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🍬Candie🍬's Fursona Avatar
Name:🍬Candie🍬 in Kirkland Offline

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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SecondLife Name:IMVU: DigiRino
PSN Name:CursedRino
XBOX Gamertag:TWITCH: TheCursedRino

Future Space for Blogs

kurito san: hello fluffbutt lol 1297 days ago
🍬Candie🍬: You were never worth my time. 1297.6 days ago

About Me:

Hello everyone! My name is Candie♥! Just here for a friend of mine but it is a pleasure to meet you all!

Not really much to know about me but always willing to answer questions, so please ask!

Just your average bun with a bit of pep to her step! Please see below for any further specifications about me. Hehe~ ♥

Species: Rabbit♥

Hair Color: I dye it a lot! ♥ But currently Ombre Sunset.

Fur Color: Pinkish Tan with white♥

Cup Size: D

Build: Curvy but Fit (I dance and wiggle around too much)♥

Weakness: ♥Love Bites and Poptarts♥

Relationship: ♥To Be Announced♥

Candie is quite the character. She is always happy and peppy despite her past. The smol rabbit always tried her hardest to please others, in result always ending up pushed away. Determined, she kept her adventures. Candie has dabbled her way in sparring as well. Along her long adventures, she has practiced only with the best. Magic capabilities that source from her glowing hair but mainly use of her throwing stars and katana. Despite her spars, she is always doing that “One Good Deed a Day.” She of course does have a naughty side, but only a few know...♥

In Real Life I am quite the gamer girl. I love to game when I’m not working on homework or commissions. Currently in school to get my digital design degree and will be graduating in November with my Diploma. Still deciding if I want to continue to do more. But when it comes to gaming, I play on PS4 and more than willing to play with others. I also stream! So really willing to get some more fun people in on my stream!

PSN NAME CursedRino


Furs that mean something to me ♡

Da Dexter
Da Wolfie Artik
Da Happeh Doggo Wild
Da Kev
Da Slion
Da Panger
Da Alex
Da Mint

Thank you all for simply being a friend and treating me like a person.

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