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DarkXander's Cars: #4 2000 Hyundai Sonata Posted by: DarkXander at 03-27-2016 03:19 AM, Last Modified 03-27-2016 03:20 AM
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This car was fun, even tho it felt like driving a generic mobile, and the fact that the first time i went to the store in it, i spent 20 minutes trying to find it in the parking lot, because it looks like half the other cars our there.  But it had a 2.5L DOHC V6 and man that thing ran for what it was.  Put many many ricers to the curb in it and did a lot of race practice in this car.  It had manouverability issues but they were compensatable.  And when i put the pedal down that little motor would hit 6500 RPM and grab a gear and launch like a little toy rocket.  I took very good care of my little toy rocket and tried to keep it running nice.  When i took it in for service one time to a hyundai dealership they told me in needed the timing belt and idler pully changed as they looked really worn down and original so i later took the car to PEPBOYS, let the record show it was the one on Country Club Drive just north of Interstate 60, DUN dun dun!  They replaced the timing belt, and pulley, but either broke the new pulley durring install, or over-tightened it.  I was in the bay watching when they fired it up after finishing because the car ran for about 10 seconds with a strange slapping noise coming from the timing cover.  Then snap, GRINDING NOISES AND BANGS, motor stopped, and smoke from the tailpipe....  In the end the NEW pulley they installed had snapped clean in half, and then the timing belt jumped position, blowing the motor.  I was in shock and i think i said something like, What the F just happenned?  But the tech, who looked in shock too, just said,  be right back, be right back, and ran into the managers office.  15 minutes later the manager comes over to me, while the tech stays in the office watching from the window as the manager tells me, it looks like your motor has failed and were not really sure why, it probably had a weak part in it somewhere and just broke down.  I walked over to the car, and started taking the bolts out of the timing cover myself while the manager tried to tell me he couldnt let me do that in here, but i did it anyway and pulled the plastic cover off, revealing shredded plastic, and half for the pulley wedged between the block and the belt.  I pointed it to the manager and said, Your new pulley failed, you guys musta broke it when you put it in and now you owe me a motor.  At this point the manager got very up in my face and said Its not our fault this piece of shit broke down.  Your options are, Pay us to get you a junkyard motor and pay us to install it, or we can give you the number to a tow company to haul it away.  My reply was something like, How about i call up the News Channels consumer advocates line and put this on TV that you blew my motor and now you wont fix what your stupidity destroyed.  At this point the manager chest bumped me against the side of my car and yelled for me to get my shit out of his shop, and my anger launched off into space, i shoved him back hard enough he ran into another car and advanced to hit him but was able to stop myself before i did.  In the end i took the car to a friends, and we demonized it.  We pulled the old 2.5 motor, and with some redneck engineering, we sandwitched in the 3.5L Sigma v6, and 5 speed auto tranny, from a Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4.  My little toy rocket became a demon on wheels after that.  I remember coming down I60 in tempe getting trolled by a Lotus and punching it, and pulling ahead of him just before we went down the ramp to the 101 north, and going into the turn at 80, and drifting the whole 1 lane curve with the lotus on my tail following.  After the curve the Lotus pulled along side and the driver mouthed out HO-LE-SHIT and gave me the thumbs up and we parted ways.  In the End this car was rear ended, and totalled out by insurance but i refused to turn it into be crushed and parked it down on the ranch, and bought my first Mustang, the car was fully drivable, the trunk just didnt exist anymore, so it got used around the ranch as was needed for a year or so before i fixed it up enough to pass a inspection and restore it to legal status to sell it.  Me and my sisters boyfriend decided to see just how quick my little demonic toy rocket was, and he didnt believe me, So i drove the Stroker 2004 Mustang while he drove the Hyundai out to the highway in the late evening, We waited for a gap in traffic where no headlights could be seen in either direction and lined ip quickly and raced.  My demonic little Hyundai not only left the Stroker Mustang behind, but pulled away by nearly 10 car lengths untill i caught it once i got to about 110.  I sold the car to a friend of a friend, and 6 months later got an angry phonecall that the motor had seized up and it was at a shop in phoenix, so i went and met him at the shop to see what happenned.  I sold the car to him at 180,000 miles on the odometer but with a motor and transmission that had only 65,000 from the santa fe that was wrecked.  I asked when was the last time you changed the oil?  He answered, O well i was just getting ready to have that done when this happenned...  I climbed in and tried to crank the car, but sure enough it was seized hard, it would start to turn and just stop.  Then i noticed the odometer and choked, It was around 201,000 miles.  I asked again, So you never changed the oil since i sold this car to you?  He replied, Its only been 6 months i was just about to do it.  At this point the mechanic was behind him trying not to laugh at his stupidity.  I asked, Where the hell have you been driving this thing????  His answer, Ive been going back and fourth to california for work and stuff, it ran fine and then just all the sudden died.  I asked, Do you realize this car is almost 5 times overdue for an oilchange?  Your supposed to change it EVERY 5000 miles, unless it says otherwise.  I sold you the car at around 180k, and now its over 200k!  The car didnt die, You killed it!  His reply was, No this was a piece of shit and i want my money back or im gonna sue you!  I told him, Fine!  sue me, go find a lawyer that will after you tell him how you drove a car i sold you 21,000 miles without changing the oil and the motor blew.  go ahead, i have all the documentation from the inspection and the transfer of title showing the mileage.  Then i asked the mechanic, Will you sign a paper stating that you witnessed him telling me he hasnt changed the oil at all since he bought it, and stating that you found the motor to be completely siezed up.  The mechanic said, Sure dude!  At that point i told the owner of the car, I guess im ready for court then if your dumm enough to try it.  At that point he calmed down a bit and asked the mechanic what his options were.  the mechanic replied, Well, we normally would offer to track down a used motor for you but as this one has been modified to hell and were not even sure who did this, we cant put a normal motor back in there.  So for $50 we can call a towtruck to dispose of it for you, thats about it.  I told the mechanic, Me and a buddy put that motor in there, its a 3.5 out of a santa fe.  It pulled 13.8 on the drag strip.  The mechanic replied, And you sold it to him, so he could ruin it like this.... bummer!  The car went to scrap 20 mins later.......

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