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Kashou Tenshi's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kashou Tenshi in Starkville Offline
Species:Werewolf or Dragon
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Dragon Castle
League of Legends
Fuzzy Love
Clashofclans peeps
Alabama Furries
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Member ID:11707
Last Active:03-09-2018 13:12 PM
Profile Views:13448
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:RotagZyqarri

Future Space for Blogs

Shade : Hello! Thought I saw another dragon looking over my profile so figured I'd give ya a shout! Feel free to drop into a chatroom sometime and chat :) 129.3 days ago
Red Night: Indeed 3 951.1 days ago
Aerogon: Greetings..! :3 yes, you're right fly away to the northern 1006 days ago
Turtle: Hi local! You should add me on Skype! meeting me people from my area is fun 1012 days ago
Andrew the Deaf Lizard: add me Skype arbiter1987 1157.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): lop i love hogging my comments hehe, but if you would like to chat there we can. Also my sources come from the best of researchers hehe (Wiggles ears and chuckles) 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): lol yeah that has been a total coincidence we met in 3 different places xD but it has been a fact through all days I am faster hehe (Smiles and boops your nose ) just face facts 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): well it's just a fact I love it hehe (Sticks out and chuckles) I doubt you could prove a well know fact wrong though there would be no way of you trying to prove me wrong on that. 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): Well I tell everyone this and they find it odd, but I love clingyness (Shrugs and smiles) it's a nice thing i guess heheh (Raises an eyebrow and lets out a low smirk) haha you faster than me?!?! you are one amazing comedian my friend (Smiles and playfully punches your shoulder as i laugh) 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): ugghhh clingyness (Sighs of annoyance then giggles) I think i can manage (Smiles and returns a warm lick to your cheek) Just be prepared and be able to keep up with me heheh 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): lol and if I do want you here? (Raises an eyebrow and looks at you) 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hehe well maybe we should attach a shock collar to you then maybe you will stay away (Smiles and chuckles as i playfully nudge your shoulder) 1179.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hehe trust me I don't get to attached until the other does, but if they don't then I don't. (Pokes you) 1179.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): (Smiles and pokes you) Well then why did you return the lick? (laughs) 1179.8 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hehe don't act like you hate it. (Smiles and licks your cheek then wags my tail happily ) hehe 1180.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hehe all hugs are warm (Smiles and licks your head) 1180.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hehe yeshhh a tiger hug 1180.4 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): lol awwww sorry (Hugs) 1183.2 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): yes I need to get updated on the techniques 1184.4 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): (Pokes back O.O) I was hiding 1186.1 days ago
silverwolf19: responses for ur comment on my wall) Cose life is unhappy and nothing is ok....... 1187.5 days ago
Red Night: I know a few more skunks and have met like maybe 2 or 3 other black and red ones before I lost contact with them 1188.1 days ago
Red Night: Yeah, the colored skunks are around, just not seen often but d'aww, thanks . 1188.5 days ago
CuddleBadger: Hehe, I am all about them contradictions ;p and thanks! 1189.1 days ago
Red Night: Thankies X3 1189.4 days ago
DarkLion: Thanks for the compliments ! It was very nice of you 1192.7 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1193.8 days ago
Alpha Nova: hello welcome to furrtrax 1193.8 days ago

About Me:
Hello to all who happen to stumble upon my profile. Or maybe you actually came here looking for something. In that case, hello to you as well. The names Kashou. Most people tend to just call me Kash. I am both a dragon and wolf, but not a shape shifter. If you're curious on how that works, feel free to ask. Or can look me up on FA. I have extra details on my characters there. Don't worry, though, I'm not gonna make you have to do extra work to get some info me. ^^" I'll provide some details here as well.


Kashou (Dragon):
In this form, I am a red dragon with black markings across my body and a fire tattoo on my back, located below my left shoulder blade. I stand at around six feet and a pretty average build, slightly toned body. My eyes are a fiery passionate orange.

Kashou (Wolf):
As a wolf, I have dark red fur with a black line on both sides of my muzzle. I still retain the fire tattoo on my back and I also stand at around six feet with an average build. My hair is black with streaks of red running through it. I'm told I have a bit of a mullet hairstyle. My eyes are a smooth brown.

I am extremely friendly and overprotective around those I know. But if I haven't met you before, I come off as shy and timid and I don't tend to talk much. I try to be outgoing and social when I can, but at the end of the day, I still keep to myself and cling to the friends I already have. I'm not quick to anger, but if I do get upset...well... It should also be noted I have a fire affinity so that should speak for itself.

Let's get one thing straight, and I'm going to be completely blunt. Don't randomly come up to me and ask to do something sexual. The answer will always be no. Moments like that are things I only share with friends. And on that note, don't try to be my friend just so you can "get in my pants" as I will be able to tell. I hate fake friends. If you aren't going to try to get to know me for me, then I don't want you around.

Also, to all you male furs, I'm straight irl, which is why I have it set to Hetero on here as to not draw the wrong crowd, seeing as how a lot of people are also looking for mates. However, virtually, my character is basically bi. With that being said, guy or girl, I am a huge cuddle bug and will not hesitate to snuggle when given the opportunity. ^^ So don't be afraid to talk to me. I surely won't be afraid to talk to you.

On a final note as to why I'm here. I came hoping to find other Mobile furs and maybe hang out a bit. If you happen to live in the Mobile area and like hanging out, drop me a message. I'll see if we can maybe meet up some time. I'm not really sure what we could do...but just hanging out can be fun on it's own. ^^"

I think that about answers any questions you'd have about me. But again, don't hesitate to ask me any questions should you ever have anymore.

Current Master:
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Current Pets:
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