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Chapters of a Broken man Posted by: Mikki DeSanta at 09-24-2014 04:35 AM, Last Modified 09-24-2014 04:36 AM
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[Chapter 1]
And so here he was, about to execute this poor bastard like some goddamn angel of death and justice, the gun in his hand trembling as he pointed it at the beaten looking man beneath him. In that moment he realized, they were correct...he couldn't decide right from wrong if one of them was helping the poor and the other one was banging his sister. Atleast they got what they wanted, a dumb fall guy that puts holes in other bad guys...What was he thinking who he is...and how he even got into this mess...


It was a night like every other, atleast for him. His eyes had the usual blank and empty expression as he finished his drink and stared into the bottom of the glass. He was sitting here and drinking for 3 hours now, or 2 years depending on how you look at things. Only thing disturbing the peace was this wanna-be tough guy and his gang of idiots. Typical Jersy like kids that didn't knew any better. It was almost expected that some time the kid would come here and bother the man, and he did. "Hey, old man, you got a problem with me, huh? Maybe you'll have a problem with this too?" After this enlighting speech, the kid pulled out a gun and held it into the mans face...not a single blink, no fear, nothing at all on the mans face, the only thing he did was to speak up "Put that thing away before you hurt yourself, kid"
The younger guy didn't really seemed to have a happy triggerfinger, and after some time the man had enough of this bullshit, took the gun and gave the kid a rather hard punch into the face, leaving him with a warning with the only response from the kid being "You'll regret this, bitch" as he left the bar. Finally some peace again as it seemed. The same bar, the same drink, the same broken man. After some time of staring into the bottom of the glass again he cleared his mind, shaking his head and putting the drink down when he heard someone across the room loudly announce his name. "Mike? Holy shit, is...is that you?"
The man slowly made his way over to him, a smirk on his face and an accent like every other hispanic had, not really a person to memorize. He looked decent and normal like every other guy in his winter coat and a stupid looking cap to hide his hair.
"It's been so long, bro! What you been up to? You know, it's me, Gale!"
Mike took a second to look at him in a rather neutral and bored-of-life like expression, that face surely spoke a thousand words for itself. After some seconds Mike slowly got up and stretched a little.
"Look, it's been a real pleasure Gale, but I was just about to head home for the time being"
Taking one step towards the exit, Mike quickly was stopped by Gale's words, those being "Atleast let me buy you a drink". With a smirk and a shrug Mike sat down again onto his bar stool, afterall, who was he to refuse a free drink?


The night dragged itself out far too long, the hours passed and the drinks got more and more. This guy surely was fun and all, maybe abit too fun for Mike's taste, but they both enjoyed the time. It was all fun, a girl joined in aswell after some time, took a few shots, it was an enjoyful evening again, all the worries forgotten once more. But, as in every happy tale, that didn't stayed like this for long...and the party soon got busted when the kid from later showed up again with his crew of gorillas.

"Yeah, that's the guy, that motherfucker, told you you'd regret this, you fucking asshole!" The threatening only made Mike roll his eyes and return his attention to the drink, his grip on the glass getting harder as he heard the kid come onto him
"You piece of shit, show some respect and look at me when I talk to you!"
Mike neither responded to that, yet, the girl sitting beside him decided to take a stand against the kid, with Mike of course trying to make her stay, yet without success really. The girl had some balls, Mike had to admit, but that didn't got her far as the kid did this one thing that really bursted the party. A hard punch directly into the girls face and without thinking, without hesitation Mike took the gun that layed next to him, turned around and pulled the trigger, putting a bullet through the kids chest. He knew that he could never see girls getting hit...but he didn't knew that he was dead in this town from this moment on.

[Chapter 2 coming soon]......

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