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Lone Wolf Posted by: Yuri Jaxis Wolfen at 04-15-2019 22:56 PM, Last Modified 04-15-2019 22:56 PM
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My night is my day, and my day is my night.
I roam the forest at dusk, when the moon glows and illuminates the darkness of the sky.
I walk alone, in this life, and every night.
As I continue my journey without the pack I have abandoned.
I am a predator, I am a wolf.
Created by God, armed and equipped with claws and fangs.
These are my tools of survival, my weapons of destruction.
I hunt, but not for pleasure or for game, but to survive.
At moments the hunter becomes the hunted.
My tools of survival, become merciless weapons to kill.
Only the strong survive, here in the forest.
Endless labyrinth of trees and wild.
And yet, I am at home. I am at peace.
Only my curiosity has a longing to find my purpose.
Am I here simply to live, to mate, to die?
Is this the true cycle of mother nature?
I refuse, I refuse that reality of my existence.
I will continue, I will go on, I must go on.
As the stars are my audience, and my only companion is the force that pulls me forward.
I am the lone wolf!......

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