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Rain Frostwing's Fursona Avatar
Name:Rain Frostwing in City Offline
Species:Winged artic wolf
Relationship:Rather Not Say

vore muzzs
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Last Active:11-16-2017 00:38 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

Sam: Hi :3 68.5 days ago
Jackson: Don't be a stranger. 83.5 days ago
Tobi B Barkin: Nice page :) 103.8 days ago
Phillo: haiii and thank you for the welcome 114.5 days ago
Air: Just a random wolf saying hello :3 120.8 days ago
Spots: Hi there Wolfie 139.9 days ago
Riffy: Hey beautiful hope you are having fun. 169 days ago
Shazi Akula: Hi there :3 Welcome to Furrtrax! 217.9 days ago

About Me:

I'm just a winged arctic wolf looking to make some friends to talk to ^^" only on mobile atm so sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

Your more then welcome to message me on Kik/telegram and let's chat :) and maybe more ;p check my f-list for more details.

Telegram same as Kik

collard and branded by:

Gender: Herm
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110lb
Bust: C cup
Eyes: ocean blue
Hair: 3 foot waist length, light purple
Fur color: blue with silver belly and sock fur
Tail length: 2 foot
Wingspan: 16 foot feathered
Wing color: silver with blue edged feathers

Now on imvu as well, same screen name!

Profile picture does not belong to me credit belongs to artist.

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