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Jacob112993's Fursona Avatar
Name:Jacob112993 in Springfield Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:21584
Last Active:06-05-2022 23:44 PM
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About Me:
Am a gay Christian Furr. Not a bot it's just the username I use for a lot of things. Or is that what a bot would say >_>. I can only really date another Christian, so if you aren't Christian we can't really do it or whatever. Also I have to wait till marriage to do it too. So maybe don't message if that's all you wanna do and aren't Christian, and don't wanna get married. I can still be friends tho, without many benefits. You don't have to be Christian to be my friend. Sorry kinda had to get that out of the way. I just don't want anyone confused/dissapointed if we talk and you think you can get some, then I'm like can't lol. Don't be confused tho I want it bad XD. Also in order to date my requirements are Christian, gay/bi, and 18-21. Also if you just wanna be my friend I would prefer if you were at least kinda around my age 18-29, as I'm not 100% into older people as friends. I guess I should say at least somethin about myself XD. I like video games, I play on PC. The games I play are Risk of Rain 2, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Stardew Valley, Civ 6, Factorio, and 7 days to die. I don't like games like PUBG, Apex, LoL, and COD. I'mma switch thats like a little bit more bottom. Oh, my fursona is a wolf btw. I haven't created a fursona yet tho, I just know they would be a wolfo. Also, sorry about no pfp, idk if I'm gonna upload one on here or not. I would put my fursona, but as I said I don't really have one, so I can't. Also, I'm not really shy so like ask whatever. I have ADHD, so sorry if this bio is everywhere lol. I myself am 5'9'', and weight around 130 pounds. No I'm not a femboi, and I'm not into that personally. I'm more of a brat that needs to be tamed :P. If you wanna know what I'm into just ask, as I said not really shy. I can say a little tho. I like toys, musk, and other things lol. I'm not 100% sure what I'm into yet. I just 100% know I'm into those things. I also like to flirt and tease a lot, and most of my jokes are inappropriate lol. Just because I flirt in tease doesn't mean I'm interested in you, so be warned. I've lost a few friends with them not knowing that. If you wanna know just ask, and I can tell yah if I am or not. Sorry I have typed so much lol, It's just how I am I like detail personally. I'm a ISFJ if you are interested in the personally type stuff. Thank you for reading this far if you did, and if you did made it too the end you might as well message. Even if it's just a question you may have. I'll look forward to you messaging if you do :P

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