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DarkXander's Cars: #2 1967 Ford Ranger Posted by: DarkXander at 03-27-2016 03:18 AM, Last Modified 03-27-2016 05:12 AM
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This was dads pride and joy, It belonged to his dad who had bought it new, and i got to borrow it regularly after i got my license. We dropped a suped up 390ci Ford V8(6.4Litre) into it with a 4 Barrel Carburetor that i helped dad build. I only saw him race it once and he blew the doors off a Pontiac Firebird like it was in park when the driver repeatedly revved on him at a stop, i was in the passenger seat. Dads not a racer tho, he likes to put togeather something nice and then take care of it, and be carefull with it, so he can show it off, which i do to, but i still gotta have my racing in a safe manner. When the original rear axle literally snapped from the torque of the big motor we pulled the rear axle out of a F-350 at a junk yard and retrofitted it into the truck, made it fit while we also re-inforced the frame with angle iron. The Truck is still in the family to this day, tho its getting due for another repaint due to arizona sun. I remember one time, the one and only time i decided to see what that truck could do and i put he hammer into it from a stop, Shredded the tires on takeoff, and all was well, untill suddenly it slammed into 2nd and lit the tires up again so hard the rear end burned out sideways and i nearly lost it. So much torque i couldve shit myself. After that i never teased the throttle like that ever again. I didnt want to die for having crashed dads truck, lol.......

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