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diamond knight's Fursona Avatar
Name:diamond knight in portsmouth Offline
Species:longma shape shifter
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:17795
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:1901
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:streephan

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obsidian inari: hi 373 days ago
TomCorvus: Boop - 1409.6 days ago
Roronoa: I'm good and you? 1480.5 days ago
Roronoa: Welcome to Furrtrax, dear. I'm a bit curious to the species you've chosen 1481.4 days ago

About Me:
I identify as a Longma a mythicle crossbreed between horse and dragon in my case the english shire horse and Indian water dragon.
I can come off realy shy at first but can warm up easily to friendly people and those I share things in common with when given time.
Ican be quite introvert in large crouds till i stop feeling so nervios, mood is often relfected by music im listening to or songs im singing.
I like karaoke, larger and energy drinks, I absolutly love reptiles, I like cats and dogs.
I am crazy about dragons, drakkens and all dragon related items, stories, collectables and so on.
although I seem quiet and shy at most times, I can get a little crazy and out there when singing or playing games or video games.
play world of warcraft, minecraft, terraria, second life, pokemon.. yes still.
fave foods are pizza , curries, burgers
fave drinks are lager, caffine drinks, smoothies
fave sweets are chocolate, fizzy laces or strips, marshmallows.
dislike : falseness, shallowness, veggies well most of them..

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