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ID:Title:Poster:Views:Description:Date Updated:
11An Offerℳikki DeSanta2637A story off two meeting eachother under bad circumstances...12-12-2013 07:30 AM
40Death's RedemptionArtik Silverfang3361The Story of my death knight from warcraft meeting my wif...02-10-2014 21:58 PM
67Not Always As It SeemsWaive Black2480Waive's background and life story. ...04-15-2014 18:37 PM
85The Wildflower VixenFemmefoxboy2423Part 1-3 of ? of a story about 2 friends wo begin to fall...07-16-2014 15:45 PM
94Daddy's Girl.мιss ραη∂σяα3521where her sexual desires were finally filled. ...10-13-2014 19:43 PM
95At The Pet Shop // 18+++ //Þáñdørá ™3106very sexual. read at own risk...09-14-2014 14:08 PM
103Dark Love. Driana Lé Souris4583A story of a Slave, An Owner, A Whore House and Pie. Much...05-06-2015 03:15 AM
116The Panda WarMio3016totally serious panda war...08-31-2015 17:25 PM
121The things we do for loveTylerKenneth Sprinter2852A short story of a gay fur couple.....06-01-2015 14:39 PM
122Nocturnal Hearts - Wings of ValorAria Auroralïs3355NA...04-08-2016 14:13 PM
125A new experienceDarkLion3492A lover learns what is to be subbmisive in a relationship...05-18-2015 10:14 AM
143Horse PlayHyBrithe Resurgam4036What happens when a human wants to get immersed into an A...05-03-2015 03:45 AM
145The love we madeMarMar2311Hello everyone~ This is a story i made just a few minute...05-03-2015 17:28 PM
151Burning LoveHopeless Romantic2494The first... decent story I wrote. Hope you all enjoy it....05-23-2015 01:42 AM
180Steamy DesireDriana BlackScale2162Driana Le Souris shares an intimate scene with Xross...09-02-2015 01:27 AM
188Don't Temp MeDriana BlackScale2399A Personal Treasure...10-18-2015 11:16 AM
190Don't Tempt Me. Part 2Driana BlackScale2586Couldn't edit the first part.. so here is the second....10-18-2015 11:19 AM
192Don't Tempt Me. Pt 3Driana BlackScale2330Third part. Read pt 1-2...10-21-2015 21:00 PM
195A secret storyAlana Rose2231A story of troubled love ...11-11-2015 01:16 AM
199Alana and KuigiAlana Rose2216A story of my OC and a friends that took a strange turn...11-14-2015 00:22 AM
203Guardians: DownfallAkutenshi Ishimura2828For 56 years, Pelzigans and Humans have been stuck in a g...12-12-2015 13:08 PM
208ReunionŹõęÿ2435Pet/Master...01-29-2016 14:51 PM
210His None Vampire PrincessDriana Le Souris2574SweetPuppy and Maddox...03-17-2017 15:51 PM
235Northward JourneyJayce Silence Rebel2160More Flights of Fancy...02-19-2017 12:18 PM
241Black GlassDriana Le Souris2080A poem. ...04-03-2017 04:42 AM
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