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DarkXander's Cars: #3 1995 Mercury Sable Posted by: DarkXander at 03-27-2016 03:19 AM, Last Modified 03-27-2016 05:12 AM
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First time i had a license, and my own car, it was like driving a half full bathtub with no brakes and an elephant pushing you. It was heavy and i mean heavy, but at the bottom, so it would never roll over or anything. Drove it to school, work, romped it a few times, and spent most all the money i had just to keep it running from the endless list of things that kept going wrong with it. But i cant blame ford so much as i can blame the old owner, which im sorry to say, was another relative, who got into drugs, got in a shootout, and got arrested and rightfully put away for a long time, at which time his mother sold me his car on the cheap, bullet holes included. He had been pawning parts off the car. All the electronics except the gauges and ignition were missing. Power windows with no control pads really sucks cuz you have to find the right two wires to touch to put your window down. I fixed it all up like before, and drove it for a few years while i was down on my luck, despite my hatred for that car it got me by, so i wish it well in car heaven, and i know thats where it is because its final act of friendship was its motor detonating in my driveway after one of the cooling lines filled one of the cylinders with water, then it fired that cylinder, BOOM, Split the head nearly clean in half.......

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