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Blazey the dragon's Fursona Avatar
Name:Blazey the dragon in City Offline
State:New York
Relationship:Single and Looking

Xbox furrs
Member ID:17934
Last Active:09-05-2017 18:16 PM
Profile Views:643
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests
XBOX Gamertag:LWP caninefurry

Future Space for Blogs

Tobi Barkin: Nice sona :) 98.1 days ago
Roronoa: Welcome to Furrtrax, enjoy the stay! (Seeing as you didn't get a proper welcome yet) 107.3 days ago
мαу: Unff wild dog. 107.4 days ago

About Me:
Owned/collared by, Twinky.

Yes the Sona picture that your looking at is actual me as is my Sona I'm a dragon c-boy his name is is blazey his 5'5 not bug I know lol he only likes wearing his favorite hoodie with nothing else on and there's not much about him yet because I haven't really used him until now and for now on so I'll add more to him when I can
feel free to leave me a message or add me on Kik leo_wild_dog or Xbox LWP caninefurry
Yes I role play and erp
If you like to know more about feel free to ask I'm not a big fan of typing everything down x3
Just a warning I do like poking and licking alot and I do shy up to some people so yeah no picking or I'll tease you <.<
I like most fetishes
I'm very friendly to people that aren't a ass well respect goes both ways
I don't mind making new friends on here and chatting when I'm not on the Xbox lol yeah I'm a big time gamer you can't even get me off it you try well puppy eyes might work though x3
I do use Kik alot so it you wanna add me there and chat go right ahead I don't mind at all I do have other things I use but I mostly use that
Well other then that feel free to ask more about me I just don't like putting everything down

Oh and my telegram is @leo_wild_dog

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