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Swamp Tiger's Fursona Avatar
Name:Swamp Tiger in City Offline
Species:Amur Tiger

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Last Active:01-31-2018 16:22 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Zenta: Awooo! 115.8 days ago
Swamp Tiger: Rawr, and stuff! 116.6 days ago
Zenta: -hugs my big tiger friend- 157.1 days ago
Lucychu: Pats the kitten 222.5 days ago
FurryBronyAnon: Hello! 291.3 days ago
Silas Ghost: -Pounces the kitty- 298.5 days ago
Paymon: Gasp.- I've been booped 304.5 days ago
Paymon: Boops his nose.- Yup, it's a thing 305.6 days ago

About Me:

Howldy, there!

The tl;dr version:

A feline fuzz-face; more specifically, a tiger therian ('sona = self). Expect initial aloofness, followed by random acts of mischief and awkwardly cat-astrophic puns.

The para-post version:


Stands at a height of 6’0” and weighs in around 185 pounds. A runner’s build by nature, supplemented with balanced weight training for an even, toned musculature across his form. Well-groomed, because feline. Quite fuzzy, because big feline. Bears fashionably acceptable stripes, because big striped feline.

Outward demeanor is typically serious, focused, and confident – at times, in complete contrast to his attitude. A bit of a poker face, which breaks if he comes to the realization that his expression has led to miscommunication. Prone to silent chuckling rather than visibly smiling, but charming when those fangs show!

Attire is casual, with strong preference toward slightly baggy t-shirts and cargo shorts, and clear disdain for wearing footwear unless necessary. Accessories include a sleek pair of black reading glasses, a “Nezumi”-kanji pendant worn as a necklace, and a black-banded smart watch.


An INTJ, with heavy focus on introversion. This level of introspection led to the moniker “Nezumi” in his past – quiet as a mouse in social settings, to the point of seeming aloof. Now more socially apt, he retains the nickname spiritedly. A warm personality simply waiting for the right moments to strike.

Equal parts analytical and creative. His pastimes range from puzzle solving/ gaming and tinkering to painting and playing music. Playful prankster at heart, always on the lookout to bring a new perspective to light through humor. Favors balance over pure order or chaos, and strives to maintain equilibrium.

Prefers rustic landscapes to urban, and prefers nature’s laws to society’s laws. Totemist at heart, he enjoys observing and communicating the silent connections between people and the symbols they include in their lives. Loves hiking, running, and other outdoor activities, which recharge him quickly.


Handles icebreaker conversations with strangers much better if they lead to purposeful dialogue: “Hi! What is your favorite puzzle game?” will receive a more favorable response than just “Hi”. Likewise, try to respond in a way that will continue conversation and he will be sure to do the same!

Easy to get along with, and minimally demanding once the icebreaking period is over. Not a fan of idle chat but accepts its place in friendship maintenance. Deliberate and expressive via written communication. A former para-RPer who never quite broke the habit!

Will likely make you facepaw through use of random acts of mischief and awkwardly cat-astrophic puns. A friendly feline fuzz-face with a largely positive outlook, plenty of life experience and a respect for cat naps in the sun.

Say something to him, already! ^^

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