and begin scouting ahead. Report in if you find anything." There were two affirmatives from both a male and female voice and he watched the small boxed Tugs move towards the Valkyrie and the moderate sized Prowler, she looked like an assault rifle with her clip ejected and saw a shimmer of light as she and the smaller rectangular ships fade out of existance and cloak. "All ships, defensive pattern Omega One." And watched hundreds of small ships spread out and take positions above, below, and to the sides of the Valkyrie and saw several blue balls of light as the ships launched their Mech's and Fighters out into space. He saw several of them take immediate formations and start circling the fleet. "All Mech's and Fighters launch." He said and saw hundreds of small lights depart from the Serenity and stared off at the stars. He was hoping they wouldn't run into the enemy ship, not now. "Raise shields Parker." He said to a young woman at a console to his left. "Shields raised Captain." She responded. "Begin active sweep of the area and deploy all Frigates." There were several thuds and five frigates sped off ahead of the Serenity. "All frigates, formation Alpha Nine." The frigates spread apart and begin to take position around the Serenity. He tapped the arm rest of his chair as he watched. "Raise condition to yellow." The lights flickered then turned yellow, an alarm sounded. The tugs had just made their way to the Valkyrie and were starting to attach their tractor beams to the Valkyrie when there was an audible ping. "Report LT!" The Captain yelled. "Tracking unknown ship approaching us approximately thirty kilometers to the East!" "Condition Red! All hands, battle stations! All ships prepare for combat!" He saw several hundred fighter squadrons take formation and begin to angle themselves towards where the enemy ship was just as the Serenity angled herself to face the enemy ship. His eyes widened as he saw the ship. A dark massive ship, the shape a vulture, come towards them. No doubt about it, it was the ship that had attacked them. "All squadrons, engage the ship!" The vulture continued moving then several beams of light fired at the fighters that where closing in on it and there were several bright flashes as dozens of fighters blew up. Suddenly he saw small shadows leave the enemy ship and then Parker hollered back. "Captain! A hundred frigates just detached from the enemy ship! They're moving in towards the tugs!" "Defend those tugs!" He yelled back. "Prowler report in!" "This is the Prowler, we are beginning our scans of the ship now!" A young male voice yelled through the comms. Suddenly the enemy ship dissappeared and all that was left where the hundred frigates in bound to the tugs. "Damn it! Requiem, Gettysburg, Autummn, Virginia, Redemption, and Sierra, form a cluster around the frigates! Escort them to the wormhole now!" The Captain yelled. The bigger ships of the fleet went in and got on all sides of the tugs and followed them as they started to tug the Valkyrie towards the wormhole. "Mayday mayday! This is the Prowler, the enemy ship has us in it's tractor beam! We are unable to break free and they are launched boarding parties! Requesting immediate help!" The Captain slammed his fists on the arm's chair. "Get us over there! All frigates attack pattern Delta Nine. Requesting several other frigates to follow us and engage the enemy ship! Akutenshi get your squad ready, you'll be boarding with several other Guardian squads to assist in pushing the boarders back!" "Yes sir!" Akutenshi's voice came through the comms. "Good luck. All ships, Fire once we are in range of the enemy ship!" There were several more bright flashes as the dropships left the Serenity and went in the direction the Prowler was. God damn it! He thought clenching his fists.
It was complete chaso! Ships exploded all around their ship as the squadrons moved in to help assist the Prowler. Several frigates had already taken critical damage and their reactors were beginning to go critical when he saw one of them blow up. A few puffs of red escaped the ship then metal debris floated off into space. Akutenshi checked his pulse rifles and hand guns. "ETA thirty seconds! It's gonna be a rough landing people!" Came a male voice through the shuttles comms. He felt the ship lurch from side to side and thought he felt it flip as the pilot, Williams, a middle aged Skunk, flew the ship and attempted to dodge the plasma fire from the enemy ships. The ship bucked a little and he heard the Skunks voice come in over the cons. "Deploy! Deploy!" He turned towards the exit hatch and watched it open while the shielding for the door came on. Gun fire splashed against it as several Lothians fired at the dropship. Akutenshi looked at the others and nodded running forward, his gery trench coat flapped a little as he leaped out, the red markings on his arm glowed and he aimed his paw forward and several glowing green shards came up from his paw and shot forward hitting some of the Lothians, either cutting them in half or squashing them completely. Their black blood splattered across the floor of the hanger. Kijani leaped out behind him and fired several shots at the attackers and killed them. Miranda came in from behind and landed on the ground then unsheathed a sword and sprinted forward cutting down several more of the attackers. Lupin dropped in from behind and fired several rounds into the remaining attackers and took them down quickly. They looked at the each other and then towards the small door on the other end of the room and sprinted towards it. "Lupin, watch our six! Kijani take point!" Akutenshi shouted. The Liger pulled up front and began walking down the dimly light hallway. Wires dangled from the ceiling and several panels laid on the floor. Smoke had filled the hallway. Several Human bodies laid on the ground. Dried blood ran along the walls. Akutenshi grimmaced at what had happened to them. "Captain, we've made it onboard and are making our way to the bridge to help push the attackers back." "Understood Ishimura, do whatever is necessary to repell the attackers." "Affirmative Da-I mean Captain." Akutenshi growled a little at himself. They made their way down a few more corriders then up some ladders. Within a few minutes they had reached the deck the bridge was on. He motioned for Kijani to pull back and he took point. They moved cautiously through the hallway and saw several more of their allie's body lay across the floor and they carefully walked over them. Bastards, He thought. There was gunfire ahead of them and they raised their weapons up. Miranda had sheathed her blade and was holding an M1 Plasma Rifle. Kijani looked at him with his automatic plasma pistol up. Lupin had a standar issue pulse rifle and nodded for them to proceed. They soon turned a corner and saw several Lothians hiding behind a barricade the soldiers on the Prowler must have set up to give them cover as they defended the bridge. He aimed forward and took the bastards out with several shots then moved up and took cover when he saw the door to the bridge partway open. Down the hall he saw several Lothian Honor Soldiers moving up with charges and saw some gunfire from down the other hall. Several blue bolts shot through the bridges door. They where putting up one hell of a fight! He thought. "Everyone, take out the Honor Soldiers then take positions to take out the Lothians down the other hall!" They all took their positions and then opened fire at the Honor Soldiers and took most of them down. The survivors took cover and began firing back. Blood red bolts hit the wall they where using as cover as the Honor Soldiers tried to hit them. He crouched and poked his head out and fired several blue bolts at the enemies killing one of them. They continued exchanging fire for a few more seconds before they finally took the Honor Soldiers out. He motioned for the team to move up and they took cover and began opening fire down the other hall at the Lothians that had taken cover down the hall and fired at the bridge. They continued to exchange fire for a few minutes until Akutenshi got tired of it and shot a small ball of flame from his paw and saw it approach the Lothians hiding spot and then closed his paws and there was an explosion of fire and the Lothians stopped firing at them.
"Friendlies coming to the bridge, don't fire!" He yelled. The doors opened just enough for the group to squeeze through. There the bridge looked different from others he had seen. The bridge was more of a square shape. There was a dip in the middle of it where monitors were still working with two stares going down to them. The Captains chair was at the front of the ship with Helms control and Communications. Other monitors lined up along the walls with several chairs in front of them. The bright lights in the bridge flickered a little. A young man, probably in his late twenties, approached them. He wore a grey uniform with two ribbons on it and the Captains insignia on the shoulder. "Nice to see you guys." He said. He had brown eyes, brown skin, and a scar on his nose. "Nice to see you guys are still alive." Akutenshi responded. "Any idea how they detected you?" "Somewhat, we think they may have scanners capable of detecting plasma emissions. Our ship may become invisible, but we still give off a small amount of plasma emissions." Akutenshi nodded. "I wonder why they haven't destroyed the ship yet." The Captain said. "You have something they need." Akutenshi replied and motioned for Kijani to shut the door to the bridge. The Prowler wasn't exactly big, but it was a moderate sized stealth ship with amazing cloaking. "Not much, just what's standard on board any other ship." The Captain said. "Riiiight." Akutenshi replied. He knew the Captain was lying. He could see it in his eyes. There was something in their data banks that the Lothian's wanted. He didn't know what he is, he did care what it was, but he wasn't going to let the Lothians have it. "Back up any and all information that is important, then begin a purge of the Data Banks. In case we need to jump ship." He said. The Captain nodded in agreement and ordered one of the Ensigns to get started on it. They all took positions at the door in case the Lothians decided to try again but thankfully they didn't. Just then, the ship shook violently and they where all knocked off of their feet. "What the hell was that?!" Akutenshi shouted.
"There was an explosion in engineering. Something must have happened down there but we are venting plasma and the engines core temps are rising! This ship just became a ticking time bomb!" Akutenshi cursed and got to his feet and helped several other up. "Ishimura to Serenity!" He said tapping his comm badge on his chest. "This is the Serenity, go ahead Ishimura." The Captains voice came through. "Something happened, the ships engines just took a hit from down in engineering. The Prowler is now a ticking nuclear time bomb!" "Damn it! Prepare for evac at the Hangar!" "Understood! Everyone, let's move!" He shouted as everyone ran to the door. Kijani opened the door and they began to make their way through the ship towards the Hangar. "Scans show that within ten minutes the engines will detonate and take the ship with it." A cold female voice came in through the comms, Serenity's AI. "Understood, we're almost to the-" He stopped mid-sentence as they entered the Hangar. A lone grey wolf stood there kneeling by several dead Lothian bodies. "Knew you'd come here to evac." Came a low raspy voice from the grey wolf. He was wearing a black leather trench cloak with a black shirt, black combat pants and boots. His eyes and hair were completely black. Akutenshi's fur raised and he felt an evil presence flow from the being before them. There was something weird, something he felt only with his team. "Who are you?" He said aiming his gun at the Wolf. Something wasn't right. "Nice to see you Captain Powell." Said the wolf to the Captain. "Kie." The Captain said back. "You know this guy?" Akutenshi said to him. "Of course i do, he's my employer." Akutenshi's eyes widened and he heard several gunshots and several of the bridge crews bodies fell to the floor. The Grey Wolf, Kie, as he's called, Shot at the remaining individuals and forced them into cover. The Captain ran towards the man and got by his side then aimed his gun at the group that had taken cover. "You mother fucker!" Akutenshi yelled. "You get the data Captain?" "Yup!" The Captain reached into his pocket and handed Kie a small data chip. "What the hell man!" Kijani yelled at the Captain. "Nothing personal really, just picking the side that'll be winning soon enough!" Powell said back. A Lothian dropship pulled into the hangar and landed behind the two. Powell looked over at Kie and Kie gave him a slow nod and he made his way onto the ship as Kie continued to fire at them. "God damn it!" Akutenshi shouted as he stood up and ran towards Kie using his powers to deflect the shots and keep him save. Kie gave a small smile as Akutenshi reached him and took a swing at Akutenshi. It connected hitting Akutenshi in the chets and sending him flying back against the hull. Kie smirked as he walked towards the wolf and gave a low murr. "Poor pup, is it hurting!" He said as he kicked Akutenshi's stomach. He gave a loud grunt as the blow connected. Kie reached down and held Akutenshi up. He struggled to get free and saw Kie raise a paw and make a fist. It was then that Akutenshi had put both of his feet to Kie's chest and kicked off sending Kie skidding a little ways away. He landed on his feet and took several deep breaths. Damn it! He held his paw out and a sword began to generate. When it was done he grabbed it and ran towards Kie. Within that time Kie had also generated a sword and soon both blades connected with a clang and spars flew. "Don't even try!" Kie shouted as he broke the connection and began to swing at Akutenshi. He deflected the swings with ease and then grabbed Kie by the scruff of his hair and threw him against a wall. There was a solid thud as Kie hit it. "Come here you asshole!" Akutenshi shouted as he leaped forward to give the killing blow. Kie raised one of his paws and Akutenshi felt a great force hit him in the chest and he was sent flying against a wall. He screamed out in pain as he slammed against it. Kie got up and was about to make his way to Akutenshi when the hull shook violently. There was an explosion and one of the hangars support beams fell over in front of Akutenshi. The hangars shield flickered and he felt the oxygen leave the room for a minute. Kie stopped and smiled. "Time to go!" He said laughing as he started making his way to the dropship. A shot rang out and a blue bolt hit Kie in the shoulder. Akutenshi looked towards the group and saw Kijani had taken the shot. Kie stumbled up against the dropship then fired back at the group and got onboard.
The dropships door closed before Kijani could get another shot off and it had lifted off the ground and went out the hangars shield. "Son-of-a bitch!" Akutenshi shouted feeling intense pain as he took a small breath. The group had left cover and Kijani ran over to Akutenshi and helped him up. "Serenity where is our pick up!?" Kijani shouted after clicking his comm badge. "ETA thirty seconds!" Came the skunks voice. He could see a small rectangular ship approach the hangar and then turned the opposite way and shot it's reverse thrusters to slow itself down as it entered the hangar. "All aboard!" Said the skunk over the comms. The hangar door opened up and they climbed inside. Just as the door began to close Akutenshi saw flames shooting through the halls. "Go! Go! Go!" He shouted and he felt the shuttle lurch forward and they left the hangar and entered space yet again. The shuttle shaked violently as shots narrowly missed their ship. "Serenity, I'm coming in hot!" the Skunk shouted over the comms. "Understood, get in here ASAP!" Akutenshi made his way into the cockpit grimmacing in pain. When he got in he sat in a spare chair and watched as the ship flipped upside down and rotated to avoid more plasma fire. The Serenity's massive bulk came into view. She looked like a long Rectangular tube with parts sticking out on the bottom and top of the ship. He could see the bridge at the front of the ship as a small circular part. The dropship approached the vessel's nearest hangar and had turned around and activated it's reverse thrusters and they soon entered the Serenity's hangar and landed. The Skunk stood up and pushed several buttons and then helped Akutenshi out of the ship and handed him over to Kijani. With that, Kijani took him to med bay.
This was fucking nuts! Cale thought maneuvering through the battlefield in his mech. A long rifle was attached to his mech's arm and was raised as he starte do target several enemy Colossus' and opened fire. Two more of the mechs aligned with his and opened fire as well. There was a distant explosion as their shots connected with the bastards. "Shiva, Winston, Riker, formation bravo!" Their indicators on the upper far left corner of the HUD flashed green as they acknowledged. The two mechs to his side moved away from him a litl and then one took position above him and below him. "Engage hostiles at grid Kilo-Three-Five!" They angled their massive mechs in that direction and Cale punched it. The cockpit shuttered a little as the mech sped up. "Goliath's dead ahead Cale!" Came Shiva's voice. The young Vixen's mech had raised her rifle and began firing. Cale followed suit raising his gun and aquiring his targets and fired several shots. A small square box surrounded the first target then a little crossair came up and the square turned read and he continued to fire. The first Goliath had dodged his shots and was now coming towards him. The massive humanoid approached his mech and Cale pulled to the side just narrowly avoiding it. The Colossus' and Goliath's where the Lothian's version of mechs. He turned his mech so he could see the enemy Goliath and opened fire. Hi left paw moved over to a panel and a keyboard popped up. He punched in several commands and the missiles on his mech came to life. He began targeting the Goliath then reached back to the stick in front of and pushed the button. Several rockets shot forward to the Goliath and it started to maneuver around them. The rockets continued to chase their targets and one hit it's mark. There was an explosion at the back of the Goliath and he lurched forward losing it's momentum and then the others hit. A spray of blood shot out and the Goliath's arm started drifting out of the explosion with a mist of blood trailing it. There was no massive explosion like you'd see in those action films, there was a big white orange and white cloud then nothing. It dissappeared almost immediately. He turned to face the other Goliaths and saw the other mechats combating them. He then turned towards the Prowler and saw several explosions occur within the vessel. The enemy ship had dropped it's tractor beam and had pulled away just in time. The Prowler began to blow up and Cale's eyes widened. Oh god no! He thought as he turned to face where his squad was. They where mopping up the last Goliath and then turned to see what he had seen. Damn it! He thought. "All mech's, form up on me, return to the Serenity and defend her!" He shouted through the comms. Their indicators flashed green as they acknowledged. T
They made their way back to the Serenity taking out several other Colossus' along the way. "This is the Captain!" The Captains voice came through the comms. "Tugs have made it to the wormhole and have entered it. All ships, recover your fighters and mechs and begin to head back through the wormhole." Cale sent his acknowledgement. "This is to all my squads, continue fighting and holding them off until the fleet leaves, then return to the Serenity and prepare for jump!" Cale nodded. "You heard the Captain! Keep kicking these bastards ass'!" His squads indicators flashed green and they returned to the Serenity and started providing protection the best they could. Within a few minutes Cale received the orders to fall back into the hangar and prepare for jump. Within a few more minutes they had docked and he felt the hangar shake as the Ship began to enter the wormhole. Within several seconds they where through the wormhole. He opened the cockpits door and jumped out of the mech and ran out the hangar. He sprinted down the hallway when he ran into Miranda. She screamed a little and stared at Cale. "Oh...hey..." He said. Relief moved throughout his whole body. "Where's Akutenshi?!" He said. "Med Bay, he got hurt a little but he'll be fine." Cale nodded and ran past her towards the Med Bay.
Chapter 5: Whispers
Date: November 22, 2777
Time: 1925 (Military Time)
Cale had made his way towards the med bay when he heard a female Otter raise her voice. "Ishimura, sit down now!" "I'm fine!" He heard Ishimura reply. He rolled his eyes and got down the hall and turned left. "No, you are not!" He heard the female Otter reply to him. She's gonna lose, he thought to himself. Ishimura was rather stubborn when it came to doctors, especially when he was conscious. "You are NOT putting me in that damn machine!" "Yes i am!" Cale walked into the large med bay and stared at the both of them. "Hun, stop giving the doctor trouble and do as she says." He said crossing his arms and staring at Akutenshi. "You know i hate those damn things!" "The tanks won't hurt you." She replied. "I spent forever in one not too long ago!" He shouted back. "That was for serious injuries, these are minor it'd only take an hour in the tank!" "Fuck that!" He responded. Cale took a deep breath. "Akutenshi Ishimura!" He shouted, Akutenshi's ears lowered in fear. Good. "Get your furry ass in that tank right now." He said calmly staring at Akutenshi. The Wolf's red eyes looked hurt and looked between Cale and the Doctor. "Now." After a few minutes, Akutenshi sighed and nodded. "Fine...." He mumbled something as he followed the Doctor into another room. "It should only take two hours at the most." The Otter replied as she stopped in front of the tank. "You know what to do...." She said looking at him. "Strip down and get in the tank." Akutenshi's ears flattened and he growled.
"Hun..." Cale gave him a warning and he nodded beginning to undress. Cale couldn't help but blush as he stared at Akutenshi's body. His muscles flexed as he removed the clothing. First his shirt, the scars on his chest shown along with the markings on his right arm. Cale smiled a little and giggled. He slowly removed his pants and Cale stared at the Wolf's crotch smiling. "When we're done here, report to our cabin, we'll have a little fun. But you have to behave." Cale said teasing the Wolf. Akutenshi stopped and stared at Cale his ears flushing and he gave a sly smile. "Deal." He said as he stripped all the way and allowed the doctor to place several items on his chest to help her read his vitals and lead him into the tank. "Like i said, an hour in the tank and you'll be fine." He hooked up a rebreather and gave her the thumbs up and she went to a control panel and started entering commands. Liquid began to fill the tank and for a brief moment Akutenshi looked like he was going to lose it. Cale put a paw on the tank and smiled as Akutenshi put his paw to the tank. "I'll see you in an hour hun." He said as he turned to walk out the room. "I'll be in the hangar working on the mech." And he proceeded out the room.
Location: Serenity Comms Room (SCR)
Time: 2201 (Military time)
The Captain took a deep breath and waited for the last of several dozen other Captains to appear in the Comms Room via hologram. "Status report?" He said. "Alpha detachment has suffered heavy casualties." Said one of the female Captains. "We've lost the New York, Denver, Reclaimer, and Autumnn. The remaining ships have sustained minor damage." "Bravo detachment suffered minor losses. A few fighter squadrons and one mech squad where destroyed. Ships are still in working order and require minor maintainence." Said a young Fennec Fox. The Captain nodded. "All other detachments are filing their reports sir." Said a young man next to him. He wasn't a hologram, He was real. A middle aged Tiger stepped forward, his green eyes shined in the dimly lit room. His standard grey naval uniform shimmered a little in the room. "Commander Akens." The Captain said. The Commander had been standing off to the side and nodded as he walked up to the Captain. "Reports are coming in from the scans that the Prowler had taken. The enemy ship has a number of advancements that a typical Lothian ship lacks. The ship has the same offensive capabilities of that the Titus is suppose to have, maybe a little better. Stealth systems are far more supirior than any other we've seen as well as their engines. In a sense, they are far more than what the Serenity by herself can handle." The Captain nodded. "All ships are to rendevouz at Aegis and are to go with their respective detatchment and beginscouting the peremiter around Foraoise and the two other planets near her. If you get any whispers you are to send a transmission to the other leading vessels of the other detatchments and then start tracking them. Command believes that these whispers are Lothian transmissions. For a while we're use to hearing normal transmissions from the enemy, looks like they've found a new way of communicating. The Second Fleet will rendevouz with us at Aegis and will take defensive position around the planet."
The Captain finished and looked at all the other Captains. "If it is what High Command is thinking, then the Lothians next target will be Aegis. We will not let them take it. I expect to see everyone there in two hours. Use of the Gate System is permitted. Hit warp four and deloy your Gates and enter the wormholes. Once you exit report back in and split up. That is all." All the Captains nodded and one by one faded away. He turned to Akens and stared at the Tiger for a little. "We need to return to the bridge, get ready for anything." Akens nodded as they proceeded out the room and to the bridge.
Location: SGT Ishimura and LCPL McCoy's cabin
Time: 2401 (Military Time)
Akutenshi walked up to the door and took a deep breath. He raised a paw and brushed it against a litle indentation on the wall next to the door and it opened. The room was dimly lit. Akutenshi smirked as he walked into the room and draped his trench coat on the chair next to the desk and heard Cale clear his throat. His smirk turned into a wide grin as he turned to face the half dressed Wusky, his ears flushed red. Cale was on the bed on his side staring up at the Wolf. "It has been a while since we've done it hun, and i told you, once you got out of the Tank, we could have a little fun. Besides, I'm not due in the hangar for the next twenty-four hours and i know for a fact that you aren't suppose to be working since you just got ou of the Tank. Doctors ordered rest for you." Cale smiled staring up at the wolf. "Such an intelligent individual we have here." He responded as he put a knee on the bed and leaned down to kiss Cale. Their lips connected and he held the kiss for little murring quietly. He put a paw up on the Wusky's side and rubbed it gently and affectionately. Cale put a paw up to Akutenshi's chest and rubbed it gently as well. Akutenshi could feel his member start to poke out of his sheath. His ears flushed even redder as he moved his paw down to Cale's waist and then down to his groin and gave a slight squeeze. Cale gasped and moaned as they broke the kiss. Akutenshi stared into Cale's bright blue eyes and smiles as he pulled his shirt and pants off and laid next to the Wusky and then kissed him again as he rolled ontop of him not breaking it. He started to rub his groin up against Cale's and moaned with him. Within a few minutes they finally pulled their underwear off.
Akutenshi reached down and started to stroke Cale's throbbing member and murred smilin. Cale gave little squeaky moans of pleasure as his member throbbed in Akutenshi's paw. Akutenshi scooted down and then slowly put the member into his mouth. Cale gave a loud squeak and moan as he felt his tip enter Akutenshi's mouth. He continued taking him all the way into his moth, using his tongue to taste Cale's member, his own throbbing a leaking a little pre. Cale bucked a little and let out little whimpers of pleasure as Akutenshi's head bobbed up and down his member. Akutenshi went back up to the tip and started to suck on it and heard Cale give out little murrs and whimpers as he leaked pre. He smiled and stopped then took his paws and grabbed Cale's legs and lifted them up and pressed his own leaking tip up against his hole. He looked up at Cale and saw him give him a little nod. He smiled and started to push on in and Cale moaned loudly as his tip pushed into his hole. With the tip in he started to slowly push the rest of his member into Cale and grunted as he pushed all the way in to his base. Cale yipped a little and moaned as he wrapped his arms around Akutenshi and tightened his muscles. Akutenshi gave off loud moans as he felt the Wusky's hole tighten around his member and started to slowly pull in and out of the hole. He leaned in and kissed Cale as his thrusts got harder and harder. Cale moaned loudly as Akutenshi pumped more and more. Akutenshi could feel Cale's member throbbing harder and felt him leaking more pre against his abs as he continued thrusting, only going faster and harder. He felt his knot begin to form and felt it push up against his hole. Cale broke the kiss and gasped. "Do it hun." He said in a low voice, almost a whisper. "Knot me..." He said moaning.
Akutenshi began to thrust more and more and felt his knot slowly enter with each thrust and felt himself nearing his climax. He began to push more and more until he felt his knot go halfway in then stopped and pushed a little more. Cale yelped and moaned as Akutenshi felt his knot pop into the Wusky and howled as he climaxed, shooting his seed deep inside Cale. He panted as he continued pumping more and more into Cale. He felt the Wusky whine and then felt him enter his climax and come. He felt the sticky substance shoot between their stomachs and their chests and smiled murring. Cale returned the smile panting. "I love you hun." Akutenshi responded by kissing him passionately and smiled. "I love you too." He wrapped his arms around cale and rolled him ontop of himself and they laid their smiling and panting. They wrapped their arms around each other and slowly fell asleep.
Location: Serenity's bridge
Date: November 23, 2777
Time: 0130
The Captain sat in the chair and watched as the stars reappear and took a deep breath. "Status on repairs." "Hull repair is done, all major systems are ready to go. We did sustain minor damage Captain." Said Nicole in response. The young female Human turned to the Captain. "All ships are reporting in. They've begun to split up and are beginning to scout the peremiter around Foraoise." "Good, take us to coordinates Zero-Nine-One dash Eight-Three-Six Nielson." "Aye Captain." He saw the view screen angle and the orange glow of the Foraoise off in the distance. Within a couple seconds it dissappeared and the Sun appeared. The light blinded him for a minute until the view screen polarized and the light died down. "Begin scanning for the whispers." He ordered and saw a young Cat nod in response and began entering commands into a console next to her. The Captain took a deep breath and looked around the bridge and saw all twenty-four personnel hard at work. "Nicole, anything from the other ships?" "Negative." She responded. "Picking up minor radiation sir." Said a middle aged Human responded to the Captain. "Alright." He said back. The sun began to dissappear as the view screen angled away from it. Something didn't feel right. The Captain stood up and began to walk on the bridge moving from station to station. First comms, then Helm, Weapons, Scanning, and then Deployment. He returned to his seat and shook his head. This was not right. "Nielson, pull us up on coordinates zero-nine-one dash zero-five-three." "Aye Captain." Nielson responded. The view screen tilted to the right as the ship changed course. "Anything yet?" He asked. "Scans have yet to detect anything Captain." responded the Cat. "This isn't right." He muttered to himself. "Captain, picking up a faint whisper approximately thirty kilometers from our position." "Nielson, get us to it's location immediately." Nielson nodded and put in the new coordinates. "Picking up faint radiation signatures." Nicole said. The Captain nodded. "Proceed, put the ship on yellow alert." The lights in the bridge dimmed to yellow and an alarm sounded for a few seconds then stopped. "We are coming into range of the whisper sir." The Cat said again. "Entering visual range." "Show me." The view screen changed again and he saw a dim light flashing. "Beacon maybe?" "Get us closer." He ordered. They slowly came up to a small device, a yellow light flashing ontop of it. "Scanning device." The Captain stared at the device, it was a small cylinder shaped device. Several panels on it's side with panels and the light flashing. Nothing to complicated. "Scan complete, confirmed beacon. Unknown origin. But it is giving off a faint whisper." "Can we track where the signal is coming from?" "Affirmative, beginning trace now." The cat was hard at work as the Captain scanned the room. "Trace is complete, it appears the beacon is getting the signal from the planet Captain." The Captain looked up at the Feline. "Can't be." He said. "Well, either it's bouncing off of a satelite or something above Aegis, our scans must be wrong, or it is receiving transmissions from the planet's surface." The Captain grimmaced. "Set course for Aegis, get us docked and notify command." "Aye Captain." "What about the beacon?" Akens said walking up next to the Captain. "We don't want to mess with it, let whoever is using it think that they are still a step ahead of us." The Captain responded. "Notify all ships to go to yellow alert, any signs of Lothian ship will mean automatic red alert for all ships in the area." The view screen tilted to the right as they turned to face the small glowing planet. God help us, he tought.
The setting was dark, he was panting heavily as he ran behind two taller figures. Explosions sounded off in the distance as well as several bursts of gun fire. "Come on! Keep up!" Someone said up ahead. "They're right behind us! Move it!" The two figures turned right and he followed seeing a soldier in a tan metal suit and a helmet motioning them away from the alley. "Integrity this is Colonal Phoenix, we are being persued by Lothian warriors, requesting immediate evac!" The man sad as he followed them close looking back every few seconds aiming his gun. "Integrity do you read me?!" He said again. He looked down at him and frowned. "We have a Pelzigan couple with their kid, we need immediate evac!" The two figures in front of him stopped and hid pulling him to the side. The soldier did the same as he hid behind another wall. They where in some other alley by now, it was dark, the only thing he could see was the omnious orange glow of the fires from somewhere in the city. "It's ok hun." Said a female voice. The one holding him. He looked up and saw a female wolf trying to force a smile. He looked around the room and gave low whimpers. He was scared, frightened. The attack had begun several days ago and they had been running since then. He looked behind the female wolf and saw a male wolf putting a paw on her shoulder. "We need to get moving." He said as he pulled up a small hand gun. "They'll find us soon." The soldier nodded. "Honey, take Akutenshi and get ready to run. Phoenix, follow them." "What about you?" "Going to do what i signed up to do, fight these bastards and give you some time to get out of here." The female wolf started to argue with him but was silenced as there was a dull thumbing noise. They looked around, panic filling them, taking control. "We don't have time to argue ok?" He said. "Take him and run. Phoenix, i'm trusting them to you, get them out of here." The Soldier nodded then put a hand up against his head. "Understood Integrity, we'll move out to the exfil location. Should be there in ten minutes." He looked over at Ishimura then up at his mother. "We have to move, the ship will be at the exfil point in ten minutes, if we're not there in fifteen they're leaving us." His mother voiced a protest then stopped and looked at the father. "I'll see you guys onboard the Integrity, I promise." He said and hugged both of them.
"Get out of here now." He said as the soldier started to walk in the opposite direction. His mother nodded and picked him up and started walking with the soldier. His father went in the direction the thrumming noise came from. They proceeded towards a tall skyscraper and looked up to see a small dropship beginning to land ontop of the roof. "Integrity, we have reached the building, making our way up." The soldier said. He nodded and motioned for the two to move into the building watching their backs. When they got in, it was silent. The soldier moved into the building and activated a flashlight that was attached to his right shoulder and scanned the area. "Looks clear." He whispered and they proceeded in. The entrance to the skyscraper was mainly intact minus chunks of cement missing from the pillars that supported the ceiling above them. Dust fell as the pillars shook trying to keep the ceiling from collapsing. Across from the doors there was a small round desk with a small computer screen on it and a big tv screen up on the wall. The TV shot out some sparts and sizzled. Akutenshi's ears perked up as did his mothers as they heard something scittering across the floor a few feets behind them. "We aren't alone." She said. There was a loud clank as a canister rolled between them. "Flashbang!" The soldier yelled and there was a blinding light. All he could hear was one word, his name.
He woke up to Cale shaking his shoulder gently. "Wha-What is it?" He said sitting up still naked. "We need to report to mission debriefing hun." Cale said as he stood up and reached for his clothes. Akutenshi stood up next to him and put both his paws on Cale's sides rubbing the fur. "Alright." He said giving Cale a gentle kiss on the lips and smiled reaching for his clothes. Within a matter of minutes they had reached the briefing room where Akens stood at the front of the room and motioned them in. Akutenshi's squad as well as Cale's mech squad were there. The Tiger looked around the room then walked over to the wall and the lights dimmed. "Listen up!" He shouted in the room. A holographic display came to life at the front of the room next to Akens. A small town was shown with a giant temple with spires sticking up along the side of it was visible. "We believe that the whispers are being relayed from the beacons we've found around the planet Aegis. We have tracked the signals to the temple in the middle of Kaltou town, one of a few towns that are scattered along the surface of Aegis. Now, as many of you know Aegis was recently colonized twenty years ago. So it is still developing. The source of the signals that are relayed to the beacons are coming from the temple itself. We will be entering orbit over Aegis and deploying several teams ground side to investigate the temple. The scientists down there have been studying the temple for about ten years now since it was first discovered. We believe it to be an ancient Pelzigen temple. But we are not entirely certain as to what it is. While you are down there you will be staying with the scientists and doing as they say. They know this temple better than you will so i suggest you don't go ignoring their warnings. We've already lost a few dozen people in the ten years of studying this structure to, unknown reasons." Akutenshi staired at the structure. It felt like he had seen it befor, like he had walked on the temple grounds. He shivered a little. "You are to enter the temple and make your way to the center where it is believed there is a control center." He looked around the room. The holographic display zoomed to the temple and showed the sections that they had discovered.
"Mech squads will be deployed around the temple to aid security, we believe that there may be a Lothian attack in bound to this planet. Fleets One and Two will be setting up defensive positions around the planet. Once you find out where the signals are being emitted you need to relay it back to Serenity and allow the scientists to find a way to stop the transmission. As I have said, you have two hours to prepare yourselves, get to it." Akens finished. The display moved through a set of corridors and passages into a large room with monitors then zoomed back out. He pushed the button on the wall again and walked out the room. Akutenshi sighed and looked over at Cale. They staired at each other and nodded as they stood up and walked out the room. Everyone followed suit. They walked together until the first hangar appeared where Cale dissappeared into with his group and the other mech squads. Him and his group went into the armory to start getting what they needed. "Mysterious dissappearances." Said Kijani in a sarcastic tone. "Pretty sure those damn scientists just fried themselves to death messing with the electrical wiring in there." He reached for a Plasma Shotter. A shotgun that fired plasma rounds and was far more acurate than older models. Still had the spread to deal with but it was good for moderate range combat and if the need came for them to take out multiple targets at once. Miranda smirked. "Human scientists have no clue how to handle our ancestors technology. Always too touchy for them." She said as she picked up two Plasma Repeaters. The long barrels of both of them shined in the light. "Hey now guys, some of those dead scientists are Pelzigans. Careful of what you say." Akutenshi said as he picked up his favorite Phaser Cannon. An MKV-12B Phaser Cannon. One of the newer models he had fallen in love with. It had the shape of an old .45 caliber Hand gun, with a rotating chamber towards the handle then a long barrel sticking out at the end. He holstered it and reached for his suit. A standar UGM battle suit that had it's own personal shield attached to it. The pitch black armor shimmered in the light. He fitted the chest piece on and heard the magnets click together then put the shoulder pieces on hearing the same metalic click. Piece by piece he put the suit on until only his head shown. A black nylon turtle neck covered his neck. It buzzed as the suit came online and he could hear the shield beginning to form around most of his body with a sizzle. He reached for the helmet, the visor was a tinted golden shade. When he fit it over his head the helmet activated. To the sides came the altitude meters.
At the very top the shield meter began to fill. To the bottom right of the HUD came his heart beat and a small imprint of his body. Everything turned from white to green and he smiled. "Alright guys, let's get moving." He said as he turned to face the door. Lupin ran into the room and he stopped. "I'm being attached to the squad as your pilot, was told to let you know that your ship is ready." He said and stared at the group. Akutenshi felt something coming from the man. A strange feeling, an Aurora that he could feel but not see around the Human. He nodded. "Don't get in our way, drop us off and pick us up, that is all." Lupin nodded. "Let's get moving then." He said and turned to the left and ran towards the hangar. "Joy, a Human escort, I've always wanted one." Said Kijani as he made his way out the room. Akutenshi had shook his head and started to pack the ammunition they'd need in case things went bad. "I'll meet you guys there." He said and saw Miranda leave the room in her suit. He took a few more minutes than need be to relax himself. Something about this mission scared him, he wasn't sure what. He finished packing the ammunition and made his way out of the armory and towards the hangar.
Date: November 23, 2777
Time: 03:30 (Military Time)
Location: Upper atmosphere of Aegis.
The drop ship shook violently as it made it's way through the planets Ozone layer. Lupin hit several buttons and the reverse thrusters where thrown. There was a sudden jolt as the drop ship tried to slow itself. "Gonna be a bumpy ride boys and girls." He said into the comms. He heard a snark reply from Kijani and grinned. He looked to his right and saw his copilot making the appropriate adjustments to help him guide the drop ship to it's location. "So far so good Lupin." Said the young Female Human. He responded in kind." Approach vector alpha-two, minor storm there, make the appropriate corrections in our NAV computer Britney." He said. The drop ship shook even more violenly. "Whoa! She did not like that!" He shouted and tilted her to the left a little to compensate for the gravity pushing on her. "Breaking through the Ozone in T-Minus five!" Britney shouted. Below him he could see the Serenity taking her position just below the Ozone. They had made a premature decision to launch before they where scheduled too and where unlucky enough to get it granted by the Captain. Within five minutes they broke through the Ozone layer and were beginning to pass the Serenity. It took them three minutes to finally clear the massive ship. Above him he could see several dozen mech's deploy from her under belly. Lucky bastards don't have to put up with the Ozone. He thought. "Storm is brewing over Kaltou. Making adjustments to handle the storm. Prepare for a rough landing people!" Lupin shouted in the comms. A disgruntled reply from Akutenshi and he could hear Kijani trying not to throw up his lunch. Within twenty minutes they had entered the storm and broke through the clouds. The small town below them dimmed with a few dozen lights. "Town's lost power, Generator was hit by lightning. Emergency generators have activated given the town limited light." Britney said. No shit. He thought. "Approaching Landing Zone. Prepare for deployment." He said into the comms. Akutenshi gave an affirmative. This was a fun ride, he thought to himself. within a few minutes they saw landing lights flashing and he angled the drop ship over the landing platform and gently put her down. "Good job Lupin, we're deploying now." Akutenshi's voice came in staticy over the comms. "Affirmative, don't get lost in there!" Lupin replied. "Funny." Akutenshi replied.
Once they stepped off the drop ship they where belted by hail and rain. There was a small square building next to the entrance to the temple which didn't seem fazed by the town's power outage. Blue lights shined brightly through the many windows and a few dozen bright white lights shot up from the senter of the temple. It seemed Alien yet familiary to him. A scientist wearing a grey pancho came running to them in the storm. "Sergeant Ishimura?" He said. He nodded in response. "Glad to meet you, you're a little early you know?" He nodded. "We decided to leave ahead of schedule." He said. "Ah." The Scientist responded. "Doctor Monroe." The scientist said. He was a pale Male Human with a frail body. Akutenshi nodded again. "Please, take us inside so we can start our search!" He shouted as the wind picked up. Lightning streaked across the pitch black sky and thunder boomed loudly. He whinced at the sound. "Will do Sergeant!" Monroe said as he turned towards the entrance of the temple, it was a good few hundred yards from where they stood. "We have a team inside the temple right now." The Doctor said. "Good." Akutenshi responded. He and his team followed the Doctor towards the entrance and into the temple. The noise of the wind and rain died drastically as they entered the temple. Akutenshi looked around the entrance hall with its spiraling support beams. The area was dimly lit making it hard to see the environment itself. "This way." Said the doctor as he took the poncho off and put it next to one of the flood lights and took a flashlight out of his pocket and turned it on. The light pearced through the darkness. The scientist was wearing a white lab cock with grey kahki jeans and black shoes, typical of a scientist, Akutenshi thought. The man was practically bold. He had a communicator piece in his ear and taped it once. "This is Monroe to Shriever, you read?" He said. He waited a few seconds then tapped it again. "Monro to Shriever, you there?" He said again. "Strange." He said. "Maybe it's the temples walls or the storm?" Said Kijani. "No, these devices are build to cut through any known interference, the only reason they aren't responding are....oh god!" He said and started running down the nearest corridor. "Doctor!" Akutenshi yelled after him. "Night vision, catch up with the Doctor!" Akutenshi shouted and he tapped a setting on the left side of his helmet and the area was washed in green allowing him to see the area better. Vegetation had taken back most of the temple. They started to sprint after the Doctor, their guns hefted in their paws. "Doctor! Stop!" He shouted into the comms. There was static. Fucking shit! He thought to himself. They turned down several corridors chasing the sound of the Doctor until they came into a well light room. The light nearly blinded Akutenshi as he turned the night vision off. He allowed his eyes several seconds to adjust to the new lighting then his jaw dropped in horror. The room was awashed in blood and limbs. Doctor Monroe stood in the center of the room looking horrified. "Oh my god." He said.
Akutenshi moved towards the Doctor and put a paw on his shoulder. "Doctor, what happened?" The Doctor shook his head and looked around terrified. "This is exactly what had happened last week, we almost had a break through in reaching the temple's control room when the team was slaughtered by something." "What do you mean by something?" He said. "A defense mechanism or something else entirely, the cuts on the limbs look almost perfect from the team that was killed last week." He said. Kijani moved in behind Akutenshi holding his gun up aiming down the sites, Miranda followed suit. "Doctor, we need to get out of here and wait for the rest of the Guardians and Soldiers to drop." He said. Just then there was a sudden sound, a rock falling from the ceiling. They all turned towards the hallway they had just came out of it and took aim. "Heads up, whatever killed these poor bastards is still here!" Akutenshi shouted. There was a strange sound, almost as if there where claws scratching against the walls. Akutenshi's fur stood up. He watched as a long claw came out of the darkness and slowly a ten foot tall figure walked into the light. It resembled a wolf yet it wasn't. It's fur was completely pitch black, it's eyes glowed red as it stared at the group. The Doctor stumbled backwards and Akutenshi grabbed the scruff of his shirt and threw him behind him. "Stay there." Akutenshi had a feeling he knew what it was. "Nach bhfuil muid do namhaid." He said staring the creature down.
"Agus nach bhfuil mé mise!" "Ansin, cén fáth go raibh tú ag ionsaí na daoine seo?" "Leomh siad foghail ar thalamh naofa i gceist le haghaidh Pelzigans!" Akutenshi nodded understanding. "What the hell are you saying to each other?!" The Doctor screamed, the beast growled. It was a ten foot tall Lycanthrop. A Werewolf. "I know you can understand what we are saying. And i know your but a member of a pack, wheres the alpha?" Akutenshi demanded. The Werewolf stared at him and gave a low growl. "Beidh sé a bheith anseo go luath." "Understood, we'll wait here." The Doctor stared at Akutenshi looking dumb founded. "The alpha of the pack is the one who controls the Werewolves. They are, in a sense, one of the few remaining species of ancient Pelzigans. Back when we were far more advanced than we were now." Akutenshi said. "It's rare to see one, let alone in a temple or complex like this one." Kijani added. They stood there for a few minutes staring at the Werewolf until another walked in beside it. The Alpha. It had what looked like a skull on the top of it's muzle and face with red markings on it. It's dark red eyes stared at Akutenshi. "You must be the Alpha." He said in a calm voice taking his helmet off. "Yes." He gave in response. "Who are you?" He asked Akutenshi. "Akutenshi Ishimura, Pelzigan, and Guardian." He responded. "Why have you come?" He asked. "To investigate the temple, protect the scientists you've been so content with murdering." He lied. "These tresspasers have no right to enter this temple." "Oh really? and what about the strange signals we've been getting from here." That hit the mark, The Alpha stood there glaring at Akutenshi. "There have been another form of intruders we have yet to dispose of. They have adept knowledge of this temple." "The Lothians." "Correct." Akutenshi folded his arms. "They got within the temple five of your years ago." The Alpha said. "The ime the scientists started dying." "We were contempt with allowing your scientists to explore the temple until someone gained control of the equipment within it. Ever since then they have found a way to activate the fields around the control room to keep us from entering. When that happened we couldn't risk anything else happening." Akutenshi nodded. "But there is no need to kill the Humans Alpha. Not anymore." The Alpha nodded. This was strange, typicaly the ancient Pelzigans where harder to convince. "The Lothians are the ones you want. not the scientists." He said. "Only for a Guardian we will stop our attacks." "Can you lead us to the force fields? Maybe show us a way to deactivate them." "The ability to shut them down is lost, the Lothians have activated generators within the control room, and shut down power to the outside locations that would allow us to do so." The Alpha said.
"Understood. Serenity, this is Ishimura." Akutenshi said after tapping the comms panel on the ear piece. "This is Serenity Ishimura. What is it?" The Captains voice came over. "Lothians have been confirmed to be transmitting the signals. We have encountered an ancient Pelzigan Werewolf tribe." "Come again?" "What? About the Lothians or ancient Pelzigans?" "Ancient Pelzigans." "That's an affirmative Captain. Ancient Pelzigans in the temple have been guarding it ever since the Lothians gained control of the control room. We're gonna need a strong and durable generator brought down to help us bring down a force field they have erected around the control room. Gonna need to power the consoles on the outside so we can lower the force field." "Understood, ETA is one hour." "Acknowledged." He looked at the Alpha. "We will have the intruders out of the temple soon enough." The Alpha nodded.
Date: November 23, 2777
Time: 0435 (military time)
Location: Temple Entrance
He watched the dropship begin it's decent and then watched it land a few minutes later. A team of Humans exited the drop ship with a circular object on a hover board. "This way!" Akutenshi said. He looked over to the second dropship that Lupin was in and nodded. He lead the team into the temple then allowed the Alpha to show the team where the panels where that required energy to deactivate the force fields. Within a matter of minutes the generator was hooked up and they began to assign Marines to their positions to prepare to breach the control room. The temple was more than just a normal temple as he had learned from the Alpha, or as he wanted Akutenshi to call him Grimm. It was a central relay hub that would allow instantanious travel from Aegis to practically anywhere within the Epsilon Eridani System. Aegis was, in a sense, in the middle of the System so it offered a good place to put the relay hub. It was also a mass cannon. One capable of piercing any armor known to date. Akutenshi and his group set up outside the main entrance to the control and Akutenshi clicked his headset on and off indicating for the force fields to come off. A few seconds later the shields flickered and died. They pushed into the circular room. It was bright to say the least. The helmets visor had to polarize so he could see properly and saw a group of Lothian Soldiers standing in front of a control panel. There was a giant spire in the middle of the room that was firing pulses of light up into the sky. The Lothians had long arms and legs, with claws for hands. Their head was more of a pyrimad, dark green eyes shimmering in the light. They gave them a low growl, their scales flickered then they dissappeared. "Chameleons!" Akutenshi shouted into the helmet then suddenly saw a Marine get lifted into the air and thrown across the room. He had hit the ground head first and Akutenshi could hear a faint snap as his neck broke. He pushed several buttons on his wrist pad and the area turned a different color to reveal the heat signatures of the Lothians. They stood seperated staring at him. He aimed at the closest one and fired several rounds. They hit their mark and green blood spirted out of the bullet holes, the Lothian fell to the ground with a loud screech.
"Thermals only! Open fire!" He shouted and there was a barrage of fire from everyones guns and the Lothians began to drop. One had leaped onto the ceiling and ran on all fours across the ceiling towards a Pelzigan Marine where it rammed a claw into the mans neck and threw him at Akutenshi. He rolled to the side to avoid the body and heard it land with an audible thud against the ground. The man tried screaming but blood spurted out of his mouth. Akutenshi fired several rounds from his Hand gun and the bullets hit their marks nearly taking the Lothian's head clean off. Another had landed behind him and he twisted to the left barely dodging it's claws. He pulled the gun up and put it to the Lothians chest and pulled the trigger, several bolts shot out of the Lothians back side and he threw it across the room. He looked around and saw several others drop and nodded realising they had killed the Lothians. He sprinted to the console they had been guarding and looked for Grimm. The werewolf walked into the room and reached him with ease. It looked at the console and hit several buttons and the lights stopped shooting out. Akutenshi deactivated the Thermal Vision and took a deep breath. "The signals have stopped." Grimm said. Akutenshi nodded. "Serenity, this is Ishimura. We have gained control of the control room." He said. There was static. "Serenity? Do you read me?" He said. "This...Serenity-Att.....Lothian forces are..." The transmission was garbled in static. Akutenshi cursed. He looked over at Grimm. "We're gonna need your help." He said. if what he heard from the garbled transmission was right, the Lothians had more than likely landed troops in the town. "I will assist as will my pack." Grimm said. Akutenshi nodded.......

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