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Falidae Group
Group Leaders:DarkLion,
Members:mewster the femboi kitty, Lauren, Neybulot, Kurroe Sharpclaw, firestorm121, Wyle, 🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾, Leon Sarambi, Rawrt, Kungfu Kitty, Fesothe, FuzzyTail, Kilynn, praying lion, 😻Stripes😻, Artaxius, Senajit, Winterfang, DarkLion, ⚡Blue⚡, Deillos, zausek, Skirtandzy, CHEETAH-VIRUS, Crimson Nightmare , ⚡thunder goddess lilly⚡, Starfrost, Cody the Fox, Swift Whyte, Cali Silvermoon, juggapet, Daionor, Roman Fire, Meowmix, Shintaro, 🐾 MoonDoggie 💖, Forrest Fox, Odal, Sithik, Clive, Gibson, Duma, Hyde, säbelzahn, Aussie Kat, Drysten, Gl1tch, SturmShadow, Kitty, Osyra, Rys Khyrsal, Jake, Silvermane, Nyx, Juliee, Thundaf0x, Diriel, Missy Meow, Albus Kane, Meko, Chey, Katie , ProfessorTenebrae, None, Gloom, Ivory88, Talia Cat,
Group ID:13
Group Shortname:F
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Twilight145
Last Activity:02-27-2022 17:54 PM
Group Page Views:27553

Falidae's Display Picture

Self-explanatory. Group for all members of cat family, or the ones that identify themselfs as such. Hybrids, pure cats etc. everybody is welcome ( we also take furries who are not cats, but are kittens at heart xP ) ! We dont bite, we just purr ^^

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Posted By: Talia Cat @ 02-27-2022 17:54 PM

Posted By: 🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾 @ 12-16-2016 15:42 PM
Yo im in austin Tx who wants to hangout and have some fun? *hint* *hint* need friends have none XD

Posted By: Night jakz @ 11-11-2016 17:51 PM

Posted By: Baby Katie @ 03-17-2016 12:36 PM

Posted By: Meko @ 02-05-2016 19:41 PM
Howdy from Texas

Posted By: FuzzyTail @ 12-12-2015 10:52 AM
hi from Oklahoma

Posted By: Senajit @ 11-20-2015 12:22 PM
Hello from Ohio!

Posted By: Juliee @ 11-12-2015 12:23 PM
haioo from Indiana!! :3

Posted By: Stripes the Season King @ 11-09-2015 20:01 PM
Hi hi from Florida ^_^

Posted By: Rys Khyrsal @ 10-21-2015 00:18 AM
Aloha from Hawaii!

Posted By: Neybulot @ 10-20-2015 21:28 PM
Meow from Austin. :P

Posted By: Silvermane @ 10-20-2015 15:17 PM
*paws a ball of brightly colored yarn into room* Mew...

Posted By: Jake @ 10-16-2015 15:16 PM
mew ^w^

Posted By: Jake @ 10-16-2015 15:16 PM
mew ^w^

Posted By: 🐾☢ korey redleopard ☣🐾 @ 09-21-2015 13:49 PM
hello friends owo

Posted By: Osyra @ 09-20-2015 17:04 PM
Hello to all.

Posted By: Odal @ 06-04-2015 20:27 PM
see? i'm not used to XD sorry for my mistake... i'm always wondering alone

Posted By: DarkLion @ 06-04-2015 20:18 PM
Group? Its a pride... and its not a pack =P Just a pride for all falidaes and the ones that feel like it in their heart ^^

Posted By: Odal @ 06-04-2015 12:48 PM
Hello... it's my first time in a group...i'm not a feline of pack, but i like to try. i'm a Black Panther looking for friends

Posted By: 🔥🎶Stripes🎶🔥 @ 05-25-2015 22:25 PM
hihi everyfurr

Posted By: praying lion @ 05-25-2015 22:19 PM
hello everyone..playfully lion from Seattle,Washington..

Posted By: Forrest Fox @ 04-29-2015 07:25 AM
Hi yhere, I wanted to help out a friend, hes a kindly male white tiger and searches somebody for roleplaying. If you want you can contact him on skype hes tigerxy7 he would be really happy =3

Posted By: DarkLion @ 03-25-2015 16:36 PM
No no we dont mind anybody joining =P Falidae or not, everybody is welcomed ^^

Posted By: Magrant141 @ 03-25-2015 15:25 PM
Haiya! Hope ya don't mind if this Cabbit drops in. ^_^

Posted By: Riley Collins @ 03-23-2015 09:04 AM
not a cat but hi

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