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Nes's Fursona Avatar
Name:Nes in Anywher Offline
Species:Demon Fox

Indiana Furs
Member ID:7930
Last Active:04-24-2018 20:33 PM
Profile Views:4084
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Future Space for Blogs

Malachi: Hello there, Fox. 290.1 days ago
Bucky: pokes 290.7 days ago
storm bloodbane: noooom 290.8 days ago
Roronoa: Ahem.. Pika-fire! 300.8 days ago
Tassie : my wallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 1000.9 days ago

About Me:
I'm me. An eccentric goofball with to many hobbies and not enough time. Generally easygoing and spaztastic. I'm looking for friends to chat with and new furs to meet.

Name: Nes
Age: Unkknown
Gender: Male
Hieght: 5'10" (to top of head, 6'10" top of horns)
Fur: Silver w/ black undercoat, charcoal chest/ abs/ inner thighs
Distinctive Features: ornate black markings in silver topcoat, large ridged gazzel-like horns, medium sized fur covered webbed wings, multiple tails disguised as one large fluffy tail with medal bands etched with runes, a distinct rune-like paw print one brow.
Attire: A long hanging loanclothe, occasionally with black tattered clock w/hood.

Brief Bio : Wondering lost the cosmos and plans, he never stays in one place long. A loner by nature, he drifts through the eons. A misguided philosopher teetering on the edge of reality and insanity. His only goal is to figure out the purpose of his existence and the meaning of his life. Years of interactions with mortals has left him guarded against becoming to attached to any one person.. Or one place. He resides in the broken remnants of his once great plan. Ripped through space in such a way its floating rubble is lost in the void between dimensions. His homestead a cluster of rocks and soil held together by the roots of a petrified and twisted remains of a once magnificent tree. Other structures fashioned together with large chains and great ropes, with makeshift bridges linking the network of his now hidden palace. The halls and rooms littered with objects and literature from countless places, worlds, and plans he has collected.

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