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The UFFC Group
Group Leaders:Donovan Caine,
Members:Kaylo, Winter, Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon, reven, Sheeku Sama, Donovan Caine, Aru, Lola, Lotus the Draxxy, Taiji, hunny, Jak Nekat, ZynTheHyena, Tas Grikasz, Silas Blackheart, jack , Panda Thug, baro,
Group ID:34
Group Shortname:UFFC
Status:Open Group
Founded By:BDE
Last Activity:05-04-2022 11:02 AM
Group Page Views:33041

 The UFFC's Display Picture

Welcome Newcomers to the UFFC!! The Ultimate Furry Fighter Challenge is a place where furs can release that anger and stress and show off their strength and abilities to the world. The one place that puts your special abilities to the test against other furs. Fights are determined by majority vote so the more members the better the outcome. Fights are determined by weight class and you can only fight within their weight class. The competitors will RP their fight using their fighting style and special abilities and the members that witness the fight will judge. Fight Entry: To be eligible to fight you must list the following information. -Fighter Name -Weight -Height -Special ability EXAMPLE: Dorian "The Alpha" Alok Weight: 234 lbs Height: 5'9" Special Ability: Born with worldly knowledge, created a wrist watch that amplifies my abilities enabling me to form holographic shields, increase my speed, and increase my strength. It has limited usability in a fight.

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Posted By: baro @ 05-04-2022 11:02 AM
Name: baro or black death, weight:247lbs, Height 6'6, MMA champion and a state wrestler hes the only bear that can withstand multiple opponents, black death shows no mercy and is ready for anything that comes in his way. This Heavyweight champion has super stamina and strength and the battle smarts as a general. his strength comes at a cost, his punches are strong but dodge able.

Posted By: Panda Thug @ 03-05-2021 11:54 AM
Name: Panda Thug, Weight: 467 lbs, Height: 12'11, Special Ability: Super Strength, Telekinesis, Long constricting tougne, Lazer vision, Mutation (if nessescary), Re-growth of new body parts, mechanical robotic tentecles. (And some other superpowers I've forgoten, but that's basically most of my superpowers in a nutshell.)

Posted By: Panda Thug @ 03-05-2021 11:45 AM
Name: Panda Thug

Posted By: Panda Thug @ 03-05-2021 11:44 AM
LEMME SUBMIT! LEMME SUBMIT! I'm like the TERMINATOR! Only indestructable and fucking amazing as FUCK! ;3

Posted By: 😈toxic wolf😈 @ 11-27-2019 20:17 PM
what the heck this group has not been active since 2016

Posted By: reven @ 06-15-2016 15:38 PM
It hought all tomahawks were for throwing and if not Theyre hatchets

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:11 PM
who wants to fight?

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:10 PM
and a poison spit made with venom from rattle and king cobra snake

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:08 PM
and a chain spear made of a human femur and unicorn power chain

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:08 PM
and a chain spear made of a human femur and unicorn power chain

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:06 PM
weapons of choice:bow and arrow ,knife, 12 tomahawks 12 throwing tomahawks

Posted By: Conner tomahawk @ 06-10-2016 20:02 PM
conner tomahawk 180 pounds native pro fighter knife hand to hand combat try me i will win

Posted By: Dante Cruz @ 05-11-2016 03:35 AM
Dante "The Reaper" Cruz. 210 lbs. 6'1" Special: besides his knowledge of multiple use of weaponry he is fluent in magic that involves wood, limited magic

Posted By: Winter @ 12-15-2014 21:06 PM
Always up for a fight, No magic here. Just some good old brute force

Posted By: Sheeku Sama @ 11-04-2014 13:16 PM
Stupid enter button getting in my way.

Posted By: Sheeku Sama @ 11-04-2014 13:16 PM
yet created a working model*

Posted By: Sheeku Sama @ 11-04-2014 13:15 PM
has been working on a "sound weapon" for some time but has not t

Posted By: Sheeku Sama @ 11-04-2014 13:14 PM
or steal and use his opponents weapon. normally fights as a fox or wolf.*

Posted By: Sheeku Sama @ 11-04-2014 13:13 PM
Sheeku "Duskfang" Shapeshifter. weight: 123 lbs. height: 6'2". Slightly insane often muttering to himself dyring battle. weapon of choice: shovel. has been known to use his claws or fangs when disarmed. ha

Posted By: reven @ 10-24-2014 19:32 PM
reven "the revenant " sunslayer. weight 170lbs. height 6'3". shapeshifter has the ability to change his forms at will but saps his strength with each change

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