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DarkXander's Cars: #6 1996 Ford Mustang GT Posted by: DarkXander at 03-27-2016 04:58 AM, Last Modified 03-27-2016 05:14 AM
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My first V8 to actually own, Its nice when a car is just already fast, you dont have to pile on upgrades just to make it quick enough to get along with. Only driven for a year or so, But on track it pulled a 15, followed by 14.8 which isnt bad for a 20 year old car with 98k miles on it. The exhaust was completely rusted out, and so were all 6 oxygen sensors, mufflers, etc. Replaced all of it with custom 2.5 inch, no mufflers tho, and cut out 4 of the 6 catalitics to free up flow, after that it felt like a rocket and sounded like one too. Gained a lot of power fixing the oxygen sensors and exhaust. Dyno-tuned it as well. But never made it back to the track before i bought the new car. I still have it as a spare car.......

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