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Word Vomit. Posted by: мαу at 04-30-2017 11:03 AM, Last Modified 07-25-2017 22:30 PM
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Im drowning in my feelings.
my very breath is taken from my lips as the water reaches my forehead.
What am i to do?
Should i eradicate myself?
Exterminate the problem?
Am i nothing but a useless vermin?
Left to walk this earth a burden to all.

When you look at me what do you see?
A wretched beast?
A sloppy whore?
Someone you would sheild your child's gaze from?
What am i?
I cannot tell you.
I am nothing.

Nothing to have a second thought on.
Nothing to try and cheer up.
Nothing to hold onto.
Nothing to trust.
Nothing to want.
Nothing to remember.

How do you hold onto nothing?

i am nothing.



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Celer: you dont try to hold on to nothing but you let nothing embrace you to enjoy the peacefulness

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