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pillow lovers Group
Group Leaders:Grim,
Members:sean z, TehJackal, Kusafox, Flora Eclair MagicCaster, Tanner The Husky, Greeney, Kaio Kyrotera, Grim, Axel Donau, Lyca, Alana Rose, Foxybutt, Lyla Kitty, Aria, Hitachi, 🐾 MoonDoggie 💖, babydoll, Draggy the Deaf Scalies, Cyril ZERO, Spiderbyte44, AlexanderCapri, Stormraven, Alure Seaside, Teh Pratt, RavenShadowDash, Amapellicius, Rainy , Livi, Yancy Bells, Glitch, Elshara Silverheart, Issac and Others, Pratt, James, Grey, Xeroza, Dark wolf, Talon, Greguregs, LZ, spunkymoo,
Group ID:126
Group Shortname:Cats
Status:Open Group
Founded By:Senbo
Last Activity:12-01-2021 20:59 PM
Group Page Views:46635

pillow lovers's Display Picture

For all those who like afternoon naps, day time naps and love their pillows

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Posted By: LZ @ 12-01-2021 20:59 PM
I can be a pillow.

Posted By: Talon @ 04-15-2021 09:12 AM

Posted By: Alana Rose @ 11-02-2016 19:26 PM
I got another body pillow Yat, it so fluffy

Posted By: Grim @ 11-02-2016 09:48 AM
*walks in and see many new furs* oh my, hewwo

Posted By: Elshara Silverheart @ 08-11-2016 00:30 AM
I'm all in for memory foam.

Posted By: Alana Rose @ 11-05-2015 00:12 AM
*Cuddles under blankets and into pillow with baby fox plushie* bed time night night

Posted By: Foxybutt @ 08-02-2015 01:59 AM
*curls up under blanket* someone come cuddle?

Posted By: Tenshi @ 06-21-2015 16:41 PM
*dives under the quilt of cyril's bed, and cuts in a ball next to him*

Posted By: Cyril ZERO @ 06-14-2015 08:35 AM
*lies in his giant dragon bed, with just enough room for other furs to sit in*

Posted By: Kiri @ 04-11-2015 12:33 PM
*her alpaca pillow pet changes into a walrus pillow pet*

Posted By: Lucifer Shizen @ 04-11-2015 09:01 AM
*floating in the air lying on my square shaped pillow* mmmmm soooo comfy =^w^=

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-24-2015 18:18 PM
glad mew guys like it

Posted By: yolahola @ 03-24-2015 16:26 PM
Nice pic

Posted By: TehJackal @ 03-24-2015 15:00 PM
D'www cute I must say :3

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-23-2015 21:06 PM
heres the link. http://captianfluffbutt.tumblr.com/image/114461602013

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-23-2015 21:06 PM
a drawing of me using tehjackel as a pilow

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-23-2015 18:12 PM
*snuggles the jackle pillow* ok i can lie there mew are the best pillow

Posted By: TehJackal @ 03-23-2015 17:54 PM
I'm teh best pillow around~

Posted By: Kiri @ 03-23-2015 07:01 AM
*flumps on her Alpaca Pillow Pet and lands directly in the middle of the Pillow Pet in a ball*

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-22-2015 19:26 PM
yep pillows

Posted By: yolahola @ 03-22-2015 16:31 PM
Pillows... Everywhere.

Posted By: Greeney @ 03-22-2015 15:03 PM
so, pillows, huh? *smiles and huggles his pillow*

Posted By: Headphones @ 03-22-2015 09:28 AM
hi lil bro *lying on jackle*

Posted By: Greeney @ 03-22-2015 09:18 AM
hai :3

Posted By: Aria Auroralïs @ 03-22-2015 08:32 AM
*noms on pillow, churring happily*

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