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Ciozara's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ciozara in Portland Offline
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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SecondLife Name:nfordpdx
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Future Space for Blogs

Dab: Hi ;) 2759.9 days ago
Dabz: love yew 3063.2 days ago

About Me:
I'm a raccoon! I enjoy exploring places I shouldn't be, hoarding things, and going through people's trash.

I play bass guitar, electric guitar, and mess around in FL Studio. I used to play the viola and piano.

I enjoy writing poetry, proverbs, and prose. I also enjoy playing PC and PS3 games, modeling for photography in creepy abandoned places, and going to dive bars.

Anyone wanna play Minecraft or Terraria on PS3? :3

I speak English (obviously), Deutsche, and some EspaƱol.

I already have an amazing master. I'm not looking to replace him.

What else...

I listen to a lot of hardcore punk and metal. Bonus points if you're into grindcore, sludge, or emotive hardcore. One of my favorite bands is early era Sunny Day Real Estate.

I have a tattoo of Friedrich Nietzsche on my left arm, and my labret and septum pierced, but I don't always wear my piercings.

I'm a switch in the sheets, but I prefer to bottom. I'm gay, but I wouldn't mind having sex with a female if another male is present. I'm a scared-ie-cat. Anyway, enough of that.

Feel free to hit me up on Kik, or here, but Kik will net you a more immediate response. I forget to check here sometimes.

That's all, folks!

PS. I'm a raccoon.

PSS. Raccoons are the greatest.

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