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Washington Furries Group
Group Leaders:Ige ,
Members:Katatonic, Kasper Coei, campitor, aslin, Rover, Fairhart, Wild_N_Woofy, Tanner The Husky, praying lion, Anax, Moezou, Mateus , Pico, Blaze, Lexxi, Arcaen Runic, Odakota, Nivosus Whitefox, Ziek, Anthor Eyulf, Alvin Kane, Ige , Rein, Dag, Little Hoof, Ektus, TalonQuar, michan, Telrissa, Damien Wolf, grimpaw, kitsume, Salvatore Beltair, Derek, SherbertFox, Cresky, Taharee, CerberRob , BB X. Hyde, Rusty, furboy, Jaska, Midori, Flare,
Group ID:77
Group Shortname:WAFUR
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Ige
Last Activity:01-18-2021 00:24 AM
Group Page Views:25864

Washington Furries's Display Picture

For furs within the rainy northwest!

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Posted By: Midori @ 01-18-2021 00:24 AM
meow! I am here in the seldom used washington furries group!

Posted By: Jaska @ 03-27-2020 10:00 AM
This site seems pretty inactive, but if anyone wants to chat or hangout (once this COVID stuff is over), I'm down for almost anything.

Posted By: campitor @ 07-11-2017 08:29 AM
i'm still around though rarely come here.

Posted By: Fuzzpaws @ 06-17-2017 12:38 PM
hey fellow Washington state Furs, who's around?

Posted By: campitor @ 09-27-2016 22:18 PM
go bowling!

Posted By: Telrissa @ 09-27-2016 22:07 PM
Next time I plan on going there, I'll poke you about it. I need to get out and meet people anyways. By order of my therapist. XD

Posted By: campitor @ 09-26-2016 15:02 PM
where's mine? did you bring enough for everyone?

Posted By: Telrissa @ 09-26-2016 14:48 PM
Tokyo-Ya Ramen house is fucking amazeballs. Federal way hides good food.

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-17-2016 17:02 PM
That makes me a saaaad malashep

Posted By: campitor @ 09-17-2016 16:30 PM
not likely unless you host one. :-(

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-17-2016 16:07 PM
I take it none are within 100 miles of me :/

Posted By: campitor @ 09-17-2016 15:57 PM
there are several in the works right now.

Posted By: Telrissa @ 09-17-2016 15:25 PM
Pretty sure Cons are dead in WA for the foreseeable future. No hotel chain wants to deal with furs anymore, as I understand it.

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-16-2016 18:24 PM
I would if i could, trust me. But until I get a jerb and my pickup running my happy butt is stuck here taking care of chickens and doing domestic stuff. After RF11 I am kinda sketchy about cons. I didnt have a good first time. Shit happens i suppose.

Posted By: campitor @ 09-16-2016 17:54 PM
i know some travel a long way for the bowling meet. there are cons in the works too.

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-16-2016 16:27 PM
Tell me about it, Campitor. Its nice since i dont live by hwy41 anymore, but there are trade-offs here.

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-16-2016 16:20 PM
Im only one of 2 furs i know of in person in this state.

Posted By: campitor @ 09-16-2016 16:20 PM
that is remote.

Posted By: aslin @ 09-16-2016 16:14 PM
Ahh I'm western near gig harbor area

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-16-2016 15:51 PM
Eastern WA. About 30 min from Cheney. In the middle of farmland sadly. Very remote :c

Posted By: aslin @ 09-16-2016 15:46 PM
What part of wa?

Posted By: campitor @ 09-16-2016 14:52 PM
meetup.com/furlife. stupid typo.

Posted By: campitor @ 09-16-2016 14:51 PM
go to the bowling meet. join meetuo.com/furlife

Posted By: Trip T @ 09-16-2016 14:22 PM
Finally got moved here to WA. Looking to meet new furs.

Posted By: campitor @ 09-16-2016 14:19 PM
maybe i'll see you there.

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