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The servant of a dragoness Posted by: Yuri Jaxis Wolfen at 03-08-2019 10:37 AM, Last Modified 03-08-2019 10:37 AM
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Imagine you’re the servant of a dragoness. You’ve been faithful to her for years, dutifully seeing to the care of her home and accompanying her everywhere. She gives you the finest soft silks to wear, and ensures you have only the best foods to eat.

When you were first sent to her, you were a virgin offering. You were all the town had of value to a dragon, lacking gold or fine livestock. Dragons often demanded tribute in return for not burning down villages, but if the tribute was lacking, they would not hesitate to retaliate for the insult. You’d walked up the mountain with your companion, an elected official sent to oversee the whole matter on the town’s behalf.

The two of you were last in a long line. You’d never seen a dragon before, and seeing her for the first time, you were awestruck. Her scales were soft pink, and her wings reminded you of midnight when you could see the stars. Her nobly arched head was adorned with gilded gold horns, chains and jewels hanging from them and the spikes on her cheeks. Her body was huge, bigger than most of the houses in your town. Every curve was beautiful, from her arched back to her powerful limbs to her long slowly flicking tail. Her belly had a soft curve to it, hanging just above the ground where she sat. though…you swore you could see movement in it.

You soon found out why. A representative from a town reluctantly approached her, stating where they were from. At her side, an older unpleasant looking man nodded and scribbled something on a board he held. Then, quick as a snake strike, the dragon’s head whipped forward and plucked up the sheep the man had brought. She swallowed, growled, then struck again, lifting the man up. You saw his legs kicking wildly as she tilted her head back. She swallowed, and you could see the outline of his body sliding down her throat. After a few gulps, he’d disappeared completely, and you were now certain you could see her belly writhing.

This pattern repeated with almost everyone who approached. An offering would be made, she would nod or growl, the man would take notes, and she’d devour what was brought to her, and often the one who brought it. The few she allowed to leave ran from the mountain.

Finally, it was only you and your escort. By now, her belly was resting on the ground, swaying with the movement inside. The man stammered as he told her where he’d come from and what he was offering. In a last ditch attempt to save his own skin, he drew a knife and cut your clothes off, pointing out that would make you go down easier.

When her head lowered, you braced yourself. Her breath was hot like steam as she scented you, the soft end of her muzzle rubbing gently at your shoulder, then the soft paunch of your belly. Her tongue darted out to taste your sex, and you couldn’t help but moan. You were flushing deeply by the time she straightened. Giving a light flap of her wings, she suddenly struck, but not at you. Your escort let out a muffled cry as he was lifted and swallowed, sliding down more slowly than the others (he was a fat rich man after all). The man with the papers had sighed.

“Hurry up already, this is taking too long.” He seemed not to fear her, though you didn’t know why.

It proved to be unmerited bravado, however. Snarling, the dragon snapped him up, biting down hard before she swallowed him kicking and screaming. His board and quill clattered to the ground at her feel. She sat up on her hind legs, rubbing her huge belly with both front paws. She eyed you, eyes blue as gemstones, then curled her tail behind you to draw you close. You pressed against the smooth scales of her belly, feeling the writhing movement inside. Your body vibrated as you felt her purring.

She moved and put her nose flat to your chest, knocking you on your butt with a flick of her head. She licked her lips, and you braced yourself to follow the others into her belly. She moved closer, standing now so that her huge stomach was wobbling above you. Though scared, you were still fascinated, so you reached up to rub her belly. She purred louder at your touch.

That’s when you felt something against your legs. It took some squirming to look, but you couldn’t believe what you saw. A big, hard, purple blue cock resting against your legs. You didn’t know why you had assumed the dragon was female, and yet even with this latest discovery, you still got the distinct impression of femininity from her.

You had little time to dwell on it, as she rut her hips downward. Her cock pressed against you, and the sheer bulk of it worked your legs apart. You felt the tip nuzzle up to your hole, slowly pushing into you. You cried out, feeling yourself stretch wider and wider around her. She was so big, bigger than anything you had ever dreamed your body could withstand. By the time half of the shaft was in you, you could feel the head pushing against your stomach. Your skin stretched outward around it as you stared. Her hips flexed, and you felt a rush of fluid enter you.

Suddenly, every touch was pure pleasure. You cried out and clung to her belly, rutting yourself on her giant cock. Her paw pressed to your shoulders and pushed against you as she thrust slowly. Every drag of her hot, smooth skin made you scream and beg for more. Before you realized it, her entire cock was inside of you, stretching out the skin of your torso and making you her personal cock sheath.

But you didn’t care. You wanted more. You bucked against her, rubbed her cock through your own body with your hands, marveling as you watched it move inside you. You heard her roar, her tail slapping the hard ground and she thrust fully into you. You suddenly couldn’t breathe as she filled you with gallons of come, making your belly stretch to mirror hers on a smaller scale. More and more she filled you as her massive dick pulsed.

When she pulled out of you, she pressed her heavy belly to your own. You gasped and writhed as you felt her come rush out of your hole, pushing you into what you could have sworn was your third or fourth orgasm. Her constant purring and growling soothed you, making you feel drowsy in your state of ecstasy. She moved to look down at you, then lowered her jeweled head.

“This is it,” you thought. “This is where she eats me..and I don’t care.” After all, would it really be so bad to become part of that beautiful creature forever?

Instead, though, she lowered her muzzle between your legs. Her mouth and tongue were so soft, lapping away your mingled messes as she continued to purr. Tentatively, you stroked the middle of her head. Her eyes moved to look at you, and you could have swore she smiled.

“Yes,” you heard a velvet voice in your head. “You will do nicely.”

“Did…Was that you?” you ask. The dragon rumbled a noise, and you could hear musical laughter in your head.

“It was. You can hear me now, as no mortal has heard me in a hundred years.”

“Because we…” You blushed so dark you felt your skin burn.

“Because we have mated, yes.” She laid beside you, curling around you to keep you warm. “I am Mina, and from now on, I will be your mistress.”

You smiled and draped yourself against her, telling her your name in return. She purred and licked your back slowly as she groomed you.

She took you on a short journey to her cave, flying some distance and letting you ride on her back. The churning of her stomach was often audible, and she apologized for the necessity of it, promising she’d explain soon. Her cave was more of an underground palace than a dank and dreary hole in a mountain. She let you look around while she prepared a bed of soft things near her hoard, idly fussing about how she never understood human’s need for fluffy downs and wools.

You made yourself at home rather easily, watching her begin to scratch the mountain of treasures around. After a time, she looked at you.

“Attend me,” she beckoned, and you did.

She nudged you onto your belly in a pile of coins, and you shivered as they met your skin. In contrast, when you felt her tongue against your hole, it was almost scalding hot. You gasped as she licked at you, working the wriggling muscle deep. You were moaning as she thrust it in and out, stretching you easily.

“I told you I would explain everything,” she said. “And I am ready to do so. I needed food so that my body could make me ready to breed. And you shall carry my brood for me.”

She slowly pushed her massive cock into you. By now, it was a familiar feeling, sliding in and spreading you wider and wider. You moaned and writhed, pushing back to meet her as she moved.

“Do you want to have my babies, pet?” she asked.

“Yes!!” you cried out without even thinking. She rewarded you with a deep thrust, making you cry out as her cock pulsed and filled you with pleasure inducing pre.

“Such a good pet,” she purred.

She rocked her hips above you, working her dick deep into you. It seemed somehow thicker, the veins standing out already. In your mind, you heard her moaning and calling your name. Her front paws clawed at the golden piles around her as she quickened her pace. You felt her warm body against your back each time you pushed to meet her. She finally thrust fully into you and roared, her voice shaking the cave as she came inside you.

You felt your belly stretch as usual, filling with her molten hot seed. But this was somehow different. It was slower, coming in short pulses. One paw gripped you around the middle and forced you fully onto her, and you felt the base of her cock suddenly balloon inside you. You cried out and hung from her dick, your own hole clenching around her.

“Yes, my pet,” she moaned in your mind. “You’re ready…to receive my eggs.”

Before you could ponder that, you felt her cock suddenly widening. Something solid moved down the length of her, stretching and rubbing you the whole way. When it reached the tip, you felt it flare and spread inside you. She jerked her hips, and the hard object slipped fully into you. Still you had no time to ask, as you felt her stretch again, another hard globe making its way down her shaft.

You lost count of how many she pushed into you, but by the time she was done, your stomach almost touched the hoard beneath you, even on your hands and knees. She gave her cock a jerk, slowly pulling it free. You fell onto your side, panting and rubbing your huge belly. She purred and licked at your face.

“You’re beautiful like this, my pet,” she cooed.

Days passed, slowly turning into weeks. She would bring you food and gently fuss at you not to move around too much. She showed you a pool you could bathe in, joining you often. Playful splashing games broke out just as often.

She fauned over you every moment of the day, and you soon realised you were madly in love with her. When you admitted as much to her, she purred in glee and gently fucked you, proclaiming her own adoration with every thrust.

One morning, you woke to a terrible pain in your belly. Mina bounded around the cave in excitement, clawing up stones to form a nest. She dumped sticks and wood and hay she’d been collecting on it, then breathed fire onto them to burn them down to coals. You watched from your bed, and she explained to you this would be where the eggs would stay once you birthed them.

You cried out in pain, and she was at your side a moment later. You clung to her as you strained, squatting and trying to push the eggs out. She nuzzled your chest, and you hugged her head, letting her coax you through the pain.

“Deep breaths my pet,” she told you. “Now push! Push with all your might!”

You grit your teeth and pushed. One egg had worked its way lower, and it was pressing against your hole. You felt yourself stretching around it, wider and wider until you thought you might break. You rocked your hips and pushed, feeling it slowly sliding out of you. Another hard push and it landed on the padding below you with a soft thud.

“Very good my darling,” she cooed. She licked the sweat from your skin while you panted. You could already feel another egg moving downward, pushing against your hole. This one was easier, your body already accustomed to the size. You told yourself it was no worse than what normal human birth must be like, with the crown of a baby’s head very similar to your eggs.

Weariness took you as your stomach began to deflate. You leaned against Mina, listening to her purring and deep breathing. She nosed your belly, giving it a gentle push of her own. You cried out as you felt one last egg move into place. You spread your legs and pushed, feeling it start to spread you…then retreat when you caught a breath. This one was bigger than the rest of the clutch.

“I can’t,” you almost cried. “It’s too big.”

“You can,” she purred. “Just a little more.”

You strained and pushed for what seemed like hours, each time working it a little further before you had to relent. Your hole stretched wider and wider, then wider still as you kept up the pressure. With a last heave, you forced it from your hole and cried out. Slumping over, you passed out moment later.

When you woke, Mina had moved the eggs onto the heated nest and was curled around you. She groomed you with her smooth, warm tongue, soothing the fatigue of birth from you.

“I’m so proud of you,” she said. “You did so well, my pet.”

Once you recovered, you helped her tend the eggs. They had to be kept very warm, so coals and sometimes open flame was necessary. When the fires died down, you carefully turned them, stroking each lovingly before covering them with more straw and leaves to trap heat.

The day they hatched was magical. Mina’s keen hearing picked up tapping, and the two of you moved them from the nest to a clean, safe place. You saw the cracks in the shells slowly growing, little noses and hand paws pushing outward. Mina carefully picked away shell pieces with her teeth, and you mimicked her as carefully as you could. Squeeks and churrs soon filled your ears as your first brood clawed its way into the world.

They were all dazzling colours, each as stunning as its siblings. Once they figured out how their legs worked, Mina carefully ushered them toward the shallow part of the pool. You followed, taking them into your hands and carefully scrubbing them clean. Little wings flapped and tails whipped, and soon they were swimming around you. You’d never felt so much joy.

You were stunned at how fast they grew. Within weeks, they were the size of common dogs, cavorting around and play fighting in the fields just beyond the cave. You and Mina kept close watch over them always, of course. Months passed, and they were the size of horses. Mina took to teaching them to fly, and you rode along as they soared over the countryside.

At night, Mina would teach them dragon’s history, and that was when you learned just why she had chosen you. Dragons were becoming rarer than humans knew, so breeding with one another wasn’t always easily managed. The nearest possible mate might be miles away, and even then might not be available. So sometimes, they could take human mates. She nuzzled you adoringly as she spoke, telling them that it was possible to have a fantastically rewarding relationship with their human mates. You smiled and agreed, reiterating how much you loved her and your brood.

A year passed, and they were almost as large as Mina herself. Horns and wings had grown as they matured, and you sensed an overall restlessness in them. When you asked Mina about it, her expression saddened.

“Our children will leave us soon,” she said. “They have to stretch their wings and find their own homes, start their own caves and hoards. It is our way…Dragons are solitary creatures.” She hung her head sadly. You hugged her smooth neck tight, assuring her you would not leave. She smiled and purred, bowing her head to press to your back.

The day they left was painful for both of you. They seemed excited to go, each promising they’d never forget the two of you. The last to leave was the one that had hatched from the largest egg, a big handsome blue scaled male. He rubbed his cheeks against Mina’s, then lovingly groomed your chest and face.

“I won’t be far,” he promised. “I don’t want to leave…”

Once he flew away, Mina sighed.

“So many of them say that,” she said. “But so often they eventually move further than the others.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” you assured her, stroking her neck. You rubbed your fingers against her scales, something you’d learned she adored. “Let me pleasure you, my love. Maybe it will dull the hurt..”

Making a noise, she rolled onto her back, stretching out her soft belly for you. You straddled her stomach and rubbed your hands on either side of her sheath. That was when you noticed her slit for the first time. Just beneath the bulge where you could see the very tip of her cock peeking out was another opening all together. You could see her puckered anus, so you knew it wasn’t that. Reaching out, you slid your fingers along it, finding it wet.

Mina’s reaction was immediate. She squirmed under you, and you heard her moaning in your head. You moved to straddle her tail instead, both hands rubbing at her slit. Soon it was gaping for you, the muscles around it pulling it open to expose her entrance. You didn’t hesitate, pushing your fingers into her. Soon you slid your entire fist inside, reaching as deep as you could.

She called your name over and over as you shoved your arm inside her, fucking her with it as best you could. You knew it was probably nothing compared to what her body could handle, but it still felt so warm and inviting…and she loved every second. On a whim, you pressed your face against her stretched hole and lick at her soft pink lips. She rewarded you with a roar of pleasure and a gush of juices against your face. Her scales glittered as she panted, lost in a pleasure haze for a moment. You pull your arm out, and she was almost immediately on you, licking every inch of you clean.

The two of you pass several months in emotional recovery. Finally, one day, she brought you some soft, flowing clothes and told you to dress. You did so, but asked why all the same.

“It’s tribute time again,” she says, smiling. She nosed your belly, and you pet her muzzle. “Time to fill you with our brood again.”

You tried to contain your arousal as you gather the things she says you will need. Finally, you climbed onto her back and she took off. You have no idea where you put down, but there was already a waiting crowd. She instructed you on what to tell them, being sure to emphasize that the offer of tribute was not a guarantee of being spared. It was up to her to judge each one for its merit.

One by one, you watched her devour livestock and villagers, feeling your heart race each time they slid down her throat. Gold and treasures were piled to one side, though the ones who brought them were eaten more often than the rest. As she swallowed the last representative, you moved forward and rubbed at her throat. You felt the body slide passed you, felt it wriggle and writhe before it slid into her belly. She sat back, and you pressed yourself to her swollen stomach.

“Such a strong brood we shall have,” she assured you. “They’ve given me so much to work with.”

You chuckled and rubbed her stomach, then urged her onto her back. You couldn’t wait until you returned to the cave. You needed her cock right then and there.

This cycle continued for years. You carried each brood and birthed them for her, and the two of you cared for and raised them until they left you. Once in a great while, they came back to introduce their own mates or to tell you of the places they’d been. You were so happy when they came back, recognizing each one like they’d just left.

Still, your body is human, and no matter what your mistress’ magic could do, you feel yourself getting older. Recovering from birthing takes more than a week now, and you’ve begun to fear you’re wearing out your usefulness.

After sleeping off the fatigue of your latest birth, you finally confide your fears in your mate. Mina, still as radiant as the day you met her, nuzzles you lovingly.

“You will never outlive my love,” she tells you. “For all you’ve done for me, for all the children we’ve had, I cannot thank you enough. It would be unconscionable for me to do away with you.”

“But..what of your aid? The man with you when we first met? You ate him without a second thought..”

“He was deaf to my words,” she snorts. “He was never my mate, never carried a single egg for me, nor knew the pleasure of my touch. He was expendable.” She licks your chin. “He was not you. No…for you, I have something special in mind.”

She draws you close, nosing and licking at you. Despite your still worn and tired body, you respond as you always have, moaning softly. She grooms you thoroughly, tasting every inch of you like it’s the first time all over again…or the last. She rolls onto her belly, one back leg curled in the air. She noses you downward, and you move to rub your hands against her slit. You lean in to lick her, and she presses a paw against the back of your head. Your eyes go wide, and you look up to her.

“Trust me, my love,” she says, caressing your hair. “Relax….and let me grant you new life.”

You do as she says, and she pushes your face more firmly against her. You feel her soft, scaly lips spread, and the wetness of her hole stretch around your head. She pushes and your head slips into her, wrapped in her tight passage. She moans in your mind, and you reach up to rub at her cock, fully extended and laying against her belly. She pushes you again and gently turns you, allowing your shoulders to push past her hole. Another heave and a ripple of her soft inner walls, and you slide deeper into her pussy. Your arms are pinned to your sides now, leaving you totally at her mercy.

Both front paws grasp and push you deeper. Her pussylips slide down your chest, over your stomach, and to your hips. You feel your head bump something soft and feel her tense and strain around you. Another squeeze pushes your head firmly to the soft thing over you, which you realize is her cervix. It slowly spreads, then slides down your head just as her opening did.

You feel her move, your feet brushing the floor as she pushes down. You brace yourself on the floor, making your body more ridged for her. She moans and you feel every part of her around you move and ripple in pleasure as she slides her hole over your thighs and knees. Your feet leave the ground as she moves again, letting her body do the work of drawing you all the way in. slowly, your ankles and feet are engulfed, and you’re completely surrounded by her warmth.

Slowly, you curl your body inside her womb, letting her pull the rest of you in inch by inch. It’s so warm inside of her, and you feel her belly pressing against you from all sides. She moans and you feel her move, a muffled roar sounding as she comes. Moments later she’s settled, paws rubbing against you.

“I wish you could see how round you’ve made me,” she says. “I can feel you in my belly, my love. Soon you will be renewed. Rest for now..You’ve worked so hard.”

You feel yourself drift, lost in the darkness of her womb. You assume this is how you will die, somehow absorbed into her this way and made into fuel for her body. Just as the first time, you’re fine with that, relaxing and surrendering yourself to it. Darkness takes you, and the weariness you had felt leaves you.

You never expected to wake again, let alone to be awoken so abruptly. You shift and move, feeling enclosed on all sides, sides that are pressing down against you. Your head presses down, pulled along by muscle waves. Your neck and body fall into line, moving with you. Your muzzle reaches something stretchy that slowly parts around it. You feel more than hear pants and growls of exertion, timed with the pushing of muscle around you. Your muzzle passes through the tightness, followed by the rest of your head. You can’t move as your neck slides free, forepaws following.

The opening around you squeezes your chest, and you cough and sputter for air. You blink and try to look around, but your neck is a strange ungainly thing to you. You see Mina squatting over you, your body hanging from her spread pussy. She huffs and bears down, and you feel your body being pushed further out.

“Soon my love,” she grunts. You want to respond, but a growling mewl is all you can manage. “I know! Mmm I’m giving birth to you…almost.. There..!”

She heaves and cries out, her tail curled high as she pushes. The rest of your body leaves her in a rush, landing on the ground in a wet mess. Panting, she slowly turns to you, purring as she laps at your scales.

“Look at you,” she purrs. “You’re beautiful..”

You look down to see your hand paws, broad and scaled just like Mina’s. Your colour is different, but no less lustrous. You can feel your wings pressed to your sides, and your tail wiggles behind you like a snake. Mina nuzzles your head, and you churr back at her.

“You can finally hear my true voice,” she says, and you realize you’re hearing her as much with your ears as your mind. “It will take some time for you to find your voice, but you can speak to me as I always did to you.”

“What..what happened?” you ask.

“I’ve transformed you,” she says. “I’ve made you like me.”

She nudges you gently, and you slowly stagger to your feet. You hear other sounds around you, realizing it’s the children of your last brood. They’re not as large as you,but they all recognize you as their parent somehow. They bump and rub at your sides as all of you move to the pool and wade in. all of them help to clean you, happily frolicing in the pool. As soon as you gain better control of your limbs, you join them.

Days pass as they always did, playing with your brood and mate. Now, though, you grow with them. Some of them are jealous at how large you become, but Mina reminds them you’re older anyway. When the season comes for them to leave, you’ve grown larger than Mina herself. You’ve also discovered that, like her, you have both sets of genitalia. Your young are eager to leave, bidding their family farewell and setting off to the wide unknown.

When the rest are gone, Mina looks at you with a sad smile.

“You…may go as well,” she says. “I did not grant you this new form to tie you to me.”

You look at her, appalled. You wind your neck with hers, making a low noise as you push her back toward the cave.

“I could never leave you,” you tell her. She makes a soft noise, nuzzling at you. You’ve never seen her truly cry, but she does now, overjoyed at your words.

You push her deeper into the cave, then move behind her. She lifts her tail for you, exposing her soft wet entrance. You thrust into her, the two of you roaring in pleasure.

“It’s time I filled you with /my/ brood,” you growl.......

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Ky: This story Is amazing! Perfectly written, Great characters, And a sweet story with nice lewd parts! 12/10
Jason The Red Fox: I loved this story, Its sweet and lewd. Really well written as well
Jason The Red Fox: I loved this story, Its sweet and lewd. Really well written as well

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