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PsyLock's Fursona Avatar
Name:PsyLock in Barstow Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Crossdressing Furs
Member ID:8963
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:6859
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XBOX Gamertag:ThanosVeldos

Future Space for Blogs

Nonameits still being decided: Yallow . hello, don't mind trying to be friends? I'm not too chatty caus i can get my sentences all jumbled up and mixed but I don't mind just hanging out or whatever on like a game or something. So like since I read some of the stuff and when I got to the part where like you can just be happy with just holding someone without needing to talk that much I was like yush I don't talk much but I can listen 2850 days ago
PsyLock: Im so alone 2883 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hiya Annabell. nwn 3135.7 days ago
Tassie : Hello 3190.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hi there. nwn 3199.5 days ago
Zephy: Waves Hia . 3286.7 days ago
Reaper: Welcome to FT lol Always awsome making friends (howls) PS The world is quiet here....but ..why..... 3286.8 days ago
🔥🎶Stripes🎶🔥: your wall virginity it is mine welcome to ft 3286.9 days ago

About Me:
LineChat: yuukiannaonna
Hello. The Name is
PsyLock. I Am a Gypsi. I dont stay in one play for too long. Now im trying really hard to get back on my feet. Im a Very angered, vengful wolf. Ihave Trust issues, After my Fiance of 3 years abandoned me 1,086 miles away from my family. All I had was her. Now. Now Im just me. Im a MTF Trans-Furr, but currently I'm Considering as Gender Neutral. I have scar on left side of my hairline(its small), a scar from my left paw, that goes diagnal from my knuckle to my wrist. My right paw I have a scar on my middle finger. Im a a white fur with a little black, Blue/Green eyes.

I love medevial period, history buff. Vikings, all that good stuff from 1100-17th century. I like guns, dont own one. I have a 2013 Red Dodge Challenger. And I do odd end jobs. Im caring, loving, i am kind. But with my curse. I also have a bad temper. I get angry about alot of things. I am trying to recover from my devistating rl brakeup. I was born male so I have alot of male qualities. But when I get back on my paws. It will surely change. I am a switch, but I am very Subby... Depending on what time of the year. I love to cuddle talk and kiss. I can just hold someone and be happy not to talk. I have a semi personality disorder. But lets face it. Least im honest. And Im alergic to chocolate, and cake iceing.

Im recovering from anger issues. For that I appologize in advance. Im smart, witty, and funny. I try not to be serious in life. My furson is me. Im shy at first. But when you get to know me, I'm down right rediculase. Im the oldest 1 out of 6. I love to keep myself mysterious. I am unpredictable. Just like a wolf.

I am a Titan on 5'11 and a half.(To female standards) I am curious, but I get uncomfortable alot. I am very curvy, and currently working on my fatigue. And yes, I still have a male-ish voice. I'm furry.... (yes im working on that too).
I'm just broken in alot of places and currently needs alot of tlc!

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