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Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart's Fursona Avatar
Name:Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart in Vienna Offline
Species:Nanamken FoxDragon
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:18032
Last Active:05-28-2020 03:33 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

🌺Birdy🌺: Welcome to Furrtrax, hope you enjoy your stay! :D 993.9 days ago

About Me:
Well, I'm a cuddly and lonely furry from Austria/Vienna, searching for a furry offline friendship or even a mate.
I'm primary into females, but well, if love really strikes on a male, I would try it.
But never stop to search for the female furry of my dreams...I'm demisexual, so cuddling is more important to me than sex, also I've to trust you for sex.

I search for true love, honest, honorful, true and direct. Also I'm Simon M. Fellmann, and I believe in Fitness! So you should too, if you want me as mate. More into NSFW, hate to do SFW, so yeah, better if you're NSFW too or not like SFW, at least.

Well, would love to hear from you, have no smartphone, so it might takes a bit...

...wish you all a nice and productive time!

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