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FurrTrax User Agreement
This App is not for use by anyone under the age of 18 or the legal age of adulthood in your jurisdiction. Any use by persons under the age of adulthood or 18 in the US is prohibited.

Posting of pornographic, derogatory, or otherwise obscene imagery is prohibited, if you are not sure if an image meets the rules you are welcome to message an admin and ask BEFORE posting it. Additionally members are encouraged to report such images to admins or moderators upon discovery.

Posting of ANY Racist, Sexist, or other prejudiced imagery, text, message, or commentary is grounds for an immediate and permanent BAN from FurrTrax, as well as any such activities in violation of the law being reported to the appropriate authorities as needed.

Committing any form of Harrassment against any user will result in an immediate BAN and recording of all recent messages and chat logs for use by law enforcement if the need arises.

Failure to follow any direction or request by an admin is prohibited.

It is the right, and role of the Member to bring any questionable action or judgement by an admin or moderator to the attention of the Head Admin: DarkXander([email protected])

Any abuse of this system for any reason including but not limited to Hacking, SQL injections, DoS Attacks, Code Exploits, Posting of dis-allowed materials, or account theft is prohibited, and will result in an immediate BAN, and notification of Law Enforcement including the providing of logs and all pertinent evidence. Just dont do it....

Any talk of suicide is grounds for FurrTrax Staff to immediatly contact the authorities in the users local Jurisdiction and report it along with all information stored in the users account for the purpose of locating them and ensuring their safety. This information includes but is not limited to GPS Data, E-Mail Addresses, IP Addresses, IP Back Traces, and Device Identification Codes. Safety is our number one concern. By registering to this site/system, you agree to permit these disclosures.

By clicking agree you also understand that user profiles are public domain, viewable by all members, guests, and search engine queries.

This agreement is subject to change at any time....

If you are a minor and you create an account with a incorrect age to gain access to adult content on this site, and we discover it, we are required by law to report you to the proper authorities including your legal guardians if we are able to reach them. Do not lie about your age under any circumstances, and do not engage in any conduct that is unlawful for minors if you are a minor.

We will cooperate with law enforcement agencies of the United States if a crime has been committed involving the site, or any member of it, Or if there is reasonable belief that there is a Clear and Present Danger to the Safety and Security of Member(s)
These terms will be decided by FurrTrax Ownership ONLY!

We will NOT Cooperate with ANY Agency, Group, Organization, or Body for the purpose of eavesdropping, wiretapping, activity watching, or any of the such unless clear proof of Criminal Activity, or Imminent Danger is Provided.

By proceeding beyond this agreement you are agreeing to the rules and regulations above which may change as needed without notification.

You also affirm you are equal to or above the legal age allowed to use this application in your home jurisdiction.

I Agree and am Legal Age - Join Now!

I dis-agree - Exit Now!

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