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A Night of Blissful Passion Posted by: Snowmew ScarredPelt at 05-13-2018 18:42 PM, Last Modified 05-13-2018 18:42 PM
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The female bat perches on a sofa in the middle of the room. Her wings opening and closing at her sides as she searches for the only other male bat there. Spotting him across the room she swoops down and lands with a soft thud. Her eyes sparkling as she slowly crawls to him. The male bat squeaks softly and pulls her into his lap. The female squeaks softly in return, she leans against him quietly murring as her eyes close. He sighs and wraps his wings around her, lightly hugging her from behind. The male bat gives a small smirk starting to gently bounce her up and down on his lap, the male was wearing light pj pants, a t-shirt, and a sleeping cap. The female squeaked happily, her little tail wagging as her semi larger mate bounced her, snuggling even closer to him and giving his neck a quick peck.

The male let out some small grunts as she bounced "I love you Aria" he mumbled, then stopped moving her, just letting her bounce herself on his clothed bottom half. His bulge rapidly forming as he held the small female against him. Feeling the bulge growing underneath her Aria started whimpering needily, stopping the bouncing, switching to a rather light grinding against him. Pressing herself down against him, nipping at his neck as she murred lovingly. "I love you too Jake". The male enjoyed the weak nips, his eyes fluttering closed as he took in a deep breath. Leaning in he returns the affection by giving her own neck a small lick and nibble. His fangs threatening to pierce through her thin sensitive skin. Stopping his assault on her neck, he gives a small kiss to her cheek before picking her up and moving her off him. He smiles softly before pulling off his small amount of clothes, leaving him in the nude next to his mate. Her eyes watching intently as she leans in to him.

Aria murrs and lets out a small bit of drool as she looks at his member hungrily, leaning in she drags her long thin tongue up his length. Murring happily before opening her mouth wide and pushing her head down on his length. His large member being pressed to the back of her throat causing her to gag slightly. The male moaned in pleasure as his mate started sucking roughly on his cock. Moving a hand up he pressed it to the back of her head. Aria wiggled her little rump as she starts to suck him harder and rougher, clenching her cheeks around his thick member as she gulps down any bit of pre-that leaks through. Grunting in pleasure Jake thrusts his hips up, trying to force more of his length down her dainty throat. His eyes closing tightly as his cock twitched quickly, showing how close he was.

Meeping lightly Aria tightens her throat around his cock again, now starting to suck even rougher. Jake thrusting his hips up even harder, his fingers tangling in her hair as he clenches his eyes shut tighter, gasping and grunting as he pumps his hips harder and faster. His tip flaring as he shoots load after load of sweet cum down her throat. Aria gasping as she feels his cum shoot down her throat drinking down as much as she can, small drips flooding out around her lips as her eyes go wide. Grunting a bit more Jake's hips slow to a stop, panting in pleasure as Aria picks up her head and licks up his length, cleaning off any drips that had passed her lips. Giving a happy chirp Jake picks up Aria and sets her in his lap, the small bat squeaking lightly as his still hard cock presses to her lips. Grinding her hips down she tries to force his hard length into her. Moaning loudly as she slams her hips down slamming his cock through her folds and straight against her cervix.

Jake cries out in pleasure as her tight walls caress his length, the tip flaring already in pleasure as he bucks his hips up into hers. Aria groans loudly as she places her paws on Jakes chest squealing as she starts bouncing around on his lap, his cock rapidly entering her tight pussy as he lets out an animalistic growl. She throws her head back as she cums hard against his length, the female bat shivering as pleasure wracks her body, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Jake places his paws on her hips and slams her down on his cock, pushing past her cervix as he cums deep inside of her. Groaning loudly, they both collapse from exhaustion, the male laying back his arms wrapped around his mate as she nuzzles into his chest. Both murring loudly. No words were needed as they both drifted off to sleep. As they slept the males seed worked its magic in the females' womb, the sperm finding their mark and fertilizing her eggs.

The next morning Aria woke up murring happily, the fur between her legs still damp from the love making the night before. Squeaking softly, she nuzzles into Jakes neck to wake him up, giving it soft little nips and kisses, causing him to stir in his sleep, his arms wrapping around her and drawing her closer. Giving a drawn-out sigh Jake slowly opens his eyes, looking down at the little bat with love deep in his eyes. "Morning babe" he whispers. She leans up and gives him a deep kiss, her tail wagging as she wraps her arms around his neck. Their lips pressing roughly together as she starts grinding gently on him. Jake growls softly into the kiss, rolling the two over so she's underneath him. Aria squeaks in surprise her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist, as his length starts growing and grinding against her slit.

She moans loudly as she grinds up against him forcing his cock to hot dog between her folds. Letting out a loud grunt Jake thrusts his hips up forcing his cock to slide into her tight pussy. Moaning loudly Aria grinds herself up on his cock murring loudly. This time they wanted to take it slow, they wanted to savor their love making, make it last as long as they could. But with her tight walls and the sounds they were making neither of them thought they'd be able to handle it any longer. Gasping Jake grabs ahold of her hips and starts slamming into her hard and rough, causing her juices to coat his cock and drip down their legs, with the added pre-cum as well.

They didn't care how rough it was, all they knew was that they loved each other and would be together for as long as they could. They couldn't wait to bring more into the family and grow old together. Through sickness and in health, for better or worse, that's what they vowed, and in the end, that's what they did.......

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