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Cynergi's Profile Posted by: Cyn at 08-16-2020 09:58 AM, Last Modified 03-08-2022 09:43 AM
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Bio/Character Sheet
Created: May 27, 2007

Full name: Unit 037
Chosen name: Cynergi
Race (Species): Hybridized Chimera (Raccoon/Panda/Mix)
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft 5 in.
Cup size: 32 C (wears 30 D for the comfort)
Weight: estimated between 95 and 100 lbs *roughly 98 pounds
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown
SSN: 000-00-0000
Age: estimated at 25 years of age by outward appearance
Blood type: Hybrid A
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color: Crimson (Normally kept at shoulder length)
Fur coloration/pattern:

Black- Legs, outer edges/portion of the hips, inner thighs, foot paws, upper portion of the torso/breast area, shoulders, arms, faint stripes on the tail, upper portion of the tail, vaginal lips, eye patches, nose, small strip down right side of the muzzle ending at the nose and backs of ears.
White- Lower portion of torso/stomach area, inner portion of the pelvis/crotch area, vaginal lips, sides/lower portion of the tail, base of the neck/top of cleavage area, neck, head, and face.

Marital Status:Unmated
Mate's name: Not Applicable
Offspring: None known to exist at current
Scars/Markings: Large, white/grey colored, star shaped tattoo over left breast centered over left nipple. Tattoo has six points that end/start at the nape of the neck to the top of the left hip. From the ball joint of the left shoulder (centered in the front) to the navel of the stomach. from the right side of the left breast to the left side of the left breast. Right eye Patch is a wing shape with a black strip that runs down the right side of her muzzle to a tip ending at her nose.


Outward appearance is a combination of Raccoon and Chinese Giant Panda. Her body is primarily raccoon like in appearance. She is very lean (not slender or skinny) and Lithe (having a small appearance though very shapely and curvaceous) in contour. She has mostly standard markings for a Chinese Giant Panda. Her long legs, outside of her lean hips, most of her upper torso, her arms, backs of her ears and the two patches over each eye are black with the rest of her body being white. Her ears are rounded like a pandas along with a short, rounded muzzle and large triangular black nose. The patch of fur over the right eye differs from her left. The right being slightly larger and has a tribal 'feather' like appearance on the outside edges. It narrows at the bridge of the muzzle where it continues in a narrowing strip that runs down the right side of her muzzle ending in a point right at the edge of her nose. (I sort of looks like the strip attaches her nose to the patch over her eye) Omega's tail is also very raccoon like with a black tip and a thick stripe along the topside. There are also faint black rings on the very visible only upon closer inspection. The rest of the tail is white. the tail is fluffy and very luxurious looking and fit into the size and contour of her body. Omega's most notable feature is the tribal star tattoo over the left breast that has six points *see: Scars/Markings: above* and is perfectly centered over her left nipple. Nipples are pink in color and rather pronounce when stiff/erect. arms are lean and yet muscular in appearance as are the legs. Her whole body has a powerful look to it no different than an athlete. (Sexy and very well toned over all) Omega's mid section, the inner portion of her hips and pelvis (including the crotch) are white along with a small patch around base of the tail. Omega's feet appear slightly larger than normal though still fairly petite. Each foot has soft pink pads on the bottoms in a standard panda pattern. These pads are highly useful as they act to completely silence her foot steps.(she actually walks on the forward part of her feet) Smaller pads are found on the palms of her hands and the undersides of each fingers.

Omega is most recognizable for her brilliant crimson colored hair. Her hair is kept neat and at shoulder length though she will sometimes let it grow to the middle of her back just to be different. Her hair is kept very neat and appears very healthy with lots of body and bounce. In front it parts around the edges of her face while a Locke or two cascades over the from down to her muzzle.

Omega's eyes are a vibrant crimson color only slightly darker than the shade of her hair. This is not her eyes' most noted feature, however. The notable aspect of her eyes is the lack of Pupils or iris'. Instead the crimson portion of each eye is made up of 1000's of tiny lenses and openings surrounded in a thin yet durable membrane that protects the lenses and openings giving her eyes their luxurious color.


Vagina: (you know this was going to come into question)
Omega is unique in many ways. Even more so that she doesn't possess a normal vagina like the ones you find between the legs of 99% of the other females you see wandering around. Omega's pussy has 4 lips and a pouch or 'pocket' covering her vaginal opening. Two of these lips are outer lips that form a small 'hood' over her clitoris and appear to run vertically. Both lips curve near the top and meet centered over the top of the clit and form a tight upside down 'U' shape on the upper portion of her small sex. Directly below these two striped lips (Black colored flesh with soft white stripes) is her 'Pocket' (As she refers to it) covering her inner lips. This pouch starts at the base of the Vaginal opening and comes up to meet the two upper lips where it becomes more like a stretchable little flap. This 'Pocket' is white with smaller black stripes in contrast to her two upper lips. The top of this flap short of hangs down in a small 'U' shape in the middle making it easier to peel the flap back revealing her inner lips. The inside of the upper lips and the 'pocket' are a soft, pale pink in color and silky to the touch. The inner lips are also of the same color and very soft. They run horizontally (One upper lip and one lower lips) over her opening closing it off from the outside air. These lips are smaller than the outer lips at about 1/2 the size. All four lips have their own separate sets of muscles that Omega has full control over. (They can literally seal off her pussy thus masking her sent fully even during her heat cycles and are strong enough to nearly crush a cock) The four lips and her 'pocket seal snuggly around a penis and prevent seed from escaping during sex while also allowing her own natural juices to continually lube her pussy thus prolonging the time she can last during intercourse. her entire pussy is lined with nerves and muscles. the entire vaginal is nearly prehensile and extremely sensitive to stimuli ( Be it a cock, tongue, fingers, dildo, or just about anything she stuffs in her pussy) During arousal her muscles will slowly begin to close around the penis and seal up tight around it leaving only enough room for her own juices to lubricate said penis. During orgasm the vagina will tighten down on the penis. This can have the same effect as knotting as it often locks the male in place and prevents him from trying to withdrawal (pull or bail out just prior to ejaculation of the male's seed) After orgasm Omega an relax those muscles and release the male from her sexual grasp if she so chooses or simply keep him locked in place. After the penis withdrawals from her the 'pocket' will tighten up and the outer lips will tightly contract to prevent seed from spilling out or escaping. Omega has control over this and they will remain sealed for about 5 if she lets them. she can immediately unseal them to continue to have sex if she wishes. During penetration Omega has the ability to change her vaginal walls to suit her prospective lover by conforming her sex to the contour of the penis precisely. her vagina is approximately 7 inches deep from her inner opening to her cervix and she can even open her cervical opening allowing larger, longer males direct access to her Uterus (womb). She can also contract certain vaginal muscles to make her about 2 inches shallower (shorter to about 4.5 - 5 inches in depth) to grant that same access to shorter males. During intercourse she can also move her vaginal muscles around changing her passage way to caress the male's penis or tighten to resist penetration. This action gives a nice tight fit for each penetrating thrust increasing enjoyment for both her and the male.

Appearing pretty normal her anus is located directly under her vagina though it is slightly further away from her vagina. This is due to her vaginal muscles and prehensile abilities. Her lower pussy muscles can also be used for her Anus during anal sex, but not to the extent that they affect her pussy. Having her anus and rectal track completely separate from her vaginal tract also makes anal sex easier and safer not to mention males would have a easier time during double penetration. She also has a gland just behind the sphincter that produces a waste eating enzyme that aids greatly in keeping her ass hole clean and free of bacteria and infection.

Skeletal Structure:
Omega has a very unique skeletal structure though it would appear completely normal at first glance of an X-ray. The truth is Omega does not have one single, solid bone on her entire body. Instead her 'bones' are made up of extremely tiny microscopic structures interwoven together in complex patterns to form 'bones'. These tiny structures are designed to be able to take pressure and impact from multiple directions simultaneously and be able to rebound from that pressure or impact. Interwoven together they can absorb a great deal of punishment without 'breaking' unlike normal bone. Her 'bones' are able to resist up to 20 times the punishment a normal bone is capable of withstanding due to the fact they her 'bones' are extremely strong, but also extremely flexible (they can bend and even twist to a certain extent.). She has normal bone marrow contained within her 'bones' to produce the needed red and white blood cells. The structures are also lighter then the enamel that makes up a normal bone thus reducing her weight significantly. These 'bones are also a little stronger and more rigid around vital organs like her heart, lungs, and spinal column. this is due to the fact that they are more tightly interwoven and doubled up in layers. this is also true for her skull and her neck. This skeletal structure is extremely complex and highly durable allowing her a far greater endurance level than would be possible with enamel bones.

Omega draws her physical strength from a highly dense and compact muscular system. The muscular fibers in her muscles are tightly woven and drawn close together. This reduces her muscle mass while increasing her strength and substantially increasing her reaction time and speed. The reduced muscle mass is not lighter though. The increase in density makes up for lack of mass though Omega still appears to be very well tones and muscular for her size. Normal muscles utilize a system of cartilage and ligaments to produce actions and movement. Omega's muscles utilize a system of the same structures found in her skeletal system. These structures for attachments in the form of tightly knit, elastic like strings wound together to form bands that inter-connect the muscles in her body and attach them to her 'bones'. The bands are up to 5 times stronger than ligament or cartilage and are 5 times more resistant to pulling or tearing.

Internal Organs:
Omega's internal organs are no different than the internal organs of any other healthy female. They are fully developed and properly sized for her body and function normally. Omega's does, however, have the ability to control how her internal organs operate. For instance she can slow down her entire metabolism to extent her oxygen supply in her lungs while underwater allowing her to go without fresh air for up to 10 minutes. She can slow or speed up digestion of food or drink. Slow her heart rate and bodily functions enough to appear dead for up to 2 hours. Increase her lung capacity for additional Oxygen intake during intense moments to prevent fatigue. Omega even has the ability to produce milk even though she is not pregnant.

Eyes: (enhanced vision modes)
Unlike most normal eyes Omega's eyes lack both an actual iris and pupils. Rather, the 'iris' of each eye is, in reality, a series of over 1000 lenses and openings in the surface of the eyeballs themselves.The lenses are protected by a thin membrane just below the Cornea of the eye and five her eyes a rich and vibrant crimson coloring that makes up the image of an actual iris. These highly sensitive lenses are almost insect like. Some lenses are concave while others are convex in shape and reflect or refract light coming into the lenses. This produces a high resolution image to form inside the eye. Now inside her eyes are millions and millions of reflective and refractive surfaces lining the retinal wall surrounding a highly advanced, extremely sensitive, cybernetic, fiber optic sensor suspended in the Vitreous Humor (a clear jelly-like fluid which fills most of the inside of the eyeball. This substance maintains the shape of the eyeball. After being focused by the lens, light passes through the vitreous gel on its way to the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is rather like a photographic film and forms images from the light it receives.) and receives the Images from both the lenses and the mirror like reflectors and refractors along the retinal wall. This sensor is directly attached to Omega's fiber optical nerve at the back of the eyes. The senor itself is capable of seeing every frequency in the visible light spectrum, processing incoming images, and greatly enhancing them to High Definition before feeding the images to her brain. This sensor also gives her the ability to see in very low light and even in the Infra Red spectrums (seeing heat). In these modes the sensor will produce a low level luminescence that with illuminate the Vitreous Humor and the lenses in her eyes. This gives them a faint red glow in the dark.

The openings in the 'irises' of her eyes function a lot like a snake's heat duct and allow her to actually see body and radiant heat all around her. These function by detecting heat and relaying that information to tiny fibers located in the Choriod layer of the eye behind the retina. here a series of small optical sensors, protruding through to the surface of the retinal layer send the data they gather to the main optic sensor in the center of the eye where the data is processed into High definition images and sent to the brain. This all works in conjunction with her Infra Red vision mode to produce something very similar to the images you would see in a Forward Looking Infra Red {F.L.I.R} system only with much greater detail.

Vision Modes:
Normal (sensor shuts down and images are produced in the eyes much the same as a normal eye)
High Definition (Sensor is active and the eyes shifts to using it rather than just the retina)
Low Light (Normally Black and white)
Thermal (Combination of Black and White with heat shown in colors)
Infra Red

Omega's ears are designed to be very sensitive. Slightly larger than they normally should be they are more curved in contour to better funnel weaker or more distance sounds into the inner ear. This allows her better, clearer hearing at greater distances making it easy to ease drop in on conversations. The inner ear is equipped with a small flap that can be opened or closed at will. this acts as a kind of volume control for her hearing as well as protecting the inner ear while underwater. Each ear is also equipped with a small antennae in the back of each ear for receiving transmissions Via radio wave, cellular or satellite carrier waves. These antennae are connected directly to the Cybernetic implants in her brain.

Omega's brain is augmented with several high grade Implants. These Implants are mainly used for her eyes and ears. though several are designed for wireless link ups as well as GPS navigation. The wireless implants allow Omega to tap/hack into wireless networks and access computers remotely from distances of up to 10 miles away. They also allow for wireless communication over computer networks, cellular system, and satellite systems as well as standard CB (citizens broadcast) radios. One implant in particular has a singular purpose. It contains programs that control Omega's Red Mode. Omega's brain is pretty normal aside from the implants.

Nervous system:
Enhanced to become more than 200 times more sensitive and receptive than a normal nervous system. This allows for far greater textile sensing than is normally possible. The soft, silky fur covering Omega's body is actually part of her nervous system. each tiny strand of fur is like a small feeler designed to sense minuet vibrations in the air. Omega can almost literally sense movement around her making it virtually impossible to be able to sneak up on her from behind or even above. Omega's nervous system is wired for reaction. Thus allowing her to decrease the time it takes for her brain to send signals and for muscles or organs to receive those signals and react accordingly. She possesses quicker reaction times and far more muscle control thanks to her nervous system over any other system she has in her body.

Omega's fur serves as more than just a silky soft covering for her body. Each individual strand of fur is also a highly sensitive and receptive feeler capable of feeling even the most minuet and subtle vibration in the air around her for about 200 feet. This allows her to literally sense those trying to sneak up on her. her fur also has one other purpose. It is part of her Chameleon camouflage system. This system works by causing each and every strand of fur to vibrate at extremely high speeds until the vibrations generate an electrical field. Then, simply by changing the direct each strand vibrates in she can bend light around her becoming virtually invisible. (she appears as a very faint outline as the light is bent around her body. It sort of looks like you are looking through a blurred window). Omega's fur is very soft though it is short.it always has a bit of a fluffed look to it though she maintains it very well. ( LOTS of grooming ) It has a silky feeling to it. The fur's sensitivity also adds to her experience with sex. Touch becomes a very big part during mating (love making) as she can feel everything about her lover. Every little movement, pulse, and vibration that eminates from her lover is felt by her adding to her pleasure.

Like any normal animal Omega has claws. In the tips of her fingers and toes she has retractable claws in small sheathes in the very tips of each digit. When extended these claws measure about an inch to an inch and a half on her hands and two inches on her toes. Not very big, but they are not intended for anything more than merely self defense. Her claws are not natural claws like you might expect, but are made out of a high grade Titanium/steel alloy. These claws are maintained by the Nano-probes in her body. (repaired and sharpened) Her claws are suited for rending and slashing at her opponents. They are extremely sharp and very durable. They can also be used for climbing and clinging onto objects or opponents.

The Nano-Probes (for lack of a better term)
Omega contracted a Nano-Virus called the Primal Plague. This nasty little artificial virus worked by using tiny mutated bio-mechanical nano machines to break down the host molecule by molecule. The stricken host almost literally melted down into primordial ooze in a matter of about 36 hours. (with death occurring after only 20 hours) Once she contracted it her immune system began to fight back. what exactly occurred still remains unanswered, but is was theorized that the Virus either mutated further or somehow fused with the Anti-bodies in Omega's system. This mutation/fusion reverted the virus back to it's most basic form and was then incorporated into her Immune system. The mechanical aspect was somehow adjusted to function for her instead of against her. The end result could be considered more of an 'evolution' as the nano-virus changed to become a society of Nano-probes.

These tiny machines work in conjunction with Omega's bodily defenses and functions. What happened next would forever change the young Raccanda. The Nanites in Omega's body come in two varieties. The Spider like Nanites appear to be the defenders. taking the roles of white blood cells and working with anti-bodies to defend the body against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, poisons, infections, and germs. The second variety are the ants. These nanites aid the red blood cells and platelets. They also do all the repairs to organs and muscles along with maintain all the other parts of Omega's body sending any data they acquire to the Core and the brain. Omega's outward appearance changes only a little Other than a tribal styled patch over her right eye Omega appears to be a bit leaner with better muscle tone. She is still very lithe and feminine in appearance.

The Core:
There is also a new organ located behind her heart at the rear of her rib cage. This new organ has been referred to as Omega's 'Core' and is directly tied into her Nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems. It is protected both by her Spine and rib cage as well as it's own thin layer of Micro-structures. The Core has the ability to either augment or take the place of any function of the heart, lungs, or even the spine (nervous system) in the event any of those organs fail. The Core also seem to have the highest concentration of Nanites other than the brain or any other part of her body and acts as the Nanites central hub. It not entirely impossible that the Core may even be able to take over the Functions of Omega's own brain in the event of brain damage/destruction until the Nanites rebuild or repair the brain.


Cynergi 2.5 Alpha.
The Being that would become known as Cynergi Omega was created in a laboratory by a company called Heartland Genetics Research (HGR Corp.) under a top secret military project code named ‘Synergy’. Cynergi 2.5 is actually a Hybrid super soldier designed for Intrusion/Assassination as well as for Spying/Espionage. She was purposefully made a female for this reason. Omega has three sister units. They do not share her name or likeness but were ‘born from the same original DNA construct.
They are: Unit 001- Core Prototype Species: Raccoon Sex: Female Status: Project terminated. Unit destroyed.
Unit 001.5 - Advanced Prototype Species: Raccoon Sex: Female Status: Project upgraded. Unit currently stored in Cryo-Stasis for further examination.
Unit 002 - Test Type Species: Raccoon Sex: Female Status: Project upgraded. Unit currently being tested (Omega’s original designation is 2.0)
Unit 002.5 - Pre-production/Advanced Test Type Species: Genetically Enhanced/Modified Hybrid ( Designated RACCANDA ) Sex: Female Status: Missing *Presumed destroyed - not confirmed*

The Core DNA is completely ARTIFICIAL. A generic and incomplete strand of DNA that could be easily modified for various species and genders simply by adding the needed chromosomes to the strand. This generic strand could then be easily adjusted and tweaked to suit the needs that each individual soldier would require for their function and design. This required genetic manipulation and coding and often resulted in higher rates of failure and destruction of the unit being produced. However the process was refined and perfected over time and with a lot of trial and error. The end result was the three units 001, 001.5, and 002. As it is stated Cynergi 2.5 is a Hybrid. The reasoning behind this was that the core DNA sample had been depleted enough that a compatible source needed to be found. The thought of just using additional Raccoon DNA was first and foremost since it was readily available. A young and eager scientist by the name of Mindy Newcomer volunteers her DNA. While taking the sample from her colleague another scientist, A Chinese Giant Panda named Mi Ling, accidentally cuts her hand on the edge of the petry dish and contaminates the sample. But rather than disposing of the contaminated sample they deiced to go ahead and use it. This was due to their scientific curiosity and the possibility of creating a Hybrid that may offer more than a normal test subject. Their curiosity would later payoff. Since the core sample was raccoon they took the first four letters ‘Racc’. And since the addition DNA was Panda DNA they used the last 4 letters ‘anda’. The Scientists on the team decided to combine the letters as easily as they did the DNA to make ‘Raccanda’ So Unit 002.5 was born. It was also discovered that 002.5 did not lose any of the inherent genetic traits of the Giant Panda or raccoon DNA from which she was spawned. The Team was proud of what they had accomplished. The next couple years saw Unit 002 accelling in the initial and later testing stages, but 002.5 promised to be everything 002 was and much more with her additional strength and durability. Unit 002.5 was also the only test subject to receive several cybernetic implants that were designed to allow her to monitor her body functions and condition as well as several Neumonic implants to increase her Mental functions and interface with her other implants directly. She is also equipped with an external satellite uplink for communication and GPS tracking. She was slated for advanced testing before production, but the test was going to have to wait. Unit 002.5 was born with one unforeseen side effect. ( At least that is what they called it ) On her left breast they found an odd mark that resembled a white elongated star centered on the left Nipple. It extended from the base of her neck along the black fur of her torso and changes to black as it continues to her left hip over her white belly fur. Genetic testing has shown no reasoning behind the odd ‘Tattoo’ adorning her left breast. The odd side effect piqued curiosity and resulted in additional testing to try and determine if it was some sign of a genetic defect as a result of her Wet Ware programing or genetic conditioning. It was an answer that was not meant to be found. As with most undertakings in life there are those in support of it and those against it. Despite the fact that project ‘Synergy’ was a top secret military venture there were those who uncovered it and made plans to stop it. Several years after Unit 002.5's ‘birth’ the facility where she is being kept is attacked. Several bombs had been planted around the facility meant to destroy the operations of the facility by destroying key labs and research data. In the attack the Cryo-storage unit containing 2.5 is damaged and fails. The scene is total chaos. Explosions rip through the facility causing chain reactions with explosive and flammable chemicals. Unit 002.5 is caught in a resulting blast. Rather than being destroyed Her Magend awakes and she is inadvertently thrown into the Rift. This would be her first time Rift Running. She is taken away from her home world and lands in the home of Cynergi, Baste’s Keep. Here she is discovered injured, naked, and unconscious.
Cynergi Prime recognizes that Omega (then Alpha) is an artificial life form that was created and not born. Feeling sorry for Omega she, Black and White each donate a small portion of their own life forces to summon forth a Wind Spirit. The Wind spirit is then bound to Omega giving her own life force that will later be assimilated and become her own soul. Over the course of the next several years she is raised by Cynergi herself along with several of the Acolytes attending the school there. She is taught various basic needs. She learns how to speak, spell, math, etiquette among other things the use of her special power to move between realms thank to her tattoo. Cynergi was able to determine the ‘Tattoo’ is actually a Magend or a living spell in a physical form. In time 2.5 decides to return to her own plane to try an continue her newly discovered life. Unfortunately 2.5 is not able to locate her own world due to the fact she has little to no real idea just where she originally came from. She does however find a world almost exactly like the one she just left. Omega was never FULLY tested and thus is unaware of her full range of capabilities. It took her Months just to get used to her magend let alone her more natural and genetically enhanced abilities and traits. There is also the fact that she never had an actual childhood as she was age accelerated to the adult stage. This leaves her a little childish from time to time and gives her an aura of innocence and child like qualities. Little by little she learns more and more about herself and the worlds she visits. These experiences are helping her to grow into her own and give her a rather unique perspective on life in general.

Red Mode:
Omega is unaware of certain capabilities that she possesses due to the fact that she never had a chance to utilize or learn them before she escaped. One such capability is her ability to mask or disguise her own scent making her presence undetectable to even the most sensitive or developed noses. Another is the ability to secrete a low level poison in her saliva. This poison is not lethal even at maximum potency, but capable of temporarily paralyzing her target from 1 to 12 hours followed by extreme and crippling nausea and Migraine headaches. Her most notable ability, however, would be her Chameleon mode. This ability allows her to change the color of her fur and her Color pattern to match her surrounding and it also allows her to bend light around her making her body nearly completely invisible. (comparable to the Predator's cloaking devices from the movie and with the same draw backs) Of course she is invisible only as long as she remain motionless and she can still be spotted at close range unless she is hidden from plain and direct line of sight. These abilities are kind of locked away and she is totally unable to use them. This is due to a mental block put in place until the time was right to begin testing these abilities by the science team that originally created her. These blocks could then be removed giving her access to the above abilities.

Cynergi 2.5 Omega (Alpha becomes Omega)

In biology, mutations are changes to the base pair sequence of genetic material (either DNA or RNA). Mutations can be caused by copying errors in the genetic material during cell division and by exposure to ultraviolet or ionizing radiation, chemical mutagens, or viruses, or can occur deliberately under cellular control during processes such as meiosis or hypermutation. In multicellular organisms, mutations can be subdivided into germline mutations, which can be passed on to descendants, and somatic mutations The somatic mutations cannot be transmitted to descendants in animals. Plants sometimes can transmit somatic mutations to their descendants asexually or sexually (in case when flower buds develop in somatically mutated part of plant). Mutations create variation in the gene pool, and the less favorable (or deleterious) mutations are removed from the gene pool by natural selection, while more favorable (beneficial or advantageous) ones tend to accumulate, resulting in evolutionary change.

For example, a butterfly may develop offspring with a new mutation caused say by ultraviolet light from the sun. In most cases, this mutation is not good, since obviously there was no 'purpose' for such change at the molecular level. However, sometimes a mutation may change, say, the butterfly's color, making it harder for predators to see it; this is an advantage and the chances of this butterfly surviving and producing its own offspring are a little better, and over time the number of butterflies with this mutation may form a large percentage of the species. Neutral mutations are defined as mutations whose effects do not influence the fitness of either the species or the individuals who make up the species. These can accumulate over time due to genetic drift. The overwhelming majority of mutations have no significant effect, since DNA repair is able to mend most changes before they become permanent mutations, and many organisms have mechanisms for eliminating otherwise permanently mutated somatic cells. Omega's mutation was major. though it did not change anything much in her physical appearance her internal structure was radically altered. Every bone in her body was literally devoured by the Nanites and every cell of those bones was replaced by a highly complex micro structure.

Omega is usually a very happy and easy going individual. She has a bubbly demeanor and is almost childlike in every aspect. (mainly due to a lack of any childhood) Usually very content and complacent. Omega has a level head on her shoulders though her anger can come through very quickly if she is pushed too far. Her temper usually goes off like an atom bomb at that point and it can take her awhile to get over something and cool off. Usually she will retreat to someplace where she cannot be bothered, but once she has cooled off she is usually right back to her bubbly self again. Omega can also be very serious and extremely focused on the job. ( usually when she is Rift running ) She is very loving and cares very deeply for her friends even those she tends to not get along with alot. Omega has one major fear....herself. Aside from her Wet Ware programing (which took years to get used to and control) she has no memories beyond the day she woke up in Baste's Keep in the care of Cynergi Prime. To this end she is only aware that her sole function was to be a weapon of death. While she has grown beyond that notion it still haunts her to this day. A fear that her programing and conditioning will one day take over and that she may hurt the very ones she cares for. Omega is also very sexual. Partly due to the fact that she was designed for seduction, To this matter she is very active sexually though she reserves this for her mate, she adores flirting alot.

Hand to hand:
Omega is skilled (Via her Wet Ware Programming) in several forms of Hand to hand styles. Spetnaz GRU, Grappling, Judo, Karate, Kung fu (Snake and Monkey), as well as Bartitsu, created in 1898 as a combination of two forms of traditional jiujitsu, Kodokan judo, English boxing, French savate and stick fighting. At this point I should point out that Omega is skilled in the Physical side of these hand to hand styles and not the disciplines per say though she works very hard to learn the disciplines of each form. She has several masters who have endeavored to teach her and thus improve her skills.

While she is well versed with hand held weapons such as swords and knives Omega prefers ranged weapons. Rifles, Pistols, Machine guns and the occasional heavy weapon (Grenade launchers, RPGs, and Missile systems) are more her cup of tea. She sees swords and the like as primitive and barbaric in nature and even though there are those who consider firearms to be 'unrefined' they are far more effective , in most cases, cleaner, and far more readily available. The only exception to this fact is a pair of custom made Pistols she wields. A pair of magnetically powered 5 round .70 cal Revolvers. These are essentially small hand held rail gun prototypes she had made in the futuristic Earth on realm 022 and this is the only place these weapons can be repaired and rounds made for them. Normally Omega wields a twin pair of 4 barreled Metal Storm Pistols that utilize the new 'Stacked Projectile' technology. Omega has built up a sizable arsenal of Pistols, Rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and heavy weaponry which she keep in the Armory of her Keep (formerly baste's Keep in realm 003) and on the various worlds she has visited.

Omega is quite a skilled hacker. The Nanites in her Blood stream and body along with several of her implants help her out immensely in this area since they can interact with system through her touching them. This is how they also upgrade themselves from time to time when in contact with a more advanced technology and thusly upgrade her implants as well. This is also in part to her natural intelligence augmented by the Core in her body.
Like most people Omega is not invulnerable. She is susceptible to physical harm just like any normal person though, admittedly, it is harder to cause her injury. Omega is not immortal either though she does have eternal youth ( Thanks to the nanites and her Magend ). This does not qualify as immortality in any sense. She is immune to most forms of Virus and diseases though there is always the chance she will still contract them. Omega is still very Mortal in the sense that she can be killed with enough effort and measure.

Reproductive capabilities:
Being an artificial life form designed for military use Omega has a rather unique reproductive cycle. She will only become involuntarily fertile for a period of about 3 days once every 6 months. Otherwise Omega can control her fertile cycle at will. These voluntary periods only last for 24 hours, but can be piggy backed for up to 2 weeks. ( I.E. she can choose to be fertile again immediately after the previous fertile cycle ends. Omega also doesn't suffer from periods ( this was intentionally part of her design ) the same way most females do. There is no blood involved. instead eggs are ejected from her body in a clear, odorless fluid after she ends her fertile (both voluntary or involuntary) periods. Omega is fully capable of producing offspring and carrying them to full term. Offspring WILL NOT carry any of her genetic alterations though they may have Nanites when they are born. (Some of them will migrate to the offspring and form a new society)

Side notes:

Should be noted that Cynergi Omega is a natural nudist. She prefers to be naked. This is not for seduction purposes, but merely because she likes the freedom of movement and a more naturally uninhibited feeling. She only does this around her home though and seldom ventures outside the Keep without her clothing. She will often wear as little as possible though. Again this is not for seduction purposes it is for comfort. It is also because she takes great pride in her grooming and appearance and loves to simply show off...


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