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The Student Vol. I Posted by: Silver at 04-25-2017 00:00 AM, Last Modified 04-25-2017 00:00 AM
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In the year 2265, the Kaspersky foundation, which consisted of the most brilliant scientific minds on earth ranging from the fields of cybernetics, to genetic manipulation, and engineering, achieved what none thought possible by successfully combining animal DNA with that of a human in a developing embryo. That first subject, named Furton Kaspersky after the founder of the organization, was a fully-fledged canine-human hybrid. Furton's physical form resembled that of an anthropomorphic bipedal canine with digitigrade legs, padded hands and feet, fur covering the entirety of the body, and a canine head, but retained the upright stature and mental capacity of a human being. Additionally, Furton exhibited enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility, and coordination in comparison to the average man.
From the time of that initial success, the foundation has contin-ued to experiment, which created dozens of anthropomorphic sub-species including additional canines, felines, equines, and even nu-merous combinations with reptiles, insects, and aquatic life forms that were believed to be impossible. The first announcement was barely noticed in the media, due to the simultaneous announcement of the human species being recognized by the galactic trade federation as a potential partner in trade, but it didn't remain hidden on the back page for long. The Hybrid integration into human society has been a disas-ter in the media. They are criticized, prosecuted, and even attacked by extremist religious, scientific, and political groups claiming that such 'abominations' should not be allowed to exist for fear that they may endanger humanity due to their brutal animalistic nature.
Due to such views, all known Hybrids and all future hybrids were isolated in a city created specifically for their kind. They were sepa-rated from any humans who wanted no part in their existence. The city was named Furton, after the first member of the hybrids. It was enclosed within a massive dome and containing its own self-sustaining environment. Furton served as a sanctuary for some while it remained a prison for others of the Hybrids of planet Earth. While most humans want nothing to do with the hybrids or their city, a se-lect few choose to enter it of their own volition or when called upon. This is the erotic story Chris Taylor, one such person as he learns about himself and his sexuality as he lives among the hybrids.
hris Tailor sat at his desk, clicking through icons on his computer to backup his files before he finally disconnected the cables to pack it into a large box. As he jigsawed the tower, monitor, cables, and other hardware back and forth to force it into place, his mother entered the room carrying an armful of odds and ends, everything from canned food to a toothbrush, clothes, and jackets. With a worried and nearly frantic look on her face, she dropped the pile of mismatched items into an open briefcase on the end of his bed before she started folding and organizing everything to fit.
Chris shook his head and laughed to himself. "Mom, really, canned food? I'm going to college, not to camp in the woods," he pro-tested with a slight chuckle, "Not that there's any woods left to camp in."
She took a moment to breathe before she responded. "You're not just going to college. You’re going to that city of freaks. Why couldn’t you have picked somewhere else? Anywhere else? I've half a mind to not let you go at all!” she threatened, as she feared her worst nightmare had come true.
"Mom, I'm studying genetics, what better place to do that than in a city full of genetic hybrids? And don’t call them freaks, I'm sure they're not all that bad. They’re just different. They said in history class at school the same thing happened, back when black people and white people couldn’t get along in the… the twentieth century. I think it was the twentieth century. Someday this is all going to blow over and they won’t be trapped in a dome anymore," Chris explained again as if she hadn’t heard it all previously. There was no restraining the rolling of his eyes for her out of character behavior. He could still re-call her excitement over the news of his full-ride scholarship, until she realized which university he was to attend to make use of it. It was literally the only option for them to afford a higher education for him, and he was confident she knew it despite her protests.
His mother looked at him as if he was crazy, but begrudgingly re-lented. "Maybe you're right, but I still don’t trust them. They're ani-mals whether they stand on two feet or not. What if they have rabies or something infectious? Or how about if they can’t understand civili-ty and proper behavior? They could start fighting in the streets like stray cats and dogs or worse!" she continued to complain in a futile exercise to dissuade him despite how hopeless she knew her efforts would be.
"People do that anyways, Mom, just with less fur and claws…," Chris couldn’t even finish the sentence before she interrupted him.
"Claws! Exactly, they don't even need to sneak a knife or a gun past a metal detector. They have built in weapons. I hear some of them are even poisonous! They are living weapons and predators. It's lunacy. I worry that you'll end up being a victim to it,” his mother ranted as her panic returned despite her best efforts.
"You mean venomous, Mom. It'll be fine, trust me. No one will be biting me" Chris assured her with a shake of his head before he went back to packing his computer. He didn't know whether to be disgusted by her irrational ranting or amused. His mother was typical-ly a very accepting person. She didn’t hate or discriminate against an-yone without reason. That is, until Chris had told her that he was go-ing to be attending Furton University, living among the hybrids as he earned his degree in genetics. At the very mention of it, she turned into a raving symbol of oppression against them. She was constantly ranting on about how they were less than human and no less danger-ous than wild animals. Despite her views on the subject, he was as ex-cited as ever to finally see them. The first hybrid had been created fif-teen years ago. Chris remembered watching the excitement during a news feed even though he didn’t really understand what was happen-ing at the time. Since he had been in elementary school, he had heard both positive and negative points of view about the hybrids. It was admittedly more negative than positive, which was most likely due to the biased media. Hybrids had always held his interest and served as a galvanizing factor into the occupation towards which he wanted to work. Despite it all, the hybrids had been quarantined in Furton City only three years after that initial breakthrough in science. Chris, like most people, had never received the chance to see one in person.
The field of hybrid creation had advanced leagues in those fif-teen years. At first only mammalian hybrids were created: canines first, then felines, equines, so on and so forth. Since then, Chris had heard of all kinds of hybrids being created, which ranged from insec-toids and reptilians to even avian and aquatic hybrids. Unfortunately, information on the non-mammalian hybrids was limited and mostly conjecture. He couldn’t even be sure if they really existed, but soon he would find out for himself.
Chris closed the box containing his computer and carried it to the storage shed next to the house. He couldn’t take the computer itself due to the electronic restrictions entering and exiting the city, but all his files were backed up on memory sticks.
The letter Chris had received from Furton University mere weeks ago was quite possibly the biggest shock of his life. The University had simply refused to send him any information about prerequisites, tuition, how to apply for enrollment, scholarships, or financial aid. Hell, he hadn’t actually received an application form from them to complete. He had sent numerous requests for information since he be-gan high school and he had been relentless his senior year. However, his acceptance letter was enclosed with more information than he had ever received from them previously. It also listed all the things that would be provided to him on his arrival, which included a top end personal computer, linked data pad, furnished dormitory, and access to food and drinks at the University's commissary around the clock. All he really had to bring were personal effects and clothing, all of which would be decontaminated upon his arrival to prevent any out-side contagions from getting into Furton's enclosed environment. The letter also mentioned a variety of facts about the University; it had roughly one thousand students living in the on-site dormitories and attending classes. However, he had the impression that there were no other human students. In fact, in all Furton, there were only a few dozen humans, and all of them as far as he could tell were Kaspersky foundation scientists seeing to the creation of new hybrids or teaching classes at the University itself. The entire city was run by and for the hybrids.
Sorting through the random items his mom had dumped into the suitcase, Chris finally zipped it up and set it by the front door just as a bus arrived to pick him up, just as it had stated in his information packet despite how irregular he felt the transportation arrangements were. He hugged her, trying hard to ignore her hysterics and assure her that he would be all right. “Try to stay safe… and I am sure your father would have been proud,” his mother finally whispered into his ear through tear-soaked eyes.
Chris finally boarded the bus, trying to ignore her comment. He didn’t like to think about the freak industrial accident, which had re-moved his father’s head and stolen him from Chris’ life before he was born. He did his best to divert his thoughts to his journey ahead of him. A ten-hour ride later, he would be standing at the foot of the dome, where he would enter Furton city. He could not deny that he was slightly nervous about what life may be like for the next four plus years at his new home.
* * *
Chris woke from a light sleep as he felt the bus roll to a stop. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before gazing up at the massive steel and glass dome which enclosed Furton City. Beyond the parking lot where the bus had stopped was an entryway, composed of a series of airlocks and security stations. Only human personnel could be seen outside the dome. Some of them were scientists or other employees of the Kaspersky foundation. Many of them were armed security guards who relentlessly checked bags, performed background checks, and ensured all paperwork (including his background check approval noti-fication) for each person entering or leaving the dome was correct and complete.
Chris stood and retrieved his bag from the overhead compartment before hobbling off the bus. He stretched out his stiff and sore mus-cles from the lengthy ride as he stepped onto the sidewalk. Stepping into the sunlight, he gazed up once more at the dome to marvel at the feat of engineering. Despite how much the world hated or despised the hybrids, they were evidently willing to spend a fortune to keep them locked away in what he was convinced would be considered relative comfort. A security guard at the edge of the parking lot mo-tioned at him to approach, appraising Chris as he scowled for the rare sight of someone of his age at the terminus. He was sure they had re-stricted access to Furton to guests who were on the mature side of life after the unfortunate incident a few years back
"Name?" the guard demanded in a serious but monotone pitch. "Chris Tailor...," he answered as he showed the guard the student ID around his neck, which he had received in the mail along with the University's surprise acceptance letter. "I'm a new student for the University," he explained with slight hint of nervousness as he contin-ued to present the rest of his documentation.
The guard shook his head disapprovingly before he asked, "What made you decide to come here for college, kid? You do know what kind of university this is, right?" Chris didn’t afford him a response, and simply handed over his entry paperwork. "All right, looks good," the guard observed before handing the young man’s paperwork back. "Go through the door on the left. Leave your suitcase on the table in-side, before you proceed through the security checkpoint. Your be-longings will be delivered to your dorm after they have been decon-taminated,” he instructed while motioning toward the building behind him.
Chris nodded and followed the directions. Just inside the door was a large, square room full of tables. Each was burdened down with luggage, packages, and other items entering the city. He set his suit-case on one of the tables that still had space available, before heading through the door at the other end of the room. He was immediately greeted by a pair of stern looking security guards who walked him through a metal detector before pushing him into the next room marked with the symbol for males such as any common restroom would, without a word.
"Clothes," said a blonde haired woman sitting behind a desk on one side of the room with only a transparent glass wall separating them. She hadn’t even looked up at him while she continued to intent-ly read a fashion magazine. Chris muttered a nervous, unintelligible reply questioningly, unsure if she was referring to him or the magazine in her hands. After a moment of silence, she lowered the magazine and looked up at him. "Your clothes, take them off. Throw them in the bin over there," she instructed with annoyance as she pointed to a large laundry bin that took up the entire far wall. "You want me to get naked, here?" Chris protested. "You have to be decontaminated be-fore you can enter the city, which means the clothes you're wearing have to be removed. The next room over is the decontamination pro-cessing room. After that you'll be given temporary clothing and en-trance to the city," the blonde woman explained with a sigh of annoy-ance.
Chris nodded and began to strip nervously. He noticed the blonde-haired woman watched him for a moment, as if she intention-ally wanted to make him more uncomfortable for his trouble. Then she went back to reading her magazine as Chris continued to peel off his clothing, until he was completely naked and shivering from the frigid air conditioning, trying to protect his modesty any way he could. However, the woman never looked up from her magazine again. She only motioned at him to proceed on to the decontamination room. As he pushed the door open, he heard her remark from behind the maga-zine, "Nice butt," and could feel his face flush at the comment.
The decontamination and processing room beyond was actually a long hallway with a moving sidewalk stretching down the middle. Chris didn’t have to walk, he only had to stand in place as the walk-way moved him from one end of the hall to the other. Along the way, blasts of vapor, smoke, and mists of water barraged him while a re-cording told him to breathe normally. At the end of the hallway, a se-ries of air blowers dried him off before he was spat out into what he assumed was a changing room. A set of clothes his size was already laid out on a long bench with his name on a business card sized mark-er placed on top of them. The pile consisted of a plain white t-shirt, boxers, socks, loose blue jeans, and a pair of black tennis shoes. They were plain, but they were new and clean. He donned the clothing quickly before he opened the far door, which led out into a large plaza just inside the dome.
In the distance, he could see multistory buildings rising up at the center of the dome, with smaller structures surrounding them. He barely recognized there was a tall figure at the center of the plaza mo-tioning to him as he marveled at the skyline inside the dome. Chris examined the being, who had summoned him from across the plaza as he approached him. The male stood roughly seven feet tall, with dis-tinctly canine features and covered with dusty black mid-length fur. He could have mistaken. The hybrid’s pinky finger length fur could have been longer. The manner which the ultra-fine hairs seemed dis-appear into the thick coat made depth almost impossible to judge. It was the kind of soft coat that just drew you in to bury your fingers in to pet and stroke with loving affection. The overall effect made him appear similar to a husky covered in coal dust. That is, if a husky could walk on two legs. His eyes shone brightly in stark contrast to the dark fur, one blue and one brown. Chris found it was an interest-ing heterochromia similar to what some wolves and dog breeds would display such as a Husky, which made sense once he made the connec-tion. The canine had a long snout with a mottled pink nose. He was holding a clipboard in his paw-like hands, which made his long nails click against the wood. Chris stared awkwardly at the male hybrid’s long and sharp teeth, which were nothing like those of a human, as the hybrid spoke to him.
"Chris Tailor, correct? It is very rare to have a human coming to the University," the male hybrid declared as he looked over the young male human. Chris barely heard what he said, before the Canine growled slightly to get his attention. Chris flushed for embarrassing himself by his rude staring. "Uh, right, sorry... you're… just the first hybrid I've seen up close...," he apologized quickly as he began to stammer and sweat anxiously. The dog-man smiled a toothy grin be-fore he replied. At least, he hadn’t embarrassed himself further by try-ing to touch that inviting fur coat. "I won’t hold it against you, then. Nevertheless, for future reference, most of us prefer to be called Furs, not hybrids. It's a little impersonal and makes us seem like we're still all lab rats," he explained in a friendlier manner.
Chris nodded his acknowledgment to the advice. He was encour-aged by the Canine's sudden good mood as the fur patted him on the back with a large paw to turn him towards the city. "So, what made you decide to come here? Most humans would rather attend college with their own kind?" the fur asked curiously, as he walked with the young male human. "I'm studying genetics. I figure the best place to do that is where genetics are being applied to life on a daily basis. Be-sides, I've been fascinated by Hybr... Furs... ever since I was a little," Chris answered with a nervous shrug of his shoulders. "Well, we need more humans like you,” the canine replied once he stifled his chuckles. “Maybe if the world out there didn’t see us as so different, or as such a threat, we wouldn’t be caged up in here like common animals," he added more seriously, before he pointed with a furry hand towards one of the nearer buildings. "That's a transit station. There are no roads or cars in the dome. Therefore, all transportation is done by subway trains under the surface. Take those stairs over there, down into the station. The map will show you the city, and the transit locations. You'll want to take the train to station D, which is at the center of Furton University. It’s right next to the main office. I'm sure you can find someone there who can show you to your dorm and explain the rest of the dome to you. Don’t be afraid to ask, you'll find we're much friendlier than the outside world makes us out to be," he advised with another friendly pat on the young man’s shoulder.
Chris nodded, shaking the canine's paw and thanking him for his assistance, before heading off to the transit station. Chris descended the stairs approximately a floor and a half into the transit station. He was surprised by how small the station was, much smaller than a typi-cal subway station like those you'd find in New York and other large cities. The subway train itself was only a single car, approximately for-ty feet long with enough seats for two dozen riders. The station wasn’t as busy as Chris had expected, either. There was only one oth-er human- who Chris presumed was one of the University's instructors or scientists- waiting in the station when a train arrived. A smooth but obviously recorded feminine voice sounded over the intercom in the station waiting area, announcing the wait for the next arriving train.
Chris sat down on a bench across from the man, while attempting to extend a greeting to him in the process. “Er- ah- I…” he stuttered out nervously until he nearly choked on his words.
"I am Professor Meyers,” The scientist introduced himself as he studied the nervous young man. “You're wearing generics. New to the city I presume?" he observed in a gravelly voice. "I just got into the city less than an hour ago. I'm a new student at the University,” Chris confirmed with a nod, grinning foolishly in his excitement. "Ah, I'm an instructor there myself. What is your major?" Professor Meyers in-quired as he brightened up slightly. "Genetics… I've been fascinated by the hybrids ever since I watched the news feed of their first crea-tion. I've been looking forward to coming here for years to learn how they are created," Chris answered proudly. "Well then, I suppose I'll see you in my class. Genetic engineering and hybrid biology are the courses of study, which are my responsibility," Professor Meyers an-nounced once he recovered from the surprising answer. He lifted and cocked his head a bit as a tone sounded down the subway tunnel. Af-ter a moment, the recorded voice signaled the arrival of the next train. "Well here we are. Do you know where you're headed? I can show you to the dormitories once we arrive at the University, if you like," he offered. "That'd be helpful. This place is pretty confusing so far and they didn’t send me a quality map with my information packet," Chris replied. "It's not as big as it looks," Professor Meyers explained with a knowing grin. He beckoned Chris onto the train and sat down before he continued. "The city is divided into a few sections. The sec-tions are basically maintenance, factories, residential, service, and the University and the labs. Maintenance contains water purification plants, recycling facilities, and the air circulation equipment, which keeps the dome habitable. The factories are where the majority of the needed items are made for the city's residents. Everything from school supplies to furniture and appliances can be made there. The factory district also contains the import docks. Anything that can’t be made here is shipped in from the outside, though they try to keep deliveries of that nature to a minimum due to the security issues major deliveries can cause. Most of the hybrids living in Furton work in the factories," he explained before he paused to take a drink from his coffee mug. "The residential district contains housing for all of the hybrids and most of the humans, who live in the city. Not too many humans live here. Even most of the University instructors prefer to live outside the dome and make the trip in through security and decontamination eve-ry morning. I can’t imagine why. It's such a hassle. For the most part, all the houses are identical in layout according to their sub-section. However, they're nice regardless. Some of them are specially modified to suit the needs of the hybrids. A good example would be the hous-ing for the aquatic hybrids who can’t breathe outside water. The aquatics don’t leave their homes often. When they do, they have to wear breathing equipment that keeps oxygenated water running past their gills. Then there's the service district. That’s where you'll find any shopping venues or other service industries such as salons, restau-rants, and the like. It's relatively small, but it contributes to the feel of an actual city rather than a dome shaped cage. It gives the hybrids, or ourselves, somewhere to go other than home after a day at work or school. Lastly, of course, is the University and labs, at the center of the city. The University isn’t just a college. It's also where the Kaspersky foundation laboratories are located, where new hybrids are made. I'll be lecturing about that tomorrow, so I won’t go over it just yet. There is a lot of new construction…” he was explaining until the train slowed as they neared the University transit station. "Looks like we're here," he declared as he disregarded talking about some of the new construction projects.
As Meyers stood, a pager on his belt began to chirp. He glanced at it before he shook his head in frustration. "I know I told you I'd show you to the dormitories but I'm needed elsewhere," he explained apologetically as they left the station and entered a garden like plaza at the center of the University. Meyers hollered at a hybrid sitting on a bench as he waved for him to come over. "Marcus, how are you?" he greeted with familiarity. "Good, professor!" the hybrid answered as he approached.
Chris studied the hybrid named Marcus as he approached them. He estimated the man was roughly six foot tall but powerfully built. He was another canine, with sleek fur and coloring resembling that of a German shepherd. Chris also noticed he smiled once he got within conversation distance to show off a giddy but toothy grin. "Ready for classes to begin tomorrow, Marcus?" Meyers inquired as he returned a friendly smile. The Canine nodded excitedly. "I can’t wait. Who’s this?" he asked while motioning toward Chris. "This is Chris. He's a new student to the University,” Meyers introduced as he turned to-ward Chris. Marcus' eyes brightened as he shook Chris' hand. "Hu-man, too! There are not too many human students here. Just the pro-fessors and scientists...," he continued excitedly until interrupted. "Yes, look Marcus… I have to be somewhere and Chris needs some-one to show him to the dormitories. Think you could help him out?" Meyers interrupted impatiently. "Sure, no problem," Marcus agreed with an enthusiastic nod.
Meyers thanked him and left in a hurry, which left Chris with the six-foot walking, talking German shepherd to show him the way. Nevertheless, Marcus seemed friendly enough to Chris. "It's pretty easy to find your way around here. The transit station is right here in the middle of the plaza. Over there...," Marcus explained until he paused to motion with his paw towards the northern buildings. "...are the classrooms. Right next to them to the east where that new con-struction is, which you can see from here, are the labs. They are mak-ing some additions to them. We don’t get to go in there without per-mission though. To the west, over there…," he continued until he pointed in the new direction as he explained carefully. "…is the com-missary. You can get food any time of the day. And this direction are the dorm rooms," he finished as he put his arm around Chris' shoulder and walked south. "Do you know what room you're in?" he asked as they continued to walk together.
Chris nodded before he retrieved the paperwork from the Univer-sity out of his back pocket. He scanned through it until he came to the housing page. "Dorm 73...," he answered once he refreshed his memory.
Marcus stopped suddenly from the surprise. "Really? That's my dorm room. You sure about that?" he questioned before snatching the paper out of Chris' hands to see for himself. "Huh... guess that makes us roomies. I was wondering who they'd stick me with this year. Didn’t expect it to be a human, but I suppose that's cool," he teased with another toothy grin. As they walked to Dorm 73 Marcus pointed out a few things around the campus. "The Gym is over there near the commissary. There isn’t a required PE class or any actual athletics programs for that matter. However, a lot of us like to go there to hang out after school hours. There’s the new dormitory, which is still under construction. I think it has been under construction forever. There must be funding problems or something," he declared as they pro-ceeded down the walkway.
As they came up on another fur walking the opposite direction Chris did his best not to stare. He had no doubt this one was a female and quite short. He didn’t believe she could be any more than four feet tall. He thought she had an interesting bounce in her step. He liked the way her long floppy ears sprouting from her head would slightly curl forward with each bounce. She was skinny, but had wide, fuzzy white cheeks separated by a pink button nose and two oddly cute buckteeth. Chris knew this was clearly a rabbit hybrid despite the fact that he hadn’t heard of or seen any rabbit hybrids previously. He watched intently as she greeted Marcus with a friendly familiarity, and he waved at her as they passed. Chris couldn’t help looking at Marcus questioningly after they had moved past her.
"Oh, that's Maya. She was here last year too, cute huh?" Marcus informed Chris once he caught the hint. He decided to wink at Chris and nudge him with his elbow in an attempt to elicit a response.
"Yea... cute...," Chris agreed with his assessment with a blush and a sheepish nod.
Marcus’ laugh sounded like an odd mix of gurgling and barking coming from his canine muzzle. "I think you're gonna fit in real well around here. As long as you're not like those humans that think we're just animals. We're all the same regardless of how different we may look," he assured once he managed to stifle his laughter.
At last, they arrived at their dorm room. Chris followed Marcus in and took note of the layout. The room was relatively small, though larger than his room had been back home. On each side of the room, there were identical beds with accompanying dressers and desks. A single bathroom door sat in the center of the far wall between the beds. There was little, if any, privacy to the room. There wasn’t a sep-arate changing area or any kind of partitions between the beds them-selves.
"That's your side. All my stuff is already unpacked and put away over here," Marcus declared as he moved to the other side of the room.
“Little exposed, isn’t it? Not a lot of privacy," Chris observed nervously as he sat at the desk on his side of the room and looked back at Marcus.
Marcus shook his head. "Don’t worry about it. All the dorms are like this. The new one they are building may be different when they finish the inside. I don’t know anyone who has been in it yet. Besides, Furs aren’t as insecure as most humans seem to be. Privacy doesn’t mean a lot to us," he explained with a mischievous grin.
Chris noticed Marcus began stripping off his clothes until he was stark naked as if he was trying to prove a point. He knew Marcus was still fully covered by fur as he lay back to relax on his bed, but he was still completely nude.
"I'm going to go ahead and get some rest. I've been up since yes-terday and it's almost dark out anyhow," Marcus announced noncha-lantly.
Chris nodded as he set his paperwork down on the desk before nervously removing his own clothes. However, he left on his boxers. He was not quite comfortable with the idea of being naked right next to his roommate. He lay down and glanced up out the window at the head of the bed. He watched as the sun set to the side of the dome, which cast the entire city in a fiery orange light. He could not help but glance at Marcus, as the man lay naked and on top of the covers. His eyes were drawn to the thick sheath stretching from between the ca-nine's legs up to a few inches below his bellybutton. As the sunset, the retreating light glistened off the red tip of Marcus' member, which was poking slightly out of the sheath.
Chris rolled over to pull his eyes away from the view and the un-wanted, but not completely unpleasant thoughts invading his mind. He could feel his own member hardening slightly to press against his boxers, while his imagination ran wild with thoughts of the canine ly-ing across the room. 

ome on man, get out of bed. We’re gonna be late to class,” Mar-cus complained with a frown as he nudged his new roommate on the shoulder.
Chris groaned and rolled over, throwing the covers off to inad-vertently reveal his morning wood.
The erection caught Marcus' attention immediately. "Uh, why are you horny?" he asked curiously as he stared openly.
Chris tried to cover up his embarrassment with the sheet. Howev-er, it was already too late. "It's... morning wood. I don’t know about Furs but human guys get it pretty often when they sleep," he tried to explain awkwardly as his heart raced in his embarrassment. He was relieved when he noticed that his suitcase had been delivered over-night at the foot of his bed. He desperately tried to open it, excited fingers fumbling at the zippers, before finally donning clothes to con-ceal his erection from Marcus' prying eyes.
Marcus shrugged before he turned to get some supplies off his desk. "Whatever you say, man. Do you need to take care of it before we go?" he offered with a sigh. "No, it's fine,” Chris replied as he felt his face flush again. “What do I need to bring with me to class to-day?" he asked, more to change the subject than to actually know the answer. Marcus motioned at his desk as he explained. "Notebook pa-per, a pen... You shouldn’t need anything else. Oh, and your data pad, take that with you everywhere… well, almost everywhere. We're go-ing to Professor Meyers' class today. Classes last for three hours. Then we will have an hour break for lunch. The class continues for another three hours after we return from lunch. There's a different class each day of the week. It is quicker than going to multiple classes per day." Chris snatched up his data pad, a notebook, and pen from his desk before following Marcus out of the dorm and toward the classrooms, trying in vain to hide his tented pants until his morning wood finally faded.
They met Maya again as they headed for the classrooms, where Marcus introduced her to Chris properly this time. Maya was wearing a loose long-sleeved shirt, a short skirt, and calf-high boots, which showed off her thighs and the short fluffy tail sprouting from her well-rounded backside. Maya curtsied slightly towards Chris after the introduction. "Human, eh? You'll be fun," she observed with a rela-tively high pitched and squeaky voice, which was accompanied by a similarly-pitched giggle after the comment. Chris wasn’t quite sure what she meant. "I haven’t taken him there yet. He only arrived yes-terday and we need to let him get himself settled in and used to the University first. Maybe he will be ready next week. See you in class," Marcus responded with a wink.
Chris waved as they parted ways. He watched as Maya went to meet up with a group of female Furs in the plaza. The smile she threw back at him didn’t go without notice. Chris decided to question Mar-cus as they neared the classrooms. "Haven’t taken me where?" he asked curiously. Marcus grinned but avoided the question. "You'll see," was his only response as they entered the classroom.
They took seats in the middle of the room, before Chris looked around to examine the other Furs present. He noticed most of them were canines and felines, though in some cases it was a bit difficult to tell them apart. The only real differences in those were the lengths of their snouts and bushiness of their tails. Fur patterns and colors seemed to be the easiest way to tell. The majority of the felines seemed to support orange or white fur, adorned with stripes or spots, while the canines tended to have black, brown, or grey fur and few markings. Chris saw Maya enter along with the other girls with whom she had been gossiping and noticed most of them sat at the back of the class to continue their conversations. Maya was the only rabbit hybrid he saw in the classroom. However, there were a few others, who were just as short, if not shorter than she was. However, they re-sembled mice. He couldn’t miss the two equine, or horse-like Furs present as well. They appeared to possess human-like hands but they were powerfully built. He noticed they had hooves in place of feet as well. Their heads and snouts were elongated even more so than the canine Furs. They had large alien like eyes on the sides of their heads. They all stood head and shoulders above the rest of the class. He was sure they were at least seven or eight feet tall. He was impressed with their broad-shouldered and bulky, muscular bodies, which failed to mesh well with the chairs and desks they were expected to utilize. Unfortunately, no reptilian or otherwise non-mammal Furs were pre-sent today, which was almost disappointing to him.
Professor Meyers stood up from his desk before welcoming eve-ryone to the class. He waited patiently for them to quiet down before he began his lecture. "I'm sure most of you remember me from last year. However, for those of you who are new to the University this year, I'm professor Meyers. I'm one of the Genetic Engineering spe-cialists here in Furton. This is the Genetics and hybrid Biology class," he began before he motioned to Chris and continued. "I'm sure some of you have met our newcomer here already. Chris is the first human student we've had at the University in three years. He's already ex-pressed to me a great interest in meeting and learning about all of you," he introduced with a fond smile.
Chris flushed as all the eyes of the classroom turned on him. Most of those eyes showed excitement or kindness. However, a few ex-pressed boredom or even resentment. He vaguely wondered what the previous human student had been like and whether they may have done something to set a poor precedent for him. His thoughts were interrupted as professor Meyers continued.
"Now, for our first order of business we'll discuss hybrid aging," the professor announced before he began the day's lesson. Chris could tell some of the Furs present were obviously unhappy that he had used the term 'hybrid' rather than 'fur'. "Aside from Chris there, and me, everyone in this room is around four years old. This comes as a shock to most humans, but hybrids exhibit signs of greatly accelerated growth rate when compared to humans. This is, for better or worse, a side effect of combining human and animal DNA," Meyers lectured as he picked up a remote from his desk to dim the lights before turn-ing on a projector, which bathed the wall behind him in light. Images and videos showing the process of hybrid creation, from start to fin-ish, played across the screen as Meyers narrated. "In order to initiate the creation of a hybrid, we combine the desired species' DNA with a specially designed retrovirus. The virus is then injected into a human egg cell. The egg is carefully attached to the uterine wall of a birthing host. Hosts are women who volunteer to bear hybrid children. As the egg grows and develops, the animal DNA contained within it begins to overwrite many portions of the cell's original human DNA, which causes the developing embryo to alter itself. Instead of producing a human child, a hybrid child is created," he lectured as he switched projector to a rather grotesque video of an otherwise attractive human girl giving birth to an equine baby. The sheer size of the infant dis-tending her belly before it could be fully squeezed out was astound-ing. "In this particular example, an equine hybrid is being birthed. Eq-uines are much larger than human infants are at the time of labor, an-ywhere from two to three times a human infant's size. This is one of the factors attributed to the relatively low population of equine hy-brids here. In too many cases both the birthing host and the child do not survive the process due to incompatible anatomy,” he continued to lecture. "Unfortunately, all hybrids created to date, male or female, have proven completely sterile, which renders them incapable of hav-ing children of their own. We have not been able to discern the reason for this sterility despite our greatest efforts. Therefore, we have been unable to correct it. Perhaps one day, you all may be able to have chil-dren of your own. However, for now all hybrids are created one at a time, unrelated to one another. Many of you consider each other brothers or sisters, and indeed, in many such cases the same animal DNA and the same birthing hosts were used. However, it is still a technically incorrect use of the terms," he droned on as the projector continued to click to the next slide.
Chris took notes throughout the lecture. He was surprised to hear of the sterility issues among Furs. He had always thought that once two Furs of the same type were created; they were able to reproduce as any human pair could. It was astounding to think that all the Furs in the city, which had to number into the thousands, were individually created by scientists like professor Meyers. Each one of them was birthed from a human woman according to his notes. While thinking on that, he raised his hand to signal he had a question for the profes-sor. "So, what about the insectoid, reptilian, and aquatic Furs?" he asked nervously. He was sure fact that he used the term Furs rather than hybrids, as the professor had, was quickly noticed and approved of by his classmates. He was confident that even some of those who had looked at him with resentment before seemed to lighten their moods towards him slightly. "What do you mean?" Meyers responded for clarification. "Well, in nature, all insects and most reptiles and aquatic species are born from eggs, rather than having live young. If a human female is used as a birthing host to those types of Furs, do you get a newborn or an egg? For that matter, how did you manage to combine non-mammalian DNA with human eggs? Separate families of species are supposed to be completely incompatible with one another. Even primates are unable to impregnate humans," Chris elaborated on his question as he found himself leaning forward in his chair in antici-pation of the answer. He couldn’t miss some of the Furs around him nodded in agreement with his question. He figured they must have been wondering the same thing themselves. Meyers turned off the projector with the remote before answering. "How we combined non-mammalian DNA with human DNA was actually an accident. As it happens, the retrovirus used to deliver the desired species' DNA to a human egg cell is still capable of delivering many of the traits from that DNA, mammalian or otherwise, to the target cells. The egg con-tains half of the chromosomes needed for a child, the other half are taken, sometimes at random, from the animal species. Since no sperm are used in the fertilizing process, incompatibility between the two species is a moot point,” Meyers explained as he stepped towards the class. "The answer to your original question is all hybrids are born live. Even those whose animal DNA comes from egg-laying species are born live. Regardless of appearance, all hybrids are technically mam-mals, since they are produced from a human or mammalian egg cell. Oftentimes, the births for non-mammalian hybrids are dangerous. For example, insectoid hybrids must be born prematurely. The birthing host is given synthetic hormones, which initiate the birthing process roughly one week before a natural birth would occur. Without doing so, the insectoid becomes active before exiting the uterus, and will try to claw or eat its way out rather than passing through the vaginal canal as intended. Aquatic hybrids must be birthed underwater, or they will suffocate within seconds of leaving the birthing host's body. Reptilian hybrids have hard, sharp scales, and can cause damage to the host's uterus and vaginal canal if birthed naturally, so they must be birthed by caesarian section in order to avoid trauma to the host. Obviously, these reasons are why we mostly see mammalian derived hybrids, and why very few non-mammalian hybrids currently exist. Occasionally, equine hybrids are induced prematurely or birthed by caesarian section for the same reason. However, for reasons we don’t understand, it is also at the loss of the hybrid. Some of the larger hybrids such as the equine and bovine hybrids are not developed well enough to survive without coming to full term as opposed to some of the smaller hy-brids, which have been induced early due to complications,” Meyers explained thoroughly.
Chris nodded as he continued taking notes while Meyers an-swered his questions. After another two hours of lecturing about the hybrid creation process, Meyers dismissed the class for lunch.
Maya caught up with Chris and Marcus as they headed toward the commissary. "You're not like the last one,” she observed with a squeak. Chris returned a puzzled look for her comment. "Not like the last what?" he asked with a concern. "Human student… The last hu-man always called us hybrids instead of Furs. He wasn’t interested in befriending anyone here at all. A lot of us think he may have been gathering information about us to take back outside the city. Maybe he thought he could use it to slander us like so many humans do," Maya explained, a frown burrowing deep across her cute, pouty face at the stories she had heard of the previous human.
"So, what happened to him?" Chris pressed the conversation to satisfy his curiosity.
"He got himself killed," Marcus interjected gruffly. "He got into an argument with one of the Reptilians while he was snooping around the factory district asking nosy questions. The dumbass got his head bitten clean off for it too. It takes a lot to make a reptilian mad. What-ever he did to piss off that reptile must have been pretty bad. He probably deserved his fate. Still, he's the only human to have ever been killed by a fur. Of course, ever since then the outside media has been making us out to be mindless, rabid animals. Honestly, I'm sur-prised they let you in here as a student,” he continued as he felt a twinge of paranoia. He couldn’t help, but wonder just how Chris had been accepted. He was sure it took more than signing a waiver to sue if he had his head removed by a fur.
“I don’t know how I was accepted either. They wouldn’t even al-low me to apply. I was shocked when I received the notice. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I received it though," Chris replied with a shrug of his shoulders before he caught an odd look from Mar-cus. He wasn’t sure if the man believed his story. “A lot of people out there hate Furs for no real reason, other than being different. My mom is one of them. Sometimes, I can’t stand her because of it. I try to keep an open mind, though. So far, I haven’t met a fur that hasn’t been nice to me. Admittedly, I haven’t met many yet,” he tried to ex-plain how he felt further. However, he wondered if his words were helping him or if he was making matters worse.
"That'll change. Maybe after you are settled in Marcus will bring you to the club. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it!" Maya replied with an excited glint in her eye and a mischievous grin. "Club?" Chris questioned with a curious look. He noticed Marcus shook his head at Maya, as if signaling to change the subject before she nodded in agreement back at him. "When you're ready for it, you'll see. Marcus is a good judge of character. He'll know when to take you. I'm gonna go catch up with the girls. See you guys later!" Maya assured before she trotted away from the boys. However, she paused to turn around to blow a kiss back their way before leaving their sight.
The rest of their day went by quickly. After lunch, they returned to Meyers' classroom where they listened to him drone on about the differences between human and hybrid anatomy, which was followed by how hybrid creation could fail or cause various abnormalities in a very broad and generic manner. It was explained there would be de-tailed and specific discussions as the class progressed throughout the year. When they finally got back to the dorm room, Chris was mental-ly exhausted. He didn’t even bother to undress before collapsing on his bed and falling asleep.
* * *
At some point during the night, he stirred as he heard Marcus huffing on the other side of the room. He carefully turned his head slightly to see what the cause of the noise was while trying to hide the fact that he was awake. He saw Marcus was kneeling in front of his desk, while staring at what Chris assumed were porn pictures flashing on his computer screen. He could see that Marcus' sheath was pulled back, which revealed an engorged and glistening canine penis sticking out from his pelvis. He noticed Marcus had one paw wrapped around the shaft, which was stroking his length, while the other squeezed the massive knot at the base. He could hear Marcus as he whimpered and groaned, while spraying thin spurts of translucent pre-ejaculate from the tip of his member. Chris couldn’t tear his eyes away as he watched in wonder, when he realized that every time Marcus squeezed his knot the man would squirt again in a seemingly never-ending ejaculation. Chris was sure the spectacle lasted at least five minutes, before Mar-cus’ hips began to twitch. Chris licked his lips as he watched his roommate thrust into his hand before much larger stream of liquid be-gan to spray from his member with every thrust of his hips and squeeze of his knot while he moaned in his ecstasy. Chris’ mouth sali-vated while he continued to stare as Marcus coated the floor with his seed for another ten minutes or so. He hadn’t even realized it was possible to have an orgasm last as long as what he had just witnessed. By the time, Marcus' member began to shrink, Chris could see there was a sizable puddle at the foot of his desk, which glistened in the moonlight.
Chris noticed his own erection was throbbing after watching Marcus masturbate. He had never even considered the possibility that he might be anything other than straight. Not once before coming here had he ever thought of another male, human or otherwise, in a sexual manner. However, after seeing Marcus' sheath that first day, and now watching him orgasm for ten minutes straight while completely oblivi-ous that he was being watched, Chris began to question his sexuality. His imagination conjured up erotic scenarios between himself and the other Furs from class, both male and female. A growing curiosity poked at the back of his mind, compelling him to investigate the situa-tion further. After Chris was sure beyond a doubt Marcus was sleep-ing soundly, he quietly crawled out of his bed and across the room to Marcus' desk. He remained kneeling to inspect the large wet puddle of ejaculate the canine had generated. The sheer volume was astound-ing. He had seen Marcus' balls beneath his sheath. They were large. They were larger than his own were by far. However, it still seemed impossible that they could have generated the amount of ejaculate pooled before him now. Chris reached out and touched the puddle, the sticky liquid stringing between his fingers like spiderwebs as he pulled his hand back. He hesitantly brought it up to his mouth, before his tongue flicked out to his fingertips to taste the semen. It was salty, more so than his own, and had a coppery aftertaste. It was like suck-ing on a penny. Chris shed his own clothes as quietly as he could, until he was naked with his erection in the moonlight. He scooped up a handful of Marcus' cum from the puddle on the floor before gripping his own member in the same hand. He used the cum as lube as he stroked his throbbing flesh. The feeling of the canine's juice lubricat-ing his hand and cock was intense. He finally noticed the porn which Marcus had been looking at, once he finally looked up as he mastur-bated. The computer was set to play a slideshow of images, which showed mostly canine Furs copulating. The better part of the images showed a male and female rutting. Nevertheless, some were male on male, and a couple was even female on female. Chris gripped his member tighter as his stroking became feverish, watching the images flash before his eyes. He stared at the swollen, triangular pussies of the female Furs as well as the massive knots adorning the members of the canine male Furs. On occasion, a non-canine fur would pop up be-fore his eyes. There was the rare feline, mouse, or even rabbit Furs looking similar to Maya. Chris tried to stifle his grunts as he finally pushed himself over the brink. He continued gripping his erect cock as it pulsed to launch strings of thick white cum into the same spot where Marcus had deposited his own load. Chris noted the difference between the two fluids as they splashed together. He noticed Marcus' cum was almost clear and much thinner, while his own was thick and near solid white. He was unsure if the difference was caused by Mar-cus' sterility or his animal DNA. He nearly chuckled at this odd but interesting observation to make mid-orgasm. After relieving himself, Chris slipped back to his own bed and fell asleep. He never even real-ized he forgot about his clothes.
The next morning, Chris woke to the unpleasant feeling of being stuck to his sheets. Marcus' spunk had dried into glue, which caused his own member to stick to his leg. Of course, his leg was stuck to the bedding as well. He tried to hide the discomfort as he woke. He blushed at the realization he had forgotten to put his clothes back on after his little experimentation during the night.
It was a fact that was not lost on Marcus, who said nothing but stared, as Chris got out of bed naked.
Chris donned his clothes as quickly as he could, feeling his face flush. He felt his member start to rise once more despite his embar-rassment, however he was able to keep it contained this time. Never-theless, he couldn’t be sure if Marcus knew about what he had done last night. He was sure the canine gave him knowing looks or maybe just flirtatious glances while he dressed. Chris shot a discreet glance towards Marcus' desk and noted that the pornography the monitor had displayed throughout the night was no longer playing. The spot on the floor where the puddle of their combined cum had been was now clean. He thought he could detect a scent of bleach lingering in the air. His class for today would be mathematics, followed by lan-guage and writing tomorrow. Then, on Thursday would be hybrid his-tory and world relations. Friday was Chris' least favorite class of the lot, World Geography. Despite as much of an interest in science as he had, geography had always bored him. It was nothing more than maps and pointless memorization in his mind.
During the hybrid history and world relations course, Chris learned one very important thing about the Furs at the University. Since his arrival and first class, he had immediately noticed that the environment seemed more like middle school or high school in terms of maturity. The majority of content they were being taught was clear-ly college level, but all the Furs here behaved in the same manner as humans would during early to middle school. They gossiped, giggled, snickered, flirted, told secrets or spread rumors, and in general be-haved in a way, which betrayed the level of mental maturity they were supposed to have at their younger age.
The hybrid history and world relations professor explained during the latter half of his lecture that, due to the accelerated growth exhib-ited by Furs or going from a newborn to a physically mature young adult in less than a year, which was most common, caused a 'lagging behind' of emotional development. They were technically far ahead of humans at the same age, but not those at the same physical develop-ment. The mind of the fur could not keep up with their body. There-fore, by the time, a fur was three to four years old as were most in Chris’ classes, their mental development was at a similar point to that of an early teen human despite their physical development being com-pletely adult. Obviously, this was one of the many factors, which caused conflict between outsiders and Furs. Humans often had trou-ble understanding the maturity level of Furs.
In addition, Furs could often be more or less emotional than an average human, due to the differences in their brain chemistry. The professor stated that most mammalian Furs, canines, and felines in particular, often displayed rapid shifts in mood, going from calm to overly excited or moody quite quickly. Equines seemed to stay rela-tively level headed and even tempered, while the rodent hybrids like rabbits and mice were known for being overly perky, enthusiastic, and rarely in a poor mood. Reptilians were, surprisingly, some of the calm-est Furs, speaking in level tones and never reacting quickly unless threatened. Insectoids were the opposite, and were often brash and aggressive. They easily took idle comments as personal insults or threats. The last group, the aquatic hybrids, tended to be emotionally mute for the most part. They displayed few, if any, human emotional states and often spoke in monotone. They never or very rarely angered or displayed any eagerness or excitement.
Of course, Chris became rather uncomfortable when several fel-low students began to complain about the humans blaming Furs for the brutal violence that had broken out across the globe over the last few years during the human relations lectures. He hadn’t even known there had been a connection between the violence and the Furs. He was educated rather quickly when he mentioned it as well. Evidently, there were reports that only a hybrid would be as brutal as some of the attacks were, which seemed ridiculous to Chris. The drug cartels were historically brutal. He just figured this was another example of con-spiracy theorists and journalist sensationalism. However, he had learned very quickly not to speak of it, because there were plenty who found it rather upsetting. He didn’t blame them, either, after he thought about it long enough.
Chris struggled, feeling overwhelmed as the week continued. Over the course of the week, Maya and a few other Furs he met made mention of "the club,” which he had heard discussed previously. However, none of them would tell him what it was. He grew frustrat-ed at Marcus as his roommate continued to stubbornly keep the secret, despite how many times he asked about it. It seemed as if he was the only one not in the loop regarding the mysterious club, whether it was a place or group. However, after cautiously asking Meyers about it, he realized he was not alone. The professor responded that he had never heard of such a thing either. Chris was assured none of the hybrids had ever mentioned it to him. It seemed like some kind of University-wide secret that no one would talk about but everyone knew about it. It just served to make it even more frustrating and intriguing.
Chris noticed Marcus made a habit of leaving his computer run-ning porn during the night. However, as far as Chris knew he hadn’t masturbated since the first time. He was half convinced Marcus want-ed him to look at the porn to develop an interest in fur sexuality, while not playing any direct role. He almost wished Marcus was trying to get him interested enough to want him. However, that seemed like a long shot.
On the other hand, Chris had no illusions about Maya’s interest in him. He couldn’t fail to notice how each day she wore something a little more revealing, a little more sheer. She was constantly blowing kisses to him as she smiled at him from across the plaza or classroom. She hung out with Marcus and Chris more often each day, as well. Eventually, she introduced to him some of the other girls with whom she was always chatting. One of them was Leah, a wolf or husky-like canine fur, while another was Kyra, a tall tiger-striped feline.
Chris readily recognized Leah as the 'better than thou' type. She was the kind of girl who had done something or someone to get to the top of the school popularity list. She expected everyone to recognize that as well. Most of the other Furs did, too. However, Chris was more skeptical. At one point, he heard her talking about her 'boy-friend' who was a fur named Blake. However, Chris had never met or seen him personally.
Kyra wasn’t quite as aloof as Leah was, but wasn’t quite as ap-proachable as Maya either. She was often silent, and seemed rather calm whenever Chris saw her. She only spoke when spoken to and remained quite disciplined when she did speak. Whenever she wasn’t in classes, she could be found in the garden at the center of the plaza. She would be relaxing in the sun, reading, meditating, or on occasion practicing some form of tai chi, a martial art form, which she per-formed beautifully. Chris loved her smooth and sultry voice, as it car-ried rolling R's in what sounded like a strange cross between a Rus-sian and Asian accent.
Over the weekend, they had no classes to attend. Therefore, Chris spent most of his time hanging out in the plaza with Marcus and the girls. Unfortunately, despite the free time, they were unable to leave the University grounds to explore the other districts of the city. According to Marcus, the service district was only open during the weekdays and every other weekend. The other parts of the city were off limits to students without prior approval, which Chris didn’t have. He was sure it was to prevent them from getting into trouble or upset-ting the other residents of the dome. Of course, he had no desire to repeat the mistakes of the previous human student either.
On Sunday night, Chris finally had the courage to bring up the subject of Marcus' computer, and what he had been displaying on it every night. "I was wondering when you'd notice it,” Marcus replied with a toothy grin. Chris raised an eyebrow at him and chose his words carefully. "I noticed it days ago. I just didn’t want to say any-thing. Usually that kind of thing is private for humans," he explained while he tried his best not to reveal his excitement.
Marcus nodded, clicking open the risqué images on his screen once more while Chris sat beside him, watching. "Despite how many humans seem to hate Furs, there's a pretty big market for fur porn out-side the dome. A lot of the residents here make quite a bit of money on this side creating these pictures and videos and selling them on the internet," Marcus explained as he scanned through dozens of images. "And apparently to students in the University as well...,” Chris teased with a slight chuckle. "No, no, I didn’t have to pay for these. A friend of mine owns a photography store over in the service district. He pays other Furs to do photo shoots like this. He sends me copies for free," Marcus declared with pride.
Chris mused at the thought of having public adult photo shoots in the service district. Apparently, they didn’t go by the same decency laws here, which humans abide by outside the dome. "So why have you been leaving your monitor on and showing these pictures all night?" he finally inquired again curiously. Marcus stuttered a bit, as he found his response, "Well... it was a test," he finally blurted. "A test? How is this a test?” Chris protested, but paused to think before he continued. “And more importantly, did I pass?" he inquired with a hinting smile. "Well, I don’t know. Answer a question and I'll tell you if you passed or not," Marcus replied once he stifled his laughter. "All right, shoot, what do you want to know?" Chris agreed to answer en-thusiastically. "Well, you've seen the pictures for a few days now. Can you tell me whether you like them? Do you find them exciting? Do you think you'd be interested in participating...?” Marcus questioned but trailed off on the last bit, as if trying to avoid giving away some secret. Chris thought to himself for a moment, going over the possible responses and reactions in his head. "Despite the fact that I'm a human and not a fur, I do like them. They are very exciting. As for participat-ing... I don’t know exactly what you mean. However, if you're imply-ing that I should have sex with a fur, I'd say I would be eager to try it, though very nervous," he answered very carefully. "That sounds like a pass to me. Tell you what; give me a day or two. I'll see about getting you into the club, but try to keep it secret, okay? I won’t tell you what it is until we get there. However, if they allow you in you can’t ever tell anyone about it who hasn’t been there themselves, okay?" Marcus replied with a toothy grin.
Chris nodded his agreement before heading back to his bed. It was late, and he knew that his sleep would be troubled with questions of what could be in store for him. 
he next day on their way to class, Chris and Marcus took a detour and went by the plaza garden to meet Kyra. However, there was no sign of her in her usual place. Consigning to continue on to class, they went back towards the walkway. Marcus stopped half way there with his ears, twitching and rotating about excitedly. "You hear that?" he asked as he looked around. "I don’t hear anything, but then again I don’t have ears the size of pancakes like you do," Chris answered with a shake of his head. "They aren’t that big! Now be quiet and keep close...," Marcus instructed with a nudge from his elbow before he began to creep along the bushes to the side of the pathway. He mo-tioned for Chris to follow once he located the source of what he had heard. Ahead was a small clearing with a sparkling fountain at the center. However, the clearing was surrounded by tall hedges to offer a sense of seclusion. Peeking around a hedged corner, Marcus and Chris were greeted by a full on display of public fornication.
Chris nearly gasped as he spotted Leah straddled against the side of the fountain. She was still clothed but wearing a miniskirt with no panties, which allowed them a clear and unobstructed view of her sex. Her triangular pussy was swollen and massive. It was at least the size of Chris' palm, but he was convinced it was bigger. He could see it was glistening with moisture. The sight of a gooey, thick string of her juices hanging from the bottom point, which was almost dripping to the ground, caused him to swallow hard. There was a massive equine stud standing slightly behind her. Chris was sure the stud stood seven or eight feet tall. His pants had been tossed aside, leaving him naked except for a t-shirt, which fit snugly over his thick, muscled frame. Chris watched as the equine, who remained oblivious of the specta-tors, spread his legs with his ass facing Chris and Marcus. Chris could see two massive testicles, each of which could have been bigger around than his own fist, hanging from the massive stud. The stud’s impressive member, which must have been four inches across and two or three feet long erect was hanging just beyond those huge testicles. Chris’ heart nearly stopped as Leah looked back over her shoulder at the horse man, which caused Marcus and himself to duck back behind the hedge to avoid being noticed. They couldn’t miss hearing her de-clare "Come on Blake, fuck me already. I’m going to be late for class!"
It didn’t take long for Chris to realize this horse fur was Blake, the mysterious boyfriend Leah always mentioned. After a moment and a little hesitation, he and Marcus cautiously peeked back around the hedge. Leah was facing away from them again and Blake was po-sitioning the thick, heavy head of his horse cock against her swollen lips. He heard Leah let out a feral moan as the meat plowed into her in one powerful stroke, burying the first foot of itself into her leaking pussy until it could push no further. Chris found it hard to breathe as he witnessed Leah humping back against that thick cock. She was ob-viously lost in passion as Blake plowed her from behind. He was sure her sex, despite as large and swollen as it had been, was stretched to its limits by the equine's thick shaft. He heard Leah screaming as the stud slammed into her repeatedly with an ever-increasing pace. "Fuck yes, cum in me Blake, cum hard!" she repeated to encourage the stud.
Chris heard Blake’s deep whinnying as he came. He could swear Leah's belly distended under her as the head of the equine cock flared. Marcus quietly explained that the head of Blake’s cock would enlarge to two or three times its normal size as he reached his climax. His mind seemed to overload as he continued to watch the stud spray thick streams of cum into her as the liquid oozed out around the seal between his cock and her swollen pussy lips, which splashed to the ground in pearly ropes. Chris could see Blake's balls clenching and rising up with each squirt as well as Leah's slicked pussy lips clenching and squeezing around his cock to milk it of every drop.
The spectacle had given Chris a hard-on, like he'd never had pre-viously. It took a mere glance at Marcus and he could see that the ca-nine had been affected similarly. He could see his bulging; knotted cock was pressing tightly against the inside of his pants while soaking one thigh in a steady stream of precum.
Chris never even realized he was licking his lips as Blake pulled out, which caused an audible splash as his spunk was let loose from Leah's pussy and fell to the ground. He noticed Leah kept one hand in place between her legs to continue rubbing her engorged clit to a sec-ond orgasm. As she came again, more of Blake's juice squirted out of her. The powerful convulsions made by her vagina were even more noticeable to Chris now that she had no cock penetrating her. This set his imagination to run wild with what it might feel like to have that meaty love box squeezing and milking his own cock dry. Meanwhile, Blake dressed himself in haste and kissed her by entangling his ab-normally long tongue with her own before hurrying off to class. Chris couldn’t help but swallow as Leah remained, panting for a few minutes before kneeling down to lick up the cum which had sprayed the side of the fountain. He felt Marcus nudging him before he no-ticed his roommate was motioning that they should leave before she noticed them. With an exchange of smiles, they hurried off to class.
Marcus could see the tent pitched in Chris' pants, and as they got to class. "Yeah, I think you're ready for the club. I'll see what I can do about getting you in very soon," he assured in a whisper.
The fact that Marcus related this 'club' to seeing two Furs have sex in the park made Chris wonder what it could possibly be. Wild imaginings and fantasizing occupied his mind for the rest of the day. He found it difficult to concentrate on the lecture in class. Eventually his member began to soften and shrink. However, just as it did, he noticed a string of liquid dripping from Leah's seat at the back of the class, which pooled on the floor beneath her. From his vantage point, he could easily see her still swollen pussy peeking out from her mini-skirt. The sight got him instantly erect again. He swore under his breath as he tried to hide it.
Maya, who was sitting a few desks to Chris’ left, noticed him looking back at Leah. She let out a soft high pitched gasp, while cov-ering her mouth slightly to avoid giving herself away once she had glanced back to look for herself at what had caught his attention. She looked back at Chris. As their eyes met, she grinned and winked at him. 

Chapter 4: THE CLUB
n Tuesday night, after getting back to the dorm room and relax-ing for a while, Marcus informed Chris they were going to 'the club' once it was dark outside. After sunset, they walked to the University Gym, which Marcus had mentioned the day they had met. Everything was quiet and dark. The Gym's front doors were locked but a side ac-cess door had been opened for them. All the lights were out inside of the gym. Chris struggled to see around the empty basketball court in the dark as he cautiously groped his way forward. Marcus was forced to lead him behind the bleachers to a half-hidden rusty metal door that creaked as it was opened. Beyond the doorway was a narrow staircase leading down under the college grounds. "This is the only way into the University boiler room, three flights down. There are what look like big industrial grade water heaters down here. We know they're not boilers, but that's what we call them for lack of knowing their real purpose,” Marcus explained as he continued to lead Chris downward. As they neared the bottom, another door lay ahead down a short hallway. It was guarded by Blake, the equine whom he had seen plowing Leah earlier that day. This time the horse was fully clothed and had his arms crossed, which made him appear quite intim-idating given his bulk and height. Blake wasn’t erect, but Chris could faintly make out the large bulge in his pants, hinting at what lay be-hind.
Blake greeted Marcus in a friendly manner. Then he studied Chris critically. "Marcus here says you've got the right kind of... personali-ty... to see the club. Normally, there are no spectators. Everyone puts their name in the buckets. However, since you don’t know what to expect yet, I'll let it slide this once," Blake declared before he mo-tioned toward the closed door next to him with his head. "Go on, and don’t cause any problems," he instructed with a frown, to show he meant it.
Chris wondered what was meant by ‘putting his name in the buckets’, but he didn’t press the issue. As they passed through the door, they entered the boiler room. It was relatively large, approxi-mately a hundred and twenty feet long by ninety feet wide. Each side of the room was lined by cages holding what appeared to be thou-sand-gallon or better water tanks. Along the near wall and both sides of the room there were dozens of Furs standing, while watching the action at the center of the room. Some of the Furs were clothed, while some were not. Most of the males present were sporting erections and most of the females, from what Chris could see, were literally drip-ping wet. Some of them were even masturbating. However, it ap-peared to be only idly and not with cumming in mind.
Down the center of the room were three large circles, marked in chalk on the concrete floor. Nudging his way through the crowd, Chris began to see what had everyone so excited. Each circle held two Furs that were fucking one another like wild animals. The nearest cir-cle held two males. A small rabbit boy was being dominated by a much larger canine. The canine was humping vigorously, but his knot had already locked inside the rabbit's tight tail hole. The pressure from the knot against the rabbit boy's prostate was constantly causing him to spray cum against the floor with every thrust from the canine. Looking around the circles, Chris noticed innumerable pools of dried cum and girl juice.
Chris saw the second circle had a female equine straddling a cow-like, male. It was the first bovine Chris had seen. She quivered on top of him in mid orgasm, while his spunk leaked out of her slick mare pussy to drip down his massive ball sack. She finished her orgasm and dismounted to roll over onto her side while still shaking. Chris took note of the male bovine’s cock, which was just as big as Blake's horsemeat, but shaped like a long cone. It came to a point rather than being thick throughout and having a flared head.
In the far circle, he could see two female felines were situated in a sixty-nine position, hungrily lapping with their raspy tongues across each other’s tiny triangular pussies. As he got closer, he could see that the feline females had an almost identical genital setup to the canines with triangular lips with one point facing the pelvis. However, theirs were much smaller, which gave him the impression they may be much tighter. However, they were not swollen as Leah's had been.
Chris saw there was a table with two old metal mop buckets filled with scraps of paper on the far side of the room past the three rings. Leah stood by the table while she watched the action. He could see that the side of her leg was dripping with her own juices, which meant she was obviously as turned on by the spectacle as most of the others here were. As the participants in each circle finished their rut-ting and went back to the edges of the room, Leah yelled to get eve-ryone's attention before she drew two scraps of paper from one of the buckets.
"Next up in Ring One is Zack and Andy!" Leah announced for everyone to hear before pausing shortly to draw one scrap from each bucket. "Ring Two: Felix and Maya!" she announced again before she paused to remove two more scraps from the second bucket, "Ring Three: Kyra and Lori!" she declared for her last announcement.
After her announcements, Chris watched the rings. He watched in open amazement as Andy and Zack stepped in the first ring. He noticed Andy’s tiny mouse cock was already erect and dripping, while Zack stepped into the ring from the opposite side of the room. He was an imposing feline fur with calico patterns. Zack was shirtless, but had to strip his jeans as he entered the circle to reveal a cone-shaped feline cock nearly eight inches long and covered with small fleshy barbs to give his pink flesh a frosted cast to it. Chris saw Andy gulp nervously. He assumed the nervousness was for whom he had been paired with.
It took all of Andy’s restraint to hide his excitement at being drawn to ring one. He knew what he needed to do to drain his heavy testicles of their pent up seed. He was already dressed provocatively for the night’s perverse activities. He stepped into the ring without bothering to hide his dripping erection. He needed this and he knew what to do. He turned slightly in a sheepish manner as he gulped with a fake nervousness, watching Zack remove his pants to reveal his own throbbing flesh.
Zack couldn’t believe his luck to be matched with Andy. He hadn’t ever been matched with the small mouse boy previously, but he knew those who had. By the time, he had stepped into the ring and removed his pants, his cock was leaking with a steady stream of pre-ejaculate, throbbing in anticipation. He couldn’t restrain his grin of delight as he recognized the cum slut’s faked nervousness. He knew Andy needed this as much as he did. He ignored Andy’s whimpering as he grabbed the mouse by the arms. He effortlessly lifted him up to flip him around before he pinned Andy against the ground on his bel-ly.
Andy gasped as Zack lifted him roughly to pin him to the ground. He could feel his cock was stuck backwards between his spread legs where it pressed against the cool concrete. The feeling of being completely dominated caused him to shudder, as it always did. He felt Zack shift his weight to line up his barbed cock to his tight passage. He tried to relax as he felt the tip press against his entrance. However, it was impossible to restrain his gasp as he felt Zack plunge his length into him. He struggled to breathe as his ass was bred merci-lessly. The barbs seemed to embed themselves into his tight passage and tug at his intestines as the spined flesh was withdrawn from his bowels. However, it was the sensation of those barbs as they raked across his prostate that shattered his mind. He knew he moaned like a whore without any shame as his orgasm approached. His prostate was abused as every brutal thrust filled him to press those spines against it. He continued to moan as he reached his release. He could feel his spunk as it splattered on the concrete and his spread legs behind him. His tail hole clenched at the barbed flesh with every gush of his seed. However, he couldn’t deny his cries as Zack plowed his flesh into him one last time before he ground against his ass to bury his seed deep. His tail hole was sore and tired as it continued to clench and spasm. Nevertheless, the sensation of that hot seed of Zack’s as it pumped deep into his bowels, renewed the strength of his own climax once more.
* * *
Zack used one hand to hold Andy down while he used the other to line up with that small round puckered orifice. His body shuddered in excitement as his tip pressed against Andy’s tight hole. He pressed firmly until his tip barely parted that strong muscle. He lunged for-ward as soon as he had both hands holding Andy down once again. The tightness was incredible. It was impossible for him to restrain himself to relish the feeling of Andy’s tight passage. He was obsessed as he pistoned in and out of the small mouse femboy’s tail hole. The sound of Andy’s moaning just encouraged him to plow him faster and harder as he bred the cumslut’s ass. He knew Andy had already reached his climax once he felt those strong muscles clenching and grasping his flesh. It felt as if they were trying to milk him. He didn’t want to finish so soon. He couldn’t deny he wanted to relish the expe-rience for a long time. However, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He plunged into that tight passage once more before he began to grind against that wonderful round ass. He heard his own moans and grunts as he began pumping Andy full of his seed. His hips twitched slightly as he gave the mouse boy every drop he could deliver, until he nearly collapsed on top of him. He panted heavily as he gasped for his breath. It took all his remaining strength to push off the floor with his shaky arms. He was sure he failed miserably to cover up his unsteady steps as he left the ring.
Andy continued to lie on the cool concrete floor momentarily as he gathered his strength to stand. He couldn’t help but grin as he stood and felt Zack’s seed drip from his sore tail hole. He was sore but he did get what he needed.
* * *
"Cat and Mouse, always goes that way," Chris heard Marcus whisper in his ear, before he witnessed Zack lung forward to plow his massive spined cock into Andy's rear with no sympathy. He could hear the mouse boy’s whimpers as he struggled while he was ravaged. He was mesmerized as he watched Andy’s tight tail hole being stretched with every thrust. Chris swallowed hard as he recognized Andy’s sphincter distending slightly as those barbs dug into his sensi-tive flesh with every withdrawal of that barbed cock. However, it wasn’t long before Chris also noticed the mouse boy was moaning like a whore while blasting streams of thick cum back between his legs to saturate the floor behind him. Chris noticed every thick stream of spunk from the mouse boys climax was accompanied by his clenching tail hole. He nearly winced as Zack brutally lunged forward one last time where he began to grind against the small boy’s buttocks as if he could force himself deeper, while Andy cried out with a squeak. His heart raced as Zack began to grunt. Chris knew Andy was being filled with Zack’s seed. He nearly wished it was him out there being filled as he watched Zack’s tail hole clench with every twitch of his hips as he continued to fill the mouse boy.
* * *
Of course, Chris tried to divide his attention to the other rings as well. Chris recognized Maya in the second ring. She was completely naked and already on her hands and knees while she wiggled her cute fluffy tail at Felix who knelt down behind her about the same time as Chris witnessed Zack plow into Andy. Felix was a feline as well. He was slightly taller than Zack but more lithe and fit. His fur was tan-orange and covered in black jaguar-like spots. Despite being skinnier than Zack, he was more endowed, with a barbed cock nearing nine inches and a pair of larger fuzzy testicles. Maya showed no resistance to his approach. It was obvious to Chris that she wanted to be fucked as she raised her tail to reveal a tiny pink slit, which was dripping her slime like a leaky faucet.
Felix pounced on her before burying his feline cock nearly to the hilt in her. Chris was surprised how much length she could take, de-spite her small size. She instantly began bucking back against her lover while moaning slack-jawed in time with each thrust.
* * *
Chris also noticed Kyra, the quiet and intriguing tigress from the garden, was in the third ring despite the ring being the farthest from where he stood. She was dressed in sexy black and transparent linge-rie with crotchless panties. She sat on the concrete floor with her legs spread wide while holding her bright pink pussy lips apart with two fingers as Lori, a canine girl looking something like a collie, lapped hungrily at her. He moved closer after the action in ring one ended to see Lori thrusting her long tongue deep into Kyra's canal while grind-ing her muzzle against those separated lips. Kyra humped against the collie's face to grind her erect clit against Lori's sharp front teeth. Be-fore long, she let out an ecstatic cry causing Lori to jump back as Kyra began spraying. She sent spurts of her love juice from her pussy three or four feet to splatter Lori's chest, which quickly soaked her fur. The sight had Chris' cock trying to force its way out of his pants.
As the exotic displays continued, Marcus explained the club to Chris. "We call it 'the club', but it's really the 'sex club'. For some rea-son, Furs have a much more powerful sex drive than humans despite being sterile. Therefore, we need a way to release the sexual tension. Blake started the sex club years ago as a way to let off the stress of classes and a way to promote inter-sexuality between different types of Furs. As far as anyone knows, he and Leah were the first Furs of two different species to mate with one another," Marcus explained while new names were being drawn for the now empty circles.
Chris wondered how they even managed to make that first step.
"The table down there has two buckets. Everyone in here, except you and I have placed his or her name in a bucket. One bucket is for males. The other bucket is for females. Of course, there are too many Furs here for everyone to have their name drawn to have sex tonight. Usually only a couple dozen participants are chosen during a night, while everyone else gets to be a spectator. However, there's always the chance that they will be chosen. Like Blake said, there's no pure spectators, if you want to come here again you'll have to put your name in the bucket," Marcus continued to explain as the new partici-pants took their places.
Chris couldn’t pull his thoughts away from the memories of Maya being plowed by Felix as visions of the two rutting flashed in his mind, but mumbled back at Marcus in response, "I dunno about being watched by so many people but I'd love to have my name in that bucket." Of course, he was nervous about the idea of being watched by a crowd of forty or fifty Furs while he had sex. However, the idea was also extremely erotic and perverse. It provoked sexual fantasies in his mind, which he had never considered in his wildest dreams.
"Good… so the first bucket contains every male's name in it and the second has all the female participants. Ring one, over there… is always two males, which are drawn from the first bucket. Ring two in the center is always a male and female, and the third ring is always two females," Marcus explained with a toothy grin.
Chris tore his eyes away from the sex show and looked back at Marcus with a frown. "So, it doesn’t matter if your preference is for girls or guys. You have to have sex with whoever's name gets pulled?" he questioned as his heart pounded away in his chest.
"There's no backing out, either. Once your name is called, you don’t get out of the ring until both you, and the person you're paired with cum. Usually if you get paired with someone you aren’t interest-ed in or don’t want to have sex with, it ends in rape. Kind of like what happened with Andy and Zack. Andy likes that kind of treat-ment, though. However, pretty much everyone here is open to any partner, regardless of type or gender. Of course, you're the first human that has ever been in here or even known about the club. I know a lot of Furs want to know what it's like to have sex with a human. You're probably going to be in for a good ride either way… if you're willing," Marcus explained with a nod.
By this point, Chris was rock hard and leaking precum through his pants. He had already noticed numerous eyes casting him lustful looks, both male and female. He idly imagined what it would be like with each one of them. He couldn’t help but fantasize about being ravaged by a feline cock, knotted by a canine, or impaled by one of the bovines or equines. He idly wondered what it would feel like to sink every inch of his own member into the dozens of wildly varying pussies throughout the room before he looked back at Marcus once more. "Don’t suppose I can put my name in now, can I?" he found himself nearly begging.
Marcus shook his head and began chuckling. "No, we got here late. Names are only taken before the action starts. Normally, no one who gets here late is even allowed through the door. Blake made a big exception for us so I could show you what it's like here," he explained once he could regain his composure.
Chris sighed with disappointment, since he would have to wait before his fantasies could have any chance to become reality.
"Every once in a while, we have special 'guests' who show up to the club. When that happens, the fourth ring down there by the table, which isn’t normally used, is opened up for the guest. Then names are drawn for someone to participate with them," Marcus continued to explain as he watched for Chris’ response.
Chris was about to question what he meant by 'guests'. He wasn’t even sure if he cared. All he cared about was getting his name into the bucket.
“However,” Marcus began to explain, as if he sensed an impend-ing curiosity. "You'll notice that there are no reptilians, aquatics, or insectoids here. As far as I know, none of them attends the college. They all stick to the residential, factory, and service districts. On oc-casion, someone here who knows one of them, which is usually Blake himself, will invite one of them out here to participate. Sometimes other special events are done in the fourth circle too, like orgies be-tween larger numbers of Furs. It is usually five to ten participants. Other times it is masturbation machines and sex toys, or Leah's 'para-site' shows,” he explained and nearly laughed at the strange face Chris had at hearing the word parasite.
The last bit made Chris uneasy. "Parasite shows? That doesn’t sound... good... What kind of parasites are we talking about here?" he questioned nervously.
"We call them parasites, but that is just to get a reaction from new participants. It is usually just a pool full of eels. They like to squirm into any hole they can find. Leah also likes to bring in containers of creatures to use on participants. Those are usually crickets, spiders, bees, wasps, that sort of thing. It doesn’t happen often though. Don’t worry. They don’t bring anything that can actually hurt you, at least not too badly, unless you are allergic to something. Usually when she brings those critters to the club, she will use them on herself first be-fore offering the circle up to other participants. Blake loves to watch her do that," Marcus replied while he struggled to contain his laughter.
Chris shivered slightly, but he was convinced his erection grew even harder if it was actually possible. The idea of such creatures crawling on him, wriggling their way into who knows where, or biting and stinging his manhood was as revolting as it was frightening. However, it was strangely arousing at the same time. It was like the forbidden fruit. It was something so disturbing or freakish that it drew you in and made you desire to try it. He shook his head slightly to dispel his disturbing thoughts.
"Don’t worry about it. Like I said, you'll still get off and you won’t come out of it too much worse for wear. Just keep that in mind and you won’t have a problem with it. I've even used a couple of Leah's critters before and it's not as bad as you'd think it is," Marcus tried to reassure while he restrained his grin.
For the next hour or so, Chris watched as various Furs throughout the room were called into the rings to screw like beasts. They were full of lust and displayed no inhibitions to stop them from indulging themselves. Every manner of matchup could be seen: rabbits and ca-nines, canine and feline, feline and mouse, mouse and rabbit, it was like a sexual circus going on before his eyes.
When the night came to an end, Blake announced the club was over and would continue on Friday. The crowd began to funnel out of the room and up the narrow stairs. Chris and Marcus followed them out to head back to their dorm room. Both of them were sporting erections that were beginning to hurt from lack of attention.
When they got back to their room, Marcus immediately flipped on his computer. He went straight to his porn folder. He didn’t even pay a second thought to Chris being right next to him.
Similarly, Chris had begun to lose his inhibitions and shed his need for privacy. They kept fair distance from one another, but both knelt on the floor and masturbated to relieve the tension. When Chris could tell that Marcus was about to cum, he crawled across the floor while losing any inkling of decency he may have had left. Marcus was caught up in his rapidly approaching orgasm and paid Chris no heed as he continued to grip and squeeze his knot. Chris took the tip of Marcus' canine member into his mouth to savor a spurt of precum which escaped it. He began to suck, still stroking himself and looking up at Marcus' face.
Marcus was almost startled when he felt the disturbance at the end of his prick. He looked down at Chris before he grunted to blast his load into Chris' waiting mouth.
Chris came at the same time as he humped against his hand to splash thick cum onto the floor while he swallowed hard. He contin-ued drinking Marcus' gooey spunk like water from a tap, while he moaned in the throes of his own climax.
Marcus came for a few minutes before he was spent. He fell over backwards to lie on the floor while panting as his cock began to shrink. "Wow... I didn’t expect that..." he declared erratically from his heavy breaths and panting.
"Figured I could use a warm up before my next appearance at the club," Chris offered as an explanation as he got up to sit on his bed while Marcus inspected the small puddle of his roommate’s cum on the floor.
Marcus ran his fingers through the puddle curiously before he licked his fingers clean. "Tasty, thick... interesting. I think I might look forward to getting paired with you in the ring," he predicted with a smack of his lips, before he looked back at Chris with one of his toothy grins.
Chris returned Marcus’ grin with a wide foolish grin of his own before he laid back on his bed and almost instantly fell asleep.  

Chapter 5: FIRST TIME
he club was only held on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which made the wait through the next few days’ worth of classes al-most agonizing. Chris couldn’t keep his mind off what he had seen that night, or of participating the coming night. He had trouble focus-ing in class as he daydreamed about who or what he might be paired with during his first day of putting his name in the bucket. Some pos-sibilities were underwhelming. What if he was paired with a mouse boy, or a horse girl? For the former, he wasn’t sure he'd even feel the tiny prick poking at his back door. However, he'd never had anal sex before and had no idea what it might feel like. For the latter, he was sure he'd be embarrassed trying to please a girl who was designed to take a two- or three-foot long, arm-thick rod. He was only pushing seven to eight inches himself. At least, his own cock was thick enough that his hand was just able to grip all the way around it. However, that still paled to what he witnessed Blake sporting while he plowed Leah.
Nevertheless, some pairings were beyond frightening. What if he were put with a male equine? That massive rod could be too big for him. Would it be large enough to cause internal damage? Felines had those barbed cocks, which he had witnessed during his first visit. Those looked like they would hurt, but he had seen no blood or dam-age to Andy when Zack had ravaged him. He couldn’t forget about the canine pricks either. Canines possessed the massive knot, which was designed to swell and lock inside of a partner for up to half an hour or better. He knew the pressure of a knot would push against his prostate, which would probably send him into an amazing orgasm. However, would it hurt as it expanded in him, or tear him?
All these thoughts and more raced through his head throughout the days. It distracted him from class and caused him to stare at some of his classmates as he imagined what they might be like under their clothing.
“Did I see the Dean of Students check on you again today?” Marcus teased as they walked back to their dorm room after the class was finally released.
“Yeah, I think he hasn’t missed a day yet. I think he is worried I will get my head bitten off,” Chris answered with a slight chuckle. “What do you make of that announcement about the special guest?” he asked in a desperate attempt to change the subject. He didn’t feel comfortable about how the dean seemed to be singling him out from the other students.
“Who knows what that is about? At first, I thought it was one of the company investors, or a University supporter. They do come through occasionally. They seem to look at us like some sort of freak show. No one likes it, when the investors and uppity types do their tours of the city. However, I almost had the impression they were talking about another student. I clearly heard this special guest intends to attend some of the classes,” Marcus replied with a frown for his distaste of being put on display for the special guests like some sort of dog and pony show.
“Maybe, but they didn’t make the same announcements before I came, did they? I mean everyone seems to think having another hu-man student is a miracle or something. What kind of student could cause such a fuss?” Chris replied before he noticed Marcus’ deep frown for his choice of topic. “Well, if he is an ass we can feed him to a reptilian, so my head doesn’t get bitten off,” he joked to lighten the mood.
“Yeah, it would really suck for you to have your head bitten off now that we are starting to get used to you. Especially if it was bitten off before you got to participate tonight. I assume you are excited,” Marcus returned to teasing as his toothy grin returned at the change of subject.
"Can't wait, but I'm so nervous I could puke,” Chris replied as his entire body seemed to vibrate with a nervous energy. “I wonder who I'll get paired with,” he added as his imagination began to run wild once again.
"There's no way to know. You may not even be picked at all. Not all the names are drawn during one night. If you are drawn, your name is removed from the bucket for future drawings the same night. It lets everyone else get a chance and gives the chosen a chance to re-cuperate after their pairing," Marcus explained carefully. He wasn’t being quite honest, but it was for the best. Nevertheless, he tried to understand why he found Chris’ pending participation so exciting. It was nearly as intense as he recalled his own first time at the club.
* * *
After the sun retreated beyond the horizon, they once again stealthily made their way into the University gym and down into the boiler room. This time, they showed up earlier than they had last time. The two buckets full of scraps of paper were located outside the boiler room door. As they approached, Leah handed both of them a scrap of paper and a pen to write their names. They deposited both names into the bucket labeled for males.
As they entered the room, Chris noticed it was less full than it had been last time. He figured that either fewer Furs were showing up this round or it was early and not everyone had shown up yet. The rings were empty at the moment, and most of the Furs present were clothed. However, many were dressed very provocatively. He spotted Andy, the mouse boy, on the opposite side of the room wearing the same getup he had the last time. He had on the same fishnet stockings and sleeveless tank top.
After a short wait, albeit one that seemed longer than it was, Blake and Leah entered the room. Leah took the buckets to the table past the fourth ring, while Blake locked the door behind him, which trapped everyone who was present in the room until the night was over. Leah wasted no time pulling names from the bucket and began calling them out, while Chris watched with an intense sense of antici-pation and anxiety. However, he was somewhat saddened when his name was not among the first round as Furs walked out into the rings.
Furs he hadn’t seen before were in the first and third rings. How-ever, Andy was called into the second ring, along with an even shorter mouse girl that had the same fur coloring as Andy did.
"That's Terra. She's Andy's sister," Marcus whispered into Chris’ ear as he leaned over.
"I thought there were no brothers or sisters among Furs?" Chris questioned with a quizzical look.
"Despite what the professor said, many Furs do consider one an-other siblings. Andy and Terra were both created from the same mouse DNA. Both were birthed at the same time from the same woman, which makes them twins in a way," Marcus replied with a shake of his head for the way scientist and professors still misunder-stood the Furs.
Chris watched with interest in the forbidden pairing as brother and sister closed in on one another in the ring. Terra was the shortest fur he'd seen yet. She stood no more than three and a half feet tall, which was a head shorter than Andy or Maya. She had large round ears, a cute little nose, and a thin tail that flicked from side to side be-hind her. She was wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt, which she quickly shed onto the concrete floor, revealing a tiny but curvaceous figure.
Marcus grinned at him. "Cute, isn’t she? I was paired with her once, tightest pussy I've ever experienced. Couldn’t even get my knot in her, but man she can grip when she cums. She's a squirter too," he explained lustfully as his cock began to thicken at the memory.
Chris watched while he felt his pants tent again as Terra strad-dled her brother to begin humping on top of him. The two came quickly, Andy's balls clenching up as he unloaded into her while Ter-ra's pussy and anus convulsed, little spurts of her own thin clear juice squirting out around her brother's rod. After he had witnessed Andy with Zack two days ago, Chris knew how much cum Andy could produce. Nevertheless, Terra didn’t leak a drop of Andy’s thick white spunk. She held her brother's spunk inside her and made a point of letting everyone know it. Chris noticed some of the other male Furs around the room casting lustful looks at Terra while they idly stroked themselves.
After the rings were cleared, Leah began calling more names. This time Chris heard his own called for ring one. He failed to catch the name of whom he had been paired with due to his excitement. How-ever, he did hear Marcus winced audibly beside him.
"Good luck, don’t struggle too much," Marcus advised with what he hoped was a reassuring pat on the back.
When Chris stepped into the first ring, he found himself staring at Felix, the powerful jaguar fur who had been paired with Maya during the last session of the club. Felix stripped his pants to reveal his nine-inch prickly cock, which was covered from tip to base in erect spines. "This is gonna be fun. You a fighter, or you gonna let me fuck you willingly?" Felix asked as he stared at Chris with an excited toothy grin.
Chris took the initiative as he tossed his own clothes on the floor despite how incredibly exposed he felt before the crowd. Neverthe-less, Chris gave no response as he walked forward to kneel in front of Felix, before he took the cat's cactus-like cock into his mouth. Felix looked surprised, but moaned at the stimulation nevertheless.
"Well aren’t you a little slut? I'll let you taste for a while, but I'm still going to mount you," Felix declared as he watched Chris suck his dick.
Chris had used the maneuver primarily to get a closer inspection of the spines on Felix's rod. He was curious how sharp or hard they were. He was surprised to find they were neither. The spines were ti-ny. They were almost like hairs at the very tip, but grew much longer near the base. Each one was fleshy and soft, but stiff like a hardened penis, while not resembling bone or chitin in the least, as he had ex-pected. He was quite sure that these spines or barbs would provide amazing stimulation, and cause little to no damage at all.
Once Chris was satisfied with his discovery, he took Felix's member out of his mouth, before he licked the sweet and salty precum flowing from the tip of Felix’s rod off his lips. "Try to go easy on me. I've never done this before," he nearly begged as he looked up at Felix while a nervous shiver coursed through his body.
Felix laughed as he grabbed Chris by the shoulders to turn him around. He pushed Chris to his hands and knees before he squatted behind him to position the tip of his cone-shaped meat against Chris' ass. Felix leaned forward to put his muzzle next to Chris' ear while breathing hot and moist breath against it. "There's no going easy with me," he lied with a slight purring sound coming from his throat. He knew when to be easy and careful and this boy wasn’t it.
Before Chris could protest, Felix thrust forward to plunge several inches into him. Chris began to note that he could hardly feel those fleshy spines. However, he abandoned the thought as Felix pulled out to only leaving the very tip inside his ass. The barbs seemed to grab Chris' insides as Felix withdrew his prickly flesh. They seemed to jam themselves into his anal walls in protest, which caused Chris to gasp in shock. Felix quickly thrust back in to bury himself almost to the hilt this time. Chris could feel the massive member inside him. It filled his depths as his eyes fluttered at the intense sensation. Once more, Felix pulled out to leave only a few inches inside him. The spines along his shaft felt like they were trying to tear his intestines out of his body, which caused his body to shudder and cramp.
Felix plunged in again to bury himself completely. Chris could feel the fuzzy sheath scrunched behind Felix's erection as it mashed up against his stretched hole. As Felix began to grunt, Chris could feel the feline cock expanding inside him. Each spine seemed to stick straight out to jam itself into his rectal walls. The largest barbs near the base of Felix’s cock pressed sharply against Chris’ prostate, which caused him to groan like a whore as he was thrown into a powerful forced orgasm. Chris blasted thick spurts of cum onto the concrete floor. As Chris came, the muscles lining his anus squeezed and con-tracted around Felix's cock, which buried the spines deeper into the walls of his bowels to prolong his own orgasm past any he'd ever ex-perienced previously. Chris felt Felix's cock begin to pulse almost in-stantly. He could feel its girth rapidly growing and shrinking, before he felt a sudden but distinct change in temperature deep inside his gut. He knew Felix was unloading his large fuzzy balls nine inches deep into him. He was being filled with hot thick spunk, which almost made him feel like his insides were on fire.
The sensation was mind shattering. Chris barely recognized he had begun to grind his backside against his feline lover in an effort to force him deeper. As Chris’ orgasm subsided, he noticed Marcus in the next ring over while he pounded his dog meat into Maya at a furi-ous pace despite not being able to force his knot inside her. Maya threw her head back in ecstasy while her ears swayed with each of his savage thrusts while she bucked her hips back against Marcus's shaft.
After a long minute, Felix withdrew from Chris while the spines of his softening cock raked against Chris' sore hole. Despite the bulk of Felix’s burning cum remaining deep within his gut, Chris could feel some of the liquid dripping down the back of his scrotum before it dripped on the concrete floor. He was shaking from the experience. He was too light headed to stand. He gathered his clothes as he crawled to the side of the Boiler Room where he sat on the floor with his back propped against the chain link fence, which separated the center of the room from the water tanks. He watched Marcus and Maya finish their rutting while he attempted to gather his composure. He managed to smile weakly as Marcus left the ring and walked to-ward him.
"So, how was it?" Marcus grinned, showing off his sharp canine teeth with that now familiar grin.
“A… awesome," Chris stammered between his heavy breathing as he returned a huge grin of his own.  

Chapter 6: JESSI
he next day, Marcus decided to take Chris for a tour of the ser-vice district where the shops, parlors, and other attractions of the city were located to give him and his sore ass a rest. Besides, the service district wouldn’t be open the next weekend.
For the first few hours of the day, Chris found himself walking with a funny penguinesque’ waddle as he coped with his sore back-side. Felix's spined prick had done a number on him, which left him with a slightly swollen anus and sphincter muscles that had similar pain as his arms would have after a hard session of weightlifting at a gym.
First on Marcus' agenda at the service district was Cole's shop. Cole owned the sole adult supply store in the dome and by his own claim was the only 'official' producer of fur pornography in the world, while performing the photo shoots for his own Furton adult magazines in the back of his sizable shop.
As they entered, Cole never even looked up from a magazine he was going over behind the counter. "'Owdy mates, ow's it goin t'day? What can oi do fer yeh?" he greeted them with a thick and quite fake-sounding Australian accent.
Cole was an equine hybrid with brown fur who appeared slightly shorter and less burly than Blake did. He finally looked up from the pages of his dirty publication and noticed Marcus. He dropped his accent after recognizing his friend, and spoke in a more normal man-ner afterwards. "Ah, hey Marcus buddy, been a long time! What brings you to this dismal pit of erotic degradation?" he asked as he stood to greet his friend.
Marcus laughed and hugged Cole awkwardly before introducing Chris. "This is Chris. He's a new student at the University, and he's down with the club," he introduced with his typical toothy grin.
Cole shot Chris a surprised look. "Really? Participated yet?" he questioned skeptically.
Chris nodded silently and noticed Cole brightened up before donning his fake Australian accent once more.
"Well then mate, you've come to the roit place!" Cole assured be-fore dropping the accent again to laugh as he beckoned them to fol-low him around the store. "For some reason, everyone digs the accent. I figured it suits the business well enough. So, what're ya lookin for? Every magazine in here was shot and published by yours truly. I've got everything from canine vixens to equine studs," he assured as he winked and passively gestured to the horsemeat bulging in his tight jeans when he mentioned the last bit. "Or if you're into the real freaky and nasty, I've even got aquatics and insectoids," he continued as he gestured to more publications.
Chris nodded as he perused over shelf upon shelf of lewd publi-cations. He realized quickly that Cole was right. Every hybrid type of every gender, color, or build Chris could think of had its own maga-zine and they were all arranged into sections based on the hybrid spe-cies and gender. Most of the magazines held solo shoots, which went from fully, if scantily clothed, to nude, which then proceeded to mas-turbation scenes. Some contained strange sexual machinery the model used to get him or herself to orgasm. Some of the magazines showed two, three, or more separate Furs having primal intercourse with one another, which was far more risqué than any human porn magazines Chris had seen outside the dome. Each section also contained small discs with a picture and description near them describing the video shoots of the models for a more realistic pornographic experience.
Beyond the meandering isles of magazines and video discs, they came to the merchandise section. "Everything you see before you is made by a friend of mine right here in the dome. Every toy and ma-chine here is a completely unique and hand crafted masterpiece," Cole boasted as he motioned broadly at the merchandise.
Chris browsed shelves of sex toys and machines, while vaguely wondering who had made them. At the beginning of the section, clos-est to the magazines where they had previously browsed, were dildos, then pocket pussies, plugs, and vibrators. Most of those were crafted to resemble the animal-like genitalia of the various hybrid species very closely, but Chris spotted a few 'normal' dildos resembling human pe-nises as well. However, they were crafted in much less detail than the rest.
"Most of these are made from actual Furs. They are molded from their cocks or by injecting a resin into the pussy to obtain its shape and texture accurately. The human ones are occasionally requested. How-ever, we can’t get that kind of merchandise from the outside world while nobody here has yet to offer to let us make a mold. Those scien-tist types are so prude, y'know?" Cole explained once he recognized Chris’ curiosity.
"And how much would you pay if a human did offer you the chance to make a mold from him?" Chris asked with a chuckle.
"I suppose quite a bit. However, there are things more valuable than money around here. Free reign to the shop maybe, if that's your thing?" Cole answered with a wink.
"Maybe someday," Chris replied with a slight blush.
The three turned as the door to the shop opened and in strode an angel. The figure was lit to the point of glowing by the bright sun be-hind her. After she stepped in from the light, Chris saw her figure more clearly. She was a feline standing at roughly five feet and with a tight lithe body covered in the purest white fur. He noticed her fur rippled as she walked toward them while she moved with power and grace. She wore exotic clothing, which consisted of a strapless green silk tube top around her chest, semi-transparent green pants, which were baggy and loose except where they were bound to her form by gold anklets and a strap around her waist. Similar transparent sleeves covered her arms from wrist to bicep. As she moved closer, Chris could see that beneath her transparent pants she wore a white thong, which matched the color of her fur. With her pants so sheer that the edges of her pink pussy lips could be seen on either side of her white thong, she appeared to be naked from a distance.
"Oi, Jessay! Ready for a pho'o shoot, love?" Cole greeted with a hug.
"These two will be joining me, yes?" Jessi questioned with a smile at Chris and Marcus while nodding. She had a voice that was smooth and sultry, with the slightest twinge of a Russian accent.
Chris wondered if her accent was as fake as Cole's regardless of whether it was far more convincing. Besides, the sound fit her exotic appearance perfectly.
"Nah, they're just gonna watch, roit fellas?" Cole answered with a chuckle as he put an arm around her before he walked her to a door at the back of the shop.
Chris and Marcus nodded eagerly, which made them appear like a pair of fools.
Jessi issued a cute laugh as they followed her and Cole into the back room to reveal it was a photography studio housing dozens of cameras, backdrops, scattered clothing, and toys.
Cole set up two cameras. One would capture the still photos eve-ry few seconds while another would record video and sound in high detail. He directed Jessi to a cleared area at the opposite side of the room, which was empty except for a tropical canvas backdrop.
Jessi was clearly an experienced model who had done this for Cole several times previously and began without hesitation. She im-mediately began assuming sensual poses, which showed off the per-fect curves of her body as she slowly removed each piece of clothing. She kept her gaze primarily affixed on the cameras. However, she oc-casionally glanced to Chris and Marcus standing in the corner while each of them fondled their rock hard pricks, which they had pulled from their pants. She would occasionally offer a wink or lick her lips when she glanced over to them, which would sometimes draw a rep-rimand from Cole as he urged her to keep her focus on the cameras.
Once she had stripped off all her clothing, she laid on her back on the floor while bending her legs at the knees as she spread them apart. This gave both the Cameras and her two spectators a clear view of her moist and bright pink folds.
Chris couldn’t help but compare her feline sex to that of the ca-nines he had seen. Jessi's pussy appeared to be similar to what he had observed between Kyra's legs at the club. It was triangular shaped, which greatly resembled the swollen canine pussies he had seen on Leah and others at the club. However, Jessi's feline passage appeared tiny and tight. If he didn’t know better, Chris would have assumed one could barely fit a finger in her, much less a cock. He was con-vinced its elasticity betrayed that tiny entrance. Chris could also see a tiny, fleshy nub protruding slightly from the forward point of her tri-angular love box. It took him a moment to realize it was her erect clit. Her clit stuck out more than previously, once she began to use her fin-gers to spread the small lips to her tight passage. It appeared swollen and erect. It looked almost exactly like a miniature version of Felix's cock. It was cone-shaped and curved slightly upward. Upon closer inspection on one of the large monitors next to him showing what the cameras recorded, Chris could swear it was covered in hundreds of tiny spines. He could swear each barb was no thicker than a hair and no longer that of fine velvet. He was slightly startled as her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart before she pushed her clitoral hood back to reveal her erect clit in its entirety. He was sure her clit would measure nearly an inch long. It would be a rough guess from where he stood, but it could have been as thick around at its base as a pencil would be.
Jessi began stroking her clit with her index finger, while she used her thumb and middle finger to keep her lips apart. It was softly at first but grew ever more vigorous and occasionally she flicked it hard with her finger while her claw was extended. Each time she did, she let out a combination of a grunt and a high-pitched moan while her hips reflexively bucked at the stimulation. At the same time, Chris could see her tight hole convulsing and gripping at a cock that wasn’t there.
Within minutes, Jessi’s breathing quickened as her orgasm ap-proached like a runaway train. She let out an erotic cry as an orgasm hit her with full force while she ground her hips forward against air as waves of pleasure rippled through her body and soul.
Chris saw a spray of liquid emerge from her pussy, which spurt five or six feet through the air to splash on the concrete floor. Jessi had ejaculated just as Kyra did that first night he saw her in the ring with the collie. Now, he was convinced that this was a trait common to the feline Furs. However, he could see more clearly this time. This allowed him to recognize the ejaculate was not coming from Jessi's passage as he had assumed, but rather from the tip of her clit, which pulsated and pulled back into her folds slightly with each spurt it emitted. The display was enough to push him over the edge as well. He shot his own load onto the floor mere inches from where Jessi's had landed. Her puddle was clear and sticky in contrast to the thick white splatter he let loose. Nevertheless, he found his mind wondering if there was any resemblance to an actual feline animal or if the long spitting clit was some sort of scientist’s perverted modification, while he panted to catch his breath.
After cleaning up and departing the sex shop with a few free vid-eos Cole had given them, Marcus and Chris ate at a nearby restaurant, which served seafood from an aquarium at its center. As the sun be-gan to near the western horizon, Marcus suggested a visit to the mas-sage parlor before it closed.
Chris had never received a 'professional' massage before, and agreed to give it a shot despite his concern for the expense. After a short wait, he and Marcus were lead to a long room filled with nu-merous body-sized tables. Each table was covered with a clean white towel and had a hollow at one end to lay your head face down. The attendant was a small-statured canine female with golden fur. She in-structed them to remove their clothes and pick their tables. After a short wait, their masseuses entered the room.
A mouse girl, who tended Marcus, was barely three feet tall with silver fur and pale pink ears and a matching pink tail. She had to climb onto the table to use both her hands and feet to knead the canine's back. The scene caused Chris to wonder if she even weighed enough to make an impact on him.
As his own masseuse entered the room, Chris studied her with wide-eyed excitement. She was an aquatic hybrid, which he had only heard about previously. He hadn’t actually seen an aquatic fur until now. She stood at roughly five and a half feet tall. However, her height was deceiving, because the lower half of her body mimicked a snake's body. It was long, tubular, and slightly flattened, reaching out more than six feet behind her. On her backside, she was covered from head to tail with tiny emerald scales no bigger than a fingernail, which glimmered in the light. She had no breasts, only different scales stretching down her front side across her abdomen. These began at her neck and proceeded down the front part of her snake-like lower half. They were wide and flat, with slightly bluer and less green than the scales elsewhere. Just below her pelvic region the wide scales down her front were separated in the middle by a series of the smaller green scales, surrounding what Chris assumed was her pussy. It was a verti-cal, featureless slit, showing a thin line of pink flesh. The naga-like girl had long, wavy blue hair, reaching from her scalp down to the small of her back, just above where her snake half began. She wore a sort of bulbous glass collar filled with water, which covered her gills to allow her to breathe. He could see the five horizontal gashes, and knew in-stantly the constantly pulsating slits on both sides of her neck were in fact her gills.
Chris noticed her fingers were disproportionately long and thin. He was sure they were three or four times longer than his own were, each separated from the next by a thin membrane similar to an am-phibian's webbed feet. He assumed this would facilitate an incredible swimming ability. The undersides of her fingers were lined with octo-pus-like suckers. As she ran her bizarre hands over Chris' back, he could feel each sucker adhering to his skin. They held onto him for a moment before letting go. The experience was incredibly relaxing, as if she was literally pulling the stress from his muscles as a leech would pull blood from a host.
Chris and Marcus both agreed their massages were over far too soon as the exotic masseuses left while the shop closed, which forced them back out onto the street. Chris couldn’t help but comment on the strange features of the aquatic girl, but found Marcus was just as clue-less as he was.
"There aren’t many aquatics and they usually keep to their homes. They are quite beautiful though, aren’t they?" Marcus replied with a shrug of his shoulders.
Beautiful was definitely fitting, though in a completely alien way. The darker parts of Chris' mind pulled him toward lustful thoughts, to imagining sexual encounters with the aquatic girl and how they might turn out as the two walked back to their dorm room. He realized he was more than eager for the next visit to the club. Chris idly noted that he was quickly becoming addicted to these sexual encounters, almost as if they were a form of drug. 

Chapter 7: MAYA
hris spent Sunday with Marcus, but this time it was spent study-ing and writing papers, which they should have been working on all weekend.
Throughout the following days, Chris took every chance he could to look through the magazines and discs Cole had given him. He did it in the morning, on lunch break, and after class. He found adver-tisements, stories, and articles that discussed every aspect of Fur sex-uality interspersed through the pages upon pages of raunchy, feral porn, and they enthralled him. His imagination ran wild to put himself in place of the characters in the stories while forming images in his mind of sexual adventures with Furs he had never imagined existed. He was surprised to find very few of the stories submitted to the magazine were about the sex club at the University, and even those had tried to cover up the fact that they were. Chris only recognized them from having been there himself and extrapolating the omitted details. Of course, he realized he had only attended twice, and there could have been other stories from the club, which he would not be able to recognize.
Even more interesting to him were advertisements by various Furs throughout the dome, which offered sexual services ranging from en-hancements to intercourse. One ad that caught his eye showed Leah, the wolf-girl, who presided over the sex club. The article attached ex-plained Leah's odd fetish for the creepy-crawlies and insects she used in her sex play. The article claimed that despite their disturbing nature they could raise anyone to new heights of pleasure along with grant-ing other attributes ranging from increased penile size to heightened sensitivity. Chris was skeptical about the so-called 'benefits' Leah's advertisement flaunted, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the idea. Perhaps someday he would ask Leah about it, and see if she'd put on a show for him. However, he wondered if Blake would allow it despite his memory of Marcus’ assurances how much the man loved to watch Leah do just that.
Another article spoke about the use of clitoral pumps in specific regards to the over-sized, barbed clitorises of Feline Furs. He was sur-prised to read testimonials by female felines claiming that their clitoris could enlarge to several inches in length after using such pumps. Some even described acts of urethral insertion, where the feline would pene-trate a male's member with her clit to provide intense orgasms, while unleashing ejaculate inside the male's penis. Such a thing had never occurred to him previously, not even after seeing Kyra and Jessi and their cum-spraying clits had the thought crossed his mind. However, like so many other odd things discussed in the magazine articles, it led his imagination astray. It made him want to try the unfathomable act of letting a cat girl impale herself in his manhood.
By the time, Chris and Marcus finally arrived at the club Tuesday night, Chris had been hard and ready to go for hours. Blake just chuckled once he noticed Chris’ bulging pants as they passed the boil-er room door and entered the room beyond. They immediately found themselves assailed with all manner of naked flesh. There was no lack of swollen pussies, dripping slits, and hard, leaking cocks to be seen. Chris blinked his eyes in disbelief as he noticed a group of swine standing together in the far corner. He scanned the crowd and noticed a few other new Furs he hadn’t seen previously. One was a very at-tractive doe, who appeared rather skittish as she was led around by Lori, the collie-looking canine, whom he assumed was her friend. He knew it had to be the doe’s first time attending the club when he overheard Lori explaining the rings. He couldn’t help but lick his lips as he watched her walk past, her nervous tail twitching across her rounded rump while her hips swayed hypnotically. “Damn, she’s cute too,” Chris observed with a lustful grin after a short pause. He heard Marcus chuckle before he was pulled along towards a rather dis-pleased appearing Leah. Chris and Marcus barely made it to the buck-ets in time to add their names before the first drawing. Leah already had them on the table and she was stirring the little scraps of paper for the first drawing. He met Leah’s gaze as she scowled at them for run-ning late as they hastily placed their scraps of paper with their names in the bucket before she projected her voice to the far side of the room.
* * *
Faline couldn’t believe she let Lori talk her into this. Her heart felt as if it would implode every time Leah drew names from the fe-male bucket. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t use some sort of release… She needed it in the worst way, but to seek pleasure from someone whose name was drawn from a bucket was insane. It was all she could do to refrain from smacking the back of Lori’s head as she led her around the room filled with erect and dripping pricks, some of which were nightmarish in length and girth.
“This is ring three. Two names will be drawn out of the female bucket for this ring and-” Lori explained until she was interrupted.
“Two females… you mean- you can’t be serious, Lori,” Faline protested in disbelief, but, she could see the mischievous glint in her friend’s eyes and knew it was true. “I will get even with you for this,” she swore with a curse under her breath.
* * *
"Tonight, ring four will be open for orgy. I'll be calling it first, then the other rings…,” Leah announced before she proceeded to rat-tle off a list of six names for the fourth ring with Marcus’ name among them. Marcus grinned before he left Chris' side along the edge of the room. He made his way at an eager trot toward the fourth ring while shedding what few clothes he had worn to the club, releasing his bulging canine cock for the crowd to see. Along with Marcus, Leah had called out the names of four other males, one of which was another canine who was slightly smaller in stature than Marcus was. Another male was a bull-like bovine with a three-foot long spike-shaped rod. The other two were felines. One of which was small and lithe while the other was Felix, the intimidating jaguar Chris had been taken by several nights ago. The sixth name was a female equine. The mare sported a winking, pulsating cunt that glimmered with slick, moist girl juices.
Chris edged closer to the fourth ring so he could have a better view of the event, while completely ignoring the other three rings and their participants. Chris took up a position only a few feet away from Leah and the name buckets. He watched as the horse girl got on her hands and knees, spreading her thick thighs and winking her pussy at the men in her circle. He was surprised when Felix mounted her first, he'd actually expected a little fighting or struggle among the males to determine the order. He supposed they could just be too horny to care who went first.
Felix wasted no time and dove in. He drove his pole into the mare's squeezing hole and continued his thrusting at a frantic and lust-ful pace. The strong, squeezing muscles of her passage served to en-courage him as he plowed into her with all he had to offer. He heard her whinny and groan under him as he frantically bred her. He could feel his orgasm rushing on him too quickly but no longer cared.
The mare whinnied and groaned, throwing her head back in pleasure as she relished the feel of Felix’s barbed cock raking her in-sides and stabbing against her large, silver-dollar-sized clit. She pushed back into his brutal thrusts, craving more of him. Her hips bucked and ground against him in lust to force those spines to rake her clit as he continued to pound into her. She was nearly disappoint-ed as his grunts announced his climax had already arrived. However, she continued to buck against him while he tried to bury his seed as deep as possible. She released another whinny as those throbbing spines finally caused her an orgasm of her own. It wasn’t a mind-shattering climax, but her clenching passage extended his to allow those spines more time stimulating her clit.
Felix was almost embarrassed by his early release, but her whinny caused him to grin as her sex clamped down on his shaft with incredi-ble strength. His hips twitched as he ground up against her bucking hips, while she seemed to milk him forever. He nearly hated to dis-mount her, once he realized his rod was beginning to shrink. He stepped back hesitantly to witness a splash of his seed gush from her as she continued to wink and clench for his cock which was no longer there. He was delighted he had been able to give her some pleasure despite not having the equipment she was well capable of handling. He had barely moved away as an eager Marcus brushed past him. He hesitantly left the ring to gather his clothes and to watch the rest of the night’s pairings with a satisfied smile on his face for not only his performance but for the warm and relaxed euphoria from his release.
Chris had watched Felix pound the mare for all he was worth with open fascination. That huge oversized clit couldn’t be natural. Was it another example of anomalies from the splicing of the animal and human DNA? He was beginning to fantasize about possibility of perverted scientist modifying the Furs during their creation to enhance their sexual prowess. However, he noticed the other males watched the show while waiting eagerly for their turn as if her huge clit was a common thing. He only snickered as an anxious Marcus jumped at the chance to take second place, while some of the other males fidgeted impatiently.
Marcus grabbed the mare by her hips before he thrust forward in-to her cum slicked passage. He was nearly shocked as his knot entered her with little resistance. He disregarded his thoughts of inadequacy once he felt her clenching passage as she continued to wink to evis-cerate all his thoughts. Her winks splashed her juice and Felix’s spunk on his testicles as he plowed his knot in and out of her until she grasped his knot tight with her strong muscles. He knotted her within seconds as her pulsing passage coaxed his bulbous flesh to expand to his limit as her whinny announced her second climax.
The mare gasped as she felt the canine’s knot stretch her opening as he plunged into her cum slicked hole. She shuddered as he plunged that thick mass in and out of her. She relished the feeling as it slammed against her engorged clit. She felt a second climax approach-ing like an avalanche as he continued to piston his growing mass in and out of her. Her sex instinctively grasped him as she whinnied in ecstasy. She could feel him expand to his limit before he began to grunt to fill her with all he had.
Chris could see Marcus' ass clenching and pulsing under his raised tail, and knew that he was unloading his seed. He knew Marcus would be a while as he filled her with all he had to offer. However, he realized the other canine came to the same conclusion, when his impa-tience grew too much for him to endure. Chris just grinned as the re-maining canine grabbed hold of the small feline by the waist before forcing him to the ground, despite the skinny cat boy’s attempts at wriggling free.
The canine positioned himself, heart racing in anticipation, before he plunged his throbbing flesh into his new feline toy. He ignored the boy’s yelp as he plowed his knot into the boy’s tight anus, where it became lodged instantly. He knew it would prevent any escape, no matter how much the boy struggled. He continued to hump frantically while his knot continued to swell. His climax wracked his body as he filled the cat boy’s ass with his seed.
The cat boy panicked as the impatient canine grabbed him by his hips. He scrambled and clawed at the concrete to escape as he felt the tip of the canine prick penetrate his sphincter. He gasped as he felt the canine plunge into the depths of his anus, his efforts to escape dou-bling as the canine pounded his ass mercilessly. There was no stifling his screech as the horny canine plowed into him with his growing knot. He clawed and clambered futilely as the lust-driven canine con-tinued to hump his sore tail hole. He could feel every throb of the ca-nines swelling knot as it stretched him. His eyes squinted shut as he attempted to pull away in desperation. However, the sensation of that throbbing flesh as it pressed against his prostate was nearly too much for him to endure. It only took a couple humps before he realized the canine was cumming deep in his bowel. He continued to claw at the concrete despite the hopelessness of the act. His eyes opened wide, once he realized his efforts only served to press that throbbing and jumping flesh in his rectum tightly against his prostate. His orgasm washed over him in a tidal wave as the sensation of the canine’s hot seed filling his bowels and the abuse of his prostate became too much for him to ignore.
Chris watched intently as the cat boy tried to clamber away, scratching against the ground with his claws. Chris could see the cat boy’s rectum distend with every lunge as he desperately tried to es-cape. He could only imagine the feeling as the cat boy pulled on the knot, which locked the two of them together. He knew it had to be mashed against the boy’s prostate.
The male feline had nearly given up once he noticed the human staring at him, as he was ass raped. The human had a strand of pre-ejaculate hanging from the tip of this erection to his knees as he fon-dled it. The canine nearly broke him when it grabbed him by the shoulders to pull him up and back, as if he thought he could somehow force his cock deeper. The canine’s knot abusing his prostate forced him into orgasm as he sprayed a thick stream of cum from his prickly member. The ejaculation was so forceful that his spunk was shot clear out of the ring.
Chris jumped slightly as the spray splattered across his face, lips, and shirt. Chris gripped his rod tightly with one hand as he watched the display. He idly wiped the cum off his face with his other hand while looking the girlish cat boy in the eyes, before he licked his fin-gers clean and grinned. He heard the feline moan while still attached to his attacker's knot and came repeatedly until his cum dripped onto the ground, his eyes remaining locked with Chris’ stare.
Chris knew Marcus had finally dismounted the mare but he couldn’t force himself to break his gaze away from the cat boy’s glare.
Marcus dismounted the mare with a sigh and a smile of satisfac-tion as he watched a dribble of semen escape her passage, staggering a little as the bovine bull pushed him to the side. He barely caught a glimpse of that wonderful pussy wink once more, splashing out their combined juices before the bull plowed into her with his massive ta-pered cock. Marcus heard her gasp as her eyes opened wide at being stuffed full of cock. He just grinned as he realized the bull was the only one of the three who had mounted her that had the equipment to sate her lust adequately.
The mare groaned as the bull plowed into her, her eyes closed as she savored the fullness of her tunnel clamped down on him before he withdrew his massive flesh. She longed for that full sensation to re-turn, nearly whimpering as she felt his tip rest at her entrance. She pushed back into him as he slammed forward, his hips meeting her round buttocks with a slap of flesh. She felt his huge testicles slap against her with the impact. Her hips bucked against his intruding flesh madly while he pounded her mercilessly. She moaned like a whore, throwing her head back while her tongue lolled out and drool dripped from her lips, as orgasm after orgasm shattered her thoughts.
The bovine bull had waited as long as he could. He knew why the small canine had opted to take the small male feline for a ride. He had even considered mounting the male canine as he filled the mare, but he wanted to mount something that could accommodate all his length for a change. He hadn’t minded waiting his turn while some of the smaller males serviced her, but it had taken too long for the canine’s knot to slip out of the mare. He couldn’t wait any longer. With his throbbing flesh in hand, he pushed past the canine, who seemed intent to stand and stare at her winking sex for the rest of the evening. He stepped forward as he guided his aching rod into her. His eyes flut-tered shut as his length was swallowed into her depths. A moan of ecstasy escaped him as she clamped down on his length. He took a deep breath as he withdrew until his tip rested at her entrance, seizing her hips before he plunged back into her. All control and restraint left him as his hips slammed into her large round ass as she pushed back into him and ground against his shaft. He began to thrust and buck into her with a lustful madness. He continued to piston into her while she continually clenched and grasped at his flesh. Her moans and grinding of her hips encouraged him to breed her with animalistic bru-tality. He wished it could last forever, but he felt his climax rushing over him too soon. He didn’t care. His flesh erupted as he held onto her hips tightly. He ground against her ass as he buried his seed deep. His legs pawed at the floor as he frantically pushed into her while her pulsing, clenching, and grasping passage drained him of every drop of his pent up seed. He continued to fill her as his hips twitched and bucked into her. It was over to soon. He nearly collapsed on top of her as his spent flesh slid from her gaping sex with a splash as his ex-cess seed hit the concrete. He did spare a satisfied smile as he watched another gush of their mixed fluids escape her gaping and quivering passage. He slowly exited the ring, staggering away on wobbly legs.
The mare took a moment to gather her composure as her body continued to quiver, the last remnants of her nearly endless orgasm subsiding. She wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, before she reached behind her to catch a handful of spunk as it drained from her. She brought it to her mouth and licked her hand clean before she attempted to stand. Her legs felt weak as she made her way out of the ring with a satisfied smile.
Once the rings finally cleared, Chris heard his name called for ring two. He stripped his pants off and stepped to the center of the room, wondering what kind of girl he would be paired with since he missed her name over the ever-present roar of chatter that rang throughout the club. His jaw dropped as an already completely nude Maya stepped into the ring with him. Her petite body, at only four feet tall, was curvaceous and beautiful, covered in soft white fur which flowed perfectly over her form. He had seen her participate in the club before, and thus had seen her naked previously, but never this close and never with the prospect of rutting with her looming only seconds away.
Chris’ heart threatened to burst as she walked toward him with a slow and swaying stride while her well-rounded butt wiggled from side to side. He could easily make out the insides of her thighs were soaked from her own flowing nectar. A thin string of clear slime hung from the pink lips between her legs. It almost reached to her knees before sticking to the fur of her inner thigh. His mouth salivated as she circled him once before reaching up to his neck to pull him down to her. Maya placed her whiskered, button-nosed rabbit muzzle so close to his ear from behind him that he could feel her moist breath as she whispered, in a tone that carried more lust than Chris thought words could convey.
"I've wanted you since I first saw you,” Maya whispered before she pulled back a bit to lick his neck. "I'm going to take every drop of that delicious spunk of yours," she swore after she nuzzled up to his ear again, before twisting away to move in front of him. She pushed against his chest as she slowly walked forward while directing him down to the ground where Chris lay on his back, his cock standing straight up for the entire room to see. Maya straddled him, her slick cunt pulsing slightly to drip another strand of goo from it, swaying her hips just enough to direct her juice to land on the head of his throb-bing member.
The hot liquid caused Chris to squirm as it dripped down his shaft to his balls. Maya leaned forward to kiss him as she lowered her-self onto his prick. In one slow, drawn-out motion, she engulfed it clear to the base. As they kissed, Chris noticed that her slightly bucked teeth made the experience rather difficult. They were con-stantly getting in the way of his tongue, and at one point, she bit him, which drew a small bit of blood from his lower lip. However, he bare-ly spared a thought for it once he felt her pussy begin to grip at his shaft with experienced muscles. He could swear her tight passage was ribbed throughout its depths. Each time she lowered herself onto him or pulled back away, he could feel the pronounced ridges stroking against the head of his member. Each one felt like a separate sphinc-ter, which locked itself around his shaft. He was convinced that once he had cum inside of her, each of them would seal up to trap his seed in her womb so none could leak out.
Maya lost herself in ecstasy as she humped against him, bringing herself to three wet and shuddering orgasms in a row.
Chris could feel her slime covering his entire length. It soaked the pubic hair on his balls and collected between the cold concrete and his ass. When the rabbit girl came a fourth time, he could no longer hold his own orgasm back, groaning as his balls clenched up into him in a desperate effort to relieve themselves of their seed. The pressure con-tinued to build as Maya's vice-like pussy muscles clenched his shaft, cutting off his spunk's only exit. Finally, the first set of her muscles released their grip. He could feel his massive load travel a few inches down his urethra before being stopped again by the next sphincter. Maya gripped with the first ring of muscles once again while she grunted and groaned with exertion, before she loosened the second set of muscles, which allowed his cum to travel another few inches.
The process was both agonizing and exhilarating. Chris could have sworn by using her obscene muscular control, Maya prolonged his own orgasm by at least twice his normal duration. Each time she restricted his cum from moving further up his shaft, he could feel an-other spurt from within his testicles spray forth. She was literally milk-ing him to force him to produce more spunk than he ever had previ-ously during a single orgasm. His urethra stretched from the pressure as it filled with two, then three, then four full loads of his cream. It became almost painful as his cock swelled with the contents. Finally, Maya gasped and bucked against him before releasing her vice-like grip, moaning as every drop of his load blasted with incredible force into her womb at once.
Chris felt her squeeze each set of muscles again in succession, from the base of his cock to the tip to milk out every last drop she could. When she was satisfied that she had as much of his juice as she would get, she dismounted him. Not even the slightest amount of his cum leaked from her swollen pink lips. Maya rolled onto her back where she proceeded to spread her legs wide to finger her slit to an-other squealing orgasm, which caused her eyes to roll back into her head before it made her entire body shake as if she was having a sei-zure. She muttered an incoherent complement to Chris as she lay pant-ing on the floor, which evoked a proud grin from him before he kissed her once more. He gathered his remaining strength before he retreated from the ring.
"I didn’t think I could cum that much," Chris mumbled as he con-tinued to breathe heavily to catch his breath, once he was standing next to Marcus, who had watched the entire rutting with unwavering eyes.
"Maya knows how to get what she wants," Marcus agreed with a knowing toothy grin and nod.
Chris was spent, but felt the contentment such an amazing or-gasm offered as he wandered around the room to watch the various rutting in the rings. His curiosity got the better of him, once he caught a glimpse of one of the boars headed to ring one. By the time his feet brought him to ringside to watch, the boar already had a small feline boy on his hands and knees. Chris didn’t know much about pig or swine genitalia and he was spellbound by the corkscrew-tipped cock of the boar, which he pressed against the feline’s tight opening. Chris watched the small feline's face turn from fright to sexual bliss as the boar began to plow into him.
“Boars are not a bad ride,” Marcus assured as he stepped up be-hind his roommate to watch.
“He seems to be enjoying it,” Chris observed with a grin as the feline began to spray his spunk onto the concrete.
“Boars are not very thick but they are long and their cock seems to worm around inside you while battering at your prostate and every-thing else, but not causing any pain like a feline’s barbed shaft or a canine’s knot can. Of course, the equine and bovine are just too big to be comfortable,” Marcus, explained as he studied his roommate. “You know I wasn’t sure if you would want to return after you drew Felix on your first time. There are some who don’t return after their first pairing or make their appearances very rare,” he confessed without elaborating.
“I was sore as hell, but I lived,” Chris answered without looking away from the spectacle in the ring. “It was more than worth it. I can’t deny it was a hell of a ride,” he added with a grin as he glanced at Marcus. “That is good to hear. Like I said, it is very rare, but occa-sionally they don’t return after they are drawn for ring one, or it is very seldom when they do,” Marcus explained, but withheld the rest of the story. “Boars seem to have plenty of stamina too,” Chris ob-served without questioning Marcus’ comment, before the boar began to grunt as he filled his feline toy. “They cum buckets too… Not like a bovine or equine but they know how to fill a hole. You wait until you see one mount a female. That corkscrew will become embedded in her cervix and he will fill her until her belly is distended,” Marcus assured with a slight chuckle for his roommates look of disbelief. “Who else is a good ride?” Chris asked curiously. “It depends on what you like? There are a few around here, which are almost legends in their own right. Flash doesn’t ever have to submit to anyone. Well, it is very sel-dom. He is that good. Then there is Brock,” Marcus began but cut off with a shudder. “Who are they?” Chris asked curiously, while he watched in disbelief as the boar dismounted the cat boy to allow a river of his spunk to spill out of the feline’s tail hole and onto the con-crete. “One is a rabbit. You will see him. He comes to the club on a regular basis. The other… we think he might be a badger of some sort. He is rather unsocial with the appropriate temperament to be a badger. I do not know anyone who has dominated him. It is rumored he is flawed somehow to not feel any pain. He isn’t any bigger than I am but he is pure muscle and he never submits. You would just have to see him in action once to understand,” Marcus explained as he lis-tened to the names being called out. “Oh, we have to go watch this,” he declared as he grabbed his roommate and began to drag him to ring three. “This is the first female deer to attend the club. I don’t know much about them but as you said earlier, she is cute,” he explained as he drug his roommate along.
* * *
“How long does this last?” Faline questioned nervously as she tried her best not to stare at her friend's dripping and swollen mound. “Not much longer,” Lori answered with a frown. “I was sure your name would have been drawn to one of the rings. It does happen though. I mean not everyone can have his or her name drawn every night. However, you always have a chance. You may have to come back to try again,” she grumbled in her disappointment. “Come back?” Faline replied in disbelief. There was no way in hell she was coming back. Not after the things she had witnessed. She would be lucky if she could ever sleep again. “Oh, come on, do not try to deny this excites you,” Lori challenged as she slipped her hand between Faline’s thighs to coat her hand with her juices. “I… I…,” Faline stammered with a blush as she tried to understand herself. “Oh, you have been drawn to ring three,” Lori announced excitedly. “I can’t,” Faline protested as her heart threatened to explode. “You are paired with Midnight. She has a wonderful tongue,” Lori exclaimed as she pulled her reluctant friend along to ring three. “I can’t,” Faline pro-tested as she stared at the black feline across the ring from her. “She likes to be on top. Just go out there, lie down, and have fun,” Lori in-structed before she pushed her friend into the ring.
Faline thought she might wet herself as she stared at the female black panther’s long fangs. Of course, she wasn’t even sure if anyone would even notice by this point. She was already soaked. She could feel her wetness clear to her hooves. It had been all she could do to keep her fingers from her slit, she had caught her hands slipping to-wards her sex as she stared at other masturbating females while they watched the rutting in one ring or another.
Midnight had been watching the poor doe all night. It was obvi-ous Lori had brought the poor girl to the club before she was ready. You could see the fear in her eyes as well as smell it on her scent. Her tail betrayed her fears as well as it constantly flagged everyone. She was sure the poor girl had to force her tail down consciously to hide her small slit and pretty tail hole from those that stared wantonly at them. They had decided to put the pairing off until the last drawing to give the girl a little more time to become accustomed to the idea, but she hadn’t even caught the doe masturbating once during the long night. She could see the poor thing’s fear as Lori pushed her forward. Midnight was amazed Faline found the courage to step forward to-wards the center of the ring. She could see the girl visibly shake with fright. How the poor thing made it to the center of the ring without losing control of her bowels was beyond her imagination.
Faline couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. It was as if her legs had a mind of their own as she shuffled out to the center of the ring. However, the sight of the damp pools of other female’s flu-ids at her hooves was nearly too much for her young mind to compre-hend. She had witnessed the creation of several of those damp stains. However, she couldn’t… she didn’t know how to…
Midnight reached out to lift the poor girl's chin, and it nearly broke her heart to witness the timid doe flinch as if she was being as-saulted. The dampness in her eyes did not help. “I will not hurt you,” she assured as she gazed into her frightened eyes before she leaned in close. She could feel the girl’s quick ragged breaths on her muzzle be-fore she pressed her lips to Faline’s lips. Her tongue slipped out ten-derly as the doe gasped. She slipped her tongue into Faline’s mouth tentatively. She held Faline’s frightened eyes in her gaze as she sought out her tongue with hers. She began to caress Faline’s tongue slowly and carefully as she watched, the doe’s eyes began to flutter shut.
Faline felt her face flush again once she realized she had embar-rassed herself further by flinching at the panther’s touch. She let the panther raise her chin as she tried to blink away the dampness in her eyes. She wanted to run away… to hide… anything but be where she was while everyone stared at her. However, she was frozen as she stared into the panther’s jade green eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as the panther leaned into her. A gasp of shock escaped her as their lips touched. She nearly pulled away as she felt that rough tongue invade her mouth. She wanted to pull away, but the panther’s gaze held her imprisoned where she stood. She was sure she was about to faint as that rough tongue began to tease her frozen tongue before her eyes began to flutter shut. A breath of resignation escaped her as her tongue began to mingle with the panther’s coarse tongue. She didn’t notice all her nervousness evaporated as her arms wrapped around the panther to pull her tight against her.
Midnight could feel Faline’s fears fade away as she seemed to melt in her arms once the doe returned her embrace. There was no denying her smiles as the doe returned her kiss hungrily. She gently leaned Faline back and guided her to the floor where they continued to kiss passionately. Her hand slid down the doe’s slender form until it began to caress her dripping slit. She ran a clawed finger around her entrance in a teasing way, before slipping inside of her fevered con-fines. She nearly laughed as the girl’s hips bucked as her back arched almost immediately. The girl did need this, despite her reservations.
Faline’s mind swam as her body shuddered feverishly, while her tongue attacked the intruder in her mouth. However, it was when she felt something rub against her small clit, which ended cognitive thought as her body rebelled against her. Her hips bucked and her back arched as she felt her insides cramp. It took a moment to realize she was the source of the groans as her head thrashed back and forth. Her eyes opened to see the panther smiling down at her.
“Feel a little better?” Midnight teased with a grin before she licked her lips. She received a hesitant nod for her answer and found the girl's continued reservations and nervousness irresistible. “You are cute like this. You know every male will be spanking themselves raw while thinking of you after this when they return to their rooms,” she assured before she kissed the girl gently on the cheek. “You do realize we both must cum before you can leave this ring,” she added as she continued to tease the girl’s clit with her now drenched hand. There was no containing her giggles for the nervous nod this time. “Don’t you worry. I will be easy on you. Just do as I do,” she instructed be-fore she released the doe from her embrace. She held the girl’s fright-ened eyes while she moved to where she could squat over her muzzle. There was no mistaking the girl’s horror as she stared at her dripping snatch. Midnight moved herself around slightly as she watched a string of her nectar drip to the petrified girl’s muzzle, which she in-stinctively licked up. She was delighted to watch the girl’s expression turn from terror and disgust to a grin of lust as she licked her lips. Midnight took her time to lower herself onto her muzzle and was the one to be surprised when Faline reached up to grab her hips before she was pulled down onto Faline’s eager snout. It didn’t take long to real-ize the doe didn’t have the experience to be skilled but she made up for it with enthusiasm as Faline attacked her with her tongue. She didn’t bother to stifle her moans of pleasure as her hips rocked back and forth to grind her sex across the girl’s muzzle, before she fell for-ward to attempt to bury her tongue into that incredibly small slit.
Faline was still stunned as she came down from her powerful or-gasm. She had masturbated in private before but this was so different. To be touched by another, was so intense… erotic… amazing. She had cum, before the panther had barely penetrated her. She couldn’t believe how good she felt as Midnight’s arms held her. She would be happy to lay there for the rest of the night. However, the words she heard from Midnight sent shivers through to her soul. Her fears re-turned as Midnight pulled away from her embrace. The fear turned to horror as her eyes threatened to pop out of her head, at the sight of Midnight’s pussy in front of her face. Her breath caught as Midnight lowered it down towards her muzzle. She could see a stand of her flu-id hanging precariously from the point of her triangular mound. Then it fell to land across her nose. She couldn’t deny her flinch as it land-ed. However, it had an intoxicatingly sweet but musky scent. Her body shuddered as her tongue instinctively slipped out to clean her muzzle. It tasted… She had to have more.
She didn’t know what was wrong with her, nor did she care, as her arms reached out and grabbed Midnight by the hips. Nevertheless, she closed her eyes and pulled Midnight’s sex to her muzzle. Her tongue darted out into that treasure box for more of her nectar. She lapped at her madly as her mind failed to function properly while Midnight’s juices began to coat her muzzle. Her mind shattered as she felt Midnight’s rough tongue slide across her clit. Her thoughts aban-doned her once she felt her lips tease her clit. She wanted to return her affections, but she couldn’t think properly. All she managed to do was lap madly while she moaned and thrashed uncontrollably under-neath her wonderful lover… lover… lover… The word repeated in her mind as her back arched before she began to spray forth her essence for the second time.
“You were right. This was worth watching,” Chris agreed with a grin as he stroked his once again hard flesh. He wasn’t entirely too sure which he found most exotic. Midnight was gorgeous in her pan-theresque form and those penetrating jade green eyes. However, there was something erotic about Faline’s nervous and frightened manner-isms. Andy tried to appear nervous, but this girl made you believe she was petrified. He was sure he was just as surprised as the doe when she climaxed at the mere touch from Midnight. The unnatural amount of fluid squirting from that incredibly small slit was mind blowing. Her nectar just drenched her nervous and constantly twitching tail, which would reveal her perfectly pink round tail hole in never ending flashes of flesh.
“I can’t get over how tight she looks. Midnight can’t even get her tongue all the way in her,” Marcus mumbled in disbelief.
Chris hadn’t even noticed it, but he wasn’t about to say anything. He had been mesmerized by Midnights pink tongue as it darted out of her darkness to lap at Faline’s flower with a blurring speed. “Is there anyone who has a tongue faster than that?” Chris questioned as he witnessed Faline’s second orgasm, which was followed shortly by moans from Midnight. He made note that her tongue never faltered until Faline’s slit quit spitting her essence forth.
* * *
Faline lay on the floor shaking before she realized Midnight was trying to help her to her feet. “Th… Th… thanks,” she stammered in her stupor as she let Midnight help her from the ring. “Well, how was it?” Lori asked with a knowing grin. “It was- You never told me it could be so- I could be in love,” Faline continued to stammer with a slight giggle as she glanced at Midnight. “Wait until one of those ca-nines ties you with his knot. You will want to take him home with you,” Midnight teased with a hearty laugh. “Can I?” Faline ques-tioned in her diminished mental state as her mind flashed visions of all those wonderful cocks she had seen earlier. 

Chapter 8: VIP
nother week of classes passed. Chris found himself buried by es-says and other projects assigned by Meyers and his other professors. He was unable to go back to the club on Tuesday due to the grueling workload. Marcus stayed away from the club for the time being while he focused on the same out-of-class work Chris had been assigned. They helped each other with the work as best they could. However, Chris noted that he frequently had to correct Marcus' grammar, spelling, and occasionally took the liberty of rewriting entire sentences for him, to which Marcus offered no small thanks in return. They took frequent breaks from the homework to rest their eyes over Cole's vid-eo discs and magazines, which often led to masturbating to the con-tent side by side. Nevertheless, they refrained from engaging with one another.
Chris grew particularly fond of the female felines, as if drawn to it like a moth to the flame. He found himself entranced by their unu-sual genitalia and their powerful ejaculating climaxes. He had never been fond of futa or hermaphrodite pornography, but this was some-thing else. These cat girls didn’t have cocks. However, their enlarged clits, which had similar features to the male feline members, were al-most enchanting. Of course, their ejaculate wasn’t semen. It was some kind of sticky, slimy, and clear lubricant. The size of their clits varied throughout the different magazines and videos he viewed. However, he guessed the smallest he saw was just over an inch long, while the longest neared four inches after using a clitoral pump to engorge it. During a female climax, they often unleashed a torrent of liquid from their erect clits, which amounted to more volume than most human males could produce in a single orgasm, and that included himself.
Of course, Marcus was inherently more attracted to the canine girls with their meaty, swollen pussy lips, gleaming with a sheen of moisture. Of all the hybrid females Chris watched, he noticed one unifying factor. They all seemed to produce a great deal more juice than any female he had seen in a human porno. Of course, the amount of pre-ejaculate the males produced was nearly as unbelievable. He realized he didn’t know that much about animal husbandry to know what was normal for the various animal species, which had contribut-ed to their DNA makeup. Chris couldn’t help but wonder if these were designed features, or some genetic code thrown in by a scientist that got off on the idea. Of course, it could just be a side effect of blending human and animal DNA as well. He figured the latter was more likely, once he considered he was the first known human to have sex with a Fur. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he had noticed abnormalities in their sexuality that he hadn’t heard or read anything to support an explanation. He had the same thoughts when he had first noticed the impossibly large clit of the mare in the orgy event at the club.
His mind was even more confused as he considered how much pre-ejaculate he had produced while attending the club. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t masturbated before he had arrived at the University to know what was normal for him. He could attribute some of the dif-ference he had noticed to the amount of time he spent aroused. He would have rubbed one out in the shower quickly before his mother complained about him using too much hot water when he lived at home, but here was different. He would spend hours watching the rutting in the rings with a raging erection. He could have a string of precum hanging to his knees, by the time the club closed or his name was called to participate. He supposed the extent of his arousal could be partly to blame as well. Those were the only two factors he could think of to explain the differences. It wasn’t as if being a Fur was contagious. He only briefly considered the amount of time he had been spending perusing porn lately before he disregarded it. Even if it was slightly affecting him, he didn’t plan to change a thing.
* * *
The week had turned into a very grueling and uneventful week. The biggest excitement was when a few tremors struck, unless you thought the announcement of the earth’s near-agreement with the Ga-lactic Trade Federation was big news. Of course, Chris thought the tremors were exciting since he hadn’t previously experienced one. He thought they were experiencing a full-blown earthquake until he was informed otherwise. Of course, the others delighted in his brief panic and hysteria. He did have to admit he laughed as well. At least, he did when it was over. The biggest concern was whether the inspection of the gymnasium would be done by Friday. Chris understood that all the buildings needed inspections for needed repairs, but the closing of sub level floors until inspections were complete confused him. As far as he was concerned, there would be little difference if a building col-lapsed on you while you were on the first floor or in a sub level. As far as he was concerned you were not walking away from it no matter what floor you happened to occupy.
Chris didn’t understand the excitement during the discussion of the world summit any better. There were those in class who seemed to be under the impression that humans would become more accepting of Furs as they dealt with the alien races more frequently through the trade deal. Others seemed to be angered by the fact that alien races would be granted greater freedom to come and go as they pleased than they themselves were given. He could see both sides. However, he failed to see why they let themselves become so upset over some-thing they could not influence.
* * *
As the week finally came to an end with all their assignments submitted, Chris and Marcus bounded from their chairs once class was dismissed. They were more than eager to resume their forbidden acts of perversion in the bowels of the University once more.
“Chris… Marcus… could I have a moment of your time,” Profes-sor Meyers called as he caught the two young men nearly bolting down the hall from their class. “Yeah, sure,” Marcus replied quickly after he and Chris nearly skidded to a halt. “The dean of students and I would like to have a few minutes of your time,” Professor Meyers explained awkwardly. “What’s up?” Marcus questioned more suspi-ciously. “It involves the new student or special guest. That is all I can say until we reach the dean’s office,” Professor Meyers replied nerv-ously before he began to lead the young men to the dean’s office.
Chris was nearly alarmed when the professor asked for a moment of their time. He didn’t know for what reason they could be in trouble but being invited to the dean of student’s office was not a common occurrence. Well, he still had the dean checking on him nearly every other day, but he was nearly becoming used to that abnormality. The announcement it was about the new student caused him to breathe a little easier, until they reached the dean’s office where the dean was already conversing with Blake. His heart raced as he wondered what was wanted with the three of them. He only knew of one thing all three of them had in common. He didn’t even know what course of study Blake was taking and he had no desire to discuss the club with the dean.
“It is good to see you again, Chris… Marcus,” the dean greeted with handshakes and a politician's practiced smile. “How are you get-ting along young man? Blake here assures me you are getting along rather well with the other hybrids,” the dean continued without actu-ally waiting for any responses or realizing he had just insulted Blake and Marcus.
Chris was quick to notice their displeasure. Nevertheless, he couldn’t say anything about it here. “I am doing well, sir. All of the Furs I have met have been very nice to me,” Chris replied carefully while he wished he were better at hiding his nervousness.
“You still haven’t had any trouble with any hybrid have you,” the dean continued to question again without as much as listening to the answers he was given.
“No… no problems, everyone has been real nice,” Chris repeated kindly, despite his irritation at the use of the term hybrid as much as having to repeat himself. However, he couldn’t help but wonder when it had begun to bother him. Nevertheless, he was even more frustrated when he realized the dean was still talking.
“…like I was telling Blake here, I… or the University needs your assistance,” the dean repeated before he returned to his seat behind his desk. “The new student is humanoid, but not of earth origin. He is from the Gemini solar system. He is one of the Commonwealth, as they call themselves. He will be the first alien life form to attend an earth University and it will happen right here at Furton. That is why I have asked the three of you here. I want the three of you to make sure we extend every hospitality we have to offer to ensure he is comfort-able,” the dean explained as he struggled to contain his excitement.
“I am sure we will do what we can,” Marcus began with a frown. “Who is his roommate?” he questioned as he glanced at Blake and nearly laughed at the large man’s frightened looks in response to his suggestion.
“We were hoping, the two of you would volunteer for this oppor-tunity,” the dean added with a frown.
“We already have… we are roommates. I don’t think there is enough room for three of us,” Chris began to protest, before he thought it through.
“That is not a problem. I am glad you two don’t have any objec-tion… do you?” the dean asked with a glare that dared them to give any. He didn’t want to threaten to withdraw the finances that funded Chris’ scholarship, which provided his tuition and expenses, but he wouldn’t hesitate if the young man didn’t volunteer willingly.
“How will… that will not…,” Marcus began to stutter in protest but suspected he already knew it was a done deal.
“I have taken the liberty to have all of your things relocated while you were in class to your new dorm now that the construction is all but finished,” the dean explained with an eager smile.
“How much money are we talking?” Blake questioned with a frown.
“I don’t follow,” the dean replied with a faked confusion.
“How much did they offer to get a student admitted in the mid-dle of the school year, into a brand new…,” Blake began but felt he had already discovered his answer.
“The young man has invested quite a sum of his own money into this school over the years. He wants to spend some time here. I would appreciate it if you three showed him around while you make sure nothing unfortunate happens to him. He will not stay here very long, as I understand it. He wants to do some joint research with our staff while here. He has even agreed to share any patent rights,” the dean explained carefully.
“I thought all patents and discoveries were owned by the Univer-sity,” Professor Meyers questioned with a frown of his own.
“Well, normally they are… However, this is such a rare oppor-tunity. Their technology far exceeds ours,” the dean replied defensive-ly as he turned on the professor with a scowl.
“I don’t know why you chose us,” Chris complained, but he al-ready knew the answer. They had used him as a guinea pig. He won-dered if the last human had been accepted for the sole purpose to make the way for this alien to attend as well.
“I assure you, we will do everything possible to make the man feel at home,” Marcus declared with a strained grin, accepting re-sistance would be futile.
“That is what I wanted to hear… splendid, just splendid,” the dean declared enthusiastically as he bounced from his chair to escort the young men to his office door. “You will need these to enter your new dormitory,” he added as he handed the two young men new identification cards, which would unlock the automated doors to the new dormitory. “I will expect you to meet us at the terminus to wel-come our new guest tomorrow at 4:30 sharp. It may be a good idea for all of you to be there early,” he added before his data pad began to chirp. “If you can give me a minute,” he pardoned once he recog-nized the sender. He opened the message and felt his heart jump to his throat as he continued. “There’s been a change of plans. They are on their way now. I need you four ready to receive the young man as soon as possible at the dome terminus,” the dean announced nervous-ly.
“Now?” Blake questioned in disgust.
“Right now,” the dean answered, more forcefully than he intend-ed. “Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get to the terminus,” he added before he took off at a run.
“What an ass,” Meyers grumbled with a glare as he watched the fat dean try to run down the corridor. However, the stifled chuckles from the young men brought him back to his senses. “Look boys, I am sorry,” he continued as he began to lead them away. “I didn’t know about all of this. I was told a wealthy investor wanted to spend some time visiting the University. I don’t know…,” he continued to apolo-gize, but hesitated, before he accessed his data pad. “There doesn’t seem to be much information about the Commonwealth or their socie-ty. It says they are very reclusive. According to this, they refuse to meet anywhere besides on their star ships. They will not allow any other species on their home planet or any of their colonies. We have no information on their traditions, culture, or societal structure. It ap-pears this will be the first time one from their planet has actually visit-ed earth, if you can believe that,” he explained in disgust.
“What do they look like?” Blake asked curiously.
“It says they are diminutive in stature but it doesn’t have a pic-ture. I suppose we'll find out shortly anyway,” Professor Meyers an-swered honestly. “Well, I guess I will see you boys at the terminus,” he added before he turned to leave.
Chris watched the professor leave, trying to understand what had just happened to them. “I think I know how we got stuck with this, but how did you get wrapped up in this mess?” he asked as he looked at Blake before the three of them walked casually to return to their dorms, where they would clean up before they met this new student.
“The dean seems to be under the impression that this guy will be accepted by the others if he is seen hanging out with me a few times. Well, that and he actually told me I am to keep him from having his head bitten off,” Blake answered with a chuckle. “I think he intends one of you to babysit this silver spoon every minute of the day,” he added as he laughed and slapped Marcus on the back as they contin-ued walking.
“You mean the three of us,” Chris corrected and laughed hysteri-cally as Blake’s mirth ended abruptly.
“Well, I for one don’t intend to miss the club tonight,” Marcus, declared defiantly with a scowl.
“There isn’t any club tonight. I don’t think there will be one to-morrow. There must have been some sort of damage from the tremors, because they have the entire gym blocked off with construction barri-ers,” Blake corrected with a frown of his own. He knew the club was important to the Furs. Some of them relied on it.
“Fuck! Please tell me you are joking,” Chris complained, stricken with panic before he realized he had stopped walking.
“Well, haven’t you become the regular horn ball,” Marcus teased with one of his familiar grins.
“Maybe you can turn the new guy into a horn ball as well,” Blake suggested as he studied Chris. He had to admit that the man hadn’t been at all what he expected. “Let's keep moving, unlike you two I still have a date tonight,” Blake boasted with a hearty chuckle at his friend’s expense.
* * *
Chris and Marcus had decided to drop their things off in the old dorm room before they headed to meet the new student, since they didn’t actually know where their new room was in the new building. They figured they could take the time to pick up their things and find it after they met the guy.
Chris recognized the male canine security guard as the same one he had met when he arrived. He realized there was a possibility of an-other roughly seven foot tall canine guard covered in dusky and black mid-length Fur, which appeared similar to a husky covered in coal dust, but the odds had to be rather unlikely.
“Chris, Marcus, and Blake...” the guard announced as the young men stepped from the train to the transit station platform. “Please fol-low me,” he instructed before he turned to lead the way, once he re-ceived nods from the young men. “Is he here already?” Chris ques-tioned curiously. “They have been here since about noon and have caused all manner of headaches,” the guard replied with a curse and a low growl. “Since noon?” Chris questioned with a frown. “So, what do these aliens look like?” Marcus asked with a shiver as he pictured a walking bowl of Jell-O similar to the blob thing he had seen in the cheap science fiction flick once. “They could be little green men for all I know. The only thing I do know about them is they are not very considerate. I could watch their ship through the dome as it landed until it was too low to see. I could swear they had to land right at the doors. Since then the terminus has been locked down. No one is al-lowed to enter or leave, until this VIP has entered the dome. I don’t understand it,” the guard complained as he continued to lead them to the exit decontamination area. “I will have your clothes waiting for you when you return,” he added as he stopped to wait for them to disrobe. “Is there anything you can tell us about who we are supposed to meet?” Chris continued to probe as he began to undress without hesitation. He couldn’t help but realize how much his attitude about his nudity had changed in such a short time. “The dean seems to be convinced the man is some sort of royalty. You should keep in mind that the dean is also a famous idiot,” the guard answered with a chuckle as he held the door open for the young men to enter the de-contamination chamber. Chris entered the room and stepped on the conveyor first, while the others hesitated and the recording began to recite the instructions to breathe normally repeatedly.
Blake gave Marcus a questioning look before his friend followed Chris through the door. He filled his lungs as he gathered his courage to actually go ‘outside’. He hadn’t ever actually thought of going out of the city before this and it was all he could do to force his legs into motion to follow his friends. Fear wasn’t something with which he was familiar and he hoped it didn’t show. He was sure Marcus would never let him live it down if he did.
Chris thought he was first because he was anxious to see what the new student would be like. However, it didn’t take him long to form a new theory as to why Marcus and Blake hesitated when they began to sneeze with every spray or spritz of sanitizing agent. “I suppose having a sensitive nose isn’t always an advantage,” he teased with a grin at his friends, who continued to sneeze until they exited the de-contamination area. There was a set of generics waiting for each of them at the exit. “I have to admit it, I am kind of excited,” he de-clared as he quickly dressed. “I am not,” Blake grumbled as he dressed slowly with a nervous glance to the glass door which he was convinced would be the last obstacle before he was outside of their prison. “Try to keep an open mind,” Chris encouraged as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other anxiously. “So far, we know he is wealthy, short, inconsiderate, and possibly royalty. What could pos-sibly go wrong?” Marcus replied sarcastically as he counted his com-plaints off on his fingers. “Doesn’t look good,” Blake agreed with a nod but wasn’t entirely sure if he meant for going outside or for the new visitor. “Oh, come on...,” Chris protested with a frown for their attitudes. “That is the same attitude the humans have,” he added, but restrained himself from pointing out the attitude was held towards Furs, despite thinking it. However, he never received any reply for his observation, as they exited the dressing area to the main lobby, which seemed to be overrun with men in fatigues and suited federal types. “Holy shit,” Chris mumbled in surprise. “It doesn’t look good,” Mar-cus grumbled as they proceeded forward. “Chris, Marcus, Blake,” the dean called as he trotted towards the young men. “Please come with me,” he instructed as he gasped for his breath.
Chris took the lead once again as they followed the dean outside the lobby to the strangest scene he had ever witnessed. There was what he assumed was the shuttle, which had brought their guest where it landed in the middle of the street, despite the size of the thing claiming it was a full-blown spacecraft. Nevertheless, it covered all the lanes of the wide avenue and beyond. It was huge. Chris esti-mated the shuttle was three to four times the size of the shuttles he had seen at the spaceport, which he had visited on a field trip in high school. The fact that they actually landed the thing here instead of the spaceport was beyond odd in his eyes.
However, Chris thought that paled to the thirty-something men standing in a circle around two others in the center. One stood over the other who was knelt down as if bowing. The tallest man forming the circle couldn’t have been an inch over four feet tall. He realized they barely varied in height once he began to study them Further. “Clones?” he asked once he began to realize they all looked nearly identical but appeared to vary in age.
“Oh, this is weird,” Blake observed in a whisper, first for the un-familiar smell of un-conditioned air and then for scene in front of him, before the dean turned on them with a sshhh and a scowl. He hadn’t even noticed the odd little men until his attention was drawn towards the dean. Chris was sure there was something different about the man kneeling in the center of the circle besides his all black clothing. He could tell he was larger than the others were because the man standing over him didn’t stand much taller than the other man did while kneel-ing. “Your escorts have arrived,” the dean announced nervously be-fore he wiped the perspiration from his brow. Chris noticed the short man standing in the center glared at the dean for reasons he didn’t understand. However, it was the kneeling man which interested him, as the man looked up from his bowed position to reveal he wore a full face shield, which was tinted black to conceal all his facial features. “It’s Darth Vader,” he whispered jokingly, which caused both Blake and Marcus to snort as they tried to contain their laughter. However, it was more than obvious to him the dean didn’t seem to find any hu-mor in it as he glared. Chris was sure the kneeling man was looking straight at him now. He felt his face flush as he realized nearly every-one was. Nevertheless, he was startled when the standing man in the center turned to catch the kneeling man looking at him.
Chris watched in disbelief as the standing man snapped his fin-gers and pointed to the ground as if the kneeling man were a dog. He heard both Blake and Marcus gasp as the short men rushed toward the kneeling man, while metal tubes with glowing blue tips seemed to un-fold from their hands, before they began to beat the kneeling man mercilessly.
“Dean? They are going to kill him,” Chris complained, as the beating seemed to drag on forever. He could see sparks jump from the end of those metal tubes while they made a swoosh noise as they cut through the air. Then there was an audible snap as what appeared to be electricity jumped from the tube to the kneeling man’s back, which was followed shortly by a loud thud once the tube connected with the man. He was sure it was over as the men returned to the perimeter of the circle. However, the men who had stayed on the perimeter during the beating rushed in to continue the beating once the others were on station. “Fuck... do something,” Chris whispered once the men changed positions once again. “The escorts are ready to assume re-sponsibility of him,” the dean announced with a croak.
Chris wondered if the dean had made it worse, when the man standing in the center turned to glare at them. Then without warning all the men seemed intent on killing the kneeling man. He felt helpless as he watched them continue to brutalize the poor man. However, it ended as abruptly as it started.
“You may go,” the man standing in the center announced with a smug grin.
Chris wasn’t too sure who he was talking to until the kneeling man began to stand, which was unbelievable in itself. He would have thought the man would have died fifteen minutes ago. He did notice the man stumble a little as he stood. However, it was hard for Chris to pay attention to the man’s wobbly legs when he was busy gaping for the man’s unbelievable height. He had to be nearly as tall as Blake was. “Please come with us,” he finally managed to squeak out despite the sudden dryness of his mouth. “What the fuck was that?” Marcus whispered as he followed Chris back to the lobby, before he looked back to make sure, that the poor man was following them. To his sur-prise, the man was right behind Blake. “Fuck if I know. We will get him inside and away from… what the fuck?” Chris whispered a curse in reply. “Good idea,” Blake agreed with a little sympathy before his thoughts were consumed by the prospect of returning to his home. “Well, I guess he isn’t royalty,” he joked nervously, but didn’t find it as funny as it had sounded in his head. “You need to undress here. We will go through a decontamination room to enter the dome,” Chris explained as they arrived at the entrance, which now had screens erected for privacy. However, he couldn’t contain his frown as the man returned to kneeling as soon as they stopped walking. “Pro-ceed… I will follow shortly, young masters,” the man replied with a deep gravelly voice.
Chris didn’t argue, but he didn’t like leaving the guy behind. Nevertheless, he could understand if the fellow wanted a little priva-cy. He remembered having the same reluctance not that long ago. He did notice he wasn’t the first one onto the conveyor this time.
“What the fuck?” Marcus questioned again.
“Have you ever heard of anything like that?” Blake asked, calmer now that he was back inside, as he and Marcus looked to Chris.
“Why are you looking at me?” Chris asked defensively.
“Because we have never even been allowed outside of the dome before today,” Marcus explained with a scowl before he started sneez-ing at the spray nozzles and their irritating mists of chemicals, which he was quickly beginning to suspect would force him to sneeze to death if he was exposed to them long enough. “We have… just been… following… you,” he added between sneezes as he shook his head and snorted.
“I hadn’t even thought of that,” Chris admitted with a grin for his forgetfulness.
“Ah, fresh air,” Blake declared with relief as the conveyor of tor-ture spit them out into another room where their clothes awaited them.
“Let’s get dressed and wait for him outside,” Chris suggested as he began to dress quickly.
“Don’t you want to see what he looks like?” Marcus teased with a grin.
“I didn’t know humans grew that big,” Blake grumbled with a frown as he hesitated donning his clothes to stare at the exit of the torture device.
“He isn’t human… remember?” Chris corrected with a shake of his head as he realized his friends had only donned their shirts. “Now you are just showing off,” he teased as Blake’s flesh began to reveal itself.
“Because I can,” Blake replied with a chuckle before he sneezed one last time, which evoked a stifled curse.
“He has already been nearly beaten to death. I don’t think it would be fair for you to assault him with that pipe of yours before he has time to recover,” Marcus continued to jest with a snicker.
“Come on,” Chris urged before his friends finally slipped on their pants. It seemed as if they had to wait forever for the stranger to exit the door. He was actually starting to become concerned before the man exited to kneel before them. “Ah, you don’t have to kneel all the time,” he assured awkwardly. “Yes, young master,” the man re-plied but remained kneeling.
Chris looked to both Marcus and Blake for advice. However, they just shrugged their shoulders at him in reply. “My name is Chris. This is Marcus and Blake,” Chris continued with a shake of his head. “What is your name?” he asked in frustration after a long awkward silence from the man. “I have no name,” the man answered.
“How can you not have a name? What do people call you?” Mar-cus snapped in frustration.
“Please, young masters… Please do not ask me questions at this time. Please lead on young masters,” the kneeling man begged.
“Oh, yeah this isn’t good at all,” Blake, grumbled as he began to stomp away in frustration.
“Chris… Chris…,” the guard called as he noticed the young men with the new guest in tow. However, he was puzzled when the strangely dressed man knelt once they stopped walking.
“Yeah,” Chris replied with a sigh. “He likes to kneel a lot evi-dently. It must be part of their culture,” he explained weekly once he recognized the guards questioning looks.
“Well, that is odd. Did you explain he doesn’t need to kneel here?” the guard suggested but realized his question was foolish. Of course, they did. They wouldn’t want to be seen with this man kneel-ing every time they stopped walking. “I forgot to tell you that all four of you have been given V.I.P. status. That grants you access to nearly everywhere in the city except for the labs. I understand he has special access to some of those as well,” he explained as he found himself frowning at the kneeling man. He wasn’t entirely too sure if the man’s kneeling was any more ridiculous than the V.I.P status. Those things were a complete joke, and the furs knew it.
“Thanks… come on,” Chris replied as he went to pat the poor man on the shoulder. However, he was startled as the man dropped lower to the ground before he could. “Oh, sorry I forgot,” he apolo-gized once he realized the man was probably rather sore from his beat-ing. He couldn’t help but sigh once he realized how difficult this could be, before he caught himself shaking his head at the man’s strange behavior. “Damn, he’s a tall fellow,” Chris heard the guard comment as they continued toward the train, which had evidently been held for them. He boarded it first and took a seat. However, he nearly laughed at the groans from his friends as the man knelt in the middle of the floor. “You can sit down in one of the seats,” he of-fered in disbelief. “Yes, young master,” the man replied but remained kneeling.
* * *
By the time the four of them arrived at the University, they de-cided to escort the strange man to the new dorm by every back alley and narrow passage they knew, to avoid being seen with him kneeling or any other strange thing he may do. “Where do you swipe the keycard?” Chris asked as they came to the room labeled with a one. It wasn’t hard to find their room. It was the first room past the large empty lobby. “It unlocks as it senses your identity approaching,” he heard the once again kneeling man explain. “Well, that is different,” Chris replied with a raised brow to his friends. “Thanks,” he offered, but didn’t wait around as the kneeling man offered his welcome. In-stead, he opened the door to their new dorm room. He wasn’t entirely sure what to think as they entered. It looked so similar to their old room. The colors were identical, down to matching sheets. At a glance, it was almost the same except for the third bed at the back of the room, which gave the room three identical bed, dresser, and desk sets. However, as he walked to what would normally be his bed he began to realize the enormity of it. “Is that a king size bed?” he asked in disbelief.
“Hell yeah,” Marcus declared enthusiastically as he threw him-self on the huge bed. He wouldn’t have any problems rolling over in this thing.
“I'll be damned,” Blake mumbled as he eyed the oversize beds with envy. He barely fit the standard size bed in his dorm, finding it most comfortable to sleep with his legs dangling over the foot of the bed.
“Please young masters. I beg of you for permission to ask ques-tions,” the kneeling man pleaded.
“You don’t have to beg. You don’t have to kneel,” Marcus snapped in frustration.
“Ask what you wish,” Chris replied with a sigh as he scowled at his friend for his temper and brash answer.
“Have you seen any of the people here? Have you seen someone from the Commonwealth or any one new, who doesn’t belong or doesn’t seem to have a purpose?” he asked as carefully as he kept his face to the floor.
“No…,” Chris replied hesitantly.
“Just you,” Blake grumbled and he was rewarded with a stifled chuckle from Marcus.
“This is important. You are sure,” the man looked up at the hy-brids and held their eyes one at a time while they answered until he was satisfied with their response. “Please forgive. I will do my best to… ascim… assimilate. It will not be easy. I beg for your… under-standing,” he explained after he stood.
“We will help if we can,” Chris promised but was disappointed when Marcus and Blake remained silent.
“May I?” the man asked as he reached for the hood covering his head.
Chris realized for the first time that the man wore gloves as well, which was rather strange considering the warm temperature outside. He supposed the man may be used to a much warmer climate, but it still struck him as odd. “Make yourself at home,” he offered with a smile, while he waited in anticipation to see what the man looked like.
“It wouldn’t be permitted at my home,” the man replied as he hesitated from removing his hood.
“He means go ahead,” Blake corrected with irritation. He really should have already been gone but he couldn’t deny he had grown curious about the stranger.
“Thank you,” the man replied as he pulled back his hood before he deactivated his mask. His eyes blinked until they adjusted to the brightness of the room. “It is brighter than I requested,” he added while he became comfortable.
“Well, that is new,” Chris, admitted after watching the man pull back the hood on his odd clothing to reveal his entire head was en-cased in another material. He found himself blinking, in disbelief, as the material disappeared into a collar around his thick neck with slight whoosh noise. It made the way the man blinked several sets of eyelids of varying shades once the dark mask no longer covered his face al-most seem normal.
“Please excuse,” the man, asked as he passed the two gorgeous hybrids blocking the front of him to go to where his things should be stored.
Chris watched as the man went to the desk to remove something from the drawer as if he knew it would be there. Then he heard a pssst… pssst… noise before he realized the man’s gloves had disap-peared.
“That is better,” the man declared as he turned to examine his es-corts closer. “What a magnificent specimen. You look simply… my words fail me. You have no idea how honored I am,” the man pro-claimed.
“You still haven’t told us your name,” Blake accused as he glared at the large man who was looking at him like a lab rat.
“Yes, I am forbidden to take a name. It is not a punishment, which I would risk willingly. You may pick something to call me but it must be something generic,” the man replied.
“Generic?” Marcus questioned with a frown.
“Forbidden to take a name?” Blake protested on top of Marcus’ question at the absurd notion as his scowl deepened.
“What are you normally called?” Chris asked curiously.
“The people are telepathic. They don’t actually call me, but I am… sometimes I am referred to as One. It is less unpleasant than other designations,” One replied hesitantly. He could not claim the name one, because it was forbidden.
“One is a number not a name,” Chris complained with a frown while he wondered when the man had replaced his gloves once again. “I am one of seven. I am eldest. I am the first in ranking. I am one,” One explained carefully.
“What else do they call you,” Chris asked with frustration. “It means excrement. Sometimes, I am referred to as beast or monster,” One replied with a frown for his distaste for those designations.
“You let them call you shit?” Marcus asked with skepticism.
“It is complicated,” One insisted with a sigh. He knew this would be difficult. However, he hadn’t imagined it would be this difficult. “You may choose a name to call me, which may reflect what I am. You could call me soldier, or warrior, or something of that nature,” he continued to explain.
“Have you ever done any hunting,” Chris asked curiously.
“In a way,” One replied with a sigh.
“Hunter is a name you give your dog,” Marcus snapped in irrita-tion.
“Well, do you want to go around calling him one all the time,” Chris protested before he heard the psst… psst… noise again. “What is that?” he asked curiously.
“Mostly tranquilizers… it helps me stay calm so I can concen-trate. I am not real familiar with this language,” One explained as he held out his applicator.
“Why are you excited,” Chris continued to question.
“They excited me,” One replied nervously. Psst… psst…
“You're not going to overdose on that, are you?” Chris ques-tioned with concern.
“Why do we excite you?” Marcus questioned with a scowl.
“I can’t overdose. I have tried. You excite me because… look at you… excellent specimens of hybrids… just marvelous… fine physi-cal condition… gorgeous,” One answered honestly, but didn’t under-stand the glares he received for his answers. “We prefer Furs,” Chris corrected as he remembered it wasn’t long ago he made the same mis-take.
“Furs? …But not all hybrids have Fur,” One protested in his con-fusion.
“It turns out that Furs is just short for Furtons,” Chris tried to ex-plain what he had only discovered himself not that long ago. “I tell you what. We will call you Hunter and in exchange you will refer to hybrids as Furs,” Chris proposed and knew he had a deal when the big man nodded his head vigorously while showing his hideous teeth in his oversize mouth. Psst… psst… “Okay, Hunter it is,” Chris agreed with a sigh, while he tried not to stare at the large man. He was sure the man was actually a couple inches taller than Blake was, now that they were standing close to each other. However, it was the features of the man’s face which made it hard not to stare. His nose was un-naturally wide. He could swear the man had the makings of a very short muzzle once he took in the way his square jaw jutted out and his oversized lips stretched to the sides of his face. His ears were definite-ly human in shape, despite being too big. However, one seemed to be missing good-sized pieces of it. He couldn’t help but wonder how the man had earned the numerous scars adorning his odd, human-like head. There was a rather jagged line, which ran from his forehead and across his eye to his cheek. The other side of his face had one that went from his mouth to his ear, where it became lost in what could have been an old burn or something. The overall effect made him ap-pear like a classic Frankenstein monster.
“Do you need anything from me? I need to go. Leah will already be pissed at me as it is,” Blake complained, once he decided he'd had enough of this man. His curiosity could only hold him here for so long, and that time was long past.
“Is there somewhere I can purchase new clothes? I would like to stand out a little less,” Hunter explained after a little thought. “Who is Leah? Is she another hy… ah… Fur?” he asked excitedly once he real-ized he might be able to meet another gorgeous specimen.
“Nothing will be open this weekend and she is Blake’s girl-friend,” Chris explained as he began to study the man’s strange cloth-ing. He had no idea what kind of material it was, but it resembled the stuff people wore in the retro martial arts flicks. “Blake, could you drop off a couple pairs of sweats he can wear until we get to a store,” Chris suggested more than asked. However, it only took a glance to know Blake didn’t care for the idea.
“I have to go, but I can drop off a pair in the morning,” Blake agreed reluctantly.
“Thank you,” Hunter offered as he nearly fell to his knees to kneel. “Sorry, I will get better. I promise,” he swore nervously. He hadn’t anticipated how exciting this would be for him and it clouded his mind beyond what he had anticipated. He never had this much trouble adjusting his behavior for humans in the past, but the Furs were not the same as humans.
Blake let out a sigh before he turned to depart while he shook his head in disgust all the way out the door. “Good luck babysitting,” he called from the hallway. He couldn’t hold back his laughter when he heard Marcus groan at his teasing.
Hunter didn’t understand the joke. He didn’t ask either. He knew it hadn’t gone as he had hoped. Instead of asking for an explanation, he turned to inspect his new accommodations.
“They had better bring my computer tomorrow or I will go steal the one from the old dorm,” Marcus declared once he realized there wasn’t a monitor in the room.
“These are the best on the intergalactic market. Well, the best in which I was allowed to bring with me without suffering massive fines,” Hunter corrected with a frown.
“What are?” Marcus asked in his confusion. He tried to hide his flinch as he heard an unseen computer at his desk begin its boot up sequence. Within seconds, his personalized desktop was shining with stunning detail above his desk. “What the hell?” he asked as he crawled off his massive bed. “This is sick,” he declared in open amazement at the holographic image floating in the air. “How do I operate it?” he asked in his excitement.
“It is the same as your other computer but it is actually integrated into your desk. You can activate the computer by pressing the upper right corner of the desk surface. If you touch, the surface of your desk while the computer is activated everything you require is there. All your personal files should have already been transferred. However, I would not be surprised if they were not. There isn’t anything that has gone to plan,” Hunter grumbled as he looked around the room again. “It doesn’t offer much as far as privacy, does it,” he added with a frown, which must have been the funniest thing to say, because his roommates burst into laughter. After a while, he even smiled despite not understanding the humor. However, his mirth was short lived.
“Nudity doesn’t bother Furs as much as humans,” Marcus an-nounced with a toothy grin as he began to undress. He found it diffi-cult to keep a straight face as Hunter stared with his wide mouth hanging open.
“I- I… got… I’ve got... t- t- to go,” Hunter stammered before he gave himself a few more injections and stumbled towards where he was sure he would find the facilities while forcing his gaze away from the beautiful canine.
Chris watched Hunter as he stumbled towards the doorway be-tween his bed and Hunter’s. “I don’t know if I would sleep in the nude if I were you,” he teased as he looked over at Marcus.
“And why is that?” Marcus asked with a frown.
“Did you see the way he looked at you? Hell, he may try to mount you in your sleep. Who knows how they behave where he comes from?” Chris teased with a chuckle.
“He looks at me like I am a lab rat,” Marcus complained with a scowl.
“Now that is denial. He was…,” Chris began until he heard the muffled groans from the bathroom. “I think he just befouled our bath-room. He was probably thinking of you,” he continued to tease.
“He didn’t…,” Marcus began but he could hear the man as well. “I don’t think I have to worry too much. I could just make him kneel,” Marcus replied as his eyes looked toward where the man was in the process of turning their bathroom into a jerkatorium.
“I don’t know if you could make him do anything. He is as big as Blake,” Chris replied with a chuckle for the look on his friend’s face.
“If he is hung like you, I will be fine,” Marcus bantered with a chuckle at his own joke.
“If I was eight feet tall like him and Blake you wouldn’t make that claim. Sshhh, I think he is done,” Chris declared quickly. Howev-er, the man didn’t reappear. “I wish to check one of the other rooms,” Chris heard Hunter declare from around the corner. “There are other rooms?” Chris asked curiously.
“Well, yes,” Hunter replied. “Do you wish to join me?” he of-fered nervously.
“Okay,” Chris replied as he looked over at Marcus, who still seemed rather upset about the whole ordeal, before he went to follow Hunter. He found the man waiting in the short hallway that he had assumed led to the bathroom, which it did. He could see it, and the scent of bleach still hung in the air, which was rather odd. However, it wasn’t as odd as the elevator doors across from it. He followed Hunter into the elevator and he actually witnessed Hunter’s gloves or whatever they were, slide over his hands. “How does that work?” he asked curiously.
“Sub level one… They cover me whenever, it is likely for me to touch someone,” Hunter replied as he felt compelled to stare at the floor. However, he forced himself to look forward.
“You don’t like to be touched?” Chris questioned as he looked at him.
“I don’t know. Actual physical contact is forbidden. Punishment for noncompliance is rather unpleasant,” Hunter lied reluctantly as he found himself staring at the floor. Well, it was partially true. “It is something I intend to change,” he mumbled weakly. However, he was relieved once the door opened to sub level one.
“Holy shit,” Chris declared as they entered the largest gym that he had ever seen. It only took a glance to see it had been equipped with all manner of free weights and every type of exercise equipment imaginable, while leaving an open area at least five times the size of the boiler room where they attended the club. It would have dwarfed many large University basketball arenas.
“I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time here,” Hunter announced with a sigh.
“Why is that?” Chris questioned before he noticed Hunter was disrobing.
“This has been more difficult than I anticipated. It is difficult to contain my excitement. I will do better if I am exhausted,” Hunter explained as he hung his coverings on a hook, which extended from the wall to accept his clothing. “Do you wish to join me?” he ques-tioned nervously. It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to dealing with spe-cies other than the Commonwealth. The element which excited him was the fact that he was here socially in a way. He did have business to attend but it too revolved around social interaction, which was something that was quite foreign to him.
“I… sure,” Chris replied as he eyed the strange man. He was at least as thick as Blake was, maybe even more so. The man’s head seemed to disappear into his muscular shoulders to give the impression he had no neck. The only indication he had a neck at all was the strange collar that contained his mask slash head covering. “What is that material?” he asked curiously, as he continued to study his strange new roommate. He noticed the man had bands on his wrist, ankles, and waist, which matched his collar. He figured they were what generated the man’s tight black spandex outfit.
“It is called nanomesh. It works similar to what humans call nanobots. However, its primary function is a protective barrier,” Hunter replied as he proceeded to the center of the open part of the room. “Matting,” he instructed orally for Chris’ benefit and waited.
Chris disrobed quickly to catch up with Hunter at the edge of a large open area, until he realized Hunter wasn’t completely undressed. However, he wasn’t sure if his discomfort was for his lack of proper workout attire or for realization that he had nearly stripped down completely. His memories of his first day with Marcus forced him to shed his briefs to see how the man handled it. He tried to play it off as he sifted his attention to the man’s strange nanomesh covering. He hadn’t ever heard of nanomesh, but he realized the human race wasn’t exactly the most advanced species on the galactic scale. However, what he witnessed next was overwhelming. Four posts, approximately an inch square rose from the ground before they lit up the floor until a solid covering seemed to appear. “...How?” was the only word he could force out of his mouth.
“It is similar to a particle field. There is technically nothing there but light. However, the colored light allows for proper depth percep-tion. It is used to absorb impacts and such for sparring,” Hunter re-plied as he stepped out onto the white surface, while he did his best not to stare at his nude roommate.
“It feels… odd,” Chris replied as he followed in wonder.
“It is quite effective. Fall to see for yourself,” Hunter suggested as he sat with his legs spread wide to begin his stretches.
Chris flopped to the mat and was surprised how it absorbed the impact. The surface was giving, but not exactly soft. However, as he flipped over he couldn’t help but notice the man’s thick member as it was held against his left thigh under the nanomesh material. He would have guessed the length had to be near fourteen inches and a couple inches thick. He couldn’t resist imagining what the man would be like if he was erect. The impressive pole had a matching bulge to suggest a rather unlikely large set of testicles in complement. “I am sorry. It is… you seem… very well made,” he apologized when he realized the man noticed him staring at his package.
“Thank you. How old are you?” Hunter asked to refresh his memory about his roommate. He knew who the young man was, but couldn’t understand how it had come to be for him to be here at this time. He didn’t believe in coincidences, but there was nothing he could do about it for the time being.
“I am nineteen,” Chris answered as he sat across from him.
“Ah… you are not fully grown yet,” Hunter observed with a knowing grin. At least, he was sure the young man would have a growth spurt once he had fully developed if he was able to do so. He had already known his age, but somehow, he had forgotten. There had been too many things on his mind to keep all his thoughts focused and in proper order recently.
“Humans don’t grow much after eighteen,” Chris corrected with a blush for his small stature. He wasn’t small as far as humans went. Nevertheless, when surrounded by studs such as Blake and Marcus, it was difficult not to be a little self-conscious about his size.
“I think you will find you are a late bloomer.” Hunter tried to re-assure Chris, even as he wondered if having this man present here would be a problem. He tried not to think of what had brought him here, either. It couldn’t have been a coincidence.
“I doubt it,” Chris mumbled as he tried to mimic Hunter’s move-ments.
“Which are you attracted to?” Hunter questioned curiously. “…species of Furs?” he added when he recognized his roommate’s confusion.
“Felines fascinate me,” Chris admitted reluctantly, wondering how the man had known to ask the question in the first place.
“You should push yourself farther. Flexibility is very important. Especially in that case,” Hunter explained carefully. He would not want to explain further than he already had. He wasn’t sure if the man could be useful or trusted, yet.
“Well, I don’t believe I'll ever be able to fold up like that,” Chris replied doubtfully, even as Hunter continued to contort into impossi-ble positions.
“We should begin to work on balance. We can continue with strength training afterwards,” Hunter suggested without arguing. “I may help you with your speed training later. I will have to run a few tests first,” he added reluctantly.
“Yeah, sure,” Chris agreed reluctantly despite the shiver that ran down his spine for the mention of testing. He did not intend to let the man run experiments on him, at least he hoped that wasn’t what the man had meant. “Your collar matches your wrist and ankle bands. I assume they generate your mesh suit,” he observed, more to change the subject than to actually know more.
“Among other things,” Hunter replied but decided he could elab-orate a little more. “I am often required to travel to planets with vary-ing gravity. These work similar to your anti-gravity platforms but in opposite. They restrict my movements while simulating heavier gravity in case the need arise to travel to a location with higher gravity. For example, earth has a fraction of the gravitational pull of the heaviest planet I have been sent for an assignment,” he answered carefully as he moved to his next position. No, more vertical,” he corrected his roommates position after a glance in his direction.
“Like this,” Chris questioned as he tried to mimic his roommate.
“It is better. You will get better with time,” Hunter encouraged with a wide grin. He could always use a powerful friend. He could use a friend at all, powerful or not. A friend was something he had only dreamed of in the past.
Chris continued to do the best he could, but felt sorely inade-quate. He let his roommate demonstrate how to use the lifting equip-ment, which was unlike anything he had ever heard of previously. Each piece of equipment was linked to a database, to track your workout and adjusted automatically to your settings as it felt you re-quired. However, his first attempt at every machine forced him to struggle against its immovable mechanisms until it had taken a meas-urement of his existing strength. It would adjust and instruct him on the suggested repetitions. Nevertheless, he was beyond exhausted by the time he made his way around the room. His body gave him a dull pain of fire as he panted for his breath. “I think I need to head for bed,” he announced as he watched Hunter move to the free weights.
“You have done well for your first day. I hope you will continue when time permits,” Hunter replied with a nod as he watched his roommate dress to leave him alone once again. It was odd to feel so empty once again after being with someone for only a few hours. Maybe he could become used to the others faster than he had feared earlier. He had to make this work or all was for naught.
Chris took the elevator back to their room and smiled at the fa-miliar sound of Marcus’ light snoring. He didn’t realize how late it had become as he checked the clock. “Shit,” he grumbled after notic-ing it was nearly one in the morning. How in the hell had he spent hours working out? Hell, he had never spent that much time in an ac-tual gym his entire life. He realized it was an exaggeration, but damn. Of course, the sight of the pornographic images being shown above Marcus’ desk made him smile.
“Did you have fun?” Marcus grumbled as he rolled over.
“You will not believe the gym we have,” Chris replied as he un-dressed once again. He spared another glance to the pornographic im-ages before he realized he was too exhausted to be horny. Maybe Hunter was right about the advantages of being exhausted. “By the way, he is hung like a horse,” he added, laughing once he recognized his roommate’s skepticism.
“He actually undressed on his first day? You didn’t even undress your first night,” Marcus replied skeptically.
“No, he had what he called a nanomesh outfit on underneath his other clothes, but it's similar to the spandex some people still wear for workouts. It was impossible to miss. I bet he could give Cole a run for his money,” Chris continued to tease.
However, the way his roommate nervously glanced at the porno-graphic images still playing over his desk made him laugh hysterically. “Don’t worry, I think we have a long way to go before we have to worry about him mounting you in the night,” he assured with a grin.
“So, do you think he'd be a good candidate for the club?” Marcus questioned skeptically as he studied Chris.
“Oh, definitely… I can’t wait to see what he can do with that meat of his. However, it won't be very soon. I think he has several mental and social blocks to get over before we can even think about taking him there, but he'll be into it, I'm sure of that much. Maybe we should take him to Cole’s next week, to see what he does,” Chris sug-gested eagerly.
“Maybe… let’s see if we can get him through a week without getting his head bitten off first. I have never heard of such strange behavior,” Marcus complained as he remembered how frustrated he had been before he had gone to sleep. “What is he doing now?” he asked curiously.
“He is still exercising,” Chris replied as he lay back in his huge bed. Damn, if this wasn’t one of the most comfortable mattresses he had ever experienced...
“Good, maybe he will sleep all day tomorrow and we will not have to deal with him,” Marcus declared as he lay back and closed his eyes.
Chris slept soundly until he finally heard Hunter return from his workout. He continued to lie still as he waited for the man to crawl into his bed. He wanted to know how the man would react to the im-ages displaying above Marcus’ desk. He heard the steps as Hunter ap-proached his bed until he paused halfway there. Chris heard Hunter’s curses as well as the ‘psst’ sound of his injector as he shot up with tranquilizers several times before he headed for the bathroom once again. Chris failed to restrain his chuckles once he heard Marcus’ snickers and laughter in the next bed. “Horny bastard, isn’t he,” he observed as they listened to the man as he began to huff and moan.
“You think? He is worse than you,” Marcus teased before he rolled over to return to his slumber.
Chris waited for Hunter, but the man didn’t return. He heard the door to the elevator and realized the man had returned to the gym once again.
* * *
Chris woke to the sound of a knock at the door. “Come in,” he called as he forced himself from his bed to witness a still disgruntled Blake enter the room, carrying a set of sweatpants and sweatshirt. “Oh, thanks,” he said as he began to wipe the sleep from his eyes.
“Where is the weirdo?” Blake asked louder than he intended as he looked around the dorm room. However, the porn floating over one of the desks caught his eye quickly.
“Pretty neat, huh?” Chris said as he reluctantly forced himself to dress despite his protesting muscles. “He is probably in the gym,” he added with a yawn.
“The gym is closed,” Blake replied with a frown. “I heard it will be closed all week. That means no club on Tuesday either,” he contin-ued to complain.
“Oh, that sucks, I'm so horny. Next week? I'll explode by next week,” Marcus complained at hearing the bad news.
“You mean you'll be jerking off in front of your new desktop all week,” Chris corrected with a slight chuckle before he continued. “We have our own gym,” Chris teased with a grin. “Would you like to see it?” he offered quickly. “I'm sure you're welcome to use it if you wish,” he added as he recognized his friend's scowl.
“I do not wish the man to continue to look at me like a lab rat,” Blake continued to complain as his scowl deepened.
“Chris seems to think the man is more interested in experimenting with you than experimenting on you,” Marcus teased as he watched Blake for a response.
“Actually, I warned you that he may mount you in your sleep,” Chris corrected as he tried not to anger Blake further.
“I am not sure which is worse, him expecting us to be his lab rats or his fuck toys. I don’t care how much wealth the man has,” Blake barked angrily.
“I don’t get the impression it's like that,” Chris tried again, but realized it was hopeless. It would take time, which he had plenty of, since he was sure it would take just as long for Hunter to become used to those around him as well.
“He's a horny bastard. I don’t know how many times he turned our bathroom into a jerkatorium last night. Every time he came in here, he would watch the porn for a few seconds while injecting himself with that tranquilizer before he headed to the bathroom,” Marcus an-nounced with a chuckle before he stifled another yawn. “I considered turning it off just so he would quit waking me up,” he admitted as he continued to laugh. “I don’t know what kind of tranquilizers the man is using but they are definitely not working for him,” he added as he reluctantly began to dress.
“Leave them off,” Chris suggested with a grin as he began to un-dress.
“Why?” Marcus asked with a frown. He wasn’t sure what his roommate was up to but he was sure he wouldn’t like it.
“Let’s go to the gym,” Chris suggested as he looked at Blake. “Trust me,” he added quickly.
“Fine, let’s go,” Blake, agreed reluctantly.
“Hell no, if I am going nude so are you,” Marcus snapped with a scowl. “Whip out a little of that horseflesh while you are at it. We will see if it scares him,” he added with a laugh.
“Now, this is going to be funny,” Blake laughed as he undressed before he began to rub himself to a semi-erect state.
“I think that is enough. We have to ride an elevator down to the gym,” Chris complained as Blake’s three foot long pole began to harden quickly.
“I thought you had a date with Leah last night,” Marcus ques-tioned with a raised brow as he began to follow his roommate to the elevator.
“I did, and unless you want to take care of what I started, we will not talk about it further,” Blake snorted as the door opened to the biggest gym he had ever seen.
Chris stepped out of the elevator first to witness Hunter doing what could only be described as handstand pushup with only his fin-gertips, while his legs were split to the side in a perfect ‘T’ shape. “Fuck,” he mumbled as he eyed the man’s hanging cock and heavy sack. However, his view was restricted quickly as the nanomesh cov-ered the man in a flash. It was odd to watch as it spread from his adornments to cover him in a seamless black material. However, the entertainment wasn’t over once Hunter had opened his eyes as they left the elevator to collapse to the floor in a heap. It wasn’t over until the man somehow flipped to his feet from his back in a flash of movement.
“I am… You… startled me,” Hunter stammered as he tried his hardest to look the other way. “I… ah… Do… you… ah… Join me…,” he continued to stammer as he tried to make it to his clothing. By the time, he made it to his robes, his mind was being assaulted by the visions in his head. Psst… psst… psst… “That should do it,” he tried to assure as he panted. He tried to take a deep breath to calm himself, but he couldn’t concentrate. Psst… psst… “Okay, I am bet-ter,” he declared as he felt the warmth run through his veins.
“We would love to join you,” Chris declared with a grin as he no-ticed both Marcus and Blake were fondling themselves to keep them-selves semi erect. “You will have to show them what to do,” he added quickly.
“Yes, of course,” Hunter replied as he tried to wipe the dampness from his face. “Fuck! This is challenging,” he snapped as he returned to the open area of the room. “Stretching will be important for you today, after the workout you had last night,” he tried to instruct as the others sat in front of him. He tried to look them in the eyes but it was impossible not to ogle the rest of them as well. Pssst… Psst… It was obvious both were in excellent physical condition.
Chris almost felt bad about their treatment of their new roommate by the time they had made it through the whole workout. The man had tried very hard not to look at Blake or Marcus, but there was no missing to where his eyes had been drawn. He couldn’t miss the man’s covered but shaking hands as he tried to help guide them through some of the stretches and positions for balance. By the time, they had finished the man seemed to vibrate as his whole body shook constantly. “Thanks Hunter. I will try to eat some protein today,” he offered weakly once he recalled the man’s earlier instructions, looking back as they entered the elevator. “...Will you be okay?” he inquired once the man collapsed to the floor, where he appeared to weep.
“I… I… this is difficult. I never imagined… I will live,” Hunter replied as he waved them away. It wasn’t the first time he had been around other species or humans for that matter. However, his interac-tions with those species as well as humans were usually under com-pletely different settings and circumstances. This was the first time he had attempted to interact in a social environment, and he found it less comfortable than he had ever imagined it could be.
Chris let the door on the elevator close, before he turned to Blake. “Well, what do you think?” he asked curiously.
“I am surprised he didn’t mount Marcus in his sleep,” Blake de-clared with a hearty laugh. “I think it may be quite possible the man will simply explode when you bring him to the club, but he will be into it. It is more than obvious he will not have any reservations with the male on male as some do. I feel sorry for either of you if you draw him, though,” he added as he exited the elevator. It hadn’t taken long before it was obvious the man was excited at the sight of Marcus and himself. The spandex covering did nothing to hide his arousal. He would call the man a liar if he tried to deny it. That black material that clung to him like a second skin showed that the man was large in eve-ry proportion as well. However, it was his obvious strength, which concerned Blake. It would take someone special to force the man to submit to a proper buggering for his first pairing at the club. “Just make sure he is ready for it before you bring him. I almost look for-ward to seeing what he does when he is ready,” he admitted as he dressed, before departing.
“Well, he has approval. All we have to do is prepare him,” Chris declared proudly as he dressed.
“That man is a wreck. Good luck to you with your project,” Mar-cus declared with a frown.
“What do you mean?” Chris questioned, disappointed with his roommate’s attitude.
“I mean I don’t want him mounting me in my sleep,” Marcus complained before he heard the elevator door.
“I… I… thought we might go get some breakfast. After… I… I… take care of something,” Hunter stammered in his embarrassment before he entered the facilities.
"See?" Marcus asked, jerking his thumb towards the door as the now-familiar grunts and moans began to echo through it.
Chris frowned. This was going to take a lot of work. 

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However, by the 23rd century there was enough acceptance of the concept of intelligent non-humans that the anthropomorphic animals couldnt be suppressed. A compromise was reached: to construct a domed city for the scientists and the hybrids where the research could be continued in safety, until the general public was convinced that the animal people were safe. The scientists ensured that the steel--glass-domed city, also dubbed Furton, would not become a slum. Furton was built twelve years ago.Teenager Chris Tailor is the first human to be accepted into Furton University although its professors are humans. Chris has always been fascinated by the hybrids, and he had been sending questions to the Kaspersky foundation via computer for a decade. The foundation had usually ignored him but apparently someone has recently decided to let a human into the animal student body as a social experiment, and Chris pro-hybrid interest plus his genetics major has made him stand out. Chris is incredulous but delighted to be invited inside the domed city to become a student at Furton University.This is described in the short Introduction and first chapter. Sherman has an unusual style of huge paragraphs with justified margins, but the reader quickly gets used to them. Here he meets one of the Kaspersky professors during a subway ride inside the dome to the University:I am Professor Meyers, The scientist introduced himself as he studied the nervous young man. Youre wearing generics. New to the city I presume? he observed in a gravelly voice. I just got into the city less than an hour ago. Im a new student at the University, Chris confirmed with a nod, grinning foolishly in his excitement. Ah, Im an instructor there myself. What is your major? Professor Meyers inquired as he brightened up slightly. Genetics Ive been fascinated by the hybrids ever since I watched the news feed of their first creation. Ive been looking forward to coming here for years to learn how they are created, Chris answered proudly. Well then, I suppose Ill see you in my class. Genetic engineering and hybrid biology are the courses of study, which are my responsibility, Professor Meyers announced once he recovered from the surprising answer. He lifted and cocked his head a bit as a tone sounded down the subway tunnel. After a moment, the recorded voice signaled the arrival of the next train. Well here we are. Do you know where youre headed? I can show you to the dormitories once we arrive at the University, if youd like, he offered. p. 14This is actually less than half the paragraph, which fills the rest of page 14 and almost all of page 15. Its all smooth writing, but its presentation is a bit startling at first.Chris finds that his dorm roommate is Marcus, a six-foot walking, talking German shepherd. 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Chris knew this was clearly a rabbit hybrid despite the fact that he hadnt heard of or seen any rabbit hybrids previously. pgs. 17-18Chris also discovers within the first week that the Furs, while observing human modesty in public, especially in front of their Kaspersky professors, ignore it when they are alone and Chris is now one of them. There is almost no privacy in his Marcus dorm room. Besides, Furs arent as insecure as most humans seem to be. Privacy doesnt mean a lot to us, he Marcus explained with a mischievous grin. p. 19 Marcus goes naked and openly masturbates to Fur pornography. He is fascinated by Chris morning wood, since the male animals dont have that in their biology.As soon as Marcus is convinced of Chris pro-Fur sincerity, he introduces him to the Club, the Furs private orgy room. Most of the Furs take advantage of the fact that all Furs are sterile:Unfortunately Profssor Meyers explains, all hybrids created to date, male or female, have proven completely sterile, which readers them incapable of having children of their own. We have not been able to discover the reason for this sterility despite our greatest efforts. Therefore, we have been unable to correct it. pgs. 24-25So all the Furs can fuck without worrying about pregnancy. This is definitely NSFW action, including attention to how the Furs are matched up by different sizes from horse to mouse, and different sexual equipment the canines knots, the felines barbed penises, and so on. Some like it rough others dont. Chris has already met many of the students in his classes Maya rabbit, Leah wolf, Kyra tigress, Blake horse and he is both shocked and thrilled to see them here naked and enthusiastically going at it. He cant wait to join the fun.Consider pages 37 to 90 all hard-core NSFW action. On page 91 the story starts moving forward again:Chris Marcus Could I have a moment of your time, Professor Meyers called as he caught the two young men nearly bolting down the hall from their class in a hurry to get to the Club. Yeah, sure, Marcus replied quickly after he and Chris nearly skidded to a halt. The dean of students and I would like to have a few minutes of your time, Professor Meyers explained awkwardly. Whats up? Marcus questioned more suspiciously. It involves the new student or special guest. That is all I can say until we reach the deans office, Professor Meyers replied nervously before he began to lead the young men to the deans office. p. 92The University is about to get its first extraterrestrial student: like I was telling Blake the equine student here, I or the University needs your assistance, the dean repeated before he returned to his seat behind his desk. The new student is humanoid, but not of earth origin. He is from the Gemini solar system. He is one of the Commonwealth, as they call themselves. He will be the first alien life form to attend an earth University and it will happen right here at Furton. That is why I have asked the three of you here. I want the three of you to make sure we extend every hospitality we have to offer to ensure he is comfortable, the dean explained as he struggled to contain his excitement. p. 93It turns out that the Commonwealths and the Galactic Trade Federations technology far exceeds Earths, so it is vitally important to not only the University but to all Earth to make a good impression. The Commonwealth has been very reclusive up to now, so the University specifically, Professor Meyers, Chris, Marcus the German shepherd, and Blake the horse dont even know what the new student looks like except that he can live in the Universitys environment and he is diminutive. 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