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HyBrithe Resurgam's Fursona Avatar
Name:HyBrithe Resurgam in Madison Offline
Species:German Shepherd mix
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Unic0rn69: Enjoyed reading your story horse play. 278 days ago

About Me:
My fursona is a German Shepherd mix breed with a Japanese flair and martial arts training. I wield double wakizashis with elemental powers called Mōningufurosuto (Morning Frost) and Hi o reijingu (Raging Fire). When I'm fighting and in need of extra power, I can pour my spiritual energy into the both of them and combine them in a single ōdachi with lightning elemental powers called Tengoku no Hanketsu (Heaven's Judgement). Personally, I'm a SWM, 5'9", 200 pounds and I consider myself of average size but I would like to lose a little more weight. I work as a Veterinary Technician in a 24/7 Animal ER. I work long days but it gives me 4 days off to play. I have an Australian Shepherd little buddy that makes it worthwhile to go home to.

I should add that I am gay friendly but not gay or bi-sexual myself. I do give out free hugs to anyone that wants one. However, I save kisses for "special" people and men only on the cheek. I am up for whatever though, from chatting, hanging out, to doing social things together. I also enjoy a good intellectual conversation about anything so feel free to bring up anything except for four categories; sex, politics, money, and religion. All four are subjects based on people's feelings and not rational though. You can always change an idea but it's much harder to change someone's feelings. So, if you stay away from them then I'm sure that we can have a constructive and productive conversation then... =) I recently joined LAFF again (Lake Area Furry Friends) so I will be hanging out with them more. Plus, I hope to attend Furcon in Chicago this coming December too.

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I find myself unmated again. I opened my heart and my home to a woman that I thought understood me and accepted me. She left without even saying goodbye and not having the decency to tell me that she was calling it quits. I guess I'll never truly understand why she left me but it's assumed that all of the words proclaiming her love for me were false. I still remain optimistic to the possibilities of finding someone to share a lifetime together with but at this time I am not actively pursuing it. Perhaps some day I'll find someone that can really love from the heart and understand what the word "love" means.

*** Oh, I need to give proper props to the person that drew my Avatar. It was Bill... Bill... something that had to do with whale or orcas... Damn. He made it for me way back in the 1990's and I've had it ever since then. He was a good fur friend and he made it for me as a gift and I've had it this entire time. So, Bill, if you're out there somewhere. Talk to your old buddy HyBrithe whenever you want... ;)

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05-03-2015 03:45 AM

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