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How to hack FurrTrax Posted by: DarkXander at 06-02-2014 22:50 PM, Last Modified 06-02-2014 22:50 PM
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Step 1. Login to FurrTrax

Step 2. Go into the "other" room from the list of chatrooms

Step 3. In the address bar delete only the word "other" from the URL and hit enter.

Yay, now you know how to get into the void by choice.......

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Fluff Muffin: To do this u need the deep web lol
Siris: many can go into the void...few come out...fewer still are cast out .
☆♌Antoinette♌☆: So no one can get into the void
DarkXander: its a joke, its how to access the void chatroom
☆♌Antoinette♌☆: ....the url for furrtrax always is just furrtrax.combetatest.aspx
Luna: Why would you post this

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