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League of Legends Group
Group Leaders:Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon,
Members:Lauren, sean z, Kasper Coei, Rover, Omi, Kusafox, zandercoon, Dantes, Artik Fenris Silverfang , Cloud, Soupish, Senko Ezarael, Fang, Zuri, Zephy, KitaDaggertail, Ashe Blackheart, Hannah, Kaylo, rynne, Shade , Grimoire Flayza, Negi, Kix, Zver, Dezzarea, Green BunBun, Kaku , Amrod, Varex, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, deletedaccount, Arcaen Runic, Parallax, Dander Shadownight, Cameron Toveryn, Xander, Artin, Roxi, Driana Le Souris, Ziek, Alex-The-Hatter, WakaLakaWaka, CHEETAH-VIRUS, Anibus Jay Foxter, -------, Forlore, Kai, Patrick, Uzziah Parker, Rydarius, DeletedAccount, Rein, Varon Drachios, Zarahi, Dag, Akuma Bear, Vetis, Xia Volpe, Sasha, Stein, Hitari, Dimmu Necron, LoveBunny, Nicolas, Atta Dolf, Jake, Swift, Eevee, Shikun, Dylan, Damascus Del Sol, coalwaters, RinLinx, Citlali, Jet, Zen Ryuuji, Gibson, Antiivvan, Dao, Chaos, Isabella, Alex fluffyfur, Deleted profile , Frostspear, Arazi Deaura, Artemida, Tails, Skittle, rockstar, Kite, BLUE, nobodies, Ray Shepherd, Amapellicius, Dark Master, Sullivan, Darren, valentinebell1, Lance Zehel, Ava, renniks, OverPhlo, Xsytham, Sonzai, XavierHummel21,
Group ID:55
Group Shortname:Legends
Status:Open Group
Founded By:konran
Last Activity:09-25-2016 05:41 AM
Group Page Views:38673

League of Legends's Display Picture

for all lol players add eachother play with eachother

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Posted By: Jake @ 09-25-2016 05:41 AM
Looking for people to play with on the NA server. PM me if you'd like to be added.

Posted By: Artemida @ 05-26-2016 14:57 PM
Anyone on EUNE? I want to learn how to play Jhin so i'm looking for people with whom i can play :)

Posted By: Arazi Deaura @ 05-16-2016 14:58 PM
I'll add you Swift

Posted By: Swift @ 04-28-2016 18:20 PM
I'm thinking of getting back into LoL after not playing for a few years. Add me as a summoner if you are interested. PxDn RainbowDash

Posted By: Arazi Deaura @ 03-12-2016 06:17 AM
I'll add you atta wolf

Posted By: Atta Dolf @ 03-06-2016 02:35 AM
NA: Atta Wolf usually play with a group of friends but welcome more peeps to play with!

Posted By: Arazi Deaura @ 01-20-2016 17:21 PM
No chance yet but he seems like a marksman assassin who has trouble in laning face kind of like vayne so he needs strong early game supports so when you get him hope you know how to cs under tower and freeze waves because you'll need it

Posted By: Rin @ 01-19-2016 22:18 PM
Can't wait for the new champ. Has anyone here had the chance to play him on the PBE yet?

Posted By: Alex @ 12-27-2015 11:40 AM
Anyone on the EUW server?

Posted By: Rin @ 12-18-2015 12:38 PM
I'd like to hit plat. I made gold 4 from my promotionals alone this season. I just need to dedicate time to ranked.

Posted By: Artik Silverfang @ 12-14-2015 15:21 PM
going for gold this season

Posted By: Kix @ 11-22-2015 22:52 PM
Managed to get plat 5 last season ;)

Posted By: Rin @ 11-07-2015 23:34 PM
I've been reading the PBE patch notes. So excited for the preseason. In need of someone to chat to about it. P.M or kik me~

Posted By: Rin @ 11-02-2015 21:10 PM
So those pre season changes. I guess riots getting ready to break the game one roll at a time. The juggernauts were just the beginning here come the adcs

Posted By: Rydarius @ 10-29-2015 13:50 PM
Heya guys, im doing some Ranked grinding if anyone wants to duo. Im currently Gold 5 but am looking to play with anyone who wants to. If anyone would also like some tips or help let me know, ive got a pretty good understanding of the game. My account is Astrotiger or you can send me a message on here.

Posted By: Falox @ 10-28-2015 08:57 AM
DTG Dr Dazzle

Posted By: Artemida @ 10-12-2015 10:15 AM
Hello guys and girls i'm a newby in LoL and i'm on EU Nordic & East... if someone wants to help me learn and make some progress my name there is Yoruichi Cap

Posted By: Rin @ 10-05-2015 22:31 PM
So hype for kindred! Changed my to match. "One Of A Kindred" on the NA servers

Posted By: rynne @ 09-22-2015 20:19 PM
If I'm on feel free to add me aos1arrant12

Posted By: Patrick @ 09-07-2015 09:46 AM
I started LoL the other day and I'll need some help. my summoner name is Liquid Swordsfox add me.

Posted By: Rover @ 08-29-2015 16:17 PM
If anyone wants to play some NA league Add me! WoofBarkArf

Posted By: Dao @ 08-22-2015 23:41 PM
If anyone wants to play on euw with me, just add Daolung ;D

Posted By: zandercoon @ 07-04-2015 13:07 PM
ZanderCoon Add me :3

Posted By: Zephy @ 05-16-2015 15:12 PM
People add me on NA server ZephyLove

Posted By: Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon @ 05-14-2015 10:49 AM
what?> you can play ekko pls .

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