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heath blog Posted by: darkxbunny at 07-06-2014 19:14 PM, Last Modified 07-06-2014 19:14 PM
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ok let start at the beginning

i uselessly donate blood on reg basis but last two time i went to donate my iron was to low to donate. so I made apt with my family DR. we run blood work and it came back with it some results the did not like so the send me to a hematologist (blood DR.) he order a much of blood work and a xray and ultrasound. I got only my ultrasound results back and there was a spot on my Kinney so now I am head to do a cat scan soon. in the mean time Iam take iron supplements and rest as must as i can. I have seen any knney dr seen then and had more test done and on wed head for a mri

im sill low on iron and get tried kinda easy
i wish i could back to nomal and im open for some sugestions......

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darkbunnygirl89: Heath update as of 82014I just got my annual exam done a few days ago. the draw some blood more like 10 vials of blood. and i got some the results back today. I have a low b12 and low d levels. and my Thor came back not nomal. and so did my white blood account.I head to a dr to talk about the blood results. On fri august 22 i believe i will update y youuh
roun512: scriptalert1script
darkbunnygirl89: dr said we head for a mri again
darkbunnygirl89: whent for my mri and did not get all done do to i was in a closee mri and was in major pain. so we see what happens when i go for my dr apt.

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