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Whitetip and the stallion Posted by: Whitetip at 12-05-2013 13:32 PM, Last Modified 12-05-2013 13:51 PM
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This is my first ever vore story so please be gentle with me. Also this story contains sexual activity between an anthro canine and a non-anthro horse. If either of these things offend you then don't read. And if they do and you read it anyway don't complain to me that it contained things you didn’t like.

Whitetip and the Stallion

It was a warm night even out in the countryside. Whitetip walked slowly along the pathway that ran round the back of the stable block. It was a very bright night as the moon was full. So bright in fact that he was able to walk along easily without having to struggle to see in low light. He'd been scoping out this place for a few nights and was pretty confident that he wasn't going to find anyone around the yard at this time. His goal was to spend a bit of time with the magnificent chestnut stallion he knew was stabled here. He knew this because as well as his night time surveillance he'd also been up to this place several times during the day. The stallion had always come up to the fence to see him every time he'd walked past the field he was pastured in. And not only was he the size of a large Shire horse but with the slight build of a thoroughbred, immensely friendly, and very well hung but he had some kind of magnetism about him. Whitetip loved horses anyway but there was something about this magnificent beast that had drawn him out here so often in the last week. He felt he just had to go and get to know him well.

He hopped the gate at the side of the property and walked as silently as possible over to the stable block. There was a sign at the entrance to the building with a picture of a horse on with the words "Beware, Horses Present" written in large bold letters beneath it. He grinned when he saw this and quietly walked inside. As he stepped inside the smell of equine flooded his nostrils and he breathed so deeply he could even taste the sweet smell on his tongue. As he walked deeper into the building he heard a snort and the sound of a horse shifting his weight to another foot. There was more than one horse stabled here but Whitetip didn't have to look in the boxes to see where the stallion was. He let instinct guide him on till he came to the last box on the right. He looked inside and could the object of his desires standing looking at him peacefully. The brightness of the moon filtered through the window on the side of the box making a lovely light that bathed the sexy horse that stood there. Whitetip reached out and stroked the stallion gently on his nose and held his hand still so the horse could get a good smell. He grinned widely now as the horse seemed just as receptive to him while he stood in the stable as he had while out on the pasture. He didn't even stop to think about it anymore but quickly slid open the bolt on the box door and stepped inside. Instantly he felt his heart race as he was finally standing in front of the wonderful looking animal in front of him. For the first time with no fence between them. He closed the gap between himself and the horse and laid a hand on his neck and stroked him slowly. He couldn't believe how big the horse was now he was right next to it. His head barely came up higher than the height of the equines back. He continued stroking him gently slowly working his way down the stallions body towards his hindquarters till he was standing just in front of his hind leg. His hands seemed to move of their own accord and the next thing he realised he was fondling the big sheath and kneeling down so he could get his head closer. The stallions penis was already starting to drop from his sheath so Whitetip wrapped his hands around it and began to very slowly work them back and forth. Feeling the weight of the huge member increasing as it slowly became more engorged with blood. The tip was already almost to large to fit in his mouth so while he still had the chance he risked a quick suck, tasting the precum that was starting to form there. The taste was incredible, better than any he'd tasted before so he switched from sucking the cock head that was now straining his jaw to the limit to licking up and down the shaft while his hands continued their slow massaging of the great organ. Occasionally returning to the head of the magnificent cock to lick off more of the tasty precum as it formed.
As he carried on trying to bring the horse off he hardly noticed that the instinct that had guided him to the box and that had seemingly controlled his actions within the box was starting to overwhelm his brain. He didn't notice that his breathing was getting shallower and his heartbeat, originally racing with excitement and pleasure had also slowed down. If he had been fully in control of himself he may have wondered why there was a noose coiled on the floor in the corner of the stable and also why he had no memory of taking off his shirt that was now laying on the floor next to him. He almost felt like he was dreaming as a warmth grew within him and his cock strained within his loose trousers while the sound of the horses quiet knickers soothed his ears. Then there was only blackness.

When he opened his eyes he was in front of the horse on his knees. In the gap between the horses front legs he could see the massive erection he had been working on earlier. As he looked down he realised two things. Firstly that he was now completely naked and secondly he had something around his neck. He went to move his hands up to his neck to see what it was and realised his hands had been fastened behind his back. Waves of confusion ran through his mind. Who had done this? What the hell was going on?
As his eyes scanned around the box more he saw two small spikes on the floor. A closer look confirmed his first thought that they were indeed his horns. Now removed from his head. He looked up at the horse in front of him and realised there was a rope coming out of his mouth. A rope that the horse was chewing on and slowly swallowing like a gigantic piece of spaghetti. As Whitetip leaned back slightly he then discovered that the rope in the horses mouth was connected to the noose around his neck. He tried to lean back and pull the rope out of the horses mouth but when he did this the stallion just lifted his head up higher, this tightened the noose around Whitetip neck and began to cut off his breathing. Now he started panicking and leant towards the animal in front of him, hoping to reduce the tension in the rope. As he leant forward the horse lowered his head again and continued working on the rope. After a few minutes though the rope was beginning to tighten again and this time the horse wasn't going to lower his head so Whitetip knelt up as much as possible, desperate to prevent the rope tightening around his neck again and still having no idea what was actually going on. After he had knelt up his muzzle was right in front of the horses mouth, and there wasn't really any spare rope between them. Suddenly the horse opened his mouth wide and swallowed again, this pulled Whitetip even closer so the equines soft lips closed around his muzzle. Now a flicker of comprehension flashed through Whitetip's mind. Oh my god. He's going to eat me. But how is this happening? How is he going to be able to do this?
He tried to open his mouth to tell the horse to stop but the lips around his muzzle prevented him from opening his mouth more than the smallest amount. He felt the horses mouth begin to loosen and was going to shout when another swallow drew his head deeper into the mouth. Now the horses lips were round the back of his head also the rope round his neck was still being pulled although now this was purely by the peristaltic motions of the horses gullet. Now he started to whimper in fear. Again he tried to shout but now the sound was muffled by the mouth that surrounded his head. Just as the tightness of the rope around his neck was starting to restrict his breathing he felt the horse began to open his mouth again and swallow deeply, this time also bringing his head down towards the ground. The stallions lips stretched around Whitetip's shoulders as he moved his downwards stopping when the lips where at the level of his chest.
Inside the horses mouth Whitetip's muzzle had entered the slimy confines of the horses throat and he could feel the horses tongue moving over the fur of his neck. He tried struggling in the horses mouth and then realised that even if he could work himself back out at all he wouldn't get far due to the rope around his neck.
Now the horse had got Whitetip's shoulders past his lips he knew the main part of the battle was over. In one large movement he combined a swallowing motion with a movement of his head, to slide his lips the whole way down Whitetip's torso. As Whitetip was kneeling on the ground still this gave the horse an easy way to drive his meal deeper inside him.
The next swallow had made Whitetip's entire head and shoulders follow his muzzle into the tight darkness before him. As the horses lips had closed deeper over his body his arms were forced almost painfully against his back and then as the horse paused with his lips at his waist Whitetip had the uncomfortable sensation of being forced against the ridged hard palate in the horses mouth. Now there was more of him in the horses gullet Whitetip could feel the wave like motion of the throat muscles start to help the horse get him down.
With his meals entire upper body now in his mouth the horse lifted his head upwards so he was looking as high as he could. Now he could let gravity help finish up more quickly as daylight was starting to break and he needed to be finished eating before the stable staff came in to check him in the morning. The stallion pushed his tongue forwards to help him make the next swallow when he tasted something salty. In his mind he smiled as he realised his prey was actually still excited by this if it wanted to be or not. Well tough luck he thought, i'm not gonna help him out with it, and anyway he's a canine so it'll bend downwards easy enough. Now he swallowed hard and felt his throat fill up more as the legs protruding from his mouth disappeared to the knees within him.
Whitetip felt himself move suddenly when the horse lifted his head up and straightaway he felt gravity start to take him deeper. He felt the horses tongue touch the tip of his cock and realised that he was erect. He hadn't even realised it. He'd been too caught up in the confusion and fear of his situation. Now came another swallow. The throat pulling him deeper, helped by gravity as he felt the horses lips around his knees, and the throat squeezing his torso so tightly he could barely breath . He could also feel his member on the horses tongue pointing back towards the way he had just come from.
It was nearly all over now. The stallion gave one massive swallow, his throat muscles now tightly gripping his preys shapely rump further helping gravity. Now he could feel his preys feet and toes moving inside his mouth. He gave one more swallow and these too were gone. Now he enjoyed the feeling of his meal moving down inside his body, then the sensation of his stomach filling out, distending his abdomen as the weight of the canine he had just swallowed stretched his skin taught. Now the main job was finished the horse decided there was one other thing he needed to do. His cock was rock hard and as he hadn't come earlier when his meal had been playing with him he thought he would finish himself off. He started to tense the muscles in his penis bringing it slapping against his bulging belly. It only took a few before he climaxed heavily, feeling his seed coat his chest and the backs of his legs, with the remainder pooling on the floor. He could feel his meal struggling within his stomach and let out a loud belch enjoying the feeling of the pressure decrease inside his gut due to getting rid of the air that he had swallowed as he ate. Gradually the struggles within him decreased even more and after about a minute stopped altogether. The horse let out another smaller burp. This time expelling the last breath of the canine inside him.
Whitetip knew that it was nearly over. He felt the tugging embrace of the throat as the horse swallowed again, this time taking his legs completely inside the horse too. Only his feet remained outside the throat now, which was tightly wrapped around him. Coating him in thick gooey mucous. As he listened, apart from the beating of the horses heart he could hear the stomach gurgling as it awaited the arrival of its meal. Him. He felt the wave of peristalsis knead him deeper into the horse as he started his final slide. Now he felt the tight sphincter between the stomach and the gullet slide over his head and then slowly down the rest of his body as he entered his final resting place. His head touched the soft sticky lining of the horses stomach and he felt it start to stretch as more of his body followed. gradually he felt the tight sphincter slide down his legs until it was squeezing his feet. Then they too were in the horses gut. He was now laying on his back inside the horse. His head back towards where he had come in with his legs pushed against his body holding him tight in a foetal position. He felt a strange swinging motion as the horse moved, the momentum causing the horses heavy stomach to gently move. Suddenly he felt something strike his back. He felt it three time more before a tremor seemed to travel through the horses body, which made Whitetip realise the stallion had just made himself cum. This made him think of his own still hard member. But with his hands tied behind him plus the tight squeezing of the stomach there was nothing he could do about it. He tried to struggle within the confines of his damp prison but all it did was cause it move slightly within the horses swollen belly. he felt the walls of the stomach tense slightly as the horse burped out the air trapped within causing Whitetip's next breath to serve little purpose. Now his prison was also airless. Uncomfortable stinging sensations were starting to build up all over his skin. Especially where he was in contact with the walls of the horses stomach. Panicking he tried to struggle more but the lack of air was getting to him, weakening his struggles, as unconsciousness crept over him.

The horse began to tidy up his stable as his swollen stomach gurgled and moved around its contents. The canines clothing he placed in a bucket in one corner of the box with his shoes also and the pooled semen on the floor he covered with straw. His legs would need a cleaning to remove the dried seed that was stuck in his fur but apart from that tonight had gone well. He'd known the canine would be great prey from the first time he had seen him approach the fence at the side of his pasture. It was almost instantly the horse had planted the seed in his mind to come and visit again. After Whitetip had come past a second time the horse had known he would soon be his. His owners knew what he occasionally did and didn't mind, as long as the meals he took were people that couldn't be traced back to have been at the stables. If he ate the odd prowler in the yard then that was fine by them. As long as he left the stable staff alone. He smiled widely to the empty box and thought about how very soon when his owners came to give him his morning check they would know about last nights activities. Only by the swelling in his belly and the clothes in the bucket in his stable box.

The End


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Unic0rn69: I guess thatll teach him to fence hop
Sam: Should have put down vore as something possibly disturbing Sex is one thing carnivorous horse toads that eat whole conscious anthropomorphic wolves is something else

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