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Name:Soulstrikecat in Seattle Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Last Active:03-30-2021 04:53 AM
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Dark wolf: Welcome to FurrTrax OwU 13.5 days ago

About Me:
I am a black,caring,single, bi curious sweethearted cat from Seattle Wa.

my dream in life is to help those going though poverty and disasters though peacecore,finish college and get my certificates in certified nursing asst and emergency medical technician.I plan on mastering in Hospitality and double majoring with a International studies degree. As for other things about my life here is more info. My dream in life is to help those going though poverty and disasters though peace-core and other organizations. I want to educate those in poverty with math, secondary languages and other educational means. The truth is, I am losing my Grandma to 4th stage terminal cancer. She taught me how to love others and to treat others with the respect they deserve. She taught to be kind to others and to never stop fighting in life to do better. She taught to live life fullest even when things look down. I live a extremely poor life living with family and now friends I love. Seeing my friends hit the street, I have seen true Struggle because I am living it now. I will never stop til I break out of poverty and help those who have less then me. That is my true goal in life. I am a loving panther that wants to make a difference in the lives of others. I love helping others. I volunteer and I like making new friends. I am currently single and looking though I am looking for more friends then anything.

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