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Novel: The Chronicles of Xander Posted by: DarkXander at 01-26-2016 11:39 AM, Last Modified 03-14-2016 21:35 PM
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This is a novel i have been working on for a very long time now, it contains everything from the most in-humane villans, to sex, to some religious elements, and even involvement in war and military elements.  This story is most definitely for those 17 or older.

Warning to readers, the first part of this story is dark, and graphic, but gives you the best possible
understanding of what the main character has been through, and is made of.  It may be upsetting to some

Preamble:  The Rise and Fall of Xander, a feared mercinary mostly on the side of good.
It was mid to late october in texas when a job landed in Xanders lap, a simple open and shut case, a crooked businessman
was in need of a lesson in humility after supposedly attacking a village and forcing most of its residents out
before killing the rest so he could dig up the village to open a silver mine.

The man known only as Thompson sat before him handing him the photos of slain villagers piled up like logs and
a heavy drilling rig being built in the village square.  This kind of sight always struck a chord in Xanders
heart and soul, how could someone be so heartless and cruel, so corrupted by greed and lust for power, it
baffled his mind so.  Knowing he would take the job no matter the pay, Xander asked Thompson, so how much will
you be offering to have me handle this small complication for you?  While Xander has never heard of or met
thompson before he almost sences that something isnt quite right, because it seems Thompson knows him fairly
well.  Thompson responds, I have been commissioned by the family of one of the slain villagers, they are
wealthly to a point, and lost their son in the attack, they offer you $250,000, a quarter now, and the rest
when the Target is forever silenced.

Xander knowing he can use the money, and having already decided to take the job in the back of his mind due to
the morality involved asks, Before i say yes, who is the Target?  Thompson smiles for a moment, and then continues,
Your Target is known as Mr. Hughes.  Xander sits there for a moment, somewhat stunned, queitly thinking to himself
that this might be his second chance to complete a mission long forgotten to all but him.  Pondering for a moment
to himself first, Xander Asks, This wouldn't be a Mr. Mathias Hughes would it?  Thompson pretends to be slightly
suprised and adds, So you know him do you Xander?  Xander looks slightly into open space as his memory flashback
begins to take over as he explains to Thompson,  Many years ago, in Honduras, a few years into this line of work
I was contracted by a competitor of Mr. Hughes to put an end to the competitors only competition in the heroin
business, The money was good, and i still had the feeling that noone could stop me because i was younger.  I took
the job and had full confidence in my ability to complete the job, even to the point of going back and taking out
the person who had hired me since he was dealing in heroin also, but i didnt tell him that of course.  I planned
the mission to every detail, studied the compounds layout for days, watching the guards patterns, finding good
routes in, and several ways out.  It seemed like nothing could go wrong for me.  It was a rainy tuesday evening
when i moved to execute my plan.  I travelled light carrying only a M4 Silenced Rifle with Scope, a silenced
pistol, 10 magazines for the rifle and 5 for the pistol, and with my kitana sword on my back in full camo.

I made it inside the compound easily silencing 2 guards on the way with the sword.  In hindsight it was to easy
I have no dissalussion to that now.  I was let in!  I traversed the compound stealthfully untill i came to the
chamber where Hughes was to be with only 2 guards watching him, and at first all seemed right.  I slowly
entered behind them through a set of double doors.  I was 20 feet from Hughes when he turned around to face me,
I was already aimed for his chest and about to fire when he turned and revealed a six year old girl playing with
a little yellow kitten sitting in his lap,  there was no way to shoot him without shooting her.  Hughes just sat
there calm as could be watching me as if nothing was wrong, then a rifle tip bumped me in the back.

As i dropped my weapons Hughes stood up with his hands on the little girls shoulders guiding her to walk with him
over to me stopping just 10 feet short of me.  His smile was sinister, the burn from his gaze told me i was set
up!  Hughes told me the day prior he had his private army of goons raid his competitors Villa, and that before
he slit his competitiors throat, he was told i would be coming for him.  I was then knocked to my knees in front
of Hughes as he spoke again, As punishment for entering my property and trying to kill me, before we kill you,
you will watch me do something to this little one.  As Hughes spoke, i suddenly realized i was looking at the
daughter of the man who had hired me to kill hughes.  She was apparently not aware of who she was with and that
her father was now dead killed by the man who gave her the kitten.  Panic filled my being, what was he going to
do, in my mind i already knew, but in my heart i wished i was wrong!  Hughes with a smiling expression and no
remorse slit her throat, and threw her on top of me.  There was nothing i could do but hold her hand as she
faded away from life as she cried,  i felt her pain in the center of my heart.  Even after being shot and injured
in many missions, nothing compared to the pain the sight of this poor little soul in my arms, murdered because
of me.  Hughes smile only widened as he watched me weep for this childs fate.  Her blood covered me, all i could
was hold her in my lap, my body was dead, unable to move even if my own life depended on it.  My spirit was
shattered.  After a moment Hughes commanded his guards to take me away, they didnt even bother restraining me
as i was dragged to a small prison cell across the hall and locked in.

Every day the guards would come in a group of 4 and beat me into the ground before leaving a sandwich and a cup
of water to keep me alive,  I was not aware of time passage.  After a while the guards stopped coming to beat
on me, they could not enjoy it when i would sit there blank, not flinching, not fighting back, just dead to the
world,  For hours i would fantasize about ending it myself, no more suffering, but i would change my mind for
fear that if there was really an afterlife, where would they send a man who got a 6 year old murdered as
punishment for his actions.  It was weeks later now, Hughes had grown tired of hearing about me just sitting there
not talking, not screaming, not begging, not doing anything except existing.  He came to my cell himself as i
only momentarily glanced at him as he entered before staring back into space.  Hughes began to speak, So it
has come to my attention you arent happy with your accomidations here.  He waited for a response which never
came, then continued, so i have made arrangements for some entertainment for you right here in your room!  You
can thank me later, and dont worry it was no trouble at all.  What was left of my heart sank as that sinister
smile crept onto his face although i didnt show it.

Hughes motioned to the door, and a guard walked in a small hispanic boy, of maybe 4 or 5 years old.  Hughes
began again, You know you seemed to enjoy that first show so much that i decided to give you an encore, and
to make sure you dont get bored in here, you will get the same show every day untill you kill yourself.  I
knew what was comming now, the child was just standing there, oblivious to his surroundings as Hughes pulled
the same knife he had used on the 6 year old out of his suite pocket and started rubbing his fingers across
its thin blade before handing it to one of his goons.  He told the man, make sure you do it nice and slow,
so he has time to enjoy the sight and sounds of his entertainment, i must be going or i will be late to the
mayors party.  Hughes smiled at me as he walked out the door and out of sight.

I was still sitting against the wall, my feet laying out in front of me, hands on my thighs, staring into
oblivion as my heart bled fear in agony of what was about to befall this poor child.  As the 2 guards argued
over which was going to commit this dastardly act, neither wanting to, but knowing if neither did it, hughes
would kill them both himself and their families.  The tall one finally took the knife and stepped forward to
stand behind the boy, but hesitated for a while, trying to gather the courage to do it.  The childs eyes were
aimlessly scanning his surroundings, pondering unknowns when he suddenly looked upon me and asked, are you ok
mister?  His question caused my mind to flutter as my gaze met his.  I just stared at him unable to speak for
a minute, then the guard answered for me, yes, he is just fine now!  The guard moved forward with the knife
beginning to reach for the boys shoulder, as he did, the memory of the girls death hit me like a meteor,  I
knew i was about to see it happen again if i didnt do something quickly!

All my fear, anger, and pent up rage suddenly sprang forth, i elbowed the wall behind me with both arms
launching myself forward into the guard knocking the child out of the way,  In a fluid motion i twisted his
knife weilding hand around and plunged it into the other guards chest killing him instantly,  The first guard
was stronger than me, and would not release the knife no matter my efforts, as he attempted to push it into
me i broke off the blade at the hilt, and slammed it into the back of his neck with a crunch.  He fell
silently to the ground as if he was nothing more than a piece of furnature.  As the boy stood back up in
shock beholding the aftermath i rifled throught he guards pockets, found the keys, and a small pistol in the
smaller guards waist band.  I grabbed the boy, openned the door, and ran dragging him behind me to the back
patio of the small mansion, there was a landrover there with the keys in it.

The next thing the guards at the front gate saw, was the under side of the wheels as i ran them down before
they noticed i was the one driving.  I left the boy in front of an orphanage a few miles away to continue
my escape.  Within 2 weeks i had made it to tijuana and blended in with the visiting American party crowds.
After 2 weeks of waiting the for verification the US Embassy finally granted me permission to re-enter the
United States finally buying into my false story of being a kindnapped tourist, and giving me a free ride
back home.  It took almost a year for me to put the events of my time with Hughes behind me, but the
nightmares remained for quite some time,  Thankfully i had saved enough money from past contracts to float
on while i regained my sence of self.  After another 6 months i began looking for more contracts, and my
life and work were pretty much uneventfull for several years, and then, you walked through my door Thompson.

Thompson was intently listening to the story unfolding before him, having known some of it himself already
he was interested to fill in the details.  Xander continued, So to answer your question Thompson, Yes!

Thompson slid his briefcase to Xander and Xander sits it aside without even counting the money.  Xander
thinks for a moment, back to the circumstances leading to his capture, and decides noone will know his plans
this time, instead he will make a plan with Thompson, then to avoid betrayal use a completely different plan
to accomplish the task.  He had to test the loyalty of Thompson, and the perfect way was about to present
itself.  Thompson spoke up, now if you want to do this thing, we are gonna help you out on the planning,
we have an informant in Hughes camp that can give you the intel you need!  Xander replied, When do we leave?

The flight was quick, Thompson promised to provide weapons Xander would detail, but secretly shipped his own
Barret M82A1 Rifle and a new M4 to a safe place near the Hotel he would be staying at in Sao Paulo.  Xanders
gut was now going off like a 21 gun salute and he just could not figure out why, something was wrong, like he
was being watched or something bad was looming just on the horizon.  It was driving Xander insane.  That
night after meeting with Thompson for the planning session and reviewing the intel the spy had provided they
laid out a plan of attack that would never be executed unbeknownst to Thompson.  As Thompson got into a cab
xander climbed down the back of the hotel and climbed into another cab and began following Thompson cab.

They followed thompson across town back and fourth while he changed cabs 3 times, and as the final cab dropped
off Thompson at his destination, Xander was burning holes into his back as he watched him walk into the
Hughes Mansion with the file folder used to plan their attack, it was another setup, but this time would be
the last!  The attack was to come the next day, and it would still, but not the way Thompson envisioned ending
with Xander captured again.

Xander guided his cab to the shop he had his stuff shipped to secretly, and then headed to a no name hotel
on the edge of town where no one would find him or be able to watch him.  He assembled his rifles, and packed
up his ammo, then headed out almost smiling as he imagined what the look on there faces would be when they
discovered his true plan.  They were expecting him to take out 3 guards in the back of the mansion and then
be ambushed as soon as he got in again, so he would snipe the 3 guards with the silenced M4 and let whoever
was watching expect that to mean he was coming on their plan so he could catch them off guard.  As morning
approached Xander got into his hide and his ghille suite with a clear view of the rear windows of the mansion.
The windows were armored glass, but that was only effective on small arms, the barret would turn the glass
into confetti.

As the sun began to break over the trees, Xander used the M4 to take out the 3 back guards in rapid succession
and then waited to see what happenned.  He switched to the Barret with its telescopic scope, and could see the
guards watching out the windows looking for him, waiting in ambush.  After 25 minutes or so of Xander not
showing up Hughes sent out some of his guards to survey the situation.  They searched and searched but found
nothing of Xander.  An hour passed, 2 more hours passed, guards combing the area but not expecting Xander to
be half a mile away on a hiltop spying on them.  Finally around noon, with a heavy escort Hughes emerged from
his hotel and began talking to his guards.  Xander thought to himself, that ass thinks i must have gotten
spooked and ran away after killing his guards, but this time hes wrong!

Hughes was waving his hands obviously bantering about how Xander must be afraid and hiding or something, but
that all changed when the Barret rang out its first round under Xanders eye.  The sinister smile Hughes was
wearing suddenly transported to Xanders face as the lead slug erased Hughes cranium from existance in a wild
puff of red mist.  Thompson was across the field organizing a group of guards and never heard or saw the shot,
only a sudden yell of a few guards covered in red with Hughes headless body lying on the ground.  But before
Thompson could even consider a plan of action the second shot found its mark, separating his leg from his body
mid thigh, a lethal shot, but with a slow painfull death for him.  Xander had completed his Missions past and
present, Hughes had been the only target to ever survive Xander.  He said a small prayer for the little girl
who had died because of him as he sat his rifle aside and crawled out of his hide.  Maybe now he would be free
of the demons that tormented his memories and dreams so much.

It was at that moment Xander decided he was done with his current line of work, buring his weapons only feet
from where he had fired from and killed Hughes and Thompson.  As he walked out of the wilderness into the
outskirts and back to his hotel he felt free, and for the first time in a long time his heart was not aching
terribly as it had ever since his first encounter with Hughes.  Xander quickly boarded a flight back to
texas, and got back to his home 20 minutes outside of austin.  He spent the next week thinking of what job
might he be best suited for, but none came easy.  He was to good and proud to flip burgers, his expertise
was combat, and a nack for computer hacking for intelligence purposes, but without any official training
no one would want to hiring him for anything.  After 3 days, Xander resolved to take a vacation on the money
left behind by Thompson and worry about his new life and occupation when he would return, hopefully freshened
and ready to meet the world again.  His destination, Japan!

Chapter 1 will follow, and the main story will get under way.

If you have not read the preamble, some parts of the story will confuse you!

Chapter 1: The Chronicles of Xander
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP POW!  The world began to take shape as Xander awoke from his first night on the Cruise
Ship bound for Japan.  Shaking himself awake and waiting for his vision to focus he yawned loudly, it was
a peacefull sleep he had not known for a long time, but finally he knew he could sleep again without the
constant assistance of alcohol to ease his dreams.  It was only the 10th night he had slept without boozing
up and it was nice to wakeup without a headache again he thought as he stood and began dressing himself lazily.
He finished dressing in plain worn out blue jeans and a dark dark redish black T shirt and stepped out of
his room into the hallway to meet the new day.  As he walked down the hallways leading to the deck he quietly
laughed to himself at how funny everyone looked in hawaiian shirts and funky colored shorts, a look he never
had liked for himself.  As he reached the doors for the outside deck he headed for the railing to overlook
the open ocean.  The sight was refreshing to see all the open water, dolphins playing round the bow arch of
the ship, and several people having fun on jet skis on the water below.  This is the life he thought to
himself.  A beach, peace and quiet, and if it was possible for him, someone to love, beginning to wonder
what it would be like to be on an un-inhabited island with a private beach everyday, and hopefully someone
to share the splender with.  Xander had not had a date since he graduated high school and his parents died
in a tragic car crash when they were ran off the road indirectly by drug runners.

That had been what spurred him to his profession of taking contracts, constantly watching for a contract that
might be from or targetting the ones who killed his parents, and using some of his earned money to research
into finding those responsible, thats where his one rule on contracts came in, only target those who do evil.
It was the only way he could justify his line of work, but thankfully he would no longer need to justify
anything.  He was still staring into the ocean deep into these thoughts when something upturned his deep
thoughts, a woman holding a briefcase was talking to him.  He sat his thoughts aside and spoke, Im sorry
maam, you caught me in a deep thought, what were you saying?, as he looked here up and down.  She was about
5'2 in height, pale white skin, that of a geek in her mid thirties, in a long dress that was silk white from
the waist up, and bright bloody red from the waist down, topped off with some open toed sandals.  Her build
was not athletic, but not the slightest sign of chubbyness anywhere either,  and she appeared to be a little
lacking in chest, but he didnt mind that.

She smiled and repeated, you look like you could use a drink to cool you off big guy!  causing Xander to
blush slightly.  She smiled again and asked, whats the matter?  Xander exhailed deeply and spoke, I've never
had a girl come and ask me out, come to think of it i havent been out period in a long time.  She rolled
her eyes still smiling, and spoke again, Well my name is Amy, and im gonna put an end to that little
problem right this minute for you, so come with me!  This was new territory for Xander, he had never been
ordered around by any female, not even his mother.  Not knowing what else to do he quietly followed her to
the bar and sat on a stool next to her as they stared at each other.  Amy spoke again, so what is your name
or should i just call you Hey You?  My name is Xander, with an X, its nice to meet you amy. Amy blushed 
as he spoke to her shyly.  So how is it a big hunky guy like you hasnt ever been asked out by a girl, and isnt
married to some lucky girl somewhere yet?  This question was somewhat difficult since he couldnt just open
up and say hi im a retired contract killer!  After pondering for a moment, he answered, i was a soldier for
a very long time.  My work kept me from any hopes of that kinda thing, and i never had the free time either.

Amy put her hand on his shoulder.  Oh you poor guy thats so sad, what kind of soldier were you, what branch
of service were you in, it explains those big ripped arms you've got there?  Xander continued, I'm sorry,
but I cant speak of what i was doing or where i was assigned because it is classified.  he lied smartly.
Amy smiled deviously and added, oh so your one of those special ops guys we never hear about, i get it
and dont worry, i understand now and i wont press you to discuss anything about it, i would hate to get
you into any trouble about that.  Xander smiled to her, and replied.  Im glad you understand, if i could
tell you i would, and maybe someday i will be able to talk about it, but for now im putting it behind me.
Amy asked.  What do you mean putting it behind you?  Xander added.  I made the decision to quit and find
a new way in life away from the actions that still cause be grief sometimes.  It would be easier to cope
if only i could talk to someone about it, but thats out of the question for now.  Amy sighed, realizing
their discusion, or lack there of detail wise, was causing him paining thoughts and broke in, lets talk
about my work then, she said smiling.

Amy took Xanders hand and led him to a empty table on the deck, and then called a waiter and asked for 2
cups of red wine.  She openned her briefcase and got out her laptop, sat the briefcase on the ground, and
clicked on the laptop.  While she waited for it to come on their drinks arrived, they each had a sip, and
then the laptop was ready.  Amy clicked through some files and then turned the laptop around to face
him, and asked. So Xander, have you ever seen anything like whats in this picture before?  Xander looked
at the strange object in the photo on the screen, and looking puzzled replied, Nope, have no idea what
that could be.  Amy continued, We think that this artifact is from an ancient culture that worshiped
dragons like gods.  it is a cylindrical shape, about 8 inches long, and about an inch and a half wide.
It has an inscription on the side that says something about the inner dragon, or the dragon within you, or
some cockameme thing like that, the dialect is very old, and noone is quite sure of the exact translation
that is correct.  I am only my way to an exhibit where it will be on display, it has been carbon dated to
be almost 2500 years old.  it is made of some kind of very dense clay, we know that its hollow, but the
xray machine they used to see what if anything was inside, only produces blank xrays.  Xander asks,
Doesnt that mean theres nothing in it?  Amy continues, if the shape of the artifact actually showed up
on xrays we would know, but thats just it, we dont even get the outline around it, the xrays look
like we took them with nothing in front of the film, they are 100% blank like a picture that went off
without the shutter openning.  The lead scientist over there also says that the artifact produces very
small ammounts of static electricity, sometimes enough to shock your fingers.  Strange huh?

Xander thought for a minute, and then replied, that sounds pretty weird, It makes me wonder what it really
is or was!  Amy spouted out, Oh im glad to hear you say that Xander, because it just so happens i dont
have a date to accompany me to the exhibit!  Amy begins looking Xander up and down gigling as he chockes
lightly.  Xander is white with a tanned rugged complexion, brownish blond hair, green eyes, 6"5 height,
and very muscular.  It just then hits Xander that she is wearing a wedding ring, and he replies, well
dont you already have a date around here somewhere, or does that ring symbolize something else for you?
Amy smiles politely and says, No i am married, but my husband doesnt like exhibits so when i was asked
to go to japan to examine the artifact he decided to stay home, im just looking for a friend to hang
around with so im not completely alone out here by myself so far from home.  The sentiment was something
Xander understood all to well, lonelyness was fact of his life most of the time, and so he agreed. I
will follow you wherever you like my dear!  Xander suddenly felt unsure of himself as the geeky little
Amy jumped on him and crushed him to her utmost ability hugging herself into him, but he calmed as he
noticed bystanders paying no attention to them at all, minding to their own enjoyments and sight seeing.

Xander spent the rest of the day with Amy casually jaunting around the ship getting to know one another
as best as possible which meant Amy did most of the talking, by nightfall Xander knew most of her lifes
story, and despite what others might of thought of having to listen to such rambling, Xander was truly
happy to just be patient and listen to her because it pushed the lonelyness from his heart if only for
a little while.  As the night dragged on they found themselves outside of Amys suite.  Amy turned and
thanked him for a fun and happy night, and Xander pushing away his shyness momentarily managed to emrace
Amys head in his hands and kiss her forehead adding, No, Thank you for the best night i have had in years
my dear, you owe me nothing.  A tear welled up in Xanders eye as he gazed upon her, suddenly hit by a
bad memory.  Amy's eyes reminded him of the little girl at Hughes compound years earlier, and he couldnt
help but to tear up more in spite his best efforts at resisting.  Amy was stunned, not knowing why Xander
was suddenly tearing up but acting quickly she said, Oh come here you big softie, lets get you cleaned
up nice before you go to bed, and pulled Xander into her suite closing the door behind her.  Xanders
first comeback was to appologize for his emotions getting the better of him, but before he could finish
his sentence, she placed a finger on his lips and shushed him gently.  She lifted a washcloth and began
to wipe away his tears and he stared at the ground before her.  After a few minutes, Amy spoke again
but this time in a sympathetic whisper. Xander, I know the first tear was for my kindness, but what
happenned when you lost control, what could cause a tough guy like you to cave in like that,  I know
you said you couldnt talk about it,  but just know if you need to talk you can always trust me,  I will
not repeat anything we talk of to anyone.  She lifted his chin with her finger, and pulled him towards
the bed in the corner of the room sitting down on the edge and patting for him to sit next to her.

Xander hesitantly sat down on the bed and looked into her eyes with seriousness, If i tell you, you must
promise me...  promise me that none of it leaves this room ever.  Are you sure you want to hear it?  Amy
placed her hand on his broad shoulder and spoke.  I just want to help you get through this, so yes!

Xander began to revisit his past in his mind, and tear began to flow ever so slowly.  He recited his
past starting with the loss of his parents, then his hopes to find those responsible, but changing his
story slightly saying he had joined the armed forces, and leaving out the parts about contracting.
He told her it had been his only failed mission when he was captured by the "Cartel Leader"(Hughes),
and forced to watch the Leader slit the throat of this helpless little girl as a means of torture and
twisted sense of punishment.  He continued, telling her of his imprisonment and daily tortures even
pointing out a few fading scars on his arms and body,  Amy was subdued in awe in his recounting of
the events.  Finally he moved on to his daring escape and freeing of the little boy who was to be next.
Xander ended his story there knowing that would be enough to explain his emotions, and amy spoke up again.
So what made you think of all that when you looked at me, with a confused look.  Xander spoke softly,
Because, you, and her,  you have the same eyes, and the same innocent expression, for a mement when i was
looking down on you, i saw her again, just the way she was before it happenned!  Xander turned away from
Amy and began to silently cry again.  Amy could only sit there and absorb his amazing, but terrible
past as her mind processed it all.

After what seemed like hours to Xander, but was only a few minutes in reality, Amy took Xanders left
shoulder in her hands rubbing in gently for a moment before gently pulling him backward fully onto the
bed, she lay back and pulled him over so his head was resting on her chest.  She stroked his brown
hair and his cheek and neck with her hands untill he fell asleep, at peace finally, and then fell
asleep herself.  It was nearly noon when Xander began to awaken, disturbed only by his straing need
to use the restroom,  suddenly he became aware he was not in his own bed, and that he was also still
fully dressed from the night before.  Suddenly snapping back to the more pressing concern he looked to
the tent in his pants and the sudden feeling of a pending explosion in his bladder if he didnt act fast.

Xander relieved himself in amys restroom for what seemed like an eternity before hearing the door to
the suite jingling open, and then closed.  The smell of bacon and eggs filled the air and after a moment
Amy announced, Im glad your finally up, you apparently needed a good rest last night, breakfast is on
the table when your done in there.  I have to review some new findings the scientists just sent me
from japan, by the way, we will be arriving in japan in about 3 hours, maybe less.

Xander emerged from the bathroom fully awakened by the smells of the food awaiting him, he sat down at
the table and began to dig in.  After a few minutes of eating he looked to Amy who was deep in thought
on her laptop typing away, and said, I really appreciate the kindness you have shown me,  I wasnt sure
if people like you still existed in this world these days,  If there is ever anything I can do to help
you please ask me and i will gladly assist you.  Amy just smiled as she continued working.  After a
moment Xander finished eating and walked around to see what Amy was working on.  Seeing him do so, she
began to explain the new discovery.

Amy spoke to Xander, so yesterday while the scientists and archaeologists were continuing there dig into
a temple of some kind in a remote area of japan when one of them fell through the ground into a section
of the temple that noone knew was there when its roof collapsed as a team un-knowingly walked over it,
noone was hurt but they lowered a few people in who were able to release a secret door that openned up
a hidden door into the room where the artifact i showed you yesterday was found.  Inside they found
what appears to be the tomb or alter of some kind.  In the center of the room on a giant slab were the
remains of a large reptile with wings, mostly bones, and some scales are all that remain, but completely
intact in their original shape, a complete skeleton of what could be, by decription at least, a dragon.
Xander looked at the pictures of the slab with the bones of the giant lizard for a moment, and then
noticed that at the head of the slab, there was an inscription, Xander asked, does anyone know what this
says?  Amy bit her lip for a moment and moved down the page a bit, and continued.  The inscription here
is in a dialect more fitting of the time period and was easier to translate, it reads "Here lies
Venterus (Ven-ter-huhz) The last of the great dragons, though your body has failed you, your spirit will
live on and rise again".  Amy continued, the remains of the dragon show signs of possible battle damage,
the sternum appears to be cracked on its chest, and 5 broken ribs that we can see,  one of the wings
also appears to be dis-jointed from its socket pre-mortem as well as having a fractured neck and right
leg,  something definitly had its way with the creature before it died, some of the injuries show a few
hours of healing, the ribs had just begun to mend and then stopped when the creature passed on.

Xander was fascinated, and asked, So what species is it, is it a dinosaur, or some kind of lizard?
Amy thought for a moment, and continued,  Well thats the real question, this creature is not in any
of the reference books, one of the scientists is even a reptile expert, but even he has not seen such
a beast as this.  They are stumped totally and completely.

Chapter 2 is under way

Chapter 2: Japan, 
Xander and Amy were still looking through the reports from the new findings when the ships horn began to
sound signaling their arrival in the port of japan.  Amy began to pack her bags quickly and told Xander
to go back to his room and do the same if he was still going to hang around with her for a while. Xander
resolved to go pack his only bag and soon stood at her door with a single suitcase.  As amy openned the
door she smiled and said, Oh good, since you only have 1 bag you can cary a few of mine.  Xander just
smiled back and grabbed her biggest bag and lifted it away with ease,  And they began to head for the
ramp down to the pier where a car was waiting while the driver held up a sign that read Mrs. Amy Lexan.

Xander and amy loaded their bags into the car and got into the back seat as the driver took his seat
behind the wheel, and proceeded to drive away from the ship.  Any turned to Xander,  So the scientists
are anxious to see if i may have anything more of help to their puzzle and have asked for us to meet
them at the dig site and are having the artifact i showed you transfered back there also.  we will be
staying there for the night at least.  Xander agreed, he had slept in some nasty places before when on
the job in his previous line of work, sleeping in a tent next to a dig site would be no sweat.  When the
car finally rolled up to the dig site, 2 japanese soldiers stopped them, and checked their IDs before
they could enter the site.  The Seargent asked, So who is this gentleman with you, we dont have orders
to allow anyone in but you Mrs. Lexan!  Amy was quick witted, and shot right back, This is my friend
Xander, he came to keep me company and protect me since my husband couldn't break work to come with me
himself!  The Seargent smiled, and replied, I guess that is a good idea, please proceed ahead and have
a nice evening Mrs. Lexan.  The car moved forwards to the parking area of the site, and they
exited the vehicle while the driver unloaded the bags.  Xander stood tall and stretched after the long
car ride revealing his true unslouching height of six foot 5 inches and bulging muscles as Amy stood
there watching him, she had not realized just how amazing he looked, but then again she remembered she
was married, and pulled her gaze away from him as he returned to his normal slouching stature.

Moments later the lead Scientist approached and greeted them, his name was Dr. Hiroto Nagaru, a
japanese native himself.  My my Amy you look wonderful how long has it been?  Too long indeed.  It
seems like only yesterday we met and talked at the conference.  So who is this strapping fellow with
you?  Amy replied, This is my friend Xander, he has come to help me out and protect me since my
husband couldnt be here with me this time.  Hiroto looked over Xander for a moment and happily
exclaimed, any friend of Amy is a friend of mine, Im just glad your on our side, you could probably
carry my little honda with he in it huh?  Xander and Amy both get a good laugh, and Amy adds, Ha Ha Very
funny Hiroto, you should be glad because Xander here was a US Marine, she lied while Xander glanced
at her momentarily before playing along with the rouse.  Hiroto just smiled and finished, Well good
on you doing your duty Xander, i was in the army for a few years myself but it was not the lifestyle
for me, but you look like you could storm the beaches of normandy single handedly.  They all had
one good final laugh before heading for the field laboratory which was maybe 5 yards north of what
Xander recognized as the entrance to the room the first artifact was found in.  As they entered the
Rubber inflatable building Xander layed his eyes on the real artifact for the first time as it lay
inside a clear plastic cleanroom box.  It was dingy clay and partially still covered in dry mud on its
edges.  Hiroto openned the box and invited Amy to touch it.  She knew he had told her about its
strange ability to hold and generate a charge, but when it shocked her finger lightly she jumped out
of her skin as if she never expected it.  drawing a laugh from Hiroto and Xander at the same time.
Amy stamped her foot and shouted at them, hey thats not funny, why dont you touch it then Xander,
Xander smiled and said.  Fine i will, how bad can it be, as he touched the artifact he felt as if
he had been hit on the head, the shock didnt cause him to jump, but to be instantly dizzy enough
to put a wobble in his stance for a moment untill he regained his composure.  Wow, that was more
then i expected,  Kinda like a low powered Tazer with only half charged batteries.  I wonder how
it does that?  Hiroto smiled and added, thats what we hope to find out some time soon.

Xander and Amy followed Hiroto as he led them to the new discovery, the tomb of the dragon known
apparently as Venterus (Ven-ter-huhz).  As they entered the room in torch light Xander realized
the pictures did not do the dragon justice, the dragon appeared to be around 7 feet tall, with an
estimated wingspan of 10 to 15 feet.  The bones were mostly black or dark brown in color, but the
scales that remained were of a dark purple, almost black, but under a direct light, you could see
purple in them plainly, almost like a nonlit blacklight.  Xander began examining the dragons
clawed hand and confirmed, Yeah it must have been fighting something tough.  Hiroto came over
to see what Xander meant, What makes you say that Xander?  Xander continued, See the Claws on the
finger tips, all but one are worn or broken down almost to their bases, the remaining one is the
pinky finger which would probably not have gotten as much direct use.  Xander touched the pinky
claw and it pricked open his finger instantly drawing blood.  Xander Smiled at Hiroto as he
licked his finger and held it for a moment and exclaimed, What could this dragon have been
clawing at with those beyond razor sharp claws that would have messed them up the way the rest
are?  Hiroto commented, Im not sure?  Xander added, Probably whatever did this, and pointed to
the 5 consecutive broken ribs on the dragons chest and the sternum which was cracked almost all
the way through.  Xander Continued, This was one mighty creature when it lived, and yet something
else managed to beat it to its death.  Xander yawned loudly as he traced the dragons arm back up
to its head with his cut finger and then exclaiming, Well i am beat, i think its time for bed.
Amy sighed in agreement.  And Hiroto began leading them to a tent setup for them to stay in.

As they reached the tent Hiroto spoke, We were only expecting Amy so we only setup one extra
tent, will that be ok for you two?  Amy smiled back at him, It will be just fine, I think we
can manage to behave ourselves for the night, and she elbowed Xander and bid Hiroto Goodnight.
Xander and Amy entered the tent and lay down next to each other in seperate sleeping bags.  It
did not take long for Amy to fall asleep, but Xander lay there a bit longer just watching her
sleep and thinking to himself, a few minutes later and he was out.

Xander was sleeping peacefully without dreaming when he suddenly found himself staring at the
top of the tent above him, something had woken him up.  His instincts kicked in and was standing
in a second out of pure reflex.  His gut was screaming, something was wrong and he knew it
without a doubt!  He carefully unzipped the tent a few inches and peered out with one eye to
see if anyone was around but there was nothing.  He crept to the other end of the tent facing
back to the main road where the guards should be on watch and unzipped the tent again just
enough for a peek, and his gut was confirmed!  one guard was doubled over on the other both lying
on the ground.  He already knew they were dead!  Xander knelt next to his bag and pulled out
his only weapon, a nine inch buck knife, and slid it into his right pocket.  Suddenly he heard
something, a quiet thud repeating rapidly, the sound he knew to be someone sprint running
stealthfully. the way only Special Ops units are taught.  It was coming towards his tent fast.
Xander readied himself pulling the knife and standing ready to stab, but the sound passed right
by outside his tent and continued towards the dig site.  Through the narrow openning of the tent
he saw a small ninja like figure about 5"10 dressed in all black running almost in-audibly to
the Inflatable building, the figure entered the building and closed the door.

Xander was about to exit the tent when he heard another stealthy runner comming following the
same path as the first.  Xander openned the tent and got ready, closing his eyes and focusing
on nothing but the footsteps coming in behind and along side the tent.  Just as the footsteps
came along side the tent Xander jumped into them knocking the figure to the ground and landing
on top of him with a smack.  Xanders insticts took over, he didnt even think to ask anything,
he simply executed the attacker with a quick push of the knife into the mans chest while
clamping his mouth shut so he couldnt scream.  Xander pushed off with one hand and was on his
feet before a second passed and sprinted for the inflatable building himself being as quiet as
he knew how.  He quietly turned the door handle and entered behind the the room.  The first
assailant was expecting his partner and didnt turn to see who when the door openned again.
He was picking the lock on the container the cylindrical artifact was in, before Xander could
do anything the man openned the defeated lock, and grabbed the artifact not expecting the
sudden shock it have him he jumped up but staggered backwards into Xanders chest catching him
totally off guard, Xander grabbed the artifact from the stunned ninja and moved to stab him
but the man was quick and knocked the knife out of Xanders hand and drop kicked him in the
stomache, Xander stumbled backwards but didnt fall.  As he caught himself he noticed the
fire alarm panel and pulled it setting off a loud siren on the outside of the inflatable

Xander shifted the artifact into his left hand and openned the door exiting the building
as the laborers and scientists came running, Just before they reached Xander the last
ninja bolted out the door towards Xander.  Seeing it coming Xander launched his right foot
at the last second into the mans chest reflecting him backwards and onto the ground.
The ninja sprang to his feet and began sparring with Xander who only had one hand to defend
himself holding the artifact with the other, the ninja could not hit hard enough to bring
Xander down but it as enough to make Xander realize he couldnt win either, the ninja was
dodging every blow Xander launched.  finally Xander landed a backhand with a closed fist
on the ninjas jaw and sent him reeling.  Now was his chance, Xander turned to run for a
shovel sitting against a tent but the ninja threw a small dagger catching Xander in the
back of his left knee, Xander held the artifact at his chest as he went down hard unable to
catch himself he landed on his hand holding the artifact crushing it, and the jagged pieces
cut into his chest deeply.  Xander felt a shock like never before as the artifact crushed
and then pierced his chest, as if he was struck by lightning.  The ninja walked over to the
defeated xander and kicked him over onto his back revealing half the artifact laying on the
ground and the other half embedded in Xanders chest with blood flowing freely.  The ninja
paused for a moment and laughed to himself at the sight of his un-intended handywork.

As Xander lay there in pain with the ninja standing over him a pure white myst began to emerge
from the two halves of the artifact and mingle togeather on the surface of Xanders chest.
after all of the myst was out of the artifact, Xander groaned in pain as it began to enter his
body through the wounds in his chest. Suddenly a shot rang out and a single bullet passed
through the ninjas heart and out of his back.  The ninja just stood there for a moment looking
back at Hirotos smoking gun before dropping to one knee, and falling over next to Xander.

Amy ran to Xanders side as he lay on the ground gasping for breath and bleeding, she held his
hand as he began to roll around in a frenzy yelling and screaming randomly.  Four of the
laborers held him down on his back as Hiroto gently freed the pieces of the artifact from
Xanders chest and then he exclaimed,  None of these went deep enough to do any major damage,
why is he in so much pain and completely psychotic.  He struggled for another minute and then
all at once overpowered the laborers throwing them in every direction, Amy jumped back almost
being hit by one of them.  Xander sat up and grabbed at his head with both hands and began
speaking in another language that they could not understand.  Suddenly Xander stopped strugling,
and lowered his hands to his sides, he began to look around in bewilderment.  Amy walked up
to him cautiously and spoke, Xander, are you alright?  Xander looked at her with a puzzled
look on his face, and then replied in another language again with urgency in his voice.  Hiroto
Asked Amy,  Do you know what language he is speaking?  Amy just shakes her head as she continues
to cautiously approach Xander,  She reaches her hand to his and holds it just looking back at
at him.  Xander suddenly yanks his hand back, and begins to examine his hands and arms furiously
then his chest, and finally his legs.  He then notices the knife in the back of his knee and
pulls it out spilling blood onto the ground and re-openning the wound.  Amy moves to his leg
and begins to roll up his pant leg as he watches her,  she rolls his pant leg over his knee and
feels around for the wound with her fingers but all she finds is blood.  She bends her head down
and looks under his leg, and then exclaims, His wound is gone!  Hiroto kneels next to him and
lifts Xanders torn bloody shirt to reveal that other than dried blood, the chest wounds were
gone also.

Xander again begins to spout words in another language, but suddenly the same language is heard
by all in the distance and Xander jumps to his feet and gazes at the figure standing in the
distance, Hiroto comments to Amy, that is Dr. Sam Reginald from England, he studies mythology
and ancient cultures beliefs and languages in the eastern hemisphere.  Sam walks closer to the
crowd and approaches Xander motioning for him to speak.  Xander utters some more of the words
no one can understand, but Sam understands, and answers Xanders question with only a few words.
Amy asks Sam, Can you understand him?  Sam looks to her and answers, well, i can understand
most of his speach as far as what hes saying, but i have no idea how he is saying it.  Hiroto
frowns at Sam, what is that supposed to mean?  Sam looks to Hiroto.  Hiroto, Xander just asked
me what has been done to him by us.  I told him, thats what we are trying to figure out!  But
the problem is simply this, He is speaking the same language you asked me to translate from the
slab the dragon remains were on!  The Statement caused the entire group to draw gaze on Xander
who was now looking onto them in another confused expression.  Amy speaks, Sam, Ask him what
is his name?  Sam raises an eyebrow but complies.  in the ancient dialect he asks Xander, What
is your name?  Xander replies, My name is Venterus, I am the last of the dragon.

Chapter 3: The Fall and Return of Venterus
Sam announced to all, He says and i quote, My name is Venterus, I am the
last of the dragon!

The real Xander was now merely an observer in his own body, he could see and hear, but nothing
more then that, as if his body was being controlled by another force.  He could hear Hiroto and
Amy talk to him, but the words he said back were never spoken.  He could hear his body talking
to Sam in another language.  Not being in control was driving him insane but there was nothing
he could do about it.

Amy said aloud, Venterus!
The statement immediatly drew the attention of Xander.
Amy pointed at Xander and said again, Venterus!
Xander pointed at himself and repeated, Venterus!
Amy then pointed at herself and said, Amy!
Xander pointed at her and repeated, Amy!
Sam pointed to himself and said, Sam!
Xander repeated for sam, and Hiroto followed suit.

Sam spoke again to Amy and Hiroto, Well i would have never believed it, but here it is right in
front of us!  The product of an ancient japanese essence transfer.

Amy blurted, what the hell is that?

Sam continued, It is a myth from a long time ago originating in japan about a sorcerer gaining
the ability to manipulate the essence, the soul of living things.  Supposedly able to transfer
the soul from one being to another, or to trap a soul inside some kind of vessel.  But there
was never any mention of the process being used on a dragon for any reason.

Venterus began to hear the faint scream of a human in his head, looking around he realized it
wasnt anyone around him, and then he remembered!  Looking back at his hands again, it had worked
better than he could have hoped for, he had escaped death in his own body, and now inhabited
the body of a human.  And he realized the screaming was the owner of the body who was being
repressed by his own contiousness.  Venterus did not like the thought of invading the body of
another, especially if they were unwilling.  He let go of control of Xanders body and it fell
to the ground in front of everyone.  Venterus could not leave Xanders body but he moved into a
recessive state in Xanders mind and allowed his host to retake control.  Xander sat up a moment
later and exclaimed to all, Oh man i have a headache!

Amy hit the ground next to him, asking him if he was ok four or five times before he could respond.
Xander was still woozy but he replied, i think i will be ok, what happenned?
But before anyone could answer, Venterus heard and shared his memories with Xanders mind.

Before anyone could get a sentence out Xander exclaimed, Venterus, the last dragon, hes inside me!
His mind, no His soul, no both of them, they are within me, I can hear them, feel them!
Xander stood and ran over to the tomb of Venterus with everyone following him.  He entered and gazed
at the once mighty dragons body.  Venterus was a willing observer from Xanders body, listening and
seeing from Xanders prospective, He looked into Xanders mind and absorbed the knowledge of the
english language from Xander, now he could speak directly with Xanders mind rather than just
sharing the understanding of memories.  In return he shared his language with Xander, and after
a moment Xander noticed he could read everything in the room.

Venterus spoke directly to Xander,  I am sorry for my intrusion, i promise it was not my intent to
take over on you.  It just happenned when my soul merged into your body.  And the problem is now
that i have entered a body, i am once again bound to it permanently untill death, just like your
soul is bound to you the same way!  For you ther is an added benefit though, while my soul resides
within your body you will have a limited control and benefit of some of my power.  such as rapid
healing, heightened senses, you may have noticed the knife wound in your knee is gone, as are the
wounds that were on your chest.

Xander spoke back to Venterus, So if you have rapid healing, how did your body become in that tomb
dead and your soul trapped in a clay tube?  How did you die?

Venterus explained, I was in a battle with another dragon of comparable power to my own, but he
was evil and wanted to kill me so he would be un-opposed in doing anything he pleased, we fought
for the better part of the day, countering each other evenly, but towards the end of the battle
we were both running out of energy, the energy is our life force, it also powers our special
abilities such as healing and other things.  Without enough energy our abilities weaken or will
fade all togeather untill our energy recharges.  By nightfall i was having difficulty keeping
myself healed, and so was Xanatos (Zan-ah-tohs), in a desperate bid to get the upper hand he
used a energy ball to target a group of people on a hilltop watching our battle,  I could not let
them be destroyed!  I flew into the path of the energy to try deflecting it, but my own energy
was too low, and instead i took the full force.  I was able to land without serious injury except
for my wing being dislocated preventing me from further flight.  Xanatos flew down and tackled me
to the ground with his feet on my chest, it was then that i was in trouble.  I know you saw the
damage yourself in the tomb, 5 ribs and a cracked sternum from a single blow.  Xanatos then tried
to bite my neck and drain my blood, and with it my life force which would mean death, but i was
able to tear a large hole in his neck with my claws breaking some of them off in the process.  It
wounded him badly but not mortally, in response he stomped on my leg, breaking it, he grabbed a
medium sized log and as he swung it down on me i blocked it with my arm, the log broke in half
but so did my arm simultaneously.  I was now mostly helpless and too weak to heal any of my
injuries for the time being.  I was not mortally wounded either, but i was powerless, the blow
that mortally wounded me was when again he stomped on me, but this time my chest, driving one of
my broken ribs into a lung causing me to bleed out internally and cough up blood.  I knew then
i was going to die, I only hoped i could kill him before i did.  Xanatos knew that i was finished
once i began to convulse and cough up blood, he was just watching intently, but he could never
sit still for very long, he had to gloat about killing me, it was just in his nature!  He came
over to my writhing body and leaned down telling me how i had failed and how he was going to kill
all those i had tried to protect one by one.  With my last bit of strength and my one unbroken
arm i reached up and grabbed his neck pinching in as hard as i could with my claws finding his
jugular vein, when i felt the hot blood trickle down my fingers i pulled as hard as i could, and
i ripped it right out of his neck as he ghasped the blood poured out of his body onto
everything.  He bled to death within only a moment without having enough energy to heal himself.

I was friends with the wizard that occupied this temple, I only wished to tell him goodbye
before dying myself, I used my good arm and leg to drag and push myself to his temple, As i
said my goodbyes he told me there was no need, and that if we hurried, he could save me!  He
showed me to the slab where you now see my battered remains.  And at first he tried to infuse
a portion of his energy into me so i could use my healing abilities, but even he did not have
enough energy to provide such a gift.  As my final moments drew upon us, he resolved to a final
desperate idea, he channeled his energy and used it to pull my soul from my dying body, and
encase it in a container untill he could figure out what to do to save me!  That is the last
memory i have, my life force, my soul, being pulled free of the body before i could cease to
exist and encased in a tube as you so elequintly put it.  Me and Xanatos were the last two
dragons on this planet, the rest had either fled or were hunted down by kings, knights, and
those who believed all dragons were evil monsters who did only terrible things.  But now there
is at least hope that dragons may one day walk amongst humans again!

Xander asked, what do you mean?  How can dragons return if there are none here, and how do you
fit into that?

Venterus replied, All souls have a certain type, Mine is dragon, yours is human, there are also
others but not on this planet as far as i know anyway.  If your soul were to perish for some
extra-ordinary reason, or be pulled from this body much like mine was, the body will begin to
take the form of the soul that inhabits it, in a case like ours where two souls are present
the body remains in its original form while taking on some abilities of each, my healing and
sences for instance.  If both your soul and mine were to merge we could pick which physical
traits we wanted from either form and the body would take the form of our creation, we could
decide to be a human-dragon hybrid half of each, we could decide to remain human and just retain
the special abilities of both, or we could decide to go full dragon and do much the same.

In the process, our two souls would become one, our personalities would permanently come
togeather and inter-twine, and our memories would be combined. But we would come out far ahead
where energy is concerned, two souls generate more energy than one, and that part would not
change even after merging, we would have a constant advantage.  But i think we have talked
enough for now, you need time to absorb all of the information i have given you!  I can
feel the headache that you have myself, remember, we are one now.  what you feel i feel, and
what i feel, you will feel as well,  both physically and emotionally.

Xander had one more question, So if we merge we become powerful, and possibly become a dragon
or some mix of human and dragon depending on our choices, but how does that lead to more dragons
than just me or us?

Venterus replied, Thats the easy part!  If we merge and become full dragon or even half dragon
you or we can still mate with regular humans and the offspring will be either half or a
quarter dragon, depending again on our choices when merging.  But there is another way also.
A powerfull dragon, which we have the opportunity to become, can use his power to change the
soul type of any willing creature or human causing them to become a dragon as well.  If some
female humans opted for the transformation, there could be full blooded baby dragons flying
around in a matter of years.  Now get some rest for the both of us, tommorrow will be very
busy, there will be a LOT of explaining to do, especially with four dead humans one of which
was killed by you.  And one nice thing about having me around in your body, you are nearly
immortal right now!  After all these years trapped in that tube my power is slightly over
fully charged, and healing a human body is much easier than healing a dragons.  I would
venture to say there are few injuries i couldnt heal for you, but dont go looking for them!

Xander turned around to face Amy still standing in Venterus Tomb, Uh how long have i been
standing here Amy?

Amy responded, For only a few minutes, I could hear you asking questions of Venterus but
apparently only you can hear his answers.  Or you just enjoy talking to yourself.

Xander sighed, Well i am to tired to worry about sorting out any more of this tonight, I
am going back to bed, please tell Hiroto that there is another dead ninja outside our tent
and that both of our guards are dead by the entrance, I think he needs to know!

Amy replied, Another ninja! There were two of them?

Xander replied, Yes, the first one made it into the camp before i was able to do anything
about it, but the second one i got the jump on and he never even made it to the fight.
But before they came into camp, they apparently got the jump on the guards, i saw them both
lying on the ground in a slump at their posts.

with that Xander walked out of the tomb, and back to his and Amys tent, and passed out
fully clothed before Amy returned from telling Hiroto of the other ninja and the guards.

Amy pulled a sheet over Xander, as she watched him sleep for a moment lovingly, before
laying down herself and falling asleep.

Chapter 4: What a mess
Xander awoke the next morning feeling more confident than ever before, His mind was still
contemplating the events of the previous night as his mind tried to accertain whether it
was a dream or if it really had taken place, but a moment later he knew it was no dream
as he jumped in startled confusion as Venterus spoke to him, So your finally awake!

Xander responded, It is gonna take a while to get used to hearing you in my head!  And he
got up to go investigate the smell of breakfast on the winds.

Venterus spoke again, Whatever they are cooking definatly smells good!  But i think you
are about to suprise everyone again, With me in here and my abilities flowing through you
your appetite is probably gonna be pretty big!  Just remember to eat slow so you dont
choke or over eat to heavily.

Xander was greeted by Amy and Sam with a smile at the breakfast table, and as he sat down
Sam asked him, So who do we have the pleasure of speaking to right now i wonder?  Xander
grinned slightly, and replied in ancient, I am Xander right now, but we are both in here
still, and we exchanged some knowledge so I can speak Venterus language, and he can now
speak and understand english.

Sam was suprised, "Well that was something i didnt know was possible, but im sure it has
made adjusting to his presence a little bit easier!

Xander agreed, Yes it has, and i now know what happenned to him!  He was in battle with
an evil dragon named Xanatos, with an X, Venterus killed Xanatos but not before he was
mortally wounded himself.  A wizard friend tried to save his life but the body was damaged
to severely.  In a hail mary effort to save the dragon he extracted Venterus soul and
placed it inside the artifact that became impaled in my chest last night when i fell down
after the knife hit me in the knee.  As his soul bonded to my body Venterus had no idea
what was going on and assumed control of my body against my will but still
un-intentionally and thats when i was trapped inside.  I could see and hear like normal,
but it was like a bad dream, i was paralized and he was controlling my body.

When he realized what had happenned he released control and thats when i fell down and
began to return to my self.

Sam raised an eyebrow, I have a question for Venterus!

Xander answered, He can hear and see you, but i must relay his speech unless i give him
control.  So ask away, and i will tell you what he says.

Sam continued, Venterus, How old are you?

Venterus replied to Xander, At the time of my death i was twenty four years, and the
it was the year two hundred fifty six, Alexander had just claimed the throne of

Sam was amazed, So if we translate that into modern time, you died in the year of
four hundred ninety eight BC, which makes you, two thousand five hundred, thirty three
years old now, that was quite the nap.

Xander was now eating at a feverish pace, he was starving as if he had not eaten in
a few days, four plates of fried fish later Amy and Sam were dumbfounded when he looked
up to them as they just stared at him.  Sam added, Are you about full there?

Xander stopped to answer, Yeah, Venterus told me this would happen, the stress of holding
two souls and the added energy would cause my appetite to go off the deep end.  And using
the rapid healing abilities that healed my wounds last night would also invoke a big
response in my appetite.

Suddenly everyone looked up as an army carrier truck rolled into camp and 20 troops hopped
off and formed a perimiter around the dig site while their CO walked over to the bodies
from the previous night.  The two guards were placed carefully with their weapons at their
sides next to each other, they had both been hit with throwing daggers in the chest.  The
two ninjas were face down in the dirt with their hands bound just in case.

The CO stood to attention and saluted his fallen comrades for a moment of silence.  After
a moment of two he turned to the ninjas and kicked the first on over onto his back, knelt
down and removed the ninjas mask and photographed his face.  He then repeated the process
on the other ninja, but this one he recognized.  He spoke to his XO, this will be more
trouble before its over with,  These two are from the same radical sect that broke into
the museum last year!  This ones face was caught on hidden camera when he removed his mask
while inside the museum,  They killed five guards that night, but left empty handed when
all the steel security doors closed on the exhibits.  We still dont know what they were
after in there.

The two men stood and walked over behind Xander as he looked over his shoulder to them,
and the CO asked, Which one of you is Xander?

Xander held up his hand for a second motioning to them while he drank from his cup of

The CO sat next to him and continued, I should have known it would be you, who else here
is stalky enough to cut down a well trained ninja assasin with nothing but a knife.

Xander smiled and added, Just doing my part, after i saw the guards were dead i heard
them sneaking around and grabbed that one as he passed me from around a corner.  He didnt
even have a chance to draw his weapon before I killed him.  The second was quicker and
appeared to be a much more fierce fighter.  He was about to kill me when Hiroto shot him
through the chest.

The CO stood and bid them farewell and turned to Hiroto, From now on I will leave a whole
unit here to protect you.  I am leaving my unit here, under the command of my XO.  We
would hate to see any more carnage break out, and im sorry to hear that the artifact your
prized artifact being completely destroyed by the ninja, it would have been an amazaing
discovery to find out how a clay object was able to generate energy...

Xander looked to Hiroto quizzically as Hiroto bid the Commander Farewell.

Hiroto approached Xander and spoke, I told him the artifact was completely destroyed so
that they didnt get suspicious of anything.  They probably would have carted you off to
a lab if i had told them anything to do with what actually happenned last night.

Xander replied, Hiroto you are a good friend!

Amy turned to Xander, I have a question for Venterus, Will it disturb anything or bother
you if we move your old body and begin to study it.  It just doesnt feel right to do
without your permission since of course your sitting right here.

Xander repeated for Venterus, No, you may do as you wish, learn what you can of the
physiology, It is my hope you all will get to see live dragons again someday.  Now that
my soul is separated from my old body, it holds no power over me period.

Amy replied, Thank you Venterus, dont worry we will be carefull. and amy walked towards
the tomb.

for the rest of the day Xander just walked the site aimlessly as he and Venterus
talked and got to know a little more about on another.  It was then that Venterus asked
Xander what had led to him being here, and inevitably becoming his new host.

Xander did not want to think of his past since he was somewhat happy, but told Venterus
to look into his memories as he wished.

Sometime later Venterus spoke up again, Xander you have had a hard life, but with my help
i think we can make things better for all involved and everyone else as well.

Xander decided to go to bed early, he grabbed two sanwiches from the catering table near
the dig site, and headed back to his tent.  He slowly ate the sandwiches and watched the
sun set in the distance.

Venterus spoke, Just as beautiful as i left it!  Even though the colors look different
through your eyes.  Thanks for showing me my first sunset in over 2500 years Xander.

Xander just smiled and replied, Anytime my friend.  and climbed into the tent, undressed
himself, and got into his sleeping bag.  They talked a few minutes as friends before
Xander fell asleep.

An hour later Amy entered the tent to find Xander already fast asleep, she quietly changed
into her sleeping cloths and lay down next to him, and fell asleep peacefully.

Xander was dreaming this time, and it was pleasant, not another nightmare.  He was soaring
through the sky, gliding on the wind and updrafts over a beach on the ocean.  He had the
overwhelming feeling of peace, and freedom that all search for, and few ever find.  He
was happily gliding inland over a bright green jungle towards a giant meadow, there he
saw many dragons of differing colors relaxing, and some young ones playing in a small
river that wound through the meadow.  As he began to slow and descend on them he noticed
he had wings flapping at his sides, the fact had completely evaded his sense.  Xander
landed next to the river in his dream and walked over to the waters edge and stood over it
gazing at his reflection.  He was amazed!

He was a dragon without a doubt.  His skin was as red as a fire engine, and he was taller!
He noticed he must be standing about seven feet high over the water, perhaps slightly more.
Xander walked out into the water noticing his feet were larger, and each toe bore a sharp
straight claw on its tip.  As the water settled he examined his entire body in the crystal
clear waters reflection.  His wings were large, perhaps a forteen foot total wingspan.
His wings were red like his skin but the soft membranes were much darker with a dim glow
from the sunlight shining through them.  His neck was about double its normal length and
bulging with muscles, and his face roughly resembled his human face, but with a snout, and
fangs clearly visible.  He also noticed a set of charcoal black horns prodruding backwards
from the top of his head.

Venterus could see Xanders dream and was glad to see xander enjoying himself after finding
out what Xanders past held, and hoped his mental wounds would begin to heal.
He spoke to Xander in the dream, I could not imagine a better moment than this if my life
depended on it, im glad your happy Xander, and i hope someday this event unfolds in
reality!  Xander simply replied, Thank you my friend, and a few tears krept down Xanders
cheek both in his dream, and on his sleeping body.

Xander immediatly noticed his dream beginning to change, Dark clouds began to form in the sky
and a storm came up in no time.  Xander could hear someone yelling in his dream but it was
too faint to hear for a moment, but then it finally hit him.

Venterus was yelling in his head, Xander Wake up now!

Xander practically hit the tents roof as he jumped awake, Whats the matter, why did you
tell meto wake?

Venterus was a little calmer now, Clear your mind for a moment, Cant you sense it?

Xander fell quiet for a moment, and immediatly his gut knew something was wrong, but his
mind told him subcontiously that danger was approaching him!  He grabbed his knife and
stood not even bothering to dress, standing in only black boxers.

Venterus continued, Xander the knife will not help you, what your sensing is the power
of a nearby source of evil power.  someone evil is drawing near, and they have power of
some kind, probably a dark wizard or sorcerer.  Xander burst from his tent and found the
XO of the Defense Force sitting at the door of the Inflatable lab building.

As Xander approached the XO spouted off, Go put on some cloths are you mad?

Xander ignored him and shouted back, We are about to fall under attack, wake the rest of
the guards and call the patrols back from the woods immediatly!

The XO replied, What in the hell are you talking about?  Attacked by who?

Xander pinned the XO to the wall with one hand, Call them back now, and wake the rest!
Quietly get everyone into the Temple and put your men behind in place to cover the door
from several angles, we are about to be attacked, now do it quickly!  If im wrong you
can hve my head later!  If im right and you dont listen, we will all die!

The XO could see the seriousness in Xanders voice, and after the previous night he knew
an attack was a possibility although unlikely.  He radio'd his patrols to return
immediatly!  and ran to the guard tents and quietly woke the others.

After about ten minutes everyone was inside the temple but the XO and Xander, the guards
were packed inside behind various objects, weapons drawn and focused on the only door
in or out.  Xander could now feel the entity moving in closing the final distance to
the dig site as he heard the familiar sound of the stealth sprinting ninjas, but this
time there were many more.  They encircled the camp but came no closer.

Xander knew they were not the biggest problem!  He scanned around looking for the entity
that was making his senses burn like fire.  Slowly a dark figure began to appear from
the edge of the woods.  An old man with long gray hair like a womans walked past the
ninjas and towards Xander and the XO smiling as he spoke.  So it makes an old man
wonder greatly how you knew he was coming to kill you all?

Venterus spoke to Xander, I think it would be best if i assume control, i can use my
power against his, you dont yet have the experience needed to counter a foe such as

Xander thought for a moment, but relented that it was probably for the best, and
spoke under his breath, Very well!

Xanders body closed its eyes momentarily and when they openned again, Venterus was the
dominant soul.

Venterus Shouted, What is your name old man?

The man introduced himself, You may call me Tsukai (Sue-KAI), I am the last Shogun Sorceror! And you are?

Venterus stood a little taller and announced, My name is Xander, I am a warrior from the west!
Venterus was not ready to reveal his true identity to this unknown foe, He knew the best tactical
action was to let his enemy under-estimate him and lead the attack!

Tsukai was confident in his abilities, he began to walk towards them and speak, I believe you
have something of mine around here somewhere, a clay cylinder.  I want it now, and you may live
to see tommorrow if you hand it over.

Venterus replied, Yes, i know the object you speak of, but there is a problem!  Your
two ninjas that came last night shattered it in the process of stealing it.  The pieces
are in the bin on the table.

Tsukai altered his direction to the table and examined the remains of the artifact.
After a moment a scoul formed on his face and he thundered, That which was mine has
been taken from me by incompetence!

Venterus interupted him, It wasnt total incompetence!  I mean, they didnt have much choice
other than to drop and break it when we killed them!

Tsukai turned to face them with a Vengefull look.  You will regret that dearly!
And as he finished his sentence a energy ball formed at his right hand.  He thrust
the energy ball straight for Xanders body with an evil grin, but suddenly turned ghostly

Venterus stopped and was holding the energy ball with one hand as he smiled.

Tsukai stammered, Thats impossible, i am the last sorcerer, how did you do that, what are you!

Venterus Roared, My name, is Venterus!  And fired the energy ball into Tsukai's chest, stunning
him momentarily.

Tsukai was prepared for a powerfull duel tho, and launched a beam right into Venterus!

Venterus used Xanders hand and his own energy to repel the constant beam of energy, but even
being fully charged he was beginning to weaken, the sorcerer was weakening as well but Venterus
knew he would be the first to fall if he did not act quickly!

Venterus spoke to Xander, Xander my power alone cannot defeat him, it must be both of us!

Xander understood his meaning, but was weary of the process, he was not quite ready to commit.

Venterus stammered to him, If we fail all those here will perish, You, Me, Amy, Hiroto, and
the others, and we will never have the chance to re-create your no OUR dream!

Xander knew it to be true, and gave in at last.  Does this mean we will transform?

Venterus answered, Yes it does, What form do you prefer?

Xander replied simply, Just like my dream!

With Xanders agreement, Venterus pulled Xanders soul into control of the body, and then began
to let himself be absorbed into xanders.

A sudden blast knocked Tsukai off his feet, as he sat up, he could see nothing but smoke and myst!

After a moment the debris cleared, and a seven feet tall red dragon stood where Xander had been!
Xanders shirt was in taters on the ground, his pants torn in every direction but still hanging on

The Dragon spoke to Tsukai in a thundering voice, We are now Xander Venterus!

Chapter 5: Tsukais last stand!
Tsukai was stunned, and as he sat up before the dragon, just staring in disbelief at the level
of power wielded before him!  Two of his ninjas ran to his side and helped him to his feet.

Tsukai suddenly shouted in another language to his ninjas, and six of them drew swords and
charged fearlessly towards Xander from behind.

Xander could sense them instantly, he simply turned his neck, and incinerated all six of them
with a single breath of liquid fire.  And then turned back to Tsukai with a slight grin.

Xander thundered again to Tsukai, OLD MAN! Leave, Forever, OR DIE!

By now several guards along with Amy and Hiroto were peeking out from the Temple entrance at
the spectacle before them, as they saw the great red dragon and heard it speak they were
captivated in total awe.

Tsukai was blinded by greed, he wanted Venterus power for himself believing the dragons healing
abilities would give him eternal life.  Your power will be mine Venterus, he shrieked as lightning
burst forth from his finger tips, but as the bolts hit Xander, rather than shock or burn him, they
began to empower and charge him.

Tsukai was pushing all the power he had into his attack thinking he was inflicting a brutal blow
but Xander was gaining power rapidly, and him nor Venterus knew why!

Tsukai finally broke off his attack and slumped to one knee in total exhaustion just staring at
Xander who was not only still standing, but brimming with new found power!  Xanders eyes were
bright red, and emitting a red glow onto his eyelids and cheeks.

Tsukai just knelt on the ground and began to laugh, occasionally coughing, and spoke softly to
Xander.  I never would have guessed the human host would have the thunder element in his
bloodlines, its the only was you could have absorbed my attack.  I have defeated myself but
i regret it not!  Tsukai was clutching his chest and his laugh fading into a stream of coughing
and convulsions before he fell to the side, and became still.

Xander could freely explore Venterus memories now, and they told him Tsukai had drained his life
force beyond the point of no return in desperation, and no longer had the energy to even sustain his

The many ninjas surrounding the camp began to slowly converge on their fallen master, being carefull
to give Xander a wide berth as to not provoke a further attack from him, as they reached Tsukais
lifeless body they drew their swords and saluted their fallen master.

Eight of the ninjas dropped their weapons and gear and split into two single file lines on either
side of Tsukai and gently raised his body onto their shoulders, and began to carry him into the
woods from which he came.  The remaining ninjas collected the others gear and bowed to xander
before dissappearing into the forest themselves.

In a distant temple far away on the Dragon Homeworld an aged but still mighty dragon suddenly
awakes from meditation and first whispers, but then shouts!  hes alive, Venterus, Hes ALIVE!

Several other dragons sitting around him begin to calm him, Who Arelius, Who is alive old friend?

Arelius composes himself for a moment, but again shouts!  VENTERUS IS ALIVE!  I feel his power
stronger than ever!  He must be brought back here immediatly!

Chapter 5 Part two
Arelius summoned one of his most trusted dragons, a young dragoness of the rarest color ever
seen in a dragon, her purple scales glistened in the torchlight of the temple and her deep green
eyes could easily penetrate anyone she made eye contact with.  The scales on her shoulders, neck and
upper arms resembled large armor plates more then scales, and the bright purple scales had a
natural clearcoated look of wet gloss and were heavenly to the eyes. She had a very sleek feminine
build with very firm D breasts that held their stature even as she walked towards Arelius.  She
was only twenty two years old but her demeaner was of absolute seriousness, she knew if Arelius
had called on her for a task, it must need handling of the utmost care and urgency!  She had
been raised by Arelius after her parents had died, Although Arelius never took a mate he
considered Saren to be his own daughter and cared for her as such, training her in combat and
watching her surpass all others her age.  Arelius had been great friends with Sarins parents
and it was only natural for him to take her in under the circumstances.  It was a sad day
when he was presented with the little dragoness by one of his guards that had attempted to rescue
her parents but been to late.  A small comet had crashed into the mountain side above their
cave and as the mountain began to rumble and quake,  Her father put her in her mothers arms,
and with all his might thrown her towards the cave entrance as the roof came down on himself.

Sarin and her mother watched as her father held off the stone above him momentarily yelling
his last confessions of love to them before the stone overcame and crushed him before their very
eyes.  As her father dissappeared forever, her mother had fallen to her knees setting the two
year old Sarin next to her before clenching at her heart with tear filled eyes and falling to
the ground in silence, having an apparent  heart attack from the sudden loss of her beloved.

Saren had sworn at age seven to do whatever was needed to honor her family and her parents and
convinced Arelius to train her as a warrior and to give her a position where she could help
him and repay him for his kindness in raising her which Arelius told her was not nessicery,
but she had insisted, and he was powerless to say no to her.

Saren stopped just short and knelt before Arelius and the rest as she looked down in a customary
show of respect to the elders.

Arelius quipped to her, be at ease my child and sit.

Saren sat next to Arelius and gave him a soft hug before turning her gaze to his eyes and speaking,
So what can i help you with Uncle? and she smiled softly.

She had always refered to him as her uncle even though there was no blood relation, it was her
fathers ideal that Arelius was as close as a brother to him so he told Saren Arelius was her uncle.

Arelius began to speak to her, Saren my dear, I have something of a problem i need you to sort out,
and it may be dangerous to an extent, but it must be someone who i know i can trust beyond a doubt!

Arelius Continued, Saren, have i ever told you of an old friend of mine from long before i met your
mother and father called Venterus?

Saren thought for a moment, but shook her head and answered, No you never mentioned him.

Arelius replied, Well its not so suprising, such a sad memory to have, i cant blame myself for not
sharing it with you.  but as it turns out, it may not be a sad memory any longer!

Saren sat confused as Arelius continued, About 2500 years ago when i was very young, twenty nine
to be exact, i was one of the three dragons still on earth while the humans were hunting us for
sport.  The other two were called Venterus, and Xanatos.

Saren knew Xanatos name and spoke, Thats the evil dragon that killed humans and dragons for his own
selfish reasons.

Arelius agreed and continued, Well me and Venterus didnt want to flee from earth like most of the
other dragons had already done while the the humans were after us.  We had befriended a local town
of farmers, and in exchange for helping them with our strength and a little of our power, they
helped to take care of us and kept our secret safe from humans who would kill us for trophies!

Xanatos was the reason humans feared and hunted us, he attacked the humans on a regular basis,
he burned their fields, broke down the walls of their castles, and murdered many of them when they
fought back.  Many good dragons paid the price for his evil deeds.  But when he realized that
most dragons were fleeing earth because of being hunted he was only happy to see them go.  Xanatos
wanted earth to himself, to be the supreme being on the planet.  I stayed with Venterus for a short
time hoping that the times would pass, but Xanatos would not let them.  When he discovered that
I was still on the planet he tracked me down while Venterus was away and gave me the choice to
leave earth, or die by his hands, At the time i was older than Xanatos, but i did not have the
experience to use my power against him.  He would have won easily.

Venterus however had the power and from one of his friends who was a Sorceror of Good he had learned
to channel his power and was very powerful indeed.  He was the only one on earth of any species that
could stand against Xanatos and less than a month after i had fled, Xanatos found Venterus and
sought to kill off the last challenger to his abilities.

I did not witness the battle, but it was very close from what i was told, and only turned in Xanatos
favor when he tried to kill the farmers durring the battle and Venterus dove in the way saving them,
but condemning himself to defeat.  Venterus was mortally wounded and unable to stand after that.

But before Xanatos could finish him, Venterus tore out Xanatos's neck killing him.  The farmers told
me Venterus dragged himself to the good sorcerers temple as he slowly bled to death.  When the farmers
went into the temple to see what had happenned, they found Venterus body on a slab dead, and a short
distance away they found the sorcerer laying against a wall panting away his last few breaths but
with a smile of victory on his face, before he died from exhaustion, he told one of the farmers he
had saved Venterus and that he would one day rise again.  The farmers only relayed this much to me,
they had no understanding of the sorcerers meaning from the statement.

Arelius was bearing a small wet line of tears from one eye as he continued, I sensed Venterus passing
from here, and i immediatly returned with two other dragons as backup not knowing Xanatos was also
slain.  Upon arriving the farmers told me all of what i have told you, and they led me to Venterus
body in the temple.  We all had words of thanks and peace for him, even the farmers said their peace
in thanks for ridding them of Xanatos.  I took my time bidding my best friend farewell as i sat next
to his body reminiscing with him as if he was still alive, remembering all the fun we had, and all we
had shared.  And then onto what might have been had only he survived the battle.

The next day we assisted the farmers in bringing forth a giant stone slab to the temple, we moved
the sorcerer to his sleeping chambers and tucked him in gently, and we spoke our final closing thanks
to him and Venterus.  We all exited the temple, and moved the giant slab into the doorway sealing it,
entombing and ensuring the peacefullness of our two beloved friends.  On the outer side of the stone
slab the farmers carved their blessings to the pair, and i used my claw to do the same.  That night
we burned the body of Xanatos, and departed from earth, planning never to return.

And now, twenty five hundred years later, I was meditating, and i sensed his energy stronger than ever
and it is on earth right where we left him.  Something is afoot on earth, I would investigate myself
but earth may still pose danger to us.  Being as old as i am i would not do well in a great battle,
and my obligations to the other elders would also be put in jeopardy.  So it is with a heavy heart
Saren that i ask of you to go in my place, discover what has become of Venterus, how he is still alive
or what form he is in, and bring him back to us if possible!

Saren speaks up, How will i know him?

Arelius smiles and adds, He is the only dragon on the entire planet, and i assume the humans are pretty
stunned to be seeing one of us among them.  Venterus is a much darker shade of your own color, and he
was around seven feet tall, if you are anywhere near him, you should be able to smell him, but in
any case he shouldn't be that hard to find.  We elders know a power of transportation forbidden to all
others and with enough combined energy we can transport small groups to and from distance lands
using only our energy, this is how dragons used to travel to other worlds, and it is how you will get
to and from earth now.  We will give you five earth days time to locate Venterus and convince him to
come back with you.  If he refuses, simply bring back all the knowledge you can of him and the planet
and give him my best wishes.  He never did want to leave earth, so he may again refuse.  At the sunset
of the fifth day we will use our power to transport you back to us, with or without him.

Chapter 6 is in progress and is looking to be quite good in deed.

Just a few notes i forgot to add into chapter 5
Saren is pronounced like sharen but without the H.
Arelius is areh-li-us
Brynja is Bryn-jah

Chapter 6: The pursuit of Happiness
Arelius instructed Saren to move to the center of the room and into a circular design carved into the
floor as the elders formed a circle around her and joined hands.  Arelius thought back to the place
where he had last seen Venterus body and to the clearing just outside the temple that became his tomb.
He began to concentrate on the clearing and focusing his energy as the other elders joined in and
began to humm quietly.  The carving below Saren began to glow with the energy of the elders and then
it extended upwards engulfing her entire body.  A sudden flash blinder Saren, and when she opened her
eyes, she was in a clearing near a dense forest.  It was the dark of night and she was peering into
the distance ahead of her when she heard a deep draconic voice behind her and nearly jumped out of her
scales as she turned around.

Xander asked her, How did you just appear here?  And who are you? with a stunned look on his face.

Before Saren stood a large red dragon, and a group of humans gathered around him.  He was built like
a warrior having enough ripping muscles to give him a bulging chest, arms and abdomen.  The red
dragon spoke to her but the language was unknown to her and she couldnt understand him.  Saren raised
her hand to silence him and began to speak in her own tongue.  My name is Saren, I am sent by Arelius
to locate Venterus.

Xander realised her language and responded in correct form, Well then you have found me, him, well
it is somewhat complicated.

Saren responded, You are not Venterus, he is a darker version of me and supposedly the last dragon on

Xander nodded, I can explain that, but it is lengthy, we should take a seat by the fire and talk!

A skeptical Saren agreed and followed Xander to the fire, The humans looked to Saren in awe as she
passed them.  Apparently having never seen a female dragon before.  She noticed the red dragon also
had a very difficult time keeping his eyes from traveling her body.  She finally blurted out,  Whats
the matter, havent any of you ever seen a female dragon before?

Xander sat and replied to her, No, no one on this planet including me has ever seen a real female
dragon before.  I have a few memories of some from long ago, but those memories are not my own, you
are the first i have ever truly seen!  And the people here had never seen a dragon of any kind untill
yesterday when i turned into one.  I welcome you to earth, My name is Xander.

Saren was getting visibly annoyed and confused, I thought you said you were Venterus, but now your
Xander?  Why are you wasting my time?

Xander placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her, Thats what im about to explain, just give me a
moment, it isnt exactly easy to understand for myself.  Up untill yesterday i was human but now im
a dragon, im still wrapping my own head around that one.

Saren set asside her frustration, and calmed somewhat to listen to him speak.  Just then a human
female walked up to Xander and spoke to him shyly before looking upon Saren with an amazed stare.

Xander looked upon Saren, and introduced Amy,  Saren, this is my friend Amy, she is partially the
reason i am here, and she has been nothing but kind to me.  She is studying our kind to learn more
about us.  She is the one who brought me to the tomb of Venterus.  Are you familiar with Venterus
past at all?

Saren replied, I know that he supposedly died in this temple from his wounds after fighting and
killing Xanatos.

Xander spoke, Thats correct.  But that is not where Venterus story ends!  Durring his time here on
earth he befriended a good sorcerer, as well as the farmers and villagers of nearby.  He would assist
them with anything he could, and in good grace, the locals helped to take care of him, and kept his
existence here a secret from those who would try to destroy him.

But the inevitable eventually happenned, Xanatos found Venterus still here and when he refused to
leave attacked him in an attempt to murder him.  Xanatos mortally wounded Venterus but his last
laugh while standing over Venterus beaten body was silenced when Venterus tore out his throat and
killed him.  Venterus did not die there, he managed to drag himself even with a broken arm, broken leg
and four broken ribs, one of which had ruptured his right lung, to the temple here which was the
home of the good sorcerer.

The sorcerer refused to let his friend die, at first he attempted to push some of his own life force
into Venterus hoping he would then have enough energy to heal himself at least partially, but his
power was not strong enough, and the damage to Venterus body was catastrophic.  Venterus was only
but a moment from passing on when the sorcerer made up his mind to risk everything, using his
remaining power and life force, he extracted Venterus soul from his dying body and emplaced it into
a clay vessel to hold him untill he could figure out how to save him.  But the sorcerer used up
the entirety of his own power to save Venterus soul and died moments after the villagers found them.

Venterus body and the body of the sorcerer were sealed into the tomb along with the clay vessel untill
just the other day when these human explorers found them.  They discovered the clay vessel only at first
but then durring a cave in discovered Venterus tomb as well.  Me and Amy here arrived the day after
Venterus tomb was discovered.  And up untill that point, there have been no dragons on earth for over
twenty five hundred years, so the humans only thought we were myths passed down through the generations.

When myself and Amy arrived i was a human male, up untill recently i was a warrior, but i changed my
mind on that and accompanied her here, and its a good thing i did!

By now Saren was laying on her side listening to Xander ramble on in his history lesson while Amy
simply sat next to him calmly and not understanding a word that was spoken.

Xander continued, On the first night Me and Amy went to bed in the tent over there, we are only friends
not a couple or anything, she was all alone on the way here and i decided i would join her to make sure
nothing bad happenned to her in her travels.  Durring that night i awoke suddenly, being a highly trained
warrior my senses are very good, I knew there was trouble approaching and awoke to two humans silently
killing our two guards and then sneaking into the camp.  I caught one of them and killed him quietly,
but before i could finish, the other one entered the building over there where the clay vessel was placed
after the humans discovered it.  The humans were dressed in all black, and were intending to steal the
vessel for an evil sorcerer.  I attacked the remaining intruder and stole the Vessel back from him, we
clashed for a moment outside the doorway and he was too much for me to handle while carrying the Vessel
so i turned to run with it, but he threw a knife into my leg and i fell on top of the vessel and crushed
it into my chest partially with its sharp edges cutting into me.

One of the other humans killed the intruder before he could finish me.  After i crushed the vessel part
of it went into my chest drawing blood, and a white vapor came from the vessel and entered my body
through my wounds.  It was extrordinarily painfull, as if liquid fire was being poured into me.  and
then Venterus soul awoke, inside my human body.  Thats what ive been trying to explain to you.  My body
houses two souls, Me Xander, and also Venterus.  At first we were seperate, taking turns talking and
controlling my human body.  We got to know each other very well.  But the next night trouble came again.

The evil sorcerer came himself this time with a large horde of humans helping him, he was going to kill
all of us here and take Venterus power for himself, somehow he knew about it.  Venterus woke me himself
when he sensed the sorcerer coming a good distance away.  We woke everyone and got them into the temple
to hide while me and one of the guards confronted Tsukai the evil sorcerer.  Venterus took control
and fought valiantly but Tsukai had developed enough power to overwhelm even Venterus, we were about to
all die if Tsukai succeeded.  Venterus and I decided to combine our life force, our souls and double the
power we could generate but there was a catch, in doing so we would no longer be two seperate souls
with individual memories of our own and trading control of a body.  We would be merged, our life force, 
our memories, our personalities, all combined into one entity and stronger than both.  In merging with
the soul of a dragon, my soul was changed to a dragon type as well.  And the body takes the form of the
souls design,  When we merged we became this red dragon you see before you.  After which overpowering
Tsukai was a somewhat easy task, and he died after the battle.

Xander heard english speach next to him and noticed Sam was translating his story for Amy and Hiroto
who sat silently in amazement finally somewhat understanding what they had saw transpire before them.

Saren leaned up from her laying down position and spoke, Your story is quite amazing, but it is also
somewhat difficult for me to believe.  Do you have any proof of it?  Xander smiled and pointed,  Over
there through that doorway, then through the next, there you will find the last resting place of the
body of Venterus.  Read the inscription on the head of the stone slab.

Saren was only gone a moment before returning and continuing, Well that only proves he really did die,
that does not confirm anything more you have told me!  Saren suddenly realized he had mentioned he had
Venterus memories and decided to quiz Xander for the truth.

Saren began, So if you truly are Venterus and have his memories, can you prove it by telling me a few

Xander replied, Of course i can!

Saren smiled and continued, Fine, when Venterus was here on earth he had many friends, but the last
draconic friend to see him alive was who?

Xander thought for a moment, and answered, Arelius!

Saren continued, What does he look like?

Xander added,  He was gray, with amazing green eyes.  He stayed with me, or Venterus untill shortly
before Venterus death.  Xanatos found him and forced him to leave before he discovered me. uhg, I am
still getting used to having Venterus memories, i am always catching myself refering to him as myself.

Saren decided to get crafty, Did Arelius have a mate or any children?

Xander answered, Not to my knowledge, if he did he never spoke of them, and they did not visit while
he was with me.

Saren smiled and spoke again, One last question that only a dragon could possibly know!  Who is the
oldest dragon in existence?

Xander spoke, Thats easy, it would have to be Brynja, she was the age Venterus is now, back then when
Venterus was young.  If she is still alive she must be around forty five hundred years old....

Saren, suprised by the easy answer added, Describe her!

Xander began, She is dark black with red eyes, and a somewhat private demeanor, we never met or were
introduced, i just knew of her back then.

Saren sighed, Well you made a believer out of me for now, but Arelius will find out for sure when next
he sees you!  He will be thrilled to see his old friend after so long, although i believe he is
expecting to see the old Venterus, and not you and him as one with a new body.  You were right, this
is going to get complicated very quickly.

Xander having finished his story was now idly exploring Saren with his eyes, he could not help but find
her to be the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.

Saren noticed his penetrating gaze and exclaimed with a simle, What is it?

Xander shook his head, I cannot help myself, It is the first time i have met a female dragon in real
life, and i cannot seem to look away, as a human i have meet and courted a few females, but none of
them would even draw my glance with you standing before me as you are now.  I feel compelled to watch
over and protect you.  And, and......  Xanders eyes were now staring deep into hers and she watched
as his eyes changed from golden orange, to the deepest brightest purple glow she had ever seen.

Saren smiling and blushing now adds, Annnndddddnd???

Xander fighting himself internally, And well, and....

Xander suddenly reaches out with his snout, and licks across Sarens left cheek slowly, but then pulls
himself back and stared into the fire almost afraid to move, or hear her protest his actions.

Saren was suprised by his actions, and now thinking about him, she was becoming turned on herself,
and unknown to Xander, her eyes began to fade from their normal exuberant green, to a deep blue
as she thought through her feeling for Xander.  She giggled quietly, but loud enough to draw a quick
glance from Xander, but his glance never drifted from her, noticing her eye color change.

He spoke to her softly, Your eyes, they just changed colors!  Why did they do that?  Xander was too
distracted to remember that Venterus probably knew.

Saren spoke softly into his ear, Dragons are known to change eye color depending on mood, mine change
to blue when im happy and joyfull, and to brown when i am angry, and green any other time.  But yours
are special, they are golden orange normally, but when you looked at me, and every time you do look at
me, they turn to a glowing purple slightly brighter than my scales.

So what is this color for? she asked him, but already knew the answer and moved in and began to caress
his cheek and lips with her tongue while Xander sat there frozen for a moment, unsure what to do next.

After a moment, Xanders mind came out of overload, and he began to loosten up as he began to meet her
kiss and as their tongues met for the first time, they fell into a gentle embrace leaning forward on
their knees to one other.  Both were already naked, Saren never wore cloths since no dragons on the
home world ever had, and Xanders cloths had ripped away being destroyed when he had transformed.

After about fifteen minutes of making out, they separated, but before Saren could slide away, xander
took her shoulders, and turned her back to him as he layed her back into his lap hugging her from
behind and laying his head over her right shoulder.

He spoke to her in a whisper as several tears fell from his left eye onto her breast, Thank you,  This
is the happiest moment i have had in a long time, i just want to hold you untill the end of time, you
are all i could ever want.

Xander and Saren fell asleep leaning on each other, Sarens head laid back on Xanders left shoulder,
Xanders head laid forward on Sarens right.  Amy patted Xanders back and then walked off with Sam in tow
as they badgered the rest of the humans to let the dragons sleep in peace.

Chapter 7 is just starting, but already laid out.

Chapter 7: When past meets present
The morning sun began to peek through the trees and grazed over Xanders eyes waking him into a dazed
sleepy state.  He was now laying on his back in the grass still where he had fallen asleep with Saren
but where was she?  Xanders mind fell at once to ease when he felt something move under his left arm
as he gently rolled his head to the side she came into view nestled under his arm still sleeping
with a slight smile of content on her face.

Xander lowered his stout to hers and again began to nuzzle her head with his as he stared into her
closed eyes.  After a moment she began to wake, and smiled as she noticed Xander watching her intently,
as her eyes began to focus into full clarity in the morning light.  Xander watched in fascination as she
looked up into his eyes and hers began to turn deep blue again.  Xanders eyes were already luminescent
purple as he just stared at her.  He was thinking of nothing except his feelings towards the beautiful
dragoness laying in his arms.  After the sleep in her eyes faded away Xander whispered to her, Goodmorning
my love.  Saren just layed there for a moment as she began to cry and rubbed her face into Xanders ribs.

Xander placed his finger under her chin raising her to meet his gaze again and asked, What is wrong, did
my statement upset you?

Saren let loose a few more tears before speaking, No, I,  I love you too.  she clenched Xanders body and
pulled him as close as she could,  Its just that, well, what you have given me is the happiest moment
since before my parents died.  I never want to leave your side again.  Saren was now quietly bawling into
Xanders chest, all signs of her tough girl mentality completely dissolved in his arms.

Xander just lay his head on her shoulder and stroked her back for a moment letting her get through the
feelings she was troubled by while he comforted her.  After around five minutes she had calmed and lay
still on his chest, eyes still teared, but calm.  He gave her another moment to rest, and then turned to
peck her on the cheek, but as he did she noticed and met his kiss with her own, their tongues joining in
dance as they explored their feelings and each others mouths.  They kissed more and more aggresively
for what seemed like hours as minutes ticked by,  as if time had slowed down to let them enjoy the moment
to its full amazing potential.  Xander paused suddenly as one of his eyes kicked open un-intentionally,
Saren stopped and looked to his eyes and followed his gaze to realize a crowd had gathered and was really
enjoying their show.  Amy, Sam, Hiroto, and even several of the laborers were sitting back watching the
two as they plowed into each others mouths.

Xander spoke to sam in ancient, Are you all enjoying the show here?

Saren gulped as Sam laughed and spoke back in her language, Yes, we were kinda wondering how long it would
last, and how long it would take for you to notice us, if you ever did!

Xander explained to Saren, This is Sam, he has been studying ancient languages and cultures all of his
life, and he was able to learn to communicate in the dragon language from things he has found on his many

Xander sat up easing Saren with him, and then stood and walked over to Amy, where he had been only inches
taller than her before, he now towered over a foot taller than Amys mere five foot nine inches.  He dropped
to one knee in front of her, placing his left hand on her cheek, and grasping her left hand with his right,
he teared up slightly and spoke as Sam translated to Saren without even being asked to, Amy my dear, I feel
indebted to you beyond measure right now.  If not for your overwhelming kindness i would never have ended
up here, would never have been given this second chance of life, would never have freed Venterus, and the
most important thing of all, i would have never met my one true soul mate, Saren!

Xander lent forwards and kissed her forhead with the end of his snout as she patted his neck with her free
hand, Amy muttered, what did i tell ya big guy, just a big lovable softy under that thick skin.

Saren stood quietly and approached Amy herself after Sam finished his sentence and stood next to amy with
a look of gratitude showing in her moon blue eyes, she embraced Amys left cheek and muttered some words in
ancient as Sam came to stand behind Amy and translated into her ear, Saren says, I owe you my happiness!

Amy removed her hand from Xanders, and patted Sarens hand as it caresed her own cheek and nodded her
acceptance to Saren.

Xander spoke again, As my thanks, and since i will no longer be needing it, I am giving you all posessions
i have brought with me, and the remains of my money, it will no longer serve any purpose for us.  You will
find if you go to the ATM Machine with the yellow credit card from my wallet, and enter my pin code which
is written on the back of it, there should be nearly one hundred thousand dollors!  Consider it a gift to
you and your husband, and share with him our story.

Amy questioned, why wont you be needing your stuff, and your money?

Xander replied, Because i plan to leave the civilized world behind for the time being, I feel compelled to
return to nature with my love, We will find a quiet corner of un-inhabited forest and begin our life
togeather.  Even if we decided to stay in the civilized world, how long would we really survive and be
happy.  We are of a powerfull species that has been extinct on earth for over two thousand years,  Can you
guess how many people, even other scientists will jump at the chance to study us, capture us, god knows
what else, and probably end in disecting us.  It is just to dangerous for us to remain where we can be
found.  We would just cause to many questions.

Amy was saddened by the news, But i want to see you two again!

Xander pondered for a moment and then queried to Saren, You mentioned Arelius wanted me to come back to
the dragon homeworld right?

Saren answered, yes, and at sunset three nights from now, Arelius will transport me back there with or
without you, to report back to him my findings, you are coming back with my arent you?

Xander agreed, Yes my love, i will, but after things are settled, i want to return to earth, it is and
will always be mine and Venterus Home, he believes it as strongly as i do.  And its my hope that when
I return you will be at my side my love!

Saren added, i am at your side forever!  If you believe that strongly, i will return with you, for life
without you would be to hard to bear!

Xander continued to Amy, In thee days time, at sunset, both me and Saren will dissappear being transported
back to the dragon homeworld, it is another planet!  I dont know how long exactly we will be there, but
my plan is simple! On the monthly anniversary of our departure return here just before sunset, and once
we are back, whenever that turns out to be i will meet you here, and then i will show you where we have
decided to live so you can find us.  And visit whenever you like.  And do not fret if i do not showup on
the first, second, or even the third anniversary, i will not forget you, i just dont know how long we will
be gone for.  That is the best i can promise you for now!

Amy was somewhat happy now, hope instilled in her mind that she would indeed see her new friends again.
but a new problem surfaced in her mind, Well if you dont want people to know you are here, what about
all these guards, and the laborers, they have all seen you and Saren, it is bound to come out!

Xander thought hard for a moment, Amy was right indeed.  But Xander had a sudden idea and exclaimed,
The japanese people have a strong sense of honor and duty, If they promise not to reveal the secret, and
then they did tell someone, it would bring dis-honor to their entire family name!

Xander called over the XO of the guards, and told him of the need to keep their existence a secret and
asked if he would have his men swear against their families honor to take his secret to their graves.
But the Xo had another idea, He ordered his men to file in at attention before them, and then addressed
them with a demanding attitude instructing them that he had just spoken to his superiors, and that
they were under orders to never speak of seeing any living dragons under any circumstances, no matter
the rank of those asking.  He continued to say, that any man who revealed this secret would be committing
treason and would be judged harshly!

The XO then shouted to his men, Now then what color are the dragons standing before you?

Several of the men resounded, I dont see any dragons sir!

The XO smiled at the loyalty of his men, and dismissed them back to their posts.  After they had all gone
Xander thanked the XO for his help, and told him it was pure genious to tell them it would be treason!
The XO walked back to his quarters and dissappeared inside.

Xander spoke again to Amy and the rest, Now we are going to be here 3 more days, we need to be low profile
just in case anyone comes around or if more soldiers show up.  The only place big enough to hide me and
Saren is the temple, we can live in the large store room in the far end untill the time comes, we will
have privacy, and if anyone shows up just let us know and we will be silent untill they leave.

Xander led Saren into the temple and down its main hall to a smaller door they had to duck under to pass
through.  The room was empty except for a few ancient pieces of furnature of the sorcerer that were
stacked in the corner.  The walls, roof, and floor were smoothly carved stone and the ceiling was only
just high enough for Xander to stand upright and have a few inches between his head and the cold stone.

Although there was no light in the room except for what flowed in through the doorway, both dragons were
able to clearly see with their hightened vision.  Xander was about to return outside to find a portable
light as Amy barged in carrying a battery operated florescent camping lantern with Hiroto in tow carrying
a silver aluminum container forteen inches wide and twenty inches long, and about three inches thick.

Amy began, we decided to helpy you two settle in, thought you could use some light, and this room could
definitely use some brightening, its almost dungeonlike down here.  And Hiroto brought you some food the
guards cook was gracious enough to leave un-attended, its not great but it will have to do, and it will
keep your strength up, its a military ration pack for mobile base camps, This one is meat lasagna with
protien powder and enough carbs and calories to feed a squad of six men, it probably has enough liquid
butter in it to kill a human if they ate it single handedly.

Hiroto sat the container on the flood near the two dragons, and spoke, Enjoy my friends, I must return
to my other dutues.  And he left the temple to begin catologing and photographing the skeleton of
Venterus old body before it would be moved to a lab for analysis and study.

Amy sat the light near the food container and spoke, Well i have some responsibilities to attend to as
well, i will be back to check on you before nightfall,  Dont you two have to much fun down here, in low
profile the keyword is low!  Amy gave them a gigly grin and left the room closing the door behind her.

Xander embraced Saren in a gentle hug and pulled her with him as he dropped to his knees and they sat
next to each other on the floor.  He spoke as his eyes glistened to her, Well here we are, alone at last
and about to share our first meal togeather.  He stared for a moment at her, her eyes once again bright
blue, and he could swear her eyes were almost pulling against him, trying to draw him nearer to her.

After a moment Xander used his free hand to open the container of food, and its scent filled the air
as steam errupted from the freshly cooked container.  He dipped his claw into the mixture, and for being
called lasagna, it was more like cream of lasagna, with the consistency of some kind of meat pudding but
as he tasted it, it was very rich in deed tasting like butter infuzed spaghetti.  He took a small
handfull and held it to Sarens snout as she licked it for a moment and then used her tongue to swipe it
off his hand into her watering mouth.  Saren sloshed it around for a moment before swallowing and
exclaiming, That is a very peculiar taste, i have never tasted anything quite like it, but it is not
a bad taste, just strange and yet, satisfying.

Xander spoke, Trust me there are human meals far better than this, but also far worse.  This one is made
not for a good taste, but to provide soldiers the energy and nourishment needed to continue their duties
even in hard times.  It has all the added nutrients to help them perform at their peak, and it only takes
heat and five minutes to prepare, So even under seige they can have a quick but hearty meal before
returning to a battle.  And in times of peace, these meals do not spoil for quite a long time, they can
be stored for years, then pulled out and cooked and ready to eat on a moments notice if a war and food
shortage were to occur.

Saren placed her claw over Xanders mouth silencing him, and then took a handfull of the lasagna in her
own hand and held it up to Xanders mouth motioning for him to eat from her hand, and he gladly complied
with her licking the sticky substance from her hand.  They began taking turns feeding each other untill
the container finally yielded the last handful into Saren hand, but as she raised it to Xanders snout
he placed his hand on her wrist, and pushed it to her own giving her the last helping of the meal as she
smiled at him and swallowed it down.  She then simled at Xander with a big toothy grin eliciting from him
a chuckle and laugh as he noticed her normally white teeth were stained redish yellow by their meal.

Saren sat their confused for a moment as he just gigled at her before finally giving him a dirty look.

Xander spoke, its just that your teeth changed colors!  And he smiled showing his own badly stained
teeth causing her to join into the giggling.  Xander continued, Here my love, let me get those cleaned
up nice for you!  as he pulled her to him and began kissing her passionatly while using his tongue to
massage every tooth in her mouth,  Saren quickly understood and began on the opposite side of his mouth
mimicing his actions but only moments later they had both forgotten about the cleaning, and were slowly
laying down sideways next to each other without breaking the heated passion of their kiss.  Xander began
tracing a claw from Sarens horehead backwards between her short horns, and slowly down the back of her
soft neck,  He continued down her spine as she kissed him harder, and as he reached her right hip he
cupped his hand around it and gently rubbed it with the occasional squeeze as she moaned the quietest
little moan into his mouth.

Saren began to massage Xanders chest and shoulders gently as his ministrations took hold on her mind,
she used her thumbs to grind his nipples into his chest, and her palms to massage the deeper muscles
held within, working out any tightness she found.

Xander switched back to his claw, and gently traced back up her body, across her muscular stomache, and
pausing momentarily as he felt the soft smooth texture of the microscopic scales of her mid-drift and
chest.  He came to a halt once he eached her right breast, except for being scaled, it was designed just
as a human females were, and as he cupped over it and rubbed, he got just the reaction he expected as
Saren jerked her head back moaning but then quickly rejoining their kiss.  Xanders snout was tingling
now and he wasnt sure why.  He could also detect a smell he had not smelled before, but it was familiar
to him somehow.  He released Saren for a moment and snorted in the air a few times, he followed the
scent with his nose in confusion, it seemed to be all around him, but as he leaned over, it suddenly
got stronger,  he closed his eyes and followed it a bit more, searching for the source as Saren just
grinned slightly at the silly dragon before her trying to find this foregn scent even though she knew
what he was detecting. HER!

Xander weaved his head left to right and began to home in on it, the scent was powerfull and as it got
stronger, he noticed his heartbeat accelerating for some reason,  and a strange feeling engulfing his
lower stomache areas.  He leant forward once more, no longer knowing which direction he was facing as
he crawled around on his hands and knees following the scents increasing strength, and finally he
found the source and stopped suddenly as his snout bumped into something soft.

Xander openned his eyes and instantly it hit him as he found himself staring into the fine scales of
Sarens upper thigh.  He glanced up to her face as she giggled at his confusion.

Saren spoke, Come now Xander, you or Venterus must know what that is??

Xander pondered for a moment, and was hit by a ton of bricks as he realized his inherited insticts
from venterus had already taken over, looking down under himself he noticed for the first time that
where there had been a slit just below his waist, hung a very angry red member nearly dragging the
floor, he was stunned to see his own size for the first time.  He must have been a full foot in length
and at lease three inches thick.  As the realization hit him the feelings he could not deny refused
to be ignored any longer.  He wanted her so bad that it hurt!  He looked up from himself to her face
and his expression only confirmed his understanding, He had been chasing her scent for so long that
her pheramones had penetrated every recess of his being, and he was ready and willing to satisfy her
every need.  She slowly laid over onto her back and spread her legs slightly raising her knees as she
turned her gaze to him again and blew him a kiss.

He was compelled by Venterus instincts, he practically ran himself over as he captured the source
of this wonderfull scent, and burried his snout into her wet swollen lips devouring every drop of her
sweetness as she arched her back and dug her claws into the stone floor leaving visible gouges as she
moaned in the deepest glowling voice he had ever heard, but it only intensified his lust for her as
she hit him with a torrential flood her her precious love juices.  Xander happily slurped into her
like a mad dragon reaching his long slithery tongue as deep into her as he could and pulling out all
of her that he could!

Saren was going crazy as her own scent began to overwhelm her as well, she was dying under his feverish
assault on her sweet pussy, she felt as if she skipped a heartbeat every time his tongue went in for
more!  Her desire was fueling her instincts and after another moment she found herself grabbing Xanders
short horns at their bases and almost dragging him up her body to her face with them, she wanted, no
she needed to feel him inside her, needed to feel herself become one with him, and needed it NOW!

She jammed her snout into his stunned face devouring his tongue before he even had a chance to complain,
and she reached down to his hanging cock, wrapping her hand around it and stroking it for a moment untill
it was melting hot, and then she moved his head to her lips, and began to pull on him as she guided him
into herself.  She was so tight Xanders whole body jerked every time he slipped further into her, as he
felt shocks go up his spine.  Every slip caused Saren to suddenly inhale and slightly jerk her neck as
her body accepted his massive size inch by inch.  Xander finally found bottom as his waist met hers and
he just lay between her legs entranced in her eyes looking to his while they kissed deeply.

After a moment letting their bodies ajust to each other, Saren released her kiss, and pulled Xanders head
down to her shoulder into a hug, and began to rock her hips into him as she interlocked her legs around
him.  Xander got the message and wrapped his arms around her as he began to pump into her gently meeting
her rocking.

Saren began to lick Xanders neck and shoulder silently encuraging him on as he began to thrust more and
more powerfully into her and feeling her muscles begin to contract on him as he continued his relentless
assault.  Saren began to breath  frantically, and grunt as he fet her tensing her whole body to its core
below him, holding on as long as she could.  Xander released his hands from her shoulders and remained
laying on top of her as he grasped her hips, and began to pound them back into himself, and finally she
errupted, the first major orgasm of her life as if an earthquake went off inside her as she dug her
claws into Xanders back and shoulders only causing him to pound her more ferociously as small trickles
of blood ran down his back.  Xander was nearing his first climax as a dragon, he could feel his cock begin
to climb in temperature as blood flowed even harder causing his head to flare out within her, as his
body began to go stiff he pushed through it, using his arms to pound her into him when nessicery to
maintain the accellerating pace.  Saren let loose another orgasmic quake with no warning as his flaring
head scraped along her inner walls, Xander pounded into her several more times desperately holding back
as hard as he could, and finally with the last of his might, rammed himself home while bringing her hips
against him as his cock blasted open the door of her womb and became lodged as he exploded into her both
of them feeling the warmth of his seed filling into her as he convulsed a few times.  Several moments
passed and he just kept filling into her as they joined once more into a kiss staring into each others
loving eyes,  Xander noticed Sarens scales seemed to be emitting a shimmering nearly invisible glow as
she lay beneath him recieving his gift, and he noticed even his own seemed more brilliant than normal.

As they looked upon each other they both seemed to notice something strange on the air as they snorted
at each other, Xander leaned up freeing himself finally from Saren as a flood of mixed fluids ran from
between her legs, and they both heard a quite ghasp, Xander turned to the door to see Amy half standing
leaning back against the wall near the door holding her crotch, and rubbing herself through her jeans.
She had seen walked in at some point, and witnessed at least a lot of their fun!  Amy turned almost as
red as the bloodied scaled on Xanders back as she realized both dragons were staring at her as she worked
on herself.

Amy suddenly stopped, and after standing frozen for a moment, blasted out the door and was gone in less than
a heartbeat.

A few seconds later Sam enters already speaking and glancing over his shoulder down the hall, Do you have
any idea why Amy just ran out of the, uh, um, oh, well.  Sam began to stammer as he turned to face the
dragons and took in the aftermath of their romp.  Xanders cock still mostly erect hanging out of his
slit, and Saren still half sitting up and smiling at him from on the floor with a puddle underneith her,
and the scent of sex not only filling the air but burning through it like wildfire.

Sam was frozen in place at the shock of the scene before him.

Xander broke the silence and spoke, Yes Sam, she kinda walked in on us, and well, started doing something
um, personal, before we noticed her.

Saren didnt understand Xanders speech in english to Sam, but spoke to Sam herself, I think the pheramones
that we let loose may have gotten the better of her when she walked in here, she was not herself.  They
are extremely powerfull and its best if noone else is around when we are releasing them durring you know

Xander continued in ancient remembering sam understood, and to be polite for Saren, I bet she is just
beside herself right now, i got the feeling that wasnt something she did to often if ever, and she is
probably totally ashamed for doing it, not knowing she probably didnt have much say in the manner after
a few deep breaths in here...

Sam spoke again, but with a tent forming himself, Well, I can kinda see what you mean.  As he looked
down to himself and blushed at the sight.

Xander continued, you should probably go, untill the air in here circulates out.  In the morning, can you
bring Amy back down here so we can explain and hopefully save her some personal grief.

Sam Agreed, and headed outside.

Xander moved to the corner of the room and called Saren over to him as he sat against the corner with his
legs out in front of him.  He layed Saren in his lap and pulled her head gently to lay sideways on his
chest and he stroked her cheek and neck and they drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

Xander awoke to the sound of the storage room openning and then closing.  Using his free hand he rubbed
the sleep from his eyes accompanied by a yawn, and looked upon sam standing half way between him and the
door. Xander replied in ancient, waking Saren, Is it morning already?

Sam just smiled and commented, Well actually its nearly noon, but i decided to let you two sleep after
what happenned last night.  I figured you could use it.

Xander replied, Thanks for that, as he shifted and felt the claw wounds on his back stretch slightly
and he continued, Ouuhhh, I think someone got a little carried away on my back with their claws as well.

Saren was now awake although still laying on Xanders chest, and she spoke, Im sorry my love, but i just
could not help myself. as she smiled up at him still in the morning afterglow of their love making.

Sam continued, Amy should be down here in a few minutes after she finishes whatever shes doing out
there, i told her you had something very important to tell her, but not what it was.

Sam left the room, and passed Amy on her way into the temple as she headed down the hall, he could see
she was already slightly blushing to herself as she went.  She came to the door, and, knocked for a moment
before hearing Xander call her inside.

Amy closed the door behind her and stood sheepishly, legs hard togeather, and with a slight tremble in her
spine as she stood waiting for Xander to speak.  She was trying to hold back her blush but not succeeding
very well.

Xander looked to her and spoke, You dont have to be a stranger around us, calm down and come sit next to
us, we have an important matter to discuss and it bears significance to you personally!

Amy was still embarrased to be around the dragons after the previous nights events, which she was
desperatly trying to push out of her mind, but failing.

Xander spoke again sending a chill down Amys spine, So about last night, when you walked into the room and
found us, and well, you know how the rest played out, there is something you need to know about that, and
the feelings it must have given you.

Amy was now totally embarrased, and her face was nearly as red as Xanders scales again as she continued
listening to him speak.

Xander continued, Do not hold yourself accountable for becoming entranced by the display, and then being
so overwhelmed you decided to work on yourself lets say.  Xander was trying to be delicate but it didnt
help as Amy was a stone statue of embarrasement now.

Xander added, When you walked in through that door last night, you entered a cloud of the most powerfull
pheramones quite possibly on earth.  You could have cut them with a knife,  You were pretty much hopeless
to resist whatever they made you feel.  Even Sam was having trouble controlling himself when he came in
after you left.  Venterus memories reveal to me, that it was a known fact that two dragons mating in any
near proximity would potentially cause those too close to become feverishly affected by the pheramones as
well, and Saren here was a producing them like a freight train last night.  I just wanted you to know, what
you did was not wrong, it was simply out of your control, and ours for that matter.  But in the future, it
may be a very wise practice to knock before entering, just to prevent any more complicated events from
occurring.  I hope you dont feel guilty for what happened, and i hope you can forgive me for not warning
you not to enter.

I hope this does not strain our relationship as friends, you have been so kind to me, and then to us, it
would be sad to have alienated you in any way.

Amy was finally calming down from her embarrasment, and almost back to her normal color as she replied.
Xander, if i were to end our friendship over something like this, what kind of friend would i really be?
Im glad you had the courage to explain it all to me, because you were right, i did feel guilty last night
as if i had somehow cheated on James in some way!

Xander asked, James?  Oh, is James your husband?

Amy answered, Yes, he is my world, and I am his!

Xander added, Well under the circumstances, i would imagine he would be understanding once the entire situation
was fully explained to him.  Its not like something did happen, because thankfully nothing did!

Amy replied, Yes, im sure he would understand.  But on the plus side, i know first hand that love will find
a way, i mean, what are the odds that the day you boarded the cruise ship would be the same day i did, and
that we in fact boarded the same ship!  And then the odds that we ended up becoming friends and me dragging
you to this dig with me!  And THEN you completely by chance, finding your true love, and your destiny while
defending us from some evil ninja guys.

Amy was even convincing herself of the immpossibility of the whole thing, Its almost like a sci-fi movie,
but its real!

Xander was just watching Amy ramble on to him and herself as she vented, not disrupting her from returing to
her inquisitive self.  After a moment she calmed again, and quieted.

Xander spoke again, Amy, im glad we can remain friends, that is not such an easy thing for me most of the
time, Right now I only have a few friends at all, You, Sam, and Hiroto are all i have on this earth.  And
i have another small request!  As planned you will be returning on the monthly anniversary of when we leave
but i would like you to extend that invitation to Hiroto and Sam, and to their Spouses if they so choose
to meet us again.  But tell them descretely, the fewer that know about us the better, and after tommorrow
the soldiers and the rest will believe we have left.  Except to Sam and Hiroto, make no mention of our plan
to return!  If they believe we are gone, they will have no reason to ever pursue us.

Amy agreed, and as she stood, Sam came in bearing yet another container of the "Military Grade" lasagna for
his two guests of honor.

Amy commented to Sam, After your done with work tonight, we have a matter to discuss, come to my tent and
bring Hiroto with you!  It is very important to both of you, And its very important it remain secret!

Sam replied un-eazily, and both left the room closing the door behind them as Xander and Saren began to once
again feed each other sharing another loving meal.  Afterwards Saren began to tell Xander of her life
before she had been sent here and into his arms, and tell her tales of growing up amongst only dragons and
with her only Friend and adoptive parent Arelius.  The talk took them into the deep hours of the night
before they finally fell asleep in the corner once again, with Saren lying happily in Xanders arms.

The next day Xander and Saren slept in half way through the day cuddled togeather sleeping peacefully as if
they had never slept before.

Sam and Amy eventually came in with the dragons final meal on earth as the day reached four in the afternoon.
Xander and Saren fed each other once again as Xander conversed with Amy and Sam with Saren mostly shooting
the breeze and Sam inquiring about the Dragons ways of life as he thought this might be his last chance to
talk to a dragon from another world.

Hiroto joined in and talked with all but Saren due to the language barrier as the day dragged on, everyone
putting off and seemingly forgetting their commitments to their jobs and research projects outside.

They all decided to spend their final moments togeather outside watching the sunset togeather, Amy sitting
next to Xander on his left, Saren under Xanders right arm, and Sam and Hiroto pacing around them.  The sun
began to drift behind the mountains casting its long shadows over the land before them before finally only
the afterglow of the sun remained in the fading sky.  After a moment a shimmering yellow energy began to
form around the dragons, and as they began to fade out, Xander Exclaimed excitedly, Goodbye my Friends!
Untill we meet again!!!

Chapter 8: The land of Dragons.
A few moments later, Xander and Saren materialized in the center of the ring in the dragon temple where
Sarens journey had begun.  The elders were holding hands surrounding them as they appeared!  The elders
began to open their eyes as the light from the energy faded, and they began to back away from the pair
as they had been expecting Saren and Venterus to appear, only to have an unknown red dragon mennacingly
ripped with muscles appear before them hanging onto Saren.  Two dragon guards with spears quickly rushed
to meet Xander with their points aimed for Xander.  Xanders training took over as he lunged forwards head
long into the spears parting them with his hands before body block ramming both guards backwards and to
the floor ten feet back from where they had been with a look of total shock in their eyes!

Xander quickly recoiled back to Saren and stood in front of her holding her behind him with his arms in
a protective stance.  He belowed to all in the room in a half roaring voice!  You will not harm her!
As he finished his sentence he let out a thundering roar echoing throughout the room and boar his teeth.

As they all stood in place, frozen by what was transpiring, one of the elders spoke up to Xander.  You
have nothing to fear here my friend, We were merely expecting someone else to return with her.  The guards
moved in just in case you were hostile.  My name is Arelius, and Saren is my adoptive daughter, I would
never dream of harming her!  And im quite glad to see she has found such a protective friend.  Arelius
began to approach Xander calmly and extended his hand to shake Xanders.  As Xander shook Arelius hand
Saren slipped around him and hugged onto Arelius and kissed his cheek,  I missed you!

Arelius released Xanders hand and hugged Saren exclaiming, Well i missed you too deary.  Now tell us who
your new friend might be,  we were totally un-aware of any dragons besides Venterus being on earth.  Yet
here he stands, BUT WAIT!  Arelius finally realized he was sensing a familiar but long forgotten
presence before him.  He looked to Xanders eyes and spoke, How could this be possible?  Why do i sense
Venterus presence before me, in you?

Xander raised his hand to his face, covering the let side, and spoke.  Ugh, This is gonna be a long story!
Why dont we find somewhere to sit down.  Arelius led the pair to an ajoining room with a large table
surrounded by chairs with arm rests but no backs on them.  Arelius sat on one side and motioned for Xander
and Saren to sit on the opposing side at the head of the table facing each other.  The table was old wood
with a thick dark polish, and measured twenty-five feet long and five feet wide.  The elders filled in the
rest of the table randomly as they awaited his story to unfold.

Xander began, The reason you sense Venterus in me, is because he is.  We are one being with two merged
souls!  A ghasp filled the room at his statement.

Arelius replied, How is this possible?  And moreover, How did this come to pass after all these years since
Venterus death?

Xander continued.  Im not familiar with the magics involved, it happenned by complete accident to me, before
this happenned i was Human.

Another Elder questioned, Were you a sorcerer or did you weild some kind of power to do or cause this?

Xander answered, Not at all.  I was just a warrior, on the side of justice.  I fought many battles as a human
before this transformation occurred.  The way you see me now, my physical condition was the same only in
human form before this happenned.  I was on vacation, i had grown tired of the violent lifestyle i was living
and the events of my past haunting my dreams, i was done, it was time to enjoy life for once.  My parents
died when i was very young, and i was out on my own, i made it my mission to find those who had caused the
deaths of my parents,  one thing led to another, and i found myself fighting evils from all over the world,
my commitment to the job put me in great demand, that is untill i met an evil that managed to overcome me, 
capture me, and torture me.  I survived it physically and escaped, but part of me died in that awfull place,
It still occasionally haunts my dreams.  I did finally put an end to that evil, but only years later when it
came looking to kill me for good.

That brings me to the beginning of what led me here!  I had boarded a ship to see the world and leave my past
behind me forever.  Thats where i met Amy, an archaeologist who was going to Venterus newly discovered tomb
to help with excavations, and examinations of the artifacts within.  We became friends on the journey and
she asked me to join her as she felt alone and was afraid for her safety being on foreign lands.  I wasnt
going anywhere in particular so i happily joined her and we went to the tomb after the ship docked.

We arrived at the dig site in the early evening and were greeted by the two sentry guards and the leader of
the dig, Hiroto.  We were shown around the camp and the temple and then Hiroto showed Amy and myself the odd
clay chamber which was found near the remains of what appeared to be a large dragon.  Which we discovered only
later to be Venterus body.  As night drew near, Hiroto secured the artifacts and other findings into lockable
boxes and placed them inside of a makeshift building they used to examine things.  The clay chamber was among
them.  We all went to bed for the night to start fresh in the morning and get some real work done.

Sometime durring the night my instincts woke me and i could somewhat sense that trouble was afoot.  It was the
same feeling that saved me many times durring some of my past missions,  The gutt feeling that something bad
is about to happen warning to you be ready right before it happens.  I readied myself, i was only armed with
a hunting knife but it would have to suffice.  I carefully peeked out of the tent towards the dig site and
there was nothing there,  but when i looked out the opposite direction, i noticed the sentry guards were dead
laying on the ground.

I turned back to get ready to go find out what was happenning when i heard someone running fast but very quietly
approaching me from behind,  I was waiting for him to attack me but he passed by outside the tent and didnt
notice me.  He was headed for the dig site and the building,  i looked out of the tent in that direction and
realized he was a ninja,  dressed in all black with a hood covering his head.

A grey elder dragon asked,  What is a ninja warrior?

Xander answered, A ninja is a kind of elite warrior who is trained to be invisible, not by means of magic, but
by being perfect at sneaking in and out of places without being seen, and being perfect at killing silently
and overtaking an enemy before they even realize their under attack.  They are primarily from the japanese
territories on earth.  They are known for toppling many leaders and for being almost unstoppable assasins.

The elder added, So how did you overcome this most deadly of warriors then?

Xander continued, I didnt really defeat them completely, let me continue and it will be explained.

Anyway, I was about to exit my tent and follow this ninja when i heard a second one following the same path to
the building, he was approaching my tent to pass by next to it but as he came around the corner i rammed him
down onto the ground landing on top of him with my hand over his mouth, and stabbed him in the heart killing
him quite silently.  There was still the first one left.

I jogged to the building he had entered as quietly as possible, and entered to find him trying to break the lock
on the container holding the Clay chamber inside,  He thought i was the other ninja following him so he never
turned to look at me untill i grabbed the clay chamber from his hands,  I reached to stab him, but he was way to
quick and knocked the knife out of my hand and across the room.  Then shoved me backwards into some crates next
to the door.  I managed to stay standing and sounded the alarm before i took off out the door to get into the open
as the others began running towards us.  I fought the ninja as best i could while protecting the chamber in my
left hand but i realized i couldnt beat him one handed.  I hit him good and ran for a shovel that was laying nearby
to use it as a weapon but before i got to it, the ninja threw his knife and it sliced and stuck in the back of
my left knee.  As i fell i hugged the artifact to my chest but didnt extend my arms to catch myself, and i crushed
the clay chamber into my chest embedding half of it into my chest as it broke open.  I felt a shock as it cut
into me and i was unable to really move and bleeding badly.

The ninja kicked me in the ribs flipping me over, and laughed at what he had done to me.  A white myst came out
of the half of the chamber that was stuck in my chest, and began entering my body through my wounds causing me
tremendous pain.  Thats when Hiroto killed the ninja as he stood over me.  Thats when things got strange.

I suddenly found myself rolling around and screaming as people tried to hold me down, and i couldnt understand
why i was doing it.  I was observing through my own eyes, but someone else was controlling me.  I struggled
with myself for a while, but eventually i completely lost control of everything and became a silent observer
in my own body.  And i watched as i suddenly overpowered the laborers holding me down and somehow threw them
all off of me at once.  I sat up, and Amy asked if i was alright, but i couldnt answer her.  It turns out
venterus had assumed complete control of my body when he entered it, and was totally un-aware of what was
going on, and even worse, he couldnt understand the english language everyone else was speaking to him in.

Venterus was talking to them in the dragon language and getting extremely frustrated at not being understood.
Amy was trying to calm him or me rather, and took my hand and held it up to herself, and i think thats when
he realized he was in a human body because he yanked back from her and began examining my body himself and
feeling around.  

Thankfully one of the scientists was able to put togeather what language venterus was using and knew enough of
it to apeak with him.  Thats when it was somewhat confirmed that something amazing had happenned to me.
After a while venterus realized he had trapped me in my own sub-contious when he overtook me, and he released
control back to me, but gave me the memories of what had transpired.  We exchanged languages, I learned dragon
and venterus learned english, and then after some talk of what had happenned i went to bed very tired and with
a very large headache.

It wasnt untill the next day that Venterus and I merged out of necessity.  The leader of the two ninjas that
had attacked came to the dig site to steal Venterus soul for himself and kill everyone, not knowing it was
already bonded to me.

I sensed him coming with time to spare and got everyone inside the temple while Venterus took over my body and
met the leader outside.  He was a powerfull sorcerer, the last one according to himself.  His name was Tsukai
and he was furious when he found out Venterus soul was within me.  He attacked me and Venterus and he was able
to overpower venterus and nearly killed us before we made the decision, and merged becoming what you now see
before you!

Arelius added, Sounds like you have had a rough time then, The energy you expended in merging is probably what
i sensed and what led me to believe venterus was alive since its his energy you hold.

Xander Continued, Venterus is alive within me, not just his power and memories, but i also feel his personality
affecting my own, he is in my subcontious mind seemingly supporting me when needed with his feelings about
situations, his knowledge, and his memories.  His mind never died, it was pulled free of his body before he
passed, so he never truly died, just his body.

Arelius questioned, How could you know this, you cant possibly have knowledge of what has happenned to you and
him, even verterus i doubt fully understood what was happenning to him?

Xander Added, I know that he was separated from his body before death, because his last memory before being
within me, was of his heart pounding loudly while he struggled to remain alive.  As for his personality being
within me, i can feel it even now, a second presence in the back of my mind, we dont talk with any kind of
language, its kind of hard to explain, but i am constantly aware of his feelings about whatever is going on.

I might feel worried like when your guards charged me, but that whole time even tho i hadnt first noticed, he
was not worried at all, he knew we were among friends.  But i was not paying attention to his feelings because
i was pre-occupied with the guards.

And like right now, his feelings tell me that you dont believe me fully, and that you have always been very
stubborn against anything you dont fully understand youself!  He is feeding me this subtlely.

Arelius was dumbfounded in his chair hearing Xander describe him the same way Venterus had many years ago.  He
spoke after a moment, There is one way to resolve any doubt!  Let me meld with you, and read your mind, and if
it is in fact there, venterus mind as well.

Xander replied, How do you figure you can manage that one?  Do you have some kind of mind reading machine
around here?  Xander chickled slightly as he spoke.

Arelius only smiled back as he continued, I have no need for such a device!  All elders learn once they take
a position as an elder to be able to read minds!

Xander spouted, So what am i thinking of right now huh?

Arelius continued his smile and added, Thats not quite how it works, we cant just read you by looking at you,
or being near you, it requires physical concentration, and the subject has to be willing.  It cannot be forced
on you!

Xander added, Well then lets do it, get it over with, and put an end to your damn suspicions once and for all!

Arelius spoke again, This is not something to be taken lightly, it would not be right for me to not tell you
this before hand, I will have access to everything in your mind, so nothing will be hidden.  Your memories
both good and bad, your desires, your dreams, your entire being will be as an open book durring this process.

Do you still agree?

Xander sighed, you will see some terrible things, but i have nothing to hide from you, i still welcome it.

Arelius smiled and replied, Ok, so we will begin then, but one final word of warning, as i go through your
memories, it will force you to follow where i look, and you will relive any memory i see as i see it.

Xander replied half heartedly, Then i ask you please tread gently, there are several memories i would like to
avoid if at all possible, not for what you might see, but for the effects they may have on me.

Arelius stood from the table and approached Xander and moved behind him, he sensed Xanders nervousness and
paused behind him but Saren who had been quiet untill this point, seeing xanders apprehension moved to his
right side hugging onto his arm, whispered into his ear, its ok, you will be just fine, trust me!

After a moment Xander calmed down and loostened up a bit, and Arelius walked in close behind him placing his
hands on either side of Xanders head just above his ears holding him gently.  After a moment Xander found
himself reliving the day his parents died, as the police captain delivered the news as delicately as possible
to his teenaged self.

Saren saw a single tear roll down Xanders cheek as he and Arelius continued, Arelius jumped forward to
another memory, this time it was durring Xanders training to be a mercinary, and in the back bedroom of the
house where he had pictures of his parents on the wall, as he took an oath to find his parents killers no
matter where they ran.  Arelius began to skim through Xanders past missions as a mercinary seeing the faces
of the targets, and seeing the lists of their crimes he noticed Xander only accepted those contracts out for
those who did bad things.

Arelius was still skimming when he suddenly stopped as he hit a memory that caused Xanders heart to skip a
beat and Xanders body to slightly jostle under his hands,  He began observing the memory, The targets name
was Mathias Hughes, As arelius continued, he could feel Xanders mind grow restless and his heartbeat and
breathing accelerating rapidly.  But he pushed forward, he could feel that this one memory greatly shaped
what Xanders personality had become since then.  He watched as Xander snuck into the base, and then he
saw Xander surrender at the sight of Hughes using the little girl as a human shield.

Arelius suddenly became aware Xander was burning hot to his touch, and he could feel Xanders pulse like
thunder in the veins his hands were touching.  And he could sense Xander was in great heartache but he pressed

Xander was forced to watch once again, this time with Arelius watching also, as hughes slit the little girls
throat and threw her into xanders arms, Arelius too felt the pain in xanders heart, Xanders body was now
streaming tears constantly from both eyes as the horror unfolded once more in his head, and even arelius
had begun to quietly weep both for the girl, and for the pain xander was forced to endure for the second time
as they both looked into the little girls bright eyes as she departed this world forever long before her time
and in a way only hughes himself deserved.

Arelius, worried about what he was forcing Xander to see, moved forward and only skimmed the ensuing days of
torture, but slowed to watch the escape in its entirety, seeing Xander free the little boy before fleeing the
country completely.

Arelius learned of Xanders decision to quit his mercinary lifestyle, and his plan to take a vacation to japan
to clear his mind and rejouvinate his soul hopefully.  Arelius was skimming again seeing Xanders chance
encounter and befriending of Amy, then the pictures of the chamber artifact on her computer screen, Arelius
skipped over seeing Xander recount his story to Amy to save Xander some pain, but slowed when he layed eyes
on the photos of Venterus remains in the temple.  Arelius skipped ahead to the arrival at the dig site and
the meeting Hiroto for the first time, Then jumping forward again to Xanders first hand sight of the artifact
and the remains of Venterus body on the slab, with the engraving above it.

Arelius then snapped forward to when Xander was awoken by his instincts the night of the first ninja attack,
he saw as xander noticed the dead guards, and watched as Xander redied himself expecting the first ninja to
attack rather than bypass his tent.  Then he saw Xanders warrior like skill as he caught the second ninja
and killed him with deadly efficiency.  Then Xander entered the Lab suprising and snatching the artifact from
the ninja and sounding the alarm before fleeing out the door.  Arelius watched as Xander fought gallantly
against the ninja but unable to best him with only one available hand he runs for the shovel before the knife
digs into the back of his knee dropping him instantly.

Arelius watched in awe are Xanders fall crushed the artifact into his chest and broke it open before being
kicked over onto his back by the ninja.  he watched as the myst from the artifact flowed into Xanders open
wounds while he yelled in pain before going into convulsions.  Arelius saw the ninja fall after being shot
in the chest, but then the memory blacked out.

Arelius kept watching in darkness, and after a moment the memory picked up again.  but something was very
different, the thoughts were no longer in english, they were in draconian.  Arelius suddenly realized he
was no longer seeing Xanders memories, they were that of venterus as he awoke for the first time since
being pulled from his dying body.  Venterus was confused as his last memory was of being on the slab as
the sorcerer cast a spell, and now he was here surrounded by humans he did not know or understand.

Arelius jumped forward to the first introduction between Venterus and Sam, then between himself, Amy, Sam,
and Hiroto followed by Sams brief explanation to Amy and Hiroto about the essence transfer, jumping ahead
again he found venterus examining xanders body and realizing he was inside a human before releasing control
back to Xanders mind.

Arelius skimmed over the conversations between Venterus mind and Xanders quickly and then into the next day
the arrival of the troops, the long walk and conversations again between Xander and Venterus, and then he
entered Xanders dream of flying as a dragon, he slowed to watch the dream unfold, he could feel xanders
contentedness and peace as he flew into the meadow and then entered the river looking upon himself.  He
realized Xander would actually prefer this life to his own any day after what he had been through.

As the dream turned dark and Venterus called for Xander to wake, he realized this was now the day he had
first sensed venterus presence.  He skimmed forward to the arrival of Tsukai and the ensuing battle and
then to Tsukai nearly overpowering Venterus in Xanders body as Xander and Venterus discussed merging, and
then he heard Xander agree adding only that he wanted to become the form from his dream, and then the flash

Arelius only skimmed over Tsukais defeat but took notice of Xanders ability to absorb the thunderbolts that
Tsukai had thrown at him before dying.  continuing on Arelius came upon the memory of Sarens arrival and
watched the conversation between them take place, skimming forward he found memories of Saren quizzing
Xander of things only Venterus would know only to be suprised by all correct answers.

He then came upon the memory of Xander seeing Sarens eyes change colors and Xanders theft of a kiss only to
be returned by Saren as they kissed for the first time so full of passion and joy.  Arelius felt his own
heart warm as he watched Saren and Xander fall asleep in each others arms.

Then it was morning and the warmth in Arelius heart grew when he witnessed Xander waking Saren and calling
her his love as she cried in happyness,  then the memory of them thanking amy for everything, and the silencing
of the guards.  The memory continued with the plan xander layed out for Amy to return on the monthly
anniversaries of his departure to see him again and his gift of all his possesions to Amy only solidifying
his dedication to his love for Saren.

Arelius skimmed forward again to the sight of Saren and Xander feeding each other happily in the storage
room of the temple, but the next sight caused Arelius face to blush nearly as red as Xanders scales and he
suddenly released Xanders head and stood back quickly with a stunned expression.

Xander openned his eyes smiling and commented, Yeah Arelius, I thought that memory was quite amazing, dont
you think?

Arelius was silent for a moment as his glance moved between Xander and Saren rapidly,  Finally he relented
and spoke, Well, i am glad Saren found someone with such strength, honor, and is willing to give up everything
he has just to be with her.  You would follow her to the end of the world and give up everything for her.

Arelius wrapped his left arm around Xander from behind and his right around Saren and hugged them tightly
feeling such joy in the thought that Saren had finally found true happiness as he spoke.  Im so glad you to
are happy with each other, from what i have seen you two love each other more then anything in the world.

Arelius was still hugging them both when he suddenly noticed Saren was somehow different than before she had
left for earth.  He sensed her essence was somewhat different.  Then he found it and he burst into tears
crying for joy on Xander and Saren refusing to release his hold on them.

Xander finally questioned, Arelius what is going on, why are you crying?

Saren looked to Xander smiling with tears rolling down from one eye, He knows!

Xander replied, He knows what?

Arelius Responded still sobbing, Have you not told him yet Saren?  Why not my dear?

Saren looked slightly away, I, I was worried....if he found out this soon, he would change his mind and
not love me!  Saren was now tearing heavily as she turned to look once again into Xanders loving purple

Xander said again with concern, Tell me what you two, Is something wrong with Saren?

Arelius Spoke again, No, Nothing is wrong, in fact tho, you could say something is quite right!  Saren I
am so very happy for you two!  Its just wonderful!

Xander was totally confused now adding, Will one of you please explain what i have missed here, because
i have completely no idea what you two are talking about?

Saren Kissed Xander quickly on his lips before leaning back and speaking, Xander, My Love, Soon we will have
a family of our own!

Xander was shocked and stunned, Whaaa, ummmm, wow, but how, nevermind i know how, but how do you know?

Arelius Continued, Female dragons know and can feel the presence of their offspring withing a few hours of
successfull conception, and I discovered it myself when i noticed her essence was different than when she
left.  Usually for dragons it is very hard to conceive at all and can take months of trying to get a single
conception, but somehow you two managed to ....

Saren cut Arelius off, and Exclaimed to Xander, I am carrying your twins!  I didnt tell you because i was
worried you might not want children yet or at all, and i dont want to loose you Xander, I cant stand the
thought of ever having to live......

Xander covered Sarens mouth mid sentence and replied, I love you, no matter what happens ever, I will
always love you, And i have wanted children my whole life,  I am so gratefull for you to have made that
possible, I will love you just as i will love them forever!  And i hope you dont plan on stopping at
just two little dragons!  Xander yanked Saren into his lap kissing her and then continuing, I plan to
live a very long and happy life with you, and to raise an entire army of little dragons with you at my

Saren didnt give him even a second to rephrase his perfect declaration of undying love and yanked him into
a kiss as she smothered him with her tongue flipping the chair over backwards as they both nearly landed on
Arelius feet never breaking their kiss.

As Xander and Saren continued oblivious to their surroundings Arelius addressed the other elders who were
simply enjoying the show.  My friends, Xanders story is the truth, Venterus essence lives within him, and
his honor is unmatched, we have nothing to fear of him, and further more, i would entrust him with my
life if the need arose,  He was quite possibly the strongest and bravest warrior of earth as a human, and
those qualities have only expanded with his transformation and the addition of Venterus essence.

And now the latest addition!  My PC troubles are solved also!

Chapter 9: New Beginnings
The only one who could possibly match Xanders power would probably be Brynja, due to her longevity she has
become the strongest of us energy wise.

Xander questioned. Brynja, I know this name, Saren asked me about her back on earth to test me.  What is
so special about her and how has she lived as long as she has?  For that matter how have you lived over
twenty-five hundred years since Venterus supposed death?

Arelius thought for a moment and continued.  Things are very different for us dragons than they were when
you were human, for me at the age of twenty-five hundred twenty-nine i am about equivalent to a human in
his late sixties or early seventies.  The average lifespan for a healthy dragon is around three-thousand
years give or take a few hundred based on life choices and other factors.  We dragons age to the condition
of youself and Saren pretty much the same time frame as a human does, but then our aging process slows
dramatically, and we age at a fraction of the human rate.  Saren here is only twenty-two years old and she
will mature slightly more untill she is around twenty-four or twenty-five, but then her aging will slow
greatly, and you both will age approximatly one year for every thirty you live.  Xander may i ask how old
you are?

Xander replied.  I am the same age as Venterus was when last you saw him, twenty four, and in two months
i will be twenty five.

Arelius smiled, Thats perfect!  You both are almost exactly the same age,  two and a half years difference
from Saren will mean nothing with the lifespan you have now, You will have the chance to have a very long
and happy life togeather!

Xander squeezed Saren hugging her after hearing the news about their long life togeather but after a moment
questioned again.  But if a dragons lifespan is three-thousand years, how is Brynja so old and still alive
and also rivaling my power?

Arelius scratched his head for a moment, and relented.  Well, none of us really know how that has come to
pass, and we're not sure if she has any ideas about why either!  She is over forty-five hundred years old,
but she is also not elderly, her appearence seems to reflect her as being about nineteen-hundred years old
except for the fact she has become larger than other dragons.  she is roughly fifty percent larger than
what is normally the maximum for dragons, and it has got to be related to her longevity.  She can also
wield a great amount of energy!  Where it took all of us elders combined to bring you two here, Brynja can
simply transport herself anywhere seemingly with only mild effort.  Her physical strength seems to have
been scaled up by the same factor her size is.  Durring construction of this Castle about four hundred
years ago she helped us, she worked through an entire day moving stone slabs, and pounding out the stone
floors.  The other dragons were able to work through half the day at most before being completely spent
and needing to rest for the remaining half the day or being injured and unable to continue working. Brynja
is quite the mystery to us.

To date, as long as i have been around, i have not seen her age any farther either.  She lives alone in
the mountains, at the peak of the tallest mountain you can see from outside actually.  She seems to like
her privacy and solitude, but she does join us every once in a while whenever we need help with something
major, or she has something she needs of us which doesnt happen much.  But we see her pretty frequently
flying high overhead traversing back and forth to hunt in the ocean.  She seems to like eating fish a few
times a week.  You will probably get to see her before too long.

Arelius walked across the room to the main entry way and smiled again.  HMM it smells like lunch may be
about ready for us!  Why dont we head outside into the courtyard and look around while we all have a meal

Xander and Saren stood from the floor where they were still sitting togeather in a loving embrace.  And
Xander exclaimed. Sounds like a plan, i am starving suddenly!

Saren added, Yeah im pretty hungry too.  Lets Eat!

Arelius led the group throught the main entry way back into the room where Xander and Saren had transported
into, and then through a large archway into a main corridor that seemed to be at least a football field
long to their right, but Arelius led them to the left and to the closer end of the corridor which was
about fifty feet from them.  Arelius pushed open the door revealing a giant Balcony hanging over the cliff
side of a small hill.  They were about three-hundred feet above ground level and could see for miles around
in three directions.  The ocean appeared to be about a mile to their left, a sandy desert area from the beach
to about a mile inland, and then gradually fading into a foresty looking backdrop as it neared the mountains.

At one end of the balcony was a large fire pit with a grid hanging over it, and a younger dragon cooking some
some whole fish, flipping them occasionally as he took off some that were ready placing them onto a table
and then laying more fish onto the fire.  The fish were quite large, being probably five pounders with some
as large as eight or nine.  The elders each walked past the table taking a single fish and began to mingle
and talk amongst themselves, Xander led Saren to the table and they each took a fish and walked over to the
edge of the balcony overlooking the lands before them.

Xander pulled Saren under his right arm as they looked out over the lands, and looked back into her now blue
eyes as he held his fish to her mouth and she bit half of it off never breaking her gaze back at him as she
smiled and chewed and swallowed her bite.  She held her fish to Xanders mouth and he repeated her actions as
he gently bit off half the fish and tasted it for the first time.  The fish was not really cooked, only seared
by the fire on the outside, and warm and juicy on the inside.  But even though it was technically raw inside
he found that it tasted great as he smiled and savored the new flavor his newly draconic tongue had discovered.

Saren inquired, Does it taste good?

Xander swallowed and replied,  It tastes amazing, almost as good as you do my dear, ALMOST!!!

Saren just giggled and slurped the rest of the fish from Xanders hand into her mouth as she gave him the last
half of hers.  They just watched each other smiling as they chewed, and swallowed, then went back and got each
other another fish only to repeat the process and tide their hungers for good.

After finishing they just stood togeather, Saren under Xanders ripped right arm as she pointed and detailed
various places in the distance to him.  Giving him a visual overhead tour of the world she had grown up in.

A few moments later Arelius approached and asked, So Xander do you want to take a flight with Saren and see
what these lands have to offer?

Xander was quiet for a moment but then muttered, Im not sure if i can fly, i never have tried...

Arelius exclaimed, Oh we must teach you at once, there is no greater freedom than to soar overhead and see
the world from the air.  Not to mention it will take you quite a long time to get anywhere on foot.  Let me
have a look at your wings and see if they look up to it.

Arelius moved behind Xander and began feeling out the bones, muscles, and joints in Xanders wings examining them
very closely and added.  Well, just as i thought!  Your wings look as strong as the rest of you, there is no
reason you cant fly better than anyone else here!  And as for your fear of heights, well it wont last long with
me teaching you.  Think into Venterus memories and learn which wing movements produce which manouvers, if you
can learn that much from him, then all you need to learn is how to balance your own body durring flight.

Xander muttered, How do you know i am afraid of heights?

Arelius replied smiling, I saw your eyes go wide when you looked over the edge!

Now Venterus body was not to the same proportions as yours is so he cant give you everything, just the basics.
Your body is much more muscled and bulky while venterus was muscular but very sleek and trim.  You also appear
to have bigger wings with much more muscle on them.

Xander stepped away from Saren and Arelius into the open and openned his wings fully as he looked side to side
at them he was again amazed, with his wings folded they looked much smaller, but now unfurled he had a nearly
fifteen foot wingspan and his wings were about two feet from top to bottom.  he also noticed a spear like
horn prodruding from the very tip of both of his wings at the end of the main wing bone.  His wings for the
most part were identical to his dream, the support bones were bright red like the rest of his scales, but the
membrane of flight surface webbing the bones togeather was as dark as fresh blood from a deep wound, as dark
a red is possible without being black.

Xander began to flap his wings slowly, blowing dust around on the floor below him as he used venterus experience
to learn how to syncronize his flapping of both wings togeather, He flapped harder and his feet left the ground
just momentarily as he found the level of thrust needed to become airbourne.  He began attempting to hover and
balance a few feet off the floor as he drifted around left to right finally matching his pace up he was able to
hold a continuous hover and move about over the floor slowly.  He was laughing to himself as he flew for the
first time even if he was only just getting off the ground it was the most liberating feeling he had ever known.

Just as Xander was turning around to face Arelius and Saren to land a gust of powerfull wind swept over the
balcony and Xander found himself being yanked over the edge by a strong downdraft, his laughter quickly burst
into panic as he lost control and began to fall to the grounds below.  Seeing his peril Arelius and Saren had
jumped off the balcony and were diving in pursuit trying to catch him before he made it to the ground.  Xander
let venterus instincts take over and his wings rotated him from a uncontrolled fall to a nose dive and he
began to bank upwards levelling off with the ground, he thrashed his powerfull wings furriously as his rate
of descent translated into forward movement and he managed to level off with twenty feet to spare with Arelius
and Saren quickly following him overjoyed to see him learning so quickly.

Xander slowed his flight to just a peacefull glide as Saren came up on his right side and Arelius on his left,
Saren had a few tears in her eyes as Xander questioned her, Why are you crying my love, I thought you would be
happy to see me flying?

Saren replied, When i saw you fall over the edge my heart nearly stopped for fear of loosing you!  If you had
not figured out how to turn yourself you may have perished!

Xander just smiled at her replying, Well i am fine now, There is no teacher quite like nessecity!  When learning
something is the only way you have to survive, you can be amazed how fast you learn it.

Arelius Added, That is quite true, but let us avoid any more nessecitized learning for now shall we?

Xander agreed, Yes i think that may be for the best!

Xander was flying well, but his balance was still very loose as he was drifting back and forth from left to
right trying to maintain a even course.

Arelius spoke again, Here is something that will help you strengthen your wings and even out your balance, Lets
see just how fast you can fly back to the Castle Balcony, dont put youself in any danger, but lets see what
you can manage, exertion is the best way to stabalize your flight skills.

All three dragons banked left as they came around to face the castle now in the distance.  Xander wasted no time
and began thrusting his wings with great force as he rapidly accelerated forwards with Saren and Arelius matching
his speed without to much effort.

Arelius was still beside him, Comeon Xander is this all you've got?

Xander sneered at Arelius as his own eyes began to turn red as he got angry and thrust as hard as he could firing
forwards away from Arelius and Saren, Saren was almost able to match his speed but could go no faster, but old
Arelius was left behind by both of them.  Xander was watching the world below shoot past him as he flew before
realizing if he didnt bank up he was going to be too low to reach the Balcony. He banked up letting his intertia
carry him higher and higher as he majorly overshot the balcony rising nearly thirty feet over it before returning
to a hover and lowering himself down to the floor.  Saren appeared right after him and landed gently at the balcony
edge and a moment later Arelius arrived breathing heavily.

Arelius was still calming his breathing as he spoke to Xander, You actually beat Saren, Thats Amazing!  Noone with
the exception of Brynja herself can beat Sarens Speed.

Saren smirked, He didnt beat me by much, only just, and if he thinks hes getting away without a rematch he has a
whole nother thing comming.  Saren jabbed Xander in the ribs jokingly as she embraced his body and put herself
under his right arm.

Arelius broke out again, Dear me it is so nice to see you two show such affection to each other, I guess pretty soon
i am going to have to find something to do in the spare time ill have after Saren has gone with you Xander.  I will
miss her something terrible though.  Arelius was tearing at the thought of being without his would be daughter for
the first time in over fifteen years.

Saren pulled Xander with her and pulled Arelius to her embrace over her right arm opposite Xander and added, And you
know you can come visit us any time you like, as many times as you need to!

Xander continued, Yes and we can show you what earth is like today, It is a much different place than you could ever

Arelius dried his eyes and spoke, Well i will just have to do that sometime soon.

The evening was drawing down as the sky faded into a redish purple sunset before them, The colors were vibrantly
reflecting off of the two moons orbiting the dragon world as they gazed upon the sky still clinging to each other.

Arelius announced, Well we should all really get some sleep, tommorrow will start your first full day here and you
will need your rest if you plan to go about and see this place for what it really is!  I would take you back to my
place and let you share Sarens room but you would have a hard time for it is quite cramped even for her these days.
It'd probably be best if we put you up in the guest quarters here in the castle.  They are furnished somewhat better
also.  And the bed is made to accomidate two as most of those who use it are visiting from a good distance away and
bring their mates along.  Seems fitting for our situation.

Arelius led Xander and Saren to a large wooden door with swirling engravings all over it, and in the center of the
top sat the engraving of a dragons head looking down at whomever stood before the door.  The craftmanship was

Arelius pushed the heavy door open and led them to the center of the room.  As Saren and Xander gazed around Arelius
pointed out the highlights, In the back corner was a granite tub more or less resembling a very large dragon sized
hot tub, on the right sat a large couch and a few tables with some clay jugs arelius stated were water and wine.

On the right sat a gigantic four post bed, the posts were entire tree log sections a foot wide, the headboard seemed
to match the engravings on the front door, and the padding was a collage of animal hides forming a mattress shaped
bag stuffed with some kind of wool.  There were no blankets of any kind, but with the temperature of this world Xander
doubted they were ever needed.

Arelius headed to the door, and spoke, Goodnight My Dear, Goodnight, MY son!

Xander felt a flutter in his heart as he heard these words he had not heard in so many years, he felt compelled, and
responded to arelius, Goodnight Dad.

Arelius pulled the door closed behind him and left for his own home not far from the castle smiling to himself as he
recalled the events that had transpired today.  It was a day to happily remember!

Xander and Saren were now enjoying a relaxing bath in the granite pond Saren laying back on Xander, her head resting
on his left shoulder with his arm around her and his hand sitting idle on her stomache.  The two drifted in and out
of a sleepy daze for about an hour in the cool water.

Xander was thinking to himself as he came back from his daze, did he really want to marry Saren or not, was it true
love, or was it just another false hope for him, He openned his eyes slowly as he began to watch Saren sleep, he
moved his gaze down her body to her stomache, now alone and in the calm of the room he could sense what Arelius had
noticed before, Sarens essence was strong flowing within her, but within her, burned two more unique essences not
her own, Xander pondered for a moment at what he was sensing, and as he gazed back upon her he instantly just knew
two things, He would love this dragoness untill the day he ceased to exist in any form and strive to give her the
happiest life he could manage.  And that the newly found essence was indeed his unborn childrens first steps into
the world of life!  Xander began to silently tear below Saren,  He simply did not know how to handle such happiness
as he had never been privledged to feel before.  He blew his doubts out of his mind forever, and stroked Sarens
cheek with right hand and he rubbed her stomache gently just above his children to be.

Saren yawkned and slowly awakened, moving her gaze up to Xanders and noticing his tears she reached her hand up and
cleared his eyes,  What is it love?

Xander smiled, Thats exactly what is is, Saren will you marry me?

Saren looked quizically as Xander awaited nervously, Of course i will be marry with you, arent you happy?

Xanders nervousness shattered with a giggle, no my dear, im sorry, i mis-spoke, On earth marry has two meanings!
It can be to be merry like happy or joyfull, and it can also mean, to be mates for life?

Saren took in the seriousness in Xanders voice as he explained himself, but questioned smiling, So what is you
question again??

Xanders eyes instantly turned glowing purple, Saren, will you be my mate, for all time?

Saren kissed Xander briefly before poking a claw onto his chin, and answered, Only if all time means forever!

Xander exclaimed, Of course forever!

Saren jumped on top of Xander sliding him down and underwater at the words narrowly escapted his mouth.

Xander scrambled to get free and raise his head above water and as he did Saren yanked him up into a kiss stunning
him for the second time in fifteen seconds.  Xander quickly stood as Saren followed his head with hers not breaking
the kiss even as Xander scooped her up into his arms cradling her off to the bed with her wings dangling to the
ground.  He held her and went to his knees onto the foot of the bed still carrying her untill he got up to the
headboard and he layed her down in the center.  Sarens wings layed open flat on the bed spread on either side of her
as she spread her legs before him and invited him with her seductive deep blue eyes.

Xander paused as he assessed the situation and questioned, Is it safe while they are still not born?  Can any harm
come to our children durring our mating?

Saren quitely explained,  Im touched that you care so much for them, but dont worry, as long as we are gentle, they
will be fine.  Now get down here my love, i need you more now then ever.  Be calm and gentle and let us just enjoy
the moment as it passes us by.

Xander layed down over Saren slowly supporting his weight on his hands, elbows and knees as he moved into position
between her legs and eyes her clenched tight slit.  Xander held himself lower so his tip was nearly touching Sarens
burning cunt.  Saren took his bulging hardness in her hand and began slowly pulling Xander lower as she pushed it
into herself, Xander just held his mind clear as they went, an finally he found bottom as his waist met hers he
was fully worked into her.  He began to slowly rock to and fro within her as he just disappeared into her Blue eyes
while she was lost in his purple eyes.  Somewhere in time they met in a slow passionate kiss.  Xander held his slow
pace as Saren began to react to the sensations he was giving her.  Saren moved from a kiss, to licking Xanders neck
and biting her lower lip as the slow pace continued.

Saren lifted her wings before her and carefully wrapped them around Xanders back as he smiled at her show of
affection without breaking pace.  Saren was now quietly moaning rolling her head around slightly, she wanted to
go faster and harder but the danger worried her too, so she held off the urge to get rough.  She was finally getting
close to her eruption, they were going towards a full hour,  Saren suddenly held her breath and Xander gave her a
little push over the edge by wiggling himself inside her rather than ramming her hard, the move worked, and he
felt her sweet warm juices flowing over his deeply burried cocks head as he still fought hard to hold his pace.

Xander was getting cramped from the endurance and his movements were becoming jittery and jumpy as he held off his
own eruption, he was compelled to pump her harder, every ounce of his body wanted to break loose and pound her, but
somehow he managed to keep his cool still, as he felt the pressure at the base of his cock swell with the pending
seed he was about to deliver, he slowly pushed all the way into Sarens melting tunnel and wiggled himself deeply 
stimulating his sensitive head while he sucked her left nipple into his mouth as added incentive, as he sucked on
her nipple Saren ghasped and fluttered her inner walls, and Xander gently collapsed on top of her as he spent his
entire being into her warmness.

Saren hugged his head down onto her shoulder and pulled him in tighter with her wings, pulling him slightly deeper
into herself.  Xanders exhausted body managed to kiss her momentarily before he collapsed uncontious still inside
and on top of her.

Saren thought to wake him, but as he had just so heavily exhausted himself in ensuring her safety, and her strong
lean body wasnt troubled by his added weight, she resolved to sleep this way, and let him wake up in her arms for
a change.  Saren moved her head against Xanders cheek, and closed her eyes falling asleep in less than a moment with
Xander still half erect inside of her and the loving memory of his proposal in her dreams.

This chapter got away on me, it has ended up very long, and despite the supplemental value of the center of it, i 
have found a lot of it to be un-needed, i am posting it anyway, but if your looking for a shorter read, Skip what
is between the two lines of #####'s, it will not detract much from the story, its simply a background on how twin
souls came to be, and how they work!

Chapter 10: Revelations - Part One
Arelius lain in his large bed eyes closed but to interested to sleep, going through Xanders memories slower and in
more detail, he came to the battle with Tsukai and watched the blinding transformation as Xander became a large red
dragon before him, but he was suddenly puzzled,  if this memory was Xanders, how was his perspective looking back
at Xander, how was he able to see Xander thirty feet in front of his field of view if this was Xanders memory.

Arelius continued to watch as suddenly bolts of lighting flew from his own perspective towards Xander, hitting but
not hurting Xanders new dragon form, instead Xander seemed to be absorbing them.  He watched as his perspective
dropped to its knees for a moment, and then he was suddenly looking from Xanders prospective again, seeing the fallen
body of Tsukai before him.  He had been viewing the end of the battle from Tsukais memory not Xanders.  Arelius was
unsure of what to make of this, but he had to find out immediatly.  He lept from the bed and headed for the Castle
where the Draconian Archives were kept, hopefully they would yield some past knowledge to explain some of this.

Arelius went through the hall of the draconian archives, thousands of books were piled on shelf after shelf, on
cabinets ten feet high and rows forty feet long,  A fireplace at both ends of the room was kept constantly burning
to warm the room and weed out moisture to protect the books from mold and decay.  Arelius went to the far end of the
room where at the very end of the center row of books stood a table with a large book laying open, it was nearly six
feet wide while open and three feet up and down, a sign just above the table read "catalog" in draconian.  Arelius
scanned through the book looking for the section of the catalog reserved for mystical books, The section lay way in
the back.  Only half of the section was populated with indexes,  mostly just the names of books, and their location
in the archives as denoted by, row number, cabinet number, and shelf number.  Some of the books with abstract names
also bore a small description of the books topics and usages.

There were a lot of indexes for many books covering the elements and their powers and abilities, Arelius overlooked
them for the time being to seek out his most pressing concern.  After about fifty pages of mystical indexes Arelius
found one that might be of help.  Its title simply said, "Twin Souls The story of Kentaurus Jagearan and Mordeus".

Arelius took note of the location the index indicated, Row seven, Cabinet three, Shelf 6, Red.  He found the book
burried at the bottom of the stack and took it to a large desk at one end of the room.  He then noticed after
blowing the dust from its cover, that the front of the book bore the same engravings as the door to the guest quarters
Xander and Saren now slept in.  Examining the book farther he noticed on the back was pasted a parchment with the
names of those who had previously checked out the book, there were six entries, the first two were by the author
himself donoting additions to its back pages.  The next three were names not known to Arelius, but the last one sent
a shock up his spine, Venterus!  The signature was dated nearly a year before his battle and assumed death with

The book began with a prologue by the author,
This book is written by Kentaurus Jagearan, Commander of the Darix Guard.  For the purpose of explaining the events
surrounding, leading to, and following the attack on Darix by the Dakaran Guard and Mordeus.  After the events had
passed and Mordeus death it was discovered he had been experimenting with the twin souls annomaly that had been
discovered by myself and Jagearan when he was mortally wounded in battle and his soul entered my body as i held him
in an embrace while he lay dying.

The cause of this annomalys appearence at that moment is still a mystery, but a welcome one at that.  Without that
event, i would have permanently lost my lifelong friend, and never had the power to overcome Mordeus and the Dakaran
Guard.  When Jagearan and myself became one, we could communicate with each other mentally,  And we could trade
control of my body as well as supplement each others power with our own.

The findings, discoverys, and actions of Mordeus durring his evil research we documented by him as he went, and later
discovered by me after his death, they are documented in great detail in the second half of this book.  But heed this
warning, the power of the soul should not be tampered with lightly, it can lead to destruction, madness, and death if
not properly handled.  Perpetrating any evil with this power or its use against unwilling individuals is extremely
dangerous to everyone nearby, and the host as well.  This book is to explain things should the annomaly repeat in the
future, not to be used as a guide to replicating it intentionally!

The next page began a summarization of the story of the battle between Darix and Dakara,
Darix was home to Kentaurus and Jagearans families for generations, the land was fertile, and it was a short distance
from the ocean.  Dakara was three days trek or several hours flight from Darix in the direction opposite the ocean.
Dakara was near a dormant volcano surrounded by rich forest lands yielding plenty of game for their colony which was
approaching double the population of Darix.  Darix was home to nearly four hundren dragons, mostly common folk,
farmers, and traders.  The Darix Guard was comprised of fifty well trained warriors and about ten commoners with basic
or moderate fighting skill that were only called upon when needed.

It was just before harvesting time in Dakara when the dormant volcano became active and in a single night released lava
flows into the forest surrounding Dakara setting most of it ablaze.  News came via messenger that Dakara was in the
midst of a major disaster the next morning and we could see the volcanos smoke plume in the distant horizon.  The fire
died down before eating the entire forest, but roughly half of it was bare charred ground.  The volcanos cloud had
induced a rainstorm which in turn cooled the lava flows and extinguished the fires.  But the next problem was yet to
be seen.  Volcanic Gasses began to seep up through the round in the forest and settle in low lying areas and ravines.

Dragons were tall enough to not be hindered as the gas stayed low to the ground, but the animal life was decimated by
the invisible, odorless, but deadly carbon dioxide gas.  Soon the forests yeilded nearly no wild game, any that survived
the gas was hunted down for food.  Dakaras elders in an emergency meeting voted for Mordeus to take charge of solving
the situation as he was a very crafty and skilled political figure, not to mention ruthless.

Mordeus made frequent trips to Darix Elders demanding they help Dakara through their hard times, and our elders
generously agreed to help his people as much as we could which satisfied him for a time.  But as conditions in Dakara
fell apart, and the people began turning to anarchy Mordeus again returned demanding that Darix give even more food
and supplies to Dakara, when the elders informed him we could not spare any more over what we were already sending
every two days he became enraged and threatened to have the Dakaran Guard come and take what was needed by force!

The elders informed him that any attack would be met with a immediate counter attack, and all supply shipments would
cease immediatly.  Mordeus intimidation tactics had seemingly failed, he stormed from the council chambers and flew
back to Dakara.

The Dakaran elders knew Mordeus was the most likely to be capable of solving their problem, even if it was by unjust
means But they did not anticipate that Mordeus lust for power would drive him to having them murdered so he could keep
the power they gave to him, and then blame Darix for their deaths.

It was the next late evening when one of our secret envoys to Dakara returned to Darix in such haste that he entered the
council chambers throught he window crashing right through the closed shutters, he was severely wounded in the back
what looked like a sword slash, mostly scabbed over but deep, and nearly sixteen inches long narrowly missing the
muscles of his left wing.  He lay on the ground as we all went to his side and he began his report to the elders
with no current concern for his own injuries.

He reported that the Dakaran Elders had all been murdered except for Mordeus, and that he announced this morning that
the Darix Guard were the perpetrators attempting to seize control of Dakara in its weakened state.  And that the next
incomming supply caravan was really a strike force comming to finish the job, he is sending the Dakaran Guard to meet
and slaughter the group taking the supplies to them.  Mordeus is also in the planning stages of a large attack on
Darix to overtake the colony for its lands and supplies.  He is readying a force approximatly one hundred strong, all
well trained Dakaran Guardsmen.  And they will fight mercilessly since he has lied telling them OUR SPIES murdered
their elders!

An elder known as Theraxus Calmed the wounded dragon and thanked him for his dedication to delivering the news, and
continued, You have taken care of your duty, now lets get you fixed up and mend your wounds, what happenned there?

The dragon continued, I was hiding down a hallway listening to Mordeus lies as he spoke to the Dakaran people from the
castle balcony, One of the guards apparently recognized me and snuck up behind me.  He swung for my head but i was
just able to move enough that his blow only grazed my back before i hit him in the chest with my wingtip claw and
managed to take flight.  I didnt stay to find out, but i believe to have mortally wounded the guard, as long as noone
else saw me, they will likely never find out what happenned to him or that i was ever there.

The guards gently picked him up supporting him over their shoulders as they helped him to the healers room just a few
doors down from them where a female dragon had some compounds derived from the forest that would slightly accelerate his
own healing abilities temporarily when applied directly to his wounds as well as lighten his pain some.

The council dispatched myself and Jagearan to fly as fast as we could and turn the supply convoy around before they
walked into an ambush by the Dakaran Guard.  Morning was just coming to light as we reached the convoy, and we were
only just in time, the battle started as we flew overhead.  There were around thirty Dakaran Guardsmen, against the
force of twenty five suppliers who were for the moment holding their own.  We joined the fight quickly tipping the
battle in our own favor and Jagearan and Myself sliced through dragon after dragon of the Dakaran Guards.  As we drew
down on the last three guardsmen they took flight, fleeing back towards Dakara.

Durring the battle three of the suppliers were killed, and another six were wounded, three of them severely.  But they
had won, and they were still alive.  The suppliers turned back for Darix as Jagearen and I flew as aerial escort keeping
an eye out for any second attack or followers.  As we returned to Darix, the Darix Guard was assembled in line outside
the council chambers, Shields and Swords had been dispensed to all sixty of them.  As the suppliers passed by the sight
of three fallen dragons encased in white cloth with red stains, and the sight of the six wounded dragons drew an ambient
grumble from the ranks of guards as they saw what had befallen their family and friends who had only gone to help.

We landed before the guards, and i spoke to them, Do not worry friends, Vengence for this dastardly attack will be yours!
And it will come on swift wings, Your wings, by the might of your swords, and the rage in your hearts!  They will pay!
The entire guard assembly roared into the air nearly in unison at the end of my statement.  We then left the guards and
entered the Council Chambers.  They announced their decision in my absence that i would be in command untill such time
as the crisis ended or i fell defeated,  And i accepted the great honor.  Taking a moment to assemble a plan, i then
spoke, I think we should get the people into the storage caves immediatly, gat them to dig out the far ends where they
run under the forest so they can escape undetected into the forest.  We will seal you in at this end and disguise the
cave entrances so that they dont look like they were ever their, that should buy some time for an escape and regrouping
should we fail to repel them in the attack.  You will at least have a chance to reach a friendly colony and hopefully
Mordeus will not pursue after that.  Can i task the elders with leading the people to safety through the tunnels, I will
need every guardsmen that can be spared since we will already be outnumbered.  The elders agreed to guide the people
themselves.  And myself and Jagearan went back outside to the guards.

We explained our plans, and asked for ten volunteers to gather the people and assemble them in the caves with the elders
and then seal them in and disguise the entrance as best as could be done.  The elders would accompany the people to guide
them to safety throught he forest and to a colony that would accept them.  It was then a voice yelled from the doorway
of the council chambers, Not this elder at least!  It was Theraxus, he approached us and the guards adorned in Golden
shoulder sheilds extending down to his elbows, A golden helmet covered in Draconian engravings on its sides, A forearm
mounted Gold plated iron shield for blocking sword attacks, and in his hand a five foot iron broad sword with a gold
plated streak down the entire length of its back side.  We all stood in awe, as he looked almost godlike, and the gold
and silver really highlighted his natural body colors, Theraxus was a Dark Green dragon, approximatly twenty-three
hundred years old.  He spoke again, I see you all like my gear.  I figure have sat around long enough, if i can add more
time for my people to escape by helping here it will be worth it!  Kentaurus, You will remain in command, just consider
me as another one of your warriors.  I shook his Shield hand and replied, Glad to have you my friend!

I instructed the guardsmen, We are expecting an attack at any moment, it could be in three days, or it could be in five
minutes!  Do not leave your gear more than arms length away from you, keep it with you at all times, that is an order!
And remember, you have more than just your sword and shield to fight with, Wingtips are spiked for a reason, use them
whenever possible, and claws work good too it you can reach an enemies vulnerable spots durring a battle, do not think
twice, if you do, you are dead!     Do not think they wont do the same thing to you!  And i know how some of you feel about
having an honorable fair battle, but just remember, which do you want more, an honorable battle, or the safety of your
friends and family!  Make no mistake this battle is about our ability to survive and maintain our very way of life!

And the fact we will be outnumbered will complicate things as well, take any kill you can, no matter the circumstances.
there are one hundred of them, and there are sixty-three of us!  Let that sink in before you go on about keeping things
honorable, the circumstances simply do not allow for that now!  And never run into the battle separating yourself from
your comrades, stay in a group and we will stand a much better chance, we will likely be fighting on more than one side
so dont let them separate you!  You will all stay here tonight, no less than five standing guard at all times, rotate
out to sleep taking four hour shifts!

The night was long and un-eventfull, but as the sun rose, there was a feeling in the air, like the calm before a storm,
Many of the guards also seemed to know something was coming, the vetrans were un-easy, and watching the forest lines
with a calm nervousness.  It was nearing mid-day when the sentries returned with news that the force we had been
expecting would be upon us within an hour!  I sent one of the smaller dragons to fly recon high above the colony and
make sure the Dakarans didnt seperate or charge un-expectedly and instructed the men to prepare, stretch, loosen up,
and eat a small amount to tide them over untill it was over.  The guards were ready in no time returning to their lines
before i told them, from this point forward you need not stand at attention, just stand loose, and be ready for anything
that may come, spread out slightly and give each other room to fight, lets go!

I waved down the dragon who was on aerial recon and he notified me the Dakarans were marching straight into us, and just
as expected they were one hundred strong and less than five minutes out.  The small dragon reclaimed his gear and
prepared himself for battle rejoining the ranks.  We began to slowly pace forward int he direction of the Dakarans but
staying within the open space of the colony,  and finally the Dakarans began appearing in two single file lines of fifty
walking on the path from Dakara, they moved into the open and assembled ranks before us!  Jagearan took his place at my
right side, ready to fight, and Theraxus took my left side with a smile as he commented, They have no idea what they just
gotten themselves into, sixty-three versus one hundred, heh, they dont stand a chance!  His comments drawing a morbid
chuckle from roughly half the men!  The leader of the Darakan Guard approached with a dragon at both sides, he wanted
to talk.

He stopped twenty foot away and spoke, My name is Gundaisus, Commander of the Dakaran Guard!

I replied, I am Kentaurus, Commander of the Darix Guard!

He continued, If you give us all your supplies and surrender to be forever more under Dakaran Rule, you will be spared!
I noticed your men laughing a moment ago, car to explain why your warriors were laughing at you?

I smiled and replied, Oh that, they werent laughing at me, Theraxus here just noticed and commented that your Guards
looked a little scared when they saw us, and he thought maybe we should give you the option to surreneder and leave
before anything bad had a chance to happen to your people!  But i reassured him that would not be nessicery since I
expected you would come over and try to bluff us into surrendering, and looky here i was right, here you stand!  But
seriously, if you want to surrender im sure Mordeus will be more then understanding when he hears about it!

Gundaisus was at a loss for words, he began to speak twice, but cut himself off both times as he just stood there
baffled as to what to say next, as he cut hismelf off a third time i announced to my guards, Oh no!  Look what i have
gone and done, I have scared the words right out from his mouth, i am terribly sorry Gundaisus!  I had no idea you were
so sensitive!  The Darix Guards were now beside themselves with grumbling laughter, even Theraxus could not completely
hold his composure as Gundaisus clenched his fists and stormed off back to his Unit as Theraxus yelled to him, Dont
worry Gundaisus, We accept your surrender, your free to go!

I finally spoke normally, Well that went better than expected, now he is so angry any chance of a logical battle plan
forming in his head is completely consumed by his rage for being embarrased in front of his men!  Before anyone could
comment further tho Gundaisus simply yelled, Charge!  As they jogged towards us, I called to the guards, Stand togeather
no separation, and remember, anything goes!  As the guards reached the forty foot distance from us, myself, Jagearan,
and Theraxus lunged forwards into their lines.  In the first thrust i took down three, one on each wingtip pierced 
through their hearts, and a third met my sword!  Theraxus had them jumping backwards at the sight of his massive broad
sword as he cut down two in a row with one swing.  The guards fought valliantly, and the battle raged for nearly an
hour before the remaining fifty Dakaran guards backed off and formed a circle around us.  We had decimated half of
their force.  Roughly a third of the Darix Guard were wounded, there were seven or eight dead, nearly all had minor cuts
and slashes.  Why had they stopped?

I glanced around and saw Theraxus, He had been wounded in the left shoulder and his left arm looked unresponsive as he
sat on the ground surrounded by a few of our guards, but a big smile spanned his entire face!  Following his gaze i saw
his massive Golden broad sword impaled through the chest of Gundaisus, who was clearly dead.  One of the guards helped
Theraxus to his feet and he slowly walked over to reclaim his sword from Gundaisus corpse as he grinned at the
surrounding enemy guards.  As he pulled the massive golden sword free it was adorned in fresh red blood.  Theraxus
just continued smiling as he returned to the ranks and stood in place.  I noticed Jagearan was no longer at my side and
i suddenly scoured the area looking for him, There he lay, flat on his back with large gash in the right of his chest
as he coughed up blood, two guards were comforting him.  Around him lay six or seven dead Dakarans.  I knew immediatly
his wounds were fatal and this would be his last moments.  I embraced him with a faked smile, Wow my friend, im so very
impressed, you downed more of them then anyone, you truly are a great warrior!  Jagearan simply smiled and replied,
shutup you big oph, we both know why your saying that, he groaned in pain, and continued, Im so glad i was able to know
you and call you my best friend all these years!  I will greatly miss you Ken!  I replied tearing, No, It is i who will
miss you, you have always stood at my side, fearless, always watching my back, never waivering in resolve, I am truly
honored to have been so blessed with such a loyal friend, you deserve so much more!

He began to convulse as his body began to fail him, and i pulled him close, placing my forhead to his, looking into his
eyes with my own, and placed my left hand over his heart, and his wound.  He smiled feebly and slowly faded away.  As
i closed my eyes still holding him, i felt the strangest sensation i had ever felt course through me.  I openned my eyes
and the display grabbed the gaze of everyone around.  A white myst was rising from Jagearans chest wound, climbing my
arm, and entering me through a shallow slash in my chest.  It burned like fire but then the myst ended.  Suddenly all i
could think of was rage, i wanted to kill every last Dakaran that had attacked us!  I felt more powerfull than ever had
i thought possible before, I looked down to see that my wounds were healing visibly faster.  My friend was dead, and it
was time for them to pay!  I stood and gazed in anger at the Dakarans as a bloodlust began to sweep over me,  Without
warning i spewed fire into the Dakaran Ranks ignighting several of them, and drawing panic from the others, Fire
breathing was supposedly just a legend, and now it was a legend no more!  I charged into the Dakarans, dropping my
shield as i ran, spewing fire at some and cutting down others as they starred in horror.  The sight re-invigorated the
Darix Guards and they quickly jumped back into action as we destroyed the remaining Dakaran forces.

We surrounded the last Dakaran still alive, he was wounded but not bad, standing waving his sword in all directions as
we surrounded him.  I told the guards to hold, and approached him with liquid fire still dripping from my jaws.  i
spoke to him, You will be allowed to live if you deliver a message for us to Mordeus.  Tell him his force of one
hundred has been annihilated, tell him the same will befall all others who challenge us!  And tell him he has one week
to reveal the truth about HIS murdering of your elders, or we will be comming for his head!  Mark my words, we did not
kill your elders or declare war on you!  Mordeus planned all of this to take power!  And one more thing, Make sure you
tell him about me, Kentaurus, the Commander of the Darix Guard, The one who breathes fire unto all who would challenge
our lands!  And tell him, We will see him soon!  Now go, before i change my mind and let my guards kill you!

Needing no further encouragement the dragon bolted from the scene and lept into the air, he was gone in a flash!

I turned to the small dragon who had done the recon prior the attack, he was bruised and had some cuts, but was
otherwise unscathed,  I asked him, how many did you get yound one?  He smiled and replied, i got eleven i think, I
wasnt wasting time with keeping too close a count.  I continued, I need a new second in command, You are light and
fast, and you do recon well, do you accept?  He held his fist over his heart and bowed, I will do my best!

I added, For your first assignment, take to the sky, seek out our people, and inform them of our victory, and that they
may now return to the colony.  The small dragon bowed again and was gone.

I walked to Theraxus who was still trying to catch his breath as he inspected his shoulder wound.  I spoke, Well well,
if it isnt the mighty Theraxus who killed the Commander of the Dakaran Guard single handedly!  I never knew you had it
in you old friend.  He looked up wide eyed and commented, Neither did I!  He came at me angrily and i tried to dodge
his sword but wasnt quick enough as he got me in the shoulder, but he left himself wide open expecting to have killed
me, heh, instead he got a very broad awakening right in his heart!  That damn sword is so heavy when i swing it i just
pulverize anything it hits, and its weight just embedded it clear through him and it got stuck!

Back in present day again!
Arelius was fascinated that the twin souls phenomenon had indeed been seen before,  and here in his very colony of
Darix by the Commander of the Guard no less.  He continued reading about how the last surviving Dakaran Guard made
it safely back to Dakara and durring a rally where Mordeus was spreading more lies, Confronted him about why if the
Darixan Colony had indeed killed the elders, they would still deny it even after winning the battle.  And answering
his own question recited the statements of Kentaurus about how they knew he had hired common theives to murder the
elders so he could keep his position as leader.  He continued the say, Whats more, Darix has no interest in a war
with Dakara, but they claim that if you Mordeus do not reveal the truth to us and step down as leader,  They will
be forced to come and end the lies themselves by killing you and only you!  The Commander of the Darix Guard told
me this, and i have no reason to doubt him!  And he told me to tell you about him!  He bested nearly fifty of our
guards single handedly, and he breathes fire when he gets very angry, He incinerated nearly twenty guards with
nothing but a breath of fire!

Mordeus drew his sword and held it to the guards throat as he spoke, I have heard quite enough from you!  Another
word of these lies, and you loose your head!

A booming voice came from above, I thought you might do something like that!  Mordeus, the Guard, and the crowd looked
to the top nearest corner of a building and saw him!  The guard called out, Thats Him, Thats the Commander of the Darix
Guard, Kentaurus!

As the guard spoke his name, Kentaurus held his head high and spewed fire thirty feet high into the air.  Mordeus
took the guard against him as a shield and held his blade to the guards throat.  Kentaurus added, So this is how you
treat your own people, you would sacrifice them to save yourself?  The crowd now looked upon Mordeus as he held his
own guard hostage.  The crowd began to shout in anger as he tried feebly to explain.  Kentaurus continued, You Mordeus
all because of your lust for power, have gotten ninety nine of your own guards killed by telling them we killed your
elders and sending them to destroy us!  And those battles cost the lives of many of our people as we defended ourselves
from the army you lied to!

The guard elbowed Mordeus and broke free of his grasp diving out of the way, Kentaurus saw his openning and lunged for
him, but just before he reached Mordeus, Mordeus vanished in a flash of white light.

That was the end of the first chapter of the book.  Arelius flipped forward to the documentation section and began
reading about the discoveries Mordeus had made about how twin souls could be achieved.

There appeared to be several ways this could happen and some had different end results.

The way Kentaurus became bonded by Jagearan was dubbed Fellowship by Mordeus, A dying companion who was longing to remain
with the one near them, if the bond was shared by both, and at the time of death they were emotionally connected, And
as long as they both bore blood to each other, in the case of Kentaurus and Jagearan they were
both wounded, and each others blood was everywhere, the soul could pass from the body as it died, into the living body
of the other.  Leaving the surviving companion with two equal but seperate minds and combined power.

Another method dubbed Essence Transfer was for a Thunder elemental, which Mordeus was, to use his life force and thunder
elemental powers to pull a Soul out of a living body and either into himself, or into a Vessel which could be any object
which had an enclosed sealed space within it.  Mordeus had discovered this method by accident when trying to absorb an
unwilling soul from a young dragoness he captured after fleeing Dakara.  He was unable to absorb an unwilling soul, but he
instead trapped her in a glass jar momentarily before realizing her body was dying without her essence and releasing her
back into her own body.

Arelius realized, this was what had befallen Venterus, but he wondered how the Earth Sorcerer could have known of these
things.  He continued reading.

This time there was a method detailed by Kentaurus Jagearan, this was dubbed, Reversed Essence Transfer Counteraction, The
method that had led to Mordeus Death.  It was when a Thunder elemental attempted to pull the soul from another thunder
elemental, the effect would backfire, the initiator would push his life force and thunder power into the target to lock
onto the soul and then pull back his life force and power to himself with the soul attached, but when used against another
thunder elemental, The initiators life force and Thunder power would instead be absorbed by the target, and the life force
would never return to the initiator, leaving him powerless and within moments without life force, he would die.  His mind
trapped in his dying body, but his soul and power absorbed into the target along with a few random memories.  Kentaurus
had finally found Mordeus hiding in a catacomb under some ruins near Dakara, and durring his battle, Mordeus tried to steal
Kentaurus soul by means of an essence transfer but not knowing Kentaurus was also a thunder elemental, he killed himself
and left all his power to Kentaurus without ever knowing what had gone wrong.

Arelius realized, this is what had befallen Tsukai, He was a thunder elemental just as Mordeus was, and if this had indeed
happenned, Xander must be a thunder elemental as well.  That would give Xander not two souls, but three, one of which he
had not noticed because it had no mind attached to it!  And it would explain the presence of at least one of Tsukais memories
being in Xanders head.

Then Arelius realized the memory of Tsukais last words as he fell!  I never would have guessed the human host would have
the thunder element in his bloodlines, its the only was you could have absorbed my attack.  I have defeated myself but
i regret it not!

Even Tsukai has come to the same realization as he died.  Arelius was positive now,  Tsukais power lain hidden within Xander
as did the Elemental power of Thunder, but then so did Venterus element, Venterus had discovered he was a psychic elemental
just as Arelius was before Xanatos became a threat, but he never opted to explore his gifts and tap his hidden potential.

Xander was a dragon of three souls, and two minds, with the gifts of thunder, and of psychic abilities, and he had no idea
just how powerfull or special he really was.  Arelius thought for a moment and decided it would be good to keep a close
eye on Xander, not only was his power amazing, but it could prove extremely dangerous should Xander become angry or involved
in any kind of battle.

Arelius had been in the Archives for most of the night, and as the sun crept through a window and momentarily blinded him he
decided to go find out why Venterus had checked out the book so many years prior.  And Xander would now know, but having
Venterus within him, would he explain why or would he simply refuse or deny it?


The sun was just climbing through the window in the guest quarters as Xander and Saren lay sleeping peacefully, Xander had
rolled off of Saren durring the night and come to rest on his back with Saren snuggled into his right side with her right
hand laying on his powerfull chest,  and one leg laying intertwined with his.

Stay tuned for Part two, Sparks are about to be flying!

Chapter 10: Revelations - Part Two
As the sun met their faces, Xander and Saren began to still awake, and once the grog finally lifted and contious thoughts were
again possible in their minds, they shared a good morning kiss still entangled with each other as Saren snuggled into Xander
for just a moment more.  Xander broke the kiss slowly and they both smiled into each others eyes as Saren spoke, Good morning
my betrothed!  Xander remembered their proposal as he kissed her briefly and replied,  I plan on holding you to that plan my
love!  Xander turned and stood off the bed and walked over to splash some water into his face and wash away his sleep.  He
had dreamt of the same dream he had after Venterus joined with him.  But this time he was there with Saren and their little
ones were playing in the river as himself and Saren relaxed laying on the shore.  It was a dream he longed desperately to make
into a reality now.

Saren soon joined him and flicked water into his face as she washed her own sleep from her eyes.  Xander bear hugged her
playfully from behind trapping her arms and growled in her ear, Now i will just have to eat you all up for that wont I?

Saren simply responded, I would love that but it will have to wait untill tonight because me and Arelius are going off for some
private time today, and you get to stay here and explore the castle!

Xander joked, And what is so important that you and Arelius must go off alone to talk of, and why mustnt i know of it either?

Saren elbowed him gently freeing herself and answered as she placed a claw tip on his chin, Because Silly, We are to plan our
Mating Ceremony!  And the details are to be a surprise for you!  So if you came you would ruin our plans silly!  Now hurry up,
Arelius is to meet us in the main hall for breakfast before the two of us leave you.

Xander straightened himself up and stretched out thoroughly and the pair headed down the hall.  They passed through the room
used for transportations, and entered the main hall where the long table lined with chairs from yesterday sat.  Arelius was
already there and greeted them good morning as they entered.

Arelius questioned, I hope you two slept well last night!

Xander only glanced up remembering the non-sleep related activities that still left his muscles slightly fatiqued from last
nights romp.  But Saren gleefully exlaimed, We slept quite wonderfully, the guest quarters is quite comfortable.

Arelius only grinned at Xanders expression as he got the emotional signal of what Xander was thinking of, he didnt know the
exact thought, but he knew it was a memory of something pleasant and sexual in nature.  That was enough for him as he did not
need or want the details of his adopted daughters love life in his mind.

Xander noticed a red book off to Arelius side as he sat there waiting for their meal to arrive as it cooked out on the
balcony.  Xander stared for a moment drawing the curious gaze of Arelius.

Arelius questioned, Does this book interest you Xander?

Xander thought for a moment and answered, I seem to recognize it from somewhere, it looks familiar to me.  No its Venterus
memory, he knows of this book.  Twin Souls as i recall.  He read parts of it some time before his battle with Xanatos.  But
he lent it to the Sorcerer who ended up saving him about a year before that.  Hey, i would bet thats how the Sorcerer was
able to do what he did!

Arelius contained the fact he was amazed Xander had answered his major questions in-advertently without even having been
asked to do so.

Xander continued, Venterus learned of the Sorcerers attempts to master the power to save the dying and to resurrect those
who had passed on, and came to the archives to research it himself in the sorcerers stead.  He thought the book to be fitting
and took it in hopes it would assist his friend.  The sorcerer copied much information from it and then returned it to
Venterus who placed it back into the archives on his very last visit back here.

Arelius questioned, Did this sorcerer have a name?

Xander replied, Well, im sure he did, but even Venterus didnt know of it.  It had to do with protecting himself from other
sorcerers who were evil, without knowing his name it made him difficult to track and to target with spells, he was a friend
to many of the people of the area but none of us knew his real name, we just called him sorcerer, or old friend.

A young servant dragon entered from the balcony with a large platter of fish and sat it on the table before them, and exclaimed,
Enjoy, as he re-entered the balcony to eat what he had prepared for himself.  The three dug in each grabbing a warm whole fish
and Arelius was first to begin nearly eating most of the fish in his first bite as if he had starved.  Saren giggled at him as
she and Xander continued their new tradition of feeding each other.  There were six fish, two for each of them, and by the time
Xander and Saren were ready for their seconds Arelius was swalling the last of his seconds.  Arelius sat patiently, his hunger
finally sated for the moment.

Xander and Saren finally finished their breakfast and kissed for a moment before Saren and Arelius stood to go and have their
talks for the day without him.  Xander decided to explore the castle some and attempt to find some method of wasting time
untill his love would return to him.

Xander explored the castles many rooms, including a small museum area housing a set of Iron Armor with gold plating, and a
very large ircon broad sword with a golden streak running down the blades length, the enscription read, This armor and weapon
were wielded by the elder theraxus in the defense of his own people durring the Dakaran Battle.  Theraxus became a hero for
choosing to stay with the Darix Guard and fight for the freedom of Darix, never stopping even after being wounded and loosing
all use of his left arm.  Theraxus survived the great battle and had slayn the Dakaran Guard Commander durring the battle,
His sacrifice and his courage will live on in all the people of Darix Forever!  Many years later as Theraxus life was coming
to a close, he donated his armor and sword to the Elders of Darix saying, My armor be forever the property of any elder who
is willing to take up the fight against any and all adversaries in defense of our great land!  Theraxus died three-hundred
and twenty-six years after the Dakaran Battle, living a full life, and leaving behind two sons.  Xander finished reading
the enscription and realized he had been wandering for hours.  He relented to go back to the large balcony since lunch was
approaching, he hoped to see Saren and Arelius show up.

Meanwhile Saren and Arelius were just casually walking now in the forest around Darix, They were straying outside the Darix
boundaries and into open forest now unaware of their own location, but since they could just fly up and find a landmark on
the horizon they werent worried in the least.  Saren and Arelius entered a clearing as they bantered on about where to hold
Her and Xanders Mating ceremony, who to invite, whether they should consider following any of Xanders human customs for a
wedding.  Saren kept walking and rambling for a moment not noticing Arelius had frozen and now stood behind her staring into
his own chest in confusion.

Saren noticed he had stopped and queried, whats the matter?

Arelius openned his mouth to speak with a look of pain on his face, but he couldnt make the words come out as he began
reaching for his back is despiration trying to grab something.

Saren approached him, but shock hit her all at once as he turned to the left and she saw a two foot long wooden arrow stuck
deeply into his back just below his right wing support, it had punctured through his lung and left him to short of breath
to speak as he desperately grabbed onto Saren trying to tell her to fly away and escape.  Saren lowered Arelius to the ground
in a crawling position as to not further agrivate the arrow in his back.  As she stood she heard the crack of a branch behind
her, she knew it was the one who had shot Arelius.  Saren stood still for a second as if she had not heard, but then bolted
around and towards a Dark Black Dragon with his bow drawn on her.  The first arrow she dodged to the right of as she ran while
flapping her wings to speed her run.  But this dragon was fast, he had redrawn another arrow, and this time Saren fell and
tumbled as the arrow peirced her chest just left of her heart and grazed her left lung before the sharp tip exitted her back
cutting through the control muscles of her left wing and stopping as the arrow was empaled completely through her with its
tip extending nearly six inches out of her back.

Saren rolled over onto her back, snapping off the arrows head flush with her wing support, she lay coughing up blood as the
black stranger walked upon her smiling down at her.  Well its too bad i had to shoot you down, you would have been a fun one
to play with little lady!  But you are just to fiesty to trust,  I prefer my slaves to be afraid and obedient, and you are
quite the opposite i expect!  Its just a crying shame, you dont even have anything of value for me.  Enjoy your last few
moments of life my little darling.  The stranger headed for Arelius who was attempting to crawl to where Saren had fallen.

Saren turned her head and watched as the stranger kicked Arelius over onto his back breaking off the arrow while pushing it
deep enough to push out through the right side of his chest as he bellowed in pain.  Arelius had a belt of pouches at his
waist containing various trinkets, some small scraps of food for snacks, and a few silver pieces.  The stranger ripped the
belt free and began rifling through it carefully, no longer paying attention to the two dying victoms.

Back at the castle Xander awaited as the servant began preparing lunch for him and the elders,  A few minutes before it was
ready Xander was suddenly overshadowed by a figure overhead, a very large dark colored dragon was coming in to land.  As it
got closer he could tell it was a female, but even larger than he was to a great extent.  She had all black scales, red
penetrative eyes, but a very calm demeanor.  She landed at the edge of the balcony and approached Xander as she towered over
him by nearly four feet.  She stopped just short of him and spoke, You must be Xander, I heard of your arrival and how
special you were and decided i would like to meet you!

Venterus memory filled in Xander instantly and he replied, I guess you must be Brynja, I seem remember you exactly as you
are today, it must be true that you dont seem to age at all!

Brynja replied, No, as far as i can tell, i dont age at all.  Now about you, I hear you have inside you the soul of Venterus
the dragon who defeated Xanatos, and i am wondering if that is true?

Xander cut in, Can we talk this over while we eat lunch?

Brynja nodded, and Xander went and grabbed two fish for himself while Brynja, who was apparently expected, grabbed five, and
proceeded to throw the first one into her mouth whole.

Xander finished his first fish as he began to speak, Arelius confirmed yesterday, that indeed i have become one with
Venterus Soul.  It all seemed like an accident at the time, but now i am really starting to wonder if i was indeed meant to
find Venterus Soul on earth and bond with it as i have.  Thinking back i am glad things have happened the way they have, and
now with my engagement to Saren, I am happier than ever in my life!

Brynja Smiled and spoke, I know what you mean, many many years ago i had a mate, we were so much in love, his name was
Bronislav (Bron-eh-slav),  He was everything to me!  Tell me something Xander?  In being bonded with Venterus Soul, are you
able to talk to him, hold conversation with him, in your head, and share control of your body?

Xander thought for a moment, Well, it started out that way, we were seperate souls, and we could both take turns controlling
my body, and yes, we talked quite a bit before we merged.

Brynja questioned, What do you mean before you merged?

Xander added, When you contain two souls, you have access to some of the power of both but not all of it.  And the souls can
share control, talk to each other mentally, share information mentally, and such.  But merging is where both souls agree and
combine into one soul with twice the power of the first.  Both minds become one, personalities combine, memories combine.

Afterwards you no longer talk as seperate minds, your thoughts are one, I instantly know Venterus views on anything i am
thinking about, his memories are an open book to me.  And we have combined power!  The only small problem is that sometimes
i have a hard time remembering which memories belong to whom.

Brynja had long since finished her fish and was now listening and thinking as she spoke, So i guess that means i do have
twin souls after all, but my other soul is that of my mate from long ago, we are still seperate minds, and we talk all the
time, even now he is curious about you Xander, He never thought we would find an explanation of our condition.

Xander added, Arelius has a whole book describing how it works, how it happens, and all kinds of usefull information, its
called twin souls!  Maybe he will show you after he gets back.

Brynja was interested indeed, and she commented, I guess i will wait here for him then.

Xander was about to take a bite from his last fish as a blast of pain cut through his heart dropping him to his knees as he
felt Sarens pain. Xander thought for a moment, and then the pain hit again as he grasped his chest while the elders rushed
to his aid and brynja became deeply worried.  Xanders mind suddenly pictured the scene as it unfolded, like a movie being
replayed before his eyes.  Saren was hit with an arrow as she charged down on an unknown adversary, and she went down hard.

He saw her looking to Arelius as he lay bleeding on his back.  Xander jumped to his feet wings flapping, bursting into the
air like a missile as he screamed out in Terror, Saren is Dying, NO MY LOVE NO!!!  Half the surrounding elders were knocked
off their feet by the air blast as Xanders wings ripped the air from the sky.

Brynja remembered a simular event from her past as she had sensed her own mates pain as he lay dying, before she took his soul
into herself.  Brynja Thundered off the balcony and into the air pursuing Xander to lend her assistance if possible.

Xanders heart was on fire as it guided him straight to Saren, and with his power he traversed the distance in less than a
few minutes, leaving Brynja in the dust behind him as she tried her best to keep up.  Xanders eyes were Blood Red and glowing
as if a fire burned within them as he came upon the black dragon standing over Arelius.  He first landed nearly on top of
Saren as she looked into his eyes, She was fading fast, a pool of red blood lay beneith her.  She coughed slightly as she
spoke in a ragged voice, I love you Xander!

Xander covered her mouth and spoke, You will be just fine my love, hold on, please hold on!  He suddenly herd a grumbling
laugh behind him and he stood from Saren with his back to the foe as his rage began to overwhelm him.  His body changing
from its normal bring red, to a darkening deep blood red as the natural gloss of his scales faded into darkness.  His eyes
remained a brightly luminescent red as he turned to face the villain.  He Roared one word, WHY?

The black dragon had no knowledge of the wrath that was about to befall him as he chuckled and replied, because i can and
because they wandered off alone into my woods, and because we expected them to be carrying food and valuables we could
put to better use than they would!  I am Grenchu (Gren-Chew), And now you are going to join them you red freak!

Xander Bolted for Grenchu, but the black dragon was fast as he drew an arrow and let fly, Xander didnt even stop as it
entered his chest, he simply ripped it out with one hand as he ran for the now slowly retreating Grenchu as he nervously
fumbled to fire another arrow, this time into Xanders right arm.  Xander simply ripped it out again, and then he found his
target as he took Grenchu two feet off the ground holding him by the neck in his left hand with his claws dug into the dragons
neck as he feebly scrambled to break free.  Grenchu watched as Xanders wounds sealed up and vanished below him.

Xander had gone over the edge, the sight of Saren mortally wounded numbing his contience, Tears poured from Xander as he
growled, If you truly have killed her, you have also killed my two unborn children, leaving me nothing to live for!

Xander lowered the black dragon to the ground with his left arm, but before he could even take a step, Xander, with claws
flaring plunged his right hand into Grenchus chest, breaking the bones with ease, and pulled the beating bloody heart from
his chest crushing it in his hand.  Grenchu just stood there momentarily, staring at his heart in disbelief before he fell
backwards and was dead before he hit the ground.  Xander rushed to Arelius who was still breathing very shallowly, and ran
carrying him over to Saren laying him next to her.  Saren was still alive, but uncontious now, he could only barely make
out her chest movements as she respirated with what little lung capacity and blood she had left.

Xander suddenly heard many footsteps from all around him in the forest, he stood once more as figures began to take shape
around him, there were maybe twenty dragons, wielding various weapons, and they were angry.  One of them shouted, you killed
our brother Grenchu, now you will die slowly!

Xander flared his wings and roared fire into the sky as they charged for his position, but just as suddenly they froze looking
into the sky as giant thunderbolts began to spiral towards them.  The dragons began to flee but as several were hit by the
white lightening bolts, they were vaporized instantly.  Xander turned and looked into the sky himself and beheld the sight
of a Goldish Yellow Dragon landing twenty paces from him.  The dragon approached Xander and spoke, I am Galkairan, I am an
elder from Dakara.  I saw your situation and thought i might be able to help.  Galkairan looked upon Saren and Arelius as
he knelt before them and placed his palms on their chests.

After a moment he exclaimed, The male has some time left, but the female is nearly lost!  I can save one of them but not
both!  Xander snapped out of his trance suddenly, and exclaimed, you can save one of them, How?

I have an abundance of extra energy, it should be enough to cause the injuries to heal before they succomb to death, but
i can only use it once and then that energy is stuck with them forever, i cannot use it to heal the other!

Xander spoke quickly, I am a dragon of twin souls, i too have lots of extra energy, is there any way i can save one of them?

Galkairan quickly placed his hand on Xanders chest and sensed into his essence as he replied, probably not, Wait!  It may be
possible after all!  You dont have two souls, you have three!

Xander stammered, What do you mean Three souls?

Galkairan Shouted, No time for talk, she is dying, she must be first!

Xander commanded, She is my mate, Tell me what to do, I will do it!

Galkairan Yanked Xander to his knees and pulled him over to straddle Sarens stomache as she lay below him uncontious and
he commanded, Wound your right hand and draw blood from your palm!

Without question Xander sliced his right palm open with his left claw and spread the wound open wide as blood began to run
freely from it, and he looked quickly back to Galkairan.  Now quickly, pull the arrow from her chest, and with an open palm
smash your wound against her chest wound and close your eyes!

Xander pulled the arrow from Saren drawing only a slight stirr from her body as the re-openned veins began to spew out her
own blood again and Xander smashed his palm into it mixing his blood with hers as he closed his eyes.

Galkairan continued, Now you have three souls, but two of them are merged, and cannot be used for this, in your mind, seek
out the third soul of pure energy, A thunder element resides within it just like the one that resides within you!

Find the soul with no mind, the one that does not belong to you or the soul you merged with!

Xander concentrated, he began to sense his own souls presence, and then Venterus within it, but he pressed on, and after
a moment, he found it and exclaimed, Its Tsukai!  I have it!

Galkairan continued quickly, Now this is the hard part, you must use the power of both of your merged souls to force the
third out of your body, it will only be able to move within blood and direct contact of your body or it will fade!

Xander focused his power and released Venterus Power as well as he willed himself as hard as he could, to force Tsukais
energy into Sarens nearly lifeless body.  He was almost ready to surrender in failure, but suddenly Xander felt a familiar
sensation as the wound on his palm began to burn like fire just as his chest wounds had when Venterus joined with him!

He snapped his eyes open without loosing concentration and witnessed the white myst once again, but this time clouding
around his hand and moving into Sarens wounds!  Xander spoke softly, Its working isnt it?

Galkairan stammered, I would never have guessed you could have been able to do it so effortlessly.  Indeed it is working!
I can sense her essence growing more powerfull already!

The white myst faded from sight and the Burning ceased in Xanders palm as he withdrew his hand, he realized the wound in
Sarens chest was gone as was any trace of the wound in his hand except for dried blood.

Sarens eyes began to wiggle and cracked open slightly as Xander still straddled her.

Xander leaned forward and kissed her gently on her nose as he spoke softly, Dont ever scare me like that again, I will
die without you!

A sudden gust of wind passed over them as Xander realized Brynja had arrived and landed, Xander knew they were safe now
with her standing guard, and he suddenly felt faint as he looked into Sarens loving eyes, but before either of them could
speak to each other, Xanders world went dark and he collapsed uncontious to his right side with a thud.

Saren sprang to his side now, and began trying to wake him up to no effect.  She frantically scanned over his body for
wounds or any explanation of his collapse, but Galkairan grasped her shoulder and explained, Its allright my dear, he is
just fine, but extremely exhausted.  I expect he will not wake for quite some time.  Now i need your help since he is out,
This dragon here was not wounded quite as badly as you were, but he is near death as well, we had to save you first.

Galkairan continued, Xander expended all his energy saving you, now i must do the same for this one, afterward i too will
fall uncontious, you three must protect us untill we awake, it will be several hours at least!

Saren took Galkairans side as he straddled Arelius now motionless body and sliced his own hand open, He grabbed the arrows
head from the front and pulled it the rest of the way through Arelius chest and sat it asside as he pressed his wound into
Arelius chest wound.  He began to focus his own energy, Using his thunder element powers, and the power from Jagearans soul
he pushed Mordeus mindless soul and energy slowly into Arelius, and the white myst appeared and painfully seared its way from
Galkairans wound into Arelius wound.

After a few moments, Galkairan leaned to the side, eyes half closed, and spoke, it has worked, He will survive!

Galkairan fell to his back uncontious and Brynja caught his head and gently sat it to the ground to prevent injury.

Arelius began to come too, and sat up from the ground.  He looked about, Saren was covered in blood, and so was he!
He spoke, Are we dead?  The last thing i remember is an arrow in my back and passing out.

Saren spoke, We are not dead, Xander healed me, and This stranger healed you!  Saren suddenly remembered the life growing in
her womb and stammered suddenly to Arelius, What if our children were injured?

Arelius reached over to Saren and placed his hand on her belly while he used his psychic element to sence the esence of the
two little ones, and after a moment he smiled and exclaimed, They are fine dear, they seem untouched and unscathed.

Saren instictually turned around and cuddled into Xanders un-responsive body, she embraced him as he lay face down with his
head turned sideways facing away from her, she gently turned his head to face her, and whispered in his ear, I will never
leave your side again my love!  Saren clung to Xander for dear life as she waited for him to awaken, he was now hers to
protect, and noone was coming near him!

Brynja stood guard with Arelius as the day began to fade into night.  

This chapter is making a tradition of getting away on me, Stay tuned for Revelations Part 3, The final section of Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Revelations Part Three of Three
As daylight faded into a calming pink and purple sunset Brynja used her great strength to beat the base of a small tree with
her fist untill it finally cracked and fell to the ground before her.  She again pounded on the trunk at its half way point
and broke the tree in half.   Finally she pulled the log free of the top half of the tree and a safe distance from all other
shrubery and trees and spewed fourth a stream of liquid fire onto the log creating a five foot wall of campfire flames.

Saren was now quietly sleeping snuggled up to Xanders form as he lay still uncontious recovering from the life saving transfer
he had giver her.  Arelius was sitting on the ground a short distance from the fire as he watched Saren and Xander sleep.
He cupped his hands over his eyes and teared as he spoke quietly to himself, How could i be so foolish!  I almost cost us all
our lives because i lost track of distance and walked us so deep into unsettled lands.  If it wasnt for dumb luck, i would be
dead, Saren would be dead, and Xanders Children would be dead leaving him alone in this world.  After what hes been through as
a human, he does not deserve to live in such pain again.

Brynja sat next to Arelius and placed her hand to his shoulder to calm him and spoke, It was not luck that we found you!  We
were talking while we ate on the castle balcony, and all the sudden Xander seemed to be sensing Sarens pain himself,  He went
down as it hit him.  He shouted Saren is dying and burst into the air with such force that the downdraft knocked down bystanders
on the balcony.  And he flew so fast I could not even keep pace, Its the first time i have ever been outrun in flight,  he could
sense where you were also, he didnt go looking for you two, He flew a straight line directly here from the balcony!

Arelius looked up to Brynja and questioned, is that why you got here after the fight was over?

Brynja responded, only partially, When Xander flew over a group of four dragons that were apparently on lookout for the ones
attacking he was travelling so fast he never noticed them taking flight and trying to catch him, and they were so absorbed in
trying to catch him they didnt notice me untill i had nearly overtaken their position.  They attacked me and tried to prevent
me from helping Xander, and while they delayed me greatly, they all died under my claws.  If the guards find four crushed and
dismembered dragons remains in the forest, do not worry, they were my attackers, and they deserved it and more!

Arelius turned to face Brynja, it was the first time he had seen her kind side, and from so close up too.  She figeted slightly
as his gaze fixed on her and she spoke, Is something the matter?

Arelius just sighed and replied, No, its just the first time i have seen you from so close up, and the first time i have see you
so gentle and kind.  Most of the time you appear to be rough and somewhat reclusive, Even now you are quite possibly the most
fearsome dragon i think i have ever seen, But now seeing how kind and caring you can be i cant help but feel comfortable around
you, and well, dare i say it, I think i may be attracted to you!  Arelius lowered his gaze towards the ground as the last few
words left his mouth.

Brynja thought about his statements for a moment, and as she contemplated it, Bronislav spoke up in her head, you have my blessing
my love!  It has been so many years since my death and joining with you, you deserve more, and if he is willing and capable of truly
giving you the love you need, i will happily give you my blessing.  While technically we are still togeather at least in mind,  I
cannot give you the love that can be found in a living mates company, For me that time has passed, and i am quite content to spend
all eternity with you, even if its as nothing more than a voice in your head!  If you think you have feelings for him, or if you know
you do, tell him so, otherwise it is unfair to both of you!  I am happy to share your love with another as long as it makes YOU

Brynja pondered her old mates thoughts, and she found she had feelings for Arelius, but she was unsure of just how serious they
were.  She slowly reached over to Arelius who was now staring at the ground, and with her claw, lifted his chin untill his gaze
met hers.  She spoke softly to him, I think i suddenly find myself attracted to you as well!  she smiled at him as she ended her
sentence and carefully pulled him to sit next to her under her arm and Arelius let his head lay against her shoulder as they
just calmly enjoyed each others company while still keeping watch over the others.  After a time Arelius finally found sleep, and
Brynja let him slide down untill he lay next to her with his head on her leg,  she placed her hand on his shoulder and stroked it
as he slept.  For the first time in years, she had a living being to take comfort with, and she felt a sudden feeling of happiness
come from Bronislav as he realized her happiness in the moment.  As the night passed its half way point, Brynja found herself getting
very sleepy and difficult to remain awake, Bronislov realized her condition, and spoke to her, Love, Let me keep watch while you
rest!  You need some down time or you are going to pass out flat.  Brynja said nothing in return but released control of her body
to her second soul and former mate as she slipped off into her subcontious and slumbered in peace.

Bronislov looked around the camp site taking note of Xander and Saren, Xander had apparently recovered some, he still slept, but
had rolled over onto his back, and Saren now lay on her side snuggled in under his right arm sleeping with a slight smile as her
head lain on his chest and shoulder.  He recalled the times Brynja and himself had shared such passion and love, but sadly it
was cut short.  He has always regretted leaving brynja so alone, even being within her wasnt enough, he had so hoped to give
her the children she so desperately wanted but low firtility ran in his bloodline and after two years they were still unable to
concieve.  It had always pained him that he was unable to give her the family they both hoped for.  Had he survived longer there
would have at least been a chance.  As his memory progressed a few tears slipped from his eyes before he calmed himself knowing
that if he were to illicit much more emotional response he would disturb brynjas slumber.

Morning finally came, Bronislov was still awake and on guard as the sun crested over the trees and crept upon the sleeping
dragons.  Xander was first to stirr as the warm rays trickled over his red scales, his eyes parted slightly and he smiled
seeing Saren under his arm in her favorite cuddling spot.  Arelius and Galkairan began to awake a few moments later.  Smiling
up at brynja, Arelius spoke softly, Goodmorning dear.

Bronislov couldnt resist his temptation and replied, Uh dear?  My name is Bronislov,  Who are you calling dear?  Arelius was
dumbfounded as his still drowzy mind tried to accertain exactly what that might have meant, but all he could manage was a
strange look and a confused, Huh?  What?  Um?

Bronislov relented, Im just playing with you, But my name is Bronislov, Brynja just calls me Bron, I am her second soul, and
former mate!

The statements managed to shock Arelius mind fully awake and back to reality as he realized the meaning, Brynja was of Twin
Souls as well.  Arelius questioned, I never new brynja had ever taken a mate, how long ago was it?

Bronislov replied, Well to the best of my recollection it was somewhere between twenty-two hundred, and twenty-seven hundred
years ago.  I only know an approximation because neither me nor brynja remember our exact ages after this long.  Brynja is
round about forty-five hundred years old, we were togeather some over two years before i died and became a part of her.  It
seems like a short time to know someone when they have such longevity, but in those two years we felt more love and happiness
than i can describe.  Last night when you spoke to her about your feelings, i told her she deserved to find love again.  And
i gave her my blessing to see if she could find it within you.  I dont come outside her mind and into control much, so just
know that i wish you the best of luck with her, and while she is in control i can still see, and hear, so you better not
hurt her either!

Arelius only nodded with seriousness in his eyes hearing Bronislovs final statement and threat.

Brynjas upper body fell limp and her eyes closed for a moment, and then Brynja re-assumed control of her body from Bronislov
as she woke from her subcontious sleep and spoke, Goodmorning Arelius, did you sleep well?

Arelius spoke, Yes i did, quite better than i have in some time actually.  And i just had a talk with Bronislov about our
future, heh and what happens to me if i break your heart!  Arelius was chuckling but a sliver of his seriousness knew that
the threat was real.

Brynja replied, Oh dont worry about him, he cant hurt anything, and besides, if you break my heart he will have to get in
line behind me, brynja giggled at her own pun as Arelius half-heartedly chuckled again.

Arelius continued, Well my dear, if at any time i do or say anthing to upset you, tell me so, and know that i would never
intentionally do so.  I am committed to seeing if there is a future for the two of us, and i can only hope you are two!

Brynja nuzzled her nose to Arelius jaw and neck and replied, I was hoping you would say that, i would like that alot.  But
there is also one more thing i would like.  Xander told me yesterday you had a book about twin souls, and i was hoping you
would go over it with me, so we can learn more about ourselves and how this all works.

Arelius caught himself confused again as he replied, what do you mean ourselves?  I only have my own soul, it has always been
that way for me!

Galkairan had awoken a few moments before and was still laying eyes closed as he added to the conversation, Thats not entirely
accurate Arelius!  As of last night, you are now one of us, Everyone here is a dragon of twin souls, now including Saren and
yourself!  It was the only way left to save your lives!

Arelius was now sitting on the ground and holding his head at the news and momentarily spoke,  I dont hear anyone else in my
head?  Are you sure about this?

Galkairan sat up and looked at Arelius directly and replied, I am as sure of it as i am of whos soul i gave you!  But dont
take my word for it, use your psychic element and look into yourself, you will find a second soul bearing the element of
thunder, and a second life force within you.

Arelius looked within himself, and the truth was stunning as he sensed a foreign essence within his body intermingling with
his own and he questioned, Who is it, and why cant i see their memories, or hear any thought from them?

Galkairan replied, Thats because the soul i gave you has no mind within it, it came to me when a dragon of the thunder element
tried to absorb my soul and didnt know i was also a thunder elemental.  His attempt backfired!

Arelius eyes glazed as he recalled from the book and spoke aloud, You mean a Reversed Essence Transfer Counteraction!

Galkairan exclaimed, how could you possibly know about that?  I have explained it to no-one and only written of it once in a
book long lost and forgotten by now.

Arelius replied, You wrote a book about this too?  I have one back at my castle which describes the battle of Dakara and the
dragon Kentaurus becomming the first to gain Twin Souls by means of the Fellowship method.  It is called Twin Souls!

Galkairan was at a loss for words as he just stared at Arelius being stunned that Arelius had found his book and read it.
After a moment he replied, That book you speak of is my book!  Arelius, allow me to re-introduce myself, My real name is
Kentaurus Jagearan, but I am the second known person to achieve Twin Souls, not the first, after writing that book i
discovered later than once before a dragon had achieved Twin Souls, but details were two sketchy to track down and confirm.

Arelius questioned, So why do you conceal your real identity?

Kentaurus replied, After living for so long and seeing so many friends made and then watching them pass on while i continue
to live forever wore on my mind, it made Darix a place of pain for me if you can understand that, I watched Theraxus pass
without fear, he knew he had completed hs duty and then some, and was proud for it.  Then i watched his mate go shortly
there after as she didnt seem to want to go on without him.  I became good friends with his children as they matured and
created lives for themselves, they lived peacefully, and had plenty of children themselves.  And then i found myself watching
them grow old as well, and finally passing within days of each other.  Prior to that i had watched my own sister who had six
childen pass on as i held her hand.  I helped her children start their lives in her stead, and then yet again i was watching
them grow old while their children began again.  I know its the natural cycle of life, but it was so depressing to me that I
just had to escape it.

I changed my name and moved to Dakara, and I once again found a council being dominated by a greedy and unfit individual, tho
not evil like mordeus was, he was clearly worried more about his wealth and power than the needs and hopes of his people.  I
decided to put an end to his misguided ways and within two years i had taken his place on the council after exposing him as
a fraud and liar.  I did not want to sour the minds of the Dakarans by having my name remind them of the dragon who had slain
so many of their guards who were just following orders from a psychopath.  So before i ran for election to the Dakaran Council
of Elders, i re-invented myself as Galkairan, a former Guardsmen from the far off Colony of Sabrenth.  Far enough off that
no-one would be able to verify my story, but still a land known of as peacefull and just.  But enough of that story.

How is it you found my book, i thought it lost forever long ago,  I had placed it in the Darix Archives and it dissappeared
and i was never able to find it again.

Arelius replied, Well, i cant tell you where it was found, but i think i may know how it was found as least possibly.  Just
over twenty-four hundred years ago, A dragon names Venterus found your book in the Darix archives somewhere and borrowed it
to help a human friend on Earth who happened to be a sorcerer and Thunder elemental himself.  This sorcerer was actually
looking for a method to save dying people and also resurrect their souls.  Venterus skimmed the book and thought it may
yield some form of help to his friend, and took it to earth for a while before returning it to the archives on his last
visit back to Darix from earth.

Kentaurus replied, Does this Venterus still exist?  Is he alive?

Arelius answered, Well, Yes and no!  Venterus died in battle on earth shortly after returning the last time, A dragon known
as Xanatos was attempting to rule the entire planet and slaughter or enslave the humans living there.  Venterus was a friend
to the humans and helped them as he could.  Xanatos found me on earth and forced me to either leave or die, I was no match
for Xanatos power at the time and had no choice but to flee back here leaving Venterus all alone, He was the last dragon on
earth besides Xanatos.  After some time Xanatos heard about Venterus remaining on earth and sought him out to destroy him
because Venterus was the only one who had a chance in stopping him from taking over the world for himself.

Xanatos mortally wounded Venterus, but Venterus managed to kill Xanatos in return as he gloated off his guard, Venterus made
it as far as his sorcerer friends temple as we was slowly dying.  And after failing to heal Venterus wounds with his own
energy he figured out to do an Essence Transfer, but instead of pulling Venterus soul into himself, he encased Venterus
within a vessel object, where he would remain for over twenty-four hundred years, untill a matter of a week or two ago when
a human named Xander found the vessel, and durring a battle over it and being wounded fell on top of it crushing it to his
chest breaking it open, and also wounding his chest allowing Venterus to enter his body.

Kentaurus added, So where is this human known as Xander?

Xander was now awake and listening to them talk, and before arelius could speak, Xander spoke aloud, I'm right here!  And
im not exactly human anymore!

Kentaurus gaze suddenly fell onto the Red Dragon who he had helped save his mate the night before,  and he exclaimed,
Amazing!  Mordeus had discovered in his experiments with the souls of other species, mostly common animals, that bodys could
shift and transform in various ways when souls were combined differently, but this is just, well,  I cant even put a word on

Xander replied, Yeah, i kinda know the feeling!  Not long ago i was a human warrior, one of the best and strongest, i had
seen enough death and destruction in my life and i left it all behind on a soul searching trip, not for actual souls mind
you, but a journey to rediscover and re-invent myself, simular to what you did when you went to Dakara.  But durring that
fatefull journey, i fell into company with a girl who had found a dragons tomb, she was looking for company and a friend,
and i had no commitments elsewhere so i joined her.  Two nights later at the tomb we were attacked and durring the battle
i was wounded while running with Venterus Vessel, and crushed it into myself, the next night a sorcerer befell us and we
merged to combine our power and defeat him.  That was Tsukai, my third soul which i gave to Saren.  I decided since my
life as a human was a dead end and going nowhere, that i would rather be a dragon, and when we merged, I transformed into
this beautiful creature i am today.  Arelius senced Venterus souls presence when we merged, and sent Saren here to go
retrieve Venterus who had been Arelius best friend, Instead she found me, we fell in love, and we returned togeather.

Arelius just smiled at Kentaurus as Xander quickly detailed the details for him.  But then added, now we got off subject
there, you never told me whos soul i now carry?

Kentaurus grew serious now and he replied, You now carry Mordeus Essence and Power!  But dont worry, as i said, his mind
died with his body, at most you may find one or two of his memories but thats it.  You now carry Mordeus Essence, and his
Elemental Thunder powers making you capable of Psychic abilities, and Thunder abilities should you master them.

Xander was now currious himself and replied, What element am I, and what was Venterus?

Arelius recalled for a moment before repling, Venterus was unknown to me, But i do know from what happenned to Tsukai that
one of you is a Thunder Elemental, thats no doubt, but the other i will have to see if you come here.

Xander raised from Sarens embrace as she listened to the conversation, and stood before Arelius.

Arelius Continued, Due to my psychic sensing abilities i can detect the Elemental powers within others just by touching them
and thinking about it.  Arelius placed his hand over Xanders chest and closed his eyes as he focussed.  He spoke again
slowly, There is the Thunder Element, Thats you Xander, Your Soul is of Thunder, Arelius pushed deeper and into Venterus
essence and exclaimed, Well ill be damned!  Venterus was just like me, a Psychic Elemental.

Kentaurus smiled at the two and commented, Well thats very interesting, the two of you both wield the two most powerfull
Elemental powers combined.  Two Thunder Elementals, or Two Psychics are fierce enough, but two dragons that have both, now
there is a force i hope to never be on the wrong side of!

Brynja had been silently listening eagerly to the discussion but could hold back no longer as she blurted, Arelius, What
elements are I and Bron?

Arelius Smiled as he replied, But of course my dearest.  and approached her placing his hand on her chest just above her
breasts.  He tried to concentrate but was momentarily shocked and embarrased as Brynja moaned and commented, oohh, your hand
is very cold right there!

Saren and Xander giggled while Kentaurus just smiled and rolled his eyes as Arelius regained his composure and began sensing
into her essence.  After a second he spoke up, Brynja, your element is Nature.  and Bronislov, oh wow this is unexpected!
Bronislov is Water.

Kentaurus replied, I didnt think Water Elementals existed anymore?

Arelius added, Well i cant say if they exist in the living now days, but there is most definitely the soul of one right here.

Brynja questioned, So what can i do with those powers, i dont think i have ever used them?

Kentaurus replied, Well Nature gives you the ability to understand, commune with, and sometimes fully or partially control
animals for short periods of time.  You could sit here and see through the eyes of a wolf somewhere close by, or control
that wolf to go spy on someone, or have it go catch something tasty and bring it to you for dinner.  You can also sense their
emmotions if you master it.  Now water on the other hand is partially unknown, what we do know is that its extremely rare to
find within anyone, to the point that this is the first time i have meet anyone with it that i know about.  You gain the
ability to remain underwater for double or tripple the time of others, your wings will allow you to swim underwater at very
amazing speed, and if you can figure it out, i have heard you can also manipulate water to some extent, form vortexes, or
make water flow a certain way, and such with only concentration.

Arelius spoke up, Well, i think we should get back to the Castle, we need to clean up, get some lunch, and plan a mating
Ceremony for these two which is what got us out here in the first place.  Kentaurus you are most welcome to join us!

Kentaurus replied, Did i hear Castle?

Arelius replied, Oh yes, We have a Castle now!  Around five hundred or so years ago, an earthquake brought down the old stone
council building.  Our populous has grown, and so has our ammount of resources and guards, and servants, and such, so rather
than rebuild the small building, we used the nearby mountain and converted it into a Castle!  Myself and Brynja here actually
worked on it ourselves along with most of the people, pitching in wherever they could.

Kentaurus relented, Very well, i should like to see Darix again, after all it is my home.  But please while im there, maintain
my new identity as Galkairan, i still plan to return to Dakara, and possibly become the ambassador to Darix so i can visit
from time to time.

The group lifted off one by one headed for the Castle, Arelius took position next to Brynja, and Saren flew just below Xander
as they made a peacefull flight home with Kentaurus following.

This concludes Chapter 10!!! Finally
Stay tuned for Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Alliance!
The group arrived and landed on the Castle Balcony sometime later, and Arelius instantly took notice something was amiss, the
fireplace was not lit, not even warm, and it was just after dinner time.  Dinner had not been cooked here, and the area was silent
not a soul to be seen anywhere.

Arelius spoke aloud to everyone, I think we have a problem.  There should be at least a few elders up here right about now, and
dinner is always served here everyday for the Castle dwellers, that should not have been that long ago, yet the fireplace shows
no sign of use, and there is no-one about, they usually sit up here talking for hours after a meal.  Lets see if we can find
someone that may know whats going on, i have a bad feeling all the sudden!

Xander took the lead with Saren following as they held hands, Xander led the group into the Castle and the halls were empty.
They passed the guards quarters and noticed not a single dragon remained.  Xander exclaimed, Now im getting worried, everytime
i have passed that room there have always been guards in there, at least one, but its empty now!

The group took the stairs down to the Castles main Foyer and Entrance and again, no guards were on duty, the front doors were
ajar and unguarded.

Arelius jogged up to the doors and peered outside as he swung them open all the way,  Xander reached his side and the two
scanned the area with their enhanced vision as the sun light was fading.  There was no-one seemingly for miles that they could
discern, torches and campfires were lit in the residential areas, but where normally a crowd would be enjoying an evening,
now stood a complete ghost town.  Arelius relented, where could everyone be, they are just gone, no signs of distress, or battle
damage, no blood, no bodies, JUST NOTHING!

Xander was struck with an idea and he spoke, You wait here, i will fly as high as i can and see what i can see from up there,
If i notice something that looks like it could be our dragons or something strange i will return and explain.  Xander stole
a kiss from Sarens cheek and exclaimed I will be right back my love!  He ran ten steps away as to not hit them with the backdraft
like he had before, and once again burst into the air like a rocket, but as he did so, Saren shot up as well, and with her newly
gained power managed to part the group with her downdraft as she flew straight up.  This time she had the same energy as Xander
and was flying faster than she ever had as she matched his speed.  Xander slowed as he reached high altitude and began slowly
flying almost at a hover and scanning below.  Saren had overshot him as he slowed and now drifted down from above as he noticed
her and just smiled.

Saren exclaimed, That was amazing, i have never been able to fly that fast before!  And yet i feel so strong, im not even tired
after that!

Xander replied, Thats because your like me now love!  Before when i beat you i had three souls, and you only had your own!  But
now we are evenly matched, two and two!  You now have a power comparable to myself.  Why did you follow me up here?

Saren looked sternly, Because when you saved my life and then passed out because you gave me your all in doing so, I took an oath
after seeing how much pain you felt at the thought of loosing me, and the pain i felt for leaving you, Xander I never want to be
seperated from you, I want to be at your side forever,  The love you must feel for me, and that i feel for you is something that
truly amazes me!  I have never seen such devotion and loyalty in any of the couples i have seen here that you have shown me!
When i lay dying, your love was strong enough to bring you to my side from far away, and to endanger yourself without hesitation
to both slay my attacker, and in my dying breaths give me the gift of life even without knowing if there would be any
consequences to yourself.  Saren was calm, but her tears were running like a river as she hovered next to Xander.

Xander also could not contain the feelings her words had welled up within him and his heart burned for her.  Xander banked to
the side and behind Saren as he gently bumped into her from behind wrapping his arms around her mid body just above the stomache
but below her breasts as he hugged onto her collapsing her wings, he suspended her in place flying them both with only his wings
and he licked and kissed her neck and shoulder before laying his head upon her shoulder as he flew.  He began scanning the ground
again while he silently held Saren and she wiped her tears away.  She was suddenly swept with happiness as she just stayed
motionless while Xander flew while carrying her.  After a moment she began to scan the ground below as well.  They flew in a large
widening circle around the castle far below for nearly ten minutes, but as Xander was about to give up the search Saren saw
something out of the ordinary in the distance.

Saren spoke up in Xanders arms, Thats Strange!  I see lights in the distance towards Dakara, but there is nothing over there in
the area of them.  Unless its a group of dragons with torches or lanterns.

Xander responded, Is it something we should look at?

Saren replied, I think so, there is nothing out there, no-one lives that far out, and there arent many paths out there except for
the one that goes to Dakara, so its definatly strange to see so many lights out there, so far i count at least fifty of them
spread out on the path and in the surrounding woods.  We should inform Arelius, he may know whats going on or at least have an idea.

Xander replied, Ok then, time to go back down.  Xander simply closed his wings and began to fall like a rock still squeezing onto
Saren tightly and he re-assured her, dont worry i know what im doing!  The pair plummetted towards the castle and Xander finally
extended his wings just slightly and tipped himself from upright into a nose dive and then extended his wings fully as they were
headed for the ground now head first.  Saren was just beginning to make out the group below them as Xanders powerfull wings banked
back and he leveled off powerfully and began flying forwards at tremendous speed, as he passed over the group he banked hard left
and into a upwards helix manouver to break his speed, as he began to stall in the air he flapped and entered a hover before coming
to rest twenty yards away from Arelius, Kentaurus, and Brynja.

Xander released Saren and moved her to under his right arm as they approached the group again.  And he spoke, Saren saw some lights
in the direction of Dakara on the horizon, she thinks they are not supposed to be there and are out of the ordinary.

Saren continued, They look to be on and in the surrounding area of the Dakaran Pass on the horizon, maybe fifteen or twenty
minutes away, at least at mine and Xanders speeds that is!  Do any of you know what might be going on over there?

Arelius responded, To be honest i havent a clue!  Right now i am completely baffled.  But lets go check our your lights, at the least
we might find someone who knows at least something.

Brynja and Kentaurus agreed, and the group once again lept into the air and began following Xander and Saren who once again flew
just below Xander keeping pace with him easily now.

The lights were becoming brighter on the horizon and giant bond fires began to appear as they approached.  Xander and Saren were
closing the final distance as Saren exclaimed, there i know him, Nagoro with the silver helmet and shoulder shields, he is the
commander of the guard.  It looks like everyone is here!  The groups gaze fell upon the torchlit area spanning several football
fields worth of space, and the dragons below looked up on them as they flew in and landed a short distance from Nagoro.

The dragon jogged quickly up to the group as he shouted something to his second in command behind him.  He seemed genuinely worried
as he approached.  Finally coming to a stop before Arelius and the others he spoke, My lord Arelius, we have been searching for you
and the others most of the day, normally we would not have worried much at your absence, but the circumstances implored us to fear
the worst may have happenned to you!

Arelius replied, What do you mean, what circumstances?

Nagoro continued, The other elders told me of the incident on the balcony when Xander sensed Saren was dying and fled with Brynja
so fast none could follow.  Then before we could figure out where they had gone and what had happenned ten Dakaran guards showed
up in great haste and told us that one of their elders had gone missing while flying over our lands and demanded to know if we
had done anything or knew anything about it!  We knew you were with Saren, and if Xander knew she was in trouble you must also
have been in danger!  Forty more Dakaran guards showed up and we explained to their commander that the four of you had also
vanished and of Xander and Brynjas sudden departure, they didnt fully trust us but they agreed to combine with us and begin
a search for you all!

Earlier today we found the mutilated remains of several dragons some distance from here,  thats when we knew there was indeed
trouble and send for all those able to drop everything, arm up, and join the search.

Just then a small dragon landed just to Nagoros side without warning and announced, Sir we have discovered another body!  It is a
large male dragon, midnight black with yellow eyes, it has had its heart ripped from its chest completely towards the center of
a clearing.  We also found two pools of blood and several blood trails nearby, it looks like some kind of fight went down.  The
two pools of blood look unsurvivable, but there are no bodies except the black male dragon.

Nagoro was about to shout as Xander cut him off, That was our doing!

Nagoro looked to Xander, what do you mean that was your doing?

Xander continued, Thats where Saren and Arelius were attacked, and then myself as i came to their rescue.  The black dragon was
an archer, and he snuck up on Arelius and hit him in the back with an Arrow.  Saren saw the black dragon and tried to attack him
but she was hit in the chest with another arrow before she got close.  I arrived while the two were slowly dying, and the black
dragon was rummaging through Arelius belongings for anything to steal.  He shot me twice also but my powers healed me before he
had a chance to fire a third.  I thought for sure Saren was going to die, and in anger i overpowered him and ripped out his heart
with my bare hands.

Nagoro was shocked, How could you even do something like that, how strong are you!

Xander replied, I am as strong as Brynja with Venterus soul within me!

Nagoro commented, Oh yes, i recall hearing about you now, but it was speculation i heard.

Arelius Added, No more speculation to it, it is a fact!  I have seen it with my own eyes.

Nagoro sneered, Well ok, but i will believe it when i see proof!

Xander stepped forward from Sarens embrace and removed a lantern from its stand and held it near his hands before Nagoro and
exclaimed, Here, believe this!

Nagoro was wide eyed as he noticed Xanders hands were covered to the elbows in red blood on top of his slightly different shaded
red skin,  Xander held the torch down to his feet revealing the tops of his clawed feet were bloodstained as well from the blood
pouring from Grenchus heart and chest before he fell backwards to the ground.  Xanders body was covered in blood randomly but
all over from the events that had transpired, but only a little was his own.

Xander held the lantern to Saren, and the bloodstains on her chest were revealed on her purple skin and her whole back was stained
from laying in the pool of her own blood while dying.

Finally Xander held the lantern to Arelius as he stepped forwards to be examined, Arelius chest, stomach, and back were saturated
heavily in his own blood.

Xander motioned to Galkairan(Kentaurus) and spoke, If it had not been for this dragon here, Saren and Arelius would probably be
dead, and i would either be dead, or still going strong slaughtering the rest of the bandits for murdering my beloved Saren.
This is the elder the Dakarans seem to have misplaced, allow me to introduce Galkairan.

Nagoro nodded slightly in respect for the elders status and spoke, The Dakarans are very eager to have you back!  They sent sixty
guardsmen to find you!  They are around here somewhere nearby, i sent a messenger to locate their commander and inform him you
all had been found.

Xander continued, Make sure everyone is on their guard, There are still more bandits out here!  After i killed Grenchu, I was
nearly surrounded by them, but just as i moved to strike at them, Galkairan attacked from above with great power litterally
vaporizing several of them and scaring the rest into retreat instantly.  Galkairan has the power of thunder and he wields it

Just then the Commander of the Dakaran Guard landed and approached Galkairan before taking a knee and speaking, My Lord
Galkairan, We feared the worst when you failed to appear in Dakara and then missed the council meeting!

Galkairan spoke, Rise Camoden, I am fine and un-injured, And I was able to save a few lives and make some new friends in my time
away.  Please meet Arelius, an Elder of Darix, Xander of Darix, and his mate Saren of Darix!

Camoden nodded his head in respect and spoke, I am honored, Any friend of Galkairan is a friend of mine!  My lord, now that we
have found you, i think we should return to Dakara immediatly!

Galkairan replied, Why, is something afoot in Dakara?

Camoden answered, No sir, but in coming to look for you we have left parts of the colony only lightly defended, and i was just
informed that a group of bandits had raided a farm only a few miles from Dakara two nights ago and killed the Farmer and his
mate, Their daughter survived the ordeal by hiding and told us that a black dragon with yellow eyes was their leader.  We
fear they may be emboldened and attack within the colony!

Galkairan continued, Thats who attacked these three!  The Black Dragons name was Grenchu, and Xander killed him yesterday by
ripping his heart out quite literally!  The rest of his band fled to the north of where his body was found after i counter-
attacked them from the sky with my thunder abilities.  They cant have gone too far in any direction from there, you are looking
for a group of approximately twenty to twenty-five.  Xander killed the leader, and i killed several of them as they fled.  The
Darix Guard scout here next to Nagoro can show you where the battle took place and the black dragons remains.

Brynja spoke up from the back of the group and stepped forward, As for the several dragons you found mutilated earlier, they
were lookouts for the bandits, they saw Xander fly over and tried to intercept him, but he was much to fast for them.  As they
gave chase i ripped them from the sky from behind, and one by one and ripped them limb from limb.  There were four of them total.

Galkairan spoke again to Camoden, Commander, I plan to visit Darix for a time, no more than a week to sort out a few things that
need my urgent attention, i hope you understand!  Please convey my appologies to the other elders, and tell everyone that i am
safe and sound unharmed and will return soon!

Camoden replied, My lord, I cannot leave you alone in Darix with good contience after what has happened here.  I am compelled to
ask you return with us!

Arelius cut in, Dont worry my friend, Myself and Galkairan are former aquaintances, not only am i in his debt for his rescue but
i feel we have much catching up to do, and then we have some business between Dakara and Darix to discuss, it was being put on
hold for a while, but since he is here already, we may as well take advanrage of his time here to scrape out the details and put
a plan in motion.

Galkairan relented, Ok Camoden, I know you care for my safety greatly and i greatly respect your resolve for wanting to ensure
my safety, but i have been taking care of myself for quite many years longer than you have, i am much older, and i have my
thunder abilities to drive off anyone that would even try harming me, But if it will clear your contience and ease your worries
i will take five of your best guardsmen with me for my stay in Darix, No more than that tho!  We need not send them a message
that we are bringing our military to their doorstep!

Camoden Smiled, Ok my lord, i can agree to these terms, my five best guards will be at your command untill such time as you
return to Dakara!

Galkairan added, I would also like to you send some scouts on Recon to the North, North-East, and North-West to attempt
to track these bandits movements so we can be ready when they decide to strike again!

Arelius spoke, Your idea bring me one of my own, With your permission, A Darix scout will accompany each of your scouting
parties just in case they double back to attack Darix and not Dakara, They are authorized to assist your guards no matter
where the attack takes place, Darix or Dakara!  We are in this togeather now!

Galkairan concluded, I agree, Camoden, Dispatch the scouting parties once the Darix scouts have attached to them, they are
to do their best to remain un-seen by the Bandits so we can keep the advantage.  And upon discovery or any movements taken by
the bandits one of them is to report in immediatly to the lookout post on the way to Dakara and then return to his party and
use their best judgement as to what actions to take!  Each party is to have one member report in to the post each night and
once their found all teams are to converge on them, and maintain recon on them while reporting in four times daily on their
movements and actions.  The post has three dragons, upon a movement believed to be leading to an attack, two dragons will
carry the news, one to Dakara, one to Darix, the other will remain in case of further developments.  All others including
yourself are to return to Dakara immediatly and go on alert, double up the guards at all posts.  You have your orders!

Camoden nodded to Galkairan and spoke, Yes my lord!  And headed to organize his guards with the new orders.

Nagoro picked his scouts and deployed them to the Dakaran Recon teams and returned to the group joined by five of the
strongest Dakaran guards, and he spoke, It is getting late out here, we all should make our way back the Darix immediatly,
the colony is totally unprotected, the people are already heading back, the elders took refuge in the supply tunnels willingly
so their guards could join the search and they could probably use a reprieve by now.

Arelius agreed, Ok, lets go home!

Chapter 12 is under way, this looked like a good cutoff point because i got carried away again.

Chapter 12: Of Love and Fire - Part One
The group flew togeather in more of a cluster than a formation as Xander flew just above Saren, with Brynja and Arelius formed
in side by side next to them.  Galkairan and the guards were following close behind, and Nagaro was leading.  After about an
hour of slow flying the group reached the castle and they landed on the balcony a few at a time untill all were safely on the
ground.  Saren was now under Xanders right arm yet again as Arelius noticed her never ending show of affection for Xander and
simply smiled happily to her, but his gaze was drawn back to Brynja as she stood behind him placing her hand on his shoulder
as she smiled at the happy couple and remembered simular memories from her own distant past, and her heart warmed slightly at
the thought that at least maybe, she might soon feel that way again.

As the dragons calmed down from their flight Arelius began to speak to Galkairan, Well Galkairan since your a guest we can put
you in the guest quar! well no that wont work, Xander and Saren are already staying in the guest quarters right now.  Hmm, Where
else is there to put you six up for the night?

Arelius scratched his chin as he thought desperately for a solution, but Brynja had a plot forming in her mind and she spoke
up.  Well cant they stay in your place tonight as long as their carefull with your stuff, after all your coming with me to take
care of a private matter of some urgency or have you forgotten already?

Arelius realized her loaded statement and played along, oh my, how could i forget that.  I guess this will have to do untill we
can make better accomidations tommorrow.  You are free to use my home, but please be carefull, i have quite the collection in
the back room and its not really organised, try not to trip on anything please!

Galkairan replied, i appreciate your hospitality Arelius, you will never know we were there.

Xander began walking towards the Balcony doorway with Saren under his arm and called out, Goodnight you Guys, I think we have
seen enough for one day.  The others beconed their goodbyes to the pair as they headed for the guest quarters.  Xander led
Saren in and closed the door, only to turn around and gently push her against the wall as he invaded her mouth with his as
they kissed.  Afer a moment Xander lowered his head and hugged her tightly as he exclaimed,  I love you with all my being,
and i will forever.  Saren looked back into his purple eyes as her own eyes faded from green to the deepest blue imaginable.

Xander began walking backwards leading her to the bed, but this time he lay back himself still holding her hand and guided
her to lay under his right arm with her head lain over on his chest, she kissed him chin quietly as he stroked her neck and
cheek occasionally kissing the top of her head as she drifted off to sleep in the safety of his arms.  Xander himself just
lay there for a short while watching her sleep, knowing he had given her the happiness she so needed, and knowing she would
soon be the proud and happy mother to his first two children.  The thought brought a few tears to his eyes as he slowly
drifted into sleep himself eagerly awaiting both his ceremony with his beautiful dragoness and the family they were about to
build togeather.

Back on the balcony Arelius and Brynja led the way to Arelius home not far from the castles front entrance and brynjas height
forced her to remain outside while Arelius showed them around the place and then returned to her and left them to settle in
for the night.  

Arelius pulled the door closed and spoke to Brynja, well that will do for now, but you know you could have sprung that idea
on me a little sooner!  You caught me completely by suprise on the balcony.

Brynja replied, Well, if you dont want to come you dont have...

Arelius took her hand and cut her off, Its not that my dear, its just i was totally off guard, no warning, im not used to
that kind of thing, I am a creature of habit, and of planning and calculating, i do find spontinaty can be fun, but its
just not something im quite used to yet, give me time!  And i am more than willing to join you tonight!

Brynja grinned, and replied, well lets go then, Brynja took to the air with enthusiasm as Arelius followed her at high speed
and within ten minutes they found themselves in front of their destination.  Brynjas home was stone much like the castle, but
from age was in need of some repair,  It was much taller than Arelius home, but it was to accomidate her added height so she
didnt have to crouch or kneel in her own home, As they entered and Arelius closed the door behind him, he began to behold the
inside of the large stone house with amazement.  He marveled at beautiful carvings engraved in a long passageway that
was lit by hanging torches made from metal bowls filled with fish oil and lit on fire, that lead to a very large glassed in
room with an ample amount of moonlight drifting through. the room had a large wooden table with large couches on either side
of it, and it too was beautifully engraved.

Brynja continued showing him the other rooms, including the bathing area, a storage room, but she skipped one room and didnt
enter or make mention as she passed it, Arelius noticed that it looked as if it hadn't been opened in a long time.  Finally
they came upon a massive door that was larger and more beautiful than the rest, as she leaned into the door pushing it open,
Arelius saw one of the most beautiful rooms he had ever seen in his life, filled with the most detailled craftmanship he had
ever seen, and it was all beautifully studded and edged in rare stones and metals. it was her bedroom, the star piece of her
domain.  As he walked in his eyes scanned the entire room in awe,  Brynja waited patiently as he took in the alure of the
intricate patterns and the flow of the whole room.

After a few moments Arelius remarked, This room is amazing, i have only seen one example of more beauty than this!

Brynja crooked her head in disapproval of his statement and began to grumble.

Arelius looked to her agitated gaze and added softly, Most definitely, the one thing that is more beautiful than the craftsmanship
of this room also just happens to be standing in front of me!  I am truly in a place of great beauty, in the company of an
even greater beauty.  Arelius smiled at Brynja as her agitation suddenly dissappeared, and her heart nearly skipped a beat
at the impact of his compliments.

Nobody had said anything so kind and loving to her in such a long time.  Bron loved her yes, but in sharing a body she was
always aware of his feelings and he did not vocalize them much anymore.  The reality of hearing the words once again from
someone she was unable to sense the feelings of was truly exciting for her.  Just the feeling of being loved felt wonderful
to her after so long being physically alone, With Bron she had no eyes to look into, no eyes to look into her, no body to
associate the mind too except the memory of him as he was before he died.  With Arelius there was hope for a beatiful future
and best of all, the chance for the family she longed for every moment of her existence.  But as the thoughts flowed over her
cloudy mind, another crept fourth, But what about Bron?  Would he feel less loved,  Would she be betraying his love for her?
She could not stand the idea of causing Bron pain after what he too had been through.  The thoughts weighed on her for what
seemed like hours, but in reality was only a moment.

Finally the object of her worries spoke up for himself, Bron spoke to Brynja, Do not worry my dear, Our love will never fade,
What happened was just meant to be, and now it is time to start over for you!  You vowed when we were mated for life, to never
stray and to always love me for as long as we both should live, but i am not alive now, and i am unable to take care of and
nurture you myself!  Do not let your thoughts dwell on me in this time, Your time for happiness has come again, i will always
be here with you, and i feel nothing but happiness for you when i see that you are happy!  Now Promise me my love, promise me
you will not linger on these thoughts anymore, and that you will give love another chance to blossom!  Promise me Brynja!

Brynja was tearing slightly as Arelius looked to her, He knew from his psychic element that she was having an exchange with her
other soul, but the words, and emotion was un-intelligable to him so he patiently waited for them to sort things out.

Brynja finally looked up to Arelius and whispered under her breath, I promise!

Arelius spoke, Bronislov, i dont know of what you were discussing but i feel compelled to tell you something before this
continues, Arelius did not wait for a response as he continued, I promise to you, I will love her forever, and do everything
in my power to give her the best life i possibly can, and I only hope i can live up to your expectations!

Brynja grinned slightly with tears still falling as she commented, He didnt say anything, but i can feel you just made him
very relieved and happy!

Arelius began to form an idea of what must have been said between the two, and as he contemplated it himself he moved to Brynja
and took her hand in his as he wiped her tears with his other as he spoke, My poor girl, i think i finally understand now, you
are worried if you begin a relationship with me it will strain things between Bron and you, or that it would be unloyal.  All
this time you've been carrying such a burden of thoughts and i was too blind to see it!

Arelius now stroked her cheek as she replied, Bron just made me promise him i wouldnt dwell on those thoughts anymore.  He wants
and is happy for me to find love again.

Arelius turned and led Brynja to her own bed as he sat on the edge, He scooted to the far side as she sat where he had been and
Arelius leaned her back so her head was on his chest as he began to caress her cheek, and stroke her neck slowly and sensually
and almost immediatly Brynja seemed to melt into his arms nearly falling limp as he nurtured her emotions and soft scales.

Brynja opened her eyes and looked to Arelius, his gaze was of calm contentment as he slowly caressed her, his normally green
eyes were now in the color of joy for him which was a dazzling shade of turqoised blue green.  And Arelius took note as well,
Brynjas normally red eyes had softened now to a mid-brightness shade of purple as she gazed upon him with love in her heart.

Finally Brynja could hold her eyes open no longer and turned around to lay parallel to Arelius and then snuggled up next to him,
she reached over his midsection and grasped under his body turning his back to her chest and pulling Arelius into a spooning
position in front of her as she embraced his form moving her arm under his and placing her hand on his chest while she lay her
head right next to his and whispered to him, Goodnight!

Arelius reached up to her cheek and stroked her once gently as he whispered back, Goodnight Honey!  Within moments both were
peacefully sleeping as Brynjas larger form cradled Arelius body up against hers as they dreamed happily..

Morning came as the sun began to shine through the small window in the corner of the room ever so brilliantly.  The beam of
warm sunshine crept up Brynjas body and finally arrived to shine on her face waking her from her slumber as she opened and closed
her eyes letting them adjust to the brightness.  As she finished waking up she looked to Arelius face in front of her, he had
remained motionless throughout the night, and bore an ever so slight smile on his face, the reason behind it was unknown, but it
was a clear sign he was happy.  Brynja leaned forward to him and licked his cheek as she stroked his strong chest causing him to
begin to stirr and slowly he began to awaken.  As he looked up to see what had licked his cheek his smile widened slightly and he
reached up and stroked Brynja from her neck base to her cheek and ending at her nose before lowering his hand and staring into her
eyes as he spoke softly,  I could definitly get used to this method of waking up.

Brynja grinned at him and responded, I bet you could couldnt you!  There will be time for fun later, we need to get a move on now!

Arelius shook his head a moment as Brynja sat up and turned to sit at the edge of her side of the bed and then stand up, stretching
her tight muscles untill they were ready for a new day.  Finally he asked, Where do we have to be?

Brynja smiled and exclaimed, Breakfast, My way!  Every morning or two i go to the ocean for breakfast and catch fish right out of
the water, heat them with my breath, and then eat them mostly whole.  Theres nothing like fresh fish in the morning, so fresh they
are still squirming untill i heat them up.

Arelius rolled into a sitting position on his side of Brynjas bed and realized something new had befallen him, his normal morning
aches and pains seemed to be gone, as if they never existed, except for tightness from not moving in many hours he felt great.  He
took a moment to look around and gather his bearings and finally stood and stretched thouroughly letting out a deep yawn as Brynja
glanced back at him and giggled.

Arelius turned to her and questioned, What so funny?

Brynja just looked down to his waist level and back to his face a few times motioning him with her eyes.  Arelius followed her gaze
and suddenly became aware of his other morning condition, a very large and serious one sticking straight out in front of him.  He
stared momentarily and then commented, Well as im sure your aware, this happens to us males sometimes in the mornings.  And theres
only two ways to solve it.  I will take care of it after you leave the room.

Brynja commented giggling, Theres no time for that we have to go now.  Breakfast is waiting for us and it wont wait forever.  Once
were airborne that will go away on its own.

Arelius relented, and joined her in the hall on the way outside.  They stepped out into the gentle morning breeze and each took a
deep breath of fresh air before leaping into the sky and flying in the direction of the castle, and the ocean beyond it.  After a
few moments of sustained flight in the cool morning air Arelius untamed erection passed, but his desire and mental need for
release was as strong as ever and unshakable from the back of his mind as he caught himself checking Brynja out as they flew.

They passed over the Castle at high speed drawing a wave from two elders on the balcony as they passed continuing to the ocean now
steadily approaching in the distance.  Arelius was no expert but he had caught fish from the sea before by watching for fish close
to the surface, diving towards them and grabbing them with the claws of his feet as he skimmed just above the water.  But as he
prepared and began scanning the surface for fish Brynja suddenly threw herself into a complete nose dive for the water.

Arelius just watched somewhat worried as she plummeted to the sea, she wasnt leveling off tho, she was headed straight for a nose
first dive falling at break neck speed.  Arelius heart rose to his throat as she neared the surface, and finally with a collosal
splash dissappeared under the waves.  He was about to panic, but then realized he could sense her in the water with his psychic
element, he could not pinpoint her location, but he knew she was unharmed.  He flew in a large circle waiting for some sign of
her return for what seemed like twenty minutes but was only five or ten.  He began to wonder, how long can she hold her breath,
and why is she staying down so long.

Then Arelius was awestruck, he remembered besides her nature element, she was also a water elemental, and could swim fast and live
much longer under water than others.  As he reached his conclusion Brynja burst fourth from the ocean surface with another great
splash and lept right into the air from the water and resumed flying to shore with four or five fish in each hand held hanging by
their tails.

Arelius followed her to the beach where she approached a large flat rock and laid out the fish evenly, He approached just as she
set down the last fish and asked, How did you do that?

Brynja replied, How did i do what?

Arelius clarified, I've never seen a dragon come out of the water so fast and leap into the air right from the water itself, its

Brynja answered, I just learned how to do it, it was after Bron and i became one, i was so hungry that first night, and i had
nothing to eat.  I went to the ocean to catch a fish to eat, but as i dove towards a fish i felt the sudden instinct to dive deep
and i would find lots of fish.  So i dove straight in and there was an entire swarm of fish waiting for me.  They didnt even flee
as i approached them.  they just swam slowly as i harvested what i needed and then swam up to the surface.  When i got to the
surface i didnt realize my speed and flew straight out of the water and almost splashed back into it before i openned my wings to
fly.  It was amazing and i have no idea how i knew to do it, i just did.

Arelius replied, I think i know how now that i have seen it, Its gotta be your water element powers.  Bronislov is a Water
Elemental, and his powers are inherited to you, the rumors say they grant the ability to swim exceedingly fast underwater, and to
stay underwater for extended periods of time.  And you just showed me both of those abilities.  And you said the fish just let
you take them the first time and that you just knew they were there, has that happenned any more?

Brynja continued, When i fish, i just guess where there is a big school of them, and im always right on them, or very close, and
yes they dont seem to react to me, they just swim normally while i take some of them.  I dont have to give any chase at all, its
very strange.

Arelius added, Well that could be your nature power at work.  I know it can tell you of nearby animals, and it can let you sense
their emotions and control them somewhat.  Perhaps you wanting them to stay still causes your Nature element powers to make them
stay still untill you leave.

Brynja exclaimed, Well that sounds neat, i wonder if thats really how it works?

Arelius commented, So do I, if it indeed is, then it would explain a lot.

Brynja turned to the fish on the rock, and openned her mouth in their direction releasing a three foot flame onto the fish
causing them to sizzle and fry on the rock surface as she did so.  After a moment she stopped, and invited Arelius to join her
and both began eating their fresh fish breakfast in peace with a beautiful view of the ocean ahead of them.

Brynja noticed Arelius glancing at her and questioned him, Do you see something you like?

Arelius replied, Actually like is such a broad word, I was thinking more like love, or cherish to be honest, Arelius eyes were
now their turqoise color as love flowed over his emotions, and Brynja couldnt help but smile back with her own red eyes fading
into their purple color as the love she felt welled up inside her.  They just gazed upon each other smiling while they ate, now
suddenly oblivious of the view of the ocean before them.  As they finished up they both walked down the beach to rinse off the
smell of fish in the shallows of the calm cool waters.  Brynja waded in nearly twenty-five feet to be neck high in the water
while Arelius next to her was no longer touching the bottom as he swam along side with her.  They splashed their faces off in
the refreshing water untill they were all cleaned up and then Brynja pulled Arelius to her chest suspending him in the water
as he simply hang linp in her grasp looking into her eyes.  Brynja raised Arelius to her own height and gently moved in to kiss
him, and as their mouths met they enjoyed the passion now connecting them both emotionally and physically.

They explored each others mouths slowly and intently as they explored the depth of their feelings for well over ten minutes and
finally Brynja moved to let Arelius down, but before she could, he latched onto her with his arms around her neck and pulled
himself into a tight hug holding her close.  Brynja joined his hug and held him in return as she began to rock left to right
just enough to sway in the water.  Arelius finally began to release Brynja and lowered himself back into the water resuming his
shallow swimming next to her.  They remained side by side as they headed back up the beach and after only a moment Arelius was
able to once again reach and walk on the bottom while brynja was now chest high in the water.  As they finally escaped the
reach of the waves and were on dry ground again Arelius spoke,  It is so strange to me, I have never felt this way about anyone
before now.  I love Saren, but as a daughter and she made my life seem complete, watching her grow, training her, seeing her
fly for the first time, watching her become the strong young dragoness she is, and finally seeing her in love, real true love
when she returned with Xander, I thought that would be the happiest day of my life seeing her so happy to be starting hers.

But now i find myself in an ever greater love and joy, We have only just begun, but i feel more happiness being around you than
i thought possible untill now.  Without Saren i was likely to go into a lull, she has been my life for so long, and now she has
her own, and up untill now i have wondered what would give me reason to continue.  But now i know, you are my reason to
continue.  Arelius eyes were now blazing turqoise as Brynja met his glance and she felt as if his eyes were piercing into her
soul as her heart rate increased slightly and she let out a deep but quiet sigh.  Brynja could feel herself being drawn into the
moment slowly but surely she was becoming very turned on by Arelius comments and devotion to her.  But this was not the time or
the place for anything to happen.  Arelius was about to speak again as Brynja placed a finger gently over his lips quieting him
as she kissed his forehead lightly tickling between his horns with her tongue and adding, Come now, we should be at the castle
now.  We dont want to be late in case we are needed!  It took everything Brynja had to force out the words and pry herself from
the moment although she hid it from Arelius.

Without another word she smoothly hopped on one foot then jumped with her other from the edge of the large rock and hurtled
herself into the air towards the castle.  Arelius calmed himself slightly and then launched himself and quickly joined her as
she flew to the Castle balcony.  In no time they were landing at the edge and meeting the other Elders who were gathered in
a huddle talking,  Xander and Saren were also in attendance along with Galkairan and his guardsmen, Also in attendance was one
of the Darix guards who had been attached to a Dakaran recon party.

Arelius moved into the group and asked, What going on here?

Xander explained, The guards believe they may have located the Bandits.  Last night or rather early this morning the scout
arrived and informed the elders that one of the Recon Teams had discovered a camp site with approximately ten dragons and they
seemed to match the description of the group who attacked us.  We are waiting for some form of confirmation before we make a
move on them so theres no mistake.  The guardsmen continued, If it does turn out to be the ones were looking for, their camp
is located about three quarters of the way to the Aleureon Mountains, that puts them just inside our territory, and a fairly good
distance from the Dakarans Territory so the Dakarans need not fear any pending attack, but they no doubt will help us deal with
them anyway.

The group calmed and sat around the balcony talking about whatever as they waited for confirmation of whether or not the group
was the bandits in question.  Lunch time came and everyone shared a pleasant meal forgetting about the purpose of their waiting
for a short while as they enjoyed friendly conversations.

A short time after lunch Nagaro entered the balcony from the castle and shouted,  We have a scout approaching on the horizon.
This could be the news were waiting for!

Everyone began to come to life again standing and stretching out readying themselves while Nagaro summoned the other Guards to
duty in front of the Castle before returning to the others on the balcony.  The scout made his final approach and came to a
sliding landing on the balcony as Nagaro caught him, he was fully exhausted from flying his hardest with the news, and after
a moment he spoke.  We confirm, the campsite near Aleureon is the location of the bandits that attacked the others.  One of the
small dragons was able to sneak into the bushes and overhear their conversation,  They were talking about how Grenchus brother
would rectify their situation after he got word of his death by a large red dragon from Darix.  They said his name was Lexendrix
and that he would destroy everyone involved in his brothers death.

Galkairan thought to himself for a moment and spoke, It seems like i know that name from somewhere, but i cant remember where I
have heard or ran into it before.  I know i have come upon that name somewhere in my travels.  It will come to me eventually.

The scout has recovered some of his breath now and continued, The Dakaran recon parties are converging on the campsite but
remaining unseen untill they recieve orders from the Darix Elders since they are still in Darix Territory.  What orders shall
i pass to them Commander?

Nagaros looked to the Elders and Arelius for the answer.  Arelius spoke quietly with the other elders for a moment and then
replied, If possible we will capture them, and bring them here!  They will be under lockup at all times except to help with
farming and anything else they can help with,  eventually they will be allowed their freedom if they can convince us their
evil ways have been left behind.  If they refuse to be captured alive, then we have no choice but to destroy them and ensure
that they dont kill off anyone elses parents or mates ever again.  I will bring the message to them myself in the company of
Galkairan, Brynja, Xander, and Saren,  Hopefully the sight of us and our power will scare them into submission and surrender,
I despise the idea of having to destroy them, but we will do what we have to no matter what!

Special Thanks to mack500, your august 6th addition to Iron Dragon gave me the inspiration to break this writers block in half.

Chapter 12: Of Love and Fire - Part Two
Nagaros bowed slightly to Arelius and replied, as you wish my lord!  Arelius continued, we shall leave immediatly and deal with
them before they have a chance to hurt anyone else or bring about their own destruction by the guards hiding around them!

Before another word could be spoken Arelius lept from the balcony flying in the direction of the Aleureon Mountains and after a
moment Brynja lept to follow him.  Galkairan left next, and Xander and Saren lept off togeather side by side.  After a few moments
they had converged and were now flying in a group, Arelius and Brynja led, Galkairan was above them, and Xander and Saren followed
closely side by side.  The journey took around half an hour to complete, and just as the mountains were becoming close one of the
Dakaran Teams and the Darix scout took off and formed up behind them.

Arelius was all business, this is the group that had almost gotten himself and Saren killed, and while his plan was to be mercifull
on them, he was ready to take no chances on any more friendly casualties.  He flew directly towards the plume of smoke from the
campfire and the dragons around it, making no attempt to conceal their approach.  The bandits took notice of him as he was about
thirty seconds out from landing and all stood ready for a battle.  As Galkairan came into view from behind Arelius's sillouete
they panicked and began to run for the treeline, but they froze suddenly as three combined teams of Dakarans and Darix Scouts
revealed themselves and moved in from the treeline.  Simultaneously Dragons moved in from all sides of the clearing surrounding
the bandits.  There was no chance for them to escape into the woods, and they knew if they attempted to flee Galkairan would likely
use his power to shoot them down with his thunderbolts.

The Bandits clustered into a tight formation back to back as the guards closed in on them, Arelius landed about tenty yards short
of them, just ahead of the Dakarans moving in on them and was soon joined by the other twin souls dragons.  Arelius motioned and
the others obeyed as they spread out side by side so the the bandits could clearly see all five of them as they slowly advanced
ever closer to the huddled bandits.

As they crossed the ten yard mark, one of the dragons in the group yelled out frantically, This is impossible!  I watched you two
die!  Grenchu killed you!

Arelius replied, What is your name?  The brown dragon replied, My name is Arden, what is it to you?!?!

Arelius and the others halted at seven yards away and he spoke, No Grenchu did not kill us, but he did come very close!  Galkairan
to my left was an immortal, and so was Xander to my right at the time of your attack!  Xander commented with an intimidating smile, 
how else could i kill Grenchu with my bare hands, he tried to kill my mate and almost succeeded, and i killed him for it!

Arelius continued, While you were all running from Galkairans unstoppable power, He and Xander saved our lives by granting us the
same immortality and power they carry!  We are immortals the five of us, We cannot be killed, We cannot be defeated!  Surrender now
and you may live, if you do not, we will destroy you all!

As the bandits decided their own fate and erie silence enveloped the whole area, several of the bandits began to whisper to each other
back and fourth but there words were un-intelligle to the others.  Finally Arden shoved down a smaller red dragon to his right and

Without warning Arden lept for Arelius bearing a knife in his right hand, and yelled out, NEVER!

Arelius caught him by the neck with his right hand, and attempted to deflect the knife with his left, but only managed to change its
impact point from his heart to his left shoulder, As the pain seared through Arelius he broke Ardens neck in his hand killing him
instantly without fully intending to do so.  The dragon suddenly fell limp in his grasp as he looked upon it, his own strength had
now stunned him.  He was not used to being so strong!

Arelius released Ardens body and it fell to the ground motionless before him, he used his right hand to pull the knife from his shoulder
and threw it to the ground as his shoulder wound fully healed in a matter of a moment.  Arelius beckoned to the remaining bandits, Now
do you see?  You cannot win this battle, surrender, or join Arden!  This is your last chance!  As Arelius finished his sentence Xander
and Galkairan slowly moved into position as if preparing to attack.

As they did so, the bandits began to throw their weapons into a pile, and back away one by one in terror.

The Dakaran guards tied them up one by one, hands at their waist, and wings tied so they couldnt be extended into flying position.  Two
of the Bandits agreed to bury Arden and the Dakarans waited to tie them up, untill they had finished, and the group was allowed to pay
their last respects to their fallen friend, even if he was evil.  

As the last two dragons were tied up, Arelius posed a question to them, So which of you will tell me, who or what Lexendrix is?

The small red dragon Arden had thrown down answered him, I will tell you, but only under one condition!  Arelius chuckled as the young
little dragon made his best impression of a serious stare at him.

Arelius replied, Well your not exactly in a position to be making conditions, but lets hear it and get this over with, whats your name?

The little dragon replied, My name is Zero.  Arelius asked, How old are you?  Zero replied, Im forteen now.

Arelius replied shaking his head, How does a forteen year old little red dragon get mixed up with this kind of company, we can discuss
that later, what is your condition?

Zero replied, You are planning to have us marched back to your village arent you?

Arelius replied, Of course, then you will be placed in the guards custody for the forseeable future.

Zero continued, Then my condition is that i be untied, and allowed to fly back with you rather than be forced to march all that distance.
I promise not to flee or do anything wrong if you will allow me to do this, i do not want to march that far, and im no threat to anyone!

Arelius replied, Very well, but know this, if you attempt to run away, we will not chase you, Galkairan will just use his power to destroy
you and we will continue on our way!  Now who is Lexendrix!

Zero began his recantment, Lexendrix is Grenchus oldest brother, and the only brother left alive of three.  He is golden with yellow eyes
and is quite large.  He used to be the leader of this group but then decided he preferred to be alone and left Grenchu to lead us.  He
goes around doing and taking whatever he wants, only he is much more violent, i heard he destroyed an entire village when they tried to
capture him for raping the daughter of one of the elders of another village.  He then took her to live with him in Sabrenth, he decided to
lay low for a while and he kept her there with him in a house with a dungeon in the basement where he puts her when he goes out.  You should
know that one of the group has already gone to tell him of Grenchus death, and there is no question he will come to kill those responsible.

Arelius replied, If he does, we will be ready for him, hes no match for us!

Zero added, Dont be so sure of that, I think he may be like you are, immortal!

Galkairan Questioned, What makes you say that boy?

Zero continued,  Lexendrix told us about a time long ago, when his mother and father were very young and had him and his first brother, they
were twins.  They grew up togeather, and eventually began to do evil things togeather, but one day when they were about twenty seven and
raiding a village for food and causing trouble intentionally, Lexendrix brother Doman was struck in the ribs by a guardsmens axe and mortally
wounded.  Lexendrix killed the guard and went to his brothers side as he lay dying, and then something happened and his brother was in his head
with him, talking to him.  And then after that happened he was stronger, faster, and healed instantly.  We saw a guard slash him dirring an attack
and he healed like you did!  He also only a few times, has used lightening like Galkairan did when we fled from him.

Galkairan exlaimed, Of course, Lexendrix, i remember, I never could find him but he let a wake of destruction everywhere he passed through.  He is
the one i spoke of when i said i was not the first to achieve twin souls, he was!  And if he is coming, we have a lot of fight coming for us based
on the damage i saw everywhere he had been.  But when he decided to lay low apparently, i lost his trail and never found him.

Xander questioned, If Lexendrix predates Galkairan, How is Grenchu his brother and still alive without twin souls.  how does that age difference
add up?

Zero Answered, Lexendrix was born when his parents were only about twenty, Grenchu was born as they were at the end of their lives.  Now Grenchu
himself despite his appearence was about thirty four-hundred years old and his health was failing, that why he was using arrows, and not a sword.
Running was very stressful for him at this age.  His family seems to have a longer lifespan than normal.  His parents were nearly four-thousand
when they had him, they died shortly after and Lexendrix took him in and raised him.  Thats all i know.

Arelius motioned for one of the guards to untie Zero, and he stretched his wings as they were freed, and moved towards Arelius and stood ready.

Arelius ordered the guards to escourt the other prisoners to the Darix Castle where they would be assumed by the Darix Guards.  He then turned to
Zero, and reminded him, Do not attempt to flee, We are watching you, Now follow us and dont fall behind.

Arelius lifted off joined by the other twin souls dragons and Zero, Arelius intentionally set a slightly slower pace, and watched closely as Zero
struggled occasionally to match their speed.  But he was growing tired as he attempted to keep up with the more powerfull dragons, and his exaustion
was causing him to loose altitude now.  He closed his eyes and tried to flap his wings as hard as he could and he managed to gain a little speed, but
he was about to be fully exhausted.  He looked up worriedly and noticed Arelius was gone from the group and began to tremble fearing he was about to
be attacked for falling behind.  Just as he was about to fall from the sky, he felt a rush of wind above him, and then a pair of arms wrap around
his whole body including his wings.  He looked up to see a smiling Arelius who commented, I wanted to see how well you could keep up, and how
trustworthy you are, im pleasantly suprised by both.  Dont worry now, ill carry you the rest of the way.

Brynja smiled slightly as Arelius carried the youngster back up to the pack and they all accelerated to their normal faster speed while an exhausted
Zero watched in amazement.  Arelius spoke to Galkairan, Galkairan do you mind if we put this young one up in Sarens old room, with you at my home, I
dont think i can bring myself to put him in the dungeon with the others...

Galkairan looked Zero in the eyes as they continued flying, and spoke, As long as he knows the threat still stands, Do not try to escape!  And if
you try anything against anyone including me or my guards, the same thing will happen!

Arelius smiled and added, The dungeon is no place for a forteen year old.  The others are old enough to know better and deserve it, but i dont
believe you fit into the same category as them Zero.

Chapter 13: An ending journey only Begins another! - Part One
The dragons finally arrived at Arelius Home near the castle just as the sun was setting, Arelius lowered Zero to his feet and patted his shoulder
while he spoke, Do not give me a reason to put you in the dungeon, My kindness is not weakness!  Zero nodded, and Galkairan placed his hand on
Zero's shoulder and walked him toward the house as he spoke, Zero, I am not as kind hearted as Arelius, but i am not your enemy.  If you show me
you can be trusted, i dont see why your stay cannot be pleasant, and perhaps eventually you can be treated less like a captive, but trust must be

Galkairan walked Zero into the house and the Dakaran Guards followed closing the door behind them.  Xander commented to Arelius, I see you took
an interest in the little guys welfare even though he belongs to that group.  I dont dissagree with your actions, but i am suprised to see you show
any form of kindness to anyone associated to those who almost killed you and Saren.

Arelius held up a finger and replied, HE.... does not belong to them!  He was with them because he had noone else to care for him, And i hope he
has not been with them for long enough for their evil ways to be imprinted on him for life.

Saren added, I hope so too, it would be such a waste if he were to grow up only to start the evil where they left off.  Saren yawned as she finished
her sentence and Xander hugged her close seeing she was noticably tired.  He asked, Are you alright dear?

Saren replied, Oh im fine, I think the days events were already strenuous enough to tire me, but i think my body is also tiring out easier since im
also carrying our little ones.

Brynja had been silent untill now but Children were a topic that drew her full attention, and she spoke up, I have heard that once serious
development begins, it can cause you to tire out easier, and an increase in your appetite.  I've also heard it can cause you to be sick shortly
after waking up some mornings.

Arelius Confirmed, All that has been said is true, i have seen it in years past.  Durring pregnancy, females can become fatigued more frequently
than normal, they tend to eat a lot more, I cant vouch for the sick parts, but i also know they can become very irritable when they arent feeling
well, much more so than when they are not feeling well without a pregnancy.  But you will be fine,  these things are temporary and will dissipate
after you give birth, your energy will return, you appetite will remain untill you wean tho as technically they will still be feeding off of you
and your body will be producing milk for them for some time.

Xander inquired, Human females dont usually exhibit signs untill much later in their terms, do dragons experience pregnancy quicker or more intensely
than humans?

Arelius replied, Im sorry Xander, i keep forgetting you do not know much about dragons yet, Dragons are majorly different in regards to gestation,
Human females carry their young for eight or ten months, dragons rather have a gestation period of about five months.  They will be here quicker than
you probably expected Xander!  Its because of our naturally faster metabolism rate by comparison, we heal faster, and we eat more.

Xander replied, Yeah i understand how the metabolic rate works from my school years as a human, A faster metabolic rate results in building strength
faster, burning calories faster, a much leaner physiche, more energy, and on and on, i understand quite well.  And speaking of that, we havent eaten
dinner yet!

Arelius replied, Im sure there is plenty at the castle, and we can have some brought here for Galkairan and the others.  Lets go get some dinner!

Xander, Arelius, Saren, and Brynja took off and headed for the Castle balcony which had a visible smoke trail leading away from it signalling the
fire pit was going strong.  As they neared the Balcony the smell of fresh fish filled the air but it was tainted with another smell that Xander was
not fully familiar with, as he neared and got a good strong smell of it, Venterus memories supplemented the source of the smell, Fresh Meat, from a
grazing animal closely simular to a cow but with hoves more close to that of a horse, and bald with skin thick and tough like an elephant or rhyno
from earth only this creatures skin was normally an orange gray in color.  The dragons called them Algons and they weighed in between seven hundred
to twelve hundred pounds at prime age.

Xander realized this was something Venterus had missed in his time on earth, and the thought of having some again was causing Venterus feelings
to re-emerge and make Xanders mouth water in anticipation of the treat.  Best he could imagine based on memory, it would be something simular to
the rare steaks Xander himself loved, but with a natural sweet tangyness all its own.

As they landed on the balcony they were greeted by the other elders graciously, and they approached the fire pit where there was both fresh algon meat
and lots of fresh fish.  One of the elders spoke up and explained the algon meat was slaughtered fresh for the Victorious Occasion before them,  And
that it was for the participants in the capture of the bandits.  The younger dragon doing the cooking held out a large algon steak, although warm it
was only seared on the outside and warm but extremel rare inside as Xander bit into it, instantly the flavors flooded his mouth and Xander smiled with
satisfaction as it seemed better than Venterus remembered it as he chewed and swallowed the large bite.  He savored the flavor as he examined the meat
carefully and noticed, the texture did indeed look like beef, but it had a purplish tint to it and was a lot more muscled than a beef steak.

Arelius and Saren were now enjoying their own Algon steaks, although Saren took a large fish as well, she was becoming increasingly hungry the last
few days, and there could only be one reason why.  Arelius noticed Xanders infatuation with his food and stepped over to him commenting, Its quite a
treat dont you think?

Xander replied, I had a sence of what it would be like since Venterus used to love this, but this seems much more flavorfull than he remembers, His
memory had me salivating before we even got to the balcony and landed!  Xander bit off the second third of his large steak and chewed while Arelius
continued, Algon have become rare in our territory, so we go sparingly on using them for food so that they dont dissappear completely, thats why we
usually just have fish, the ocean is so plentifull it more than makes up for the difference.  But they are a delicacy for us, and one of the best
meats that can be found on our world.  Xander ate the last of his steak and resounded a satisfied yawn and he looked to Arelius, that was one of the
best things i have ever tasted!  Arelius just smiled at Xander as he spoke up to the dragon doing the cooking, Please take an equal portion of Algon
meat and Fish to my house, Galkairan, his guards, and one more are there and are awaiting their dinners.  They count seven in total, and please be
somewhat generous in helpings to the little guy, his name is Zero and i think he needs it most.

The small dragon agreed, Yes elder, I will do so as soon as i have finished this batch of fish and take it to them fresh.

Brynja had quietly eaten her steak in two bites, and was now working on her third fish while Saren was not far behind her having finished her own steak
and now working on the second half of fish number two as she was filling up finally.  Xander took her under his right arm gently squeezing her and spoke
wow hun, you have eaten more than me, you must be hungry!

Saren simply elbowed him lightly and replied, its not MY hunger, it THEIRS! as she crooked an eye smiling at him and pointed to a tiny bulge in her
abdomen.  Saren continued playfully poking Xanders stomach with her finger as she continued, See what you have done, its all your fault!  Xander just
squeezed her and added, i seem to remember having a co-hort in those activities, YOU wouldnt know anything about that would you love?

Saren just gigled as Xander tickled her ribs before planting a kiss on her mouth and hugging her to him tightly.  Brynja was silently watching the two
lovers squabble with each other having fun and glanced to Arelius after a moment with a half depressed, half longing look in her eyes, but suddenly
noticed he was returning the same lonesome stare to her.  Brynja walked towards Arelius as he met her half way and they joined hands side by side in
silence, after a few moments Arelius felt his heart grow heavy, and something was suddenly troubling him deeply, it took him a moment to understand but
in holding hands with Brynja he was inadvertently bridging his psychic power to her, and feeling some of her emotions and thoughts involuntarily.  He
scanned through them looking for the source of her turmoil, and finally found it, Brynja was in love, she was in love with him!  And at the same time
even as strong as she was, she was afraid to tell him for fear it would end!  Arelius could not stop himself as his eyes turned to turqoise feeling
her love invading his mind, but he refused to shut it out either, and retained her hand in his.  He looked to her from the side and gazed upon her as
if to make a final decision of his own and hesitated for a moment as he searched for the words to explain.

Brynja noticed his unflinching gaze at her and saw his eyes with more radiance than ever as he beheld her beauty.  Her own eyes fell to their lighter
purple color as her feelings surfaced within her.  Arelius could feel her fighting with herself to tell him, or not to tell him, so he finally solved
her delema himself as he spoke quietly enough for only her to hear,  Its ok my dear, you dont have to worry about anything, You can tell me what you
need to, For i am yours for life!

Brynjas heart rose to her throat as she heard his words and stood in shock almost waiting for something to come along and ruin this perfect moment of
hers, but Arelius cemented his words in by releasing her hand and putting himself under her left arm, hugging onto her tightly while looking to her
disbelieving eyes.  Arelius added, Quit expecting bad to befall the situation, and embrace the good that has befallen you already!  I am yours, and I
will be yours forever just as soon as it can be arranged!  I love you with every ember in my soul, and I will never leave you!

Arelius had forgotten all about his low voice and was now announcing his feelings very audibly and had drawn the attention of everyone including Xander
and Saren who were looking on to them still embracing each other while smiling at the pair.  Arelius suddenly broke his stare at brynja and turned to
the attentive crowd before them revealing his now icy blue eyes to all, confirming he had indeed spoken those fatefull words!  With no point in stopping
now Arelius turned back to Brynja and dropped to his knees before her as tears began to flood down her face, Arelius finalized, Brynja, I will be your
mate for the rest of my life, no matter how long or short the journey may take us, Arelius began to rain tears of his own as he looked to the ground
for a moment, calming his breath slightly he looked back up into Brynjas running eyes and pleaded, Will you be mine?

Chapter 13: An ending journey only Begins another! - Part Two
The entire balcony was motionless for a moment, so still the dragons almost appeared as lifelike statues as all around held their breath in anticipation
of Brynjas answer!  Brynja to was frozen in place, her focus locked on Arelius eyes which from the strength of his love, and feeling hers, had faded from
their turquise joy color, to the color of blue ice as he stared up to her silently pleading with his eyes, begging for her to speak up.

Brynja drew in a uneasy deep breath and after holding it for a moment, managed to utter a single word under her breath, Yes.  Several dragons on the balcony
suddenly errupted with their congradulations, but the other elders just smiled on quietly, happy for their friend.  Xander and Saren simply looked on to
the happy couple before them, smiling while swaying left to right holding each other.  Brynja reached down to Arelius who was still on his knees but
sitting back on his feet now in relief, and picked him up under his arms lifting him to her own height before hugging onto him tightly and releasing one
final downpour of tears over his shoulder and down his back as he returned her hug.

The two remained still just holding each other sobbing for what seemed like an eternity before Brynja loosened her grip on Arelius and let him slip slightly
lower so she could kiss him, as he met her already knowing it was coming, but both resolved to a simple nose to nose kiss with little visible tongue action
just calmly living in the moment as if noone else existed around them.  Finally after some time, Brynja slowly released Arelius to stand for himself again
as he stared back up into her sparkling purple eyes, almost in a trance before he turned to face everyone else and was slightly stunned as he had forgotten
all about the on-lookers who stood about now starring at him and Brynja.

All were silent as Saren led Xander to Arelius side and they each placed a hand on his shoulders,  And Saren spoke to Arelius, We would be honored if you and
Brynja would have a dual mating ceremony with us!  Xander glanced at Saren with a slight grin as he heard her use of the word WE as if she had consulted
him in the slightest about his feelings towards the proposal, but he had no dissagreement in the matter anyway, and Saren likely knew that already.

Arelius turned to Brynja as if to ask her if she approved, but she had overheard, and responded quietly through her fading tears, We'd love to!  Saren continued,
What if we break with normal tradition, and just gather everyone, forget the decor, the endless preparations, and all the hard work, and just keep it simple.
Friends, Food, and Each other tommorrow at midday at the Square.  Saren looked to Xander and questioned, Is that alright with you my love?

Xander squeezed her tight and replied, As long as your there and your happy, im happy!  Saren looked back to Brynja and Arelius who were talking amongst themselves
and after a moment they agreed as well.  But Brynja downed an evil grin as she added, And untill then we have somewhere to be!  Arelius turned his head to question
Brynja of where they had to be, but before he could even speak, Brynja had grabbed him and squeezed him to her chest.  She slowly backed up to the edge of the balcony
and let herself fall backwards off of it into a free fall still holding Arelius Captive.  A moment later she came into view flying at high speed towards her mountain
home with her new mate still bound to her chest.

Xander and Saren bid the rest goodnight and headed towards there room for the night.  They resolved to sleep and not risk any harm to their little ones, and 
quietly fell asleep in each others arms after a short kissing session.

Brynja had arrived at her mountain home, and it was becoming evident to Arelius that he was not likely to get much sleep this night,  Brynja had him pinned to
her bed as she kissed him, even tho pinned Arelius met her every kiss and did his best to keep up with her, but she was quite ravenous.  

The one sided wrestling match ensued for what seemed like hours as time stood still around the lovers, but finally, both froze suddenly as their gaze met
and they both realized they were about to cross the point of no return.  Arelius was positioned below brynja, his now large erection pressing gently at Brynjas
waist as she felt it throb against her soft and delicate black scales.  Brynja was ready, but she was hesitant to make the next move, still worried about something
breaking up this perfect moment,  Arelius by now was totally engrosed in Brynjas feelings, he was in complete contact with her, and he was nearly overwhelmed by
the feelings of Brynja, and his own, intermigling in his head but he was enjoying it immensely, he had never felt so spectacular, knowing brynjas hesitation he
simply whispered to her, Im ready if you are!

Brynja made no response or acknowledgement and held her loving gaze on him, but slowly raised herself higher untill his shaft slid down and under her, she
moved slightly forward dragging his head across her untill it was aligned correctly, and after another slight hesitation, both flushed and sighed as she began to 
slide herself slowly onto him, inch by inch as Arelius rolled his head back from the sudden burst of pleasure, and the overflow his phychic side was giving him
from brynjas feelings.

Brynja took up a constant rythm as she lowered her upper half to Arelius chest and gently turned his head to face her and met his eyes, he was slightly glazed over
but managed to meet her gaze as she lightly kissed down the left side of his jaw and down his neck untill she reached his chest, she momentarily slithered her tongue
around Arelius small left nipple exuming a spasm from the helpless dragon before she lowered her head onto his shoulder and hugged onto him increasing her rythm on
his cock as she went.

Arelius was now experiencing what could only be described as shock and awe, it had been a long time since he had been with a female dragon, back in his younger days
when he was on earth, and before he had known or developed his psychic element abilities, the feelings washing over him now seemed a hundred times stronger than
before now that he felt the pleasure and passion of himself and his partner.

Slowly Arelius would begin to acclimate to the sensations he was feeling, but every time he was about to regain his composure, they got stronger as Brynja and himself
began to near their climaxes, Brynja was drawing very near, and there was no longer a rythm to her pounding, madness was her rythm, lost in her own desire and need,
it had been so long since she had felt this way, so loved, so happy, and so sexually charged, A lesser dragon than Arelius may not have survived her onslaught.
Suddenly Brynjas whole body stiffened and her eyes snapped shut, she fought to trust herself onto Arelius several more times as she began to enter her first orgasm
in hundreds of years, he muscles failed her and cramped almost to a halt as she hugged Arelius tightly.

As Brynja hit her climax and her body went rigid, the feelings crossing to Arelius gave him a sudden spine tingling shock of energy, he himself was close and he
needed to finish her and himself desperately,  With a strength he did not know he possessed he forced brynja over onto her back, and laying his head on her chest
as he hugged her for dear life began to pound her furiously only to send her ongoing orgasm off the deep end as she roared aloud in the room nearly deafening him
in the process.  Brynjas legs were squirming randomly as she lost all control and flailed helplessly as wave after wave hit her.  Finally Arelius found his own
climax and burried himself into her as he let loose his seed within her, slowly filling her as she panted now looking back into his eyes again with a loving smile
and her eyes beaming purple with the hope this love would never end, and in the back of her mind, hoping despirately that she would be impregnated with the children
she long desired.  She knew Arelius would be the best father she could ask for to them.

The pair laid in each others arms just smiling to each other for a while before falling asleep in the same position they finished in, and Arelius still deep within
brynja slowly softening.  Brynja dreamed happily, she had just ended the best day and evening she could remember in so long.  Her dreams led her to a mountainous
area not unlike the locale of her current home, but with a green open meadow just left of the large house.  Log built and overgrown with vines, a porch going the
full length left and right of the house, and four little dragons rough housing in the dirt just before the front entrance, laughing wildly.  Brynja approached them
and as she came close all the little ones jumped to their feet and charged into her, grabbing and tugging at her in-descriminatly, but their words hit her to the
heart as one of the little dragons, a female, golden yellow in color called out to her, Mother, we have been waiting for you!

Brynja dropped to her knees as she embraced all the little bodies that clung to her, it was her own greatest wish she now beheld in front of her.  Movement at the
homes entrance grabbed her attention as she looked up, Arelius was standing in the doorway leaning against the frame with one shoulder just smiling down at her
as she was surrounded in her own happiness.  After a moment Arelius shouted, Dinner,  the four little dragons bolted for the house nearly running over each other to
get there first and crowding past Arelius still standing in the doorway.  Brynja watched the four dissappear into the house and then rose to her feet joining
Arelius in the doorway, as she reached him he took her into a hug and kissed her deeply gazing into her eyes with passion,  But almost as soon as their lips met
he pulled away with a look of shock on his face,  he scanned around the room before returning his gaze to her and smiling happily before exclaiming quietly to her,
This is a new one even for me my love!  Brynja crooked her head at him puzzled by his statement but he continued in a voice the little ones wouldnt hear.  I
thought this was my dream about our future, and its quite wonderfull, but its not my dream at all, It seems through my ability we are sharing a dream of yours, And
its wonderfull!  Lets just be happy in the moment, for this is our destiny, i will do my best to see to that!

Arelius led Brynja to the dining table to join the now rabid little varmits eating their fish and making a bigger mess that should be possible in the process
bringing fourth a gigle from brynja as the yellow female was hit in the neck by a flying chunk of fish and returned fire in rapid timing, succeeding in throwing it
into her brothers open mouth and down his throat causing him to gag momentarily.  Brynja and Arelius just watched as they finished their fish, and left the large
mess as if it didnt exist, heading into the large main room to play some more.  The night was overtaking their dream finally, and Arelius took Brynja over to a
large and heavily padded couch not far from the battling youngsters, they sat side by side and Arelius spoke to his children, Come sit with us my dears, just for a
few minutes before bed.  The dragons rose from the floor and Arelius sat one on each of his knees, and the other two cuddled in to brynja as she hugged onto them
tightly.  Arelius spoke candidly, No matter what, I will always love you with all my heart!  Brynja added, And so will I!  The little dragons replied in a mixed
chorus that they loved mother and father, but the little golden female latched onto Brynjas neck and exclaimed, I love you mommy, Forever!  And daddy too!

Arelius and Brynja resolved to fall asleep holding their dream children and as they did, both awoke in Brynjas bed, and morning had arrived.  Arelius was still
laying across Brynjas chest but he had softened and slipped free of her durring the night, his head laying across her left shoulder.  He slowly lifted his head
and came into a gaze upon her open but sleepy eyes as her mind began to knock loose the drowsyness.  Brynja attempted to speak, but Arelius placed a finger on her
lips and spoke, Yes, The dream was quite amazing, and yes, i was in it with you!  Brynja thought a moment, and commented, I didnt know anything like that was
possible to do...   Arelius smiled and responded, Neither did I untill last night, it just happenned.  It has never happenned before with anyone, I thought the
dream was my own, but when we kissed i felt your essence, and dream characters dont have an essence.  So it had to be you!

Brynja asked, Is it normal to have a dream about the children and life i wish to have in the future, and in such realism?  Arelius smiled and explained, Yes, I
believe it is, you see when Xander and Saren returned, i read Xanders mind to make sure he was not lying, and to see why I sensed Venterus soul within him.
While i was looking in his memories, I saw a dream very very simular!  Xander also wishes to raise a family,  And he loves Saren to a level i cannot overstate!
His love for her is, well, As like the love i feel for you!  Xander has seen a very hard life in his past, filled with terrible events and many enemies and he
was even a victom of torture for a time.  He deserves so much more, and now it is my hope he has found it with Saren.  With them both having twin souls, it is
quite possible they and we will spend an eternity togeather!  Brynja smiled for a moment at the thought of being togeather forever, and then spoke up again, 
Well it looks like we should start getting ready, we dont want to miss our own mateship ceremony!  The two were cleaned up and on their way to the square in
no time!

Xander and Saren, and several other dragons were at the square tidying up a bit as people were beginning to gather,  It was getting close to time and nearly
everyone that was coming was present as Brynja and Arelius approached side by side and landed gently about twenty feet away before joining hands and entering
the crowd.  The two couples moved into their positions near the center as one of the other elders approached carrying a strange chizel looking instrument, and
a small wooden box and adorned in a light gray robe with a mild smile on his face as he strode towards them.

Chapter 14: The Final Battle of Darix
The elder came to stand before them, on a slab slightly elevated so he was just taller than the couples by inches, except Brynja.  He was a dark blue dragon,
seemingly older than the others with about a third of his scales fading to have blackened tips, his eyes were a slightly lighter shade of blue and very vivid
in the suns light.  He spoke up suddenly, Greetings Friends, most of you know me already, for those who do not, my name is Althalos!  We are here today to
bind and celebrate mateship between four members of our beloved family, Xander Venterus and his mate Saren, And Arelius and his mate Brynja Bronislov.

Brynja looked puzzled to Arelius momentarily after hearing Brons name attached to her own, but Arelius whispered to her, We are all one family now, it seemed
only fitting to honor him with such.  Brynja smiled ever so slightly as a tear dropped from her eye,  but she regained her focus and held strong after a second.

Althalos continued,  It warms my heart to see the love in the eyes before me, Saren you are more then a friend, i have watch you grow up under Arelius care and
i consider you as one of my own, im glad to see you filled with joy, Brynja we have met on many occasions throughout my life, and you are just as stunning as the
first time we met, And this village owes more to you than most of us can remember, You always appeared and used your strength to help any way you could, Arelius
is lucky to have you!  Arelius, my old friend, I am very glad to see you so happy, it is due time for you to get your own happiness, you have saw to the happiness
of the village and Saren for most of your life, Congradulations old friend, you deserve it!  Xander, I am sorry we have never gotten a chance to actually talk, I
have heard only great things about you, And without you none of us would be here today having this joyous occasion, you gave your heart to Saren, and through a
twist of events and fate, you brought togeather both Arelius and Brynja, and Darix and Dakara in a time of perril while saving countless lives along the way.

Althalos Continued, The four of you are destined for great things, i can already promise you that!  Now lets get to it shall we...  Althalos openned the box and
within it were two sets of earings, one set had a red and blue earing both in the shape of a symbol unknown to Xander as he stared at them, the other set had one
blue and one black earing.  Xander looked up to Althalos quizzically as he was about to ask, but Althalos cut him off and explained to all,  These earings are a
Tradition from times of long ago, each mate will wear the symbol of love in the color of their mate, Xander take the blue and red, Arelius take the blue and black
set.   Xander, the blue earing is for you, the red is for Saren, Arelius the black earing is for you, the blue is for Brynja.  Xander handed the red earing to
Saren as Arelius handed Brynja the blue one he held.  Althalos now twisted the chisel looking implement he held and revealed it was a spring loaded Earing Piercer
and moved to Xander and Saren, he took the red earing from Sarens hand and loaded it into the Piercer and spoke to them, Saren do you take Xander to be your mate
for life, to honor and care for him to the end of your lives?  Saren smiled with no hesitation and replied, yes!  Althalos Continued, Xander do you take Saren to
be your mate for life, to honor and care for her to the end of your lives?  Xander never looked from Saren, he simply replied, I do!  Althalos stepped up to Saren
as he raised the Piercer to reach for her ear, but Saren was noticably spooked by the device and recoiled, Althalos paused a moment, but Xander took Saren into
an embrace, and kissed here with all the passion he could give her as he stroked her back and signaled Althalos to go.

Althlos moved to Saren and lined up the piercer on Sarens ear as she tensed up, but did not break the kiss.  A mild click was heard as Saren jumped suddenly but
Xander squeezed her tight untill she calmed in his arms as he said, Its ok my love!  Saren eased back from Xander as he held his earing to Althalos and knelt
before Althalos holding Sarens hand to his mouth kissing it over and over, Althalos was hesitant now, but Xander just said softly, Anytime your ready, as he held
a unwavering gaze on Sarens eyes still kissing her hand.  As the click was heard Xander did not even show a reaction still gazing and kissing Saren.  After a
moment he stood and took Saren under his arm and faced Althalos as he shouted, Xander and Saren, Mates for Life!  The crowd cheered for a moment but then calmed
for now was Arelius and Brynjas Time.

Althalos moved to the couple and Brynja took a knee so she was on the level with him as he spoke to her, Brynja do you take Arelius to be your mate for life, to
honor and care for him to the end of your lives?  Brynja replied, I do!  Althalos turned to Arelius, Arelius do you take Brynja to be your mate for life, to
honor and care for her to the end of your lives?  Arelius replied, Forever!  Brynja was slowly streaming tears down one side of her face as she looked to him,
and awaited her own earing, Althalos took it from her, and loaded the piercer, As he clicked it on her ear she only blinked and continued her stare.  Arelius
handed his black earing to Althalos as he knelt before Brynja and took both of her hands in his just smiling upon her, Althalos positioned the piercer on Arelius
ear and as the click resounded Arelius stood and took Brynja into a hug as Althalos shouted, Arelius and Brynja, Mates for Life!  Cheers erupted from everywhere!

The four lovers were now bombarded by elders and friends most of which Xander himself did not know wishing them happiness before moving towards the mass of food
that had been laid out, after while the atmosphere calmed down and the four were left to some peace to eat togeather at a private table, Arelius sat next to Brynja
and Saren next to Xander at a two sided long table eating and talking future plans.  Xander spoke out,  I have a standing promise to some old friends to return to
earth in the very near future, and after learning about Venterus and your past, and the loss of the dragons of earth, i am wondering if it might be good to try
and establish a colony on earth, so dragons can once again be free there now that Xanatos is gone.  Arelius spoke up, Xander, you do know there were no such thing
as the dragons of earth dont you?  Xander inquired, What do you mean?  Arelius continued, well earth never really had its own dragons, all the dragons that
inhabited the earth, migrated there from here over a span of many many years.  It was discovered by a very powerfull Psychic elder, Ulric, as he explored the vastness of
space for quite some time, he knew if he could find another mind out there, that there would have to be a planet for that minds body to be on.  Eventually he
found a place of many minds, billions of them, the humans of earth.  He and the other elders already knew how to use teleportation for crossing great distances
in a time of dire need, but Ulric has a propostrous idea, or so it was thought to be, that he could teleport one of the humans here by using the combined power
of the elders and focusing on the distant mind of a small child he picked out, an orphan girl living in sadness.  It took some convincing on his part, but his
stature finally convinced the others, t was worth at least a try, and if he failed it would end the issue.  Xander replied, So what happenned?

Arelius Smiled and continued, He met with success...  And after only moments of concentration from himself and the elders, a perfectly intact, and very frightened
little girl appeared before them,  she was terified of us at first as we seemed to be monsters to her, and so much bigger by comparison.  She had no parents and
noone to go back to best he could tell, so Ulric took her in as his own, her name was eleyenna and raised her into a very nice and charming young human.  She no
longer regarded us as anything different from herself although she knew we were dragons, and she was human, she didnt care in the slightest.  As she matured Ulric
sought to return her to her people so she could build a life there, but she refused him, and instead found love and eventually mateship in a dragon here, his name
was Hadrien, The pair were happy for nearly twenty years togeather, and somehow, they managed to have child togeather, the child was of her size and stature, but
bore the wings and scales of a dragon, and the face was also humanlike, the child was named Sadon after a draconic historical figure i think, i dont quite remember,
he was ten when Eleyenna, Hadrien and Ulric decided to visit earth togeather, she wanted to see where she was from again, and Ulric and Hadrien wanted to see it
also.  In total a group of ten dragons went to earth that day, and while there, Ulric, Hadrien, and Eleyenna decided to stay and establish their own colony where
the two could bring other dragons willing to visit and raise their family on her homelands.

Xander cut in, How long ago was this?  Arelius thought for a moment, Well i dont know exactly, the story has passed down from elder to elder, but probably about ten
or so generations before me.  Xander replied, so about a thousand years, no thats humans, dragons grow how old again?  Arelius simply replied about thirty five
thousand years ago, long before humans had developed any order or enlightenment, Eleyenna was far ahead of her fellow humans, she could fluently speak dragon
and decent in what ever language she was born into, she could read and write in dragon, and she learned math, and some chemestry from one of the elders.  She was
proof that some day humans would be a very powerfull and smart race, they only needed the time to acheive it.  From then on dragons from many villages came to
Darix to visit earth, for a time, Ulric was transporting a group to earth every twenty days, when needed he would send a group back, but far more stayed on earth
than visited.  That is how earth got its dragons.  Xander was just sitting there awestruck by Arelius story.  Arelius finalized, Everything was quite well on
earth, problems came and went, but none too bad untill Xanatos came to be, the Mideval times were upon us, and Humans were organizing into nations, kingdoms, Kings
were crowned, and Knights were looking to prove their loyalty and Valor at every turn.  Xanatos initially had other dragons following him, doing his bidding, to
destroy any kingdom that opposed him, and laying waste to a great many lands, and killings thousands if not more.  He alone was our downfall.  The kingdoms of
humans banded togeather and sought out to destroy the dragons without knowing that only a small sect were against them, instead they hunted any dragon they found
and while we are strong and quite powerfull, the humans came in armies, and eventually overwhelmed any dragon stronghold they found.

My parents were killed by the humans, but i do not blame them, Xanatos caused them to fear and eventually hate us, and he ultimatly paid the price for it.  The
rest of the dragons and myself fled with Ulric back to Darix, all except Venterus, he was stubborn, and he had been an orphan himself though i dont know the
details of that, perhaps you do, but he stayed behind, he did not want to run from Xanatos, and wished to stay with his friends on earth, he was the so called
guardian of a small farm village, and well the rest is destiny, im sure you know how it goes from there!  Xander replied, Venterus told me the rest on our first
night togeather after the attack.

The four were silent as they absorbed the story that had just been told, but as they picked at the remains of there meal, Xander suddenly felt a tremor in his
gut, warning him of danger.  He looked up to Arelius, who was locked on him now.  Xander spoke, DID YOU?  Arelius slowly stood replying, Yes i felt it too.
something is very very wrong!  Both scanned the horizon in every direction looking for something to stand out.  Xander shouted to Arelius, That feeling was
different, it was like my normal sence of danger, but harder.  Arelius replied still scanning, Thats because it was another powerfull psychic scanning the
area very hard.  And you also senced his emotion, whoever it is, they are violently angry.  Arelius Yelled out, Guards, Get everyone out of here now!

The four were now standing looking to the skies as Galkairan and his guards arrived and he shouted, You felt it too?  Xander and Arelius replied, Yes, we did.
Galkairan replied, Its him!  Xander questioned, Its who?  Galkairan replied, Its Lexendrix, and he is pissed!  Its the same essence i was following so many
years ago before he dissappeared and went into hiding.  Im sure of it!

As they were scanning the sky still, a figure appeared just behind the castle circling the village at high speed, to high for a normal dragon to sustain.  But
a twin souls dragon could easily.  The figure was circling in tighter as he slowed down and came to land fifty yards out from the group and shouted, Which of
you has killed my brother?  Xander stood forward without fear and spoke, if your talking about Grenchu, I did!  For the crimes of attempting to kill my mate
and her father!  Lexendrix roared, I CARE NOT WHY YOU DID IT, ONLY THAT YOU DID IT!  Now you, your pathetic mate, and her father will all perish!

Lexendrix pointed his hand to Xander and struck out with a massive thunder blast, but as it hit, Xander only laughed to himself as Lexendrix broke off and
looked stunned to the core!  How did you survive that?  Why did you not burn?  Xander replied, because i am a thunder psychic type, just like you!  In fact
we all have twin souls, just like you and your brother became!  You cannot defeat us!  Combined we have the power of ten souls, mostly thunder and psychic
elements, you have no chance Lexendrix!  Surrender!

Lexendrix shouted, You lie!  And launched feeble thunder bolts hitting Galkairan and Arelius to no effect as they simple smiled at him and the five began to
surround him in a giant circle.  Lexendrix was very worried now, and his anger was at a climax as he thought and thought for a way to beat them.  He used his
psychic side to scan each dragons elements looking for something he could do or take advantage of, he was growing worried untill he scanned Brynja and found
no thunder element.  He realized he could hurt her, and also attempt to steal her power, if he achieved that, he would have a chance at winning the battle.

He was facing Galkairan with Brynja to his right, and Xander between Galkairan and Brynja, He pointed for Brynja to fire bolt expecting her to move, but she
had no idea of her own vulnerability, and she stood her ground as he smiled at her.  He suddenly let loose a blast in attempt to weaken her just as Xander
himself realized her underlying weakness and the reason Lexendrix would attack her.  Xander reacted out of pure instict to save her, but there was only one
way to do that, Venterus knowledge of essence blasts hit him and he used the knowledge to fire a blast straight into Brynjas right side Ribs blasting her
out of the way just as the bolt passed her previous location.  Brynja landed nearly twenty five feet away head first in the dirt severely winded and possibly
injured.  Arelius heart stopped as he witnessed the blast and his mate flying into the ground, and then not moving.  He couldnt understand why Xander would
have done it.  But before he could even utter a word Lexendrix screamed, how dare you!  She is mine now!  Lexendrix turned to Brynja as she was now starting
to move slightly, attempting to get to her knees as Lexendrix pointed to her once more and proclaimed, Now your power is mine, as he let the thunder blast fly
in a attempt to steal her soul and energy.

Xander was in slow motion as he saw the bolt moving to Brynja who was unable to stand and did not see it coming, there was no time to stop the attack, and
blasting Brynja again could possibly do massive damage or even kill her he worried.  He realized if he could just get between her and him, the battle would
be over, but it was too late even he was not that fast.  His heart rose to his throat as the bolt slowly neared Brynja, but as it did, Xander suddenly saw a
flash all around him, for a moment all he could see what white, and then just as quickly, it was gone!  And before he could asses anything he was hit with
a thunder attack, he suddenly noticed, he was now standing between them, and Lexendrix was now strugling to break off his attack is terror.

Arelius was watching the scene as Xander stood before Brynja absorbing the thunder attack, and suddenly, he could sence Xander absorbing something else.  It
was Lexendrix and his fallen brothers powers!  The attack was intended to steal Brynjas power and soul, but it hit Xander, A thunder elemental, Which forfeits
all Lexendrix Power to Xander!  Arelius now understood, Xander did not attack Brynja, Blasting her was the only way to save her in time!  The Bolt of energy
between Xander and Lexendrix dissipated and Lexendrix staggered and fell to the ground moaning as his body began to shut down on him, he moaned out, what have
you done to me?  Galkairan came forward and explained quietly while Arelius, Saren and Xander ran to Brynja.  You tried to steal Brynjas power, her soul with
your thunder powers, which would have worked, but Xander is a Thunder type, and he caught the blast for her, when he did that, your attack backfired because
thunder types cannot attack thunder types, it always backfires,  So your attack attempting to steal his soul, backfired, and drained you of yours and gave
Xander all of your power, and your body cannot live without any life force, so you are dying now, you just killed yourself!  Lexendrix just stared helplessly
at Galkairan for another moment before his gaze faded into the distance and his heartbeat and breath became permanently still.

Brynja was regaining her senses, and the three helped her roll onto her back as she held her side where Xanders blast had struck her, Xander was breaking
down as he cried and tried to appologize to her, repeating he was so sorry, and he didnt mean it!  Brynja openned her eyes and saw him standing over her,
she paniced and kicked him in the chest suddenly sending him flying into a stone wall about ten feet high as he then fell down to the ground groaning.
Brynja was in a shock and paranoia as Arelius held her head to his chest telling her to calm down, its ok now, just calm down!  Xander opted to stay away
as he rolled himself to sit upright at the base of the wall as Arelius and Saren tended to Brynja,  Thankfully her powers had kicked in, and she was now
healing very quickly, after nearly fifteen minutes she was physically healed and recovered from the blast.  But as she stood she approached Xander with a
look of sheer anger, Xander simply waited for her to reach him and did not attempt to run or defend himself as she picked him up with one hand around his
chest the other around his throat as Saren grabbed her leg and begged her to stop.  Brynja held Xander and shouted at Saren, Why should i stop after what
he did to me?!!!  She then turned to Xander and screamed in his face, And why dont you fight back?  Do you want to die?  She threw Xander against the wall
again and stepped back to punch him as he tried to get up but as she reached to punch she stopped dead, Arelius was standing in front of her punch.

Bryja stepped back slightly as she took in the fact she almost punched her own mate, she quickly yelled, why are you defending him!  He attacked me!
Arelius raised a hand to stop her yell, and replied, Because he just saved your life twice my love!  Brynja stood angry and confused as she shouted again
how do you call that saving my life?  Arelius replied, Because my dear, If Lexendrix attack had hit you, you would be dead right now, and so might the
rest of us!  Xander is immune to Lexendrix attacks, You have a weakness to them!  He was trying to steal your soul from your body, the same way Bron
joined with you, so can souls be taken from you!  And thats what Lexendrix tried to do!  Xander saw it before i did, but it was too late to warn you, or
try to block it himself.  His choice was either blast you out of the way himself, or watch you die and then die ourselves as Lexendrix used your power and
his own to kill us!

Brynja was calming down, she was remembering Galkairans talk on how it all worked and how it was actually what could have happenned,  Galkairan added,
What they say is true Brynja, if a thunder elemental attacks you, they can injure you or steal your souls, and kill you.  A regular thunder elemental without
twin souls is not a real danger to you, but any thunder elemental with the power of another, potentially has the power to kill you and gain your power.

Xander quietly spoke to Brynja, I understand if you cant forgive me, but it was the only way.  Brynja asked, if that was the first time he saved me, when
was the second time?  Arelius added, While you were down and unable to get up, Lexendrix attacked you again, attempting a second time to hit you with his
thunder power, that time Xander somehow got in the way and blocked the attack himself and killed Lexendrix in the process.  He now has Lexendrix power
within him as well.  Brynja looked to Xander still sitting at the bottom of the wall where he had fallen, and asked, then if he is so strong why is he down
there and not healed and defending himself?  Xander replied as he looked up to her, Because i will not fight a friend!  Even if they want to fight me!

Brynja stood still for a moment taking in the new details, and then stepped towards Xander again but Arelius stepped in front of her placing a hand on
her stomache as he looked to her worriedly.  But she patted his shoulder and added, its ok.  Arelius moved, and she again picked up Xander, This time tho
into a hug and he returned it,  he told her, Im so sorry, but it was the only way i could think to save you, i hope you will not hate me for it!
Brynja held him forward to face her and spoke, i misunderstood what happenned, im sorry for what i did to you and i hope your ok.  Xander replied,
Actually it was quite impressive, you broke five of my ribs clean with one kick, but i was healed by the time i sat up from the fall thanks to the extra

Brynja finally placed Xander to the ground and asked, so that means you have four souls now?  Xander replied, i guess it does, i have what ever Lexendrix
had, plus my own, i will have to look into it more later to know more.  Arelius looked around and exclaimed, Well except for what happenned between Brynja
and Xander, this little fiasco went a lot better than i expected it to.  None of the villagers were harmed, no structures were harmed, and the only signs
that it happenned is the cracks in the wall Xander hit.  Xander replied smiling, Trust me, this is more then enough action for one day.  I intend to go home now,
with my lovely mate, and make some memories that wont soon be forgotten.  Arelius looked to Brynja, well my love i would tend to agree, how about we retire
and do the same, after all it is now officially our honeymoon, Brynja took Arelius into a hug, and bid the others farewell as she then took off powerfully
still carrying Arelius and heading for her mountaintop home.  Galkairan spoke to Xander and Saren, You two enjoy yourselves now, have a good evening, if any
trouble comes up, we will deal with it!  Xander and Saren flew up to the balcony of the castle and retired to their room for what promised to be a very
happy and loving night indeed!

Chapter 15: The Exodus - Part 1
It was a peacefull morning as Brynja and Arelius awoke to the sun coming through a now broken window to her bedroom, the two were in each others arms laying
is a twisted mess of their own limbs and the blankets from the bed on the floor.  The bed was broken in half at its center and one bed post was a tell tale
sign of what had broken the window when it collapsed during what appeared to have been a perilous battle they had shared durring the previous nights love
making.  Brynja let the morning daze slip from her eyes as she surveyed the room slowly, the room was mostly untouched, but the bed was in shambles and was
in need of major repair if not replacement.  As she looked on she commented, What happenned in here?  Arelius kissed her cheek and giggled in reply, I believe
we happenned in here love.  Brynja half ghasped and giggled at the same time as she realized exactly what had destroyed the place.

Arelius stood up and stretched his back as he yawned before taking Brynjas hand and helping her up with his new found strength.  Arelius thought to himself
for a moment and then concluded out loud, I could definatly get used to this life, A beautiful dragoness to love, a home on a mountain, and no more aches and
pains in the mornings!  Brynja questioned, What do you mean pain in the mornings?  Arelius explained, Well dear, for a very long time due to my life and past
injuries i have always woke in the mornings with a sore stiff back and knees, im starting to notice those daily ailments are fading away now that i have this
new power.  In fact i feel better this morning than any other morning i can remember, of course you had something to do with that too you know!

Brynja just giggled as she hugged onto Arelius tightly squeezing him into her chest as she nuzzled his neck and back.  Well i suppose its time we get some
breakfast hon, what say we push on?  Brynja corrected him, Actually i have a plan for our breakfast, i want to show you some things also, lets go to the beach
and i will show you how i really catch fish and cook them when i want to have a warm meal.  Arelius was confused by her statements, not understanding what
was to differ in her fish catching from last time to this time or how she planned to cook at the beach.  He resolved to just accept that she must have
something in mind already and to just go with the flow happily.  The two opted to fly seperately this time and Brynja took a point position ahead of him as
he enjoyed the view of her from his vantage point.

The two arrived at the beach down a distance from where the rest of the village usually went and Arelius followed Brynja to the edge of the water as it
waved up over their feet and then receeded every so often.  Arelius spoke out, So no diving to the bottom and scaring me to death this time?  Brynja just
smiled back to him and exclaimed, This time breakfast comes to us!  Arelius was startled as Brynjas eyes began to glow a bright red color as she invoked her
secret power before him, she didnt utter another word, but simply smiled at him and pointed to the ocean.  The two just stood silently for a few moments
watching the sea, and after another moment, a small school of large fish began swimming towards them and came to a halt between Brynja and Arelius as he
stood before her completely awe struck and unable to utter more than the word, HOW?

Brynja placed a finger over his mouth to calm him, and explained, i have had this gift for a very long time, almost as long as i can remember, but it didnt
use to be so strong untill after Bron and I, well, became like this.  Arelius took Brynja in a hug for a moment to calm her mind from remembering Brons loss
and questioned, Do you know what you have just done my love?  Brynja questioned, What do you mean?  Arelius smiled and replied, My dear, you have mastered
your nature element, whether you knew thats what it was or not, thats what you have done, it allows you to control, commune, and see through common animals
and creatures.  While not exactly too rare to see, it is extremely rare to see anyone with such control over it.  Most that can use the power can only connect
with a single animal and only for a short time, perhaps a few minutes.  You have brought an entire group of fish to us, and hold full control over them even
now.  It is spectacular to know my mate is a Master of the Nature Element.

Arelius now picked up two of the fish from between them and used his claws to sever their nerve centers giving them an instant end before they were to be
cooked and then looked to Brynja who took three more and did the same before leading the way to a large half of a boulder which was laying almost forming a
table with its flat sheered side up.  She layed the fish at her feet as she spoke, I made this rock a long time ago by breaking it in half from a larger
boulder, it is pure granite, smooth and clean and works excellent for my cooking.  Arelius was now puzzled as he asked, But how do we cook fish without a fire?

Brynja smirked a reply, Its simple, you dont!  And before he could question further Brynja let loose a eight foot flame from her mouth and blazed over the flat
top of the rock over and over untill it was radiating heat around it,  She took her fish and layed them out on the rock face as they sizzled loudly and
exclaimed, See, this is how you cook at the beach!  Arelius just smiled at the simplicity as he added his two fish to the rock and waited.  Brynja continued,
Cooking them this way seals in the juices rather than letting them drip out into the fire.  They taste much better this way, you'll see!

After a few more minutes and two quick flips by Brynja, the fish was ready and she took them off and handed Arelius his share.  He noted that the fish looked
much different this way, it wasnt charred and partly black like the castle grille made them, these looked scoulded, but suprisingly fresh still and smelled
exquisite by comparison.  He took a bite of the first and closed his eyes as he chewed and swallowed it, he added simply, You may have to make my breakfast
every morning if you intend to show me such delights my love, this is the best fish i have had.  I understand now why you always fly to the beach so often to
eat, everyone else doesnt know what they have missed!

Xander awoke to find Saren freshening up and questioned, Is something wrong?  Saren replied, No i guess i am just eating for three now, and i am starving now
very badly, it seems our little ones have quite an appetite and are growing quickly.  Xander smiled at her knowingly and added, Lets not keep them waiting then.
The pair walked towards the balcony as the smell of fresh fish and burning wood filled there senses and angered their stomachs for not going sooner.  They sat
at the table as the fish were not quite ready yet.  Xander asked her, I have a serious question for you love, as you know i made promises to return to Earth
before too long to re-unite with Amy, Hiroto, and Sam.  And earth is also my home, even tho i am no longer human as i was before.  I have grown quite fond of
that world, but at the same time i cannot deny a sence of welcome here as well.  Im sorry Saren, what i mean to ask is, would it be acceptable for us to live
togeather on earth, find a nice un-inhabited area, and build our life togeather, plenty of space for our young ones to roam, and we can make frequent visits
back here to Darix to visit everyone, and maybe they can even visit us on earth and be welcome as our guests in our territory.

Saren thought for a moment about Xanders question, weighing the options, but he was not aware of all the angles as she now pointed out, Actually, it think it
is not just a good idea, but i guess you havent heard, Arelius pulled me asside for a moment yesterday and explained we have a potential problem with our new
power and abilities!  It seems as tho several neighboring colonies have voiced major concerns over the revelations of our new found power, not nessicerily
Dakara since Galkairen is one of theirs, but Arelius told me several have formed alliances just in case we were to use this new power to attack them without
provocation.  They think now that we have the power, we would use it to take them over, and conquer them all.   He tried to reassure the three representatives
that came yesterday, but they were in no way trusting of his assurances that we have no such intentions.  Arelius is worried that they may try to eliminate us
as a threat to them if they ever figure out a way to do such, and it could simply start a war over all the mistrust.  After they left he came up with one
possible solution which was for all of us to go start our own small colony elsewhere as so not to bring down any pre-emptive attack on Darix itself, and to only
come to aid after a battle had started so we could end it and break it up.  But your idea has its own merrits, there is not much unclaimed land here anymore,
most even tho un-inhabited is already under claim by one colony or another, and occupying a area against their wishes would only serve to anger them, which is
exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Instead we could make our colony on earth, and then they would not be able to attack us directly, and they would have no fear of an impending attack from Darix
either.  Once they realized we were no longer there, at least most of the time, they would rest a lot easier with there paranoias i presume.  We could even
offer to allow their representatives to visit our colony after a while and see for themselves, they have nothing to fear of us.  Xander sat back a bit as a
slab with six freshly cooked fish was placed between them by the cook.  Xander looked up to him and questioned, I have yet to get your name, what is it?  The
young cook replied, My name is Szouren (SZ-oren), and you are Xander Venterus!  Xander smiled pating his shoulder, indeed i am.  Nice to meet you Szouren.
Szouren walked away to eat his own meal as Arelius approached with Brynja in tow.  Arelius smiled and spoke, Szouren lost his father a long time ago, so now
he takes care of his mother and we take care of him, in exchange for being our cook, he and his mother will not go hungry and are taken care of because we take
care of our own.  And although he doesnt believe it himself yet, he has a very potent psychic element in him i was trying to teach him to use.  But he looses
focus and quits trying to easily, i havent found a way to encourage him that has worked for more then a day.  Xander swollowed his bite, and added, maybe i have
an idea.  Xander called Szouren back to the table, Szouren stood staring at him smiling, he clearly looked up to Xander after having seen the battle with
Lexendrix.  Xander continued, You think i am quite powerful dont you?  Szouren exploded, Oh yes, they way you stood up to Lexendrix and scared him, and then
overpowering him at the end, that was completely astounding!  Xander smiled and questioned, Would you like to know a secret about my power?  Szouren 
practically begged as he replied, yes please please!  Xander put his hand on Szourens shoulder and closed his eyes as if he was sensing for something and after
a moment said, interesting!  Szouren exclaimed, What IS?  Xander removed his hand and looked back to Szouren, oh well its just that i remember at your age i
had almost exactly the level of power you have now, and now look what i have become!  If Arelius is trying to teach you something you should do your hardest to
learn it, just because you fail the first time doesnt mean you cant, it just means you need a lot more practice!

Szouren walked away almost starry eyed as he looked at his hands and arms as if to see if he had missed something about them.  Arelius giggled once Szouren was
around the corner, well you might have overdone it a little, but if that doesnt work nothing will im afraid, well see if it lasts.  Anyway as Saren was telling
you, the revelation of our new abilities has travelled fast and created some unrest in the process since the other colonies now see us and Dakara as dominating
forces and not rough equals anymore.  Saren added, Xander actually gave me an idea that may solve this problem, we cant take over some other piece of land to
start a new colony away from here since there isnt much unclaimed space, and if we stay here, we are seen as a threat to the other colonies.  So why dont we
start our new colony on earth?  Xander wants to live there anyway, and i am going with him if he does!  Why not just take the lot of us, and rebuild what Xanatos
destroyed so long ago.  Xander continued, On earth dragons are believed to be only a myth since none were ever found nor their remains, untill Venterus was and
this all started, unless Hiroto has told others, technically dragons are still only a myth on earth, but a feared one by many, if it was discovered we are real
in bad circumstances, it could turn disasterous for us all, and then them when they would try to hunt us.  I have fought many battles on earth, and they have
some very amazing weapons, but with the exception of a few, none of them can take down any twin soul dragon, short of maybe a nuke...

Arelius questioned, What is a nuke?  Xander replied, Well its a very powerfull and destructive bomb, it can level an entire land in a matter of a few minutes,
and turn entire forests to ash and cinders.  Arelius replied, Oh my, but, now what is a bomb?  Xander rolled his eyes and resolved, lets just say its best if
you never have to know, or see one!   Anyway i dont see any of that being a problem at least for a while, i dont plan on announcing our arrival any time soon
if we do go to earth, i think it best if we just lay low, and just dont still anything up untill we have a plan for gently exposing our existence to the other
humans, and also a plan of what to do if our existence is taken as a threat by them.  For now if they dont know about us, they cant do anything to us, and most
importantly they cant be afraid of us!  Arelius replied, Very true, you cant fear or hunt something if you dont know it exists.  I think this idea is the best
course of action for now.  But we should return here at least every five days or so just in case something does happen, we can defend our people here if the
threat continues and someone attacks Darix.  Xander questioned, Well here is a thought, Saren said you sensed Venterus soul awakening on earth, from here, well
is it possible for two with psychic elements to communicate between earth and Darix?  Like maybe you and Szouren?

Arelius answered, I think it could be possible, but Szouren will need a lot more practice to do such things, as of now the answer in his case is no.  But i see
your idea, if it can be achieved, He could link with me and tell me of the happennings of Darix, and also alert us of problems there quickly so we could come
to their aid.  Xander now asked, So when should we leave?  Arelius relented, Well unfortunatly the sooner the better, to calm down the other colonies.  And
actually your plan with Amy will be upon us soon, you have been here twenty eight days.  Xander thought for a moment, April had thirty days in it, and May had
thirty one, and he left on April fifth, that left two days till May fifth.  So we have two days if we are going to meet them at sunset.  Or they will miss us
and have to try again the next month.  Arelius added, Well there is also another possibility, You and Saren go meet them, but instead of taking them to your
new home on earth, which you dont have yet, bring them back here with you, and then when we all leave for earth we can take them with us.  It will also give
them a chance to see our culture, and people, as well as grasp a better understanding of our ways.

Xander exclaimed, I had not thought of that, but i can almost guarantee they would all love the chance to see this place, none of them have ever imagined they
would be able to see real dragons, let alone another world full of them.  This could actually have other benefits also, while we are there, if we were to
stay a night i could have Amy and the others aquire a few things that would assist us with locating potential locations to make our colony.  And then we could
go over them here and plan out our return.  Arelius questioned, what things could they bring to assist us finding a location on another world?  Xander smiled
and continued, Humans are no longer as primitive as you probably remember, now they can circle the earth in a matter of hours in flying machines, and even
make maps of the entire planet that are small enough to hold in one hand.  Those maps can also show us what the places actually look like from the sky as if
we are flying over them.  That map is called a GPS, they can also bring a Computer, and a projector, which would allow us to put a copy of that map on the
wall inside the castle and study it in great detail.  So now this plan is coming togeather well, we can plan out potential places for the colony, and then
when we get there, we will know where to look, and not just be aimlessly searching for somewhere to live.

Arelius finshed, Well i am glad we have it all planned out now, we can all leave as soon as we find good places on your maps to look at, and everyone is ready.
We should travel light with perhaps only food and basic supplies untill we find a good place, then we can return for other supplies and belongings.  Now i have
to go and see if Galkairen agrees to all this, I havent told him anything yet, other than about the unrest in the other colonies due to our presence.  He
returned to Dakara to address all of the events that have unfolded, He is to return within a day or so, but i will meet him there and discuss this with him,
and if needed the other Dakaran Elders.  Have a good day you two.  Brynja added, See you soon love birds!  And the pair flew off the balcony towards Dakara.

Chapter 15: The Exodus - Part 2
Xander and Saren watched the pair fade into the distance for a moment and then Xander spoke up, So if we are going back to earth, we will be using that room
with the special carvings in the floor wont we?  Saren replied, More then likely we will be, but its is not absolutely for certain why?  Xander continued,
Well i was just curious of how it works, and how a ring of carvings can assist in throwing us across the galaxy and then bringing us back is all, and i cant
reason even a guess as to how it works.  Saren explained, The carvings themselves do not assist in the process, but are merely a target one can visualize as
a kind of reference point, Arelius said it helps them focus better if they can focus on the carvings and their center as a group to more easily drop us in
the intended place.  They have to visualize the target of where they are sending us, there is nothing like our carvings on earth so Arelius dropped me in the
place he remembered the tempe was at, and thats where we met.  And since we were close to the same place for the return trip, he was able to pinpoint us and
pull us back by visualizing the carvings here while their combined energy actually brought us to his intended destination.

Xander mumbled, So thats how it works...  When i was battling Lexendrix and he attacked Brynja the second time, i knew i was to slow to get between them, but
then i was there absorbing the blast and his power.  I wanted to get in the way of it, and block it for her, I was fixated on it as i saw the blast headed
towards her, and then i appeared in the exact spot i wanted to be in.  So its based on visualizing the destination, you have to know where you are going, or
have been there before and have a memory of it.  So since i was able to see the destination i was able to go there instantly, but for going to places i cant
see from where i am, like earth or even somewhere in the castle, i would need to have a memory of the location i wanted to go to.  Saren smiled and replied,
Exactly, hun, Arelius explained this all to me long ago when i asked him about that room.  Using teleportation is not something taken lightly tho, it has its
own risks, like misjudging your target and appearing inside a wall, or mountain, or underwater.  It is only used when speed and urgency are greatest, or to
get to earth.  And only by those with a lot of experience doing it.

Xander suddenly imagined himself with his legs stuck in the ground and unable to move and winced, Oh yeah i can see how that could be somewhat hazardous.  I
will remember to take my time and be careful next time it happens.

Arelius and Brynja nearing the Dakaran Palace landed just outside the front gates as was customary for visitors to their Castle, due to past events the
Dakarans were more carefull of having strangers just flying in without notice and would likely draw a fight from the Dakaran Guards.  Arelius approached the
two Guards standing at either side of the gate and spoke, I am Arelius of Darix, and this is my mate Brynja, We have come to speak to Galkairan.  The Guard
answered back, I am Ardurus, is Galkairan expecting your visit?  Arelius continued, No he was not expecting us, but we have come to provide some further
information about the quelling of the bandit group you no doubt heard of, the Dakaran Guard and Darix Guard teamed up for it.  New information has come to
light about it, as well as another matter of some serious urgency, but it may be best if i saved that for him.

Ardurus nodded and commanded to the fellow guard at his right, Go and tell Galkairan that Arelius of Darix requests a meeting immediatly and see if he will
accept them.  The guard tapped his fist to his chest and took off flying to a high balcony also bearing several identically dressed guards and dissappeared
behind them.  Ardurus spoke up now that he was alone, You are Arelius and Brynja of Darix you say, so you must also be two of the so called twin souls
dragons, which are supposedly undestroyable.  Arelius smiled and replied, I wouldnt say undestroyable, but we do heal amazingly fast even from serious
injuries, and we are stronger.  Ardurus questioned, So why not just go in and find Galkairen since you are unstoppable?  Arelius could see this guard was
one of the curious but also suspicious ones he was worried about but relented, Because it wouldnt be right, Just because we could do it, doesnt mean we
should, it would also be disrespectful to you.  Ardurus continued, So you wont do so untill we Dakarans have something you want?  Arelius and Brynja both
frowned simultaneously and began to loose his patience as he responded, No twin souls dragon would ever attack you for such reasons, we are all virtuous
in our intentions and actions, and you need not worry of a future twin souls dragon doing it either.  Ardurus snapped back, Why is that?  Arelius smiled
and continued, Because Dakara has its own twin souls dragon to defend it.  Ardurus now had a blank expression of total confusion.  Arelius added, AHA you
didnt know that did you!  Galkairan himself is a twin souls dragon as well, and you need not worry, we are here to make sure Darix and Dakara remain good
allies for the rest of time.  We have no conditions for Dakara to meet except that we help each other when one of us is in need.  The last thing any of
us want is a fight that will weaken both our lands.  Instead as allies we can both become the strongest and safest lands and not need to worry about
being attacked.  I should hope you show more respect to others who visit here!

Ardurus calmed and replied, Im sorry, but the rumors going around are not good, and they did not mention Galkairen either, i assumed you were here to make
demands on Dakara as that was one of the rumors being passed around, please accept my appologies.

Brynja responded before Arelius could, We will not mention your disrespect to the others, you neednt worry since you appologized and now see the truth, but
these rumors are another reason we came to talk, everyone is worried we are going to take over, we have no such ambitions.  The fact is it is made up
completely by those who talk and like to be the center of attention.  Please explain this to anyone else who believes as you did, we mean no harm to anyone
and only fight to stop those who do bad things onto others.  As she finished Arelius simply nodded his agreement.  The other guard landed a moment later
and spoke, Galkairen is pleased to hear of your visit but is not able to come see you as he is in the council chambers, he requests you come to see him
there instead.  Fly to the balcony you saw me fly to, and the other guards will direct you.

Arelius replied, Thank you, Pleasure meeting you Ardurus, we will see you again sometime.  The pair took off powerfully and headed for the balcony across
the courtyard as Ardurus waved them fairwell.  As then reached the balcony the new guards were a bit stunned by Brynjas size, and wingspan as she landed
before them behind Arelius.  The guards regained their composure and led them to a pair of large doors and pushed them open.  The ranking guard announced,
may i present, Arelius and Brynja of Darix!  Just as he finished his introduction he exitted pulling the doors closed behind him.  Before Arelius and Brynja
sat the entire Dakaran Council, Desks in a circle with a platform in the middle, Galkairans Desk was empty as he stood on the platform and had just been
adressing the council prior to the inturruption.  Galkairan spoke, Welcome my friends, Im glad to see you here for my own reasons, tho im curious as to the
reasons you came to see me?

Arelius began, Well we are in your court, how about your reasons are first.  Galkairen began, Very well then, we have just been discussing the rumors that
seem to have become a wildfire around all the villages and lands, that the twin souls dragons are going to take over, and all the fear that the existence
has caused.  One elder member spoke up, indeed it has, and how do we know that is not their real plan in the future?  Arelius palmed his face as the words
he wanted to spout off were less than proper and purely in disgust of this conspiracy believer.  Galkairen just smiled at Arelius and continued, Actually
I was about to get to that before the interruption, I know for certain that is not in their plans nor any temptations to do so.  the elder spouted
off this time, How could you know a thing about them, you saw them for a few days durring that battle with the bandits, for all you know these two so called
twin souls dragons could kill us all right now and be done with us!  Galkairan was now very annoyed with the fear monger of an elder and rather than
explain anything he relented to demonstrate how he knew their plans, he looked to the skylight above and hurled a bolt of thunder through it with great
intensity drawing awe from the entire room.  He now stood with complete attention on him with perfect silence as he began again, I know because i am a
dragon of twin souls, I am also the Second Ever to achieve this power.  The first one to achieve it was the leader of the bandits we defeated, some of you
may have heard of him in myths and also in disaster stories from other lands, his name was Lexendrix!  A female elder spoke up, You mean Lexendrix
is real?  Galkairan continued, Lexendrix was real, and best any of us can uncover, at least most of the stories of his deeds are true, tho the times in
which they occurred are a bit skewed and the stories themselves have become half truth half myth as they traveled, the truth is he was a murderer of
hundreds and destroyer of several villages which no longer exist, or merged into a neighboring villages after he destroyed their homes.

Grenchu was his brother and the leader of the bandits after Lexendrix took a leave from them, the whole battle started when Grenchu attacked and nearly
killed Arelius here, and his daughter Saren, He shot them both with poison arrows wounding Arelius in his chest mortally, and Saren the same way.  Xander
who is a visitor to Darix and the new mate of Saren sensed her pain and came to her aid only to himself be attacked and wounded by Grenchu.  But Xander
is a twin souls dragon, and unfazed by the wound killed Grenchu by ripping the heart from his chest with his bare hands.  That was when i saw them as I
was returning from my travels from high above, I could see two dragons laying in pools of blood, and a third, Xander, Trying to help them, and while he
was doing so he was quietly being surrounded for a final attack on him, So from the sky i used the same thunder i just displayed to kill the closest one
to him and drive the others off with the sight of it.  After they fled i landed to help Xander and discovered those who were wounded were his mate Saren
and Arelius, her adoptive Father.  I used my power to heal Arelius, and instructed Xander in how to do the same for his mate as he does not fully understand
his own abilities yet.  In using our power to save them in the ammount we did, it caused them to become twin souls dragons themselves.  That is how this all
came to pass.  The rest of the story you know, the capture of the rest of the bandits happenned as the reports detailed.  But then Lexendrix came to
Darix to kill Xander, for killing Grenchu.  He did not care for his own safety and did all he could to kill anyone he could that was involved, Brynja
there nearly was destroyed by him twice.  But Xander saved her, and killed Lexendrix in the end.  It was nothing short of luck that none of us was killed
in his attack.  And now he has paid for all the evil deeds he has done through time.

The elders were now fascinated by the revelations they had just heard, even the elder who had called him out was now curious.  The female elder spoke up
again, you said you were the second ever to achieve twin souls power, if Lexendrix was the first, from long long ago, then you must pre-date the twin souls
dragon that came to Dakara durring the time of Mordeus, we know now that Mordeus actually brought about the death of the elders then, and that he started
the war with Darix and not the other way around, So Darix must have had a twin souls back then too.  Galkairan smiled and chuckled to himself for a moment
and spoke, I figured someone would catch onto that eventually.  The female elder questioned, Catch onto what?  Galkairen continued, Catch onto the fact that
the dragon that came to Dakara to stop Mordeus was indeed a twin souls dragon just like us.  Another elder exclaimed, You mean you knew it was, and never
mentioned it to us?  Galkairen smiled widely and finalized, Of Course i knew, Because it was me!  Ghasps cicled the room!  He continued, I believe
re-introductions are in order, My real name is Kentaurus, Centuries ago i was the commander of the Darix guard, and Mordeus began a war i had to end.

I lost my best friend to that war, and i also became what i am today.  All thanks to Mordeus and his treachury and reign of terror.  The female elder
spoke, So you have lived all this time through the events of our history, but how did you come to be a Dakaran Elder?  Kentaurus gaze fell to the floor
as her words struck his heart deeply, and he stood silent for a long moment.  He then looked up and spoke, Because while some of you may believe living
forever to be amazing, it can be a terrible and horrific curse as well.  I watched my own sisters life fade as i held her hand, and my friend Theraxus an
elder who rather than taking shelter when the war started, took up his own sword and joined the guards to defend Darix and lived to tell the tale, his mate
died soon after, I cared for my sisters children and helped them start their lives, and all to soon, i was watching them grow old while i had not aged a
day.  It is only natural, but it nearly drove me insane to loose every friend, loved one, and all that i cared for.  The worst part was i was alone myself
and had noone to even take comfort in, noone who understood my pain.  So i fled the pain, changed my name to Galkairan, and came to Dakara.  My heart would
not let me stray too far from Darix, which was my home, but i also wanted to make sure the war between our two lands never happenned again.  I became an
elder, and my loyalty has been to Dakara ever since.  Kentaurus had tears forming in his eyes as he stepped off the platform and sat at his desk staring
at the empty table and uttering, Arelius you may address us on your matters now.

As Arelius moved onto the platform he noticed the female elder get up and walk over behind Kentaurus and hug him from behind while talking in his ear.  He
sensed Kentaurus calm slightly and nuzzle her arm as she spoke.  She stepped over to a stool bringing it next to Kentaurus and sitting with him as she held
him again and nodded for Arelius to proceed.

Arelius smiled knowingly and began, We in Darix have become aware of the various rumors about the supposed intentions and dangers we twin souls dragons
are going to do, and the fear and unrest it is causing not just in our own territories but seemingly everywhere.  Reports have come to us from every
direction saying that our neighbors are fearfull we will use our new found power to attack and conquer them.  We have also heard reports that some have
voiced possible plans of forming alliances against us, more or less against Darix and Dakara since we are the only two Kingdoms inhabited by our kind.
This is the last thing we want is for our new power to incite a new war that threatens to destroy Darix and Dakara.  If even half of the other Territories
were to align against us they would have the ability to conquer us both.  We may inflict massive losses for them in the process but they would eventually
drive us off and destroy our civilizations.  And the unfortunate truth is there are no easy solutions to this problem, we can tell them we will not attack
and for a time them may remain peacefull, but all it will take is one event, even if its not by us, just the rumor that we had anything to do with a death
or some terrible crime elsewhere, and they would turn on us instantly.  And while i hate to bring this up due to history, this is simular to what happenned
in the past here in Dakara, Rumor was started by Mordeus that Darix had murdered your elders of the time, All except the one who began that rumor!  And it
started a war we both wish had not happenned.

The elder who had initially called Arelius out spoke, You have convinced me, but this is a lot to take in at once, and your point about the fear going
around is most true, we have heard simular threats and rumors even among our own people.  How would you recommend solving this most delicate of problems?
Arelius sighed and continued, I can only see one solution that would have a chance at preventing a war completely, and its not a solution to the problem,
it is more or less solving the problem by removing the problem, as in removing our very existence.  The female elder now looked worried as she questioned,
What do you mean removing your existence?  You dont really mean destroying yourselves do you?  Arelius replied, No of course not, but short of that or
my other idea, there is no workable long term solution, My idea, or rather an idea brought up to me by Xander and Saren was for all of us to leave
togeather, and go far from here, Start our own colony elsewhere so that the other colonies will not treat Darix and Dakara as a threat to them any longer
and my hope is that once we are gone they will all calm down and peace will continue.  If this plan comes to effect, i will give up my position in the
Darix Council and leave with Xander, Saren, and Brynja.  At most we will visit once in a while to ensure peace continues, and visit friends.

The female elder questioned, There is no un-claimed land at least for a very long distance, how far do you intend to go?  Arelius sighed and muttered,
Earth.  Again a sigh cicled the room as Arelius began to explain.  Xander and Saren came up with the idea of rebuilding a colony on earth now that
dragons have been extinct for long enough people no longer believe they ever existed to begin with.  We are a myth there now.  And plan to stay that way
at least for a while, there are a lot of places we can build a life and not be disturbed as i hear.

Another elder questioned, So you have heard news of earth recently?  We thought it had been abandoned, and forgotten.  Arelius continued, Well it had been
untill Xander and Saren were there nearly a month ago, for about four days, and made some human friends before returning.  They already planned to return
to earth soon before this happenned, so they invited us to join them and start a colony of our own.  Kentaurus is welcome to join us as well, should he
choose to.  It is the only idea i have left...  Kentaurus looked up and around the room to the other elders one by one before speaking, I think that this
may be for the best, for Dakara and Darix, Arelius, you may count me in.  A moment later the female elder stood from Kentaurus side and spoke aloud, I
Aboleera resign as elder to the council of Dakara and release my position to a vote.  Kentaurus turned to face her shocked as she simply covered his
mouth and added, you'll not escape me that easily, if your going im coming with you.  I now know why you seemed so happy when i told you i cared for
you, and the next day were distraught and refused to even face me, you do care for me, but your afraid you will see me fade away too.  But that wont
happen for a long time now, and untill then you will not escape me hun.  Kentaurus just looked on frozen as she spoke to him, and finally pulled her to
himself and hugged her as he cried.  The male elder spoke up again, Galkairen, Kentaurus, whichever you prefer, you do us great honor and loyalty by
showing such conviction as you have today, I can now see we never had anything to fear from any of you to begin with, and i only wish i could share this
knowledge with the other colonies.  But they would never believe it anyway.  I wish there was something we could do for you to honor you the way you
have honored us.  Kentaurus replied, From now you may call me Kentaurus, my true name.  And as for what you can do for me, You can visit us and uphold
our mutual friendships.  Tho we have dis-agreed many times we will always be friends, and you will be welcome to visit whenever you like.

Kentaurus stood with Aboleera at his side and announced, I Galkairan resign as elder to the council of Dakara and release my position.  May it only be
held by someone with the courage and honor to keep our lands at peace.  I think i will return to Darix with Arelius, I want to hear more about Xander
and Sarens time on earth and prepare for the journey myself.  Arelius spoke up, Perhaps we should stay here tonight, it is already sunset and i think
we would all be best off leaving fresh in the morning.  The male elder stood and paced slowly over to Arelius as he spoke, Im sorry for my comments on
your arrival.  I can see we owe you a debt of gratitude for your sacrifices in the name of peace.  I will make sure that it is not forgotten!

Part 3 will be along in the next week or so!

Chapter 15: The Exodus - Part 3
Back in Darix Saren was going about telling those she cared for of her upcoming departure and intentions on earth,  She was sitting on a bench talking
with Mordekai and his mate Kengara about starting a new colony on earth in the comming days when Mordekai interrupted, Saren, slow down, you dont
understand, I was born on earth just before Xanatos died, My parents fled and brought me back here with them to escape certain death.  The humans will
hunt you and your mate to no end just to claim you as trophies.  My Father barely escaped with his life from an attack aiming to kill the last of us.

Saren continued, Its not like that anymore, the humans no longer fear us, they dont even know we ever existed actually, We are nothing more then a myth
and vague stories from the long forgotten past now.  Mordekai scoffed at Saren smacking his claws into the wooden table next to him, How could you even
know such things child, You werent there like i was, like my mother and father were.  Hiding and fleeing like frightened algons durring a hunt just to
stay alive another day.  Saren glared at him and grumbled back, I was there and much more recently then you, And my mate Xander is from earth!

Mordekai shouted, Child where do you get these ideas from, this is but absurd.  Kengara lightly smacked Mordekais cheek, Calm down you big ouph, that
is no way to yell at a friend even if you dont believe something!  Saren rolled her eyes at Mordekai as he glared at her.  Just then Vesuven, Mordekai
and Kengaras son, strode up to the group, Why are you yelling?  Mordekai openned his mouth to speak but Saren cut him off, Hey Ves, Do you see that big
red guy standing at the edge of the castle balcony, Can you go tell him to come over here and meet some friends?  Vesuven replied, You mean the guy who
killed Lexendrix, Sure!  Vesuven sprinted a short distance before taking flight headed for the overlooking castle balcony approximatly a quartter mile
away.  Mordekai spoke up, You mean to tell me that your mate Xander is the one who killed Lexendrix, and that he is from Earth?  Thats Impossible!

Just then Xander came to a landing briskly a short distance away smiling as he headed straight for his Saren and taking a seat next to her as she spoke,
Love, This is Mordekai and Kengara, they are also the parents of the one i sent for you.  Xander smiled and spoke, Nice to meet you!  Saren continued,
Mordekai here has a few questions he would like to ask of you!  Xander looked to Mordekai and spoke, Ask what you wish.  Mordekai was taken a bit by
Xanders powerfull physique, nothing but brimming muscle and toned limbs to the utmost level.  Xander you are the one i saw battling Lexendrix with the
aid of several others, i recognize that much.  Tell me, where are you from?  Xander simple stated, Im from earth, more exactly im from Texas.

How is this possible if there were no dragons left on earth when Arelius returned after seeing Venterus body in the tomb, that you came from earth?
Xander smiled and added, Because i did not become a dragon untill recently!  Modekai was now dumbfounded with how to reply and Xander continued, I
am a fusion of Myself which was human, and Venterus the dragon, I became a dragon twenty some days ago.  Mordekai erupted and Kengara tried her best
to restrain his temper as he shouted, Nonsense, Complete and Total Nonsense! The lot of it all!  Xander stood and moved nose to nose with the now
standing Mordekai and spoke, You dont believe me do you?  Well i have a question for you!  Why are our feet different?

Mordekai didnt know how to answer or comeback to Xanders question as he looked at his own feet, and then Xanders a few times, and then it hit him!
How could this be!  You have more toes and claws then i do, Before him Saren had three long claw tipped toes and a opposable fore tow on the inside
of each foot just like he did, But this Xander had Four Toes and a larger opposable fore tow then himself and the others.  Mordekai snapped back to
stare at Xanders smiling face in disbelief.  It cant be, but it must be, but how?

Xander sighed, It has become a bit tedious retelling this story over and over, so i will give you the big parts, and Saren can fill in the rest later.
I have been human all of my life, a warrior of sorts, tracking down and stopping those who do terrible things, That life was set in motion by the loss
of my parents and a endless search for retribution.  After a bad turn of events i decided to give up that life and search for a new one, which led me
to make friends with a girl who was on her way to see a ancient tomb and i went along with her.  It turned out to be the tomb of Venterus, and durring
another turn of events his soul and power got embedded into me, and i was transformed into the way you see me now.  Venterus mind, memories, and soul
live within me still and will forever.

When that happenned Arelius sensed Venterus somehow, and sent Saren to find him, not knowing it was actually me with him inside.  The rest is history,
Saren had to come back here, and after spending a day with this beautiful and stunning dragoness, I decided i never wanted to be human again and i
came back with her!  Saren blushed at his complement as he finished.  Xander added, And now due to the turmoil caused by the discovery of us twin
souls dragons and how powerful we are, we are planning to start a new colony on earth in the hopes that our absence will ease tensions of those who
believe we want to attack them.

Mordekai was now sitting taking in Xanders explanation and asked, Well since you have been there for a long time, Is it truly safe to live on earth
again without being hunted and living in fear?  Xander smiled, Except for a hand full of friends who saw me transform into a dragon, noone else on
the whole planet even knows dragons really existed, most think they are just another monster imagined for stories and myths.  Except for the remains
of Venterus which are hopefully still kept a secret, no other dragon remains have ever been found to even suggest dragons did exist.  So the setting
is perfect as long as we are carefull and also dont do anything to announce our arrival untill we are ready.  I figure we find a un-inhabited distant
area to start our colony and stay secluded untill the time is right to tell them of our existence.  Mordekai questioned his mate, Well, would you
like to see the land of which i was born, and have a change of scenery for a time my dear?

Kengara replied, I would be happy to as long as it is safe enough to bring Vesuven and Denara with us.  Xander added, There will be five twin souls
dragons on this journey, if that is not safe enough, i dont know what is....  And before the humans knew you existed, and were actively looking for
you, these days they dont even believe in us, and if someone did see us and tell other people, they may be considered insane and absurd.  So its as
safe as it will ever be.  Just the same, tommorrow we are going back to earth to meet with some friends and gather information and search for a
safe and remote place to start the colony.  After that is concluded we will be bringing a select few of them back here to see our world for a little
while before we set out to actually establish the colony.  Tommorrow we will actually depart just before mid day which will make it sunset at our
destination on earth.

Mordekai resolved, Well i am still skeptical of all this, but if this is real i guess you can expect us for at least a visit once everything is in
order and you have a place to start the colony.  I cant pass up the chance for such an adventure and it will be nice to see earth again, and be able
to show my family what a beatiful place it is when we dont have to fight and run for our lives all the time.  Xander smiled and added, I dont think
we will have any issues with being hunted, but even if someone discovers us and acts with malice, very quickly they will be the ones running for
their lives i imagine, but we dont intend on making contact with human civilization in general for the forseeable future.  At the least we would end
up with scientists and researchers visiting us and trying to probe us like aliens or bother us to death with questions.  Vesuven poped up and
exclaimed, what do you mean probe us?  Xander smirked and muttered, Nothing, nevermind....  Kengara added, What are aliens?  Xander facepalmed as he
decided to just let it go adding back, Eh its an earth thing, i will explain some other time.

Xander began to rub his head a bit more after palming his face as Saren questioned him, Are you alright?...... Xander?  Xander looked up to Saren
suddenly having momentarily spaced and replied with a sigh, Mm im fine dear, just a headache coming on i guess, it just started a moment ago and it
seems to be slowly getting stronger, i think this is the first time ive had one since i changed.  Saren took Xanders under arm in her palm and felt
for his pulse gently and spoke, Well your heartbeat is strong, but faster than it normally is, I think we should go home and let you rest a while,
i think maybe you have caught something, you are new here after all.  Xander smiled stroking her hand and replied, Perhaps your right, im sure its
not unheard of after all.  Well it has been nice talking with you Mordekai, Kengara, and you too little one, Xander smiled as he pointed to Vesuven
as he turned to walk away with Saren.  Mordekais clan said their goodbyes and Saren led Xander back to the Castle with Xander finding his wings a
little shaky durring flight, not weak, but seemingly off balance and occasionally drifting slightly off course which was unusual.  As he landed
on the balcony he proceeded straight in and towards their chambers while Saren paused to get some fish and meat from the table of lunch leftovers
before bringing it to Xander.

By the time she reached him Xander was in their room splashing some water on his face and starting to sweat lightly which was extremely unusual for
any dragon since they all had naturally high heat and cold tolerances.  Xander went from using a bowl of water to splash his face to downing the
whole bowl of water with one gulp before setting it down shakily and walking over to the hot tub and turning to ask Saren, How do i fill this with
cold water?  Saren was now worried but replied, We have the servants or guards bring in water why?  Xander replied, I dont feel to good and im
dizzy now, like my head is spinning, and i feel like im about to catch fire.  Saren walked to Xanders side and held his arm again noticing instantly
that his heartbeat was now elevated more, and he was also hot and damp to the touch, a lot more then normal.  She guided him to sit and lay into the
hot tub and added, I will go ask some servants to bring in cool water to fill the tub and also see if one of the elders can come and see whats
wrong with you, Please hang on my love!

Saren hit a jog and was gone before he even realized she had turned around, and a few moments later four servants entered the room rolling two large
wooden barrels of water up to the hot tub and releasing the corks in one side letting the water pour onto Xander and into the pool.  Xander relished
the cold water as it covered his body and made him instantly feel a little better aside from his now beating headache.  Eventually the servants
returned with the barrels refilled and brought the hot tub to its limit covering Xanders body up to his shoulders as he relaxed in the water and
his body temperature was forced back down slowly little by little.  Xander was dozing in and out of wakness still troubled by his headache as
someone lifted his head for a moment and then sat it back down on a soft pillow sitting on the edge of the tub.  Xander openned his eyes slowly to
see a worried Saren sitting over him, and behind her stood Althalos wearing a sleepy expression on his face as he knelt next to Saren and pulled
Xanders arm from the water to feel the heartbeat himself as he frowned at the speed and the heat the was building between his hand and Xanders arm
in the short time since Xanders arm had left the water.  Althalos began, This is very strange, he heartbeat indicates he is seriously stressed or
in a panic situation, but clearly he is not, and he is generating a heat that is unheard of because his body is doing this continuously, i would
expect these symptons from something or someone in the heat of battle, or in the heat of panic.  I wish arelius were here, he is better with these
things since he can feel what his patient feels due to his phychic element.  I am a nature element and it does nothing to help us in this situation.

Xander was drifting in and out of contiousness getting a sight of Saren and Althalos talking one minute, and then seemingly halucinating being in a
silver walled room looking around in a panic, but only really seeing a human male looking in at him through a window on a metal door, then snapping
back he was looking at Saren now helping the Servants add fresh cold water to the tub as it was being drained on the other side.  Saren noticed
Xander now looking up at her and knelt to him dipping her hand in the water before rubbing it into his head speaking, We still dont know what you
have gotten, but Althalos says your body must be fighting something with all its power, and all we can do for now is keep your temperature down
untill you recover on your own, or untill Arelius gets back, Althalos dispatched a scout to alert Arelius and hurry his return.  Xander muttered
to Saren quietly, Dont worry love, i am feeling a little better now, just worn out now from all of this, Xander trailed off his sentence as he
faded out of contiousness again but having managed to make Saren a little less worried now.

Xander could once again see himself in a steel room going literally bananas trying to destroy the walls and windows with flailing blows not having
much effect at first.  But suddenly he could feel his power building slowly and the punches he was delivering were beginning to dent the steel
plates, and crack the glass windows, it felt the same as when his full twin souls power was exposing itself as he felt his strength piling on, but
he began to notice his punches were not flying with the Draconian dagger clawed hands he knew, but with the hands and arms of fully grown thick
white furr with short pointed claws.  Xander was already aware he didnt seem to be throwing the punches or doing the flailing, but more the feeling
of disconnection, like his body was on some kind of auto-pilot, leaving him only to watch his actions unfold effortlessly.  Suddenly the glass broke
on the steel doors window when he punched it one last time and he reached through it to unlock the door from the other side, then ripping the door
open leaving claw marks across a decal that showed unit number seven, as he broached the doorway something unseen hit him in the chest.  Glancing
down he saw a red tailed syringe dart sticking out of his ribcage as he sank to his knees with his power fading quickly.  As he fell to his back
looking up at a man standing over him in a white lab coat saying only, That was quite impressive, but still all wrong seven.  The man held a tape
recorder to his mouth and spoke, Day four sixty nine, nineteen hundred seventeen hours, after injection of a DNA extract filed as X. Grimsson
subject became violent as usual, at ten minutes post injection subjects heartbeat and body temperature began to climb eventually reaching critical
levels as the subject became meniacally enraged and demonstrated increased strength and the ability to damage steel plated walls and armored glass
that have contained him in the past without concern, cause of sudden accelerated heartrate, temperature and increased strength to be determined,
subject was able to defeat his confines and will require a more re-inforced holding cell, subject also remains fully uncooperative.  As the man
finished his sentence Xander opened his eyes again to see Saren laying on the edge of the hot tub with her head next to his, he turned his head
to hers kissing her cheek as she woke with a yawk and a sleepy stare smiling back at him as he spoke, How long have i been out?

Saren placed her hand on his head as she responded, You passed out about four hours ago, and your temperature and heartbeat got even worse, but
then a little while later all the sudden you beat it, and your heartbeat dropped almost to normal, and your temperature fell quickly once it did.
Does your head still hurt?  Xander assessed himself for a moment shifting around a few times in the water and replied, actually i feel a lot
better now, and my headache seems to be gone, i am still tired, but actually very hungry now too.  And i had the strangest dream that i was in
a metal cage being watched.  I think it might be some kind of forgotten memory or something, because it had humans in it, not dragons, and i was
clearly not a dragon in the dream.  I think i was in some kind of suit or something, idk, its all a kind of blurr.  Althalos sat up from the bed
slowly as he replied, with a temperature as high as yours was, it is known you can have very disturbing dreams, and they can seem to drag on for
a long time even if it isnt that long in reality.  The mind does many strange things when it gets too hot Xander.  I would put it behind you for
now as i believe it was likely nothing more then your imagination running amok under the added stress.

Chapter 15: The Exodus - Part 4
The night sky was beginning to brighten slightly as the sun prepared to bring morning upon Darix as Saren and Xander finally settled into bed
in each others arms with Xanders affliction now having faded away.  The pair were fully exhausted and slept well into the day before the were
awoken by Arelius knocking on their door loudly and calling out to them to wake up.  Saren groggily slipped out of Xanders cuddling and off the
bed to let the worried dragon into the room as he proceeded to move to Xanders side hastily and placing his hands on Xanders head and abdomen
as Xander woke slightly startled to see Arelius in his face.  A moment passed as Arelius looked with his eyes while scanning with his abilities
in an attempt to find any anomalies before finishing and stepping back looking relieved.  Saren questioned, Well did you find anything?

Arelius shrugged and began, Well my dear, he is fine now as best as i can tell, by the description Althalos gave me when i arrived it sounded
like perhaps Xander had caught a sickness of some kind, the sudden and extreme fever, and loss of contiousness, but normally i can sense such
things on others even a day or two after they have recovered, thats whats so strange, I dont see any evidence he was ever sick last night, not
a single trace of anything which means three things, one is he beat it and his body has already fully metabolized it which may be attributable
to the high metabolism our abilities afford us tho i cant be sure, or it could be something that i cannot detect and that has gone dormant for
now and may resurface later, then again it could be unrelated to any sickness and instead be some other unknown condition, How do you feel right
now Xander?

Xander sat up in bed and responded, I feel fine, no different then any other morning, except maybe a little bit tired from not getting enough
sleep last night.  And i am absolutely starving to the point i feel my stomache is on fire inside.  Arelius smiled, Well that is a good thing,
After having your body burning away like a furnace and also skipping dinner i would be worried if you werent having hunger pains.  But i had
expected you would be hungry and had Szouren get cooking so food would be ready for you, the only concern for the moment is refueling your body
after all that stress and exertion last night.  Szouren is cooking up a plentiful mix of fish and Algon meat for you!  Xander stretched his arms
and wings simultaneously freeing them from morning stiffness with a loud moaning yawn before stepping off the bed and stretching his legs for
a moment before exclaiming, What are we waiting for?

Xander took Sarens hand leading the way for the balcony with Arelius in tow but as they neared the doorway the scents of the cooking meat and
fish invoked a loud growl from Xanders stomache loud enough Saren and Arelius noticed it briefly.  As they entered the balcony Xander saw Brynja,
Kentaurus, and an unknown red scaled female sitting, eating, and talking.  As Xander entered the red dragoness glanced at Xander with her
sparkling green eyes and smiled at him reassuringly.  Xanders eyes fixed on the food seated on the warming end of the big cooking surface as
he hastily approached and took a steak of Algon and bit off half of it without even leaving the grill.  Another gulp and it was gone, followed
soon after by three fish and two more smaller Algon steaks.  Xander stood at the grill for a moment letting it all settle while Arelius and Saren
picked food for themselves and sat at the closest table to him.  Arelius was purplexed after seeing Xander eat almost twice his normal fill
in a matter of a few minutes and ravenously not even taking time to sit down or step away from the cooking area, but after a drink and a few
minutes letting his stomache settle Arelius became worried once more as Xander again took a small Algon steak and a larger one and finally
came to sit with them.

Arelius queried as Xander took a seat, How can you possibly still be hungry after eating three fish and three steaks?  Xander looked up as
he bit the smaller steak free of its bone and swallowed the whole thing whole before answering, Honestly i dont know, but i dont remember ever
being so hungry before today.  Even now im not quite full but i think i can stop now with this last steak, its like my stomache is controlling
me to a point to eat everything in reach but its subsiding now finally.  Arelius scratched his chin before answering, Well perhaps your body
exerted far more energy than i guessed although im not sure where it could have gone.  You didnt have any wounds to heal which can cause simular
but less pronounced effects, so it doesnt make much sense to me...

Xander swallowed the last chunk of the last steak he had and questioned, So when did you get here, i thought you and Brynja were in Dakara to
discuss our pradicaments?  Arelius added, The health of my Saren, and her mate, come before all else to me Xander!  But actually we were already
done in Dakara but had opted to stay the night since it was already late evening when we finished, so we arrived back here shortly after you two
made it into bed after it was all over.  When we got here i was going to go right in to see you two but Althalos told me you had stabalized and
had gone to sleep with Saren for the night and were recovering, so we gave you time to rest before rousting you for food and a checkup.

Saren spoke up, I was really worried last night love, First i thought you were just exhausted from something, but the fever and then passing out
in front of me really scared me, I thought after everything that has happenned i was going to loose you.  Xanders gaze faded to purple as a
tear rolled down his face before continuing, I was worried too hun, I could see you doing you best to try and help me while i was helpless to
do anything, And your quick thinking may have saved me, but at the least, it made me more comfortable and it helped to know my mate was watching
over me while i was troubled.  But you dont need to worry right now, I already feel almost myself again now that i have eaten and i can feel my
body surging with energy again.  I will never leave you my Saren, And there is no force that will ever keep me from being at your side.

Xander reached his head forwards to Saren as she met him nose to nose kissing over the table for a moment before parting ways and leaving Saren
touched and happier now.  Xander leaned back and thought for a moment, Well we were supposed to go to earth today, actually very soon here now
we are supposed to make the jump so we showup at sunset on earth but im not sure i want to go alone with just Saren, just in case more comes of
all this of course, i dont think it will, but part of my idealism is to always be prepared for anything.  I dont want to wait another month to
go there and risk Amy either being unable to make the next visit, or other unforseen things to get in the way.  I think it would be best if
we were accompanied on this visit...

Xander looked to Arelius expectantly for a moment before continuing, How about you and Brynja join us this time around, See earth and meet my
friends and the reason i am here now.  Brynja had been listening as she spoke over everyone, I think it would be a good adventure to see a world
other than our own, and im curious about how different it is.  Arelius now having his answer provided to him by Brynja responded simply by smiling
and shrugging his shoulders in agreement before asking, How long untill we go?  Xander looked up to the sun for a second and then commented, Well
judging from memory just after noon here translates to about sundown over there so we dont have that long, the sun is almost where it was when
we arrived.  Arelius asked, What about food and water, How available are they where we will be arriving?

Xander replied, Well i havent flown on earth yet, but i would estimate the ocean is only a short flight away and it is quite plentiful with many
different kinds of fish.  As for water, i believe there is a small pond actually walking distance from the ruins.  We shouldnt need to take
anything but ourselves.  And anything else Amy should be able to aquire with the resources i left her with.  I am also curious if anyone else will
be there with her, Her mate, or some of the others i met while i was there.  Arelius resolved, Well we need to talk to Althalos before we
depart so he knows.  Kentaurus can you watch over things while myself, Brynja, Saren and Xander make our initial earth expedition?

Kentaurus Smiled and replied, Of course we can, Besides despite the memories it is nice to see the land i once defended again, and it will give me
more time to become re-aquainted with my one true love here, Xander this is Aboleera of Dakara!  Kentaurus suddenly rolls Aboleera into his lap
and steals a long kiss as she simply lays in his arms enjoying it with a few giggles.  Saren smirks as she sees the display unfold, Well dont
have toooo much fun while were gone kids!  Everyone but Kentaurus and Aboleera stood to leave and headed to the main council chambers to find
Althalos, As they entered Arelius began, Good day old friend, We've come to tell you we will be gone for a day or few, We decided after Xanders
episode last night that it may be best if myself and Brynja accompany him and Saren just in case something was to go wrong on earth.

Althalos set his spectacles on the table as he added, Well im glad to see you are planning for complications to befall you, its been something
i have always been carefull of, better to have and not need, then to need and not have.  Thanks for letting me know, and i actually feel better
knowning that even if Xander has a relapse our best psychic will be there to help.  I wish you well and look forward to meeting these friends
of yours on the return trip Xander.  Xander added, Trust me, they will be far more thrilled to see this place, and you!

Arelius patted Althalos shoulder and added, Well the time has come, we must depart now, see you soon old friend!  Exiting to the teleportation
room just outside the council chambers Arelius stood in the center of the carving on the floor and reached his hands for the others to form a
circle, Brynja took his left and Xander on Xander on her left, with Saren next to Xander and her taking Arelius right hand.  Arelius looked to
Althalos standing in the doorway watching with a smile before exclaiming, here we go.  Arelius visualized the point he had pulled Saren back
from on Earth and all four dissappeared with a flash of yellow energy.

Amy was sitting in a lawn chair not far from where she had last seen the two dragons she called friends as the sun faded behind the clouds, as
it faded she sat up in her chair and took off her sunglasses in suspense as her husband looked to her skeptically and asked, Are these friends
of yours gonna showup soon, or are we gonna come back another time to see these lizards?  Amy elbowed him mildly and commented, John, I love you
but you really are an ass sometimes, they are real.  John just laughed under his breath before continuing, I dont doubt that, I just doubt that
you actually met live ones that are going to come see you, I saw the bones of that thing but there extinct, all of you are killing me with this
its just so hillarious.

Sam cut him off, John you are a jackass, She wasnt imagining them, hell i talked to two of them myself in a language that only I and a handfull of
others on this planet are even capable of understanding.  John added, Melany you really need to talk to Sam, he must be under whatever spell my
Amy is.  Melany replied, I find all this very very far fetched, but Sam swore to me that it was the truth, and we dont lie to each other, ever!
Hiroto spoke up, John, they are real, you are welcome to your own opinion, but that doesnt change the fact that your opinion is wrong.  So please
stop arguing the facts as myself and Shinju are very tired of it.

The sun was now gone and the clouds had gone dark as night fell completely, after twenty minutes Amy announced, Well, we knew this might happen
and it seems they are not coming tonight, so that means another month we wait.  John was smirking but remaining quite as he and Amy began to
fold up their lawn chairs and prepare to leave, but suddenly they all felt a shiver crawl up their spines and stood straight looking around
in bewilderment.  John spoke up, What the hell was that, did you all feel it?  As Sam and Melany agreed they had a yellow glow appeared faintly
before them and just hung in the air for a moment motionless, but them a bright yellow flash blinded everyones dark adjusted eyes as the dragons
materialized from thin air thirty feet away.

John dropped his chair and stood struck with dis-belief as Amy took his arm and led his shell shocked body to the dragons who now broke their
circle formation and stood side by side as the entire group approached them, some smiling some in total awe.  Amy stopped with John standing in
front of Xander and spoke, John, This is the Xander i told you about.  John just stood frozen before them staring into Xanders eyes so Xander
began, Hello John, Its a pleasure to finally meet you!  As Xander addressed him Johns knees went weak and he dropped to sit on his feet now
glancing between the various dragons before him.  Xander looked to Sam, Im glad your here Sam, Im the only dragon here who speaks English so
this is going to be complicated.

Sam smiled and stepped up to stand close to Xander and spoke in Draconian, Its a pleasure to meet you all, My name is Sam, I am a friend of Xanders
and a friend to everyone here.  Arelius was suprised to hear a human address them as he replied, I am Arelius, and this is my mate Brynja, and
i am impressed to hear a human speak to me so well.  Sam added, It is my job to study ancient languages and mythologies, and yours dates very
far back but i was able to identify it as Xander spoke it after his accident.  Sam continued to translate the Arelius greeting to his wife and
to Hiroto and Shinju and the two of them Bowed to the Dragons in welcome.  Xander suddenly got a wicked idea as he stood before them, and got a
choking laugh as Sam overheard his plan as he explained to the other dragons.  Xander spoke up in english, Who would like to fly over Tokyo with
us for some sight seeing.  Without an answer Xander lifted John to his feet and pulled him and Amy to his chest facing forwards hugging them
tightly exclaiming, This is gonna be good!  Any was thrilled as Xanders powerfull wings lifted him off the ground and accelerated into the sky
before taking up a calm glide in a big circle waiting for the others to get organized and follow.

Arelius opted to take Sam and Melany, and Brynja carefully placed Shinju and Hiroto at the point where her neck and back met so they could ride
as she was larger and better suited to this method, Saren flew up to Xander as Arelius and Brynja took off carefully as to not loose a passenger
and met Xander as they began to gradually climb and head for the city lights.  John was now watching the lands below in amazement as they flew
and came out of his shell finally as he began to talk to Xander and Amy about the sights.  It was the first time any of them had the experience
of flying over a city of lights without a cockpit or flight attendant in sight.

Chapter 15: The Exodus - Part 5
With Xander leading and Amy navigating for him the group flew high over the city at a easy pace so all could enjoy the experience, one that
noone would soon forget.  As they flew about a half mile in parallel to the beach a flock of seagulls flying at the same altitude failed to see
the group of dragons in due time and scrambled to fly evasively as they collided with Xanders flight path and Brynja managed to catch one in her
mouth and gulp it down in quick measure as Hiroto laughed histarically having seen the feat from on her back and exclaiming to all between
laughs.  Brynja shouted, I decided to try some of our new game, and get my first meal here out of the way.  Saren commented back,  That looked
like a snack not a meal!  The human passengers all got a good laugh at the stunt even tho only Sam understood Sarens comment.  The group flew
in a loose formation with Saren and Arelius flying on Xanders left and right while Brynja flew staggered behind Xander and above slightly giving
Hiroto and his wife a perfect top down overall look at the magnificent Dragons as they soared over the Japanese lands silently with only the sound
of rushing wind and their own speech to hear.

They were now just beginning to cross high over Tokyo seeing the busy streets and bright lights and building sized billboards glowing below them
as well as the hoards of people crowding the sidewalks and streets unaware of what was flying above.  As they flew Xander began talking to Amy,
Amy i need you to get a few things for our return trip to the Dragon world, as soon as we have everything we will be heading back there.  Amy
replied, What do you mean your going back, I thought you were going to stay with us here?  Xander continued, We are going to live here, but that
will take time and planning, alot has changed since we have been gone Amy, and it has caused a fairly large change in our final plan.  When we
got back to Darix a chain of events took place that ultimately ended with the four of us Dragons, plus two more who are still there are now feared
for our abilities and strength to the point they are considering pre-emptive attacks to stop us, even tho we have done nothing wrong.  To stop
that at least six Dragons, including all those here now, two more back in Darix, and maybe four others that are considering still will be moving
here to Earth to form a Colony of our own.  And thats where you come in!  As i was trying to explain, We need to scout a good place to start that
Colony, Far from any human establishment in an un-inhabited area, with water and wild game prevalent or at least not far away.  Scouting by flying
might seem easy now, but were actually not covering as much ground as you think, My plan is for you to obtain a Laptop, a projector for it, about
twenty of those solar powered battery chargers for RVs and Semis, and a Truck Battery for a Semi, one of the four foot long ones, and preload the
laptop with a complete world map as detailed as possible, not topographic but actual satelite imagery as good as possible.  We will also need a GPS
unit for the return trip to here, to lead us to the places we choose to look at.  The plan is for all that equipment to go back with us so we can
do the research while we prepare for the actual migration here.

Amy finally able cut in, Wow that is some plan, i figured it would just be you two coming back but i think i like this plan better, but i was kinda
hoping you were here to stay, does this mean we have to come back some time soon to meet you again once you have your places to check picked out?
Xander smiled and replied, No it doesnt mean that, you wont have to come meet us because you will be with us, as long as you want to that is, we
were going to take you all back with us to see Darix, home to everyone here.  Sam broke in, Your shitting me!  We are gonna see the Dragon Homeworld!
Xander added, Well if your that dead set against it i guess you could stay here if you wanted....  Sam finished, No way, I wouldnt miss this for the
world!  Cmon a chance to actually meet a species from another world, on their world, its like a double win.  As Sam ended his outburst of joy Xander
nodded his head a few times mildly prompting Xander to reply, I think im getting a headache, but its not bad for now.


In a government run research and testing facility known only as Dugway deep underground in a all white laboratory full of Isolation Cells a tall man
in a long white coat punched away at a computer with a ten foot screen as several others bustled around him carrying out his orders.  A female lab
tech approached him and spoke, Dr. Demarcus, Subject Seven is stirring, should we re-sedate him?  Demarcus replied, No, let him wake up and lets see
if he acts any differently now that he has had due time for the DNA splice to take full effect, hopefully it has at least helped to reign him in a
bit and that outburst yesterday was just the shock of the mutations.  Regardless, Station a squad of Marines outside his cell but out of sight so
he doesnt feel cornered or threatened.  But if he decides to smash in another door they are there to stop him!  Glancing at one of many security
monitors he smiled as he watched a pure White Human Wolf hybrid slowly waking up laying on the floor naked.  We also need to work on color, what
good is a wolfen super soldier that is all white, he might as well glow in the dark and hold up a sign saying here i come.  At least we can fix
that simple enough with some black hair dye if nothing else, its only a matter of time before we break him and mold him into our newest assasin.

I actually got curious after the little outburst yesterday and did some research on the Grimsson sample to try to find more information other
than just the basic physical characteristics and basic psychological assesment that were filed with it, turns out the guy who submitted the sample
is suspected of being some kind of assasin for hire, we have his sample only because he got into a special program allowing civilians to train
with the Marines if they were prospecting for SWAT or Law Enforcement Careers,  He completed the training better then half the Marines that
enlisted and was even propositioned with incentives to join but declined, and also never pursued a Law Enforcement either.  He went off the grid
for a while, then re-appeared supposedly with inheritance money from a relative in another country, and his last job title lists him as a private
investor working from home at his Ranch near Austin Texas.  But i tried to contact him by phone, and it comes up disconnected.  I looked him up
in the database and his file indicates that he has been to Mexico, Honduras, Egypt, Canada, Many times to Brazil, and not long ago just appeared
at the US Embassy in Mexico saying he was a tourist and his Passport and ID had been stolen so they gave him a free ride home and alerted mexican
authorities.  Ever since then there was a few credit card transactions, the last being a purchase of tickets for a Japan Cruise, his passport was
filed by the cruise line, but they never reported his return, citing that he had never re-boarded the ship for the return trip.  Im having a local
resource pay the ranch a visit to see if he is there, and see if he can be brought here.

For now im going to revisit the origin sample we used to create Seven, and see if we missed any potential conflicts between it and the other DNA
strains we have applied to him so far.  I dont underestimate anything knowing where it comes from...  The lab tech questioned, What do you mean
comes from?  I thought you created the wolfen strain.  Demarcus sat back in his chair, I made it compatible with our physiology and mapped its DNA
Sequences, but i did not create this masterpiece!  Simply pointing upwards with one finger was all he needed to do and the womans eyes went wide
as she got his meaning as he added, And you didnt hear it from me!


Xander suddenly began to loose altitude as he tossed his head side to side with Amy and John asking him what was wrong to no answer, Xander was
having trouble keeping his mind in one place, on one hand he was trying to remain flying and on the other he was on the floor in a white room
again just like before, managing to focus enough to keep most of his mind on flying he turned himself to a sharp forty five degree decending dive
targetting the nearest tall building he could make out in an attempt to land before he would possibly loose contiousness and crash, as he neared
the rooftop he banked right and cicled the building to bleed off momentum and speed before coming to a stumbling landing on the concrete roof
and releasing Amy and John before crashing through a satelite dish and finally coming to a rest laying in it rubbing his head and now sweating
profusely even in the cold night air.  Amy rushed to him asking him if he was alright but only getting moans in return as he held his head in both

It took several minutes for the others to catch him and finally they all landed and released their passengers as they rushed to Xanders side.
Arelius placed his hands on Xanders head shoving Xanders hands asside and realized Xander was seeing and feeling two things at once.  And it
was like a tornado going off in his head, thoughts, visuals, pains, fear, and more was flooding his mind seemingly from nowhere.  Xanders eyes
were closed but he was seeing things that werent there, Arelius saw a white room and white furry hands in front of him, and suddenly felt afraid
of the world, it was as if he was looking into the mind of a third person.  Letting go of Xanders head he spoke up, Listen to me Xander, you are
in control of this, those sights and thoughts are not yours, they are from somewhere else, you can force them out, and block them, use your psychic
element and block it out.  You can do it!  Xander heard Arelius in his deliria, and focused on blocking the sights and feelings, shutting them
out of his mind, and slowly they began to fade away as his headache passed and he opened his eyes looking around.  After a moment he spoke, What
happenned, whatever it was, its the same thing that i felt last time, only this time it faded in slower but got a lot stronger.

Arelius was shaken by the experience himself as he pondered it all over again in his head, Xander i am not quite sure how to explain it, or what it
was for sure, but i would guess you were seeing and feeling someone else, it wasnt a dream, it was to vivid, we were seeing through the eyes of
another, and they must be somewhere here on earth.  Xander asked, Why do you say that?  Arelius commented, Because there was a human looking in
through one of the windows, all dressed in white, maybe some kind of priest or such, last time i was here only kings and priests dressed in
pure white, the person we were seeing also looked to be in white, but it looked like furr not clothing on them.  But the one at the window was
in a white robe with some kind of crest on it.  but i didnt recognize it.  For now keep it blocked out of your mind, we will investigate why this
is happenning later, but i dont think this is a good time.  Sam was explaining to the humans when they all suddenly became aware there was a
Japanese guy with a toolbox standing in the doorway of the stairwell and staring at them all jaw dropped and in shock.  Sam pointed out Brynja
to him and yelled out Godzilla, Godzilla, Hashiru!  The man turned to run but dropped his toolbox on his foot and began tumbling backwards down
the stairs as the door mechanism slowly closed itself with tools chinging and chonging as they spewed from the toolbox as it tumbled after him
down the stairs.

Sam was laughing histerically as he tried to speak but calmed himself, I think we should go, like now before someone else comes back to see
what happenned to that poor guy.  John exclaimed, Sorry sucker probably shit his pants on the way down, we need to scram.  Sam told Arelius, We
need to leave before someone comes back, if were not here they wont believe him, but we need to be gone now!  Xander pulled himself up off the
flattened Satelite dish revealing he had KOd the television and internet service for the building, the dish said in the corner, Property of
Ritz Carlton Tokyo.

Everyone mounted back up after Melany smacked Sam for scaring the daylights out of the poor engineer and making him fall down the stairs
backwards, and the Dragons took off quickly soaring for higher altitude where they wouldnt be spotted so easily.  After a easy flight back to
the ruins they landed and the dragons made themselves a little more at home laying down here and there around the makeshift camp setup durring
their wait.  Xander went over the items Amy needed to get for them again as she took notes, and also noted things herself and the others would
need for their stay offworld with the dragons.  Talk dragged into the night as they all conversed with Sam and Xander doing a lot of translating
for the others various discussions.  As everyone finally fell asleep Xander stood and walked thirty foot from the group quietly into view of a
large lake glistening in the moonlight.  A moment later he heard footsteps behind him and glanced to see Amy approaching as she came to stand
next to him staring out over the water.  Amy Asked, What on your mind?  Xander scanned the water for a moment looking for his thoughts finally
speaking,  I was just pondering where i might be if all this had not happenned, and trying to understand what happenned earlier as well.

Amy leaned against him replying, So do you have any regrets or things you might have done differently?  Xander placed his hand on her shoulder
to hold her against him, and after a moment replied, As strange and unbelievable as it all went down, looking back now at where i am, where i
was, and where i could be as a human being, I wouldnt have it any other way, because it seems that now as things seem to be easing down just a
little im finding that i am happy with where my life can go now, and before, without severe intervention i was headed for one of three possible
fates, A boring life in some boring job if i chose that path, If i changed my mind and continued my previous profession there is a good chance
i could be dead somewhere, or in a foriegn prison to rot forever.  But now i have my Saren, The friendship you yourself and the others, and now
an entire army of dragons that are unimaginably strong.  Not to mention i will soon be a father, I could never regret any of it no matter what
else could have happenned.  Not counting the hardships along the way i have been happier in this last month, then the rest of my life combined.

Amy replied, Well im glad you finally found your way, and im glad your finally happy.  Your gonna have to explain better why so many are coming
here tho, i dont have anything against it, but its just a bit odd the way you explained that you were being feared, but that can wait till
morning, I think its best we get some sleep now.  It sounds like we have a busy day tommorrow gathering your supplies.  Goodnight Xander!
Xander stroked her hair gently with his claws, Goodnight Amy, sleep well!  Hiroto and Shinju were curled up next to Brynjas stomache with Sam
and Melany spooning a few feet away.  John was laying up against Brynjas arm as Amy snuggled up to his chest and draped his arm around herself
and began to fall asleep.  Xander moved in behind Saren who was laying on her side and snuggled up behind her rolling his arm around her as she
grasped it sleepily and pulled him closer.  Even as they all slept, the dragons snoring and snorting were well more then enough to ward off any
wild animals in the area.

Chapter 16: Military Response
At a military compound just outside Saitama Japan chained to a metal chair bolted to the ground sat a bloodied japanese soldier, barely coherent
between sobs as he strained to keep one eye open while the other was swollen shut.  Around him stood guards sweating and uneasy being involved
in such torture of one of their own.  In front of them stood a tall semi-muscular man, General Tsun, A carrier officer proud, egotistical, and
power hungry.  Smiling down at the restrained soldier speaking softly, All i want is for you to tell me about this photograph you took, then you
are free to go, is that so difficult, What is keeping you from speaking?

The soldier raised his head tall looking sternly to Tsun without fear as he replied, Honor!  As he looked on Tsun simply laughed as he launched
another blow into the soldiers cheekbone with his black gloved hand.  Honor you say, have you no sense soldier, I am your General, Your honor
is bound to me!  You dishonor youself and your kin every moment you refuse to answer your General!  Now tell me what i want to know, or else
honor will be your last concern when i kill you, and then do the same for all those you care for.  The soldier continued looking right back with
no fear in his gaze speaking, You use the word honor as it suits you, and wouldnt know it because you never will have it, you talk of being
honorable yet you threaten my family, if hipocracy was honorable you would be king!  One of the nearby guards smirked as he heard the comment
but no sooner had he smirked then Tsun drew his revolver shooting the guard in the head without hesitation.  He then aimed for the soldiers head
momentarily before lowering his pistol to the soldiers knee blowing it open.  Tsun smacked him, every time you dont tell me i add a bullet.

Tsun shot round after round into his legs, then his shoulders, still he refused to speak even smiling as the General aimed for his head, Just then
the door burst open, two guards dragged his eighty five year old father into the room, knelt him, and Tsun put the gun to his fathers head adding,
This time i will only ask once.  Finally with a sob, the soldier relented, stop, i will cooperate, just take care of him.  As he finished, Tsun
smiled commenting, Well that is a very enlightening tale, I will have to find this Xander and Amy.  The soldier looked up, Now will you take my
father home.  The father looked to his son, I love you Kuro my son, looking then to the General, Our lives ended when he decided to detain us,
Any promise of release was just deception.  Crawling to his sons side as he continued to bleed out, Tsun is no human, so he has no problem
killing.  Fear not Kuro, soon there will be no more pain.  Tsun raised his pistol as he smirked away the old mans comments, Any more last words
from you?  The old man laughed, Just some for you, right now your on top, but very soon you will reap what youve sown, someone stronger then you
will kill you, and everyone you have hurt will be there waiting for you!  Father and son now laugh togeather menacingly staring holes in the
Generals eyes as he opened fire on them.

Tsun left the room reloading his pistol and holstering it as the old mans words worried him slightly even tho he brushed them off.  Exiting the
room the guard went their seperate ways, unknown to Tsun and the others, the third guard was a member of Kuros unit, and had been present for
the events in the photograph.  Having transfered to be closer to his family his involvment had aparently been misplaced in the rosters for
now.  Ducking into his barracks and hiding in a back corner out of sight he pulled out his cell phone and picked a contact, Commander Takayuki
As the phone dialed he kept on the lookout but everyone else was still out on duty.  After a moment Takayuki answered, Takayuki speaking.

This is private Toru, i was a member of your unit when we defended the dig site, and everything else that happenned there!  The Dragons!
Takayuki stammered, Shut it now, make no mention or you know what could happen.  Toru cut him off, Its already happenning!  They found a photo
on Kuro and General Tsun got hold of it!  Takayuki replied, What! Where did they take him?  Toru Continued, Hes dead sir, and his father as well
he refused to talk even after Tsun tortured him nearly to death, so they dragged his father in and he told them everything, then Tsun executed
them personally right in front of me, They dont know i was there, what should i do, i mean i have a wife and child if they find i was there, and
that i also witnessed the execution.  Takayuki Yelled, SHUTUP, Calm yourself!  Now this is gonna go to hell quickly if Tsun actually believes it
he will pursue it to the end of the world.  He is very methodical, he wont have missed you for long, Tell your immediate CO that your wife had
an accident and is in the hospital and you have to go, they should let you leave. Dont go home, Pick her up from work quickly without making a
scene, and the same for your son from school, Tell them the same story so its uniform, Withdraw all your money from a machine, and get to hell
out of the city.  Toss your phone into a parked car maybe they will chase it for awhile before realizing your gone.  Ditch your formals and dress
like a tourist, i will meet you at a bus station about six kilometers north of the ruins, Go NOW!

Takayuki steadied his right hand with his left as he held the phone, his unit was assigned to crowd control for a public event later in the day
and were just setting up street barricades as he called out to them to assemble before him.  As the last two joined the ranks he spoke frankly.
Kuro is dead, Toru is on the run after informing me, General Tsun knows about the dragons, and he knows that we knew about the dragons and kept
it from him.  Very quickly he will begin to squeeze anyone connected.  He killed Kuro, and his father to make them talk.  And now he is preparing
to come for us!  I ask too much of you my brothers, and i have gotten you in to deep with me.  If you come forward and tell Tsun he may spare you
and he may not, the choice is yours, i will not place orders on you, but i am not staying to find out!  I am leaving, and any of you are welcome
to join me, anyone else you are free to leave!  After a moment with noone stepping away he continued, Who here has family?  five of the eight men
raised their hands.  Continuing again, Do any of you not have the funds to get a cab, pickup your family, and regroup at a pre-determinted

One man stepped forward, Takayuki threw his wallet to the man and exclaimed, Go get your family, on the way withdraw all the money in my account
use what you must and bring me the rest.  We will meet at a Bus Station six clicks north of the ruins, Dont go home unless you must! Dismissed!
The men with families frantically ran for a main street where cabs could be found, Takayuki resolved, What we are doing is mutinous, We must be
ready for anything, Just shove all but three of the concrete barricades off the truck, Line one of the three on each side of the bed, and one
at the back so you can huddle between them incase we get into a gun battle.  Load the browning on the roof, We will take this truck at least as
far as the Bus Depot, I will trash the Locator so they cant track it.  Lets get a move on!  A few minutes later everything was done, the remaining
men hopped into the back and laid back between the concrete barriers to be unseen as Takayuki jumped in the drivers seat and fired up the engine.

Looking over to the passengers seat with the mounted gun cupola above he exclaimed, Damnit Kuro youve left me without an XO to man the gun, rest
in peace my friend!  Yelling to the men in the back one of them hopped onto the roof and dropped in through the cupola to sit next to him, As
he began driving away he looked over sternly, you know what were in for, and you need to be ready to return fire on your own countrymen as they
will fire on us if they find us, Tsun will tell them we are criminals, or murderers just to get them to hunt us, You must be ready to do whatever
it takes.  And be on guard and watch for tails or aircraft following us!

Back at base Tsun was at his desk as his chief came in and reported, Sir MPs arrived at the town square and were unable to locate Commander
Takayuki or any of his men, They simply are not there.  The barricades they were sent to erect were dumped in the middle of the street and the
truck is gone as well.  I redirected them to the home of one of the men in the unit and he was leaving with his family all dressed in normal
cloths as they arrived and he opened fire wounding two of the men, they fled but our men lost their trail.  Tsun threw his coffie at the wall
as he yelled, Someone told them we were coming, someone here told them about Kuro, I want to know who warned them now!!  The guards that were in
there with us, Find them, and detain them immediatly.

Xander and the other dragons were having a lazy day, Amy and John had left to get the required supplies Xander had requested, Brynja had wanted
to go flying to explore but Xander had stopped her explaining it would be best to wait a while because a news helicopter had been in the area
and the last thing they needed was news coverage of their arrival.  After a bit Xander led them on a low level flight to the ocean and a beach
that looked unused as it was heavily rocky, and reef all over.  Brynja brought the fish to the shore using her nature elemental power over them
confirming it worked on this planet as well, and they all chowed down for a short while before a low level flight back hugging the treetops to
mask their flight and stay under any radar they might set off.  Meanwhile Toru had just picked up his son from school as his wife picked up his
cell phone from the cup holder and answered it, Hello, Oh ok bye.  Toru asked, Who was it dear?  Some guy just said he had the wrong number and
hung up.  Toru took the phone pulling up the caller id as he drove, FUCK, its the base.  Pulling over into a gas station parking lot he hopped
out and went over to a school bus that was at a diesel pump, Approaching the side as kids inside rambled on, he openned one of the cargo doors
and tossed the phone inside left on.

Jumping back in the car he headed back onto the road, that should take care of us for a while, they will be following that bus instead of us.
They called to see if the phone was on, when you answered they hung up without incident so they could track it without us being the wiser.
His wife replied, You still havent told me why you picked us up, and why were going away, and now im worried if the military is trying to
track your phone you must be in real trouble!  Toru replied, No it is not what i did, its what i saw!  They want to interrogate everyone in
my unit that witnessed an event i cant talk about, and then silence us!  She asked, What do you mean silence you, you dont mean?  He looked
at her sternly, Thats exactly what i mean, They already killed my units XO, and are after all of us, I had to watch them torture him, and then
when he talked, they murdered him, execution style, and his father roo.  We are running for our lives, but were not alone, the rest of the unit
is going to re-unite with us later today at a secret location.  Just hold on, once were safe i will explain everything.

Back on the truck Takayuki was in the cab still he had backed into a corner of the parking lot backed up to a building so the markings werent
visible as he listened to the radio chatter while the other man kept lookout next to him, Takayuki spoke up, Well Toru isnt caught yet, but they
are tracking his phones GPS, there trying to catch up to him right now.  One of the men, not sure which tho, had to open fire and down two MPs
in order to escape, so far hes still loose as well, everyone else there hasnt been a sighting of.  So hopefully their safe and on their way.
I wish i could get the word out to Toru to ditch his phone, he must have forgot to, And i would call it and tell him but then they could track
it back here.  I still have mine for a diversion if needed but the battery is out so they cant track it.  If they get close ill turn it on and
toss it into another vehicle to get them off our asses.  Amy was just finishing up shopping having saved the laptop and projector for last, she
waited as the Store tech loaded the map software and cached a complete satelite geographical map overlayed with national boundaries and
territorial boundaries.  Just then her cell phone rang and she answered only to hear, Sorry wrong number!  Tossing it back in her purse she led
a store clerk to her rental car as he carried the tech out to her car while John rubbernecked the city around him as he followed.

They climbed in and drove off headed back to the dragons.  Meanwhile Hiroto and his wife had gone to retrieve their children from their
afterschool sitter and make arrangements for them to stay a while since they would be gone.  Takayuki was still listening to chatter as they
suddenly heard, Subject Amy Lexan is in the city, Records indicate she is in country for business with her husband, last known location was
the eastern end of the Kotaku Mall but we lost signal for the moment.  Hiroto Nagaru is also in the city, High value target, to be taken alive.
Hiroto is at coordinates 35.696131, 139.704809.  If Amy Lexan is captured confiscate her passport immediatly.  Takayuki exclaimed, damnit we
gotta warn Hiroto of what hes about to walk into, I gotta turn on my phone to get his number, should be safe for just a second then i can use
a payphone to call him.  Shoving the battery into his phone he waited for it to come on and wrote the number on his hand before yanking the
battery quickly.  He walked to a payphone and dialed Hiroto.  Hiroto answered, Hello whos this?  Hiroto this is Commander Takayuki, we met at
the dig site after the attacks, im calling to warn you, Someone talked, and now General Tsun is after anyone who was involved, including you!

Hiroto replied, Nonesense i was just overseeing the dig, why would they want me?  Takayuki replied, I dont know the details of why they want
you, but they already killed my XO Kuro and they have been hunting me and my men for half the day, I just heard them say on the radio that
they are tracking your cell phone and there are MPs in route to detain you!  You need to drop the phone and go somewhere safe, somewhere
they wont find you!  If you were closer i would tell you to join us but we arent near tokyo.  Hiroto was now worried, well im not there either
i am not far from, STOP, shouted Takayuki, This line isnt safe, call this number back on a land line, it will take them a long time to tap into

Hiroto hung up and took the battery out of his phone, picked up the sitters public phone and redialed the number, Okay you there Hiroto?  he
replied, Yes im here, Can i talk now?  Takayuki replied, Yes but make it quick, it takes them a while to tap a hard line, they have to dial
into it through the tokyo switchboard which is always slammed.  Hiroto continued, Im not far from the dig site, and im headed back there after
what youve told me with my children.  Takayuki replied, I dont think thats safe, Tsun knows where it is, and he will likely take over the site
soon if not already.  Hiroto giggled, Oh its the safest place in existence i think, there are four of our friends there waiting for me.
Takayuki replied, What do you mean our friends?  Do you mean....  Hiroto cut him off, Yes, i mean their back, but this time there are four of
them, and i pity the person who gets in their way!  Takayuki replied, OK, if this is true go there now, ditch the cell, get your kids, and wife
and leave now!  Hiroto hung up, shoved his cell and the battery in his pocket at grabbed his wifes arm, We need to leave now, the police are
coming to arrest us.  They want to interrogate us about the dragons.  They shunned their kids into the elevator as they headed for the bottom
floor and their waiting car.

As the elevator openned Hiroto saw a military police truck sitting behind his car with officers looking in the windows with flashlights, he
shushed his son and daughter quietly and guided them around the corner to lobby entrance and the main street.  Once they made it hailed cab
and they piled in, He told the driver, Our destination doesnt have an address, just take route fortyeight north about nine kilometers, i will
direct you when we get close, and we are in a bit of a hurry, there are others waiting for us.  As the cab pulled away several MP trucks
pulled up to the building into the space the cab had just been in.  Hiroto was sweating as they drove through the city, taking his sons cell
he commented, thankfully they didnt know about this one yet, Hiroto tossed it out the window as it shattered into the pavement.  I hope Amy
and John make it back before they are discovered or captured.

Back at the bus depot four of the five had returned with their families in tow and loaded into the trucks cargo area including Toru much to
Takayukis relief.  Toru relieved the man keeping watch and took the passengers seat of the big truck keeping his eyes peeled as they talked.
Takayuki asked, You told me it was bad, but how bad were they to Kuro and his father?  Toru looked away simply saying, I have seen much less
done to prisoners of war.  It was almost right out of WWII.  Bullet after bullet went into Kuros arms legs, shoulders, but he wouldnt talk
untill they dragged his father in, then after he talked Tsun executed them on the spot with an entire magazine.  Takayuki replied, Once we
are safe and this settles down a little we will honor him properly.  Had he not held out as long as he did we may have been caught.  His
honor is unbroken to me.

Hiroto arrived at the entrance to the dig site and paid the cab with cash and they walked down the dirt road as it left.  Hiroto rushed his
family along as he heard another car coming, thankfully as he looked back it was a commercial fuel tanker semi passing without notice, but
after what he had seen he was very nervous to get out of sight quickly into the treelines.  Once he spotted the dragons lounging around he
ran to them as Xander cocked forwards from his slouch against a tree taking notice something was wrong.  Xander asked,  What is it Hiroto
whats going on, Hiroto stood in front of Xander catching his break a moment and spoke, The government is after us, they found out about you
from one of the soldiers, and tortured him to death to get the details, they dont know your here and back now, but they just tried to capture
me and my family, The commander of the unit that was here with us called me and told me to run, they are after him and his entire unit as
well, They could be after amy and john too, I cant call them either because they were using my Cell phone to follow me, so i turned it off.

Xander informed the other dragons as he translated it to them, Brynja stood tall scanning the surroundings, Xander spoke up, Hiroto we need
to warn her if its not to late already, I will fly us elsewhere so you can turn your phone on and call her, find out where she is, and warn
her to hurry back, and then they will track it to the wrong place.  Xander told the others to be on guard and stay hidden, he picked up
Hiroto and took off flying fast and low to the trees approacking a nearby wooded hill that the highway was carved into, flying up the back
side of it he landed in the trees just before the summit.  Peering over the edge he could see all traffic headed the direction of the ruins
but most of it was cross traffic.  Hiroto called Amy, Amy answered, Hiroto i have been trying to call you for twenty minutes.  Hiroto replied
Theres a lot going on, where are you?  Amy replied, Im about ten minutes away, but im worried, there is a Black SUV following me ever since
i left the city, Hiroto replied, We know, the government is onto us, explain later, are you aproaching from north or south?  Amy replied, Im
coming from the south.  Okay, drive normal speed, make no sudden moves, just get here without giving them a reason to get aggressive, we are
waiting for you!

Hiroto hung up and pulled his battery.  Xander shes ten minutes away, there is a Black SUV following her, probably the same people who came
for me, their following her hoping to grab us all when she leads them to us.  Xander smiled, Well lets give them a reason not to follow
people!  I hear these steep cliffs they cut roads into are very bad for falling rocks to happen spontaneously and hit cars below.  Xander
moved to a large rock nearby, it was at least the size of a super sized trash bag, and easily five hundred plus pounds, picking it up he
walked over to the cliff and sat it down at the edge, watching the road closely he noticed Amys rental in the distance rounding the curve,
a second later the Black GMC Yukon was visible to, all black with tinted windows.  Xander stood behind the rock and ducked low waiting for
the right moment, as Amy was getting close he picked up the boulder and stood at the summit, Launching the boulder with a huge thrust and
the best aim he could muster he watched as Amys car passed below the boulder which was half way down.  As the Black SUV passed under it
the rock turned the front of the SUV into a crater spewing fire, smoke, and steam from the massively wounded engine.  Xander grabbed
Hiroto and decended the back side of the hill out of sight and back to the ruins arriving just after Amy as she got out and looked back 
down the road expecting to see the SUV behind her.

She spoke up, I swear they were right behind me!  Xander added, They were thats for sure, but i took care of that.  It seems a rock fell
from that cliff and totalled their vehicle just after you went past.  Pretty much stopped them instantly and scared them shitless also.
What luck for a rock to fall on them, No luck at all, I threw it at them from the hilltop.  Amy sighed, Well, thank you for that.  So
what the hells going on here.  Hiroto explained, i only know a little, but the CO of the unit that helped us out here said one of his men
was tortured to death, and that he told them everything.  Shorty there after, the CO and the rest of his men were tipped off and fled
the city, he heard my name mentioned on the military radio to be arrested and called me to warn me.  As we left the MPs were cordoning
off the building.  They found my car and were looking at it, so we had to take a cab to get here.  Its this General Tsun, hes a fanatic
and has got wind of the dragons existence, what hes after we dont know, but he wants us for sure.  Ive never met him, but ive heard he
was brought to courtmarshal twice for war-crimes but both times beat it.

Brynja growled lowly drawing Xanders attention, he then noticed the birds had all but hushed suddenly, Brynja spoke quietly, several over
in that direction, hiding in the trees.  As all the dragons fixed on their position and Xander began approaching the place Brynja had seen
movement six black clothed figured revealed themselves from the trees and walked forward towards Xander, It was the ninjas that had attacked
them before.  Xander began to get ready to fight, speeding up his walk towards them but as the final distance was closing them knelt before
him as he looked on confused.  The closest one stood slowly revealing her face as she undid her mask long black hair spilled out, She spoke
We mean no harm, we are the last of Tsukais clan, After his death and loosing so many durring the battles, we are all thats left.  Please
understand, we hold no ill will to you, we were simply following his orders as our Shogun.  We are being hunted down for our past notoriety
and it seems also because of you.  We rescued one of our own from General Tsun, we expected him to be inquiring where the rest of us where,
but as we snuck in, he was being interrogated about you!  Xander replied, That seems to be happening alot today.  Your not the first to tell
me this.  But why are you here?  She answered, we here on a high rooftop the other night after our home was discovered and we were forced to
flee.  We saw you fall from the sky and slam into the Hotel Roof.  We have been tracking you down ever since, but since were on foot it took
a while to get here.  But we have come, to ask that wherever you live, you will take us with you, or at least tell us how to get there.
We are doomed to be captured, and killed if we stay here.  General Tsun has killed at least six of our bretheren in the past, we are looking
for a new life.

Xander pondered it for a moment.  But he was very uneasy to believe someone who had tried to kill him.  Xander called to Arelius to join him.
After a moment explaining the situation and the danger if it was a deception, Arelius agreed to read her mind to find the truth.  Xander
explained, My friend here is going to read your mind, if you refuse, the answer is no, if you are lying, we will kill you.  If its the truth
we will consider it.  She stood forward to Arelius and bowed her head to him as he placed his hand on it.  Arelius scanned back seeing the
attack on their home, seeing the rescue of one of them from uniformed humans, and finally seeing Tsukai fall at Xanders hands, he senced
their intentions were genuine, and that their only current goal was to survive.  Arelius referred his findings to Xander and headed back to
Brynjas side.  Xander spoke after a moment.  He says your intentions seem true, and your statements are also true, but there are two things
that must be addressed.  The female spoke, Please go on!  One is that we are building a home here on earth, but for the time being we will
be on a different world that humans dont exist on.  Her eyes went wide with the implications of that.  As he continued, that part is only
untill we secure a home here, in which time we will return.  This is the real issue tho, From this point forwards untill you break off and
go your own way, if your staying with us, you are under my command, and will only do what i allow, or tell you!  Any failure to abide and
i will bring you back and leave you here to your own fates.

The female ninja spoke up, my name is Yuriko, your terms are more then acceptable.  We are at your service as long as you protect us.  A
male ninja removed his mask and took Yurikos arm standing next to her, She added, this is my lover Takeshimo.  Xander told them, Well you
better go get out of sight, in case unwanted guests show up here.  We are leaving tonight as soon as the sun goes down.  The ninjas all had
that stealthy moon walk run Xander thought was funny to watch as they headed to the rest.  Funny to watch indeed, but also deadly silent
when done correctly.  No sooner then the ninjas darted away Xander heard a collosal crash down the road followed by the sound of a car and
wrenching metal.  A eightys toyota pickup rounded the treeline with a fence gate stuck on the hood and several sections of fencing dragging
along side still attached to the gate.  The poor truck left a black trail as it creeped towards Xander smoking profusely.  A man in hawaii
clothing got out with a baby in his arms followed by a woman climbing over the center since the fencing wedged her door.

Xander recognized the man as another one of the soldiers asking, So their after you to?  The man nodded, They are after everyone with any
connection to this dig period.  But we have bigger problems.  The commander told me to come here.  I left him a voicemail and he called
me back from the road, we were supposed to meet at a bus station to the north and leave from there to go elsewhere, but while they were
waiting for me they got attacked.  They found out you are here, so they are headed here as well.  Being chased by god only knows how many
MPs and Army reserves.  They are in a Military Cargo truck fortified with concrete and a browning machine gun.  Xander pondered how to solve
this unforseen problem for a moment, Well we cant leave them to die, and we cant stay to defend them.  For the moment i guess its not really
a choice, they will all have to come with us, though im not sure how well this will go over.  Xander walked to Arelius quickly and asked, Can
you take everyone here back to Darix now, It is likely to get very dangerous here soon, Those responsible for the trouble today are on their
way giving chase to the men who were here to protect us when Saren and I met.  I will stay behind and wait for them, and once they arrive
bring them with me.

Arelius exclaimed, Xander you've never jumped between worlds before, this is dangerous.  No doubt you have the energy to do it, but you may
lack the experience to do it correctly.  Xander stammered, Well your a psychic just like me, Guide me from the other side.  We dont have much
choice here!  Arelius agreed against better judgement and began gathering the humans, Saren protested as Xander spoke, Dont worry my love, I
will be right behind you, Brynja walked over to Xander aligning with him adding, I will stay to make sure hes right behind you!  Go ahead now
Saren, this is no place for you to be when the battle starts.  Arelius kissed Brynja exacting a promise she would be carefull, and then he
diss-appeared along with the others around him with a flash.

Xander looked to Brynja, These people do not mess around, and they do not play fair, So we are going to do the same!  There is an outcropping
along the road big enough for us to hide behind, we wait untill our friends make it through, and then we blaze throught anyone who follows!
Once we have stopped them up, we will regroup with them and make our exit.  After moving into position they waiting nearly forty five minutes
but finally in the distance gunfire and engines could be heard.  Takayuki was pushing the heavy Truck for all it had to do eighty Kilos as
bullets pinged off the armored sides and cupola shield while Toru returned fire knocking back vehicle after vehicle with the beastly fifty cal
but there were to many to stop and ammo was nearly gone.  Finally Takayuki caught site of the access road and aimed straight for it crossing
the center line, the shoulder, and finally romping right through the fence before making it onto the access road having bypassed the turnoff

Xander and Brynja redied themselves as the truck growled towards them, Xander dug his toe claws into the ground as he prepared to launch ram
the first vehicle to follow, Tucking his wings tight to his back to avoid injury to them he lunged right into the side of a Toyota four by four
rolling it over easily as Brynja simple stepped out of cover and spewed flame over the subsequent vehicles to enter the killzone.  Xander
joined in launching a think stream of flame towards the now stopped convoy staying just out of range and not knowing how to react.  Xander
moved to a tall tree and used hes claws to shred it base and tip it down obstructing the access road to ground vehicles, then spewed fire over
the downed tree lighting it ablaze to ward off any infantry pursuit.  Brynja led as Xander headed towards the ruins to meet the truck and make
their escape.

Takayuki and his men were unloading their family as the arrived, the rear concrete barrier looked like crumpling swiss cheese potmarked with
shells everywhere.  Everyone gathered around Xander and Brynja as Xander reached out to Arelius for help, In Darix Arelius used his ability
to share his sight of the destination with Xander for targeting, Xander took a deep breath as a chopper rounded the treeline only twenty
feet off the ground.  Toru yelled, Its Tsun, get us out of here!  Xander focused his power as the helicopter turned nose in to open fire
and with a flash the group dissappeared right before Tsuns eyes leaving him awestruck.

As the group materialized in the jump room Arelius sighed in relief,  Good job Xander.  Saren took posession of Xander as she hugged onto him
exclaiming how worried she was.  Arelius prompted, So what happenned?  Xander smiled, Well General Tsun now knows we are real, no doubt on
that one.  And he is very likely extremely mad, we ambushed the people he sent to ambush us, And we can be sure they will be much more
carefull next time they suspect we maybe present.  We burned up probably thirty of them in a matter of seconds, and destroyed half their
vehicles.  Amy, and the others rejoined the group as they all headed onto the Castle Balcony, it was a nice early afternoon as the sun was
bright and the two moons opposite the sun in the sky eliminated any denial, This was definitely Alien Territory.


Back in the Langley Virginia a pair of men sat in a Command Center watching with amazement through a spy satelite as Xander and Brynja made
effortless destruction of the Japanese Secret Police before vanishing into thin air.  Agent Maxwell we have translated the radio chatter,
there is someone screaming in Japanese not to let the dragons escape.  Maxwell looked to the other man, Agent Carvil monitor the situation
on the ground, and notify me of any futher developments.  I have to pass this up the chain, and see what Dr. Demarcus has to say when he sees
this video footage.

Chapter 17: Alien Territory - Part 1
As the group spread out on the Balcony looking in all directions with amazement Xander stood back with Saren and Arelius smiling as Amy walked
the edge of the balcony looking at the world below, John was stationary just looking around leaning against the railing with his hands.  Xander
let them be to their visual exploration as he returned to the teleportation room and the messy pile of supplies they had brought with them in
their hasty departure.  Picking up the giant semi battery Xander carried it out to the balcony and sat it in a corner against the wall then
returned grabbing a stack of solar panels and a large spool of double stranded fourteen gauge amplifier wire and bringing it out to the battery.

Xander called out, John, can i borrow you for a few minutes?  John jumped as he snapped back into himself from looking over the landscape and
moved over to Xander, Whatya need from me?  Xander replied, Your smaller hands for one, i cant rewire these myself without destroying them.  I
will tell you what to do so you can connect these correctly.  John replied, Im game, Long as you know what your doing and i dont electricute
myself.  Xander chucked back, Well seeing how this is only a twelve volt system you would have to spit on your hands or be soaked wet to even
feel the jolt on your skin.  Do you have a knife i forgot to have Amy get one, Damn!  Hiroto walked up handing John a swiss army knife and adding,
Never leave home without one of these!

Xander thanked Hiroto and then began, So John first i need you to cut the cigarette lighter plugs off all these solar panels, and strip the wires
so about a half an inch of copper wire is exposed on each wire.  John worked at his task as Xander took each finished one from him and laid them
two rows side by side with their wires facing each other, then unrolled a section of the amplifier cable and laid it between the rows leaving the
spool at the end still connected.  John finished the last two panels and placed them at the end of the pattern himself and looked to Xander for
further instruction.  Xander Spoke up, Ok that was quick, now this cable in the center of the rows is gonna carry the power from the cells back
to our battery for storage, so at each solar panel slice through the cables coating in just a tiny spot without cutting the cable itself, and
tightly wrap the red wire from each panel to the side of the cable thats red, and the black wire from each panel to the side of the cable thats
white.  And leave a few inches of slack between each set of panels.

Xander took the spool and walked uncoiling cable as he walked untill he got to the end of the balcony then used his claws to slice it off and
drop it on the ground walking back to the battery Xander placed the end of the cable still on the spool under the edge of the heavy battery and
began walking to the first room inside from the balcony uncoiling more cable making a path from the battery to where he would put the laptop and
projector.  Slicing the cable off again leaving a few extra feet of slack Xander sat the spool out of the way and returned to John who was
finishing up the last few wires.  Xander called out, Yuriko we could use your help with this.  Yuriko nodded and walked to Xander with the other
ninjas in tow.  Xander explained, we need to move all of these panels against the wall over there, without breaking the wires or the panels.

Yuriko smiled and dropped to her knees as the others formed along the cells next to her including John and Hiroto and began sliding them togeather
towards the wall as Xander held the cable from snagging on anything.  After only a moment they were done, Xander smiled at Yuriko, Thank you, thats
all for now.  Xander instructed John, So now the panels are all ready, you just need to strip about five inches of coating from the end of the
cable that they are all connected to and coil the red one as tightly as you can around the positive post, and the same for the white wire to the
negative post.  Just make sure its not going to come off if bumped or from a gust of wind.  John cut the wires all the way around before pulling
the coating off the end and spun the red one around the post tightly before winding it back to itself where the coating began to tie it in place.

After doing the same for the white wire the red LEDs on all the solar panels came to life and signified they were charging the battery.  Xander
explained, Now i need you to do the same with the end of this cable, just wrap them the same way, right over the other one.  Then come see me in
the first room inside the doorway.  Xander walked off back to the teleportation room, grabbing the padded bags for the laptop, the projector, and
a bag of accessories he walked back into the room where John was waiting for him.  Ok now take this bag and carefully dump it out, there should be
a device inside somewhere that says inverter on it.  They are always included in the travel packs for electronics, John rummaged through the bag
and finally found it, Ok it was at the bottom of the bag, pretty heavy little bugger.  Xander continued, Yeah its meant to be able to power the
laptops power charger and a monitor, we are using a projector instead tho.  Cut the cigarette lighter plug off the inverter as well, and wire it
onto this end of the cable from the battery.  When your done, im sure you know how to plug in a laptop and a projector, the power outlets are on
the back of the inverter, but make sure the main switch on the inverter stays off for now so the battery can trickle charge untill later, if we
use it right away and the battery is weak we could deep cycle it and damage its full capacity, so we will let it charge a while from the sun.

Xander walked back to the balcony leaving John to connect up the laptop and projector, approaching Amy he commented, John is very handy to have
around for things, Amy laughed and added, Oh you dont know how right you are!  A minute later John appeared and handed Hiroto his knife before
coming over the them, As he did he swept in next to Amy and took her under his arm leaning on the balcony with her as the sun was beginning its
decent, making it early evening.  Xander rejoined Saren as she was now sitting with Arelius and Brynja talking away about the sights on earth
while the humans began talking about this world they now inhabited.  Arelius spoke, Hey Xander, so i am concerned with the state we left things
in on earth, it seems our visit was not quite as eventless as you had hoped.

Xander added, Well that was and wasnt out fault, I had hoped that we would not have been discovered and that none of the soldiers would let it
slip, but i cannot blame them for it, speaking of soldiers, where have Takayuki and his people gotten to, there not here with us?  Arelius added
dont worry they are fine, Because they had their families and had just escaped being killed, they were anxious to have a place to calm down with
their families, Sam translated between me and Takayuki and we set them up with a room in the castles lower levels for now, I believe Sam and his
mate are still there with them along with Hirotos mate trying to help them settle in and such.

Xander spoke again, Well i think its been long enough to let the battery charge, would you like to see my map of earth?  Arelius was very
interested, Yes i am very curious to see this.  Arelius walked over to Szouren who was beginning to cook dinner and explained, If and when the
group of humans over there dressed in black come to you, take them to where we are letting the others stay on the lower level.  Then telling
Xander, Arelius spoke, Tell your friends over there to go over to Szouren when they are ready to go down to where they are staying for now.  Xander
approached Yuriko and spoke, Yuriko we are going inside to view satelite maps, when you are all ready go over to Szouren, hes the young one over
there cooking, he will take you to the others and the place you are staying for now.  Yuriko asked, Do you mind if i join you?  Xander replied,
Not at all, what about them tho?  Yuriko turned to her mate and the others and spoke in Japanese telling them what to do when they were done
admiring the view.  Xander joined Arelius, Brynja, and Saren who were now lounging in the room laying on their sides.  Xander picked up the white
cloth sheet from the projector bag and hung it on the wall before calling out to Amy realizing he could not operate the computer with his clawed

Amy and John joined them and Amy laid on her belly on the floor in front of the laptop, hitting the power button nothing happenned, after a second
time she looked up to Xander, Suddenly he remembered, Oh, John, can you throw the main switch on the inverter, that should power it up.  John
rolled over and hit the sliding switch to the on position as lights came on, and its internal cooling fan kicked in.  Amy pressed the laptops
power button once more and the little netbook lit up bright as she squinted and rolled back the brightness with the function keys.  Reaching over
she aimed the projector for the hanging sheet and clicked it on.  A cooling fan could be heard spinning up slowly followed by a dimly lit ACER
logo that slowly began to brighten as the bulb warmed up.  After a moment the logo vanished and the Desktop appeared on the sheet, well the
top half the desktop at least, the rest was cut off the bottom.  Amy adjusted the front feet untill it was high enough and then set the adjuster
so the picture was square again so the bottom wasnt narrowed.  Finally she fired up Google Earth and it loaded a map of the USA automatically.

Amy spoke up, So where do we start?  Xander spoke up, Well we want a mild climate, not to hot or cold, plenty of foliage, I would prefer tropical
or jungle like, but woods would work out also.  I was thinking perhaps somewhere remote around Brazil, or Japan, or perhaps Australias Territory.
An un-inhabited island if one exists to those conditions would also be highly favorable as we would have easy access to the sea and fish.

Amy began hunting around looking at random islands, Xander was thinking back to his past seeing if any of his past journeys held a possible place.
Amy exclaimed after a few minutes, god damn its like theres not a single island we havent landed and taken over yet.  Yuriko spoke up, I know one
you could try, im not sure its not inhabited, but its possible.  Xander looked to her as Amy asked, Where is it?  Yuriko continued, It is an
island my father used to take us to in the north pacific, it took a few days to get there, but it was a very beautiful place, there was some old
stuff there from the americans, I think it was stuff they left behind from World War II,  I saw a truck with no wheels with a white star on it,
and a few small broken buildings as well, me and my brother used to go exploring with my father on the island.  He was a fisherman and owned his
own fishingboat he used to take us there for vacationing.  After he passed i began visiting the island again.  It is technically American
Territory but they dont monitor it apparently, you can find it at the coordinates, 53.32, -167.62.  Amy keyed in the coordinates and smiled as
the large island appeared on the wall, zooming in some the clouds looked gold lined and sparkly even from the satelite photos.  Amy exclaimed,
Well its between the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, About five hundred miles off the southern coast of Alaska.  And as Yuriko said,  Its
about a thousand miles from Japan give or take.  So the angry General is unlikely to notice us again.  Looking over the terrain Xander added, It
also looks very secluding and defendable if the need should arrise.  Lots of cover, and plenty places to hide and be sneaky.

Xander continued, So perhaps tommorrow just the six of us can Teleport back to Japan, and fly to that island before the General finds out.  We
will go under cover of darkness, I think we should leave at the right time so we arrive at the island as the sun comes up, that way we can fly
freely in the dark without being spotted.  Xander yawned as he looked at the island on the wall, looking forward to it, but also now feeling the
drain of the days events on him, Amy yawned then, and looking over John was passed out next to her.  Xander spoke, Well i think its time we all
get a bite to eat, and then get some rest, its still early here but i think theres eight hours of jetlag in our trip.  Amy kissed John waking him
pleasantly as he pulled her closer, Not now John, you fell asleep on the floor.  John shook the spider webs from his head and slowly stood up,
Brynja had also passed out half on top of Arelius who was happy when she woke up and rolled off of him.  As everyone rousted awake and upright
The smell of Fish and Algon meat finally broke in on their senses.  The group emerged onto the balcony to find many dragons sitting down to eat
now, Arelius commented, I will go tell Sam and the others its time to eat,  Back in a moment.  Xander put his arm around Sarens neck and led her
towards the food as her pregnant stomache began to loudly complain being forgotten for so long.

Xander took a Algon Steak, tore it in half, Feeding her one half and himself the other.  The flavor seemed to perk her up as her eyes openned a
little more and she stretched and began to help herself as Xander kissed her cheek.  Arelius returned with Sam, Melany, Hiroto, Shinju, Hirotos
son and daughter, and the soldiers and their families, it was like a hunger march as they all lined up for food.  The humans ate considerably
less than a adult dragon and a Algon steak fed four humans it turned out, while Xander ate two himself and Brynja had one and four fish.  The
ninjas seemed to prefer the fish untill they tried Algon and began serving themselves Algon on their second pass.  The meal seemed to smooth out
a lot of tension, everyone began to converse as they sat togeather eating, it helped that most of the soldiers families had met before durring
military ceremonies for their unit.  Xander was happy to see everyone enjoying a slowly fading evening meal togeather.  Soon they would be working
togeather to make a new home for themselves, and this was a good start.

Xander and Saren finished eating and sat in a corner watching their friends emerge from the stress of the day, Xander turned Saren around to face
him as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes and confessed, I love you my Saren, Soon we will have a home for our children, I cant imagine a place
i would rather be.  Sarens eyes sparkled as she replied, You cant imagine a place because no such place or person could love you the way i do!
Xander kissed her slowly and passionatly as they sat their slowly dancing their tongues togeather.  Amy saw them looking over and smiled, pulled
john to face her she pointed them out as he said quietly, Awwww, thats nice.  Amy pulled John into a kiss and after a moment spoke, Theres noone
else id rather be on this adventure with John, You are my soulmate, I love you!  Sam hugged her squeezing her chest into his intentionally as he
added, I love you too honey.

Xander and Saren stood and headed for the doorway, as they reached it, Xander turned and shouted, Goodnight my friends, Enjoy your night and Sleep
well!  Arelius and Brynja took their leave as well, heading for Arelius Home with a Steak and a Fish for Zero who was living with them now.
Xander and Saren crawled into bed, embracing each other but too tired to have any more fun, They resolved to fall asleep in each others arms
happily.  Arelius and Brynja finally made it to Arelius home to find Zero sleeping already.  Brynja woke him with a light shake and handing him
the steak and fish as he fought to keep his eyes open still.  Arelius and Brynja entered his bedroom pushing closed the big wood and iron castle
style door.  Brynja pushed Arelius backwards slowly laying him down on his bed on his back, She lightly rubbed him untill he extended for her
before climbing up over him and lowering herself onto his shaft, Laying down releasing her weight onto him fully she began to slowly rock her hips
on him raising her head from his shoulder she took him into a kiss, as he knotted her and began to spew his seed into her she ground herself into
him trying to take every last centimeter.  Still straddling him she kissed him again and whispered in his ear, I want your children my sweet!

Chapter 17: Alien Territory - Part 2
Xander awoke suddenly as Saren splashed water on him from her fingertips and giggled, Time to wake up sleepy, These children of yours have decided
its time for us to eat breakfast, and they are beginning to get very ademant about it.  Xander rubbed his face swiping the sleep from his eyes as
he rolled his legs off the bed and his feet hit the floor.  Standing up he stretched and re-stretched his sleep stiffened wings untill the began
to operate properly again as he joined Saren at the Basin they kept full of water for themselves and splashed his face with his cupped hands and
rubbed it into his eyes.  Saren led him by his arm as they proceeded out of the room and towards the Balcony doorway.  As the bright morning sun
hit them they downed the heads slightly as they walked over to the grilling area.  This time Zero was helping Szouren cook and showing him how to
tell when their creations were cooked properly and leaving them juicy on the inside.  Zero had adapted to Darix well, you would never have known
he had just dropped in from a gang of bandits.  Xander was glad he fit in so well.  One less problem to deal with for Arelius and Nagaro.  Xander
and Saren took several fish each and moved to sit down on the nearest table.  As they began eating Xanders finally adjusted eyes realized Nagaro
was actually sitting across from him.  Xander questioned, I havent seen you around much, how have you been?

Nagaro sighed,  Well things could be better, Ive been busy working the prisoners and keeping an eye on them at all times.  It has not been at all
smooth since they were captured.  One of them tried to rally them against us as we they were all working in the fields, several joined him and
they tried to take us down, the instigator was a long time friend of Grenchu and Arden according to the others, He came at me with a sharpened
rock but i used my wingtip horn to impale his wrist and he dropped it, but he was determined, he picked it up and tried to slash my wing as i
pulled back.  He just kept coming at me, there was no sense left in him, the chains slowed him to much to be effective against me, but even after
I stabbed both his legs, then his other shoulder he just wouldnt quit.  Thankfully the others backed away seeing his blind actions were going
nowhere.  I was going to let him live.  I knocked him on his back and told him to stay untill someone came to bandage his wounds but as soon as
i turned my back he pulled another blade of some kind and lunged for me.  I spun and caught his elbow with my wing intending to knock his hand
hard enough the blade would fly out of his hand, but he was to close.  The blade entered his stomache, after that there was nothing we could do
for him.  He died maybe ten minutes later.  Ever since then the rest of the group seems to have settled down some.  Despite that event, most of
the group seem to be more stable and less agressive now that the one egging them to fight has died.

I think they realize i did not intend for him to die, but he killed himself in his own blinded rage and disobedience.  One of them even seems to
be taking the form of a leader to them, but in a beneficial way, he has gone around while we are working them, and brought water to others, and
helped those tasked with things difficult for them.  He also seems to be showing respect for us as well, actually last night we shared some of
the Algon with them instead of just giving them fish to cook themselves.  It was a small reward for finishing a new irrigation ditch setup for
some fields which needed it badly.  Their morale seems to be slowly increasing, and dare i say, they are beginning to realize we arent treating
them like lifetime criminals.  They do good work, and they get rewarded.  Thats what we want them to see.  And that disobedience is not in their
best interests.  I told them, we dont intend to keep them as prisoners forever, and that eventually, only if they earn it and never do wrong
again, they will be freed.

Saren spoke up, Some just get so used to how easy it is to steal and kill when you want something, but they never stop to think about what will
happen when it catches up to them, or they think they are to good for it to catch up to them, like they will never be caught.  But eventually
they have to pay for their trouble, unfortunatly some cause enough trouble they die for it.  Its not the fault of the person who kills them, its
their own fault from their own actions.  Dont trouble yourself with their deaths Nagaro, While we all hoped they could all change, the reality is
some of them couldnt.  And they paid the price of their own lack of decency.

Xander spoke up, Well its not totally different from the ninjas that attacked me on earth before i came here, twice they attacked us, because
they were ordered to do so by their leader who wanted my power.  Finally he came himself and i defeated him and he died from his own actions.
The ninjas knew this and left peacefully after collecting his body,  then when we went back, they came to us again, this time begging our
protection from the same people who were after us.  We went from enemies, to allies of a common enemy, all thanks to the fall of a corrupted
leader.  The humans dressed in all black are the same ninjas that attacked us.  Now they have promised to aid us in any way they can in exchange
for our pretection.  Nagaro replied, indeed, and speaking of your friends, they have been down below since morning practicing and training with
each other, they are a very dedicated group of warriors, giving their all even for practice, and for humans they move quite magnificently.

Even now they've drawn spectators who have never seen humans before let alone ones who can fight like they do.  Xander commented, They are the
most cunning and fierce of warriors from Japan a territory of earth.  But the Japan army, being led by another corrupt leader decided to hunt
them down just like he hunts us, just because they knew about us.  Untill now the ninjas were only an annoyance to him, they operated quietly
and did things that did not concern him.  But now that they know of us, we are both fleeing the same enemy.  When the ninjas first attacked us
their numbers we around fifty warriors, not a large force, but they all trained just like those here, they were the best.  But after their
leader fell, a lot of the fear they incited that prevented large scale attacks on them faded likely, and then the Japanese Army began hunting
them.  According to Yuriko, they are all thats left.  Nine warriors left, from a force of fifty, granted some of them were undone by me when
they attacked us, But not nearly that many.  They are smarter then that, Once they realized i wasnt going to fall, they backed off quickly
to preserve their force, and allowed their leader to attack me with his thunder powers.

Kentaurus suddenly spoke up from behind Xander, Speaking of thunder power, I thing we need to teach you how to wield your own, brute force and
strength can go a long ways, but lightening can go considerably farther and deal a devastating psycological blow to enemies as you saw.  A
few well placed strikes, and the bandits forgot all about attacking you as they ran for their lives.  Your just like me so you should be good
as a psychic and thunder elemental if only you can learn to utilize them.  As i have learned thunder is quite destructive in battle, but it
is completely useless if your opponent has it as well.  Your also a psychic, long ago there were clerics who lived in a monastary not far from
Sabrenth in the mountains, They were psychics, And they devoted their lives to perfecting their skills, and helping others do the same.  They
were eventually capable of doing quite amazing things, like awakening the dormant elemental powers of others, passing knowledge to others, and
each other just with thought, but they were capable of some more destructive abilities as well.  One of them fell from graces with the others
and used his power to force himself on several females, he used his power to control their minds, paralizing them without a single touch.

Eventually he figured out a secret ability he wasnt supposed to learn, and was able to influence others actions without their knowing.  He
was able to convince an entire town to elect him as an elder, then almost convinced the other elders to commit mass suicide so he would be
the lone leader, fortunatly a pair opposed him and saved the elders and the town from his rule.  One was another dragon from the monastary,
the eldest and most experienced of them all.  He caused the elders to fall asleep suddenly before they were able to kill themselves, and then
the pair called him out to the street from the council balcony.  He met them and the pair tried to convince him he was doing wrong and that
he should return to the monastary so they could help him.  He refused and used a power he was unknown to have to blast them backwards with
only a wave of his hands.  The monastary elder deflected it while his partner went flying through a wall.  He made every attempt to reason
but it was another instance where there was no hope for an individual to change.  When he threw a spear at the elder with his mind the elder
simply deflected it effortlessly and snapped his fingers.  The other dragons arms fell to his sides as he froze.  The elder read his mind and
saw all the pain he had caused, and the twisted plans he intended to carry out next, he decided it was to dangerous for him to live.  And with
a motion of elders hand, the dragon stabbed himself through the chest and fell.  The elder was able to completely control the others mind.

Xander asked, How did you know all those details?  Kentaurus answered, I was the one who got thrown through the wall.  This was before i joined
the Dakaran Council, but after i gained my power, so i was more then capable of helping, had i got the chance.  That was long ago.  The elder
i spoke of is long passed, and the monastary is mostly broken down and forgotten.  It seems they decided to go after Lexendrix some time after
i was with them.  Rumors were that after hearing of Lexendrix exploits they hunted him down, and were able to defeat him but he escaped being
captured and they lost his trail just like i did later.  Supposedly shortly after they returned to their monastary, it came under sudden attack
durring the night and everyone was killed.  One who claims to have saw the attack says she never saw the attacker in the dark, only bright white
flashes amongst the structures for a short time.  The next day when dragons from Sabrenth went up to investigate, there were dead laying
everywhere, and the monastary itself was in shambles.  Had i known he was a twin souls dragon, i could have warned them of his might, and also
perhaps i could have protected them.  Thats when i went after him myself, but like before he apparently realized someone was following him,
and dissappeared into hiding.  Now enough talk, lets go do this, it wont take long to figure out, but to perfect is another story.  Xander stood
as Saren moved to go find Arelius who was late for breakfast.  Kentaurus and Xander took flight from the balcony and landed near the ninjas
who were still practicing, this time they were testing each others reaction speed when dealing with multiple opponents, Yuriko and the others
encircled her mate as he stood in the circle at attention.  They all attacked him simultaneously as he twirled with his sword rythmically
blocking each strike from his opponents untill he missed one and they all froze seeing a blade come to his throat and stop.

Yuriko and the others lowered their weapons and bowed to Xander as they approached, Yuriko asked, Hello Xander, Can we do something for you?
Xander replied, No not right now, This guy is gonna try to show my how to throw lightening, your welcome to watch if you want, I've never done
it before tho so dont be suprised if i hit myself.  Yuriko spoke up, There is no shame in injuring yourself in practice, thats why you practice
so you are perfect and dont injure yourself or another in battle.  The male ninjas grabbed their shirts and scabbards shiething their swords
and draping shirt and swords over their shoulders as they followed Xander and Kentaurus to a open field with a dead tree in the center of it.
Kentaurus explained, There is our target, its actually quite simple to do if you concentrate, feel the energy in your chest, in your souls,
churn it up untill you can feel it flowing inside you, then you push it to your arms.  Kentaurus outstretched his arm towards the tree as tiny
static bolts swarmed over it.  He continued, When you feel the power build in your arms, you force it from your arms as if your the to reach
and grab the target.  Reach like you expect to touch the target with your fingers.  Kentaurus looked back to the tree, and reached as a bolt
of lightening shot out and struck a high branch igniting a small fire.

Xander looked at his hand and then to the tree saying, That looked fairly easy.  He thrust his arm toward the tree and groaned, but nothing
happenned, he repeated with the other hand to the same result.  Kentaurus laughed, Xander its all wrong, its not something you can just toss
out freely, You have to conjure up the energy from your souls, release it, and then push it towards your target.  Do as i explained and youll
see.  Xander put his hand to his chest and tried to imagine a ball of energy inside himself growning, the best he could imagine based on seeing
something simular on TV as a child.  Slowly he felt himself tensing slightly, and felt a tingling in his body,  outstretching his arm toward
the tree and openning his eyes he imagined the energy moved to his arm.  static bolts began to form on his arm, they began to intensify as
Xander focused harder and harder.  he reached for the tree thrusting his hand forwards but nothing happenned, several more times he tried and
no effect.  Xander was getting frustrated and angry now, thrusting his arm one last time in anger as he imagined the tree exploding like a
tomahawk hit it, A blinding flash stunned them followed by a horrific cracking blastwave.  Xander and Kentaurus looked on speechless as the
tree lay only as a pile of splinters burning brightly with a trench cut in the ground behind it for almost fifteen feet.

Xander looked to Kentaurus and questioned, Was that supposed to happen?  Kentaurus looked to the destruction zone and back to Xanders hand,
Thats more powerfull then any blast ive ever thrown.  What is going on here!  Do you feel tired, or weakened after doing that?  Xander looked
back to his palm and added, No i feel the same, like i could do it again.  Kentaurus replied, okay, this time try to hit the trench you cut
into the ground, but try to keep throwing the bolt as long as you can so we can see how much energy you can yield safely.  Xander aimed his
arm for the trench and mimiced his previous thoughts, he felt the static bolts for on his arm making it tingly and tickly, reaching for the
trench again nothing happenned, but them he remembered, Imagine destroying it!  Xander imagined the trench being torn open and suddenly a
bolt blinded them again but this time the flash held its brightness as Xander faught to keep his eyes on the Target as his bolt viciously
ripped the ground apart.  Xander could hardly hear anything over the sound of the destruction in front of him, he thought he heard someone
yelling as he held the bolt active then he heard in his head, Kentaurus calling out with his psychic ability, Xander STOP!

Releasing the bolt and sighing deeply he could hear and see again.  Looking around Kentaurus was sitting on the ground wide eyed, the ninjas
were backed away to a safe distance in awe of the display.  Xander looked back to his target which had been largely unvisible except for the
white light he had kept his focus on.  He sank to his knees as he looked before him, the ground where the tree had been was gone, as well as
the ground around that, and the ground in all directions for at least forty feet.  Before him lay a crater smoldering with a look of lava in
the bottom from all the stone he had melted.  It was like a meteor strike.  Xander looked to Kentaurus and exclaimed, I feel a bit weaker now
and i must remind you, this was your idea!  Kentaurus hauled himself to his feet as he walked to Xander and placed his hand on Xanders chest
without explanation,  looking within Xander he realized the error of his ways.  Kentaurus spoke, I knew you absorbed Lexendrix Power, but for
some reason i didnt imagine that with 2 thunder elements within you, it would magnify the damage you could do.  I expected it would only give
you more energy to use for a longer period, but this is startling.  You have two seperate thunder elememts feeding your thunder abilities,
and you also have two seperate psychic elements, potentially feeding your psychic abilities, assuming you ever try to develop them.

Xander flexed his hand and lowered it to his side adding, Well once we are on earth, If someone makes the mistake of attacking us, I think
a display like this would do a lot to make them rethink their attack.  And if they dont, they wont live long enough to regret it.  Kentaurus
placed his hand on Xanders shoulder rubbing it gently as he spoke, If you decide to use this power again sometime, please take great care
where and on what you use it on, but i dont think you should use it again untill you have figured out how to better control your own energy
yield, that blast was amazing, but it was also totally out of control and everything you had with no holding back, You need to learn how to
hold it back and only use the energy needed for a task or attack.  You also need to work on aim, your second bolt was zigging all over in a giant
circle wildly where mine was precise.  Xander stood to his feet turning to see the look on the ninjas faces as he appeared fully unscathed of
burns or injury of any kind after displaying such power.

Back on Earth at Dugway in the underground labs Dr Demarcus was hard at work combing through DNA Strands that had been used on Project 7 in
the past looking for clues to the sudden erratic behavior and strength.  Staring at the large monitors and several messy stacks of paperwork
he was becoming increasingly frustrated.  His assistant came to him and asked, Any luck sir?  Knocking a stack of papers off the desk and
fluttering to the floor in a mess he exclaimed, I just cannot grasp what is going on.  It doesnt make any sense at all, none of the samples
used between Project 7s inception and the Grimsson sample hold any clues to the changes, leaving the source DNA, and the Grimsson sample
to be the cause.  Either the Source DNA has a sequence which has suddenly activated perhaps due to age, or developmental changes, or something
i havent discovered yet, or the Grimsson sample has somehow caused a conflict or combination effect with the Source DNA.  The third possibility
which i havent given much credence and is very improbable is that the Grimsson sample has more to it then meets the eye, And the donor has
a secret we werent made aware of.  After all they were never told what their Blood Samples would be used for.  Just then a Computer Screen
flashed and beeped a few times.  Turning to face it he spoke, Perhaps this will tell us something, I took a sample of Project 7s Blood and
fed it into the system to check for any anomalies, or foriegn substances, the works, to make sure it wasnt some kind of drug reaction due
to a bottle mixup or a needle getting re-used and having residue of something else on it.  He scanned through the report line by line slowly
and suddenly stopped uttering, Thats odd.  Theres only trace amounts of the Grimsson DNA we injected him with.  Not much of it is left in
his system but it should be flourishing.  Whaaa....  There is an unknown DNA sequence in here as well, not from any of the samples, and it
doesnt match any known personel or donors in the database.

Hitting a few keys Demarcus asked the computer to identify relationships between the DNA sequence and all known patterns.  The computer
paused a moment and then a small report appeared.  Reading aloud he spoke, Upon extensive breakdown the DNA Sequence appears to be the
Grimsson Sample, but it has somehow mutated or has been mutated by something else.  half the Genes in the sequence are different.  One
spot indicates male, another indicates human, but another part appears to be thirty five percent simular to the reptilian family.  And
half the genes are in an ordering the computer cannot understand and we havent seen before.  The Grimsson RNA carrier was designed so
that when it entered the bloodstream it would only change a small subset of genes to those of the Grimsson Sample, it was intended about
five percent total change.  According to the computer its now closer to a seven percent change, but at the same time its not a change to
the Grimsson sequence we picked out, but a mutated version of it.  This shouldnt have happenned, but however it did its quite spectacular.

The last thing i can imagine is that some kind of radiation has come into contact with the samples, the RNA carrier, or Project 7 itself
and that worries me.  Please get a fresh blood sample from Seven, i want to run a spectral scan of the blood sample, an older blood sample
and samples from us to see if there is any residual presence of radiation or energetic forces.  The woman walked off taking a fresh pre made
syringe with her as she approached a door with five armed guards standing around it, she spoke to them, The Dr. wants a fresh blood sample
for testing.  One of the guards sat his M4 rifle down against the wall and took the syringe from her and unbolted the door before entering
quietly.  Seven was laying on a bed with his feet hobbled togeather but his arms free still heavily sedated.  The guard lifted one of Sevens
eyelids looking for pupil dilation which was not present due to the heavy drugs.  Withdrawing the syringe full of blood he exited the room
hastily and passed it to the Woman who then returned to the Dr. as she spoke to him, Dr. here is the new sample.  Demarcus spoke up to her,
I know you are new here, and have only been on base for a month, but you need to drop the formality when in my lab, Address me as James
please.  I hear so many people call me Doctor, that i almost convinced myself that was my first name.

The woman giggled at his joke as he spoke again, See thats better, now your loosening up, Now that the formality is turned off whats your
name?  The woman smiled and answered, My name is Judy.  James replied, Well Judy lets see if we can shed some light on what happenned to 
our test subjects blood.  I want to run these three samples from him, One is from months ago as a control, one is yesterdays, and then the
fresh one.  But to test for environmental radiation sources and the like i want to test mine and your blood as well, just for more control
variables.  If something shows up on us, Chances are its on him as well.  James used a needle to prick his finger and dropped a drop of
blood into one cell of a thin plastic plate with ten sections.  As he waited Judy did her own finger and dropped a few drops of her own
blood into an empty cell and sucked on her finger a second untill the bleeding stopped.  James slid the plate into a machine, and pushed
sheet simular to x-ray film in under the plate of blood samples before closing a door over them and pressing a start button on the large
machine.  James explained, This machine will imprint the film with the spectral pattern generated when radiation passes through the samples.

If there is any energetic properties or radiation present in any of them there will be bright halos on the film under that sample, if not
there will be nothing under them.  The older samples should be blank unless their is radiation in them, ours should have a whitish glow
on the film due to the blood being fresh and alive still having the electromagnetic field of our bodies on them.  Radiation usually
generates greenish, or bluish, and sometimes a violet color on the film depending on varios factors and types of radiation.  Thats what
we are looking for, odd colors on any samples.  A few minutes later the machine beeped alout and the red light turned green.  James removed
the now half dry samples on the plate and sat it asside.  Pulling the film out it still appeared fully black as Judy questioned, Why is
it still black like that?  James smiled and added, Its simular to an xray in the fact you have to place the film over a light to see the
results.  James walked over to the light panel and fixed the sheet in place before hitting the power button, As the light came on he stood
back and starred at the film quizzically.  Judy examined the film closely and spoke, Well it looks like maybe you found something to look
into, but what kind of radiation causes giant white circles to show on the film on Project Sevens samples.

James thought for a moment before speaking, Radiation doesnt cause white on this film.  EM does.  Electromagnetic Energy, in any form is
the only thing that shows white.  Looking at the film, a small white cloud indicated his and Judys samples, as well as a slightly brighter
cloud where the earlier sample from Project Seven was, But the two latest samples showed extreme solid white circles in the film two to
three times the size of the results from James or Judy.  James spoke again, Well this confirms what i thought was the impossible, i think
it does anyway, i still dont have any idea how, but....  the Grimsson sample mutates as soon as it enters a living being.  I gave a mouse
the same RNA we gave Seven with the Grimsson genes in it, obviously it was fully incompatible and the mouse died rather quickly, but i
took a sample and i thought the machine was broken when i did this same scan.  The mouse blood sample showed the exact same white energy
field.  But it only shows up after the blood has entered and circulated through a living body.  The mouse showed some mutation as well,
but there was no way to tell if that was due to using human DNA on a rat or not.  All i know is we need Mr Grimsson for a talk, whether
he knows it or not he has something we need to see.  Tommorrow we will allow Seven to regain contiousness and see if he has calmed down
at all, If possible we also need to do a psych evaluation on his mental state.  He was a marine but even they have breaking points.  Judy
questioned, You mean he was human?  I thought you grew him from an embryo or something!  James explained, Doing that takes much to long
for our purposes, we would have to wait for a subject to fully develop and grow up to see what needed to be changed and such.  Seven is
the last surviving member of a seven man group of volunteers for a performance enhancing experiment.  When the performance enhancing
experimentation lost funding he was the only one left standing, they had met with some success and his strength is greater than a human
to an extent, but their tests killed the other six subjects.  Seven survived, but his mind was corrupted to an extent, he has some memory,
he can or could speak previously, but either he has lost his vocabulary skills or is now refusing to talk to us, we arent sure.  He has
become extremely difficult to deal with.  We couldnt just release him with his strength and lack of memory or who he was.  And we wanted
to study him for the parts of his testing that were successfull, so he was transfered here for my project.  Thats where his name comes
from, He is the Seventh Project, the last one standing.  Judy questioned, So why did you give him the white furr, and K9 features?

James answered, We didnt, it was part of a DNA sample recovered at a crash site.  We werent sure what it was from and the DNA was very
different from our own so it was decided to splice Seven with it so we could study the DNA in a living form.  We spliced eighty five
percent of Sevens human DNA with the DNA from the sample, so his transformation was quite extreme, even bone structure shifted.  He
is now a hybrid of Human, and whatever that sample was from.  Judy asked, What kind of crash was the DNA from?  James smiled and stated,
the kind that we dont talk about, dont know about, didnt hear about, and whos remains just happen to be kept two levels up in Maximum
Security sector 3, and dont repeat that to a soul.  Judy asked, Did you at least ask him before you turned him into a monster?  James
giggled and asked, Why would i ask him, he volunteered to be a test subject, he is now our property to do with as we see fit.  If he
resists he gets drugged, if we need him awake he gets tied up, if he continues to resist which happens frequently, we change his mind
with a Tazer.  Judy ghasped, Thats inhumane, and wrong!  James took her by the throat and pined her to the wall as he sneered.  Seven
is my property now, We will do with him as i see fit.  If i decide he is a failure i will put a bullet in his head myself, if i decide
to infect him with spider DNA to see if he dawns a leotard we will do it, he has no say in the matter except to do as he is told or be
punished untill he cooperates.  Our top goal is to either break his spirit so he obeys, or splice him with a combination that makes him
fully open to suggestion so he will take orders and obey without question.  If you dont like it you may leave but be warned, i will see
to it that you cannot get a job anywhere lab related in this country.  And if you talk to anyone about this, several men from upstairs
will make you dissappear forever.  Well, you may end up in the cell next to Seven if they take you, i could always use a new test subject
to start fresh with.  The choice is yours!

Chapter 18: Forces Collide
Agent Carvil was sitting in the command center viewing a feed from another spy satelite showing Trucks in Iran loaded with large containers
leaving the nuclear refinery and heading for the Syrian border in a ten vehicle convoy and coordinating for UAV Strikes as Agent Maxwell
entered through the security bulkhead which isolated the command center from the rest of the facility, even if invaded, the command center
of the base was heavily fortified even on the inside against intrusion.  Maxwell walked over to Carvil looking at the large wall screen in
front of them in the dimly lit room surrounded by analysts and intelligence aids as he exclaimed mildly, Do they really think they can
sneak something out of that place, even in the dark....  They know we have these satelites, they know they have thermal scopes, So it just
fascinates me how blatantly dumb the lower chain of command must be to present us with a nice large convoy to track.  Agent Carvil looked
up, What shall i do about this sir?  Agent Maxwell thought for a moment and asked, What resources are in the area?

Agent Carvil commanded his aid to overlay friendly aircraft on the map grid,  Blue silouettes of Spy aircraft began to appear one by one
as the screen updated, Agent Maxwell questioned, There Jerico two niner five, What class and payload is it?  Selecting the Drone from the
list on the main screen the aid brought up specifications and read them off, Mark three predator recon drone, Options packages are three
full spectrum high resolution optics packages, Experimental Radar Fragmentation Array, Payload is two AGM114 Hellfires with wire guidance
package.  Both weapons are present and ready for use.  Agent Carvil added, With only two missiles that is a problem, AGM114s dont have
enough yield to stop the convoy, we could knock down two, maybe four vehicles if we are lucky and hit between two that are following
closely, That still leaves six at least that will make it or escape.

Agent Maxwell began chewing on his thumbnail as he ordered, Control re-route Jerico two niner five for intercept course approximatly ten
clicks forward of their heading,  there is a stretch ahead of them and two bridges they must cross.  Unless they have taken my tactic
into account we have a good chance to nail them all, The convoy is short enough it should just be nearing the second bridge a minute or
so after the last truck crosses the first.  As the lead vehicle is on approach to the second bridge Jerico two niner five is to target
the second bridge and destroy it just before they reach it.  Jerico two niner five will then re-target the first bridge and destroy it
immediatly to prevent escape.  The trucks are two long and heavily loaded to go off the pavement and bypass the bridges, they will be
trapped.  Maxwell looked around the map once more noting other units in the area.  okay once they are cornered, we will finish the job
with the drones currently doing recon on their test site.  I want Jerico two seven one and Jerico two one eight retasked immediatly to
be within firing range of the kill zone when they arrive.  Get me Admiral Hayes on a secure channel from the Pacific Fleet, We need a
Raptor fly over to destroy anything we miss.

After a moment a Navy Uniformed older man came on the screen and asked, To whom am i speaking?  Agent Maxwell began, My name is not
important, You may address me as Agent Lynch.  Authorization Charlie Zulu two Whiskey five.  The man confirmed, You have my attention
Lynch, seems like there are a lot of Lynch family working in that building.  Maxwell ignored the comment and began, Admiral we have a
priority strike request with zero prep time, we need a fast and dark bird in the air immediatly.  According to the manifest you have
a Raptor on board, is this accurate?  The Admiral responded, We have three onboard currently, one is down for maintenance, one can be
combat ready in about five minutes.  Agent Maxwell replied, Admiral i need that bird ASAP, Do whatever you need to do!  Its payload
should be heavy configuration, Target is ground based and is expected to be stationary, recommend high explosive and thermobaric
payload compliments.  The Admiral questioned, I know you cant go into detail, but what type of Target is the Target, are we talking
about structures, vehicles, armor, bunkers?  Agent Maxwell added, We are expecting heavy equipment slow moving vehicles, they should
be stationary and immoble on arrival of your asset.  As soon as its airborne we will relay coordinates to the pilot.  This is a hit
and run style mission, there will be no need of excess fuel or air to air as long as the pilot can avoid radar.

The Admiral stepped away leaving the com open as he monitored the progress on the Raptors Preparations.  In no time it was on the lift
headed for the catapult.  The Admiral stepped back into the picture and questioned, What Calsign will this flight be?  Maxwell replied
Order the pilot to fly under Callsign Shadow and conduct radio silence to all radio traffic but us.  Inctruct him to fly no higher
than eight hundred feet off the deck on this mission.  The Admiral picked up a hand mic and keyed it speaking to the pilot in the
cockpit, Captain Williams, this is a Darkstar mission, No radio contact with other units is permitted regardless of soverignty, You
are now under their command untill they release you back to this Battlegroup.  Do not exceed an altitude of eight hundred feet.  Now
transfering control to Darkstar.  The Admirals screens and coms to the jet went dead as the lockouts enabled to keep the communications
classified.  Agent Maxwell began, Shadow this is Darkstar, Come in!  The pilot responded, Darkstar acknowledged loud and clear,
requesting clearence for takeoff!  Maxwell continued, Shadow you are cleared for takeoff.  The pilot motioned the shooter on deck and
the Catapult fired just as his engines hit peak power.

Darkstar this is shadow, Airborne and awaiting orders.  Maxwell Continued, We are transmitting your flightpath now, do not breach a
flight ceiling of eight hundred feet unless it is absolutely nessicery.  The pilot responded once more, Shadow recieves flightpath
and is proceeding to target out.  Agent Carvil spoke up, Maxwell, why were three of the drones over Iran retasked earlier to head east
but their destination classified even above me?  Had they been present we could have used them and not involved the navy in stopping
the convoy.  Agent Maxwell faced him, Because we have another matter you havent been brought up to speed on yet.  Well not fully
anyway.  One of our spies in Japan who has produced little in the last year suddenly seems to have hit the jackpot.  He recorded and
sent us the encrypted radio chatter from the events of last night.  It seems that a General Tsun has taken a personal interest in
whatever we saw on the ground, and attempted to capture it, and also turned on an entire unit of his own men who had known about it
and kept it from him.  Our resource also reported that there were a lot of orders flying around about MPs going to arrest private
citizens on false counts of espianage so he could question them without lawyers or limits.  I didnt think a whole lot of last night
untill this info got to me, If a leading General in Japan is after this, it must be of some substance, and it cant hurt for us to 
get hold of it first.  The three drones you have lost are on station over Japan at maximum operating altitude where they cant be seen
and are keeping tabs on the Generals movements and those of his troops.  We also flew in a twelve man Marine Recon unit with vacation
as their covor so their hiding in plain sight not far from the active area.

Our source also reported that several US citizens were among those the General had ordered to be Black Bagged.  A John and Amy Lexan,
and a Sam and Melany Reginald, according to passport records they were over there as some joint archaeological dig at the location
we witnessed last night.  If this goes to hell we can say we were attempting to rescue our Citizens who had been kidnapped.  If we do
get them we can find out what is really going on over there.  Eventually we will have to release them, but we can hold them for a while
off the books if they are un-cooperative.  Suprisingly, despite throwing all his fight at the people he was after, somehow they have
all totally eluded capture.  After the one he interrogated was executed, it was like the word got out, and they all vanished.

Agent Maxwell snapped back to the moment as the convoy began crossing the first bridge, Maxwell spoke, Shadow this is Darkstar, what is
your ETA.  Shadow i am approaching waypoint six ETA two minutes to target.  Maxwell continued, Jerico two niner five Destroy the next
bridge ahead of them!  The drone pilot used his console to target the bridge and a Hellfire dropped off the UAV and shot downward at
terminal velocity striking the bridge just feet in front of the first truck.  As the bridge fell the first truck crashed through it
and exploded as the rest stopped.  The remaining trucks began attempting to jacknife and turn around on the narrow pavement to flee
as the drone came around for its next pass.  Maxwell Commanded, Jerico two niner five, Take out the first bridge!  The UAV dropped its
last missile as it flew overhead destroying the bridge and trapping the convoy.  Maxwell continued, Jerico two niner five return to
base for rearm.  Maxwell then commanded, Remaining Jerico units, inflict as much damage as you can and return to base.  Both UAVs
dropped their compliments destroying three trucks, and setting another ablaze.

Maxwell opened the channel to the Raptor, Shadow this is Darkstar, the campfire is lit, all those present are hostile, and to be eliminated
with extreme prejudice, do not return unless your weapons are fully spent.  Shadow acknowledges, the Campfire is burning bright on the
horizon lets add a few logs, Shadow, Fox Two.  Got two good hits on the head of the column comming round.  I got small arms fire but
i dont think they can see me in the dark.  Shooting everywhere like mad.  Approaching Column Rear, Shadow, Fox One.  Okay ive got two
missles left, Good hits on the rear of the column, one target remains, coming round.  Maxwell added, Shadow if you see infantry use
your cannons, we cant have witnesses walking away from this one.  Shadow Confirms, Coming back on the column head openning up with
cannons.  Shadow, Fox Two.  Small arms fire seems to have stopped, Final target is destroyed, and also managed to get airborne.

Maxwell spoke, Copy Shadow, we are detecting hostile aircraft taking off in your flightpath, they are no danger now but they are
in your way to return to base.  Stand by.  Maxwell commanded, Notify the Japanese Air Force we have a routine aircraft transfer which
has declared an emergency and needs to land immediatly, tell them it is a military fighter on route to its carrier but having engine
trouble.  We seek permission to land and repair the aircraft which is unarmed.

Maxwell re-openned coms to the pilot, Shadow change of plans, Proceed onto the quickest route to Japanese airspace, remain under flight
ceiling, please radio over open air that you are declaring an emergency and are requesting permission to land at the nearest japanese
air force base for repairs.  Fire any unspent rounds into the sea, you are to be unarmed upon landing.  Upon arrival reference engine
trouble in your left turbine and an overheat conditon which you are not able to diagnose yourself.  The story is you are off mission
transfering to your carrier and had engine trouble forcing you to land.  On approach increase speed and do a few flybys claiming your
left turbine is not responding to throttle changes, and refuses to throttle down.  Give them a show when you land, dont damage the
plane but make it appear as tho your having difficulty keeping it stable, it needs to be believable.  Shadow copy Darkstar, I will try
not to scratch the paint as i have a little fun.  Shadow go radio silent except to the japanese tower and tell them you are swinging
wide to approach from the west for visibility.  that should end any question to your origin.  Shadow you are on your own, good luck,
Darkstar Out!

Agent Maxwell closed the com as he yelled out, Someone contact the Admiral and bring him up to speed on the cover story as well as
someone in California, pick a base and setup a cover story citing his departure from there bound for his Carrier.  Agent Carvil 
spoke up again, Well this has been an enlightening afternoon, Lets get something to eat.  As the pair headed for the exit an aid
jumped practically out of his chair and yelled, Sirrs, you need to hear this!  Maxwell Shouted, Put it up!  Darkstar this is Shadow
something not on radar almost had a collision with me, it still doesnt show up on the scope but i saw them.  There were several of
them in formation, ive never seen anything like it!  Maxwell spoke, Shadow this is Darkstar, Keep it togeather now, what did you see?

Darkstar i counted three, possibly four of them, i think they i dont know, like giant birds, one was red, the largest was black, but
i flew past so fast i couldnt get a good look, they came headon at me and narrowly averted.  Ive never seen anything like that.
Maxwell added, Shadow what is your position?  Darkstar i am twenty miles inbound to the Japanese Airbase, they passed me about five
miles to my six now at high speed.  Captain Williams calm down, do not report this upon landing, after you complete any paperwork
our people already stationed there will take posession of the place for you, please proceed off base in a taxi to the Resort listed
in the transmission im sending you, when you get there tell reception your a guest of General Custer, they will direct you to our
people for debriefing.

Maxwell had an aid download the Flight Data Recorder imaging log from the nosecam of the jet through its satelite link as it began
approach for landing.  Fast forwarding through the footage they played normal speed just before the pilot radiod in, as the jet
cruised at supersonic speed out of nowhere A red figure with large wings blurred from the speed passed over the cockpit, along side
was a violet object of simular form, but next a large black one clearly had a draconian silouette.  The images were very blurred
from the high speed pass but there was enough to ensure it was no camera glitch.

Back in General Tsuns office his intelligence officer came in and explained the american jet was landing due to engine trouble,
and that they had detected a radar disturbance that intersected him before dissappearing.  General Tsun commanded, take me to see
this pilot at once!  The officer responded, The pilot has already landed and left the base with the flight data recorder, he is
to fly back to the US with the data recorder to see if they can analize the engine problems.  General Tsun shouted, Why am i 
always the last to know everything, We must have that data recorder, and if possible question the pilot.  Stage any units near the
pilot and escort him to a hotel, tell him we need to straighten out some paperwork for his landing before he leaves.

The officer left Tsuns office issuing the orders to the next officer in rank, walking into the bathroom he pulled out a burnphone
and texted the info to Agent Maxwells secret line.  Poping the sim card into the toilet he took another out of his shoe sole and
inserted it into the phone after factory resetting it.  Back in Langley Maxwell recieved the text via his secret line, speaking up
Dial the cell phone given to Captain Williams, he is in danger!  A few moments later Captain Williams answered, Hello?

Shadow this is Darkstar, no time for talk, You are in danger, Either we have a leak or something else is going on, MPs are on their
way to intercept you, you must not be captured, but they must not get that data recorder.  Jump Cabs, use a fake name and get to
that resort ASAP, your life may depend on it.  Captain Williams replied, Yes Sir!  Opting for a different idea, Williams ordered
the driver to pull over, once the driver stopped and put it in park and looked back to him he knocked the driver out with a blow
to the temple,  Climbing out and openning the drivers door he shoved the driver into the passenger seat and hopped in, taking off
with a more aggressive speed he followed the drivers GPS bolting for the resort.  Arriving ten minutes later he left the cab rolling
as he jumped from it on a side street half a block from the resort and sprinted the rest of the way.  As he made it to the counter
ghasping for breath he gagged out, I am here to see General Custer!  We are old friends and i am very late!

The Japanese woman spoke, Ahhh, the General was expecting you, he is right there behind you!  Williams turned around to face
a tall white haired man, Definitely American and Military.  The man took his hand and shook it briskly, and spoke, God Williams
i was wondering if you would ever show up, We are so late we gotta go right now or we will miss our schedule.  Tossing a wad
of cash to the desk clerk as he smiled and said, As always your hospitality is amazing, keep the change!  Turning and almost
dragging Williams behind him he touched his earpiece and spoke, were coming out, we are leaving now!  My real name is Colonel
Pierce, and i dont know what you are carrying but you have sturred up a hell of a mess, they are after you like the plague.

They tracked the cab and they are almost here, two black SUVs were on the curb as Pierce shoved him into the lead cars back seat
and jumped in the driver seat before exclaiming, we gotta move, stay on my six no matter what.  Pierce punched it and roared
down the street and took a quick right heading for the outskirts, looking back Williams saw the MPs roll up to the resort and
run for the front doors.  Pierce commented, That was too fuckin close.  Langley hasnt told us what were doing here except that
we are just here in case we are needed, which usually means all fuckin hells gonna break loose like always.  All i know is i need
to keep you secure untill they contact us with further plans.  If anything happens and we are trapped, caught, or worse, the
final order is to destroy that box you have at all costs.  Remember that over all else.

Hey guys just a authors note, to prevent confusion in the chain of events between this chapter and the last.  These two chapters
events are overlapping, This chapter you are about to read takes place while the previous chapter is taking place.  So while
the CIA ops are going down Xander is still on the dragon world, for the moment at least.

Chapter 19: The Return of the Gauruden
Xander walked over to the ninjas before turning back to Kentaurus reasoning, Perhaps i should work on my Psychic Abilities as
another option, its not likely much will survive a strike with that, even if i try to hold back.  If i can knock them out or do
something to them to stop them non-physically it may be better, i dont intend to kill everything that comes after us, I will defend
everyone with all my strength, but i dont wish to become a harvinger of death, and that is what this Thunder power is going to do.

Kentaurus thought for a few moments before coming to an idea.  Well Xander, if you want to try, we could go somewhere safe, and
where there will be some help of sorts,  There is a place that it is tradition for young psychics to go for training and refining
their abilities, tho these days, there arent many non-dormant psychics left.  We are a dying breed.  Xander agreed turning to face
the ninjas, he spoke to Yuriko, I am going to be away with Kentaurus for a while, it may be best for you to return to the village
in our absence, as we have learned the hard way, this world is more dangerous then earth in some ways, especially for Humans.
I would hate for you to end up chased down, caught, and or becoming lunch for something wild.

Kentaurus placed his hand on Xanders shoulder as Yuriko agreed and led her group back towards the castle, With a thought Kentaurus
teleported himself and Xander to the outside of a seemingly deserted complex of structures in a hillside.  Blast points and a great
deal of damage including melted stone walls told Xander this damage was done by their own kind.  As they walked down a open air
corridor between the crumbling buildings towards the largest of the buildings, a large dome-ish structure with several large holes
in the roof that he could see.  Kentaurus spoke, Welcome to Gauruda, The Temple of Enlightenment, or so it was...  This is where
Lexendrix took his revenge for being hunted down and defeated.  Kentaurus suddenly looked around feeling something was off or odd
around the temple but shrugged it off.  Leading Xander into the large dome Kentaurus spoke, this was the training area, used for
the more advanced abilities, like moving things, creating force waves, or reading someone out of a crowd, other things as well but
those were the top skills practiced here.

Xander walked to a stone slab standing out of the ground off to the side of the center area noting it had inscriptions on it.  As
he read it, it was a monument to the fallen group.  Kentaurus spoke, thats where i found the leader of this place, after the attack
Lexendrix left the bodies wherever they fell.  Some were found of rooftops having attempted to fly away but were bolted from the sky
no doubt.  It was a masacre, of epic proportions.  I helped bury the dead, there were no survivors.  Had they known he was coming,
and not been suprised, they could have worn him down and defeated him again with their combined power, but as he picked them off one
at a time as he stormed this place they never had a chance.

Kentaurus led Xander to one of the large columns which supported the roof as he explained, These columns were used not only to hold
the roof, but to store the knowledge as well for future generations.  Every column in this building has secrets and methods and rules
related to the different things psychics can so that are or were widely taught.  Unfortunatly the higher lever knowledge has likely
died with the masters.  Hopefully some day it can be re-discovered.  Kentaurus explained, Read this column top to bottom while i go
get something to help.  Xander began reading the draconian script engravings as Kentaurus went over to a pile of fallen stone from
the roof selecting the largest piece of stone from the pile and carrying it to the center of the room before setting it down.

Xander read the text quickly but intently, Psychic power is an extention of the body, a muscle to be strengthened, tones, and to be
perfected.  It is the third arm of being for those with the gift, it can touch like a claw, lift like an arm, push like a palm, and
is the most powerfull bodypart.  Xander found the end as Kentaurus rejoined him, Kentaurus questioned, Does it make sense?  Xander
spoke, Basically, it can do just like any other limb, and more then that, and it grows with time and use.  Kentaurus added, Its not
the time and use that makes it stronger and easier, its the knowledge of its use, all psychics have the power to do any of the
abilities that are possible, their level of skill is only held by their knowledge of the power and its use.

Just then a noise from behind caught Xander and Kentaurus attention, as they turned to face it Kentaurus launched a bolt of lightening
into a large stone block that was hurtling towards them exploding it into fragments with a flash.  As the dust settled a blue dragon
came into view looking very angry and glaring at Kentaurus.  Suddenly it yelled out, I knew it was you murderer, i will kill you for
what you did to my Father, You die here Lexendrix!  Kentaurus attempted to speak up but was suddenly blasted through a wall before
being pulled back into the room and pinned to the ground by an invisible force.  Kentaurus was pinned so tightly his wings were
flatenned to his spinal ridges as he was stuck powerless.  Xander turned to the blue dragon and demanded, Let him go or you will regret

The Blue dragon looked at Xander before pointing a finger at him as Xander was suddenly frozen in place, the dragon spoke, Stranger,
whoever you are you have no place telling me what to do.  He dies now, If you interfere you die as well!  Xander was beginning to
focus his energy and flex his muscles as his breathing accellerated, he was gathering his strength to fight back.  Xander began to
walk forwards in small steps pushing through whatever was holding him, but very slowly as the blue dragon began to look shocked to
see Xander able to move at all.  He focused on Xander again applying constrictive pressure to Xanders chest to crush his body but
Xanders core was fully flexed and any damage caused healed instantly as Xander kept slowly but steadily getting closer to the blue
dragon who was now slowly retreating with backwards steps as Xander forced himself forward.  The blue dragon shouted, How is this
possible, im am crushing your heart you should be dead!  The Blue Dragon stepped forward angrily and focused all of his power on
Xander in an attempt to crush him into the ground.

Xander finally succumbed to the strain and dropped to a knee still fighting to go forwards little by little as the blue dragon was
now in full sweat holding his temples as he used every bit of power he could muster.  Xander became stuck and unable to move
forwards as his arms were then constricted against his body forcefully.  Xander began thinking of Saren and the thought of never
seeing her again if he fell here, his bloodlust and hatred began to enrage him fully as he pulled his clenched fist to his side and
up to his chest and began charging all his thinder power to full strength for as destructive a blast as he could imagine as bolts
enveloped his chest and entire right arm thickening and brightening rapidly untill his entire arm was as a single giant bolt.

Xander began pushing forwards with his arm to blast his attacker as the blue dragon was giving his all and panicking as Xander
refused to die and was preparing to destroy him.  Just as Xander moved to release the bolt Kentaurus yelled out, Xander Stop!
Xander looked to Kentaurus still holding his power in his arm ready to blast as he asked, Why should i he is trying to kill us!
Kentaurus was able to fight to his feet suddenly as the blue dragon had transfered all his power to hold Xander and forgotten to
keep holding Kentaurus,  grabbing the blue dragon by the throat and holding his claws to its neck he commanded, release him!
The blue dragon released his hold as Xander suddenly collapsed and allowed his energy to return to his body.  The blue dragon
spoke cynically as Kentaurus held his neck ready to slice his arterreys, You killed my father and now your going to kill me, you
merciless coward.

Kentaurus held the dragon up by his neck and to his mouth as he spoke, I have not killed your father, or anyone here!  I was a
great friend to the leader here before he was killed.  I am not Lexendrix.  With that Kentaurus threw the blue dragon a few yards
away but so he could land on his feet adding, If i wanted you dead you would be dead.  We came here so i could teach Xander how to
use his abilities.  The blue dragon was eying Xander now as he spoke, You mean he is a psychic as well as thunder?  Kentaurus
added, Yes, we both are, just like Lexendrix was!  Oh and you need to thank Xander for two very very big things he has done for you
now.  You are in his debt a lot now!

The blue dragon smarted, What do you mean i am in his debt, i owe nothing to either of you!  Kentaurus relented, Stop, I will explain
it to you, its like this, The first thing you owe him for is the fact Xander killed Lexendrix just days ago when he attacked us.  The
blue dragon looked to Xander with doubt as he replied, that is impossible, Lexendrix was unstoppable.  Kentaurus cut in, No he wasnt
now let me explain!  Lexendrix had the same power as both of us, all three of us were Psychic and Thunder Elementals, having both
elements and emense power.  Xander killed Lexendrix brother in battle, and Lexendrix came to get revenge by killing Xander and all of
us.  Xander defeated him!  He is dead.  The blue dragon replied, Supposing i believe that, what is the second thing i owe Xander for?

Kentarus looked to Xander with a serious look for a moment before explaining, Because you almost died just now.  Xander does not know
his own strength in his thunder powers, or psychic abilities.  The attack he was about to launch, would have likely left this entire
building a crater, you would have been killed, I might have been killed, or at least severely injured, and he would be burried in stone
from the roof.  Xander has double the power i have, and he also has no idea how to control it.  Didnt you realize you best attempts to
pin him just like you did to me, didnt hold him.  He still overcame your power.  And there was nothing you could do about it except
watch as he was about to kill you.  Your lucky he listened to me and stopped.  My name is Kentaurus, But a long time ago they called
me by my other name, Galkairen.

The blue dragon replied, So you are Galkairen, my father told me to find you before he was killed.  But i never knew where to find you
and noone else did either.  The night of the attack i was here with my father practicing, When the attack started he made me run and
go down the hill back to the village as quickly as i could and to find you.  Kentaurus looked around as he spoke, I wish i had been
here to help defend them, we could have defeated him.  But i was already gone.  Its too bad your father was killed, with him died all of
the knowledge and abilities he mastered.  Tho you are very skilled yourself for not having a teacher.  Im sorry but you were very young
the last time i saw you with your father, what is your name again?  The blue dragon walked to Kentaurus as he replied, My name is
Gelrozen (Ghel-rose-en), and his knowledge didnt die with him.

Kentaurus questioned, What do you mean?  Gelrozen explained, One of the talents my father perfected in secret was the ability to share
memories and knowledge with others using his abilities, a short time before he died, he gave me all of his knowledge, but used some kind
of talent i wasnt aware of to lock the very very dangerous stuff away untill i got older, and i just started remembering how to do things
that i have never done before.  And doing them with decent skill.  Ive begun teaching here again myself, small groups, and i only teach
things that are not so dangerous, mostly self defense, and such.  I have also been able to pass my knowledge and specific parts of it to
those who have trouble.  Kentaurus replied, That is quite fascinating, and a very good thing, not only have you achieved an incredible
skill, but your using it to help our kind learn to use and control their ability wisely.  Your father would be very proud.

Gelrozen questioned, So why are you two here?  Kentaurus continued, Well i was going to use the inscriptions combined with the parts that
i am good with to try to teach Xander how to control and use his psychic abilities, but with your knowledge, i would prefer if you taught
us!  But we need to be carefull as well, his power has a limit around four times what yours does, and twice mine.  He has two psychic
elemental souls, with the combined energy of four souls, two thunder and two psychic, i am one of each.  Gelrozen responded, I will teach
nothing without first seeing proof of everything that has been said, Xander, Will you permit me to look into your memories to verify your
story?  Xander nodded and walked to stand before Gelrozen and stood towering over him by almost a foot.  Lowering himself into a kneel
in front of the blue dragon Xander re-iterated his concern and spoke, Please be gentle, There are things i do not wish to remember myself.

Gelrozen looked serious as he nodded and placed his palm to Xanders forhead and closed his eyes.  His experience allowed him to sift through
the memories at a much faster pace then Arelius had much to Xanders relief.  In only a moment Gelrozen was done and sat to let the sights
sink in in his own head and grasp a better understanding.  Gelrozen began, What you have said is true.  And i am gratefull you have slain
Lexendrix, I only wish i had done it myself.  But some things i find troubling as well.  I now know you were human, from earth.  And that
you will be going back there.  I have no desire to go with you, but it is possible that you will have unforseen troubles when you return
to earth yourselves.  You werent dreaming those memories of yourself with white furr, You were doing something very difficult and aparently
without actually intending to do so.  You were remote viewing through the eyes of another being on earth, and by the looks of it, one which
is imprisoned.

Xander questioned, But it doesnt make sense, i heard my human name being mentioned in the memory, if im viewing anothers situation, why do
I hear my name being addressed by its captors.  Gelrozen thought for a moment and replied, I dont know....  But i know those are live events
taking place as and when you see them.  If you want to know for sure, you could teleport to that location next time you see through the
other beings eyes.  Then you would know where it is happenning and get the answers you want.  I will give you the same gift my father gave
to me.  I know you can be trusted, but you need to learn a little at a time.  I will give you my knowledge, with the same slowed release that
my father created for me.  I would train you myself, but i sense there is little time to do so.  You must seek out this other being, you and
him are connected somehow, Your energy and a tiny fragment of your soul is bound to him somehow.

Gelrozen stood and placed his hand on Xanders head once more as he began pushing his knowledge into Xanders mind, sealing parts of it for
later discovery while leaving much of the simple and harmless techniques open to him.  Xanders head began to throb at the strain of the sudden
flood of experience and knowledge.  As Gelrozen finished Xander lost his balance and slumped onto his back dizzily.  Gelrozen moved to Kentaurus
and began the same process but found Kentaurus had a substancial understanding already.  Gelrozen opted to fill in any gaps he could in the
techniques Kentaurus was already familiar with, and locking away only the most dangerous of abilities from him as Kentaurus now sat down in the
same dizzy and lightheaded state.  Gelrozen spoke to them both, The shock should fade given a short while, then you must return to earth and
continue with your plans.

I have my own plans to continue here, rebuilding what Lexendrix almost killed when he destroyed this place.  We were a force that defended
anyone who needed it from those who knew only evil, and we shall be again.  I am training my fellow psychics in the ways of the Gauruden, A name
my father made honorable, Warriors of Enlightenment.  I must go back to my family now as it is getting late.  Kentaurus, Xander it has been an honor to
meet both of you!  And even tho you are leaving, You too are now part of our Legacy.  Use the power only in just circumstances.

Xander replied, The honor is mine, you are welcome to visit us on earth once the colony is created.  Gelrozen smiled and replied, I will!
After a short rest Xander and Kentaurus teleported back to the castle.  Xander, Saren, Arelius, Brynja, along with John, Amy, Sam, Melany,
Hiroto, and Shinju gathered and teleported back to earth as the sun was still fading away.

Chapter 20: Rebirth - Part One
Xander and the others materialized with a blinding flash in the pitch dark night of two AM Japan on the beach they had used for hunting on their
previous visit, the dig site was no longer safe as a target for teleportation after being discovered by General Tsun,  the group bedded down in
the treelines to rest for a short while before departing on their search for a new home.  Xander and Saren were dozing peacefully amongst some tall
shrubs while Arelius and Brynja lay in a small crater in the earth to conceal her size.  The humans were in a group laying on top of their sleeping bags
still fully dressed and ready to depart.  Xander watched the moon silently move across the sky inch by inch as he stroked Sarens ribs and thigh as she
lay nuzzled against him.  The moons position indicated to Xander that Four AM was upon him as he began to shift around and stretch his sleeping body
waking Saren as he leaned over her and kissed her from above before standing and offering her a hand up.

Xander woke the rest quietly and Arelius and Bryjna began to rise and stretch out to limber up their muscles especially since they were about to fly
a great distance.  As the human group rolled up their sleeping bags and packed them back into their gear.  Xander began to explain, I think its best if
you ride on our backs and we hold your packs underneith us, it should make flight a bit easier and provide less drag,  Amy you will be with me, and you
need the GPS with you so you can guide me to lead us to the first site.  Due to the distance and the fact it will be daylight soon, we will need to fly
at a very high speed, we can slow down so you can check the GPS without getting blown off, but while cruising we need to be at speed, otherwise we may
either be spotted, followed, Fired on, god only knows with our luck lately, i think the quicker we get away from land, and the quicker we get to the
destination and land, the less chance something will happen.

Amy gave Xander her pack and straddled Xander back as he sat leaning forwards, Amy tucked the GPS into her cleavage and hugged into Xanders back between
his massive wings as he lifted off and began circling overhead slowly.  John paired up with Saren and as they lifted off Brynja decided to assist Arelius
by taking Sam, Melany, and Shinju so he only had to carry Hiroto and two of the backpacks.  Brynja grinned as she relished being able to take pride in her
strength and size while at the same time making her mates flight easier.  Arelius lifted off first followed by a dirt kicking launch by Brynja as she
ascended with authority the extra weight having no apparent effect on her.  As she joined the formation they ended the circle and took a heading to the
north west to get away from land and take some altitude before they would have to swing north east and follow over the Sea of Okhotsk just north of Japans

As they flew at speed Xander and Saren were side by side followed closely by Arelius and Brynja,  Suddenly Xander shouted something and banked hard to the
right into a roll with Saren struggling to match his course as a ear blistering scream of jetblast blew through their earbdrums, Arelius and Brynja climbed
as hard as they could and the jet narrowly missed passing just below them and the turbulence of the jet throwing Arelius and Brynja out of control as the
tumbled through the air for a few seconds before regaining control and climbing back up to level with Xander.  Xander slowed his pace greatly and waited
for the others to catch up to him as Amy sat up from laying on Xanders back to reduce drag while he was moving faster.  She pulled out the GPS and told
Xander to begin his turn to the North East and to their destination.  Amy waited untill the GPS read the correct heading and then told Xander to hold that
course and stuffed the GPS back between her breasts where it was safe.  Brynja and Arelius formed in beside Xander and Saren as Arelius asked, What was that
thing that nearly killed us?

Xander explained, I believe it was a human build flying machine known as a Raptor, we call them aircraft, it is a machine that enables humans to fly great
distances, and even fight battles in the skies like us.  One of the most powerfull weapons the humans have.  They can travel across the world in hours if
they need to.  But those are from the United States, where i am from, they are not evil, for the most part at least.  But there are evil people in any group
and we should limit their contact with us just the same.  Well we should get up to speed again if we want to get there anytime soon.  Amy laid back down and
into Xanders back completely flat for aerodynamics and he began to accellerate up to a higher speed they all could maintain for a while.  About an hour into
the flight Xander spoke to Amy, I believe that land mass to our left just within sight range is part of russia if i recall correctly from my Geography,  I
think it was something like Petropav or something.  Our destination is part of an islandic chain that reaches from their to Southern Alaska.

Two hours later Amy was pointing to a land mass just appearing on the horizon as they flew over the chain of smaller islands and atoles, I think thats the
one Xander.  They continued at speed untill they had nearly closed the distance before Xander slowed down to allow Amy to check the GPS again, Yes thats it
right there, We are here!  Xander began to descend on the beach below gliding in softly and slowly as they scanned the area from above for anything of use
or concern.   A moment later Xander spread his wings wide and began to carefully flap downwards to drop downward momentum for a soft landing for Amys sake.
As he put both his feet on the ground he knelt to one knee and let Amy slip off his back as she began to stretch her cramped leg muscles from the long ride
of stradling Xanders back.  Arelius and Saren had landed just after Xander, but Brynja was doing a slow low level fly over of the surrounding area before
finally banking into a spiral to drop her momentum before landing with a large sand kickup from her large wings.

John rejoined his wifes side as she began to rifle through her pack for something to eat, pulling out a bag of chips she tore them open and took a handfull
before offering some to John.  Xander held out his clawed hand to Amy as she gave him a small pile of chips as well, Xander simply tossed them in his mouth
and chewed on them for a moment and spoke, Well they taste very simular, but much more flavorful then when i was human.  We dragons must have more sensitive
taste buds.  OK first thing we need to do is collect some dead wood for a large fire, and while were at it scout around and see what this place is like,
and if there are any traces of human presence here.  Sam spoke up, I believe these islands were used in the fortys by the US Navy and Marines for a staging
and rally point for hitting the Japanese front.  Its probable that we will find some left behind equipment and possibly some makeshift structures.  Thats
one thing about the Navy.  If they decide its more simple and cost effective to leave something behind, especially if its something they have plenty of, it
either gets left where it sits, or tossed overboard.  We are still finding Navy issue Willy Jeeps in that darndest places either stuck in the mud and left
behind, or stripped for parts to repair something else, and the rest just left behind.

Xander added, Yeah in my previous line of work i stumbled onto several myself.  They seem to be plentiful in Brazil for some reason, either in the bottom of
a ravine rusting away or sitting in the middle of nowhere for no obvious reason at all and no roads in sight.  Its like a sign that says, US forces were
here!  Well the sooner we have a fire, the sooner we can get some game and get to cooking dinner.  Xander took Arelius as they flew up to survey the area
for the best place to build a village for their colony and have room for future expansion.  It didnt take long to decide that the hill just up from the beach
would make the best spot.  It was equal or higher than the rest of the islands hills offering good view distance in all directions from its peak and a large
smooth area just below the peak which would make plenty of room for a village as soon as they clear the trees.

Xander led the way back to the beach to find a fire just beginning to grow as brynja kept boosting it with her own flame.  Xander and Arelius landed and
Arelius spoke up, Well it looks like this is going to be our first meal at our new home.  Pity we dont have more of our friends here to celebrate with us...
Xander looked back at him and exclaimed, I can fix that.  Xander dissappeared no sooner than finishing his sentence in a flash of light.  Xander appeared on
the Darix Castle Balcony it was very early morning and the sun had just broken the horizon.  Yuriko was on the Balcony alone sitting watching the sunrise
with only her shirt and shorts on and hair down which was a first.  She looked to Xander as he spoke, We found a place to build our colony, and i have come
to see if you will join us for our first dinner in our new home, all of you, the children, and the soldiers.  Yuriko questioned, Dinner?  Xander explained,
Yes actually, there is a decent time difference between here and there.  It is around 6-7 pm there, and here it is early morning obviously.

Yuriko nodded sleepily and continued, Im sure they will want to come, we should go wake them.  Xander walked to where Hirotos children were sleeping and
woke them quietly.  They startled awake looking upon Xanders form suddenly in front of them but calmed down after a moment.  Xander asked,  Sorry i scared
you, i guess your not use to us yet.  How would you like me to take you to see your parents?  The kids jumped for joy missing their parents and grabbed onto
Xanders leg.  Extricating his leg from them he told them, Just follow me and wait untill everyone is ready to go.  Everyone was getting dressed and getting
their few belongings togeather.  The group began to form on the balcony, the soldiers and ninjas all talking as friends after previously being sworn enemies
but united by their escape and rescue by Xander.  For them it was a new life now.  Hirotos children had attached themselves to the few children of the soldiers
and were now deep in conversation about nothing.  Yuriko stepped to Xander now fully dressed and wearing all of her gear and weapons and spoke, Thats everyone!

Xander announced, Everyone join hands tightly and hug in close.  The group huddled up and everyone found a hand to grab.  Xander then took two hands and
wrapped his wings over the group and began to teleport.  In a flash they were standing fifty feet from the roaring fire with the smell of cooking fish in
the air.  The group dispersed to look around and settle down as Xander walked over to Saren and hugged her into a kiss before asking, Well my love, how do
you like our new home so far.  Saren replied, Its not the place its the company, so i love it!  It didnt feel right with only the few of us, but now we have
enough numbers to actually be a colony.  We are all one big family now and tommorrow we can start building our new homes.  After all, it wont be long now
before we have two more to care for.  Saren was staring into Xanders eyes deeply as she stroked her bulging midsection.  I think you will make a perfect
father to them my love.  They continued just standing alone enjoying their moment but suddenly the sound of Brynja exclaiming the Fish were ready brought
Sarens ravaging pregnancy hunger to the forefront as she nearly dragged Xander behind her towards the pile of cooked Fish and Shark Meat Brynja had Captured
and cooked with Arelius help.

Saren began eating still standing next to the pile, suddenly consumed by her hunger almost in a frenzy.  Xander just grinned and took some for himself as
Hiroto passed out paper plates and cutlery to the Human group members and they lined up to get their meals.  Brynja had caught an interesting mix of Tuna
fish, Some kind of Salmon looking fish Xander wasnt familiar with, and several large Great White sharks along with them.  Brynja had Eaten half of one of
the Sharks herself and was still picking at the other fish as she snacked on.  Arelius seemed to have developed a taste for the Tunas tho and was eating
happily.  The Humans mostly took cut off portions of Tuna and the Salmon with a few trying the shark meat out.  Xander waited for Saren to slow down in her
appetite before taking his own fill out with a share of all the different choices, but decided he preferred the Tuna and Shark meat best.  Everyone was
lounging around for the most part now, the sun was fading in the horizon over the ocean as everyone just relaxed and finished picking at their food while
Xander lay against a tree with Saren laying against his chest between his legs.  Xander was thinking about his run in with Gelrozen and the gift given to
himself and Kentaurus.  Xander was growing very annoyed with the language barrier that was breaking his group in half in most things although they all
got along fine, the dragons usually had no idea what was going on with the humans, and the humans couldnt understand the dragons either, except for Xander
and Sam who frequently became intermediaries for interpreting.

Xander motioned to Arelius to come over to him.  Arelius approached and sat next to Xander and Saren as he placed his hand on her stomach as he commented,
Hungry little ones arent they my dear.  Saren just rolled her eyes and continued, I have to gorge myself just to sate my hunger, i still feel like i should
eat more even tho i may burst if i do...  Arelius smiled and consoled her, Dont worry my dear, i have seen through many dragoness procreations, and everything
you are feeling and doing is quite normal, and actually i have seen some have a lot more difficulty than you.  Be glad your only carrying two little ones,
because on several rare occasions, i have seen instances of four.  And if you think you are hungry and bloated now, imagine what four would be like!

Saren simply grumbled depressingly at the thought of what carrying four would be like as Xander hugged her tighter and kissed her neck to console her. Finally
Arelius asked, So what did you want Xander?  Xander explained, Well before we left to come here, myself and Kentaurus visited the ruins of Gauruda, Kentaurus
was going to teach my to use some of my psychic abilities there using some of the inscriptions and his own experience, however it seems not all of the
Gauruden were slain by Lexendrix.  One sole survivor remains, the son of the leader.  His father transferred his knowledge to his adolescent son and forced
him to sneak out a passage and escape to a nearby village.  He is reforming and rebuilding the Gauruden ways.  Arelius exclaimed, Thats wonderfull!  It has
been my understanding they were slaughtered in their entirety after they attempted to catch Lexendrix and failed.  Xander explained, They were, Except for
Gelrozen, the son of the leader at the time.  He came to us and attacked Kentaurus thinking he was Lexendrix and then attacked me thinking i was with
Lexendrix.  And then in the process of overpowering him i was about to kill him in the confusion.  He is extremely powerfull, but not quite my match,  But
Startlingly close tho.

Kentaurus was pinned to the floor but finally Kentaurus told me not to attack him so i stopped, and he explained who we were.  And that we killed Lexendrix.
Little one didnt believe a word we said untill we let him read our memories of the event.  But then we instantly became his friends having slain his fathers
murderer.  He gifted each of us with a knowledge of psychic abilities but i have yet to try anyting.  I want to see if i can share my knowledge of the Human
language with you, and if you can speak it, and then share it with the others.  Perhaps also teach the humans our language the same way.  That way we can
all work togeather without translation taking half our time.  Arelius agreed,  And Xander added, Well here goes nothing i guess.  Xander put his hand on
Arelius head and concentrated on the memories of the techniques given by Gelrozen and attempted to push his english language understanding to Arelius as well
as his understanding of how to push knowledge to others.  Arelius mind was spinning with words he did not recognize, and speech he was not familiar with
but after a moment it began to assemble into understandable speech to him.

Xander moved his hand and watched as Arelius shook his head a few times to clear his mind before openning his eyes.  Xander asked him in english, So how long
do you think this colony will take to build given the resources of wood and stone here?  Arelius smiled for a moment, and replied correctly tho with a
pronunciation slurr, not long atol i done think.  Arelius spoke again in dragon, I understand now, but i dont think this language is meant for our tongues,
the syllables are hard.  Xander replied, you speak it well enough, and it took me some time to adjust to having a draconian tongue as well, but it just takes
practice and you can speak as well as the humans.  You should also be able to push your knowledge to others now as well.  Arelius patted Xander shoulder,
Thank you Xander, this will be a great help, one less dragon needing you to translate for.  I will see if i can share this on to Brynja later when my head
settles down a little more,  the language is still rolling around in my head for now.  Xander stroked Sarens inner thigh carefully with his claw tips exciting
a shiver from her and prompting her to snuggle against him a little more as he spoke, Tommorrow ill share the human language with you as well my dear.

Xander leaned Saren forward some and slipped to the side to lay down in the grass next to the tree he was against and pulled Saren in tight against his chest
to spoon with her wrapping his arm over her and hugging her gently while kissing her neck repeatedly as he spoke,  I am so happy for everything i have now
my lovely Saren.  As a human i was lost in life, and had seemingly no future, no family, and noone to love.  Becoming the dragon I am and becoming your mate
is better than any wish i could have dreamed of!  I have you, a family of new friends, and soon a family of my own.  Thank you my Saren, I love you so much.

Saren hugged Xanders arm with hers and added, If i had the chance to change something in how things worked out, I wouldnt change a thing.  Even if i am hungry
enough to eat you all the time thanks to our young ones.  Goodnight my Xander.  Xander kissed her cheek and replied, Goodnight my Saren.

Dr. Demarcus was working a night shift in his lab tonight with his assistant studying further the strange energy showing up on Project Sevens Blood Samples
in a feeble attempt to understand why and what it meant.  None of the results he got corraborated each other, and some flat out shouldnt have been possible
and James was now extremely frustrated and was unsure to himself if he should blame some of his equipment being faulty or if there really was something
un-natural going on with Seven and his DNA.  James threw his clipboard suddenly at a wall papers flying everywhere off of it as he yelled, none of this makes
any fucking sense.  Its like one minute im looking at one subjects samples, then next minute they've changed themselves, or my equipment is all fucked up.

James slammed his fist into the metal table making a loud bang.  After calming down a moment James asked Judy, Youve been staring at that monitor for a few
minutes now, whats got your attention?  Judy looked back at the monitor showing the security camera feed from inside Sevens Cell for a moment and then began
to explain, well he was sitting up on the bed staring down at his hands a moment ago, and i think i saw his lips moving like he was talking, or trying to
talk perhaps, but you said you didnt think he could talk anymore and only understood basic commands to do things, despite his unwillingness to obey most of
them.  James was now looking at the monitor inquisitively as he moved to the large computer console and pulled up the recording for that camera feed and
turned on the audio feed as he rewound to the point where Seven was sitting on the bed.  James could hear faint mumbling barely over the background noise
as they watched.  Rewinding to the beginning James began to filter out the background noise layer by layer and then enhanced the audio stream that was left
as he played it again.  Seven was looking at his hands, over and over looking at their palms and backs and mumbling to himself.  James had his ear pinned to
the speaker but couldnt quite grasp what was being said.  Rewinding again he amplified the audio and played it again.  Seven began to speak, What have they
done to me, What are these things i keep seeing....  The rest was unintelligable as the A/C kicked on in the recording and muffled over the speech

James sat back in his chair a moment, So he can still speak and comprehend himself.  Well perhaps we should ask him what he is talking about, now that we
know he can in fact talk.  James called for more guards to come for assistance as they walked over to Sevens Cell, Seven became immediatly aware of their
presence through his heightened senses and sat up on the bed staring at them wondering what was about to happen.  Ten guards entered the corridor from the
main blast door which was the only way in or out from this level of the complex for security and safety reason in case of chemical or biological breaches.
The guards stopped in front of James and the Seargeant spoke, You sent for us Sir.  James instructed, please restrain the subject in this cell with chains
around his feet and wrists and bring him to the main exam room.  The guards nodded and grabbed some thick iron chains from a hanger on the wall and
grouped into the cell as James punched in the code to open the cell door.  Seven stood immediatly and backed into the corner as the guards surrounded him.
One of the guards spoke, Dont give us a hard time, Let us do this easy and we wont have to hurt you.  Seven just glared back at them and began to bear
his teeth slightly revealing his teeth were more like that of a canine mixed with vampire teeth.  The guards closed the gap and pinned him to the wall
suddenly as he bit ones shoulder and punched another hard enough to send him backwards.

Seven was close to fighting them off but suddenly he found himself on the ground staring at the floor unaware of what was going on.  One of the guards
smirked, Wana bite me you damn half breed.  Doc he seems much more docile after a rifle butt the to head, perhaps thats what youve been missing.  James
instructed, Now bring him to the main exam room and secure him into the exam chair.  The guards dragged Seven by his feet on his back down the waxed tile
hall and into the exam room as he just looked around still unsure of what was happenning or had happenned and ears ringing.  The guards hauled him up into
the chair and began fixing his chained hands and feet to the chairs restraints and seatbelted his waist in as well.  The seargeant commented, You know
that was so much easier than before, he just laid there like a plush toy.  James moved next to Seven and used a light to examine his eyes seeing the
pupils dilated to very different sizes he shouted, How god damn hard did you hit him you jarhead?  The soldier nursing his shoulder bite laughed and added,
well hard enough his head bounced off the wall and he drooled on me as he fell.

James was very angry now as he shouted, The point of having all of you here was so i didnt have to tranquilize him to get him in the chair, So he would be
coherent, and awake.  If i wanted his head bashed in i could have done that my fucking self.  Get the hell out of here before i call your superiors and
tell them you just rifle butted the life out of this entire project with your raging ignorence.  No not you!  James told the primary guards that had been
guarding Sevens Cell to remain.  The guards that had knocked Seven out left in a flurry of profanity and yelling as the blast door closed behind them.
James looked to the ranking main guard and spoke, Remind me not to ask for those retards to come down here again.  I dont need them killing my subject
before im done with him.  James examined Sevens eyes again and Seven responded by blinking this time and looking back at him in a glare.  James smiled,
There is my Seven, Glad those goons didnt do any permanent damage to you.  Do you have a headache?  or any pain from that hit?  Seven just stared back at
James not acknowledging him.  James added, You know Seven, we know you can understand us, and that you can still talk, we heard you talking to yourself
in your cell.  So quit pretending and speak up.  What were you talking about when you said, What are these things i keep seeing?

Seven looked at James stunned for a moment that James had heard him, James smiled seeing he had hit ground in Sevens eyes.  But Seven just looked away.
James took Seven by the neck and yelled at him, What did you mean?!?!?!  Seven snapped his jaws just short of James nose as James recoiled away.  Seven
smirked and said aloud,  Go to Hell!  James laughed and added, See i knew you could speak.  Now you either cooperate and tell me now, or we will make
this a lot more painful untill you do!  Seven glared at James and said very calmly, When i get loose i am going to take my time tearing you apart.
James was now very angry and explained, You want to threaten me, Big Mistake!  Guards connect the roof lift cable to the chains on his wrists and
release the chair restraints.  String him up.  The guards connected the steel cable from the roof mounted electric winch to the large chain on Sevens
wrists and released him from the chair as they raised the hoist untill Seven was hanging in front of the chair flailing to break free feebly.

James instructed, Take the ball weight over there and connect it to the chains on his feet and raise him untill he is stretched tight.  The guards
attached a rolling three hundred pound weight to Sevens feet and raised the hoist untill he groaned in pain as the weight lifted slightly off the
\ground before they lowered the hoist just enough for the weight to rest on the floor and restrain him effectively.  Seven was so tight he could hardly
move now as he groaned and writhed in pain and struggled to get free.  James had other plans tho as Judy realized and watched in sudden horror.  James
walked over with a pair of cables hooked to a power supply of some kind, James hooked the black cable onto the weight on Sevens feet and put a strange
looking attachment on the red cable before sitting it down.  James returned with the Fire Host from the wall and sprayed Seven down good from head to
toe soaking him thouroghly, and then soaking the sponge looking attachment on the red cable.  James twisted the nozzle closed on the hose and picked
up the now wet Electrode and questioned, This is your last chance, Tell me what you were seeing!  James waited only a second and then punched the
Electrode against Sevens abdomen exciting a Roaring howl from Seven that deafened James and echoed through the level.  James hit him in the Ribs,
Sternum, Back, and even in the groin as Seven panicked, writhed, and cried out mercifully in pain.  The guards left the room unable to stomache what
they saw going on.  Judy remained fearing if she walked out James would take out his wrath on her.

Everyone at Xanders camp was sleeping soundly except for Yuriko and her mate who were enjoying a quite night alone sitting and talking, they enjoyed
the night and being what they were, Felt more comfortable in the dark than the day.  Yuriko heard a moan suddenly and scanned for the source as she
and Takeshimo stood and listened.  The moan came again from Xander and Sarens position.  Yuriko led the way to Xanders side as they watched him turn
his head side to side slowly.  Xander grunted again and flinched suddenly waking Saren as she rolled over to face him after noticing Yuriko watching
him.  Xander seemed to calm for a few moments but Saren attempted to wake Xander and he was un-responsive.  Saren cried out to Arelius startling him
awake with her pleading tone as he stumbled to his feet and came over.  Saren explained, He wont wake up!  Arelius asked Yuriko, What did you see?
Yuriko looked at him for a moment realizing he had spoken english somehow and answered.  He was moaning like he was hurt and we came to see why, and
we found him like this.  Arelius put his hands on Xanders head and saw the scene before him.  Xander was looking down on a human in a white uniform
speaking to him angrily.  And four humans dressed in black standing asside watching.  Arelius said aloud, Its happenning again.  Hes seeing and
feeling some other being somewhere else.

Arelius looked again and saw he was hanging now and something red was about to touch him.  Suddenly Xanders body lept almost off the ground and
Arelius being connected felt it to as he jumped over backwards landing in the dirt on him back.  Xander began to scramble randomly on his back
flailing in all directions and roaring out loud waking the entire camp.  Arelius got back up and tried to pin Xander down with Sarens help but he
was stronger than them and kept breaking free.  Brynja now awake ran over and helped to pin him down.  Arelius was trying to use his ability to
snap Xander out of it but Xander was linked firmly to the other being.  Arelius suddenly felt Xanders energy building and shoved Brynja away just
in time as Xanders hand threw a bolt of thunder out into the sea with a giant blastwave.  Arelius explained quickly, those wont hurt me and Saren
but if he hits you it could kill you, stay back.  Brynja watched helplessly as they worked with Xander.  Arelius finally succeeded in partually
waking Xander but he was still stuck in the link.  Xander rolled into a crawling position on his hands and knees holding his forhead in one hand
and he was hit by each touch of the electic shock in rapid succession.  Xander was trying to differentiate what visions were his and what were not
but it wasnt working at all and he now felt strongly that the other being was real and really being tortured based on his intuitions.

Saren and Arelius were holding onto him as Yuriko put her hand on his head and asked, What can i do?  Xander managed to hold coherence for just a
moment and groaned only, Hold on!  Brynja and Takeshimo were blinded in the dark by the flash as Xander and everyone touching him teleported away.
Yuriko openned her eyes to see four US Marines facing the wall holding their eyes in pain.  The guards turned around in horror to see Arelius and
Saren towering over Xanders Collapsed Body.  The Marines were stunned at the sight for a moment, three dragons and a ninja standing in front of
them that hadnt been there before.  One Marine snapped out of it and drew his pistol but Yurikos Star hit his throat before he had a chance to aim.
The other three bolted for the blast door.  Yuriko wounded one of them in the shoulder as they escaped.  Yuriko commanded Arelius, Come!  Yuriko
ran to the blast door and told Arelius to smash the hydraulics and jam the door closed and they moved up to the doorway to the exam room leaving
Xander on the floor still collapsed.  Yuriko peered around the corner and saw a man in a long white coat pacing around a white creature hanging
from the ceiling hyperventilating with its head hanging limp.  The man shouted, Oh come on Seven your stronger than this.  The man struck the
creature in the neck with a red object and simultaneously the creature roared in terrible pain just as Xander screeched and roared as he rolled
across the floor in pain.  Xanders roar echoed into the exam room so loud the man jumped and dropped the weapon he was holding and was looking
around startled.

Yuriko stepped around the corner into view as the man pulled back his coat and placed his hand over a pistol on his hip.  Yuriko had a Star in
her hand ready, but the man forgot all about his gun as a very Angry Arelius stepped into view towering over Yuriko.  She looked to Arelius and
spoke, He hit that think with that electrode, and at the same time Xander cried out.  Arelius added, Theres a bond between them.  Arelius walked
towards the man without fear.  James drew his gun and unloaded all nine round into Arelius as they just pinged off his scales harmlessly.
Arelius grumbled deeply glaring down at the man and asked, Who are you?  The man answered shakily, My name is Dr. James Demarcus.  Yuriko walked
around Arelius and questioned, What are you doing to this thing Doctor?  James looked back and fourth at them without speaking but Judy answered
suddenly.  He was torturing it for information, trying to figure out what it had become.  James shouted, Quiet, Dont tell them.  Yuriko cut off
his yell with a star to his right shoulder and yelled, Only speak when spoken to!  Yuriko looked to Judy and said, Continue!

Judy began, James has been doing research down here for years, he claims some of it was alien in origin, other stuff was found various places
around the world.  His goal is to make a hybrid super soldier for the military.  One that is capable of surviving in extreme climates, a perfect
hunter, stronger, faster, and deadlier than any other while being mindlessly obedient to its commander.  This wolf creature is his test subject.
It was apparently a human volunteer for a different project that was then forced to join this project.  James treats it like an animal, torments
it, and takes pleasure in hurting it trying to break its will so it will take orders.  He infected it with some kind of alien DNA and then.
Xander cut in suddenly standing in the doorway. MY DNA.  You infected this being with Alien DNA and My DNA!  Xander was burning red and angry
as hell.  his eyes were glowing molten red as well.  James looked puzzled suddenly, Your DNA?????  But???????  Saren followed in behind Xander
as he entered the room.

You used a sample called X. Grimmson, and had a file on your desk called X. Grimmson a week ago.  I saw it through him!  Xander pointed at a
now waking Seven still hanging from the roof.  James explained, X. Grimmson is a man who took military training a long time ago but never
enlisted.  He lives.  Xander cut in again,  On a ranch in Texas!  Recently took a japanese cruise.  Sound Familiar?  James slumped to his knees
in awe and muttered, But how?  Xander spoke, None of your business how i became like this.  The point is that ever since you infected him with
my DNA we have been linked, and seeing and feeling through each other.  Which finally led us to find you here!  Ever drop of pain you put him
through i felt as well.  As if it was me you tortured.  Xander leaned down and crushed the lock holding the chains on Sevens feet and they
slipped off.  Reaching up high Xander took hold of the Padlock on Sevens wrist chains but looked Seven in the eyes first and explained,  Listen
i am going to let you loose, we are here to help you, dont hurt anyone or do anything yet.  Can i trust you?  Seven looked into Xanders eye
and nodded.  Xander crushed the padlock and gently lowered Seven to the floor onto his feet.

Seven collapsed to the floor after only a second, his entire body was weak from the electric shock.  it took several minutes before he got to
his feet still wobbling some but stable.  Seven walked over to James who cowered in fear before Sevens angry gaze.  Seven looked to Xander as
Xander simply looked away in approval.  Seven picked james up by the neck and pinned him to the wall kneeing him in the stomach, elboing him
in the back james fell to his knees. Seven then kicked James in the ribs hard enough he spit up blood after rolling across the floor.  Xander
looked to Yuriko while ignoring Sevens actions and instructed her, Take any paperwork and data you think may be usefull to us in figuring this
out and destroy the rest.  When your done i will destroy the computers.  Judy commented, I could help with that...  But only if you promise to
take me with you.  James has promised to either kill me or make me into one of his science projects if i ever do anything against him.  So I
would rather not be here ever again.  Xander questioned Seven, Has she ever mistreated you?  Its your choice what we do with James and Her.

James stammered, you C-ant be serious, dont let him decide what happens to me!  Please Be Reasonable!  Xander threw a chair across the room at
James narrowly missing him as he yelled.  Reasonable is for people who dont torture other living things.  Reasonable is for those who dont
abuse their power for their own benefits over others.  Reasonable is beyond my capability for you!  I have been in the hell known as brazil
captured, tortured, and forced to watch a sadistic man like you murder a child right in front of me and throw her into my arms just so i could
helplessly watch her die.  They beat, stabbed, starved, and tormented me endlessly.  And when i broke loose i killed every last one of them
without thinking twice and felt better for it.  If its up to me your life is over now.  Otherwise its up to him.  Seven muttered, Death is
to merciful for this monster.  I can think of a better way....

Chapter 20: Rebirth - Part Two
Seven now mosly recovered from his turture at James hands now walked back toward James who looked at Seven with contempt but also fear knowing
if he resisted he would be killed either by Seven or by the red dragon before him should Seven fail to do so.  Seven moved in behind James and
taking James shoulders in his hands he dug his canine clawed fingertips into his flesh causing James to wince and grumble but say nothing.
Seven moved his mouth to James right ear and whispered, I remember everything you have done to me, the pain of your torments, the pain of the
transformations you forced me to go through, the fear of both happenning again everyday, and the hopelessness of never escaping or even being
allowed to die.  Now its your turn.

Seven lifted James up to his feet before releasing his shoulders and choke slamming him into the exam chair Seven had been strapped to minutes
earlier.  Seven strapped James in tighter than was nessicery to ensure he was fully immobalized.  Then taking a roll of gray tape left is easy
reach re-inforced the restraints with several layers of tape.  Seven set down the tape and walked toward Saren, Xander, and Arelius cautiously
still feeling insecure around these strangers that seemed to be rescuing him.  Seven spoke, You may want to leave the room, what im going to
do wont be pretty, but it will not be near as bad as what he did to me.  Xander looked over to Yuriko and Judy who were standing with armfulls
of paperwork, binders, and a laptop just watching them.  Have you finished getting what you need?  Judy replied for them, I believe so, we
have everything pertaining to Sevens time here with James, and a few research papers and notation pages from Sevens previous voluntary human
enhancement project.  Xander replied, Is there anything more about me in that stuff?  Judy Questioned, What name would it be?  Xander replied,
Xander Grimmson, or X. Grimmson i believe.

Judy picked up a binder from another desk and explained, This binder is the information associated with your DNA Samples we had, as far as i
know its the only thing about you thats here asside from the samples themselves.  Xander replied, Is there any more of my DNA in here?  Judy
looked around and thought for a moment before replying, I believe there is a sample in the radioscope over there, the big machine.  And the
source vial which is in the freezer behind you which may be usefull to us for something.  Xander frowned and questioned, What would blood
from my human form be usefull for?  Judy explained, Well for one to figure out the link you claim you share with Seven, and two if you ever
decide you want to be human again!  Xander replied, Judy, i am happier now than i have ever been or could ever be as a human.  Xander pulled
Saren under his arm and hugged onto her.  I will be a dragon and at the side of my lover and mate untill the end of my days.  Sevens blood
and my blood in this state should be enough if there is anything to find.  Xander aimed his hand at the Radioscope and destroyed it with a
effortless blast of thunder sending shrapnel everywhere.

Turning to face the large Cryogenics Freezer Xander raised his hand again as James cried out, Noooooo!  In a matter of seconds the freezer
door was obliterated and Xander held his blast for almost thirty seconds to ensure the destruction of everything inside the walk in unit.
Seven slipped a piece of gray tape over James mouth to shut him up as Xander spoke again.  I think we're done here now, Judy you will come
with us untill Seven decides otherwise.  Xander looked to Seven, Dont take too long, we will be just around the corner, We need to leave
soon!  Saren was now watching sparks fly from the edges of the large blast door as the now massing guards and engineers worked to force the
fire and blast proof door open from the outside.  There was no window in it and no way for them to know a pregnant angry dragon was just
waiting for them to open the door.

Xander and Arelius left the room followed by Judy and Yuriko, Judy paused a moment looking back at James pleading glare at her as
Seven stood next to him looking at her.  Judy smiled and spoke, I guess i wont be your next experiment after all Doctor.  Have Fun!  Seven
raised his hand toward Judy and motioned for her to leave as she turned to the door again and walked out closing it behind her.  Seven now
slowly turned to James looking into his eyes for a moment.  James was in terror looking upon Sevens canine resembling body as if he was
a Tiger, and James was dinner.  Seven took his right hand and raked his claws deeply from James left shoulder through his skin and his
cloths down his chest, abdomen, and then continuing right through to his right leg stopping at the knee.  James was now covered in blood
from head to toe, but the wounds were only superficial.  Seven didnt want him to die, yet at least.  Seven took the Black Cable from the
power source and bit the aligator clip down on James shoe causing him to wince again at another superficial wound.

Seven took the hose and showered James down untill most of the blood was washed off him, and he was fully soaked.  Moving to the work
counter along side the exam chair Seven exclaimed, I guess these samples should be destroyed as well, Judy forgot about the cold box here.
James began to hum and attempt to speak through the tape as Seven held the vials in his hand.  Seven ripped the tape off his mouth and
questioned, What are you moaning about?  James begged, Please dont break those!  Seven looked at the vials in his hand and asked, Why not
there just samples that you wont need anymore.  James begged again, Those arent samples!  Those are the injectable retrovirus cultures
that cause mutation, like what i used with the Alien sample to change you.  Seven nodded his head as if that changed things and added,
Well that does change things, we cant destroy these, Much to valuable!  James sighed in relief.  Seven turned to the table for a moment
grabbing some syringes and then turned to face James again.  We need to make good use of these, much to valuable to just throw away.

I think its time we begin human trials Doctor, I mean i wasnt technically human when you started so it wasnt a real example of human
hybridation, This time we need to do it right, with a real human, and i thank you for being our volunteer.  James seeing Seven loading
the first Viral RNA culture began to panic, begging Seven to stop, but he wasnt listening.  Seven stuffed a handfull of cotton balls
into James mouth forcing them in silencing James completely.  Seven continued, I know this is a little scary doctor, but dont worry,
You created these yourself, you know whats in them, and you know they must be safe since you used them on me, and were going to use them
again.  And just imagine, you infected me on six different occasions, and every time the DNA changes made me scream in terrible pain from
the shock they created in my immune system.  Well rather than cause you pain five different times i am going to do the humane thing and
give you all of it in one shot, then it will be over.  Of course it may hurt five times more then each of mine did, but thats beside the
point.  Are you ready Doctor?  James shook his head no violently while unable to speak.  Seven continued, Good, im glad your being so
brave, this wont hurt to much, for the first five minutes or so.  After that well you'll see.

Seven stuck the needle into James right bicep and empied the syringe as the whites of James eyes showed.  Seven took the second syringe
and injected it to James right leg, the third to James left leg, and the fourth to James left arm.  Seven stood next to James holding
the last syringe in his other hand while he stroked James cheek softly and added. You've been so brave Doctor, Only one left and then
we will be done.  Now this one may hurt slightly more.  Seven stuck the needle into James just above his belly button and emptied it.
There we go all done with your shots.  Now those injections may require a catalyst of sorts, you know to activate them, and also make
sure you dont feel all of the pain they may cause.  So we will give your body a different pain to focus on and who knows, you may not
even feel the immunal shock at all!  Seven strood over to the dropped red padded electrode and picked it up.  James was now wincing
every few seconds as the Viral RNA began to take hold and begin to incite shock with sudden DNA changes within his body.  Seven took
the electrode and soaked it under the hose for a moment before spraying James again thouroughly.  Seven gray taped over James eyes
blinding him first and then unzipped his pants and slid them down some.

Seven walked over now that James couldnt see and turned off the power supply before returning.  James had seen him wet the electrode
but not turn off the power.  James jumped and flailed as Seven suddenly struck him in the stomache and chest with the un-powered
electrode before realizing he wasnt being shocked and calming down.  Seven laughed quietly and added, I got you on that one you jackass
even i am not that unmerciful.  James sighed in relief hearing Sevens comment.  Seven pulled James underwear waistband out and shoved
the electrode down his crotch letting the soaked underwear and waistband snap back and hold the electrode firmly in place.  Seven
began walking towards the door and called out, James i am leaving now.  Good luck on your transformation, im sure all those strains
togeather will produce something quite magnificent of you.  Dont die on me, it wouldnt be fair, i didnt die on you!  Oh and one more
thing before i go away forever.  Seven paused waiting for James to moan in response.  Seven replied, Im sorry Doctor but i told one
lie today.  You will live dont worry......  But i have no mercy for you.  Seven pushed the green button on the power supply and walked
out without looking back as James screamed as well as he could with the gag of cotton as the electrode squeezed tightly against his
soaked shaft, balls and legs became live and his whole body stood up off the table suspended by his wrists and ankles mounted firmly
in their shackles and begin to jerk and flail like having a seizure as he felt 6000 volts hit him every half a second.

Xander looked to Seven as he closed the door behind him and asked, Was all that really nessicery?  Seven looked up and answered
sternly, YES!  Xander sighed and replied, alright... lets get out of here.  Saren was watching the blast door as Xander stepped in
front of her and added, what say we help them with this door.  Xander raised his hand and the guards on the other side stopped as
a giant impact bulge formed in the door with a loud boom.  Xander cocked his head to the side for a second seeing the door withstanding
a fair amount of power.  The guards and engineers backed away from the door and took cover around the corners weapons drawn.  Xander
raised his hand once more, and this time with twice the power blasted the door free of its mounts, and sent it careening down the
hall and imbedding it in a concrete wall.

As the dust began to settle Xander stood in the doorway with blue lightening bolts coursing over his arms and chest as the guards
looked on in awe.  Xander spoke three words as he stood facing them, Run......or Die!  The guards held their ground and pinged some
rifle fire off of Xanders body as he became very frustrated with them.  Xander launched a bolt at the floor and as he held it live
walked its strike point towards the guards as he melted a trench in the steel floor.  After a few more shots the guards fled and
sealed the next blast door behind them.  Xander walked over to a plaque next to the sealed door.  It read, Dugway Research Facility
Level 8, Security Sector 2.  Xander thought for a moment, So we are in the underground complex at Dugway.  And eight levels below the
blast shield....  Yuriko questioned, What is the blast shield?  Xander explained, I had a friend that worked as an engineer for the
military, and he said he saw one page from the DoD underground construction guidelines.  They have a concrete ground layer which is
usually purposed as a parking lot.  but under that there is twenty feet of earth over top of a twenty foot thick layer of titanium
re-inforced concrete which serves as a blast wall in case of a nuclear attack on the facility.  We are effectively ten to twelve floors

Seven questioned, Can we do one more thing before we leave?  Xander questioned, Whats that?  Seven began, James said that some of my
DNA splices were from a alien source in his rambling, and that alien may be here!  Judy spoke up, Your right he did say that.  But
James said it was two levels up in maximum security.  And if you havent noticed, the elevators are behind that blast door, and the
guards.  He may survive a blaze of gunfire going through there, but we wont.  Xander looked at his hand and then the concrete ceiling
and questioned aloud, I wonder how thick that is?  Xander blasted the ceiling a few feet away and concrete fell from the ceiling like
rain for a moment revealing a man sized hole into the corridor above.  Xander hit it again and the hole was wide enough to jump through
as he carried Judy and Seven with him.  A few lab techs were standing in shock in a vending machine corner as Xander stood before them
setting down Seven and Judy.  Saren soon followed carrying Yuriko followed by Arelius.  Xander spoke to the frozen labcoats with a grin,
Dont worry were just passing through.  Xander blasted a hole in the ceiling again and a bunch of Server Racks rained down along with
a bunch of computer hardware hanging by their cords.  Xander looked to the labcoats again and smirked, It would seem your datacenter
has been breached, and may also need some minor repairs.  Xander picked up Judy and Seven and carried them up through the hole.  They
were surrounded by rows and rows of server racks.

Xander pushed Seven and Judy into a corner and threw a bolt into each row of server cabinets as they began to blow sparks like a fourth
of july spectacle.  Smiling again, Xander commented, I think i just crashed their network, Permanently.  Xander suddenly heard a walkie
talkie voice speaking, Control to N.O.C. what is your situation we have lost all primary systems including security over.  Xander
followed the sound as it repeated again.  Under a toppled over server cabinet was a scrawny male labcoat laying half burried and uncontious
but breathing.  Xander tapped him on the shoulder and spoke, Wake up geek!  Xander rolled his head the other way revealing a large lumped
bruise as he added, Yeah hes gonna be out for a while, sorry bro.  Didnt intend to hurt any inocent workers.  Saren, Arelius, and Yuriko
were now present as the radio call came again.  Yuriko picked it up and answered back.  This is N.O.C. we've suffered a few sudden server
crashes over.  The voice came back, What do you mean a few crashes, Weve lost all primary systems, which servers show down from your view?
Yuriko looked around the room and the occasional shooting sparks for a moment before replying, I think all of them.  the voice answered
back, Im sorry come back?  Yuriko replied, I think all the servers are crashed.  And some fell through the floor into level seven.

The radio voice asnwered, What! What do you mean through the floor?  Yuriko replied, Yeah thats what i said....Gotta go.  Judy spoke up,
Now that you two have had your fun anyone realize they probably dont store alien bodies in a server room?  So James must have been mistaken.
Yuriko answered, Well, Maybe not....  The level below us is seven, below that is eight, but this one says nine on the sign.....  Xander
laughed and exclaimed, Those sneaky fucks,  I heard about shit like this, but this is the first time ive actually seen someone do it.
Mislabel the floors to hide one where it shouldnt be.  They dont want people to know where the servers are, so they say its level 9, which
would theroretically be below one through 8, but its actually level seven, and the floors below are mislabeled.  So two levels up on this
setup actually means three.  Xander blasted the roof once more and this time only concrete rained down.  Once again he carried Seven and
Judy up and they found themselves face to face with fully hazmat suited lab techs.

Xander walked towards them and right through them as they scrambled to get out of his way in fear as the others followed.  Xander walked
up to a closed armored doorway with a sign above it reading, Vault.  The door had no handles and only a keycard swiper with a palm scanner
on the wall next to it.  Xander knocked on the door to asses its thickness before grumbling to himself.  One of that lab techs took a step
forward and said, You cant go in there.  Xander looked back and replied, The hell i cant, Whos going to stop me?  You?  The man took a red
card from his pocket and snapped it in half and laughed as he explained, That was the only key we have.  Xander smiled and replied,  Thats
fine, I brought my own key.  Its a special one that even opens the big blast doors the guards tried to lock on us.  Xander swiped his claw
through the card swiper and then blasted the door with a blinding flash before looking back smiling as he added, See, Unlocked!

Xander forced the remaining pieces of the door out of the way and stepped in as Seven nearly pushed past him to see what was inside.  Seven
stood in front of a ceiling height tank of liquid nearly twenty feet long, the liquid was slightly foggy but everything inside was clearly
visible.  Xander stood and stared at Seven and the tank for a moment.  The creature closest Seven was a wolfen anthro of some kind, its
features slightly different but un-mistakingly simular.  It had to be a pure blood of whatever Seven was transformed into.  The creature
was visibly dead.  Having what appeared to be a Large wound in the left side of its ribcage, as well as wounds up and down the left side
of its body.  Xander spoke aloud, Yuriko, Bring me that jackass who broke his card.  Yuriko grabbed the man by the bicep and as he jerked
to resist she pressed a kunai blade against his neck saying only, NOW!  The man resentfully complied and climbed through the doorway and
Yuriko brought him before Xander.  Xander began, What is your name?  The man looked away from Xander and Yuriko began to slowly push her
kunai blade into the skin of his neck untill he finally oblidged, Robert.  Xander continued, Next time you refuse to help me, I will just
kill you myself, there are plenty more labcoats out there who im sure are willing to explain a few things in exchange for living.

Xander pointed at the tank as Seven looked back at him with a blank expression still in awe of his apparent siblings in the tank.  Xander
continued, Give us the tour of this room and explain every item in here, where its from, what it is, and everything important about it
starting with the tank.  Robert jerked his arm away from Yuriko and stepped up to Sevens side facing the tank.  Several of these bodies
are part of the same file.  All of the canine resembling bipeds were found at a Crash site just outside Barstow California.  Apparently
the air force was doing manouvers in that area and durring a high speed training dogfight one of the aircraft had a mid-air collision
with an unknown object.  Radar showed two seperate returns decending rapidly from the point of the collision, at first it was believed
the second return was a fuel pod, or perhaps a chunk of the fighter that seperated from the main hull.  When MPs arrived to cordon off
the wreckage area where the second return landed, they found a wreckage pattern that was to big for an F-14 Tomcat to make given that
the majority of the aircraft was found at the other crash site.  In addition the wreckage didnt look like anything from any US aircraft.

Eventually they found a large crumbled object resembling a aircraft, it had a large impact scar on the left side of its hull that
breached the interior.  Teh craft actually survived the landing remarkably well given it free fell thousands of feet.  The MPs were unable
to match its desciption to any known aircraft from any nation and suspected it was some kind of spy plane.  When they climbed in through
the hole in the hull i think that idea probably died instantly.  The four specimens at this end of the tank were the occupants of the
craft.  The first was in the front left chair.  The pilot as best we can tell.  He was closest to the point of impact and sustained severe
shrapnel wounds but was also impaled by the F-14s nose needle which penetrated the hull and detached from the jet on impact.  He was likely
killed instantly when the collision occurred.  The second was on the right side front chair.  There were no flight controls but we believe
she may have been a comunications or navigation person, perhaps both as a co-pilot role.  The third specimen, a male, was sitting behind
the Pilot in a group of chairs with no apparent instrumentation, we believe he was a crewmen or was an assistant or such.  He was alive
when the MPs entered the wreck, but his leg was almost completely severed by shrapnel.  He fired on the MPs killing the pointman but was
killed when the MPs returned fire before he could bleed to death.  We believe the vessel was some kind of transport or scout ship.

The fourth we believe was someone of importance tho we arent sure how.  He was the only one wearing a gold shoulder piece with some kind
of symbol on it.  He was pinned in his chair under a section of support beam which broke his upper leg.  The MPs knocked him out and
secured him.  He was brought back here for interrogation, but his language was un-intelligible.  We mended his leg but kept him restrained
at all times as he appeared to have accelerated regenerative capabilities and a significantly powerfull physical strength.  We had to
use steel chains to restrain him because the kevlar fiber bands would eventually break as he struggled to break free.  Durring his last
interrogation session he got hold of the interrogators revolver and blew his own brains out after shooting the man in the shoulder.

Seven questioned, Who interrogated him and how?  Robert paused for a moment drawing Xanders glare.  Robert snapped back and replied, I
believe it was a man from Section 2, Demarcus i think.  Seven looked back to Xander and asked, So now do you think it was nessicery?
Xander sighed and added, In hindsight i agree, Let him rott.  Seven looked back into the tank and replied, I hope someone just like him
is the one to find him, and make him the next big test subject.  Xander questioned, Where are their uniforms?  Robert replied, There were
none, They were all nude.  Perhaps that is their way since they have furr over their intire bodies.  The only clothing items recovered
were utility belts which they all wore and necklaces with what appear to be rank indications and a builtin communications device.  And
the gold shoulder piece the superior one wore.  There was also some hand weapons which were in holsters on their belts much like we use.

Robert questioned, So obviously your not from around here, and neither are they.  Have you come here to investigate the crash, or to
recover the bodies, or both?  Xander looked at Robert puzzled as he replied, Excuse me?  Robert continued, Well what else would three
more aliens be doing here asking about other aliens?  Xander quiped back, I was born in Texas you retard.  Im not an alien, neither is
he.  Xander pointed to Seven.  Now the other two behind me are technically aliens but not.  Why am i explaining myself to you.  Myself
and the wolf were once human, thats all im gonna say for now.  Where is the equipment they had?  Robert was confused by Xander statements
but pointed to a storage locker next to the tank.  Xander walked to the other side of the room and pushed over a rolling bin and added.
Judy throw everything your carrying in here.  And put everything in the cabinet in here as well, were taking it all.  I wonder why we
havent run into any guards lately...

Robert added, I thought that was your doing?  The entire control system is down, all the doors are keycarded, everywhere.  And the system
that runs the keycard machines is offline right now.  We overheard the guards radio calls before you got here.  Most of them are trapped
behind locked doors wherever they happenned to be at the time the network went down.  And due to some paranoid planners, there are no
manual overrides on the doors.  The override is to cut down the door or bring the card system online.  Xander giggled and added, Well
i guess i did do that unknowingly when i burned up the entire datacenter.  The network is deep fried and still smoldering.  Robert laughed
out loud and punned,  That is awsome,  you burned up the door control systems, and now you have no way out without breaking through every
door in your way.  Xander rolled his eyes and sighed sarcasticly, Oh no were doomed.  Judy announced, You are almost having fun in here
with every little thing you do and say, can we please get out of here?  Xander replied, This just reminds me of some of the missions i
did when i was younger and human,  i always tried to find fun in what i had to do, even if it was watching a bunch of drug runners fly
into the air when a claymore hit them.

Judy added, By the way weve got everything and have been waiting on you, i am getting more worried the longer were here, can we just go
now.  Xander looked to Seven, Have you seen enough?  Seven placed his palm on the tank in front of the fourth wolf and thought for a
moment before asking Robert, It was his DNA James took to create me wasnt it?  Robert looked puzzled again as he replied, James took to
create you, what????  Seven looked back at Robert angrily, Demarcus!  Did Demarcus take a DNA sample from any of them?  Robert thought
for a moment and replied, He took cultures from all four, but he took a myriad of samples from the fourth.  Why?  Seven looked back at
the fourth wolf thoughtfully,  and said aloud, I can feel it inside me, James used his DNA to create me.  I guess in a way he could be
my father, for this form at least.  I wish he had survived for us to meet or escaped.  Im sure he didnt deserve what James did to him.

Arelius entered the room for the first time, he had been watching for guards but they apparently werent coming.  Arelius walked over to
the tank and peered at the wolves inside.  He rubbed his face for a moment, thinking way back.  Arelius spoke after a moment, I think I
have seen them once before.  Xander questioned, You've seen these creatures before?  Roberts attention snapped to the other dragon before
him as he listened eagerly.  Arelius continued, It was back on our world, long before any of this came to pass.  Perhaps a few hundred
to a thousand years ago.  Im not quite sure exactly how long but in that range,  I was still mastering my abilities and i was scanning
much like i was when i sensed Venterus inside you.  I found a small group of beings there was maybe sixty at most, but they were moving
quickly, i was having trouble keeping hold of them as they kept moving great distances.  Im not sure, but i think these were them.  Mind
you not these ones, But others of their kind.  Xander added, Probably a ship of some kind cruising through space.  Ok, we can talk more
when were back home, Lets get out of here before the hospitality runs out.  Xander yelled out, Saren were leaving.  Robert didnt
comprehend Xanders language change and questioned, What was that?  Xander shoved him to the ground in the corner carefully and spoke, Our
Language.  Saren walked in and placed her hand on Xanders shoulder, Arelius placed his hand over Sarens as Yuriko hugged onto Arelius
midsection.  Judy, Seven, and Robert were puzzled at the display as Xander questioned, Are you coming or not?

Judy just held her hand out and added, what are you doing?  Xander replied, Teleporting!  Grab on and hang onto that bin of stuff in
your other hand.  Judy and Seven joined them, Judy grabbing Xanders Elbow, and Seven hugging onto his side.  Xander pictured the
destination in real time and as he began to teleport Robert ran into Arelius and hugged on just as they de-materialized.  The group
re-appeared back at their camp.  Arelius turned around and grabbed a stunned Robert lifting him off the ground with one hand.  Turning
to face Xander Arelius errupted, This grabbed me and decided to come with us.  Arelius tossed him to the ground as they all glared at him,
Yuriko moved in and stood over him with a star in her hand as she questioned Xander, What do we do with him?  Xander waived his hand and
relented, Tie him up securely we will figure it out later, this day has been heavy and its still morning.  Robert, just in case you think
about slipping your restraints and running off, you should know were at least six hundred miles from any known civilization, and there are
wild animals in the woods that would love to pounce you.  Here there are all of us dragons, there isnt a predator alive stupid enough to
approach us.  Your safest here with us, but the choice is yours.  Robert stood slowly and walked over to a tree and laid back against it
with his hands behind his back silently.  Xander smiled and added, That is a very wise choice.

Chapter 21: The Kingdom - Part One
Several days had passed since the raid at Dugway, and subsequent rescue of Seven as he decided to continue calling himself for the time being.
Xander was keenly aware of most of Sevens feelings, and while most of them were happy to be free, there was a lot of hurt to mend.  Seven did
not trust anyone except those who rescued him, and even then only took Xanders word with trust since he could somehow tell Xander only had good
intentions towards him.   It built a bond of trust, and the beginnings of a great friendship between them.  Seven enjoyed going on long
excursions into the forest exploring the lands and observing the wild life.  He had some memory of his past, and knew he had been in the forest
and jungles somewhere before, but could not place where or why.  The lost memories frustrated him from time to time.  Feeling as if something is
familiar, and yet not remembering how or why.

Xander figured out how to track Seven using their bond and eventually the learned to communicate through it.  It was the sixth night after the
raid when Sevens emotions woke Xander as Seven suffered through a bad dream, reliving one of the encounters with James in his memories.  Seven
was shivering and sweating and Xander was exhibiting simular symptoms as he walked over to Seven who was sleeping on a blanket with some soft
foliage underneith for padding curled up almost into the fetal position.  Xander put his hand on Sevens shoulder and rocked him back and fourth
a few times untill Seven snapped out of it and woke to find Xander above him.  Sevens eyes were in a fearful glare for a moment as he stared at
Xander startledly.  Xander rubbed his shoulder softly and spoke, Its ok Seven, You are safe here, and far from those who would hurt you.  It was
just a bad dream son.  Seven sighed and sat up slouching forwards rubbing the sweat from his forhead and breathing deeply to calm down.

Seven was just staring at the ground depressingly still stuck on the dream and how real it had been when he was there.  Xander could feel the
buildup and sorrow Seven was feeling and decided to try giving him some hope.  Xander sat next to Seven and pulled the Wolf up against his ribs
and under his arm protectively as he spoke quietly and softly.  Dont worry,  Everything is going to be ok now, You are free, and they have no
idea where we are.  And even if they did, i would die before i let them take you back to that place.   You have been holding on so long, and
fighting back even when there was no hope.  I know how much it hurts.   Xander shed a tear as he un-intendingly remembered the day hughes killed
the little girl in front of him.  Seven saw it as well and felt Xanders heart seize and break as the little girls eyes glazed over in his arms.
Seven turned into Xanders embrace and hugged him, patting his shoulder understandingly as Xander tried to regain his composure.

Xander wiped the tears from his left eye as he began to get up, taking Sevens hand he led Seven over the his and Sarens Nesting and Xander laid
back down behind Saren wrapping his top arm over her once more as she snuggled back up to him.  Seven stood unsure of what to do for a moment but
Xander reached around and patted the back of his shoulder and motioned for Seven to lay next to him against his back.  Seven dropped to his knees
and turned around laying on his side with his back against Xander and instinctively snuggled closer against him feeling his warmth.  Xander patted
Sevens hip behind him as he whispered, Your safe, laying with two of the most deadly things on this world, sleep, and dream of happier times, and
let all the rest fade away, it no longer matters.  Your free now, dont let the memorys keep you in chains, its not a good place to be trust me.

Seven closed his eyes slowly with a calming yawn and Xander felt him loosen up and begin to nodd off.  Xander was still on his own bad memories
tho in the back of his mind,  Snapping himself back he gently rubbed Sarens pregnant midsection thinking of how much love he was going to give
these two miracles inside her, the only thing that mattered was that he too was free, free to let the past fade behind him, and build a future
with the family he always needed in his torn heart.  Xanders drowsy mind wandered on what his children may look like, what colors they would be,
would they be egg born or live birthed.  It didnt matter, Xander resolved to love them regardless of anything as he faded finally into sleep
with the knowledge he was once again surrounded by friends, and he himself was safe with them, even with all his power, he still found great
comfort and secureness in the company of loved ones,  his final waking thought, how warm and safe his heart felt with his new family sleeping all
around him.

Morning came slowly as the sun began to peek through the trees to the east,  Saren woke dazily as she looked around, the quiet of the woods was
peaceful, only birds sung nearby and all was still.  Sleeping positions had shifted somewhat durring the night, Xander was now flat on his back
with Saren sleeping on his left wing snuggled up to his left side with her head resting on his chest.  Lifting her head slightly she noticed the
white furr of Sevens sleeping on Xanders right wing laying against Xander with a paw on the edge of Xanders abdomen.  Saren watched as Seven
slept peacefully, he seemed to finally be completely relaxed, at least while he slept.  Saren knew the feeling, sleeping with Xander made her feel
happy and safe, but also loved immensely.  Saren was just watching Xander sleep when she noticed something interesting, Xanders foot moved
uncontiously, and at the same time, so did Sevens.  Saren raised an eyebrow thinking it was odd but wondered if it was just coincidence.  Saren
suddenly heard a very soft trodding of sorts, it was almost impossible to hear but she was focusing on it and trying to descern the direction
but it was too faint.  Raising her head from Xanders chest she looked around and spotted Yuriko quietly placing wood in the fire pit for whoever
was going to make breakfast.

Yurikos back was to Saren and she hadnt seen Saren lift her head,  As Yuriko turned around she noticed Saren awake looking at her and smiled, she
stepped closer quietly before stopping about twenty feet short as Saren looked at her not knowing what the human was doing.  Yuriko spoke so soft
it was almost nothing, Your the first one to ever hear me walking while i was being quiet.  Saren just looked at her wondering what she said, She
had heard the words, but had no idea what it meant.  Yuriko noticed Sarens puzzlement and added, Do you understand english?  Saren just raised an
eyebrow for a second still having no idea what had been said.  Yuriko smiled realizing it and got an idea.  Moving her foot onto a fallen branch
that lay on the ground she slowly added weight to her foot.  She was curious now how good the Dragons could hear.  Finally the branch began to
tension to its limit giving off a faint click,  Xander snorted softly and so did Seven.  Yuriko stepped slightly harder causing the branch to click
as a piece of it cracked.

This time Xanders head lightly jerked towards Yuriko but his eyes stayed closed, Sevens body jumped slightly as well.  Yuriko stepped harder and
the twig snapped giving off a louder crunch still no louder than a pindrop.  Xanders head snapped up suddenly as he made a snoring slurping sounds
from being startled awake abruptly.  As Xander snapped awake, Seven twisted over to face Yuriko with a jolt as he stared at her for a moment before
seeing the branch under her foot and the smile on her face.  Xander rubbed his eyes and massaged his head all around as he woke himself up.  Saren
and Seven were still laying on his wings effectively pinning him down on his back as he nudged them to get off him.  Xander spoke grogily, Something
wrong Yuriko?  Yuriko smiled and began, No everythings fine.  I was out gathering wood for a fire and when i came back your mate was awake watching
me.  She must have heard me even tho i was being silent as i could.  Xander added, We do have far greater hearing than humans despite the lack of
external ears.

Sound is much more vivid, and we can hear at greater distances.  Saren was listening intently still but Xander realized it was obvious she was only
curious of what they were saying, and could not understand a word.  Xander spoke to Saren, Forgive me my love, i should have done this before.  Xander
placed his hand on Sarens right temple and layed his forhead against hers.  Xander pushed the same linguistics to her as he had given Arelius, and
a little more, Xander held the link with her, and focused his mind on the feeling in his heart and chest when he thought of Saren and his children
and shared that to her as well, lingering himself in the moment of warmth that even bled off into seven as he watched them quietly.  Xander lifted
his head from Sarens after a moment revealing a few tears on her cheeks as she latched onto him for dear life.  It was one thing to know that a mate
cared for her and their soon to be young, but actually feeling their love inside them, was powerful and moving for her.  She realized, she would
never have to worry about Xanders commitments to her.  It was set in stone and he would burn the world down to protect her.

Xander gave her a moment to collect herself before saying aloud in english, Now we can all speak freely.  Yuriko stood to Saren and bowed slightly
before speaking, Hello dear, My name is Yuriko, Whats yours?  Saren realized she understood, and attempted to reply, Ry nang ez Saren, Rolling her
jaw around some knowing it didnt sound as it should have she repeated herself a few times untill she was able to adjust her pernunciation very well
and speak with no slurr but a slight Germanish Accent.  Saren added, I am Xanders mate.  Yuriko smiled and replied, Yes i know, it doesnt take words
to see how close and lucky you both are.  Yuriko motioned for Takeshimo to join her, a second later she put her left arm around his neck and
introduced him, Saren, This is Takeshimo, He is my husband, or mate as you call it.  Takeshimo stepped forward slightly and bowed to Saren just as
Yuriko had before returning to Yurikos warm embrace.

Takeshimo questioned after a moment, So how do you like our world so far Saren?  Saren thought for a moment before replying, It is very complicated
compared to our world, everything is fairly simple where we come from.  No flying machines nearly colliding with us, no sneaking around all the
time, and noone after us all the time.  Takeshimo replied, Mmm, it would be nice to not have to live in hiding all the time.  We are very good at
being secretive and being sneaky, and leaving no trace behind.  Its what we do and what we train for, but how often i wish we could at least take a
break from it, and be free of the constant worry that we are being hunted.  Unfortunatly that will never be possible for me again as the good General
captured me for a short time.  They know my face, my identity, and my weakness now.  Takeshimo held Yuriko tightly nodding his head against hers as
he continued.  They figured out i was married when they captured me, and they went after Yuriko so they could use her to make me talk.  Thankfully
she is even more cunning than I, She killed her all but one of the soldiers that came for her.  And made the last one tell her where i was kept.

Two days later she brought the rest of our force and stormed the base.  Several of our brothers and sisters lost their lives durring the raid but
we made sure they were dead before we left them behind.  Thankfully two were still alive and we carried them out ourselves.  It was a while after
that while we were living on rooftops of tall buildings we saw you.  And began seeking you out.  I often worry that one of us will be captured
again, and it troubles me greatly.  Xander spoke up after a moment, You dont need to worry here, The first time anyone comes here with bad intentions
and trys anything against us, They will be made an example of.  I hope i dont have to kill anyone in the process, but i intend to make it very clear
we wish to be left alone, and are VERY capable of fighting them off, no matter how big their force is.  Takeshimo smiled and added, I just hope they
take the hint the first time, and dont keep coming back for more.

It was later in the day as most were in groups out exploring and making makeshift maps of the area, Xander and Seven were walking the area around the
camp and thinking about how best to layout their new village colony when Judy came up to talk to him for the first time since she had joined up with
them.  Seven kept a close eye as Judy spoke, Xander i have something you need to see!  Its on the laptop from James office.  Xander and Seven followed
to where Judy had the laptop setup under a shading made of branches and brush.  Judy loaded a video recording from James Inbox and played it.  Xander
recognized the footage was from an aircraft onboard camera.  Judy fast forwarded through some attack footage and resumed a while further in the video
as the plane was flying over water.  Judy spoke, OK here it comes...  Suddenly something flew under the jets left side in a blurr and was gone.  Judy
backed up the video some and put it in frame by frame mode.  Ticking forward a frame at a time she found the two frames which showed the objects.

The first frame was a blurry shot at several objects appearing with the silouete simular to hang gliders way ahead of the plane still.  The next frame
was right close up, Xander was clearly visible belly up rolling into a dive to avert the collision with a pair of human legs around his waist.  One of
brynjas wings was visible but her body was outside the shot, And a blurred siloueete of what Xander believed was Arelius or Sarens tail was at the
bottom of the shot, but it was just a black smudge in the shape of a tail.  Xander sighed, I was worried about this happenning...  That happenned on
our first day back here.  We were headed to this place from japan, and that plane nearly collided with us.  As i recall it was an F-22 Raptor hauling
ass for some unknown reason.  When did James get that video?  Judy replied, Well he hadnt openned it yet when we took his laptop, it had just arrived
shortly before.  If he is still alive he may have seen it by now.  But we dont know if he is alive.  Seven spoke up, When I left he was alive.  Judy
questioned Seven, What did you do to him in that room?  Did you kill him?  Seven replied coldly, When i left he was alive.  Judy clarified, What
condition did you leave him in?  Seven stepped towards Judy aggressively and exclaimed, I did no better or worse then he did to me, and I LEFT HIM
ALIVE!  Just in a way that will give him what he deserves.

Judy fell silent as her gaze fell to sevens hands at his sides, claw tips fully extended.  Seven was glaring at her but noticed her falling gaze and
lifted his hand to see for himself, his claws had extended fully and as he already knew were razor sharp, but he hadnt intended to extend them at all
yet here they were.  Calming himself slightly he retracted them slowly untill they dissappeared competely within his furr.  Xanders hand softly
patted Sevens shoulder as he glanced back to see Xanders smile briefly before walking off into the forest to cool off.  As seven walked his hearing
allowed him to hear Xander explaining to Judy that she should be carefull not to become aggressive with Seven, or do anything to draw his anger.
Seven smirked as he walked out of hearing range.

Arelius had finished gathering wood for the evening meal and questioned Xander, You know i think we should bring some supplys in from Darix.  I
think a lot of your stuff is still there too.  And i have been wanting to bring Zero here as well.  Brynja has taken a liking to him, and is now
missing him some.  Not to mention we need some more help if we are going to begin building our new home soon.  Xander replied, Can you speak with
anyone there with your power?  Arelius thought for a moment, Well i can talk to them, but they cannot talk back, at least not yet.  Xander added,
Well let them know we are coming in a few hours then, we will leave here at nightfall, just myself and you, Brynja and Saren should stay here to keep
our presence in place, i dont expect any trouble, but i know a lot of the people here fled with us, and fear being caught, they feel safe because we
are here, and they know what we can do.  Best to keep them feeling safe, than to let their fear cause repurcussions later.

The dragons managed to catch a few deer for the evening meal and the humans split up the task of cleaning them.  After dinner as the sun was fading
out Xander spoke to everyone,  Myself and Arelius will be going back to our home to bring some supplies back, we expect to be gone not very long, but
we are leaving Saren, Brynja, and the ninjas to oversee that everything goes smoothly while were gone.  If everything is ready when we get there we
may be back within a few hours, otherwise we should be back by morning or so.  We hope to start building our permanent residence tommorrow.  And it
will work better if we have supplies, and extra help.

Arelius stepped to Xander side and placed his hand on Xanders shoulder as they flashed away from earth.  Only a moment later they appeared in the
familiar target room and headed outside.  Xander noticed the array of solar panels had been pushed asside into a pile half way neatly and out of
the way.  Only Szouren was on the balcony, He paced over to them lazily and spoke, So how goes the new home?  Arelius began, We have found the perfect
place for it, and now we are ready to bring back more supplies and anyone who wishes to join us.  Szouren replied, Well at least there is some good
news then.  Arelius Questioned, What do you mean?  Althalos began speaking from behind them in the doorway to the castle, It seems that those behind
the push to conquer us have now been spreading word that you havent really left, and are hold up in hiding.  They are building support from fearfull
groups and are threatening to come make sure you are gone.  They say it will be a temporary occupation to ensure that you are gone, or destroy you at
which time they claim they will leave us peacefully, which will never happen.  If they occupy our territory, they will have to have killed off our
guards, and if they have done that, they will simply claim our lands and annex us under the guise of protecting us since we have no guards.

Arelius eyes turned black as he grumbled and thought to himself.  These power hungry snails think they can walk all over everyone in the name of peace
and get away with it.  Szouren added, The problem is they have a force large enough to pose a serious problem.  Once they decide to invade us, there is
little we can do except fight to the last of us.  Their force is slightly greater than that of Dakara and ours combined.  If they strike us in turn we
could get lucky and withstand them.  But if they strike us both togeather, we will fall in all likelyhood.  Arelius was in thought but angry enough to
generate a faint deep dark violet glow from his irises as his anger slow cooked inside him.  Xander spoke up,  If the circumstances are that severe I
only see one plan of action.  The others looked to him as he continued.  We show them what will happen if they attack any village, for any reason.  They
are using fear of us, and fear of our power to draw others to their cause.  They think that in great numbers they will triumph even against us.  All we
need to do, is seemingly disprove that fact.  And demoralize the mass of their supporters from joining the fighting.  Back on earth we call it Shock
and Awe.  Put on a display of unbelievable power and supremacy to remove the hope of a decisive victory from your adversary.  If they see no hope to win
a battle of offence against us, they will not fight us just so they can die.

I say get a few representatives from each of the villages that fear invasion togeather, and then we go as a group to meet the leaders of the opposition
without warning, just showup.  Take control of the situation, show that we have the support of the other villages, and that we are united against them.
Even if the leaders wish to continue the fight, the minions they command will be disheartened, and most will hopefully desert the cause completely.
After all, we arent the ones threatening invasion, they are...

Arelius smiled wickedly and replied, Im used to handling things with diplomacy, and keeping things calm and carefull, but this idea seems like it could
be outlandish enough to work.  Arelius turned to Szouren and questioned, Where does this force stand right now?  Szouren replied, Well, the largest mass
of them is just over the mountains just outside the area of our territory where Ours and Dakaras Territorial divide is, likely to keep us on edge, and
also be ready to come here or to Dakara at a moments notice.  They have scouting parties on the fringes of our territory keeping watch over us, if they
dont know your here yet, they will soon.  Our guards keep chasing them off, but they come right back and hide in the forest to watch again.  They dont
give confrontation, they simply flee as the guards approach, and then return later after the guards have left.  Dakara reports simular activities, and
they were even brazen enough to follow two of our messengers at a distance and act as tho they were going to attack.  They are trying to break down
communications between us i think.

Xander thought for a moment, This will work best if we have the largest concentration of their troops possible present for the show.  So we need to get
them to recall the other groups and mass for us.  I think i can handle that part.  Arelius questioned, How would you handle it?  Xander?  Xander just
grinned wickedly and burst into the air with enough force Szouren fell on his backside and blasted towards the woods in the direction of the three points
of territorial intersection.  He could smell dragons were below him somewhere,  And afraid they were.  Turning about back towards the castle he saw them
take off and head away from Darix.  Xander came about again and flew with all his strength in pursuit, closing the distance with incredible speed.  Grabbing
the first one he came to right out of the sky and then the next, he easily restrained their arms at their sides and came to a landing in a clearing before
tossing both to the ground on their faces and standing over them.  Xander spoke in a monotone of seriousness, If you attempt to flee, i will destroy you.

Both of the scouts sat motionless and quiet as he thought for a moment and began, If you will deliver a message for me to your leaders, i will spare your
lives, and forgive your tresspassing on our territory.  The message is this, We will be coming to see them this evening, We are only coming to talk,  and
representatives from many territories will be joining us.  If they flee or attempt to attack us, it will make us very very angry.  If they are honorable
and grace us with their presence, we hope to avert a war that will cost many lives.  We want to negotiate peace.  But if we are attacked, All bets are off.
Your leaders are welcome to bring as many troops as they need to protect themselves and feel safe.  And if I catch any more scouting parties in our lands
they will be thrown in the dungeon for a very long time.  Now go!  The scouts scrambled into the air, ever looking back to see if he was giving chase as
they flew as quick as they could out of Darix.  Xander flew back to the balcony and landed before a worried Arelius, Xander spoke, The meeting is set, and
at the very least that set of scouts wont be back i dont think.

The stage should be set quite nicely tonight.  Arelius relented, Well whats done is done i guess, I hope your idea works.  Szouren please inform the
Dakarans of our plan and get their representatives to our hidden lookout post on the eastern hill on our borders, it will provide a safe place to stay
and within quick travel to the rebel camp.  I will use my speed to reach Sabrenth and get their representatives in time.  They are over the sea, but they
still have interests in this, if we fall they are only across the water from being attacked themselves.  Arelius launched with haste and dissappeared on
the horizon before long.  Xander thought for a moment of who else might benefit being present.  Gelrozen.  Xander reached out with the knowledge gifted to
him and found Gelrozen and others repairing the temple walls at Gauruda.  Xander Teleported and appreared right next to Gelrozen giving him a start as he
first mistook the flash as an attack.  Xander stood and asked, Have you heard of the group that wishes to invade Dakara and Darix to purge the existence
of us powerfull dragons?  Gelrozen answered, I have but it seems to be a lot of scare talk if you ask me...

Xander sighed and replied, A few thousand of them and their followers sit just outside of the borders of Darix and Dakara waiting for the moment to attack
us in force.  It is very real.  We are meeting with their leaders tonight to discuss a peacefull end to the conflict.  Gelrozen tilted his head slightly
as he filled in Xanders omition, But you are planning to make a show of force when they refuse, or ambush you.  What do you ask of me?  Xander replied,
I had hoped you could fill a few roles, First be a representative of your group, the Gauruden, as an objective observer, Two help with the show of force
if you agree with our dilemma, and three, perhaps you can look into the leaders, and see what they really want in all this.  Do they just want our lands
and people, a great victory to honor themselves, or something more.  Gelrozen replied, I will go with you to this meet, And i agree to be an objective
observer, but the other roles i cannot promise, i will make that decision only then, when i see both stories.  Xander replied, Fair Enough, Lets go.

Xander placed his hand on Gelrozens shoulder and they flashed back to the castle balcony.  Gelrozen was amazed as he looked around himself, not fully
believing what had just happenned.  Xander commented, That was a lot easier and quicker than flying.  Gelrozen looked to Xander amazed and added, Ive
heard stories from the past, but, never have i seen it, or heard of it done so effortlessly.  Xander replied, Normally it takes a group of psychic
elementals and a few thunder elementals working togeather to achieve a successfull teleport, in rare cases some could do it themselves but to a great
temporary drain on their energy, but we can do it nearly effortlessly, and repeatedly.  Arelius used to be able to do it before he became like me, but
he would pass out uncontious afterwards, now he can do it with no noticable drain.  Just then Arelius appeared with a gold adorned dragon and a well
built guard at his side.  Arelius announced, This is Calioso, ruler of Sabrenth, and his Guard Commander Korul.  They exchanged greetings and Calioso
took a seat and commented, So Xander, word has it you killed Lexendrix.  Xander smiled and added, indeed.  Calioso continued, You did us a great service
then, we finally located his hideout in our village, it is quite large comparitively to here, We found a female tied up and bound in his dungeon, she
was barely alive, and very pregnant, We expect the child is his, but she wont talk, even to give us her name.  She just stares at the wall as if she
has no soul left in her.  Occasionally she flails and screams briefly, and then returns to a complete idle.  We also found the corpses of several males
burried in the dungeon.  You freed us of a rapist and murderer we could not catch or hope to defeat.

Arelius added, Perhaps when this is done, we can have a look at her, we may be able to help her somehow, we can at least try.  Gelrozen added quietly,
If it was the only way, I could force her to forget ever meeting Lexendrix, which would also remove a lot of the mental hurt and trauma, but it is
dangerous to her mind, if i make a mistake, even small, she could be permanently gone, or die instantly.  If she is completely without hope, i may
consider it as a last resort.  Then you would need to tell her she injured her head, and has an amnesia, to explain what she doesnt remember, and let
Lexendrix cease to be a part of her past, even as his essence fills her belly.  Arelius spoke up, There may be a further complication as well that may
make matters worse.  We have yet to see what the effects of twin souls has on offspring, Xander and Sarens children will show us.  Will they have his
power, will they be normal, or perhaps somewhere in the middle.  If they have his strength it could be very problematic raising children that have the
ability to destroy everything around them in a single moment.  If Lexendrix is the father of her offspring, and we discover Xanders power did traverse
the bloodline, You may be dealing with a youngling that can overpower you.

Xander commented, That is a scary thought, My kids having my power from birth.  At the least it will be very dangerous.  Calioso replied, Well we will
see how this mess turns out soon enough, but shouldnt we be getting to our meeting here soon?  Xander looked to the sky and added, Yeah it looks that
way,  Its time.  I think it would be best to fly in rather than just appear among them, tho that would definitely scare them.  Let us lead and take
the brunt af any ambush they may have in waiting, if we land safely then you follow in behind us.  The Dakarans will join us once Arelius tells Szouren
it is safe to approach.  Xander and Arelius stepped to the balcony ledge and launched into the air followed by Gelrozen and a moment later Calioso and
Korul.  Gelrozen caught up to Xander and flew next to him and Arelius, the trip was not going to be a long one.  Perhaps fifteen minutes at the slower
pace they were keeping for the slower dragons.  Xander could see fire and rising smoke on the distance but only one plume.  As they closed the distance
the fire was a bondfire and quite large.  Xander eyed the grounds around it looking for dragons that may be laying for ambush but he saw none.  As they
closed the final distance Gelrozen spoke up, I dont sense anyone down there waiting to ambush us, but a lot of fear and hate, and more anger.

Xander and Arelius began to slow for landing while Gelrozen decided it was safer to land behind them hanging back slightly.  Gelrozen touched down a few
meters behind Xander and waited for Calioso and Korul to land as well.  As they did and looked on at the many eyes watching them with very obvious
resentment they both became a bit un-eased.  Arelius spoke to Szouren telepathically, We are safe, bring the Dakarans.  Xander took a few steps forward
without much worry even as glared on him.  He spoke, We will begin our discussion as soon as the last group arrives.  Xander took note of the leaders,
it was very obvious who they were, surrounded by others for protection.  The few outsiders stood among a group of rebels two thousand plus strong, most
watching Xander and Arelius non-stop.  Szouren finally appeared and landed followed quickly by two of the Dakaran Council Elders Arelius recognized and
two others he did not.  Szouren stood to Arelius and reported, The Dakarans thought it might be good to bring two visiting dignitaries from Tellramac as
witnesses and observers, they neighbor Dakara at its farthest point from Darix,  I dont have their names.

Xander turned back to the crowd and spoke, Time for introductions!  I am Xander of Darix, The Strongest of the Twin Souls Dragons,  Arelius stepped
forward and announced, I am Arelius, Elder of Darix, And a Twin Souls Dragon, Gelrozen stepped up confidently and announced, I am Gelrozen, Leader of
the Gauruden.  Calioso raised his hand and spoke, I am Calioso, Ruler of the Sabrenth Territories, and this is my Guard Commander Korul.  The Dakarans
stepped up and the male Elder announced we are Elders Raisow and Kersola of Dakara.  The two new faced stepped up and announced, I am the leader of
Tellramac Thoreau, and my mate Nyrobi.  Xander stepped back to the front and called out, Its your turn!  The rebel leaders dicussed amongst themselves
for a moment before three of them stepped forward surrounded at the sides and back by their own mass of forces.  The first spoke up, I am Lucious, This
is Judaisus, and Herodius.  We are the overlords of the Freedom Guard.

Xander smirked but held his composure as their introductions finished.  He began, So we are here to put a peacefull end to the invasion you have
threatened against Darix and Dakara, Please explain your reasons for these threats of action.  Judaisus stepped forward and spoke, We have gathered to
prevent the conquer of friendly territories by the Twin Souls.  We know of your plans, and we will destroy any of you that attempt to conquer any lands
in any territory, and lay waste to any territory that joins, aids, or harbors you.  Xander spoke, Who has told you that we intend to attack anything at
all.  We have only been togeather as a group for a short time, and supposedly we are already planning to conquer everyone?  Herodius shouted out, We
know you have conspired in the past secretly planning these events and plotting your takeover, dont lie to us!  Xander shouted back, How long ago do you
think we plotted then?  Herodius shouted back, I saw you meeting with Arelius last season while i was in Darix for my Colony you Scurge!  Gelrozen
spoke loudly but clearly, You claim to have seen Xander, Here in Darix, an entire season ago?  Herodius confirmed, I did indeed!  Gelrozen walked
forward towards Herodius and spoke loudly, Then you speak lies!  Xander was not here untill a matter of weeks ago.  Herodius was about to spout back but
Judaisus stopped him and met Gelrozen in front of the others.

Judaisus stood for a moment and then questioned, How would you know any different?  You say Xander was never in Darix before recently.  How can you be so
sure he hasnt fooled you as well?  Gelrozen smiled and added, Do you know of the Gauruden, and what we are?  Judaisus added, You are a cult of psychics
trying to rebuild your ways.  Gelrozen continued, So then you know i must be a psychic as well, and durring a recent encounter with Xander and another of
the twin souls dragons, i read Xanders mind, unbeknownst to him of course, Just to make sure he was really bearing good intentions.  I saw his memories,
and his life, including his past life.  Xander was not here before a few weeks ago, ever!  Judaisus was becoming annoyed as he mocked, Well where was he
then?  Gelrozen replied, Earth.  And he had lived there his entire life, he didnt even know our world existed.  Untill Arelius senced him on earth and
sent his daughter who was a guard member to find out who he was, and why he was on earth.  When she returned, he came with her to meet us.

At the time Xander had no knowledge of his power, how to use it, or even that elemental powers existed.  Some time later the bandits led by Grenchu, and
started by Lexendrix attacked Arelius and his daughter, and they almost died.  At that time they were normal, like myself, and you.  They had no great
power, and as such were defenseless against a force of thirty.  After they were wounded, and lay dying, Xander came to their rescue and killed Grenchu
in a rage thinking his mate, Arelius daughter, had already died from her wounds.  It was then Kentaurus came to assist, and scared off the bandits using
his power.  And helped Xander heal Saren, as he himself healed Arelius.  Xander didnt know what he was even then, only that he had the power to heal
others at that moment.  When Kentaurus healed Arelius, a consequence of using so much power to heal him was that Arelius became like Kentaurus, a twin
souls dragon.  And as Xander did the same for Saren, So did she.

Judaisus thought for a few moments, Supposing these statements are true, How do you explain the large black one.  Arelius spoke out of turn, You mean my
mate Brynja.  Glancing to Arelius momentarily before continuining Judaisus spoke, So Brynja is her name, She is quite large, un-naturally so.  Why is that?
Arelius spoke up, Honestly, we know what led to it, But not why it led to it.  Brynja did not become like us the same way we did.  She was normal, and
she had a loving mate known as Bronislav.  That was perhaps a thousand or few seasons ago now.  They were mated for life, and attempting to start a family
in Darix.  But unfortunatly fate was not in their favor.  Arelius teared for a moment as Brynjas own memory replayed in his head.  Bron as she called him,
and Brynja were in their home in a hillside and the land was unsettled that day.  It started without warning, and their home began to collapse with them

Bron jumped on top of Brynja and shielded her from the falling rock, and then the shaking got worse.  Brons legs were crushed and he was stuck.  He did
what he could to help her free herself from the cave, but he was unable to escape himself.  Brynja gathered help and returned to dig Bron out, but the rock
had collapsed further crushing his ribs and one arm.  When they finally pulled him out, he was barely alive.  The rest i dont know.  Brynja was sitting
behind Arelius in tears now, after revisiting the hard times she had long since locked away.  Arelius disregarded the leaders and moved to comfort Brynja
as best he could.  She looked up after a moment, still sobbing, and spoke.  When we laid him down outside.  He was hardly breathing, and gasping,.....And
the blood was running from everywhere......He knew he was finished already.  He used his arm to pull me down for a kiss, and forced himself to speak in my
ear as he held me and kissed my cheek.  He said.  Brynja took a moment to calm herself as her tears rained again.  Continuing she spoke, He said, I love you
and i always will love you.  You will be fine, and i will watch over you always my love.  And then it happenned, he pulled me close, and held me tightly
and held a kiss to my cheek as he began to choke, and struggle.  He was in so much pain he dug his claws into my back unintentionally, but i loved him, and
i wasnt going to pull away from him in his last moments, no matter how bad it hurt.

And then he was there.  I felt it for the first time.  He was in shock, and devastated about leaving me behind.  And he was with me.  Arelius spoke to her,
My dear i think that is enough for them.  I will continue.   Arelius turned to face the leaders once more and began again.  That was how she became one of
our kind.  It was no purposefull act.  Just a amazing chain of events coming togeather.  Now as for why she is so large.  None of us know for sure, but it
is undoubtedly caused by the power she has.  All of us except Brynja have merged or become one with the souls we have gained.  She has remained seperate
from Bron tho both in the same body.  And i think that has caused the power within her, to manifest differently than the rest of us.  Bron is with her now
always and forever.  As is his soul and power.  That is the only way i can explain it.  It is the only detail between us that is different.

Gelrozen had been deep in thought for a few minutes now, as if something was bothering him.  He kept looking at the three leaders in turn ignoring their
speech completely.  Nudging Xander he whispered,  They are hoping to beat you with their wits, and make you out as evil.  Xander whispered back.  You had
to read them to see that?  I knew that five minutes after talks began.  Gelrozen whispered again,  They know you really do leave Darix and Dakara and go
elsewhere.  There plan was to invade and capture the lands in your absence.  Then you came back un-announced, just before they were to strike.  Only about
seven of the group know that part including the leaders.  The rest actually believe you are evil and are going to go on conquest.  Xander sighed and
whispered back, That Figures....  Gelrozen was silent for a moment and then whispered again as now Arelius was finishing his statements, Judaisus is the
real Mastermind, the other two are only in it for the lands they will gain.  He promised them a three way split if they would join him, He even laid out
a map of the re-organized Darix and Dakaran lands with each leaders share layed out, and the map is in his pack, held by his lead guard.

Xander whispered, Well, I prefer the direct approach in politics.  Xander stepped up and spoke aloud to everyone, I have just learned that your leaders
have lied to Myself, My friends, and all of you good folks.  Let me make a small demmonstration!  Xanders eyes went blazing red with a glow as he focused
his power to its maxiumum drawing a shutter from Gelrozen as he felt the energy mass emanating from Xander.  Xander spoke as a bolt of lightening crossed
his chest visibly, You have nothing to fear, but witness this.  Xander raised his right hand towards the summit of a hill along side the encampment and
released a constant bolt striking the apex and continuing to burn and blast away at the solid rock as the hill began to look more and more like a volcano
as the molten rock glowed at the top and began to slowly run down the side as smoke, dust, and fire belched into the air.  Xander brought the bolts focal
point down the side of the hill digging a deep trench as it passed and carved a trench in the path of the down flowing lava before releasing the bolt and
watching with everyone as the lava began pouring into the trench safely away from everything.  As the smoke and dust cleared the entire rebel group was
aghast as the top twenty feet of the hill was gone.  And a flow of lava now cooling, lay sixty feet from the edge of their camp.

Xander drew everyones attention again as he spoke, Now that i have your attention.  I have something more to say.  I assume the three leaders here leading
you are in fact the leaders of three territories that have allied.  Am i correct?  Judaisus answered worriedly, You are indeed.  And in these territories
is leadership given by election of the people?  Judaisus explained, We do not have a council like you are accustomed, Our people elect a single strong
ruler they believe in and respect.

Xander paced for a moment plotting his next move, And began.  I have an idea.  Bring up three people from each of your lands, Not guards, just commoners
who have no connection to you except fighting for your cause.  I will ask you some questions, And its their job to decide if the question is important, or
if you dont have to answer it.  I will respect their decisions!  Judaisus pondered a moment and agreed.  Xander recommended, Why not pick a group from the
main body that way i cant question their trust no matter what.  Judaisus was falling into Xanders master plan as he had his guards gather the requested
nine dragons.  After ten minutes all were present and Xander began, First of all, you are quite brave to be standing here among us based on the rumors im
sure you have heard.  I commend your bravery, and i assure you, No matter what you decide on my questions, I will not harm you in any way.  Make your
decisions as you see fit.

Question 1, Do you plan on seeking any further diplomatic means of peace after this meeting, if it should fail?  Should Judaisus answer my question?
The group of followers accepted the question and looked to Judaisus.  He answered, The question is irrelevant.  I would be amazed if there was even an
opportunity for diplomacy in the future with your kind threatening us.  Are we to walk in to talk fully defenseless against your power.
Xander spoke, Very well.  Do you have a question for me?  Judaisus thought for a moment and smirked as he asked, How many have you killed?  And i dont
mean animals!  Xander sighed and replied honestly, Three hundred and sixty six.  The entire group took aback at his reply as he continued.  To clarify
that number, only two of those kills were draconian.  The first was Grenchu as almost killed my mate, her father, and attempted to kill me with arrows.
He was the brother of Lexendrix.  The second was Lexendrix himself, as he came to take revenge for Grenchus death.  The rest were on Earth, where i was
a warrior for most of my life.  It was my job to hunt some of the most dangerous, and evil humans i had ever seen.  I was captured twice by the same foe,
and escaped both times, both times, i had been betrayed by those i had trusted.  Tell me, how bad would you feel, if someone took an innocent youngling
and as a punishment for coming after them, Forced you to watch them slowly kill the youngling right in front of you, and then placed it in your lap so
you could watch it die, and know that it was your fault.  And then after that, lock you up, without food, and come in every day and stab you just enough
to hurt horribly, but not enough to die.  Over and over.  These things were done to me.  As soon as all the wounds healed mostly they come in and stab you
again.  And make sure you dont have a way to even kill yourself.  The man who did these things to me, was hungry for power, and wanted to rule everything.

He used any excuse he could to attack his neighbors, and claim their lands, crops, and people as his.  If any of them refused, he didnt argue, he just
killed them in front of everyone so noone else argued.  In the end, it took me many years, but i finally killed him, and prevented him from killing or
hurting anyone else again.  That was my purpose.

I believe its my turn for a question.  Judaisus, You dont have anything you hide from your people do you, You have been completely honest with them have
you not?  Judaisus agreed.  I have, I respect my people and they deserve the truth.  Xander cleared a tear from his eye and added, Then may i ask for you
to show us all the map you have, in your carry pack, which your head guard is holding?  The group agreed the question was relevent as Judaisus looked to
be unsure of how to continue but quickly quipped, I dont have a map in my pack.  Nor do i know of any map except the one held by our scout group.  Xander
pressed, Then you have no problem with letting the nine trusted individuals here look inside, and see that there is no map?  The nine looked curiously to
their leader as he seemed to be at a loss for words.  Xander pressed again.  If i am mistaken, and have made that statement in error, I will bow to your
entire group, and express my full appoligies to them.  I will even explain the only known ways at destroying our kind.  Xanders tact was to make the the
peoples curiosity and distrust stronger than their loyalty, and stronger than their fear and hate of him, giving them the hunger to know how to kill him
was just the cherry on top.  All eyes fell on the Guard Leader holding the pack as he looked around unnervedly at the hundreds if not more eyes watching
the pack.  If he was going to pull the map out and hide it, it was too late now.

A group ushered him forwards as he gave little resistance, he no longer had any choice or say in the matter.  He stood before the nine who would now judge
the truthfullness of their leader and himself.  Judaisus spouted off, You believe this harbinger of death more then you believe me?  One of the group
spouted back, if hes wrong we learn how to kill him, and he will leave.  And we will never question you again.  What are you afraid of?  Xander decided he
liked this ones tact and attitude.  Strong minded and open minded, the best kind there is.  Two of them held the pack while two more began to look around
inside.  One finally pulled out a large folded document wrapped in string.  They carefully untied it and as they began to unfold it Judaisus and Lucious
lunged toward the group togeather.  Gelrozen saw their lunge and used his power to cause Judaisus to move his foot wrong and mis-step, tripping himself
and colliding with Lucious just short of the nine commoners.  They quickly stepped back from the fallen pair and continued openning the document as a few
bystanders kept the peace between them.  Ghasps could be heard as they openned it up.  The territorial area of Darix and Dakara was shown combined into
one Territory with three sections.  Darix and its lands was to be given to Herodius, Lucious was sectioned for some of the forests between Darix and
Dakara, equal to the size of Darix, and Judaisus claim was Dakara in its entirety, and the remaining forest areas.  After a moment the one Xander had
taken a liking to shouted to the crowd, The map is true.  They want to conquer Darix and Dakara for their lands.  They had planned how much land each of
them will get before the battle has even started.  Lucious was now standing with his guardsmen away from the others as the atmosphere began to grow bad
for the so called overlords as more and more people saw the map as it was paraded around the encampment.

Noone was paying attention to Lucious as he stood with his guards, Judaisus was arguing with everyone around him trying to reason and explain himself
out of trouble and drawing almost everyones attention.  Lucious slowly drew his sword from the scabbard his guardsmen held.  It was a black bladed
long sword, ritualisticly shaped with both smooth and serated edging in various places.  It was also equipped with a cork insert at its tip which was
for holding poison used to guarantee an effective defeat.  Backing slowly away from the guard who watched him without speaking, he walked among the
bystanders holding the sword straight down and out of direct line of sight.  He approached Xander through the crowd untill he was close enough, and
then lunged for Xanders chest witht he blade pointed out in front.  Xander saw it from the corner of his eye and turned to evade the blade but then
realized Gelrozen was next in the path.  In a split second decision, Xander took the hit, attemping to do so in a superficial manner as the blade drove
into his bottom rib to the hilt.  Gelrozen stood froze as the blade protruding from Xanders back was pointed directly at his heart.  Everyone stood
still as Xander knocked Lucious back fifteen feet with a backhand and crumbled to his knees holding his chest.  The poison was a perfected mix,
intended not only to be fatal, but invoke horrible pain to distract a victom from defending themselves.  The poison overwhelmed him for several moments
but it wasnt enough to kill Xander as he finally slid the blade out of his chest slowly wincing horribly as the poison cork re-entered his back, and
emerged from his ribs a moment later.  Xander looked at the blade for a second before stabbing it into the ground and pounding it in untill its hilt hit
the dirt, He then snapped the handle off at ground height and tossed it asside.

Lucious was smirking at the seemingly crippled Xander the whole time untill Xander began to recover suddenly.  Xanders breathing became deep, and his
breath became steamed as he lost control of his anger.  Openning his eyes he locked his gaze onto Lucious with a glare that could almost kill.  Xanders
teeth began to show as he instincively bore them and began to rise to his feet still covered in his own blood.  Lucious realized he had failed and turned
to flee bolting away from the crowd and jumping into the air but before his wings fully openned Xander fired a bolt of lightening and burst Lucious body
to a cloud of red myst that lingered for several moments.  Xander held his chest and sat down as everyone came to his aid.  Arelius spoke, Your wound has
healed, whats wrong?  Xander replied, It burns like fire and pounds like a hammer.  Gelrozen pulled the sword blade out of the ground and examined it for
a second before carrying it over to Arelius and pointing at the tip as Arelius took it.  Arelius commented, A poisoned blade, what a coward.

Gelrozen walked over to Lucious's Guardsmen and dragged him back as he shouted, What kind of poison was it?  The guard spoke, He prefered to use a mix of
bayne, and sarilax.  Arelius added, Sarilax is just a flower toxin, but bayne is lethal if the dosage is enough.  Somehow i doubt this thing had enough to
kill us, or ever close, but the sarilax is terribly painfull.  Xander spouted, Really, I hadnt noticed, and grumbled.  Arelius added, It may take a little
while to fully wear off.  I think if any troubling amount of bayne was inside you, we would know it by now.  You would be passing out, and going numb.

Xander added, My head is dizzy, and i feel winded, but thats all.  Arelius put his hand of Xanders chest and explained, You expended a great deal of
energy in your little show of force, you used more energy healing from such a serious wound, the bayne is likely weakening you temporarily, and your
lethargic because your in pain.  But youll be fine.  You would be a lot better if you hadnt burned down a hill and still had that energy too.  Xander
just smiled, I had to prove a point.

Xander stood still holding his ribs and adressed the crowd as the calmed down.  Not even Lucious poison can take me down it seems.  You were all brought
here to attack us, in the name of your own freedom.  Now that you know the truth about your leaders secret little plan, I think its time you all head back
to your homes, and tell the rest of your people what happenned here today.  Even after one of your leaders attacked me, we didnt kill any of you, we gave
you the truth they had hoped to hide.  I will make this promise.  We will only attack those who take aggressive actions against us, if you all leave and go
home, you have no need to ever fear us again.  We will return to our homes as well,  It was never our plan to conquer anyone, and it never will be.  I am
going to go back to my mates side, and soon begin raising my children, and i hope to do so in peace.  I leave the decision to all of you, but im done
talking.  Xander turned and walked off in the direction of Darix as the rest of his group followed in.  Xander looked back after a minute and saw most
were breaking camp, and leaving in various directions dispersing.

Arelius caught up to Xander and stopped him explaining, Your going to walk back?  Xander explained, I think trying to teleport with a loopy head and my
energy loss could end badly.  Arelius gathered the group togeather and commented, Dont worry Xander, I can Teleport us back.  Arelius teleported everyone
to the Balcony of the Castle and Xander laid himself out on one of the tables and stretched out still holding his ribs and spoke, I think ill lay here for
a while, when food is done, bring me something please.  Arelius patted Xanders shoulder and spoke, Of course, I will care for you dont worry, just ask if
you need something.  Gelrozen stood next to Xander and after Arelius walked away he spoke, I know what you did Xander, why you didnt move out of the way.
It could have been me....  Xander patted Gelrozens shoulder with his eyes still closed and muttered.  It almost was you.  And your welcome.  Gelrozen put
his hand on Xanders shoulder and added, Thank you.  I owe you my life, and i will never question your motive again.  Xander spoke again, When no one questions
the motives of another, things like what we just stopped get set in motion.  Noone questioned those three, they were afraid to, and the rumors drove it
even more.  Question everyone equally.  Thats how you assemble the truth!

Chapter 21: The Kingdom - Part Two
Dinner was being served now and Xander was feeling better as the bayne wore off, and the Sarilax powder was now becoming diluted within his body.  Xander
got up from the table and sat at it properly as he rubbed his ribs, the pain was now no more then an annoying ache, but a very announcing one at that.
Arelius brought him a pair of purple and silver scaled fish and sat them in front of Xander along with a large basin of water and spoke, This should fill
you up, Drink as much as you can now, it will help flush the poison from you, and help you recover.  Xander first devoured a fish in a matter of seconds
revenously before downing the water without taking a breath.  As he placed the Basin down he picked up the second fish and ate it in a slower but still
rushed state untill it was gone.  Arelius had not even taken his seat yet as Xander stood and went to fill the Basin and get more food.  Arelius sighed
and smiled, Well i guess your appetite is catching up for lost time.  Xander spoke aloud still facing away, I think im starting to see a pattern with my
body and my power.  Everytime i use a lot, either from actually using it, or from healing or the like, i get extremely hungry afterward.  Its like my body
needs to replentish lost nutrients at the same rate i seem to use them.

We have a high metabolic rate already, but when ive used my power heavily, it seems to throw my metabolism extremely high for a while.  Im sure its all
related now, there is no way it cant be.  Arelius replied, I think your right.  I had such an event of my own, i exerted myself immensely and at the next
meal i ate twice my fill.  Xander asked, What event was this?  Arelius failed to reply but his expression and darkening face gave Xander the idea as he
tried to muffle his giggle.  Arelius heard Xander and replied, Im guessing its no secret then....  Xander replied, Not really since Saren and Brynja seem
to talk now as good friends.  Xander returned to the table and ate another fish before downing another Basin of water and leaned back a little trynng to
stretch out his body as he still felt fatigued.  Arelius questioned, How are you feeling now?  Xander sighed and answered, The pain is nearly gone, the
loopy dizziness has gone completely.  But i still feel dragged down overall and tired.

Arelius relented, By morning you should be fully recovered at this rate.  But we will be staying the night in any case.  Due to the trouble we came across
none of the preparations for our supplies are done, most arent even started.  I need to get some volunteers to catch some of the Algon,  Two males and a few
females each should do, we can bring them to earth and release them into the forest, and leave them un-hunted untill their numbers increase to a good level.
That way we will have a good supply for our ecosystem.  Xander replied, I can also get some cattle from a rancher i knew back on earth, he has many so he
wont even notice if a few go missing in the night.  That will give us some diversity.  I also need to gather the electronics we left behind.  They will be
very usefull for our future, and for Judy and Amy.  Xander looked down sadly and added, I wont be sleeping next to Saren for the first time in a long time.

Arelius held his shoulder and spoke, She will be just fine Xander, I have been keeping constant watch over Brynja and her from here.  Right now they are
sleeping togeather,  And seven is next to them.  They were worried about him for some reason, perhaps he was feeling some of your pain before.  Xander rubbed
his chin, I suppose it could work both ways.  I havent tried to talk to him since we've been here, nor have i heard him speak to me.  Xander went into the
castle and found the room he and Saren had shared was vacant so he went in and laid out on the bed.  Turning his nose to the bedding he smelled her scent on
it and rubbed his nose into it as he smiled thinking of her.  A few minutes later after giving out instructions for the gathering of supplies Arelius found
him in bed laying awake.  Arelius spoke, I think this bed will do for the night, mind if we share?  Xander spoke in a monotone, Not at all, i dont feel like
being alone anyway.  I dont expect to sleep much regardless.  Arelius climbed onto the other side as he noticed Xanders nose against the bedding and spoke.
I think i underestimated how you feel, im sorry.  You miss her enough to be miserable without her.  Xander mumbled, I miss her smell, her warmth, and i miss
how i feel with her...  It hurts.  Arelius turned on his side and adjusted his wings accordingly.

You will be back with her soon my son, Just sleep and rest for tommorrow.  Arelius drifted off after a while but Xander couldnt fall to more then a sleepy
daze half awake as he stared at the ceiling and his mind wandered away the hours randomly never forgetting his ache to be with Saren.  As morning broke and
Arelius woke and wiped his eyes he noticed Xander laying there staring at him with darkened glass eyes glazed over with lack of sleep.  Xander yawned and
began to roll over to his edge of the bed and asked, How long untill we can go back?  Arelius was now worried realizing while he had been alone most of his
adult life, Xander has been alone since childhood, and it was quite obvious he wasnt ready to be away from his only happyness for very long.  Arelius
decided it was unlikely Xander would be much use in his delerious state, and there was no reason to delay him from going back.  Arelius stood off the bed
and walked around to Xander and put his hand on Xanders forehead and spoke, Forgive me Xander, I didnt realize it was this bad for you, Go be with her, I
will tend to things here and join you later on.  Tell Saren and Brynja i will be along sometime in the afternoon.  Arelius words were still processing in
Xanders head as Arelius used his own power to make Xanders mind focus on the spot they landed clearly, and added, Go to her son.  Arelius pulled his hand
back and Xander flashed away.

Arelius witnessed Xanders safe arrival through Brynjas eyes as he walked out of the room to attend to the supplies and get everything ready.  Back on earth
Brynja was stacking sections of trees she had knocked down for firewood and lumber as Xander appeared at the edge forest a short distance away from her.
Noticing he seemed to be dis-oriented she walked over to him as he noticed her and walked up mumbling, Arelius will be back sometime this afternoon, he is
still getting supplies ready.  We found trouble and i took care of it, but now i need to go be with my Saren and rest.  Brynja nodded and spoke, Very well,
You dont look so good, Go get some rest, everything is fine here.  Xander walked on towards his and Sarens nest and she came over to him as he hugged onto
her tightly and sighed, I couldnt sleep last night without you.  It hurt to much....  Saren kissed Xanders cheek as she led him to the nest and explained
i missed you to love, I only found sleep with Brynjas help, but it wasnt restfull.  Saren laid down and snuggled forwards as Xander laid behind her putting
his arm over her and suckling on her neck as he felt her familiar love and warmth return.  Licking her cheek lovingly he laid his head agains hers and in
only minutes was out cold with Saren.

Arelius went down to his home and found Kentaurus and Aboleera in his bed togeather sleeping in each others arms.  Smiling for a moment he finally spoke,
Well what do we have here?  The two started awake suddenly as they looked to see Arelius standing at the head of the bed grinning widely as he added,  I
see a little more has developed of this romance.  Its nice to see, but i might have liked if it hadnt happenned in my bed.  Aboleeras face developed a
blushing grin as Kentaurus hugged onto her before sitting up to the side of the bed and commented.  I swear i didnt see it coming, it just took me by
suprise.  Arelius just rolled his eyes still smiling and added, Im sure.  Arelius headed over to Sarens old room and found Zero asleep sprawled out on
his stomach with one wing hanging completely off the bed onto the floor with his mouth open.  Arelius shook his shoulder as he openned his eyes grogily
and looked up to Arelius as best he could and said, Morning?  Arelius replied, not exactly but close enough.  Today you get to come see our new home.
And we have to get supplies togeather to take with us as well, were in for a busy day.

Arelius walked into the livingroom as Kentaurus sat in a chair cleaning the sleep from his eyes and added, We have decided on our new home, and begun
to lay it out, but supplies will be in short supply soon there, the only game around is fish and a mild population of medium size animals on the lands
around us, not nearly enough to support a colony without relying mostly on the sea like we do here.  We need to have diversity for a growing colony.
Kentaurus commented, So we need to boost that somehow then your suggesting?  Arelius continued, Exactly, I plan to gather some Algon mating sets,
whatever count can be taken without severely affecting their growth here, and take them to release into the forests to populate, and Xander is going
to gather some earth creatures he called cattle which are simular.  We will boost the surrounding animal life ourselves, and keep from depending on
it untill it has grown and stabalized.  Asside from that we need tools, a supply of vegetables and grains to supplement our meals with, and some home
keepings, bedding materials, and the like.

Aboleera strode out from the bedroom at stood next to Kentaurus as she kissed his cheek and he stood up next to her.  Zero finally emerged from Sarens
room grogily and spoke, so what can i do?  Arelius explained, Come with us and help gather supplies for our new home, it will take a little while but
with some effort and the help of others we can get it all togeather without too much trouble.  Arelius led the way out of the house and flew towards
the castle balcony with the others in tow.  As he landed he asked for volunteers to catch the Algon needed and pen them closeby.  Two of the guards
who were snacking volunteered and took off to gather some ropes for the task.  Arelius explained to two other guards that any grains and vegetables
that could be spared be basketed up and added to a pile in front of the castle.  Arelius sent Zero to get any extra tools including those for masonry
from the dragons who did metal and wood working.  They now walked to the dungeon under the ground level where several guards kept watch over the
bandits who had attacked them.  Arelius spoke to Kentaurus outside of earhsot of the prisoners, Do you think we can evaluate them and use our abilities
to judge if they can be trusted to help us?  Kentaurus smiled and agreed, I think so, At the least its worth a try.  Arelius led on and instructed the
guards that they each would interview prisoners one by one privately.

Arelius turned and spoke loudly into the iron barred room, We will be talking to each of you now seperately.  Be truthfull with the answers you give,
and do not try to escape, you know how that will end.  Arelius stepped asside as a guard unlocked the door and Arelius thumbed two of the dragons to
come forward and step out before the door was re-locked.  Arelius motioned one of them to Kentaurus and they each guided their charges toward some
empty smaller cells and inside with a guard blocking the door.  Arelius could feel the fear and nervousness of the dragon before him as he spoke,  I
can feel your worry from here, But you have nothing to fear if you are truthful.  We are speaking now because we arent sure what can be done with
yourself and your companions.  We dont trust you as a group and worry that you will cause more trouble if you are freed.  So tell me, if given the
chance to be part of a new colony, be free to an extent, be able to start a new life in the colony, but not have the option to leave, at least not
for a while, what would you do?  The dark orange dragon pondered for a moment with no response but was visibly considering things,  Arelius monitored
his thoughts secretly as he considered things.  After a moment the dragon responded, I could try it, but i dont think i would fit in very well.  I
dont like not being able to leave.  Arelius questioned, But could you adjust to it, and respect the rules, and not have to live in this cage anymore?
Could we trust you to work with us and be a part of the group, and leave behind the bad habits of your past?  No more stealing, hurting others, and
no more running and hiding for your life.  Instead as a part of the group, you would be protected, and free of worry...

The dragon replied, I am willing to try.  Arelius added, One serious mistake will put you back in here.  The path of freedom is very narrow for you
and your group, it will be very easy to get back in here, and much harder to get out again.  Kentaurus and Arelius continued to interview the rest of
the prisoners untill they finished, two were of a questionable nature and seemed to be the type to take advantage of any situation they could.  The
rest genuinely seemed to feel hopefull of the new plan, and anxious to become part of the new group and put their past behind them.  Arelius and
Kentaurus returned the last two to their cell and informed them that they would be collected to depart later in the day.  Kentaurus had picked three
of the prisoners he had interviewed that seemed the most loyal from reading them psychicly as they talked, they would become guards of the new colony
which would help to bolster security of all inhabitants.  Kentaurus and Arelius had lunch as Zero came back joining them and explaining a decent pile
of tools was now waiting for them next to the rest of the gathered supplies.  As the three ate Arelius added, I sent word to Dakara that if there were
any who were without home or wished to join us, that they could join our group, but to be here before nightfall.  Kentaurus added, Are you sure about
this, bringing so many all at once?  Arelius resolved, We will have the prisoners with us after this, and while there are one or two that i have no
question in trusting, there is always a risk.  The two that seem to be related also trouble me, i dont know if they would do something or not, but I
cannot rule anything out.

The other thing is so far we have been very lazy about security, relying on fear of us by the wild game, and lack of knowledge on the humans part, but
we wont have that luxury forever.  Inveriably the humans, or some group of them will come in seek of us, if for no other reason than curiosity, but
they could also come with darker intentions, We will be the most dangerous thing to them, And the humans have hunted us in the past.  My worry is they
will eventually try to do such again.  And if we destroy those that come, the rest may hate us forever for slaying them.  We would never be safe again
fully, the last thing we need is a never ending struggle with them like last time.  It is very possible with the five of us and our knowledge we could
defeat them.  For every friend of ours they were to kill, could be saved in fellowship, and their power added to someone.  I hope that never happens.
But if worse comes to worse, I will destroy anything that means to harm my Brynja, or our family.  The other benefit to having so many will be that we
can build up the structures quicker, and if we are discovered, our numbers will be a factor making us look far stronger.  If we make sure when were
discovered that it is one of us that is seen, and our power is witnessed, they wont know only five of us are this powerfull.  They will assume it is a
commonality to our kind.  That will stave off any direct attack.

We will leave soon provided we have all the supplies we need, prisoners included.  I think they understand they will have a grim fate if they test our
patience to its limit, hopefully the most we see of it is resentment.  I must tend to some things, Kentaurus, Can you see to it that the guards give the
prisoners a sizeable and generous lunch, they will need it with the work to come to keep up their strength.  Kentaurus replied, Of course, I'll let
Nagaro know as soon as i find him.  Kentaurus sensed Nagaros location and headed in his direction while Arelius flew in another direction.  Arelius
landed just short of Mordekai's home softly and walked around back where he could hear things being rummaged through.  Rounding the corner he found
Mordekai and Vesuven sorting and searching through some antiquities and spoke, Hello Mordekai, Vesuven, how are you doing?  Mordekai greeted Arelius,
How is the new mate treating you old friend?  Arelius blushed slightly, I swear if i hadnt been given this power, i woudlnt be able to survive her.
Mordekai laughed heavily and replied, that lucky heh!  Good for you, its about time you settled down and started a family.  We have been searching for
the Crest Piece from our old Colony on earth.  I have it somehwere, when we fled from the humans and Xanatos my parents removed it from the entrance
and brought it as something to remember the place by,  one of the few momentos we have left from those times.

Vesuven lifted a decent sized round object from an old trunk and began to remove the cloth the object was wrapped in, as he finished Mordekai smiled
and exclaimed, Youve found IT!  Arelius looked upon the object, a large round wood carved plaque with two dragon heads with intertwined necks, one
dragon was light grey, the other solid black.  The plaque was well finished and very detailed even through the thick coating of dust on it.  Mordekai
explained, We didnt want to leave without it, if you think its safe enough, we would like to go with you and stay a while, if we like it enough, we
may establish a home there, with this as the entryway piece.  Arelius questioned, were these two depicted on the crest anyone in particular or just
created?  Mordekai scratched his chin, The black one was named Mordok (More-Dock), My father, and the silver was my mother Shenra (Shenn-RAH), the
original founders of the colony i was born in on earth.  Arelius added, You would do them great honor to use their crest on your new home on earth.
Mordekai questioned, So what type of environment can we look forward to when we get there?  Arelius smiled and began, Well not to different from what
we have here actually, The colony is at the edge of a forest walking distance from the beach, there isnt any desert type area around it that i have
seen yet, mostly all medium to thick forest right up to the beach, and then ocean as far as the eye can see.  Fish are plentifull, land based game is
on the slim side but not quite as bad as it is here, but we will be releasing some Algon and something Xander called cattle to build populations up
around the colony.  Arelius noticed Zero approaching and turned to face him as he landed softly.

Zero spoke, We have all the food that can be spared added to the stockpile, a group of four dakarans also showed up to join us, and everything else
is ready.  Arelius smiled and spoke, Very well, go wait with the supplies, we will be leaving before long.  Zero nodded and sprinted into flight
towards the supplies.  Arelius continued, Well if you want to go get some things togeather, there are no dwellings yet so we will be sleeping
outside, but the climate is quite nice for it and i assure you it is safe.  To our knowledge there are no humans on the island except those who we
brought along who are friendly to us.  And all of the wild game is much smaller so we have nothing to fear.  In the rare chance something does come
upon us tho, you will be surrounded by the five mightiest dragons in existence.  Xander left early this morning and is already there waiting for us
now.  Mordekai patted Arelius shoulder and added, Alright, we will get togeather some supplies, and stuff to make shelters and meet you over there.
Arelius replied, See you there then, and stepped away before taking flight towards the supplies.  The ten prisoners going along were standing with
the supplies in ankle chains surrounded by a few armed guards chatting amongst themselves peacefully as Arelius landed and questioned, So how are
you all doing and feeling?  One prisoner spoke up, I quite enjoyed the meal you gave to us, thanks for allowing us to eat our fill, it has been
a while since i have eaten so well.  Several other prisoners agreed.  Arelius commented, You are welcome, we want you to be strong and in good
health to help us with building the new colony, keep up good work, and you can expect good meals, and good overall treatment.  Once the first
round of buildings and the perimiter fence are complete you can also expect every sixth day to be a day of rest to relax and be left to your own

Now one thing i would like to make clear before we arrive, is that while any attempt to escape will be punished, even if you succeed in escaping
our territory you will have a very hard life to live,  Many of you may have heard the stories of our kind living on earth long long ago, and then
we stopped living there, and most came back here.  The truth to that story is that the reason we came back, was that the humans were hunting us
to extinction for revenge.  The humans outnumbered us hundreds to one back then, and we had been allies with some of them for a time, but then
Xanatos who was trying to take over, and rule both the dragons and the humans started a war that killed many of our people.  When the humans
refused to bow to him, he burned entire cities to the ground with the help of a few of his followers, and attacked every human settlement he
could find.  But the humans banded togeather into an aliance of kingdoms to fight him, but instead of fighting off Xanatos, they began hunting
down and killing all dragons, even those who tried to flee peacefully.  Xanatos' mass destruction had unleashed a blood lust for our kind and
it didnt end untill there were no dragons left.  Here is the end of the story which has never been known untill we returned to earth recently.

The last two dragons on earth after all other had either fled, or been killed, were Xanatos, and Venterus.  Venterus had befriended a village
of farmers near his home and wanted to stay on earth even if he would be hunted.  He had also befriended a mystic human that had knowledge of life
energy and power much like myself.  Xanatos plan was to be the last dragon on earth and take control by means he had not figured out, so when
he learned of Venterus presence he sought to kill him.  Venterus defended the village from Xanatos as they fought, and was mortally wounded
as Xanatos was too strong for him, but in a fit of luck, Xanatos under-estimated the severely wounded Venterus, and Venterus tore Xanatos neck
open with one squeeze of his claws leaving Xanatos to bleed to death.  Venterus crawled to the mystic and after failing to save Venterus life
the mystic gave his own life to preserve Venterus Soul in a vessel hidden away on earth untill a short time ago.  That soul now resides inside
Xander, the Powerfull Red Dragon who helped capture you after Grenchu almost killed his mate.

The humans now believe those stories in their history to be myths, and storys made for amusement, but if they were to see one of our kind now
it would most certainly cause them to panic, and they have greater weapons than ever before.  A few of the warrior groups have already seen us
and attempted to capture us once, but they were not even close to successfull.  We will be very safe at the colony but anyone who leaves and
strays any great distance could be discovered.  Maybe you would be greeted, maybe you would be hunted, but untill we are able to form a kind
of alliance with the humans, it is ill advised for any of you to leave.  One of the warrior groups is led by one called General Tsun, He tried
to kill several of us and some of the humans helping us, we dont know why he attacked us, but we didnt wait for him to succeed.  A shorter blue
dragon among the prisoners spoke up, Why dont we stand against them and fight if they come for us?  Arelius sighed and explained,  We would if
they attack us, but the truth is, they have weapons which can kill most of us quite easily, and quite quickly.  Us twin souls dragons would
survive due to our greater power, but the rest of you who dont have our abilities, would perrish in the first wave.  Not because your weak or
defenseless, but because their warriors carry great weapons that even we do not posses, they can destroy entire fields of battle in seconds,
and they have machines that enable them to fly, faster then us, and chase us from the skies.

All togeather the twin souls dragons could win the battle due to our immortality and our power.  But at the cost of all of your and the rest
of the villagers lives.  We will undoubtedly have to face off eventually im sure, but we must make sure it is on our own terms, and not untill
we are ready for it to happen.  One thing that i thought of which may help strengthen their hesitance to fight us, is if they are led to think
and believe that all dragons are as powerfull as the twin souls, at least at first while there is no clear peace between us.  Xander could go
put on a show of power the like they have never seen without causing any harm to anyone, a message in effect, and then another of us would go
fourth and repeat the same process, so they see different dragons showing the same might, they should then begin to believe we are all capable
of that level of power, even those of you, and if they think we are a entire horde of unstoppable might, i dont think they would easily dare
to challenge us directly for fear of us going to war with them.  It could prevent a large scale catastrophy from happenning.  We are creatures
of folklore to them right now, so if they see one dragon with massive thunder power, then another different dragon, with the same power, then
their logic will then assume it is a trait common to us all.  But we must be carefull not to threaten them directly, just a show to ward them
off and tell them to leave us alone.

The last thing we need, is for any of you to provoke an incident with them, or give them a picture of the truth about our abilities, or we may
end up fleeing back here to Darix, Which means you all go back to the dungeon and any hope of some freedom will be lost.  Just then a trio of
Gelrozen, Calioso, and Korul approached Arelius and Gelrozen began, I would like to go with you to earth, to see it for a little while.  Calioso
Spoke up in turn and explained, I too would like to see this new colony, and perhaps afterwards we can figure out how to help the female
we found in Lexendrix dungeon, Commander Korul will go back and be in command of Sabrenth in my stead untill i return.  Arelius looks around
at the supplies, and the prisoners taking stock of everything and decides its as good a time as any to depart and commands, Its time to leave!
The Dakarans are already sitting near the supplies with Zero as Mordekai and his clan stand nearby.  Arelius arranges the prisoners around the
pile of supplies, and forms everyone into a circle around the stuff untill its perfect.   Arelius closes his eyes searching for Xander
telepathically for a moment finding him asleep and then searches for Brynja finding her exploring the forest near the camp.  Arelius speaks to
her, My dear, We are ready to come back, we need a decent sized place to land tho clear of any debris and obstructions, our group is large.
Brynja replies, Give me a moment!  Brynja walks back into camp looking for a clearing and finds one towards the beach as she stands before it
and says again, I have found a place my love!  Arelius looks through her eyes seeing the clearing for himself as he begins to focus on it with
great care to make sure its perfect.  As he pictures the exact position to himself he builds his energy and with a flash, the entire mass of
dragons, and supplies vanished from the dragon world.

--To be Continued, this is where my writing left off last.....

Chapter 21: The Kingdom - Part Three
A sudden flash in front of Brynja revealed the sudden arrival of the mass of Dragons and Supplies as her eyes found her new mate in the group
and she smiled.  Arelius shared an embrace with Brynja and kissed her before turning back to the group and pondering for a moment.  Xander had
awoken from the flash of their arrival, and slowly stood and approached the group.  The prisoners all stood with the supplies still as none
wanted to be the first to step away in case they werent allowed to.  Xander questioned Arelius, First project a safe place for the prisoners
to be kept i assume?  Arelius smiled and agreed, Your absolutely right!  Xander Commented, I think a bunk house would about fit the build, and
he thought for a moment about the rough design, and how many it would need to accomidate.  He spoke again, I know how to build whats known as
a Bunk House, i lived in one for a while here on Earth, it would be a wooden building, with a center walkway, and seperate spaces for each
dragon on both sides.

Arelius added, We should get started as quickly as possible to save daylight.  Prisoners, your first project will be to build your own living
quarters so you will have a safe place to stay in from the elements, and where we can make sure your secure as well.  Xander began to layout
the outline of the building on the ground and planned to use logs as support posts at the four corners, as well as two more per side spaced
evenly between the corners on the longest sides.  He ordered four of the prisoners to fetch shovels from the supplies, and begin digging holes
for the support posts at the eight positions he has marked on the ground.  He then took the rest of the prisoners to the lumber pile and after
roughing out the length the support posts needed to be, cut the first one himself, and then guided the prisoners to make 7 more, and properly
flatten both ends.  He then showed them how to notch the beams, so there was a slot where the floor beams would sit into the support posts.

An hour later the posts were being planted into the ground four feet deep.  The prisoners who had been digging had rejoined the others and
they were all, including brynja and some of the ninjas, making floor beams.  they would outline beams between all the posts in a circle, and
then lay beams across perpendicular on top of the edges of the first beams to fill in a full floor.  More beams were made, and stood on end
between the support posts to form walls all the way around.  Window holes were then cut between each support post at chest height, and notched
posts where then interlocked around the tops of all the support posts forming a frame a roof could be built on top of.  Three floor beams were
stood on edge on top of the frame centered and aligned long ways, to support the eve of a triangular roof, and half length beams were mounted
along the length of the roof completing a perfect slanted roof.  Only one door was built into the structure at one end.  and the windows were
crossed with smaller beams so noone could enter of exit through the windows.

Arelius built a door and two prisoners assisted him in mounting it as the rest now worked on the easier task as they were beginning to tire,
the making of 10 beds, simply a beam with 4 short legs, that bedding could be added to for softness.  Xander showed the prisoners how to lay
out the beds evenly spaced giving each of the prisoners his own space to occupy and even carving lines into the floor once it was done so they
knew where each others space started and ended.  As the prisoners began to gather foliage, and other materials to make their beds, Arelius
questioned, Is this not better then the dungeon you were used to?  A few of the prisoners agreed passively, and he continued, You have done
good work today, and built your own new home.  You are the ones responsible for maintaining it, and keeping it clean.  Xander brought over a
small but thick legged table he had fasioned and placed it just inside the door of the bunkhouse, and then returned with a large clay bowl
and put it on top of the table.  He then ordered five of the prisoners to follow him as he took some pails and gave two to each prisoner and
led them into the forest.  Xander had seen a fresh water stream on his first arrival, and now led the prisoners to fetch water for the group
and once they reached the stream they all filled their pails and marched back to camp.

Xander ordered them to fill the bowl in the bunkhouse, and put any water left, into a large stone basin brynja had carved into the top of a
stone to store water closer to camp.  Xander explaned, Now you also have your own water, so you can drink durring the night if you need to
because we will be locking you in the bunkhouse at night.  Good behavior will be your ticket to freedom in due time.  Xander bid the group
to follow him again as the others joined them walking down to the beach for dinner.  Brynja used her power to lure in an assortment of fish
right up to the shallow water where they were easy to harvest, among the bounty were a large amount of Groupers, and some Marlins.  They
all leisurely took their fill along the beach enjoying the evening as the sun began to set.  Xander even went for a swim in the ocean and
found that he had to re-learn how to swim now that he had haunched legs and a pair of wings on his back.  He found he could lay his wings
on the waters surface and use them to thrust forward in the water as he swam, he also found that his new scaled skin moved through the
water much easier and will less resistance than he could as a human.  Everyone finally headed back for camp as Arelius led the prisoners
back to their bunkhouse.  Everyone bedded down for the night and relaxed as the last of the sunlight faded, Xander cuddled up to his
Saren and kissed her as they lay in their nest and fell asleep with Xanders Cheek against Sarens.

---Transitioning back to earth and the CIA/Fighter pilot stuff

Back at the CIA headquarters Maxwell and Carvil were in their command center overseeing their now related situations of the Fighter pilot
and the Rescue and Recovery Mission now well underway at Dugway.  Maxwell ordered to an analyst sitting ahead of him, Sitrep of Dugway!
The analyst responded, Sir, Its slow going at the dugway research facility due to particular way the facility was attacked and the damage
done to the equipment.  The entire computer system that was running the underground facility is fried, and as best we can tell it not
repairable in any way.  And because of that were racing against time because the ground water is accumulating in the lower levels according
to walkie talkie chatter were getting from people inside.  It seems the pumps that keep the sublevels dry went offline when the computers
got destroyed.  All of the door control systems are completely in-operable, guards have been beating down the lighter doors to free people
trapped in confined areas, but all the blast doors automatically closed and locked when the security alert was triggered, only moments
before the computers went down.  This is the one worst case scenario they never had a plan for dealing with.  We are almost through the
main entrance blast door but that only gets us into the low security area and vehicle garages on level 1.  Then we have to begin cutting
down the doors to other sections, or find another way to get the doors to open.  Reports say that we have about twenty four hours before
the water levels in the sublevels will crest and begin flooding the bottom levels.  We have to get the pumps running, or get the people
out before that.

Then theres the matter of food, All levels report they still have running water, but the Sump Pumps are also offline, so as people on the
upper levels were flushing toilets, the excriment and water was overflowing from the toilets and drains on the levels below so we have
instructed people not to flush toilets, and to use drains as little as possible for the time being.  We had guards raid all the vending
machines in their areas and begin rationing food among their people for as long a term as possible but its a few days tops except for the
level the cafeteria is on which has plenty of food, and have managed to wire in several microwaves into the power circuits of the
emergency lighting so they are the least in danger for the moment.  Ventilation systems are mostly powered by emergency power thankfully
except for a few sections and weve set the guards to evacuating those few sections if possible.  We also heard that there was a cavein of
some sort between 3 of the levels, one of which being the datacenter level, we've told the guards to try to make use of the holes to
evacuate people and any extra supplies to the highest possible level due to the impending flooding.  It also seems the Autopsy lab was
one of the cavein sites.

Carvill Spoke up, What in the hell caused all this?  The analyst began again.  We dont have a clear picture of that yet.  There are no
reports of any hostiles in the base currently, but there was some chatter about an attack or firefight of some sort on one of the lower
levels, but there were conflicting reports of where it actually took place, some said the datacenter level, others said the Biology Lab
was somehow attacked or breached.  Several of the reports had descriptions of someone in a red costume or some kind of large red reptile
storming the lower levels and the guards having to retreat just before the base went dark and had a total systems failure.  Those reports
all came from three of the lower levels.  All of the upper levels reported no violence of any kind, and no knowledge of why the alarms
went off or why the systems failed.  One of the datacenter technicians radio'd in after he regained contiousness that the entire mainframe
is smoldering and he was trying to put out the few small fires among the server cabinets but that some of them had fallen through the
floor into the level below.  He reported there is no hope of recovering the bases critical functions using the datacenter.  Right now the
Army Core of Engineers which are running the recovery operations are planning to use the elevator shafts to reach levels 2 and below but
the tops of the shafts can only be accessed from Level 1 next to the vehicle Garages.  We should be able to at least get people out once
they breach Level 1.

Maxwell rubbed his chin and spoke, Which levels mentioned this Red Costume, or Red Reptile again?  The analyst replied, That would be seven
eight and nine.  Level nine is actually above level seven and eight because its where the servers are hidden in that base.  Levels ten,
eight, and seven are the bottom three, level ten being the sublevel where pumps and other utility systems are housed.  Maxwell ordered,
As soon as we have access, all personel from those levels are to be detained on base, but keep it friendly we dont want to cause a panic
or an uprising.  Tell them its a safety quarantine and convert one of the barracks buildings into a quarantine area, make everyone there
believe its a real quarantine even the doctors should be running routine tox screens and blood tests on the detainees.  Tell them its just
a precaution in case any contaminants were released when the cave in happenned.  We will be flying out to interview them and clear them
for release.  We need to find out what really happenned down there on those lower levels!  I have been cleared by the pentagon to take full
charge of the situation as it unfolds.  Carvil were wheels up in thirty minutes, Field team gear up and meet us on the flight line.

Maxwell spoke again, What is the status of our pilot in japan?  Another analyst spoke up,  Bravo team has him secured, there holed up in
an abandoned factory building for the moment on the outskirts.  They report that theres been a lot of military traffic in the area and
they believe the Japanese military is searching for them passively trying not to make it to obvious.  But they had to ditch their vehicles
because they believe one of them must have been bugged somehow.  Colonel Pierce noticed someone following them at a distance even after
they went in a few circles so they ditched after going around a corner and the drivers kept driving and led the tails away from them before
ditching themselves and making their way back to a rendezvous point.  It seems someone in the Japanese military is not playing ball
with us as they claim to be.  Maxwell replied, That would be General Tsun im sure, Hes the only one with the brass to pull something like
this off and not draw to much attention from his superiors.  We need to extract them ASAP, Tsun will tear that place apart to find them.

Maxwell continued, Get me SecNav on the horn!  A moment later the Secretary of the Navy appeared on the video screen from his office, and
spoke, What can i do for the CIA today Maxwell?  Maxwell began, Sir, we have a situation in Japan right now and one of our teams is in
danger from a rogue General who is attempting to abduct them for reasons unknown.  We suspect he may be trying to capture some intel they
were instructed to bring to us as they were targetted shortly after they took possession of it.  Can you get a night time airlift to the
South Central Japanese coastline under the radar to extract them tonight?  We dont need them flown straight here, but we need them off
that island and in safe hands post haste, they have already had to abandon their vehicles to remain hidden and at this point its just a
matter of time untill their found.  The heat is on here, and it might even be wise to send a decoy chopper to draw their attention and
lead them on a wild goose chase, flash some spotlights around the ground randomly, make it look like your trying to find the team and
so on.  The Secretary laughed and replied, I thought you had something difficult in mind Maxwell, we can spend eternity looking for
nothing.  I have the flight crew make sure to accidentally fly high enough to be detected on radar every few minutes to make it look
like there trying to be sneaky.  Japs are so proud and full of themselves theyll actually believe they caught us trying to sneak in under
their radar.  How will we know where the team is?  Maxwell replied, they will signal with a Infared Beam aimed at the cockpit so make
sure the pilots have their infared sights on.  SecNav agreed and replied, We will be in touch once your men are secure, out!

Maxwell spoke, Get me Colonel Pierce.  An analyst got on the radio and called out, General Custer this is Lietenant Waters with an Urgent
Message.  A voice on the radio answered, This is General Custer, Ive got you five by five Waters, what can i do for you?  Maxwell spoke up,
General Custer this is Major Havok, were calling to warn you that there will be a lot of mosquitos out tonight, and you may want to avoid
the beach tonight, There also attracted to light so make sure you are lights out as well by nightfall as weve heard they will be thickest
around 2300 hours, and we would hate for you to be caught outside when they get there.  The voice responded, Thanks for the heads up we
will be sure to break out our insect screens tonight Major!  Maxwell replied, Be Safe Custer, Over and out!  Pierce spoke out to his men,
Were leaving tonight, Chopper will be flying low waiting for our signal at 2300, we should be safe and sound in time for midnight rations
on whatever boat we land on.  Gear up and be ready to move out at dark, its a click and a half to the beach which is out rendezvous point
all we have to do is flash em with the infared to flag them down on our position.  We move out at 2100 which is 4 hours from now, get some
rest and ill take the first watch,  Simmons, lend me that silenced M4 in case i need to shush someone.  Pierce took position on a catwalk
next to a broken window just above where his group was dug in, and began scanning the horizon with the rifles scope scouting for movement
or any signs of people.  As he watched cars occasionally pass on a nearby road all was quiet so far.  The height of the catwalk allowed him
to see several miles around from the southwest 180 degrees to the northeast.

As dusk began to take hold of the factory complex and surrounding areas and darkness took hold Pierce snapped the night vision adapter onto
the M4s Picatinny rail and switched it on and began scanning the area again looking for anyone who might be in the area and panning back
over to the road in the distance he caught sight of a row of distant headlights comming up the road, after seeing a total of 4 vehicles
cross this road in so many hours it was un-expected to see a line of traffic comming down this lonely back road.  As the lights came further
up the road and the road turned a little more perpendicular to the factory Pierce began to worry as he could now makeout a line of heavy
all terrain troop transport vehicles with several all Black SUVs among them.  Pierce zoomed in a little farther and was able to distinguish
the japanese flag on the door of one of the transports, and see the backs of soldiers through the slats of the back of the truck, they were
fully loaded, and likely fully armed.  The convoy was about 2 clicks from the Factory as Pierce took one final peek before ducking back to
the cover in the corner behind the window and yelled, Jackson, we got heavy company coming in fast, 5 troop carriers and several cars of
japanese spooks.  Do you still have that scanner?  Jackson replied, Yea getting it out now!  Jackson pulled out a piece of radio gear from
his kit and put in an earwig wired to the device and switched it on as he listened covering his other ear.  Pierce yelled again, Jackson
anything??  Jackson shushed him with his hand as he listened to the japanese military radio chatter on the scanner and after a minute he
yelled back, I got nothing yet sir, just general chatter so far.  Pierce yelled again, Everybody lock and load this shits could hit the fan
any second.  Stay away from the windows.  Pierce leaned over and peaked out again peering through his scope as stealthily as possible and
saw the convoy was slowing down near the driveway of the factory about half a click from the building itself.

As all the vehicles parked blocking the driveway and parking randomly the troops began to unload from their trucks as Pierce ducked back
again.  Pierce yelled back,  They stopped at the end of the driveway and their dismounting, noone fires unless they do!  Pierce looked back
carefully around the corner of the window without the scope and could see the troops, some now with flashlights just mingling along the
side of the road, they didnt look to be forming ranks or making taking any provocative actions from what he could tell as he laid back away
from the window again and yelled back to Jackson.  Jackson there just standing around at the entrance, you got anything?  Jackson replied,
I dont hear anything out of the ordinary on their comms.  Just the usual reporting and checking in of units.  They must be staying off the
radios to try and suprise us.  Pierce replied, There so many of em out there, They dont need to suprise us.  Pierce lifted the rifle and
carefull to make no sudden movements lifted the rifle so just the scope was above the window sill as he looked through it to see what was
taking the attack so long to come.  As he zoomed in as tight as he could on the group he saw some of the soldiers lined up facing them
with their hands at their waists, as the picture cleared he suddenly smirked and began panning over the rest of the group slowly as he
saw what they were doing before leaning back slowly with a sigh of relief and laughed out loud.  Jackson called out, What do you see out
there?  Pierce replied, A whole lot of japanese dicks waving in the wind.  Jackson replied, What the fuck?  Pierce continued, There out
there eating MREs and taking turns hitting the head on the side of the road.

As Pierce watched the soldiers from time to time they shuffled here and there as they seemed to be frateranizing, as he looked to the
front of the convoy he saw someone in all black open a rifle case on the hood of one of the SUVs and assemble a high powered scope before
turning around and pointing it towards the factory as Pierce slammed back against the wall and yelled back, DOWN DOWN DOWN, one of those
spooks is looking around with a scope.  Pierce waited several minutes before moving again as he slowly lined up his scope at the windows
corner and peeked out, he saw the man in black scanning across the opposite end of the complex for a moment before lowering the scope
and breaking it down back into the rifle case and then loading the case back into the back seat of the SUV.  The man then walked over to
an officer and spoke only a few words.  The officer immediatly shouted something and the soldiers quickly loaded back into their transport
trucks as everyone mounted up, a moment later the vehicles began driving off in line continuing down the road past the factory complex.

Pierce called out to his men, I think were all good to go.  There driving away now.  Pack up i think we have overstayed our welcome here,
Jackson stay on that scanner in case something important comes across.  Jackson replied, Copy that boss.  The rest of the men began to
get up and put on their gear and helmets.  Jackson put the scanner in one of his tactical vest compartments and ran the cord for the
earwig up and around the back of his ear and plugged it back into his ear and then helped another get his pack strapped.  Pierce looked
onto his readied men and spoke, From here on out were on radio silence unless its an absolute emergency.  Ill take point, Jackson your
right behind me, Gomez bring up the rear, and Williams stay with us, dont make us wait for you!  Lets Move!  The group headed out the back
door of the factory building jogging with their heads down across the parking lot towards a break in the fence and the cover of the tall
shrubbery of the open range outside the complex.  Once everyone was through the fence Gomez scattered the footprints using a bush he pulled
from the ground to sweep them away for fifty feet or so.

The group walked stealthfully for nearly two hours as the smell of the ocean became stronger and stronger, another thrity minutes later
the waves could be heard occasionally in the distance as the group moved carefully through the wilderness towards the coastline.  The
group slowed their movements as they got closer and began looking for a place to dig into to wait for the chopper but as they came up'
slowly around the edge of an embankment the sound of an light vehicle engine could be heard to their southwest.  Pierce carefully crept
to the edge of the ridge on his hands and knees and as he peeked out saw a Technical beach patrol vehicle idling just up from the waters
edge.  There were two soldiers in the open sided vehicle, one was looking around using binoculars, while the other seemed to be listening
to the radio chatter.  Pierce slowly withdrew backwards and rejoined the group as he spoke, Well Gents we have a problem...  This is the
only spot i can see that is big enough for a BlackHawk to do a quick touch and go to get us out of here.  But there are two soldiers down
there in a buggy guarding the beach, on any other day we could just take em out and be done.  But that could start a major shit storm for
our alliance with japan, so we have to stay hands off here.  If they dont move we cant signal the chopper or get picked up.

Pierce sat for a few minutes thinking to himself before speaking again, Jackson, anything interesting on the scanner?  Jackson replied,
They seem to be doing a low key coordinated search for us.  There talking in code best i can tell, there has been a lot of talk regarding
a search for a lost boy who apparently wandered away from home, the description ive heard a few times matches you Williams.  The patrols
are reporting in every ten or fifteen minutes, so taking them out wouldnt solve anything.  Pierce added, Well have a little faith boys,
I know top brass want Williams and his information despirately, so im sure they will find a way to get us out of here.  Pierce laid back
against his pack and exhailed as his unit rested waiting for the next order of business to happen.  Everyone kept quiet and low as they
just sat around in a silence with a gradually increasing nervousness.  Durring their wait the beach guard had been relieved by another
two soldiers in a simular vehicle.  Gomez had pulled out some jerky and shared with the group so everyone was idlly chewing as Jackson
raised a finger and tapped Pierces shoulder once to get his attention as he spoke, I might have something sir, just a second.  As he
listened more intently to the earwig as Japanese words filled his head before speaking again.  There talking about trying to track down
that last known coordinates of an un-identified aircraft they keep seeing on radar intermittently.

Pierce grumbled, Sounds like our ride has been spotted...  Williams commented, They must be some rookie pilots if they cant manage to
stay under the japanese radar, its part of our basic training as pilots...  Pierce thought for a moment and then smirked, Unless there
trying to trick the japs into thinking their rookies!  Jackson, Any idea where that bird was last spotted?  Jackson replied, Im not
exactly sure but it sounds like to the north east of us if i had to guess just based on what ive heard.  Pierce checked his watch and
noted the time was 2247.  Pierce spoke again, Any minute here things are liable to get interesting, get your shit strapped and be ready
to jump when it does.  The group got their packs on tight, weapons at the ready and shifted around to positions in which they could jump
to their feet quickly.  Jackson was still listening on the scanner as the chatter suddenly went crazy with reports that a blackhawk had
been spotted flashing its searchlights around.  Jackson stammered out, That damn birds got its search lights on and half the japanese
units can see it.  Jackson stood pointing into the distance as Pierce followed his finger point and saw spotlights scanning the ground
in the distance randomly as it zig zagged back and fourth over the landscape headed away from them along the coast.

Pierce watched in confusion as the group suddenly heard the sound of a chopper approaching them from the opposite direction as he yelled,
Down!  The squad hit the deck as an AH-6 loach flew over the japanese patrol vehicle headed down the coastline.  As the chopper passed
the Soldiers on the beach took off after it in their buggy tearing across the beach.  Pierce scoped out the surroundings and it appeared
the beach was left completely unguarded now as he crept forward step by step to the edge of the raveen.  As he stood watching for movement
he heard another faintly audible helicoper in the distance out over the ocean but couldnt see anything.  The sound seemed to be stationary
as he looked through his rifle scope scanning the horizon.  As he panned from left to right he saw a faint reflection and zoomed in his
scope.  As Pierce focused his sight a blackhawk came into view floating only a few feet over the water, so far away it was small in his
scope.  Pierce half shouted back, Jackson IR now!  Jackson tossed a device resembling a flashlight to Pierce as Pierce then aimed it
towards the chopper and send several double tap flashes of IR at the chopper.  A moment later the sound could be heard growing in
intensity.  Pierce shouted back, MOVE MOVE MOVE, The sound was very evident now as the BlackHawk thundered towards them only feet off
the waters surface as it came into view of everyone even with all of its lights blacked out.

The chopper didnt seem to be slowing down as it leveled out and then pulled up slightly creating a cloud of water vapor and sand blast as
it slammed down onto the beach like a dropped piano.  Pierce slammed shoulder first into the Choppers side door and yanked it open as
Jackson and the others jumped into the chopper like madmen.  Gomez smacked Pierces shoulder as he went through the door into the chopper
landing on the floor followed by Pierce himself as he slammed the door closed behind him and yelled, GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!  The
Pilot yanked the stick back hard as he forced the chopper to violently yank itself off the ground and do a 180 in one motion as he then
Nosed down violently to lunge the chopper back out to sea causing Gomez and Willams to fly out of their seats and slam into the back of
the cabin and equipment went everywhere.  The pilot then called out on the radio, Black Widow to all units, Game Over, I repeat,
Game Over!  Pierce climbed up next to the pilot and asked, What was that all about?  The pilot grinned back and replied, Calling back
all the decoys we sent out looking for ghosts.  Pierce then asked, Where we headed?  The pilot responded, Were about thirty clicks out
from the USS George Bush.  After that its need to know.  Pierce patted the pilots shoulder and moved back to his seat as he smiled at
his comrades having just completed their mission successfully.

Pierce raised a fist and shouted, 29 bitches!  As he did so his team repeated the same and they all fist bumped and yelled in success.
Williams questioned, What was all that about?  Pierce smiled again and replied, This is our 29th Flawless mission!  Weve had 29 missions
with no casualties, no failures, and no serious injuries.  We almost lost the streak at mission 18 when we got surrounded but we managed
to get outa there with a little help from our Navy Pals.  Williams questioned, Where was that?  Pierce thought for a moment because the
operation was classified, but then responded,  It was an op in northwestern syria against ISIS.  Williams questioned, Was it anywhere
near Khanaser?  Pierce grinned and questioned?  How the hell would you know that?  Williams busted out laughing and smacked Pierces
Knee as he shouted, That was me up there saving your damn asses!  You guys really know how to bring a fight down on yourselves, they
were coming out of the woodwork chasing your asses.  Pierces whole team started patting Williams and smacking his helmet as they cheered
him and Gomez shouted, Your one of us now you crazy mofo, that was some crazy flying you son of a bitch but damn did you put those Rags
down quick, and the rest of em ran their asses off once they saw you up there.

Williams added, Command told me to dump everything i had to to make sure you guys got outa there so i emptied everything i had with me
even spent the entire mag of the nose canon and chewed up the hillside for yas.  Then i had to fly home with no way to defend myself.
Pierce commented, Well i guess now were even then, You saved our asses from an ambush, and we saved you from getting black bagged by
some retard japanese general who doesnt know how to honor an alliance.  Just then the pilot shouted on the comm, Belt in gents we will
be landing in just a minute on the carrier.  Williams felt suddenly safer as he looked out the window and saw the fleet surrounding
the battle group.  Noone was stupid enough to attack here.  Williams watches as the chopper came to a hover over the carriers forward
pad and descended slowly untill the wheels planted roughly on the deck and the pilot dropped the throttle as deck crew rushed up to
open the doors.  As the doors slid open everyone piled out with only half hearted urgency now that they were out of danger.  The ships
XO met them at the edge of the pad and shouted over the noise, Everyone follow me, we need to get you squared securely and then you
have a call to make!  Pierce led as everyone followed the XO through a porthole into the ship and down a deck to a large door with
guards stationed next to it.  The XO led them inside and explained, These will be your quarters for the time being, weve been instructed
to keep you seperated from the crew for the time being, but to honor any request for food, refreshments, and to make you comfortable.

Colonel Pierce you have orders to make contact with your superiors as soon as your squared away, there is a comm system in the corner
room you can use.  Pierce replied to the XO, we havent eaten proper in a day or few, Bring us anything that looks like steak, chicken,
pork, or potatoes and some sort of veggies to wash it down with, and something to wash down the veggies.  The XO smiled as he moved to
exit the room and shouted, If you need anything else knock on this door, and one of the guards will accomidate you, but you cannot leave
this section.  Theres a TV in the dining room, and bunks in the back, make yourselves at home.  The XO then left the room closing the
door behind him.  Pierce threw off his gear on the floor against the wall and took everything off his upper body except his shirt and
then entered the comm room and sat down at the controls.  After stretching in the chair he hit some keys and after a moment the CIA
Seal came up on the screen with text below it saying, Please Wait!  After another few seconds an analyst came onscreen and said, Code
In!  Pierce responded, Custer, Delta, Yankee, Foxtrot!

The analyst smiled and replied, Good Evening General Custer, DarkStar has been waiting for your call, just a moment.  Pierce replied,
Thank ya much.  A moment later a command center came on screen showing Maxwell and Carvil sitting in a large room resemblant of a
Star Trek Bridge, With Maxwell and Carvil sitting in the center of the room with an analyst on each side in front of them.  There were
also analysts along the sides facing the walls working away on computers.  Maxwell spoke, Good Evening Colonel Pierce,  Ive been very
excited to take your call.  Ill take your sitrep now if you dont mind!  Pierce began, Always a pleasure Deputy Director Maxwell, We
took zero casualties, all equipment accounted for, and no contact with enemy forces to speak of tho we were spotted once or twice
durring the initial extraction i do not believe any positive identification was made.  All objectives Completed and both packages
are secure.  Maxwell repied, And thats why your in charge of shadow company, you always find a way to get the job done!  Maxwell added,
Call Captain Williams into the room, and have him bring the box.  Pierce leaned over and yelled out the door, Williams front and center
with your black box!

After a moment Captain Williams entered the room with a ruck sack under his arm as he closed the door.  Sitting the sack on the table
he removed the flight data recorder module from the back and presented it to the camera above the screen and spoke, Here it is fully
intact and undamaged despite a fair amount of humping across japan.  Maxwell added, Very good Captain, take a seat we have some things
to discuss.  Williams pulled up a chair and crossed his arms on the table as Maxwell continued.  We have a very strange and worrysome
situation developing at one of our research facilities, you may have heard of the Dugway Research Facility.  We have had sightings
of something that matches the description of what Captain Williams saw, and may have recorded over Japanese airspace.  Can you better
describe what you saw up there Captain?  Williams replied, I do my best sir.  So i was on my way back to base after the mission was
complete, and at the moment immediatly prior to the event, i was checking my navigational system to make sure i was on course to the
base, and when i glanced up from the screen I was point blank to several object coming straight for my Canopy, and out of sheer reflex
i veered to avoid collision with what appeared to be some kind of animal or something, im not completely sure because it happenned so fast
and at such a high speed, but it seems like perhaps they resembled giant bats, at least the wings looked like that in a way.  There was
a red one, and also black, one might have even been blue or violet in color, the Black one looked to be larger than the others, but
it could have just been closer and a trick of the speed.

As Williams finished Pierce had a strange grin on his face as he sat in mild disbelief of the description, wondering if Williams was
all there, or perhaps needed a psychological evaluation.  Maxwell continued,  As far fetched as that first sounded to us, we have had
an identical sighting at Dugway and we need to know what were dealing with.  Can you plug in the recorder so we can access the in flight
footage?  Pierce replied, I got it boss, and pulled a cable from the cabinet which adapted the flight data recorders multi-pin
connector to a power cord and USB cord.  Pierce hooked the cable to the recorder, and then plugged the USB into the small unit below the
screen before then plugging the power brick into the outlet as the lights on the data recorder came on and it began to flash randomly.

Maxwell was whispering off to one of his analysts for a moment before looking back to the screen and say, OK Williams, Were going to roll
through the footage and see what you encountered, feel free to speak up if you feel the need to point anything out as you see it.  Maxwell
motioned using one finger to the analyst and the screen switched to show the in flight footage with its audio at half volume so Maxwell
and the others could still speak over it.  The video showed Williams flying straight from the tail camera, his helmet could be seen
moving around in the cockpit canopy as he looked at his instruments and operated the aircraft.  As williams head looked down and to the
right again for a moment several objects faded into view ahead of the aircraft as Williams head turned back up forward and panicked to
Pull away from collision, rolling in the process before leveling out again and rubbernecking trying to see what was behind him.  It was all
a blurr on the screen as it happenned at hundreds of miles per hour.  Maxwell had the recorded rewinded to just before the sighting and
played in slow motion.  As the film slowly advanced the objects became clearer as they got closer.  One of the objects appeared to roll and
begin to dive as the aircraft approached before the others did simular manouvers trying to get out of the way.

The jet itself obscured the view of the objects tho as they passed under its belly as the jet was rolled 45 degrees right.  Maxwell commanded,
rewind half way and switch to the under-belly camera.  The footage switched on the screen with the objects coming up fast even in slow
motion as the jet flew, and 2 of them manouvered so that they were just out of the camera shot to the right, but the footage stopped as
it showed half of a large red creatures belly in front of the camera, the neck and head were outside the camera shot, but a pair of legs
and feet with shoes could also be seen around the creatures sides.  Pierce was now serious faced as he stood leaning closer to the screen
examining the picture and slowly exclaimed, Holy Shit that thing is big, and someone is riding it!  Williams jaw was hanging as he glanced
back and fourth between Pierce and the screen before saying, Thats the thing, thats um, thhhh, thats what i saw!  Maxwell came back on the
screen with a serious face and began speaking, Colonel Pierce, you are to ensure that none of this information slips through the cracks,
have any of your men seen this footage?  Pierce repied, Of Course not!  Maxwell replied, Good, You are under direct orders, You never saw
any of this, and this mission never happenned, You were never in japan this week!  Captain Williams, That goes for you too, unless you want
to end up in prison for treason will will never disclose these events is that understood?  Pierce and Williams both spoke over each other
as they replied, Yes Sir!  Maxwell replied, We are done copying the data from the recorder, Destroy it for me while im still watching!

Colonel Pierce unplugged the cables and put them back in the cabinet before taking out a long screwdriver and forcing it into the seam of
the recorders housing, and twisting it splitting the device open part way.  He then took and ripped the housing open with his hands and
yanked out the wires sitting them on the table, then pulled out a Disk on Module unit and snapped it in half with his hands, he then took
his knife out and stabbed each of the large silicon chips on the pieces of the circuit board splitting the chips in half irrepairably.

Pierce showed each piece to the camera one by one and Maxwell then replied, that is sufficient, please dispose of the pieces discretely
Colonel and good work on this mission!  You and your men can take some R and R on the ship for a few days, for the time being Captain
Williams will still be in your care untill were sure we no longer need anything more from him.  If theres nothing further I think were
done here.  Pierce replied, No sir thats all there is!  Maxwell replied, Then we will be in touch, DarkStar out!  Pierce turned off the
monitor and turned to Williams and exclaimed, Looks like your with us for now, as he stood and openned the door to exit the comm room.
Williams smirked and replied, I guess this is for the best, ive been short of sleep since two weeks ago when they started hounding me to
do a bunch more black missions two weeks ago.  Pierce replied, well rest up then, not like theres much more to do since were stuck here
in segregation.  Just then the door openned and the guards lifted a wheel cart through the doorway before sitting it back on the floor
after getting it over the hatches rim.  As they pulled the cloth cover off the top they revealed a metal mixing bowl piled high with
fried chicken, a platter with the makings for cheeseburgers, a stack of cups, another mixing bowl stacked with apples and oranges, and
then a bowl of mashed potatoes with a re-sealable container which appeared to be brown gravy.  Pierce questioned, Plates?  but the guard
smiled and replied, Bottom Shelf bro!  Pierce smiled as he lifted the side drape and lifted a stack of paper plates up to the top shelf
as everyone gathered around and began helping themselves.  The guards then moved to exit the room, but as the first made it through the
door he snapped to attention in salute and shouted, Admirral on Deck!  Everyone quickly sat their stuff down and saluted as they waited
for him to enter the room as the white haired man announced, At ease, At Ease....  I brought youse guys a gift from your benefactor.  He
said you performed admirrably in your last mission and he had me bring you down this Bottle a Scotch as his thanks for a job well done.

Pierce accepted the Bottle and spoke, Thank you sir!  We do our best!  The admirral spoke again, I hear you do just that and i hope you
stick to your guns on that one.  Ive got shit to attend to but i wanted to come thank you in person and convey the gratitude of you
know who!  We'll talk again some other time.  Good Hunting Colonel Pierce!  Pierce smiled as the admirral then exitted the room and
headed off down the corridor as the guards then locked the door.  Pierce held up the bottle as he smirked to his men, I guess the drinks
are on the admirral tonight boys.  An hour later the food carrier held only a 2/3rds empty bottle of scotch, a cache of chicken bones,
and a mess of dirty plates and silverware as the bodies of the team lay strewn across the couch, several of the beds, and one reclining
back in a chair as they all slept off their Scotch buzz.......

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