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June The Femboy's Fursona Avatar
Name:June The Femboy in Anthem Offline
Species:Black and Light Blue Husky
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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aragami: June bug : ! 2165.5 days ago

About Me:
Hiya~! The names June.. I'm a femboy living in Arizona~! I love gaming, music, shopping, clothes, and.. well.. lots of other stuff that I can't think of.. did I mention clothes? Anyways, I love chatting and meeting new people and I'm super friendly, so feel free to send me a message or a friend request, don't be shy~ ^_^

Go visit my Tumblr~ - http://junesnowpaw.tumblr.com/

Kik me~ - JuneSnowpaw

A flat-chested girlish looking wolf with blue eyes and a slightly smaller than normal muzzle slips off her orange and black headphones and lets them hang around her neck, her shoulder length black hair with blue streaks waving around in the wind. Her black fur with baby blue fur markings on her cheeks, muzzle, neck, chest, belly, and feet softly waving in the air. She giggles and quickly spins around, giving you a quick glance of a pair of a black paw print design, one on each of her butt cheeks. Wearing a gray off-the-shoulder shirt with a few rainbow outlined paws on it that exposes her right shoulder as well as her belly button with a small silver piercing. A pair of black and blue striped socks reaching up to her knees, You catch a glance at a slight bulge under her black and blue striped panties under a pair of small jean shorts that are torn near the right thigh, allowing you to see some more of her rebel blue fur underneath the tear. She quickly rests her paws on top of her crotch under her shorts to cover her secret, "Hey there! My names June~!" she says before offering out her paw "It's lovely to meet you!"

Outfit 2: June lets out a soft giggle as she sways her hips in front of you, her black and red mini skirt swaying from side to side in the wind, exposing the black and red laced panties that hide underneath, along with her dark gray shirt printed with an abstract heart in the center. Most of her legs are covered with a pair of black and red striped thigh high socks, leaving a few inches of fur visible between the skirt and the socks.

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