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Name:Drake in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:05-28-2020 03:33 AM
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Roronoa: That picture is so adorableee -Pets his face.- 742.4 days ago

About Me:

I'm Drake, a small black dragon. I'm here seeking either a family/pack (in the US or UK) or some close friends (anywhere online or irl). I will add some precision about what I'm looking for after my general description.

I'm very shy and socially anxious... Which can be easily explained from the past I got, but anyway, I don't think anyone is there for it. I'm also depressed for several years. Better saying it now, to avoid bad surprises. This is part of why I'm seeking some company or a family, as it's basically what's missing in my life.
I'm aware I can be rather impulsive, too. I'm really sorry when that happens, and I do my best to control it. If you're a good friend, you can expect apologies when I act badly without thinking.
Well, if you're still reading despite my flaws, you already have rose in my esteem. I will now talk about my good sides.
About my hobbies, I like games (both video games and board games) watching movies, computer science as well as developing. But what I mostly enjoy is spending time with friends, as I tend to easily feel lonely.
I tend to be the snuggly kind of dragon. This is something I can do most of my days, so don't hesitate if you're the same. Also, despite my asocial flaws, I try to be playful around friends. I'm not the kind to act like the common human, but of course, I can adapt, depending on who I'm with.
I tend to have a lot of free time (might be lucky from some points of view, or not from some others) even if I work on online projects.
I'm very open minded and can talk about anything and everything. If you're curious, just talk to me, ask me, I will always be willing to reply.
To me, furry is a lifestyle. (I of course respect how others see furry) and that's why I also tend to look for people (friends or family) who do the same.
I admit I can be somewhat clingy at times... if ever that happens and you don't like it, let me know. I will understand and control myself, I don't have any problem with that.

Hum, about the... kinky part, I'm quite open and have nearly no limit... I'm actually seeking my limits, so... However, I'm a lot into butt stuff and vore, in case that might interests you. However, I'm mostly subby and prey. ^^'

So, you have a family/pack?
If my profile interests you and you would like to get to know me before maybe offering me a place in your family, I would like to add a few stuffs to what I'm looking for.
First, I don't want a "huge" family or pack (I will just say family, but it counts as both family and pack). I know by experience that if the family is too big, this will degrade the relations between the members. I guess I'm willing to accept a family of maximum 6 (including myself), possibly open for discussions, but if there are too many, I will just not be at ease.
Also, I would really enjoy to be a family pet. Of course, I will still do my best to earn money for my part.
I think this is obvious, but after talking with you, and meeting the family online, I will want to first move for a while with you before deciding to definitively move to the new family.
When I talked about looking for people with a similar lifestyle as mine, I won't request that all of the family would be the same. Only at least one member can be like me.
Finally, this is a must, I want to join a family active in the furry fandom. Basically, joining conventions, furmeets, etc... as I invested myself into the fandom a lot as well.
So, you would want to be a close friend?
If you believe we might be able to spend a good time together, I just would like to ask a few stuffs.
First, I'm mostly looking for furs who joined the fandom for quite a few years, like I did. Not that I'm against new faces, of course, but I would really like to have some contact with a fur who has around as much experience in the fandom as I do.
Would be great if you tend to be exotic (species, lifestyle, etc...) as I do. Can be any reason.
Have at least a bit of time. I'm not saying I want you to use all of your free time for me, but if we only talk once every months... I don't see much interest, to be honest.
Oh, and wanted to let you know. If you're the gamer style, I like many styles as well, and I'm often willing to try new games.
Well, I hope I forgot nothing. Thank you very much for ready so far, and hope we can get in touch.

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