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Florida Furs Group
Group Leaders:Kiro Dragoon,
Members:Kiro Dragoon, Logen Luthor, Wednesday Grimm, Soupish, Toxic, Olli Copperwolf, ▶Drake◀, flap flap I am a bat, Rantoo, Rokku, Patrick, xWolfiex, Nyl N, Flynne, Niena, 〖『ησνα』〗, LoveBunny, Donath, Hayden Star, BOOM, Noctis, wren hyun, Taiji, James Fennic, Stripes RaiderSonic, Minuna, RavenShadowDash, Snow Walker, Kat, Robert, 🐼Cuddly bear🐼, kylethefox, Shinkirou, PlasmaMan, James, Panda Thug, Strongheart Husky, Raven, Blinker, Demon God,
Group ID:105
Group Shortname:FloFur
Status:Open Group
Founded By:KiroDragoon
Last Activity:10-05-2022 21:23 PM
Group Page Views:47820

Florida Furs's Display Picture

Furries of Florida UNITE!

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Posted By: Olli Copperwolf @ 10-05-2022 21:23 PM
Well, first off, the display picture needs changed. Apparently, the site it's on deleted it or somethin'. Next, I will go ahead and say where I am like others have... Crestview Florida here; up in the panhandle.

Posted By: Panda Thug @ 03-05-2021 11:34 AM
Florida, I like it! Hey, uhhh... any sex roleplay involved here? I mean, I don't mind but I would like to know for "personal reasons" y'know? ;3

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-21-2016 09:41 AM
Hay FFBat I'm always looking for new friends also

Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 08-21-2016 09:24 AM
Sup C Bear, I'm always down to make fur friends

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-21-2016 09:06 AM
Hello, new to Ormand beach Fl. I would like to find some new friends(maybe with benefits) or a mate close by. If you are interested my info is on my profile.

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-06-2016 22:22 PM
That is far Ace

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-06-2016 22:22 PM
That is far Ace

Posted By: Ace♤Spade @ 08-06-2016 21:49 PM

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-06-2016 21:45 PM
That stink Ace where do you live

Posted By: Ace♤Spade @ 08-06-2016 20:00 PM
I live in Florida but it's a long drive.

Posted By: 🐼Cuddly bear🐼 @ 08-06-2016 19:26 PM
Any people around Ormand beach that would like to hang out

Posted By: Cuddly bear @ 07-31-2016 23:48 PM
Hello from Ormand beach

Posted By: Kat @ 04-25-2016 18:05 PM
In Baker

Posted By: Kat @ 04-25-2016 18:04 PM
Close to jax -_-

Posted By: Gold @ 04-04-2016 13:31 PM
:P I'm in Live Oak

Posted By: flap flap I am a bat @ 03-13-2016 07:28 AM

Posted By: RavenShadowDash @ 11-26-2015 10:11 AM
Miami boy

Posted By: Soupish @ 10-23-2015 18:39 PM
St. Pete here!

Posted By: Fahara Thevoo @ 10-18-2015 20:56 PM
Sanford fl

Posted By: Cuddle Puddle @ 10-12-2015 22:50 PM
Cape Coral ^~^

Posted By: Malacath Kirkorian @ 08-06-2015 17:04 PM
Born in the florida and soon to be moving back...

Posted By: wren hyun @ 05-22-2015 01:45 AM
live in Daytona work in Orlando gotta love it

Posted By: Miller @ 05-03-2015 01:51 AM
Charlotte county for me~

Posted By: Glitchy @ 03-17-2015 10:01 AM
i was born in florida so YAY

Posted By: Wolfie @ 01-19-2015 19:00 PM
SW Fl fur here ^_^

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