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Intergalactic Federation of Furries Group
Group Leaders:Captain Livingston Kirk,
Members:Captain Livingston Kirk, Flora Eclair MagicCaster, Fesothe, Siris, Kilynn, James Q Layton, saruish, flap flap I am a bat, Vexis Lazuli Fokz, CHEETAH-VIRUS, Starfrost, Cali Silvermoon, Ako grey, Drako Claw, Starlit Snow, 👽Flamby🚀, Stripes RaiderSonic, Fahara Thevoo, Felix Olaro, Livi, Etan, Tas Grikasz, Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart, Ryun, Starwolf,
Group ID:75
Group Shortname:SPACEFURS
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Ncc1701
Last Activity:09-14-2017 02:40 AM
Group Page Views:47351

Intergalactic Federation of Furries's Display Picture

For those Furries who originated from a foreign world and or travel through space.

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Posted By: Red Tony Starfox Red Edward Leonheart @ 09-14-2017 02:40 AM
Well, I founded the Galactic Alliance of Species, a organisation that is all about loeve and peace, and protecting this union against all opposing forces. So yeah, guess I belong in here too! :3)

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 03-10-2017 19:50 PM
Anybody ever seen Disney's Treasure planet?

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 02-12-2017 21:56 PM
Hey all I'm back after a bit of a hiatus. I play sto on xbox one now

Posted By: Fahara Thevoo @ 10-18-2015 20:54 PM
Hi everyone pm me if your up for space themed rp's

Posted By: Starlit Snow @ 07-19-2015 07:10 AM
The memorials in Star Trek Online to all those wonderful people who have passed are enough to bring a tear to the eye.

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 02-28-2015 21:05 PM
he Lived long and prosepered may he rest in peace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVIt0DYKssI

Posted By: Fesothe @ 02-27-2015 13:38 PM

Posted By: Marxy Fox @ 02-27-2015 11:09 AM
Leanord Nimoy died

Posted By: Siris @ 11-26-2014 22:30 PM
i had too till fairly recently. if you want to get back into it we can help you get set up and adjust your build. we're a fairly laid back group though a lot of it carries beyond sto so appologies if things seem lost at times

Posted By: Fesothe @ 11-26-2014 14:49 PM
The one and only time I paid in sto I think was for the cat/khajiit type avatar lol and I used the rest for something minor, well worth the money at least for the avatar. I stopped playing though....

Posted By: Captain Livingston Kirk @ 11-25-2014 22:50 PM
very cool Siris.

Posted By: Siris @ 11-25-2014 22:48 PM
got a fleet in sto too actually

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