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Name:Blackfox21 in lansing Offline
Species:Arctic fox
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:06-24-2017 20:39 PM
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XBOX Gamertag:blackfox229

Future Space for Blogs

About Me:

I`m just a furry who loves games, music, and my friends (when i have them) i`m also looking for a relationship. (this bit was made back in 2015 but still true)

hello everyone...

It's been a while since i've been back here. My real name is James and rather recently i had my heart broken. I'm trying to look for someone again to make me feel right in this world and make me feel like i belong. I'm in my final year of highschool so thats great but i'm also afraid i might not have a place to live soon. My parents aren't really the best and neither is the house we live in. I'm not very confident in my looks. I'm chubby 221LB and around 5'9 in height. Once you get to know me i can be a bit of a goof i guess and other times i will try to open up and hell i'm also pretty gullible once you know me. I'm not too good with words i'm sorry....I am bi but sadly i am also very picky on the male side usually prefering femboys...i can love someone emotionally but sometimes not sexually....anyway thats me so uh thanks for reading i guess.

If anyone wants to rp lets do it but somethimes i am a bit too busy or not in the mood for certain rps. I use first person to reply and like to do shorter and sometimes pharagraph rp.


If anyone cares this is my blog on tumblr feel free to drop by maybe follow. I rp quite a bit on there so just drop and ask or an IM and we might do something on there.


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