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Volkner's Fursona Avatar
Name:Volkner in Mullica Hill Offline
State:New Jersey
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:20637
Last Active:03-10-2021 13:24 PM
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SecondLife Name:VolknerTheLux.Fluffpaw

Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
[u][b]Able to approach in or out of character and you can start right away, please let me know which form I am in or the one you want me in or I will not respond![/b][/u]

Pansexual | Male | Switch | Top |
- Have feral and anthro forms. Femboy or muscular(for now).
- Be aware that all sizes can be changed if
wanted at will.
- Can be hyper or normal, up to you.
- Will be wearing a magic ring around his neck on a necklace, which would be a gold chain.

[u][b]Silly Stuff[/b][/u]
- Volk tends to like flirty/affectionate people more and easily approaches them.
- Calling him handsome or other cute pet names will get him flustered or really happy.
- He hates getting his mane dirty. Really anything above his chest makes him upset. Especially in his feral form.
- Volk will sometimes seem like he isn't interested in you but he actually is… It's just how he acts. This is especially the case if you are trying to be lewd. Unless he is really excited, he won't make the first move.
- Enjoys smooshing his face into soft things or just kneading at them

[u][b]Lewd Info[/b][/u]
Usually enjoy roleplays where your character is aware of my kinks and uses that knowledge against me, whether it's looking through my web history or through magic etc. Can also become aware of kinks during the roleplay as well.

One thing that will get Volkner's attention in a heartbeat is a lioness, bovine or mare, preferably a strong or seductive one, but all species are welcome. Volkner is a HUGE Momma's boy. He absolutely adores the Mommy types. He absolutely loves being caught off guard. He also really enjoys feral snakes as well. Balloonies/Living Latex are a Massive plus! The bigger the better...no such thing as too big for him. Height, hips, lips, breasts, ass, thighs, muscle, chub, anything! He also loves to fill people up. A really good way to seduce him is filling yourself up or growing a bit too(For those who are into it.)


[u][b]Growth[/b][/u]: Volkner can grow by absorbing electricity into his body. It can be his overall
size, muscle mass, or just certain parts. He can also discharge it into someone else for the same effect. He also can absorb liquids or air that he takes into his body the same way. (Example: Drinking, sucking up air, etc.) He also can absorb magical energy to grow as well! If anything is in his balls such as air or water it will automatically convert to cum as well.

[u][b]Endless Cum/Properties[/b][/u]: Cum is glowing, purple, and fizzy. The thickness and amount of fizz can be changed and so can the flavor. His cum is so potent that you can get even get prgnant just by swallowing it. There is no set limit to how much he can cum and the amount that comes out depends on how much pleasure is caused.It can be absorbed into the body and converted into mass. Such as fat, muscle, or just normal mass to make your character grow bigger without changing proportions drastically. Also just the body proportion can be changed to grow actual parts of your body as well. One more thing is that the cum is used like energy and can strictly be used as power for the body, giving a boost to whatever powers your character may have or just straight up super strength or all physical abilities. His cum can even convert other liquids into it if at least 25% of the liquid is mixed with his cum. Optionally, and highly preferred… his cum can be addictive and also an aphrodisiac. If you are into watersports, his piss has the same abilities mentioned, including the unable to stop part. ALL OF THIS IS OPTIONAL AND I CAN BE VANILLA.

[u][b]Random Lewd Stuff[/b][/u]
((Gulping actually is a huge thing for me<3,like audio,video, pictures, or just seeing it in
roleplay, including watching the bulges of cum moving inside, etc.))

I heavily enjoy being sent size refs or just lewd pictures in general. Especially without having to ask for them. It's actually a kink for me.

[collapse=Optional Powers]
This can be gained through magic items, the character starts out with it...or just gains it through my cum~

He gave you the permanent power to be able to stretch endlessly. You could also turn your skin into rubber/latex/plushie/slime(any kind) and grow/inflate in any way with any kind of gas or liquid that entered your body. Kind of like Volk's powers. A good example would be swallowing your own breath or drinking. Any hole is an option. You can even give yourself lips or mouths, wherever you want(Or make holes work like them). Or just straight up sentient parts.

Also, having the sentient parts act on their own or against their owners will is great as well, especially making them greedy or refusing to stop, maybe even falling in love or being jealous!

[collapse=Custom Kinks]
●Actually reading my bio and kinks/Not asking to roleplay, I just want you to start using volk to fill you up. (Keep in mind that I'm a top).

●Showing your enjoyment, this goes well with the next two kinks listed. I especially love tail wagging or purring. Even drooling or enthusiastically trying to get more!

●Encouraging or even begging to get filled more or to make your character bigger. Either in a seductive way like asking questions about how much he is enjoying your new size or simply just outright saying to make you bigger.

●Popping is ok when I'm in the mood but will always be ok if you force yourself to pop by forcing him to fill you up too much!

●Snakes, can be naga, feral or anthro I don't care, same thing with anything that has a long neck! Also being coiled or smooshed is lovely especially if you are filling up or growing~

●Pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan of oral, the noisier and sloppier the better. Make your makeup run as you tear up from my length down your throat and be sure to swallow my load down nice and loud~ Also when you swallow or gulp anything down. Press my ear against your throat in a dominant way or find a way to make me listen to it more intensely.. like a headset and a mic or something of the sort.

●I'm into alot of pokesonas but Purugly is definitely my most favorite partner, anthro or feral. Love doing weight gain stuff with her as well or having her be greedy and milking me dry. For inflation stuff I love Floatzel the most~ Vaporeon or Goodra I love for growth or inflation at the same time, cum or water based. I also adore Lopunny, Luxray, Scolipede, Lucario, Houndoom, Charizard, and alot more, don't be afraid to play anyone not listed. Too many to list uwu. You can use these characters normally as well.

●Letting your mouth fill with his cum so that your cheeks swell out and then swallowing it down all at once~ Let your cheeks swell to the extreme if you wanna get him going. Also ok with this happening with vomit only if you keep it inside your mouth. Also letting your body fill up before absorbing it all, also enjoy it when the throat swells up with cum as well. Also get overwhelmed with cum as I'm filling you from behind and let it fill up your throat and mouth as well~

●Burp of satisfaction during or after being filled. Also holding in gas making you burp more or swell up slightly.

●Mommy doms but any gender uwu. Age difference, yeah I'm into older gals but not so much guys. Gmilfs are especially fun, love to flirt with them, or have them flirt with me.

●Pet names such as baby boy, little man, etc. or also dom names!

●Incorporating the special abilities volk can give you uwu.

●Being surprised with my kinks, don't ask which ones I want, just do them.

●Watersports, not so much all over the body, but to fill you up. Having volk needing to use the bathroom but instead you make him piss down your throat or inside you, usually most fun in feral form when my leg is lifted to go pee and my length is exposed~

●Greedily trying to get him to piss inside you or get more out of him by pushing on his bladder.

●Having the bottom tied to feral Volks torso or onto his body letting him have his way with them, or have your way with him~

●Having his feet being lifted off the ground by the swelling/growth of the one he is filling underneath him.

●Roleplay the noises or even send noises for me to enjoy, especially throat ones~

●ENCOURAGEMENT, whether it be telling me I'm doing a good job or even watching me a fill a condom...I love encouragement.

●Throat Swabbing/Bench Press Sucking, basically lifting volk up and down/back and forth while you lay down or just holding him as you suck him off!

●Having the sub start too small to fit his tip inside and then slowly grow large enough to fit it in, eventually growing bigger than volk is great but not required for this kink, also have them able to suck extremely hard besides their small size and drain him~

●If you are big enough, dangle volk from your mouth by his cock~

●Weird inflation, have Volk's cum overwhelm you and make different parts swell up cuz you can't take anymore!

●Extra Mouths/Holes that can work like mouths, especially the GULPING and clamping part.

● Quick spurts of growth/inflation(preferably happening as each rope of cum pumps into you~)

●Growing tighter, actually making your insides shrink around Volks cock until his cock bulges in you like a vacuum sealed bag~ Also slowly swallowing/taking more and more of his cock or forcing yourself to stretch around it~. (This goes really well with my other weird kink of navel fucking. Love having the belly swell larger and slowly take in more of Volks cock.)

●Being trapped inside clothes. Whether it's his cock inside your bra or your head inside his underwear. Stuffing his length inside you while wearing the same pair of underwear etc.

●Blowing/filling into Volks cock to make his cock and balls inflate. His balls will convert anything inside into his special cum~.

●When there are no tits but only huge pecs, also back muscle. Also flexing and posing/showing off new body/figure.

●Living suit, but only if they are trapping me for the sole purpose of milking me and growing larger with my cum <3

●Fat Lower Lip <3

●Yandere~ Being obsessed or even crazy, going to the extreme to get bred or have sex. Best to search it up on google.

●Plump or swollen spades

●Greedy or possessive partners~

●Having his length all the way inside your throat and then swallowing around his cock to stimulate it more~

●Pigs, absolute whores who will stop at nothing to get their fill of any of my bodily fluids, greedy fat sluts that have no sense of shame and even burp after a good meal~ ((Not a slob kink but can incorporate slob if you play the part right.

●Using Volkner's cum as a food source, whether it be you being desperate from starvation or because Volkner thinks you need to gain a few pounds, etc.

●Really no limit with size~ I love nothing more than seeing someone fill to ridiculous sizes, fatten up into unmovable blobs, or become a massive sexy giant/giantess. Is fun to mix up weight gain, height, and muscle etc. Weight gain going well with the piggy kink~

●In the case you end up sending audio, if its gulping I enjoy it being somewhat in tune with what is going on with the roleplay, like a steady flow should be light swallows but being gushed into should be strained and forceful sounding~ Be creative~ Easier with swallowing down a liquid like water or milk etc. Any other audio you would enjoy sending would be appreciated~.

●Very into fucking someone else's cock and filling it up, whether it be just their balls or their entire body. I also enjoy it if it is able suck in someway or even swallow~

●Whether it's you or one of the parts you have getting filled, I love when my amount of cum absolutely overwhelms you at first and then you are able to adapt, but sometimes when I'm really dominant I just wanna drown you with it~

●Powerful suction, like able to drain anything and make it crush up like a juice box kinda strong, not my balls though that would hurt, but still abnormally strong suction to pull it right out is still hot. Also out of liquid or cum to grow, suck in air and use to swell~

●Loves feral or anthro mares, this includes MLP characters.

●Positions of power like a queen or empress etc.

●If you vore me its ok only if I fill your belly up from the inside and you swell with my cum, let it build up in your throat and swallow it back down, no digesting me. I also love having people inside my balls and listening to them chug down my fizzy cum~

●Face of pleasure/enjoying being inflated and telling me how full you are and how you want more~ How I am filling you up like a balloon and such.


[collapse=Magical Items]
[u][b]Magical Hose[/b][/u]
It looks like a simple hose but it can be extended to any length. It can handle any amount of pressure and seems unbreakable. Attaching one end of the hose allows it to access the contents of any container. It does not pierce or anything like that, almost like making a small portal where the hose connects. An example being connecting it to the wall of a pool or even something as simple as a water balloon. Twisting your hand around the end of the hose will give it a dildo shaped nozzle. The other end has to be connected to something for stuff to come out or it has to be sucked on to work. The thickness and diameter of the hose can be changed as well. The user of the hose can have the choice to have both ends magically sealed to their target, including their mouth etc.

I enjoy this little toy very much for lewd stuff, be creative with it since it can do so much. Even using it to pull me closer or keep me from getting away if its attached~

[u][b]Magical Ring[/b][/u]
Just a gold ring until looked at, when its looked at a second time its appearance would change to be appealing to the person. The moment it is put on they gain the ability to change makeup or markings like writing all over their body. They also gain the ability to change their outfit or what they are wearing.  Usually used in roleplays where Volkner has fallen in love or the partner is madly in love with him or obsessing over him. Enjoy having it be a wedding dress full with veil or some kind of variant of it and/or really slutty makeup like heavy eye liner, lipstick etc.

Wearing or looking at the ring (your choice) also makes you become fully aware of all of Volkner's kinks and dislikes. You are also able to use the ring for the optional powers or even add your own.

Volk will usually be wearing it on a necklace!

[u][b]Magical Clothes/Dildo(s)[/b][/u]

Usually coming in a set can be shorts, underwear, or even just blanket that magically connects to another piece of clothing or object. Can be super creative with this one. For instance, having more than one clothing item be connected to the one so volk can end up penetrating multiple things at once or fill you from both ends! Perhaps you are a perv and sneak into his room to smell at his musky underwear only for it to be connected to the current pair he is wearing. Basically a portal. Also could use the same concept of having a dildo shaped like his cock or multiple ones that make Volk feel the same thing that happens to them. They can even spew out his cum. Could also do a cock ring and a mask combination which would let volk fill your mouth and ass at the same time~

[collapse=Dumb/Old Starters]
He wagged his tail having found a plush locked up in a chained box before making his rounds around the warehouse. Massive machines filled with stuffing surrounded him as he took the poor deflated prototype. He would put the batteries inside and grin. "I've put the special stuffing into the machines… people never knew this about me but I found this model to be quite sexy..." he said before putting the cursed plush up to the stuffing machine and watching it finally gain shape. It was about the size of a teddy bear
He pressed the stop button on the machine and purred softly as he slowly pulled out the tube and his bulge noticeably throbbed. The stuffing was made to absorb liquid and grow, the outside of the plush meant to be able to stretch with just air or handle the growth of the stuffing. This special one was cursed however with the lust of growth and wanting to find love. Stopping nothing at pleasing its desired lover.

[u][b]Feral [/b][/u]
He would blush brightly as he worked on the farm. He would notice that one of the stallions was much smaller than the rest and was always bullied by the others. He would be abused by the other farm hands but volkner was always gentle with him~. One day he would finish brushing the stallions mane and feeding them before leaving the stable. He accidentally had left the door open and you could notice a trail of pre cum following behind him. After licking it up you would become aware of everything that turned the farmhand on and had gained the special abilities listed earlier~
Also the whole thing about the roleplay is that a usually dominant and top male is being a bottom and trying to milk the farmhand dry because of his kindness. Eventually getting addicted to the feeling of growing or the taste of his seed. Can be done with any gender and any species!

So I'd enjoy a powerbottom obviously, but you would start out at a small size and your choice whether or not you start out as goo uwu. But eventually you come across volkner in his sleep before you eagerly make him fill you up. Your body would then transform into a slime made of his cum/bodily fluids, also able to absorb any kind of liquid/gas and etc. At this point you would be driven mad with lust and the desire to make him fill you more/get bigger. The entire time volk will try to throw you off until you arouse him enough, almost tricking him into pounding you. Your character would be extremely confident, almost smirking and showing how volk couldn't escape most of the time. Doing volks kinks to increase the flow of his seed is ideal. This is also super kinky as a vaporeon. Any species works but weight gain is fun with this as well~

[u][b]Feral Trapped in Vines[/b][/u]
Volk would of course be in his feral form and is unable to move due to the amount of vines he had managed to get tangled up in. His body would be suspended in air and his massive, throbbing length would be swaying back and forth with the tip almost grazing the ground. His balls are so swollen it looks like he had been there for weeks. You had been traveling the forest for a while without food and his hefty set of tools looks like they can provide a rather hefty meal~.

[u][b]Greedy Mama[/b][/u]
I've been craving a feral purugly who greedily wants to fatten up from my cum and falls in love with how much I produce and wont stop trying to please me in every way no matter what I do... or have a flirty milf/gmilf anthro purugly who will drain me dry unable to resist me and kinda be the same situation. Any other kind of feral or anthro works but the one stated is ideal.

[u][b]Obsessed Feral[/b][/u]
Either have them be awake every hundred or thousand years. Being bigger than Volkner obviously. He would be assigned to go and provide food to them from his village and the feral would end up becoming madly in love with him. Going so far as to even trying to marry him or dress up in seductive clothing and wearing makeup. No matter what Volkner tells them they are always just smiling and enjoying everything he does. They try everything to please him and become aware of his kinks, even if he doesn't want them. Not to mention being obsessed with how much cum he can produce~

[u][b]Feral/Anthro Fatty[/b][/u]
I've been craving a feral purugly who greedily wants to fatten up from my cum and falls in love with how much I produce and wont stop trying to please me in every way no matter what I do... or have a flirty milf/gmilf anthro purugly who will drain me dry unable to resist me and kinda be the same situation. It can be any other species but purugly I'm obsessed with.

Volkner would be out for a jog on the boardwalk before getting too tired and stopping at a bar. Shirtless and sweating and only wearing a tight pair of form fitting shorts he would ask the bartender for the drink. The bartender refuses to serve him water unless he also orders alcohol. That's when the older gal would order the glass of water herself. She would start flirting with him and optionally slip something into his drink~
Muscle Growth[/b][/u]
This can be with a gal, cuntboy, or femboy. Basically going to the gym and unable to get any bigger but they really wanna beef up for their boyfriend/girlfriend. After weeks of no results they end up going to Volkner for his special cum to help them get huge~ They can end up addicted and secretly meeting up with them or just straight up showing up at inconvenient times to get a quick "snack".

[u][b]The Queen[/b][/u]
Queen chrysalis has captured Volkner to excessively breed with him and steal all of his love and seed. The more turned on Volkner becomes the bigger she gets, but the bigger she gets the more he becomes turned on! Can be feral or anthro for both characters and she will either be overwhelmed and fatten up with his seed and love or grow into the sexy goddess/empress she has always wanted to be.



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