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To the Damned Posted by: Knight Asher at 11-17-2020 00:46 AM, Last Modified 11-17-2020 00:46 AM
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From ashes and dust
Everything was born.
And when it all ends,
That’s where it’ll go.
Whether it’s good, or bad.
Whether it’s holy, or evil.
Either it stands for ages,
Or only stands for seconds.

You say you are good,
You say, I am bad.
After all, I kill people,
And you kill those like me.
But what’s really good?
What is really bad?
I’m not leading you on here,
After all, aren’t we all the same?

I stand for me:
For myself alone.
Who do you fight for?
Them? Open your eyes.
How many are dead because of you?
“We all deserve to live.”
Isn’t that what you said?
Yet you have blood staining hands.

Killing is bad right?
So you kill those who kill.
After all, they won’t stop.
But if killing is bad,
What does that make you?
Should someone kill you then?
And someone kill them?
It goes round and round and around.

At least when I do it,
I don’t need an excuse.
I know what it is I'm doing,
I don't pretend.
I don’t need to hide behind some creed.
You keep insisting it’s for the best,
But we both know there’s only one way,
That the killing will end.

And I think we both know,
You’ll never put down your blade.

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